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The L'Manberg Independence Arc is the second major arc to take place on the Dream SMP, following the Early Dream SMP Arc. It focused on the foundation of the first independent faction of the server, L'Manberg, and its separation from the Greater Dream SMP, as well as its beginnings as a full nation. This was the first arc to feature the roleplay aspects the server has become known for.

Independence or death. If we get no revolution, then we want nothing. We would rather die than give in to you and join your SMP.



During the Early Dream SMP Arc, the community of the Greater Dream SMP had been established and the server's first conflicts had taken place, including the first Courthouse trial and the Socializing Club Conflict. The Disc Saga had also begun, setting up the rivalry between Tommy and Dream that would become one of the driving forces of both of their characters.


War for L'Manberg Independence

Camarvan Confilct & L’Manberg creation

Main article: Camarvan Conflict

On July 24, 2020, Wilbur Soot joined the server with the intent to create a drug empire with the help of Tommy.[2] The two of them began planning in the Camarvan to seize all of the means of potion-brewing on the server, and thus, the Camarvan Conflict took place as a result.

On July 29, Wilbur, tired of the Americans thwarting his plans, proposed the idea of a revolution to Tommy and Tubbo, and the three of them became the founding fathers of the nation of L'Manberg, a new independent faction separate from the Greater Dream SMP.[3] Fundy and Eret also joined L'Manberg shortly after. Tommy's house was established as an embassy, and L'Manberg declared independence just as the Greater Dream SMP declared war.

War for independence

War preparations began on both sides, with Dream and Sapnap burning down Tubbo's house and declaring war once again, while the L'Manbergians gathered equipment for the war.

Tommy, and Wilbur, and the rest of L'Man-child-berg. We are at war. There is no mercy. We have burnt down Tubbo's house, we have planted TNT cannons around your land, we have cobblestone walled the outside, and we have shot one warning shot inside your walls as an explosion. We have no mercy! No mercy for you! Do you understand? We will come, we will burn down your houses, we will kill everything inside your walls, and we will take back the land that is rightfully ours, if you do not surrender. I wanna see WHITE FLAGS, white flags, outside your base, by tomorrow, at dawn, or you are DEAD!


On August 2, 2020, the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War took place. One side was L'Manberg, comprised of Wilbur,[5] Tommy,[6] Tubbo,[7] Fundy[8] and Eret, and the other was the Dream Team SMP, comprised of Dream, George, Sapnap and Punz.[9] It began with Tommy and Tubbo being surrounded and killed at Tommy's Power Tower. They returned to L'Manberg, where Wilbur declared the formation of the L'Manberg 5th Revolutionary Battalion and asked Dream's team to meet him for negotiations.

The two sides met at the Power Tower, where Dream's side proceeded to detonate TNT underneath the ground in front of Tommy's base. The L'Manbergians took shelter inside Tommy's base, shooting arrows at the others, prompting Dream's side to flee towards Ponk's tower. The L'Manbergians headed to Punz's tower, as the tower was equal to Ponk's in height, prompting the Battle of the Two Towers. Dream's side did not climb the tower, meaning they could no longer shoot the L'Manbergians as they were too high up to hit with arrows, and instead focused their arrows on Wilbur, who was still at the bottom, acting as bait. Wilbur was almost killed, and Eret suggested they regroup in L'Manberg.

Eret told the L'Manbergians that they had prepared a secret weapon, and that they had been grinding for equipment. They led the others through a secret tunnel entrance in L'Manberg to the "Final Control Room", a small underground room made of blackstone with several chests, each labeled with a member's name, and a button on the floor in the middle of the room. They quickly discovered that the chests were empty, and as Tommy pressed the button, unaware of what it would do, piston doors retracted to reveal that Dream, George, Sapnap and Punz had been hiding inside the walls. Eret had betrayed L'Manberg, and Tubbo, Tommy, Wilbur and Fundy were killed, each losing their first canon life.[10][11]

Down with the revolution, boys. It was never meant to be.


The four remaining L'Manbergians regrouped at the Camarvan, having lost all of their best equipment. They asked to negotiate with the other side, and Dream demanded surrender, threatening to blow up L'Manberg. The L'Manbergians refused to surrender, however, and faced Dream head-on, who had placed a single block of TNT inside L'Manberg. Wilbur held a speech declaring that they would rather die than give up their independence.

Independence or death. If we get no revolution, then we want nothing. We would rather die than give in to you and join your SMP.


Dream ignited the TNT, which triggered a trap that had been set underneath L'Manberg. Large amounts of hidden TNT underneath the ground were detonated, forcing the L'Manbergians to flee to a small obsidian room Tommy had secretly built underneath L'Manberg. Wilbur decided that they would surrender, and he and Tommy met Dream for peace negotiations.

During these negotiations, Tommy, ignoring Wilbur's orders to keep calm during the negotiations, challenged Dream to a duel. If Dream won, L'Manberg would surrender, and he would receive Mellohi, one of Tommy's discs. If Tommy won, L'Manberg would be granted its independence, but would still be considered part of the Dream SMP. Dream agreed to the duel, and the two parties met on the Prime Path next to the Socializing Club.

Do I shoot him, Will, or do I aim for the skies?

Tommy, I want you to do whatever your heart says you should do. Just... meet him face to face.


Dream won the duel, and Tommy lost his second canon life.[11] However, Tommy didn't want to give up L'Manberg's independence, and made an offer to Dream, pledging to give up both of his music discs, Cat and Mellohi, in exchange for independence.[14] Dream agreed on the terms. So, with Tommy's one last sacrifice, the war was over, and although L'Manberg had lost the war, they had won their independence from the Greater Dream SMP.

Wilbur declared himself president of L'Manberg, made Tommy the Treasury of State and Tubbo the Secretary of State, and wrote "Decree", the second Declaration of Independence.

Post-L'Manberg War

After L'Manberg won its independence, it and the server as a whole went through a relatively peaceful period of growth. New members joined the server, including Jack Manifold, Nihachu,[15] Quackity,[16] and Karl Jacobs. Jack and Niki both joined L'Manberg. Various lighthearted pranks took place all around the server. Tommy, Tubbo, Jack and Quackity started a drug cartel and attempted to steal all of the phantom membranes on the server after Dream had disabled phantoms,[17] and Wilbur and Tommy built a drug alleyway, which they attempted to use to scam Dream out of diamonds.[18][19] Wilbur and Dream competed against each other in a pub quiz made by Tubbo,[20][21] and Fundy built a theatre stage that he, Tommy and Tubbo attempted to use to found their own theatre company.[22][23] Skeppy traded the leather of Dream's deceased horse Spirit for Tommy's prized music disc Cat, meaning he was now also involved in the conflict around the discs.[24]

Several structures and buildings were also constructed during this time, including holiday home, where his pet cows such as Henry resided,[25][26] Purpled's Walmart near the Socializing Club,[27] Tubbo's docks, Niki's bakery, and Pufferfish Alleyway.

The Railway Skirmish

On August 22, 2020, a small conflict took place that is referred to as the Railway Skirmish.[28] Tommy accidentally ran over Dream with a minecart, and Tommy and Tubbo collected his items. However, instead of returning them to him, they instead realized they had an opportunity to gain leverage over him, and decided to use them to negotiate in an attempt to retrieve Tommy's discs from Dream. This was unsuccessful, and Dream offered to trade his dead horse Spirit's leather for his items. Tommy initially refused, and several PVP fights broke out and Dream killed Tommy's horse HorseChamp. Wilbur also joined to give his advice, which was that Tommy should return the items for the safety of L'Manberg. Tommy ended up agreeing to the trade, and returned all of Dream's items except for his maxed Netherite sword in exchange for the leather. Tommy then unsuccessfully attempted to trade the leather to Skeppy for one of his discs, and Dream threatened Tommy's cow Henry for the sword. Tommy claimed to have lost the sword, and gave Dream his Netherite sword "Shank" instead.

Tommy, Tubbo and Sapnap then teamed up to try and kill Dream in another attempt to get the discs back. They succeeded and stole his items again, but did not find the disc. Sapnap then betrayed them and killed Tommy in order to retrieve Dream's pickaxe. The conflict ended with Spirit's leather in Tommy's possession, and the discs still in Dream's and Skeppy's respectively. Tommy and Tubbo also hid Dream's maxed sword, which Tubbo had secretly had in his possession for the duration of the conflict, in a secret chest.

Church Prime

On August 23, 2020, Tommy and Dream were joking around on one of Tommy's livestreams and created a religion dedicated to Twitch Prime, which offers a free Twitch subscription to Amazon Prime users. They compared Dream's repeated advertising of the service to Jesus spreading Christianity, and Tommy, Dream, Tubbo and Quackity ended up founding the religion known as Church Prime, and the Holy Land along with it.[29][30]

The Pet War

On August 25, 2020, Sapnap accidentally killed both Niki's fox Fungi and Tommy's pet cow Harold, causing both Tommy and Niki to want revenge.[31] Tommy griefed Sapnap's house by breaking windows and flooding it. He also took the two fish Beckerson and Mars, mistakenly thinking that both were Sapnap's pets (Beckerson belonged to George). Dream asked for the fish back, but Niki refused to return them until she had gotten an apology from Sapnap. Tommy, Tubbo and Jack also attempted to use the fish as leverage to get Tommy's disc Mellohi, and Tubbo's alter ego Big Law made an appearance when they attempted to take Dream to court. In retaliation, Dream kidnapped Tommy's llama and his pet cow Henry, and they attempted to conduct several scams to retrieve the disc, involving decoy discs and fake versions of Spirit's leather. Dream also wanted them to return his sword. The conflict ended with Tommy giving Dream a fake Spirit, the sword and both of the fish in exchange for his pets and a disc that turned out to be fake. The whereabouts of the real disc remained unclear.

On August 28, 2020, Fundy logged onto the server, and was also angry at Sapnap when he learned about Fungi's death.[32] He asked Dream to give him Mars, but Dream refused, so Fundy instead made Niki kill Sapnap's fox Sketchers. In retaliation, Sapnap killed Fundy's enderman Leonard, and burned the diamond block from Fungi's grave. Dream and Sapnap then relocated their pets to an undisclosed location.

On August 30, 2020, Fundy built a bee game that had a 50% chance of killing Punz's bee Beenus.


SWAG2020 vs POG2020 Election

Election declaration

So I was thinking - what better way of making people believe that you're in charge [than] by having them vote for you?


On September 3, 2020, Wilbur declared to Tommy that he wanted to run for president in a proper democratic election.[34][35] However, he also stated that he wanted to rig the election so that he and Tommy were the only running party. They wrote a book of policies and named their party POG2020, short for Politicians Of Gaming. However, before they could close the election ballot, Quackity declared his own party, SWAG2020, short for So We Are Gamers, to run against them.

Presidential debate

The L'Manberg Presidential Debate took place on September 8, 2020, in Tubbo's sky courthouse.[36][37] Tommy had placed several signs on a wall with out-of-context quotes from Quackity's Twitter. Quackity declared this a smear campaign and demanded a debate against POG2020, which they accepted. The debate was attended by Wilbur and Tommy, representing POG2020, Quackity and his new running mate George, representing SWAG2020. Fundy, who had originally planned to represent his own party FUNDY2020 but was then told the ballots had already closed, chose to take SWAG2020's side.[38] The first round was presided over by Karl despite his open support of SWAG2020, while the vice presidential debate was led by Tubbo's persona Big Law. Jack Manifold and Sapnap were also present. In the debate, topics such as the pet wars and who would be allowed in L'Manberg were discussed. They also quickly ended up involving threats, violence and bribery.

Election rally

The election rally took place at the L'Manberg Podium on September 20, 2020. Wilbur,[39] Tommy[40] and Quackity[41] took turns giving speeches and answering questions from the audience, which consisted of Tubbo, Dream, Sapnap, Ponk and Punz. George, despite being one of the running candidates, slept through the event and did not show up. Fundy and Niki declared they were running with their own party, Coconut2020, and SWAG2020 and POG2020 presented their endorsements - SWAG presented KSI, although this was never confirmed, and POG2020 presented an endorsement video from Vikkstar123.[42] They then also presented Jschlatt as an endorsement, which came as a surprise, as Schlatt had previously been banned from the server. However, Schlatt rejoined and took the stage. He denounced the democratic process, insulted the POG2020 and SWAG2020 parties, and accidentally endorsed Coconut2020 before withdrawing his endorsement and creating his own party, Schlatt2020. Dream immediately endorsed him.

You think you need a president? I'll be my own president! I'LL RUN MYSELF! [...] SCHLATT2020!


Dream and Schlatt then worked together to chase down and kill Wilbur, Tommy and Quackity. Wilbur proposed a coalition between SWAG2020 and POG2020 to Quackity, named SWOG2020, but Quackity refused because it did not guarantee him a position of power. He instead formed a coalition with Schlatt2020.

The polls were opened on Twitter for fans to vote.

Election results

On September 22, 2020, the election results were revealed by Wilbur.[44][45][46][47] At first, POG2020 seemed to be the winning party, having reached 45% of votes. However, since SWAG2020 and Schlatt2020 had formed a coalition government, they achieved 46% of the votes, meaning Schlatt was declared the new President of L'Manberg, with Quackity as his vice president. He immediately gave his first speech.

Well, that was pretty easy. And you know what I said the day I got unbanned from the Dream SMP, and the day I said I was running? An election that I won, by the way. I said things are gonna change. I looked every citizen of L'Manberg in the eyes and I said, "You listen to me... This place will be a lot different tomorrow." Let's start making it happen.

My first decree as the President of L'Manberg - the EMPEROR! OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY! - is to REVOKE the citizenship of Wilbur Soot and TommyInnit! Get them out of here! Get them out of here! You're no longer welcome!


Oh, that was so easy! Until further notice, Wilbur Soot and TommyInnit are merely a memory of L'Manberg. A relic of the past. A reminder of the darkest era this country has ever seen. And I guarantee you all, dear citizens: Tonight, that changes. We are entering into a new period of L'Manberg. A period of PROSPERITY! Of strength! Of unity. [...]


Tommy and Wilbur fled the country, and Schlatt made Tubbo his Secretary of State. With the Jschlatt Administration now in power, the server entered the Manberg Rebellion Arc.

End of spoiler warning.


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