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This article is about L'Manberg, the country under the Wilbur, Schlatt and Tubbo administrations. For the reformed L'Manberg specifically under Schlatt's rule, see Manberg. For the country created by BadBoyHalo near Foolish's summer house, see L'Sandberg.



L'Manberg, alternatively spelt as L'Manburg, was an independent nation-state in the Dream SMP. It declared its independence from the Greater Dream SMP on July 29, 2020 and gained its independence after the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War on August 2, 2020. It was reformed as Manberg on September 22, 2020, but was restored on November 16, 2020. It was destroyed and permanently disbanded on January 6, 2021.

L'Manberg was initially structured as a centralized autocracy led by Wilbur Soot as its self-appointed President with TommyInnit as his vice-president, establishing a ruler-for-life method of leadership that was initially supported by its people, but as civil conflicts emerged Wilbur moved to establish a democratic system to consolidate his power. The First L'Manberg Election led to a great upset that placed Jschlatt in power. Assuming dictatorial powers as Emperor of the now renamed Manberg, his Administration revoked the citizenships of Wilbur and Tommy, sparking a chain of events that would lead to the Manberg Rebellion and ultimately, Jschlatt's downfall in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War.

Following the fall of Manberg, Wilbur attempted to elect Tommy as the third President, but he declined the role. The position was then passed to Tubbo. After Technoblade attacked L'Manberg in accordance with his anarchist beliefs, and Wilbur detonated L'Manberg as a traitor to the nation, L'Manberg once again became politically unstable. Out of fear of further antagonizing Technoblade, L'Manberg under the Tubbo Administration was organized as a democratic collective. As peace and prosperity returned, the nation transitioned into a parliamentary democracy, with its citizens having the right to hold and vote for parliamentary positions.

On January 5, 2021, Dream and Technoblade declared formal war on L'Manberg. The next day, several former L'Manberg citizens decided to assist the nation while some citizens decided to defect from the nation and sabotage its war efforts. Forced to fight the Doomsday War nearly half an hour earlier than scheduled, the remainder of the L'Manberg Army, despite being boosted by other neutral members and Dream SMP citizens, failed to repel the attack. L'Manberg was irreparably destroyed in the conflict and abandoned as a smoldering ruin.

Names/Name changes

L'Manberg - This was the original name of the land when Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, and Fundy and Eret originally fought for its freedom. The name comes from the (at the time) fully male population, with the addition of L' and berg to make it sound more well-roundedly European.[5] (July 29, 2020)

L'Man-child-berg (unofficial) - The nation was briefly referred to as 'L'Man-child-berg' by Dream, George, and Sapnap in the early stages of the War for Independence.[6] This was meant to mock them by including the term "man-child" in the name, thereby calling the L'Manbergians immature. (Early August, 2020)

Manberg - After the SWAG2020 vs POG2020 Election, Jschlatt renamed the nation to Manberg in his third act as President/Emperor,[7] the first being to cast out Tommy and Wilbur,[8] and the second being to take down the walls.[9] The reasoning behind it was "We take no L's in Manberg." (September 22, 2020). The name 'Manberg' was actually the first candidate for a name when Wilbur was deciding what to name his new nation. They later named it L'Manberg to make it sound more European.

Democratic Republic of the Union of L'Manberg - This was the formal name of L'Manberg post-Manberg vs Pogtopia War to Tommy's exile. (November 16, 2020)

People's Republic of L'Manberg - This was the new name of L'Manberg after Tommy's exile. Once Tommy was exiled, the ideology of the country was changed to communism during Tubbo's administration. (December 4, 2020)

It can sometimes also be spelled as L'Manburg. Both spellings are valid, according to Wilbur.[10] However, L'Manberg is the more commonly used one.


Soot Administration

The Soot Administration was the first Administration of L'Manberg, ruled by Wilbur Soot with TommyInnit as his vice president. This period lasted from the L'Manbergian Revolution to the L'Manberg Elections.

Jschlatt Administration

The Schlatt Administration was the second of Administration of L'Manberg and was under the rule of Jschlatt. This period lasted from the end of the L'Manberg Election to the Manberg vs Pogtopia War.

Note: This administration was very different from the other two L'Manberg administrations and the country under it is covered in the page Manberg.

Tubbo Administration

The Tubbo Administration was the third and final administration of L'Manberg and it was under the rule of Tubbo and his cabinet. This period started after the Manberg vs Pogtopia War and ended with the country's final dissolution after the Doomsday War.


Former citizens

  • Schlatt - Former President/Emperor/Dictator
  • Wilbur - Former President, traitor, died after detonating L'Manberg
  • Eret - Traitor, became king of Dream SMP
  • Jack Manifold - Left to create Manifold Land
  • George - Former Vice-President, became King of the Dream Smp
  • Philza - Escaped from house arrest, became a L'Manberg fugitive along with Technoblade
  • Quackity - Former Vice President, left due to disagreements with the President



L'Manberg at the beginning was rather small, enclosed by thick blackstone walls in around a 3 by 3 chunk area with a small outpost that belonged to TommyInnit. After the War for Independence, L'Manberg expanded slowly, eventually annexing a lake and hill to the west as well as a claim of the ocean to the east. As L'Manberg entered its second administration (the Jschlatt Administration), it was reformed as Manberg. Though Schlatt made promises to expand, he barely did any expanding, only annexing the tower that Eret had built to the south, Rutabagville due to an alliance, and a section of the Prime Path to the north. With Manberg's defeat during the Manberg vs Pogtopia war, the L'Manbergians began rapid "reclamation" of land that they believed was rightfully theirs. They reserved Pogtopia as a colony, took the prime path leading up to the embassy as well as the rest of Tommy's property, Purpled's nearby cabin, the Pogback railway that led to Pogtopia, Eret's second tower, and a new terraformed area for a "poor people area." However, L'Manberg had little power to enforce these claims and mostly controlled only the L'Manberg mainland.


Staple builds:

Flag vexillology

Flag of L'Manberg.svg

Wilbur, who designed the L'Manberg flag, has explained its design and what it stands for.[11]

  • The blue stripe stands for freedom and liberty.
  • The white stripe stands for peace.
  • The red stripe commemorates the blood that was spilled while fighting for their independence.
  • The yellow and black accents are to denote the walls of L'Manberg.
  • The three crosses were taken from Amsterdam's flag for Fundy, the only Dutch resident of L'Manberg, and the first L'Manbergian by birth.


The L'Manbergian Standard-Issue Revolutionary Uniform as seen here was first worn during the Revolution. The main color was a dark blue, however there have been officially licensed alternate versions, such as Fundy's Light Blue Pastel and Nihachu's Lavender Pastel.


  • Netherite armor and tools - Distributed among the professional soldiers, the government, and the wealthy, netherite armor and weapons are considered valuable to the L'Manbergians. Due to their struggling economy and their small worker populace, netherite was a scarce resource among the L'Manbergians.
  • Lesser armor and tools - Given to conscripts and civilians, the L'Manbergians use these armor and tools as substitutes for the premium netherite armor they arm their professional soldiers with.
  • Guillotine - During Tubbo's presidency, L'Manberg utilized a new execution tool: the guillotine. This tool would drop an anvil on the head of the target who was to be executed. The weapon was only ever used on Technoblade, who was able to cheat death with a Totem of Undying and escape. This gives the weapon a 0% success rate.[12]


L’manberg had serveral official and unofficial battalions and military’s

  1. The Fifth Revolutionary battalion (Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, Fundy, and formerly Eret)
  2. The Manberg defense force (Jschlatt, Dream, Punz, Sapnap, and Karl)
  3. Butcher Army (Official New L’manberg military)
  4. The L’manberg Doomsday defense force ( Tommy, Tubbo, Eret, Ponk, Quackity, Jack Manifold, Captain Puffy, Sapnap, and Punz)


Dream SMP Pact- After Tommy’s exile, Dream official recognized L’manberg as a separate entity to the Dream SMP and even proposed trade between the factions along with the Dream SMP’s support in wars to come.

El Rapids Pact- After the formation of Mexican L’manberg, many key officials from L’manberg joined the faction. This includes the L’manbergian Secretary of State Quackity, who was given leadership of the faction so that he would join. Quackity ended up forging and alliance with Tubbo and Fundy due to him presenting Mexican L’manberg as more land for L’manberg.

Unoffical Manifold Land Pact- Jack Manifold proposed and alliance between L’manberg and Manifold land to get revenge on Dream and Tommy. While Tubbo did deny his request, Manifold land fought on the side of L’manberg during the Doomsday war to protect the faction from being destroyed


Drug empire

On July 24, 2020, Wilbur Soot joined the Dream SMP server and attempted to begin a drug empire (with potions).[13] Wilbur initially met with TommyInnit and showed him the Camarvan, in which they produced drugs, parodying the TV show Breaking Bad.[14] Later, the two obtained blaze rods from Tubbo after telling him that blaze rods caused diarrhea. Tubbo and Sapnap became suspicious and followed them to the Camarvan where they found the 'drug lab' and attempted to arrest them. To counteract this, Wilbur called over Fundy and framed Sapnap, claiming that he was a drug addict. Sapnap in turn tried to convince Fundy of the truth, which was that Wilbur and Tommy were collecting drugs for their own gain. Fundy found out the truth but secretly joined Wilbur nevertheless.

Ponk later came over asking for hot dogs, while Sapnap and Purpled rushed the Camarvan in order to find out about the drug brewing. They even tried to arrest Wilbur, however, Wilbur disconnected from the server. Sapnap then attempted to arrest Tommy in the Courthouse, playing the role of a cop. Meanwhile, Purpled discovered Wilbur trying to brew potions in his UFO to break out Tommy, which he swiftly intercepted.

The next day, Tubbo returned and collected blaze rods for Wilbur's business. A flaming hot dog was also built on top of the Camarvan. Sapnap appeared to "change" and offered Wilbur blaze rods, asking for drugs in return.

Overall, the drug empire failed, as many members of the server managed to stop it completely before it started.

Spark of revolution

British members of L'Manberg

After their drug empire was deemed unsuccessful, Wilbur and Tommy realized that the enemies of their drug venture were all American (except George and Eret). On this basis, they decided to form a nation separate from the Dream Team SMP server on July 29, 2020, and began to build a wall, defining the borders of their nation.[15] Tommy asked Tubbo for sand and black dye, to which he obliged. Tommy told him they were starting a revolution.

After this, Tommy realized there was only one woman on the server, and she was disqualified from being in their country as she was American, so he decided they should name their nation "Manberg" or "Mantopia".[5] Wilbur said to name it L'Manberg in order to make the name more European, and that was the name they settled on.

Wilbur then announced that the rule of L'Manberg was no armor - they would win wars through words. The trio then sang Hallelujah to a patch of tilled dirt - the same song that would later become the basis for the L'Manberg National Anthem. Dream arrived and saw the black and yellow wall around the Camarvan, and Wilbur told him how they planned to secede from the Dream SMP. Tommy said "viva la revolution" and was subsequently attacked by Dream. They told Dream the rule of no armor and no weapons and Dream insulted them, calling it the "Land of Pussies". Tommy's house seen at the beginning became the L'Manberg embassy for the wider Dream SMP. Eret joined L'Manberg as well, and they, Wilbur, Tommy, and Tubbo all put on matching revolutionary skins.

War of independence

The Declaration of War given to L'Manberg shortly after their Declaration of "Independance" by Dream Team SMP

Declaration of war

Dream was unhappy with the sudden uprising and attacked the land. Wilbur drafted L'Manberg's Declaration of "Independance". In return, Dream gave L'Manberg the "Declaration of War". They then gave the revolutionaries an ultimatum, writing on signs inside L'Manberg's walls: "If you do not surrender by dawn tomorrow, we will attack. Put up your white flags to signify surrender." Then, Dream burnt Tubbo's house down as a show of strength. Finally, Dream sent Wilbur a message stating:

Tommy, and Wilbur, and the rest of L'Man-child-berg. We are at war. There is no mercy. We have burnt down Tubbo's house, we have planted TNT cannons around your land, we have cobblestone walled the outside, and we have shot one warning shot inside your walls as an explosion. We have no mercy! No mercy for you! Do you understand? We will come, we will burn down your houses, we will kill everything inside your walls, and we will take back the land that is rightfully ours, if you do not surrender. I wanna see WHITE FLAGS, white flags, outside your base, by tomorrow, at dawn, or you are DEAD!


As the L'Manbergians were unwilling to surrender, they began to prepare for war. After the walls were finally built, Fundy logged onto the server prompting Wilbur to adopt him as a son, being the first one born within L'Manberg,[16] and he too joined the revolution. Despite Dream giving a day to the L'Manbergians, the peacetime lasted three days. Tubbo was the main resource gatherer for L'Manberg's war effort, amassing nine stacks of emeralds. However, Sapnap stole Tubbo's emeralds the day before the war began. While trying to regain the emeralds, Tubbo was killed multiple times by members of the Dream SMP, both on their land and in his own house.

Battle for independence

On August 2, 2020, the war for independence took place.[17][18][19][20][21] Tubbo left his house, unprepared, as the war began. He met Tommy at what he thought was the only exit from the roof of the Nether, which was where he had come from, and trapped that portal with an End Crystal. This proved futile, however, as Eret and Fundy had broken another piece of bedrock, which allowed the Dream Team to escape. Tubbo, Fundy and Eret managed to escape back into L'Manberg, leaving Tommy trapped on top of his Power Tower. He was shot by Sapnap, but respawned in his house, which was now the L'Manberg Embassy, and fled to L'Manberg. As the Dream Team had won the first battle of the war, the L'Manbergians were forced to regroup within their own borders.

Wilbur Soot, the general of the L'Manberg army, logged on after this defeat. Wilbur arranged a time and a place for the second battle with Dream. The original five members of L'Manberg, Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, Eret, and Fundy gathered and read the Deceleration of "Independance". Meanwhile, Dream's soldiers surrounded the walls and begin firing shots. Wilbur asked to meet Dream's team on his terms.

Wilbur put Tommy in charge of his army, as he considered himself too old. Tommy declared them the "Fifth Battalion". The Fifth Battalion met Dream's team at the Power Tower, where Dream's team then ignited TNT, blowing up the ground beneath them.

The Battle of the Embassy began as the two armies marched towards the battlefield outside the L'Manberg Embassy. As the L'Manbergians arrived, they discovered it was a trap, as the Dream Team began shooting flaming arrows down from Tommy's Power Tower and setting off TNT that had been placed beneath the battlefield. Under fire from the Dream Team, the L'Manbergians retreated into their embassy, returning fire. However, the Dream Team began to retreat towards Ponk's tower, and the L'Manbergians the L'Manbergians headed to Punz's tower, as the tower was equal to Ponk's in height, prompting the Battle of the Two Towers. Dream's side did not climb the tower, meaning they could no longer shoot the L'Manbergians as they were too high up to hit with arrows, and instead focused their arrows on Wilbur, who was still at the bottom, acting as bait. Wilbur was almost killed, and Eret suggested they regroup in L'Manberg.

Eret's betrayal

Eret told the L'Manbergians that they had prepared a secret weapon, and that they had been grinding for equipment. They led the others through a secret tunnel entrance in L'Manberg to the "Final Control Room", a small underground room made of blackstone with several chests, each labeled with a member's name, and a button on the floor in the middle of the room. They quickly discovered that the chests were empty, and as Tommy pressed the button, unaware of what it would do, piston doors retracted to reveal that Dream, George, Sapnap and Punz had been hiding inside the walls. Eret had betrayed L'Manberg, and Tubbo, Tommy, Wilbur and Fundy were killed, each losing their first canon life.[22][23] It was later revealed that the reason Eret had betrayed L'Manberg was in exchange for kingship of the Dream SMP.

Down with the revolution, boys. It was never meant to be.


Regrouping and negotiations

The four remaining L'Manbergians regrouped at the Camarvan, having lost all of their best equipment. They asked to negotiate with the other side, and Dream demanded surrender, threatening to blow up L'Manberg. The L'Manbergians refused to surrender, however, and faced Dream head-on, who had placed a single block of TNT inside L'Manberg. Wilbur held a speech declaring that they would rather die than give up their independence.

Independence or death. If we get no revolution, then we want nothing. We would rather die than give in to you and join your SMP.


Robbed of their best armor and weapons, the L'Manberg Army was at a low point. Wilbur asked to convene with Dream, in which he asked for peace and emancipation. Dream in return asks for "white flags" signally surrender. Dream claims that if his demands were not met in 30 minutes he will blow up L'Manberg. Wilbur claimed he was bluffing, so they both returned to L'Manberg where they stood in solidarity as Dream and George ignited a single TNT.

Dream ignited the TNT, which triggered a trap that had been set underneath L'Manberg. Large amounts of hidden TNT underneath the ground were detonated, forcing the L'Manbergians to flee to a small obsidian room Tommy had secretly built underneath L'Manberg. Wilbur decided that they would surrender, and he and Tommy met Dream for peace negotiations.

The duel

During these negotiations, Tommy, ignoring Wilbur's orders to keep calm during the negotiations, challenged Dream to a bow duel. If Dream won, L'Manberg would surrender, and he would receive Mellohi, one of Tommy's discs. If Tommy won, L'Manberg would be granted its independence, but would still be considered part of the Dream SMP. Dream agreed to the duel, and the two parties met on the Prime Path next to the Socializing Club.

Do I shoot him, Will, or do I aim for the skies?

Tommy, I want you to do whatever your heart says you should do. Just... meet him face to face.


Both Tommy and Dream's health was reduced to half a heart, and they turned their backs to each other. Wilbur counted as they each took ten paces away from each other, and they turned and Tommy shot at Dream. Dream didn't shoot, and instead dodged Tommy's first and second arrows. Dream's first arrow and Tommy's third arrow also missed, and Dream's second arrow hit, winning Dream the duel and killing Tommy, causing his second canon death.[23][27]

Redemption and Independence

As Tommy discussed terms with Dream, Wilbur told Fundy that one day L'Manberg would be his, and asked for him to read the poem Ozymandias to him.[28]

Tommy respawned, and, overcome with guilt, entered into a one-on-one negotiation with Dream. He pledged to give up both music discs, his most prized possessions, in exchange for independence.[29] Dream agreed on the terms. So, with Tommy's one last sacrifice, the war was over, and although L'Manberg had lost, their original goal was reached, as they had won their independence from the Dream Team SMP server.


Wilbur wrote the Decree of Independence as a formal end to the war, and to eliminate the name of a traitor, Eret, from the official document of Independence. He then made the remaining members of L'Manberg/the Fifth Battalion sign, giving Tommy the title of "Treasury of State", Tubbo "Secretary of State", and Fundy his "little champion". The group pledged to rebuild the Camarvan and create a monument. Meanwhile, Wilbur talked to Dream's team, declaring himself President Soot of L'Manberg.

After the war, Tommy welcomed Jack Manifold (Thunder1408) onto the server.[30] Tommy attempted to recruit him for L'Manberg, even giving him the nickname "Jack L'Manifold", but Dream donated large sums of money in an attempt to bribe him to join the Dream Team. Ultimately, he joined L'Manberg, at the request of Tommy and Tubbo. Because Dream kept pestering Jack after his decision, he was sent into the Dream Team SMP server as a double agent.

Niki (Nihachu) also joined the server and was welcomed by Wilbur and Tommy who gave her a tour. She also became good friends with Eret, despite the others trying to convince her he was a traitor.

To celebrate his promotion as king of the Dream Team SMP server, Eret built a large tower, the tallest in the entire server. Tommy, Jack and Fundy all expressed their annoyance with the tower, as it blocked the view of the sunset from within L'Manberg's borders.

Tommy joined forces with Jack and Tubbo to plot against Dream for revenge after the destruction of L'Manberg and its embassy, and to regain the music discs.

The Election


On September 3, 2020, Wilbur decided to run for president, with Tommy as his running mate. Their plan was to keep the election secret so that they would run unopposed and spring it onto the rest of L'Manberg on the election day, September 21, so no one could run against them. However, after writing the election ballot, Quackity discovered Wilbur and Tommy's plan, and announces that he would run against them. Wilbur was forced to add Quackity to the ballot. Quackity chose SWAG2020 ("So We Are Gamers") as his party name, then Wilbur and Tommy, after cycling through different options, named theirs POG2020 ("Politicians Of Gaming").

Later, as Quackity had no running mate, Fundy expressed interest in joining Quackity's campaign, much to his father, Wilbur's dismay. However, Quackity ultimately chose George to be his running mate. Fundy and Niki attempted to join the race independently, however he missed the ballot and endorsed Quackity instead.

L'Manberg Presidential Debate

A debate was held in Tubbo's courthouse on September 8, where SWAG2020 and POG2020 debated on issues such as immigration, punishment, and taxes.

Election day

L'Manberg held its presidential election on the twenty-first of September, putting up polls on Twitter for viewers to vote. An election rally was held on the day of the election just before the poll, where both parties gave speeches and last-minute promises and endorsements. During this period, Fundy and Niki announced that they were running in the election too under the party 'Coconut2020' with Fundy as the presidential candidate and Niki as the vice-presidential candidate. One of POG2020's endorsements, Jschlatt, also decided to run in the election completely alone. Wilbur was planning to ignore both parties as the ballots had closed a while back, but eventually added both parties to the list due to pressure from the audience.

Now afraid of the real possibility of losing the elections, Wilbur secretly approached Quackity with the idea of merging both their parties to ensure their power. But Wilbur put conditions on the deal that Quackity could not agree to. Quackity, knowing SWAG2020 couldn't beat POG2020 without an alliance, decided to give all his party's votes to Schlatt2020.


  • POG2020 (Politicians Of Gaming): WilburSoot (Presidential candidate) and TommyInnit (Vice Presidential candidate)
  • SWAG2020 (So We Are Gamers): Quackity (Presidential candidate) and GeorgeNotFound (Vice Presidential candidate)
  • Schlatt2020: Jschlatt (Presidential candidate)
  • Coconut2020: ItsFundy (Presidential candidate) and Nihachu (Vice Presidential candidate)

Election results

During a long campaigning period from September 3, the voting had come to an end. On September 22, 2020, the election results were finally in, and Wilbur counted them all in the previous days. That day was one of the busiest days of the Dream SMP since the war. After last minute speeches, Wilbur announced the end results. There were four parties running. Having unsuccessfully committed voter fraud, Coconut2020 came in fourth place. In third place came Schlatt2020. In second place came SWAG2020 and in first place came POG2020 (the incumbent party).

Original results of the 2020 Presidential Election

  1. POG2020 - 45% (~99,000 votes)
  2. SWAG2020 - 30% (~66,000 votes)
  3. Schlatt2020 - 16% (~35,000 votes)
  4. Coconut2020 - 9% (~20,000 votes)

However, as soon as these results were released, Wilbur Soot informed everyone about the fact that SWAG2020 had agreed to pool all their votes in with Schlatt2020 the previous day. And so, Schlatt2020 stood with 46% of the votes in total; a mere 1% more than POG2020; officially making Schlatt the president of L'Manberg.

Final results of the 2020 Presidential Election

  1. Schlatt2020 - 30% + 16% = 46% (~101,000 votes)
  2. POG2020 - 45% (~99,000 votes)
  3. SWAG2020 - 30% (~66,000 votes)
  4. Coconut2020 - 9% (~20,000 votes)

Jschlatt had become the second L'Manberg President. His first decree was to revoke the citizenship of Wilbur and Tommy and exile them. Afterwards, Jschlatt ordered the citizens to demolish the walls of L'Manberg, and changed L'Manberg's name to Manberg. These actions generated dissent in Manberg's citizens. Meanwhile, Wilbur and Tommy had received word from Technoblade, who wanted to assist them. The three officially formed the faction of Pogtopia to overthrow Schlatt, sparking the Manberg Rebellion.


The next chapter

Chaos within L'Manberg

The Pogtopians and their allies prepared for war, equipping themselves with absurd amounts of gear from Technoblade's base, who had been secretly grinding to get gear for everyone. They moved out to Manberg, where the final battle was fought out. Seeing as there was an overwhelming amount of support on Pogtopia's side, Dream and his allies quickly surrendered. Dream stated that Schlatt was an idiot, and led them to an incredibly intoxicated Schlatt inside the Camarvan. After standing around and attacking a few people, Schlatt had a heart attack, and died.

Because Schlatt was no longer in power, Pogtopia had successfully reclaimed L'Manberg. However, instead of reinstating himself as President, Wilbur elected Tommy as the new president of L'Manberg. Tommy, although flattered and shocked at the promotion, decided that he didn't want the power, and tried to give it back to Wilbur. Wilbur was insistent on not reinstating himself as president, and then proceeded to hand the presidency over to Tubbo.

Tubbo decreed that everyone take down the festival decorations, which they did happily. During Tubbo's speech, Wilbur had snuck to the button room. Whilst taking down some, Niki accidentally destroyed a block of the building and discovered it had been filled with blocks of TNT. She looked back at her unaware allies before replacing the block and continuing to take down the decorations.

Technoblade, angered that a new government had just been put into power immediately after the old one was destroyed, lashed in outrage, and murdered Tubbo. Meanwhile, Wilbur was about to detonate L'Manberg, but Philza logged onto the SMP for the first time, and tried to convince him to not blow it up. But Wilbur was already too far gone, and pressed the button, finally fulfilling his promise to blow up Manberg, revealing himself as the traitor to Pogtopia. Technoblade then spawned in 2 withers, which caused more destruction amongst L'Manberg, and chaos between the people who were left to fight them.

The Tubbo Administration

Despite the chaos that had ensued after the war was over, Tommy firmly stated that Tubbo was still the president, despite most of it being gone due to the mass destruction. Technoblade, still angered over the fact that there was still government instated, attempted to kill Tubbo, but Tubbo argued that it wasn't a government; it was a collective, a group of people who simply wanted to have fun on the server. Tubbo went on to appoint Tommy to be his Vice President, then elected Quackity, Karl, Fundy and Nihachu into his cabinet.

Tubbo, as his first order as president, decided that the first priority was to repair and rebuild L'Manberg. However, he didn't want to rebuild it to how it used to be; he decided that he wanted it to be rebuilt on top of stilts, leaving the crater below and they would decorate around it instead. This would be done to show that the L'Manbergians have moved on. That they have moved on from what was in the past, but instead of forgetting it, they made it a part of them.

New territory and reconstruction

L'Manberg annexed the Pogtopian Ravine Headquarters, Purpled's cabin, the area where the Slums would be built, as well as the Pogback Railway. It also reclaimed the embassy and gained Rutabagville as well, making L'Manberg the only faction to rival the Greater Dream SMP and the Badlands in terms of territory.

Tubbo, Fundy, and Quackity immediately began reconstruction the next day. Starting by removing excess water and rubble, the cabinet finished within the half hour. Then, they began to build the massive stilts that would hold up Central L'Manberg. Fundy finished the construction of a podium, a completely different podium to the one that Jschlatt sat on while he was emperor. The new podium was simple; wooden chairs and a small balcony on the top for speaking and recreation.

Fundy also began construction of a house, using the palette of blocks (mainly spruce and oak wood, a variety of stone, and wool) that would be used for most residential plots in L'Manberg. The house was put to the side of the original white house. Speaking of the original white house, the plot would be used for a small abode that would house Wilbur, who was now a ghost. Tommy and Philza also began to reconstruct Tommy's embassy: fixing the damage, removing the Tommy statue that Bad made for him, and also giving it some artistic quirks.


Dream held a grudge against L'Manberg since L'Manberg was reformed by Tubbo. Dream saw in his logic that due to Pogtopia forcefully taking over L'Manberg, L'Manberg's territory would be reduced by a significant amount and that he could anything he wanted to mark their borders. However, due to multiple examples in history as Ranboo pointed out, an insurgence or a country being taken over by a foreign power will usually take all of the country's former territory. Dream tried to defend himself saying that "L'Manberg's former treaties are now obsolete and will not mark any new territory you have."

Tubbo, seeing that the L'Mantree and other historical builds were out of L'Manberg's territory borders from Dream, began to mobilize his military. He eventually calmed down and decided that it would be best to settle the conflict peacefully, but continued to mobilize the military in anticipation that Dream did not want to settle territory with peaceful negotiations. He used the obsidian wall outside of L'Manberg's residential district and Camarvan and declared it as the Capitol defenses.

Tommy's trial

The next day, Tommy was accused to be the suspect behind the arson committed on George's house, which caused Dream to retaliate against L'Manberg. Due to his position as Vice President and being responsible for the country, Dream did not just have a little chat with Tommy, but instead reduced L'Manberg's territory. The cabinet began to accuse Tommy due to all evidence pointing to him. Eventually, George stormed into the newly built Camarvan, demanding that Tommy would pay charges for his crimes. Dream then told Tubbo that he needed to have a private talk with him. Dream told Tubbo that Tommy needed to have a severe punishment in order for L'Manberg's borders to be restored, and if not, he would begin assaulting L'Manberg by completing the obsidian wall.

Almost the entirety of L'Manberg and George arrived at the Courthouse, beginning Tommy's trial. Fundy took the place as the lever man who would punish Tommy for every wrong move he took. Tubbo turned into his alter ego: Big Law, acting as the lawyer and would be biased to none. Most of L'Manberg represented Tommy, but actually sided with the Greater Dream SMP due to his immature actions. Tommy denied all claims against him at first, but eventually gave in by saying: "It was a good crime." Final charges then came to place: Tommy would be stripped of rights, power, and position and the Greater Dream SMP would remove the walls outside L'Manberg. Tommy would report all actions to Fundy, who was his new superior. Quackity would be placed as Acting Vice President until further notice.

However, Dream believed that a more severe punishment must be put on Tommy, due to Tommy in one of the most powerful positions in L'Manberg. Dream demanded that Tubbo exile Tommy, but Tubbo refused to exile Tommy due to them being brothers and of the same nation. Dream reluctantly agreed, and decided to soon hold a meeting on December 2.

Tommy's exile

On December 4, 2020, the cabinet and Tommy gathered at the ice cream shop. They proposed that they fight Dream by quickly making alliances with the Badlands and Technoblade. All were onboard besides Tubbo, who eventually reluctantly agreed.

After meeting up, they then head to the obsidian wall to meet with Dream to announce their decision. Instead of declaring war on Dream, Tubbo took the safe way out, apologizing to Tommy and then and telling Dream that Tommy would be exiled from L'Manberg. Fundy and Quackity were shocked and angered by Tubbo going against the decision the cabinet had just made, but Tubbo stated that allying with Technoblade was a bad idea and that his authority had always been undermined. Tommy was then escorted from L'Manberg by Dream to a place that would soon become Logstedshire.

Dry Waters

Fundy and Niki weren't very happy with Tubbo being president, feeling like they didn't have much of a voice in the cabinet and not having enough for the taxes which were slowly increasing. When Tubbo accidentally killed her pet fox, Mushroom, and lied about it, Niki had enough. Fundy told her about 'Dry Waters', a place where they could start their own country away from L'Manberg. Fundy and Niki went on leave from their positions as Secretary and Treasurer of State respectively and left with Ranboo. Tubbo was sad to see them go, but gave them leave.

However, after a few hours, Fundy returned with Ranboo due to him and Niki getting in a fight after he forgot the co-ordinates. Although it took a lot of work, Fundy was able to be given his position back, but he felt as if some of the members looked down on him. Niki, however, had enough of L'Manberg and moved permanently into her underground city, but it was never officially said so nobody took over her position.

The Butcher Army

After Tommy had been exiled, Quackity showed the rest of the cabinet a secret room full of pictures of Technoblade and other people who were enemies of the state with crosses on their eyes, defining them as excommunicated. This eventually lead to the formation of the Butcher Army, whose goal was to hunt down and kill Technoblade for his crimes against L'Manberg during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War.

On December 16, they decided to execute this plan, forcibly entering Ph1LzA's house because they knew he had connections to Technoblade. They were proven correct when they found a compass Phil had received from Techno. Because Phil refused to comply with them, Tubbo placed him under house arrest. The Butcher Army then traveled to Technoblade's cabin with the help of the compass and confronted him. However, Technoblade killed two of the army members and only stopped when Quackity held his horse Carl hostage. To save his horse, Technoblade gave up and had to give all of his items except a secret totem of undying. They brought him back to L'Manberg, where he was placed in a cage. They then revealed that instead of holding a trial for Technoblade's crimes, they were going to execute him. However, the execution failed, and after being saved by a Totem of Undying, Technoblade escaped with the help of Dream and Punz, taking one of Quackity's canon lives in the process.[31] Phil then mocked the Butcher Army for their incompetence as they retreated to their meeting room, where Quackity blamed the failure of the execution on Dream. The cabinet came to the decision to have another festival where they would execute Dream to punish him and to end his grasp on L'Manberg and the Greater Dream SMP. Ranboo and Fundy were given the role of the event organizers and Quackity was given the role of executioner.

Meanwhile, Phil escaped house arrest and joined Technoblade at his house. Ranboo, who had participated in the Butcher Army, felt guilty about his actions and questioned how good the nation was. The Butcher Army turned their focus on hunting Dream, planning to kill him at what they would call the Green Festival in the same way Tubbo had been killed during the Manberg Festival.

In the process of planning, Ranboo built different games for the festival guests to play. Lani, while visiting Dream SMP through Tubbo's account, decorated some houses. In addition, Fundy also did some last minute decoration and game planning for the festival.

Minor terrorism

On January 4, 2021, Technoblade terrorized L'Manberg by spawning a wither. The wither did some damage to the nation and the festival's decorations. In addition, knowledge of the festival was shared to Technoblade, Tommy, Vikkstar, and Punz. Later that night, Ranboo repaired the damages in time for the festival.

Before the festival began, Tubbo had a conversation with Ranboo in which he said that Ranboo was the perfect example of Law 5: "Be Loyal". The rest of the cabinet began arriving, and they spoke amongst themselves in the Camarvan and agreed that what they were doing was right and would work.

The Green Festival

After their meeting, the L'Manberg cabinet gathered at the podium, where Tubbo gathered everyone and gave a brief speech about his desire for everyone to band together as a community and have some fun. The group started playing several rounds of ring toss, which consisted of an ice playing field and a button set in a location as a goal. Players were instructed to throw different color-coded objects into the "ring", and whoever got closest would win the prize of a cookie. Punz won the game several times, much to the surprise and exclamation of the other players.

While the others played happily, Quackity pulled Tubbo to the side, beginning to worry about Dream having not shown up yet. Tubbo reassured him and himself that Dream said he'd be there after it started, albeit late, and without armor, their plan would still be underway. Needing to stall more time, they moved on to play Ranboo's trident game along and showing off the ice cream stand.

Despite killing more time, Dream still had yet to show up, and Tubbo and Quackity once again met in private, this time in Ghostbur's underground home. Tubbo then received word that Dream would be running a little late, leading Quackity to burn more time by offering the crowd snacks by instructing them to line up but only giving one to the first in line before fleeing. After the crowd pursued Quackity for snacks, Tubbo suggested that they play manhunt. He put the target on Fundy, and Quackity and Tubbo snuck away to discuss their next move. Puffy quickly caught and killed Fundy, and Ranboo used the opportunity to sneak away to meet with Tommy and Technoblade and inform them of everything that was going to happen at the festival. After losing interest, everyone then regrouped in L'Manberg. There, they found Ponk kissing a cat and began to make fun of him. Niki defended Ponk, but everyone also ended up taunting her for it.

With everyone distracted with the pets, the Butcher Army then met together to discuss the final details of the plan. They agreed that Fundy, Quackity, and Ranboo would be on the podium giving a speech, while everyone else, including Dream, would be standing in the center without armor. Tubbo would then pounce Dream, taking him by surprise and killing him. They then discussed a signal for when Dream arrival, but were interrupted in their efforts with Dream logging on.

Shortly before Dream's appearance, the army began passing around the item frame page with the word "cock" to use as the signal. However, they were interrupted by obsidian walls beginning to be built around L'Manberg by Dream. The cabinet began to question Dream as to what he was doing, and Dream immediately began stating that Tommy had messed up for the last time, much to their confusion. Dream believed that they were lying and lead them to the Community House. There, they saw for the first time that it had been completely destroyed. The festival abruptly ended, and the crowd began traveling to the house to observe the conflict.

Tubbo explained that L'Manberg didn't know that it was going to happen and had nothing to do with it. Dream retorted that it had everything to do with Tubbo because he had one of Tommy's discs, which still connected him to Tommy and gave Tubbo responsibility to enforce the exile. Dream then demanded that Tubbo hand over the disc to give Dream full power to enforce the exile.

However, the meeting was interrupted by a previously invisible Tommy. Tommy denied the accusations that he had done the damage and asked Tubbo to not hand over the disc. Technoblade then appeared as well to say that it wasn't Tommy's fault, which Dream rebuffed by claiming that Tommy was the biggest liar on the server. Techno denied, stating that Tommy would never lie to him personally. Tubbo opened the ender chest to take the disc only for Tommy to push him away and express that Tubbo has been a bad friend despite Tubbo's belief that Tommy was the one at fault. He cited that Tubbo didn't know the terrible things that happened to him in exile and still wouldn't care now. Tommy asked Tubbo to trust him, but Tubbo replied that he did once, when George's house burned down, and that he wouldn't make that mistake twice. Tubbo then took Mellohi out of his ender chest, and Tommy yelled at Tubbo, expressing that Tubbo had betrayed him. They then began a confrontation with the crowd observing:

After Tommy demanded that Tubbo drop the disc, Dream hopped down into the center asking for it. Tubbo dropped the disc, and he and Tommy began to apologize to one another. Tommy realized that he wasn't the person he wanted to be, and he was becoming worse than everyone he wanted to be better than. To prevent himself from becoming any worse, he told Techno that he wasn't going to help him anymore, effectively betraying him. Techno gave him one last chance to rejoin his side, but Tommy declined.

Dream then began to berate Tubbo for giving him the disc, pointing out how horrible of a president he was and how easily he let himself be pushed around. He said that Quackity and even he himself was more the President than Tubbo was. Dream continued by saying that he wasn't friends with Tubbo, and never had been. He continued by revealing that he had simply been using Tubbo to get the disc this entire time. Then, Dream exposed Ranboo as a traitor to L'Manberg by handing Tubbo a copy of Ranboo's memory book titled "do not read".

Dream then asked Techno if he had any withers, and Techno replied by asking if Dream was calling his favor. Dream replied that he wasn't, as it would be pointless to claim it when it was something Techno already wanted. He then stated that L'Manberg would be destroyed at 3 p.m. EST on January 6, just about 21 hours away. Dream then left the ruins of the Community House. After Dream left, Techno asked Tommy for his axe back, telling Tommy how he hadn't been worthy. Tommy refused, and Techno told him that he respected his opinion due to the nature of anarchy. Before anyone could attack him, Techno left the scene.

After Dream and Techno left, Tommy stood in front of everyone and tried to band everyone together to fight against Dream. He apologized to everyone for everything he had done and told everyone that they needed to put things aside so that they could save L'Manberg together.

Punz declared that he was on Tommy's side, and that Dream had taken things too far. Unbeknownst to everyone else in the group, Punz and Dream had already planned a fake "falling out" so people wouldn't suspect Punz as a spy for Dream. Tommy thanked him and placed chests on the path in front of them, assigning things they would need to prepare for the fight for L'Manberg.

Sapnap expressed his opinion that he couldn't go against one of his oldest friends in the SMP, Dream. Tommy told him to hold that thought, and that he would talk to him before the battle tomorrow. Niki expressed her thoughts as well, voicing that she wouldn't work with someone who blew up the Community House. In response to the remark, Fundy expressed that stopping Dream was more important. To end the belief that Tommy couldn't be trusted, Sam then asked Tommy to swear on something important that he didn't do it. Tommy then swore on Church Prime that he was innocent, and the others believed him.

Eret then offered his fortress to be their base of operations before declaring tomorrow to be "Doomsday".

Tubbo and Tommy attempted to get in a call with each other, but quickly agreed they weren't able to go through their emotions today and would speak tomorrow instead. Tubbo then met privately with Quackity, who was livid about Ranboo's betrayal. Quackity wanted to execute Ranboo, but Tubbo was hesitant, citing his memory problems. In addition, he pointed out that he doesn't want history to repeat itself. Tubbo then stated that if Quackity were to execute or hurt Ranboo, it would be treason. Quackity decided that the ruling was too much for him and stated that he would leave L'Manberg. He continued by expressing he still considered Tubbo a friend but couldn't Ranboo go consequence-free, leading him to decide to not fight with L'Manberg. Quackity ended by stating that Tubbo was still a friend and offering advice to not trust anyone.

While Tubbo met with Quackity, and Tommy left, everyone else met together to have a conversation. Niki once again mentioned that she didn't want to work with Tommy because all he does is take from other people and cause problems. Fundy replied that he wasn't fighting for Tommy, who he also doesn't agree; he was fighting for L'Manberg, and Niki should do the same. Niki then reminded everyone that Ranboo was involved in burning down George's house, and that he is a traitor, sparking agreement amongst everyone else. Ranboo interrupted her and said that he never pretended to be on anyone's side, and that they should pick people over countries. Eret agreed with him and reminded everyone that the destruction of L'Manberg would negatively affect everyone. However, Ranboo disagreed with what Eret said because he felt like Eret was still picking a side. Ranboo then said that everyone was screwed. Fundy asked for clarification about what Dream said regarding Ranboo's betrayal, and Ranboo explained that he writes his memories in a book. Ranboo continued by expressing that Dream somehow stole, and that it is now in possession of Tubbo. He then explained that the problem is that people chose sides, and Eret countered saying that it cannot be avoided due to friendships. In response, Ranboo exclaimed that stopping Dream wouldn't solve anything because Dream will always have power. Niki once again said she didn't want to fight for the people who have continuously betrayed her, but Ranboo said that she should try and protect people. Niki ended up screaming at Ranboo before walking off.

After finishing up with Quackity, Tubbo joined the rest of the group and made a speech saying that he was happy that not just people from L'Manberg were standing with him. After being asked by Ponk for a name, he dubbed their efforts, "Operation Don't Let Our Home Blown Up" and declared it a go. The war the next day would be dubbed the Doomsday War.

Doomsday War

On January 6, at the beginning of the day, Ponk finished up gathering supplies after noticing how little anyone had contributed to the chests. Meanwhile, HBomb and Niki both decided that they were going to sit out of the war, as both of them didn't like either side. HBomb stated that he believed everyone was selfish, and no one had the correct viewpoint. Fundy also decided to inject his opinion, saying, "both sides should be equal", and agreeing with Ranboo on his stance of "no one here is right". Niki and Fundy, considering Ranboo's opinion on taking sides, formed the Side To End All Sides, or STEAS for short, to sabotage the L'Manbergians while not supporting Dream and Technoblade. As Fundy walked around L'Manberg, he blew up all of L'Manberg's supplies, stating, "If he can't make people laugh, he was going to make people cry". After he showed Niki the exploded chests, she was pleased, and they were finally back on good terms. Niki also managed to get weapons and armor from Tubbo by telling everyone about how she still had nothing after Schlatt taxed her.

Fundy and Niki then met with Eret, and the three all agreed that the L'Manbergians needed to learn a lesson to prevent history from repeating itself because they reasoned that the war had gone too far and L'Manberg had truly died with its founder, Wilbur. Eret joined the STEAS, and they began to build up a wall of signs listing people who had to learn this lesson.

While everyone was getting ready for the war, Ranboo decided to save an ender chest and one of his cats, hiding the cat away from L'Manberg near his panic room. He expressed disappointment in being unable to save the rest of his pets. During this, he mused that people took his side because they realized they were going to lose, and that they were scared of that since they had lost many times before. Later, he decided to save Squeeks, as he didn't want to backstab Tubbo again after being revealed as a traitor the day before.

Many others were still left deciding whether or not to actually fight in the war, including Quackity, who was prepared to leave L'Manberg and the Dream SMP as a whole. In the end, Quackity decided that it was more important to take yet another stand against Dream, but expected to lose. CaptainPuffy also decided to defend the nation, as she had friends who lived there and she felt that it was important to protect her friends. Sapnap was convinced to side with Tommy after he was given his long lost fish, Mars, that Tommy had retrieved from the ocean.

After arriving at L'Manberg, the anarchists and Dream went underneath L'Manberg went to grab the Hound Army. The Hound Army was then splashed with strength and invisibility potions. Techno and Philza started making their way towards the entrance of L'Manberg, and Dream made his way to his platform above the country.

Technoblade joined the L'Manberg army's voice-chat and announced his presence in L'Manberg. None of the members believed him, but they quickly discovered that Techno was not lying due to the large amount of dogs surrounding him in the middle of L'Manberg. The L'Manbergians quickly discovered that many of the members had flaked out and decided not to join them. When Tommy called for supplies, Tubbo broke the news that the supplies had been destroyed and had nothing but what they had in their inventories. Despite all of these hindrances to L'Manberg's battle plan, Techno seemed to be outnumbered and was thought to be likely to run out of supplies in a prolonged conflict.

The army for L'Manberg moved to attack Techno. However, their efforts were rendered ineffective by his Hound Army, which would quickly swarm any attacker. Techno was able to stay mobile and avoid direct encounters, picking off some of the weaker members of L'Manberg. The L'Manberg army was able to kill off most of his Hound Army, and once the Hound Army was nearly defeated, Techno gave Phil the signal to start spawning withers. Fourteen withers were spawned, and the L'Manbergians were quickly overwhelmed by the combination of the withers and Technoblade. Techno had also splashed invisibility potions on everyone, leading some to attack their allies instead of the withers, out of pure confusion. The withers bought valuable time for Techno and his allies, and the chaos of shooting, fighting, and screaming continued until Dream finished the machines. Techno also took the opportunity to restock on supplies, giving back Ranboo his book: Do Not Read, and grabbing his trident from the chests in the house. Unbeknownst to anyone else, Niki was in underground tunnels below L'Manberg, she began placing TNT everywhere before setting them all off.

After Dream finished his preparations, TNT began raining down on the battle as Techno continued shooting into the fray. Multiple people fled, fearing the TNT raining down. In the chaos, Ranboo did while attempted to save his pets. After the TNT began to die down, Techno and Tommy began to battle with both swords and words, fighting over loyalty, betrayal, and the way the government had destroyed everything.

While everyone was distracted, Niki burned down the L'Mantree, silently saluting as the tree burned down to the ground. Citing personal reasons and distrust issues with other members in STEAS, she, alone, blew up her L'Manberg house and set fire to everything. The rest of the citizens looked on in horror, as the main part of L'Manberg continued to be blown up by the machine above them, unaware that their last symbol of hope had just been destroyed by the person who cared for it most. While they were fighting, Niki muted and told her chat,

As the chaos died down, the L'Manbergians, neutral members, and the anarchists began to talk amongst themselves. Tommy and Tubbo spoke to each other on Dream's obsidian platform above the destroyed city. They bond, agreeing that they must regain possession of the discs and fight back against Dream. While they spoke, Dream continued maintaining the TNT machine in the background. Everyone else sat in a voice-chat talking, with Techno stating he wanted to see L'Manberg turn to bedrock and be chunk-errored. Some simply stayed silent, looking upon the canyon L'Manberg had become.

Ghostbur then logged onto the server and joined Tommy, Tubbo, and Quackity in a shaky rendition of the L'Manberg National Anthem. He angrily spoke with Phil, screaming at him for letting Friend be killed and supporting the destruction of L'Manberg. Phil brushed Ghostbur's concerns off, saying Friend had infinite lives. Afterwards, Ghostbur requested for Tommy to ask Dream to resurrect him. However, upon discussing with the other members, Ghostbur finds that Philza had been studying necromancy and was also able to perform resurrections.

Niki was still on the sidelines watching, the others discovered the destroyed tree, and she announced that it was her. She then discovered that it was Phil who had killed Wilbur and she didn't know how to feel. Then, Ghostbur logged on, and she spotted him. However, nobody had told her that Wilbur came back as a ghost, and she thought that she had finally gone insane. No longer knowing what was real anymore, Niki had a mental breakdown and blew up her bakery, wanting to destroy anything that reminded her of her friends so she would stop imagining him. She then fled L'Canyon - setting fire to most of the Prime Path in her distress.

Fundy celebrated the defeat and spoke with the L'Manbergians to remind them of the lesson. Quackity told Fundy that his motives didn’t matter anymore since the damage was finished. While this correlated to Fundy’s thoughts, Fundy still wondered if it was rhetorical or not. Fundy then spoke to Ranboo, attempting to team with him. However, Ranboo refused, saying that was exactly what caused the first war, calling Fundy a coward. Fundy called out Ranboo for being the one to tell him of this and asked if individuality was worth it. Ranboo replied with a yes, Fundy called him sad, to which Ranboo said that he already knew. Ranboo then called Fundy out again for being on the losing side and left. After leaving the VC, Fundy wondered if Ranboo was depressed.

Jack Manifold lost his last canon life whilst fighting Technoblade.[32] This meant he went to hell, where he stayed for a bit before returning to L'Canyon. Jack was confused by this, because Tommy had cost him the other lives. However, now he had three lives and had gained trust by fighting so he thought nothing of it.[33]

Quackity spoke with many members in the aftermath and proposed his plan of diplomacy to take down Dream. However, many members were disillusioned and decided to go their own route.


After cooling off in her underground city, Niki came back to the ruins of L'Manberg which everyone had left. There, she ran into Jack Manifold whose house was the only undamaged part. Jack and Niki were on rough ground due to her betraying L'Manberg and him fighting for it, and this leads to Jack berating her. However, Niki told Jack her side of the story and about how they just overlook everyone who isn't important in the wars. Although at first doubtful, Jack came around to her ideas when remembering Tommy killed him and people have multiple times stolen all of his stuff. They team up to take down Dream and Tommy.

The area taken up by L'Manberg was left untouched, except for several members mining for resources within the ruins, and Puffy creating a flag near the bottom of the hole.

On January 13, 2021, Eret was granted Spectator mode access to take cinematic shots of the SMP area, including this of the ruins and the flag at the bottom.

Later, the Eggpire planted seeds within the crater, planning to spread the Egg's influence.

Some time after the Eggpire planted the blood vines, CaptainPuffy, who was doing a clean-up of the server, decided to add a glass cover over L'Manberg's crater, as a tribute to the fallen nation.

Terraforming of L'Manberg crater

Months after L'Manberg's destruction and the containment of the egg, Philza decided to terraform the crater to make it look better. He removed the glass and several of the half-destroyed structure around the crater, and with help from Foolish, the blood vines around the final L'Manberg flag were removed. Philza later removed the floating blocks, made the walls of the crater appear more natural, and hollowed the crater more. After hollowing out the crater and making it look more natural, he filled the bottom with water and added waterfalls on the surface to flow into the crater.

After filling the bottom with water, Phil added foliage around the crater and on the obsidian grid above. He then finished the terraforming off by building a bridge over the crater.


Independence or death. If we get no revolution, we want nothing. We would rather die than give into you and join your SMP.


Tommy... and Wilbur and the rest of L'Man-Child-berg.
We are at war.
There is no mercy.
We have burnt down Tubbo's house.
We have planted TNT cannons around your land.
We have cobblestone walled the outside and we have shot one warning shot inside your walls.
We have NO MERCY!


Sometimes it might be better to take the L.


Down with the revolution, boys... It was never meant to be.


There was a saying, Phil, by a traitor, once part of L'Manberg... It was never meant to be.


It was never meant to be.



Books important to L'Manberg history
Name Notes Transcript
Written Book.gif War This book was written by Dream on July 29, 2020, to declare war on the newly formed nation of L'Manberg. The book (along with the nation) was destroyed during the Doomsday War.

Declaration Of War

Sometimes you just gotta kill some people sometimes yaknow
-Sun Tzu

Dream SMP declares war on la'manburg



Written Book.gif Independance The Declaration of Independance was written by Wilbur on July 29, 2020, to declare the separation of L'Manberg from the Greater Dream SMP. It was destroyed during the Doomsday War.


Wilbur Soot


Forever the nation of the DreamSMP have cast great sins upon our great land of the hto dog van.

They have robbed us. Imprisoned us. Threatened us. Killed many of our men.

This time of tyranny ends with us

This book declares that the nation which

shall be henceforth known as L'Manberg is seperate, emancipated and independant from the nation of DreamSMP.

The union of the masters of men. Together we are one. When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one to dissolve the bonds which bind us. Disregarding of this truth is nothing short of tyranny.


The right of the people exists above the right of the king. The right of the government and the right of the economy.

From the hto dog van we shall prevail.

Life. Liberty. And the pursuit of victory.

Written Book.gif Decree This book, serving as L'Manberg's second Declaration of Independence, was written by Wilbur on August 2, 2020, after Tommy sacrificed his music discs to save L'Manberg. It was destroyed during the Doomsday War.

Witnessed by Dream, GeorgeSomethingSomething, Sapnap and Punz

(Also Eret fuck eret)

The Decree of Independance

President Wilbur


As we gaze upon the swaths of redwood trees. The great hills to our south and the walls that have protected for years. I, as the now President L'Manburg hereby state:



Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Freedom

Written Book.gif National Anthem This book was written by Wilbur on November 19, 2020, containing all three verses of the L'Manberg national anthem, and shown to Quackity afterwards. It was destroyed during the Doomsday War.



[Verse 1]
I heard there was a special place,
Where men could go, emancipate,
The brutality
And tyranny
Of their rulers.
Well this place is real you needn't fret,
With Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, fuck Eret

A very big and not blown up L'Manberg.

My L'Manberg
My L'Manberg
My L'Manberg
My L'Manberg

[Verse 2]
For freedom and for liberty,
Our nation sought to build on these,

A victory for all under democracy.

Well the darkness came and then it went,
We built a home and watched it sink,
And from the rubble, there emerged L'Manberg

My L'Manberg
My L'Manberg
My L'Manberg

My L'Manberg

[Verse 3]
With bloodied hands and weakened knees,
Our people rose like the phoenix,
Our empty fields and canals 'round L'Mantree.
With sweat and tears we armed our ranks,
We laid foundations in our land,

And from every lips fro here up to infinity;

We sing L'Manberg
We sing L'Manberg
We sing L'Manberg
to our L'Manberg

1st President

Wilbur Soot

[Note: More books not listed here can be found under Dream SMP books.]


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