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All banter and fighting seen in streams/videos are purely fictional and should not be taken seriously. It is highly disrespectful to send hate towards anyone so please refrain from doing so at any point.
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Currently, there is no official name for this event, faction, or location. The title is what it's been dubbed as by the community.

This article is about the crater occupying the former location of L'Manberg. For the country that it used to exist as under Tubbo's administration, see L'Manberg.

We will finish what Wilbur started.


The L'Manberg crater, also known as L'Canyon, L'Manhole, L'Crater, L'Boyhole or L'Mancrater, refers to the massive crater that formerly was L'Manberg prior to the events of the Doomsday War. Philza, Dream, and Technoblade are considered to be the main contributors to the formation of it.


The crater spans from the docks of L'Manberg up until the stairway up the mountain, and even up until underneath Party Island. The crater descends far down into cave systems, with the areas that were directly under the TNT dispensers being the deepest. The center of the crater, where the Camarvan used to be, reaches bedrock.

A few days after the Doomsday War, the crater was discovered to be wider, with even more exposed bedrock. This was likely Dream's doing, as he had promised to return with more TNT to make the crater bigger after the war.

Some remains of the L'Manberg apiary and the multi-purpose stage remain. Any obsidian shells also survived, such as the half-wall that Dream built on festival day, the original base for the Hound Army in the walls of the L'Manberg apiary, and Ranboo's panic room. Some of Ghostbur's lanterns still float in the sky, along with CaptainPuffy's hot air balloon.

Above the crater is the large obsidian grid from the war. There are dispensers at the intersections of the grid where TNT was dropped, and some parts of the redstone clocks that powered them as well as towers of redstone torches stacking up from what used to be ground level.

Ranboo discovered a small waterfall where squids could spawn and be farmed very quickly, producing loads of ink. He jokingly named this place "L'Squidfarm".

In the location of what used to be the button room, a small shrine with a base of stone bricks and accents of blue and gold was built by Eret. This was the location where Wilbur's Resurrection took place.

In the center of the crater on top of the bedrock is a large L'Manberg flag built by CaptainPuffy to honor the former country.

Recently, some seeds from the blood vines have been planted by the Eggpire to sprout at the bottom of the crater.



After the failed festival, Technoblade and Dream informed Tubbo and Tommy that they had approximately twenty-one hours before the city would be destroyed by the both of them.

When the Doomsday War began the next day, Philza, Dream, and Technoblade launched their attack early. Dream began building a large obsidian grid in the sky while Techno and his hound army fought the L'Manberg forces. At Techno's signal, Philza began rapidly deploying withers and Dream began dropping TNT from dispenser repeaters up above.

Niki, who was already not fighting, followed in Eret and Wilbur's footsteps by burning down L'Mantree, the last symbol of hope. Cementing the fact that L'Manberg wouldn't come back.

Due to the lack of supporting firepower, and sheer overwhelming destructive power of the anarchists and Dream, L'Manberg was reduced to a deep crater with only rubble and half-structures remaining.

After the war, L'Manberg was considered impossible to repair due to the depth of the crater and lack of support in recreating the country. The crater is considered all that remains of the nation.

In the following days, the remains were explored and looted by different members of the server for minerals or other valuables. In addition to that, some relics of L'Manberg such as old banners and remains from old buildings such as the apiary's beehives were salvaged.

As part of the plan to resurrect Wilbur, Eret built a shrine where the button room to detonate L'Manberg once was.

During CaptainPuffy's visit to the crater four days after the war, she built a concrete flag at bedrock level in the center of the crater after mourning the country for a moment. She noted that the crater seemed to have expanded, the most likely cause being Dream, who had previously promised to come back after the war and make the crater bigger using TNT.

Blood vines

Following the development of the Eggpire, BadBoyHalo, Punz, Antfrost, and CaptainPuffy planted a blood vine seed in the crater. Over the next few days, many members of the SMP started noticing the blood vine growth.

Glass cover

CaptainPuffy, who had been cleaning up the server at the time, decided to make a memorial dedicated to L'Manberg. She put glass over almost the entire hole to tribute to the fallen faction. This was removed a couple months later by Phil, just before starting his terraform project.


After removing the glass cover, Philza decided to terraform the hole. He smoothed out the rough edges of the walls, filled the bottom with water and added lakes on the surface to flow into the hole. He also added foliage in the hole and on the obsidian grid above and after he finished terraforming the hole, he built a bridge over the crater.