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This article is about L'Sandberg, the country created by BadBoyHalo. For the country under Wilbur, Schlatt and Tubbo's rule, see L'Manberg. For the reformed L'Manberg solely under Schlatt's rule, see Manberg.

L'Sandburg cannot continue to remain in my desert abode. The nation of L'Sandburg is not meant to be!


L'Sandberg (also spelled L'Sandburg, formerly L'Puffyberg and L'Puffberg) is a nation created by BadBoyHalo weeks in the future after the end of the Egg storyline. It declared its independence inside Foolish's summer house despite Foolish's protests. Its members started building statues and creating new sister countries as well. Eventually, Foolish allowed L'Sandberg to be a separate country in his property. However, they built a large wall/toll gate on his land violating the agreement between them and Foolish, leading to Foolish giving them 4 days to take down the wall until he declared war. Tensions decreased between the two parties after Bad sold most of L'Sandberg back to Foolish. Tensions re-escalated in the region due to the Skeppy hostage crisis, National Park annexation, and the destruction of Ponk's Supreme fridge.

Two other people have claimed leadership of L'Sandberg: CaptainPuffy, who claimed it and changed its name to L'Puffberg, and Tubbo, who due to his presidency of L'Manberg, believes he is the rightful president of L'Sandberg.

As time went on, its citizens would lose interest in the nation, reaching a point where every Administration had abandoned it. On July 18, 2021, Foolish blew up L'Sandberg, destroying it. It is unknown if L'Sandberg has any plans to rebuild, and the faction is likely dissolved.


  • BadBoyHalo - Founder, leader under Bad's claim
  • Antfrost - Citizen under Bad's claim
  • Awesamdude- Citizen under Bad's claim
  • Tubbo - President under Tubbo's claim, abandoned L'Sandberg
  • Ranboo - Vice-President, First Man under Tubbo's claim, abandoned L'Sandberg
  • TommyInnit - Secretary of State under Tubbo's claim, abandoned L'Sandberg

Former citizens

  • CaptainPuffy - Former citizen under Bad's claim, former leader under Puffy's claim



The BadBoyHalo Administration claims the chunk of land in Foolish's summer house under the L'Sandberg tower and an island behind the house. The Tubbo Administration claims the chunk of land under the tower and the area formerly occupied by the L'Sandberg toll gate.


  • L'Sandberg tower: The main structure of L'Sandberg, and the oldest. It was built near Foolish's nether portal without his permission, but was allowed to stay by Foolish so long as it stayed within one chunk. It has had several changes to its design and the wall surrounding it.
  • Tollgate (defunct): A tollgate that sparked a large conflict with Foolish. The land was later sold to him and the walls were taken down.
  • Shelly x Sheldon Forever Island: A national park built on a small island behind Foolish's house, violating the current agreement between Foolish and Bad. It contains several turtles that BadBoyHalo put there with a cage.

Locations surrounding L'Sandberg

  • Temple of Undying: Foolish's house/temple.
  • Supreme fridge (defunct): A large red rectangular structure built by Ponk near Foolish's house at his orders. Later destroyed by Puffy and Bad in revenge for destroying parts of L'Llamaberg.
  • L'Llamaberg (defunct): A large castle built by Puffy next to L'Sandberg to keep an eye on them.

Names/Name changes

L'Sandberg - This was the original name of the land when BadBoyHalo established it. The name is a parody of the former nation of L'Manberg.

L'Puffyberg/L'Puffberg - The nation briefly became 'L'Puffyberg' after CaptainPuffy kicked Bad out of L'Sandberg. Bad later reclaimed the land, restoring its name.

Tubbo SMP - The nation's secondary name of the Tubbo Administration.


So far, three separate groups have laid claims to L'Sandberg at one point or another. These are:

BadBoyHalo Administration

The BadBoyHalo Administration is the first (and most recognized) Administration of L'Sandberg, ruled by BadBoyHalo, the nation's founder. He has no official title, but manages most of L'Sandberg's internal and external affairs. Other citizens include Antfrost. It currently claims the chunk on which the L'Sandberg tower sits. It also claims an island behind Foolish's summer house, calling it L'Sandberg National Park, despite the fact that it violates the agreement with Foolish. The BadBoyHalo administration will likely give up its claims on L'Sandberg for the Badlands to annex it.

Puffy Administration

The Puffy Administration was the second Administration of L'Sandberg, ruled by CaptainPuffy. It was the shortest-lived and the least recognized administration, lasting for less than a day. After BadBoyHalo established L'Sandberg, CaptainPuffy claimed it from him, renaming it "L'Puffyberg" and designing a flag for it. Bad managed to negotiate and gave her just the top floor instead. Since then, CaptainPuffy has completely relinquished her claims on L'Sandberg.

Tubbo Administration

The Tubbo Administration is the third Administration of L'Sandberg, ruled by Tubbo. Tubbo claimed L'Sandberg due to his former presidency of L'Manberg and the fact that the nation's name was derived from L'Manberg. He called the land 'Tubbo SMP'. Other citizens include Ranboo and Tommy. It is also the most governmental of all the administrations, having a Vice President and a Secretary of State. It currently claims the chunk under the tower and the area covered by the former L'Sandberg toll gate.

Current rule

Currently, L'Sandberg is claimed by both the BadBoyHalo Administration and the Tubbo Administration. The BadBoyHalo administration does not know about the Tubbo administration, meaning that there may be a civil war between the two in the future. Since the L'Sandberg sale, both of them also claim two different territories. Currently, both administrations are inactive and with L'Sandberg's destruction, it is unknown whether either plans to rebuild.



On April 26, 2021[VOD 1], BadBoyHalo arrived at Foolish's summer house and claimed a 3x3 area of the pathway to the portal to his home. He started building in the middle of the path and threatened to tax Foolish if he went near his property. He called this territory "L'Sandberg". Foolish decided to leave Bad's build for the time being. Bad suspected Foolish of trying to claim L'Sandberg, and demanded a permit from him, at which he questioned why Bad was building on his land. Bad joked that the Egg had given him the land and continued to build L'Sandberg.

Antfrost and Purpled

Antfrost later arrived and entered L'Sandberg with Foolish. Bad made Ant a citizen but kicked Foolish out, warning him to stay off L'Sandberg grounds. Foolish asked Ant to kill Bad, but he refused, at which Foolish called out for help from HBomb and then from Technoblade. Bad said that he could allow Foolish to enter L'Sandberg if he paid a toll. After some argument about the ownership of the land, Foolish hired Purpled to kill Bad and after he did so, hired him to kill Ant as well. Ant tried to negotiate a better deal with Purpled, and built an upside down T with emerald and diamond blocks. Purpled tried to kick Bad and Ant out of L'Sandberg. Foolish paid him a netherite block which Ant tried to steal. Purpled started removing L'Sandberg, and Bad shortly after, started repairing it.


Bad and Ant claimed HBomb as their lawyer, inviting him to L'Sandberg. HBomb then established L'Damberg, L'Tanberg, L'Jamberg, and L'Camberg. Foolish finally gave in, allowing Bad to keep the chunk of land under L'Sandberg, but he regretted it later on. He decided to allow Bad to own L'Sandberg until he destroyed it. HBomb renamed L'Tanberg to L'Bamberg and then took it down. Foolish tried to convince HBomb to start the war against L'Sandberg, but he refused and continued building while L'Sandberg annexed more land. Bad claimed a tall cactus, and Foolish allowed them to own the strip of land next to the cactus. L'Sandberg continued claiming land until Bad decided to stop. HBomb decided to establish "L'Hamberg", and Bad banned Foolish from the nation. Foolish accused HBomb of stealing from him, and Bad and HBomb started building a Rat statue. Foolish spied on them for a while and removed their builds after they left. HBomb's countries were abandoned after this.


Later, CaptainPuffy visited Bad, who gave her a tour of L'Sandberg, saying that he owned it and that people would have to pay a cheap toll to pass through. When Puffy entered the basement, Bad told her that she owed five carrots as the toll. After a small argument between Bad and Puffy, Puffy claimed L'Sandberg and renamed it to "L'Puffyberg". Bad attempted to kick her out of L'Sandberg, but ended up giving her ownership of the top floor of the tower. Bad then tried to close L'Sandberg. Ant later joined them, and Bad attacked him, leading to a scuffle between the three. Later, Puffy designed a "L'Puffberg" flag and placed it on the tower.

L'Sandberg Tollgate Conflict

Fight over the L'Sandberg wall

Bad built a wall next to the L'Sandberg tower and started charging a golden apple per entry.[2] Foolish instead used a shortcut that traveled under the wall. He made a mailbox at the front of the L'Sandberg wall, and wrote a message to them about their violation of the agreement of owning a chunk of land and requesting for the wall to be removed within five days.[3]

Bad read Foolish's notice and refused to take down the wall, asking Foolish to pay the toll. He blocked the entrance to the wall, but Foolish mined through the wall, warning Bad to take it down within five days. Foolish showed Bad Finley, and let Bad hold his daughter. Bad then kidnapped Finley, and put her in an ender chest. Foolish demanded that Bad return Finley, and Puffy started attacking Bad who returned Finley to Foolish. Later, Bad designed a new flag for L'Sandberg on the far side of the toll wall.

Brewing war

On May 13, Foolish unblocked the entrance through the wall and found the "shortcut" covered in lava and Bad's response to the letter, refusing to take down the wall and threatening to kill Foolish.[4] He asked Skeppy if he would aid him in the war against Bad and L'Sandberg. After Foolish explained the situation, Skeppy decided to help and visited L'Sandberg. Skeppy paid a golden apple as toll at the tollgate, confused on why Foolish didn't pay.

Skeppy started demanding a statue, a tower, and land for him to help Foolish, which Foolish refused. Skeppy said that Bad's weakness was a lack of attention. Foolish suggested that he could "kidnap" Skeppy to make Bad take down the wall. Skeppy then seemed to switch sides, demanding that Foolish pay the toll. Foolish refused, but Skeppy paid for him. Skeppy refused to help unless Foolish built him a tower and then left.

Foolish then wrote a response to Bad, declaring war unless Bad took down the walls within four days. He also wrote letters to Philza and Eret, requesting their help to deal with the L'Sandberg conflict.

Later on, Skeppy agreed to the 'kidnapping' plan with Foolish off-stream and hid himself away in a location of his own choice with nothing but a pager to contact Foolish.

Tubbo and Philza visit

On May 14, Tubbo visited L'Sandberg.[5] He said that he was still president of L'Manberg and that he should copyright it. He then claimed L'Sandberg. He wrote a response to Foolish's last letter in the L'Sandberg mailbox affirming a declaration of war, placing it in the mailbox to frame BadBoyHalo and start a war. He accidentally signed the book, but said that Foolish wouldn't be able to tell.

The same day, Philza read Foolish's letter asking for help.[6] He thought it was a joke as he felt being a tyrannical dictator was not in Bad's nature. Nevertheless, he went to Foolish's summer home to check if this was a genuine issue he might have to bring up with the Syndicate. On reaching L'Sandberg however, he did not see any signs of a government. He was confused about whether Foolish was talking about the toll gate, since it was easy to go around it. He made a small route around the wall and then left, figuring that if it was important enough, Foolish would send him another letter.

Foolish commences hostilities

On May 15, Foolish gathered obsidian and started making a large obsidian wall surrounding L'Sandberg.[7] He placed a sign on the wall, telling L'Sandberg residents to pay a toll of 50 diamonds. He filled in the "shortcut" and planned out possible defenses like a TNT cannon, a sand trap, a cobweb trap and placing cacti in L'Sandberg. He fended off mass accusations from his chat of following in Dream's footsteps, saying that there were very few parallels. He blamed L'Sandberg for claiming land right on his house, taxing him for his own property, and telling him to die. He called for L'Sandberg to remove the walls, give him their tower and leave his property.

Tubbo asserts his claim

On the same day, Tubbo showed L'Sandberg to Tommy and Ranboo, and Tommy claimed the entirety of Foolish's summer house as his own. Tubbo appointed Ranboo as "vice president", and Tommy as "secretary of L'Sandberg". Tubbo invited Foolish into L'Sandberg for a cabinet meeting, and said that he would remove the toll if Foolish took down the obsidian wall, but Foolish refused. Tubbo called L'Sandberg 'Tubbo SMP' and declared war on Foolish. He offered Foolish two $50 gift cards and then threatened to declare independence. Foolish finally agreed to take down the wall, scoring a major victory for the Tubbo Administration.

L'Sandberg sale

Unaware of the events earlier that day between Tubbo and Foolish, Bad found the obsidian wall around L'Sandberg and read the books in the mailbox. He said to Puffy that Foolish had given L'Sandberg more enforced walls for toll entrances but later started removing it, saying that he would expand L'Sandberg and sell it to Foolish. They then had an argument, with Puffy telling Bad to leave Foolish alone as they had already killed him during the Red Banquet and blown up his statue, while Bad blamed Puffy for both Foolish's and Ant's deaths. Puffy demanded him to take down L'Sandberg and accused Bad of scamming Foolish by selling his own land to him. Bad said that he had squatting rights and asked Puffy to protect L'Sandberg.

On May 16, Foolish read Bad's response, in which Bad offered to sell all of L'Sandberg except the tower to him to prevent any war. Foolish wrote a response, saying that he was glad he did not have to declare war, and hoped that he would be getting more information on the sale.

Sam enters the scene

On May 18, a day after the war was scheduled to take place, Foolish met Bad at L'Sandberg.[8] Foolish demanded that the walls of L'Sandberg be torn down, but Bad refused as he wanted to sell it to Foolish. Awesamdude joined them and Foolish demanded that Bad be locked up in Pandora's Vault. Sam got very confused, saying that Bad was a prison guard so he couldn't go to prison.

Sam seemed to like L'Sandberg, saying that it was a nice touch to the summer house. When Foolish protested that L'Sandberg was taxing him on his own land, Sam argued that Foolish building an obsidian wall around L'Sandberg proved that it was separate land from Foolish's house. Bad said that he would sell L'Sandberg. After some bickering on the price between Sam and Foolish, Bad asked each of them what they would do with the L'Sandberg wall. Foolish wanted to tear it down, while Sam wanted to make income from it. Bad accepted Sam's deal and Sam said that he would make L'Sandberg much bigger. Foolish wanted to purchase the tollgate and the tower with ten diamond blocks, but Bad said that the tower could be negotiated to be sold at a later time. Sam then withdrew his previous offer and decided to act as a neutral third party/mediator for the sale.

Terms of sale

Foolish and Bad set up the sale's terms with Sam acting as a third party (although he was biased towards L'Sandberg).[9]

  • Bad would sell all of L'Sandberg outside of the chunk of land under the L'Sandberg tower for 10 diamond blocks to Foolish.
  • Foolish would recognize L'Sandberg as an independent country.
  • L'Sandberg would be allowed to build as high or as low as they wished as long as it was within chunk limits.
  • Bad would give up any claim to L'Sandberg territory outside the chunk. (Initially, the term was that Bad would give up any claim to any land outside the chunk, meaning that Bad would no longer have his claim to his mansion or his claim as a citizen of the Badlands. However, after Foolish tried to confirm that term later on, Bad said that he would only give up his L'Sandberg claims.)
  • There would be a toll for entering the chunk limits. (The toll amount itself is not specified in the agreement, meaning that a person entering the chunk could technically pay whatever they want.)
  • L'Sandberg would not be allowed to expand outside the chunk or to affect anything outside the chunk like setting up TNT cannons.
  • Foolish would promise to not wall off the tower or block its line of sight.
  • There would be a six-block thick neutral buffer zone around the chunk in which neither party would be allowed to build but Bad would be allowed to break to make sure that Foolish couldn't build anything detrimental to L'Sandberg around it. This neutral zone would still be owned by Foolish.
  • In case the agreement was broken by someone, Sam would act as the arbiter for the negotiations.

Foolish gave Bad the payment and Bad split it with Sam, which enraged Foolish as Sam was supposed to be neutral. Sam quickly ran out into the portal and out of Foolish's house.

End of L'Sandberg Tollgate Conflict

Bad started feeling very guilty about the transaction and tried to be friends with Foolish, but Foolish ignored him and later sarcastically replied to him, assuring them that he would definitely be able to co-exist with L'Sandberg. Sam messaged Bad not to feel bad about the deal because Quackity had said that this would be good for business. Bad told the chat that he made Sam come in so that he could get a better deal on L'Sandberg. Foolish later came back to Bad saying that he was sour about it initially, but was glad they could resolve the issue peacefully.

Bad admitted that he was in the wrong for violating the agreement and expanding on Foolish's territory and apologized. He gave back the 5 diamond blocks he had left from the sale to Foolish as an apology and to pay for the demolition of L'Sandberg. He also apologized for his initial harsh response, for taking Foolish's materials to build L'Sandberg, for having Sam come over so he could get a better deal, and for trying to start a war with Foolish. Foolish questioned what he would do if someone else did the same thing that Bad did on his land again, and Bad replied that he would help Foolish fight them off. Bad said that the tower would be his embassy to Foolish's house. Thus, the conflict ended peacefully and Bad and Foolish started mending their friendship again.

Skeppy hostage crisis

After a few minutes, Skeppy messaged Bad saying that Foolish had kidnapped him and wouldn't let him go until Bad gave up L'Sandberg. Foolish tried to explain that this was a backup plan that Skeppy agreed to, and it was in case something at L'Sandberg had gone wrong. He also said that Skeppy had told him that he was tired of living with Bad and wanted a break. Bad thought that Foolish forced Skeppy to say that and declared war on him until Skeppy was returned safely. Foolish said that he didn't know where Skeppy was. Skeppy had chosen the location and Foolish had given him a pager to contact him if necessary. He also reminded Bad that he had kidnapped Finley. Skeppy sent Bad another message, saying that he was cold and hungry. He went to search for Skeppy, and Bad and Foolish agreed to still try to be on good terms with each other. Bad started searching in the Greater Dream SMP, but to no avail. While searching, he talked about L'Sandberg, saying that he was sorry about the Egg and for going off and making L'Sandberg and that he had created L'Sandberg for him and Skeppy.

On the same day, Bad said that the L'Sandberg storyline was canon and was taking place in the future after his last stream of the Egg storyline.[10] He also said that L'Sandberg wasn't important or scripted and that it was just something to have fun with along with Foolish and others.

National Park Conflict

L'Sandberg illegal expansion

On May 19, Antfrost appeared at L'Sandberg and said that it hadn't been sold no matter what Bad said.[11][12] When Foolish brought up the witnesses, Ant said that he didn't know that but would ignore it. Bad later tried to get Foolish to pay the L'Sandberg toll, but Foolish refused, saying he wouldn't enter L'Sandberg.[13] Bad invited Foolish to L'Sandberg and then asked for 1 diamond block as the toll. Foolish said that they had not agreed on any toll, forgetting the agreement. Bad then tried to build a tollgate again outside of the tower, but when Foolish stopped him, he said that he thought Foolish wanted a tollgate to be built and that he was helping him.

Bad then went behind Foolish's house and tried to claim an island for L'Sandberg, violating the agreement. When Foolish said he owned it, Bad responded that Foolish hadn't built there and he was only going to own and build on the land. Foolish said that this was very different from the beginning of L'Manberg because L'Sandberg was looking to conquer. Bad claimed the island as "L'Sandberg Nature Repository" and later as "L'Sandberg National Park" and Turtle Island. Foolish and Bad started arguing.


DreamXD logged on and teleported to them, and Foolish asked him to smite Bad. DreamXD watched on the sidelines while Foolish and Bad continued to argue and started fistfighting. DreamXD then flew to the L'Sandberg tower and made a hole down to bedrock near it, undoing it later. Foolish and Bad tried to offer food to DreamXD. DreamXD then began smiting Bad multiple times while Bad screamed, running around the tower. Foolish and Bad tried to explain their POV of the L'Sandberg situation. Then, DreamXD removed the L'Sandberg tower but promptly restored it. Foolish asked for another shulker box and DreamXD smited Foolish as well. Bad tried to assert his claim on "L'Sandberg National Park", but DreamXD started smiting him dozens of times, until Bad's armor nearly broke. Bad said that Foolish didn't build a statue for DreamXD in his temple. Foolish quickly repurposed a room, saying that he had planned to build a DreamXD statue there.

DreamXD started placing player heads one at a time and Foolish and Bad started fighting for them. During the fight, Skeppy, as part of the plan with Foolish, called and said that he was being held hostage by Foolish and the only way to save him would be to remove the walls of L'Sandberg. When Foolish told Skeppy to stop as the walls were already taken down, Skeppy got confused as that was the plan they had discussed. DreamXD then teleported Skeppy to Foolish, and Skeppy joined the head fight. After the fight, Foolish got seven player heads while Bad and Skeppy got four.

Involvement of the Badlands

On the same day, Bad called for a meeting of the Badlands at L'Sandberg. Bad explained the events with the heads to Ant. Sam arrived and they celebrated the Badlands no longer being inactive. Ant and Sam got high on weednip, while Bad tried to explain the L'Sandberg sale to Ant. Bad suggested that they make L'Sandberg an embassy from the Badlands to Foolish's summer house. He said that Foolish made a mistake by not paying the toll and they would prepare for war. The Badlands later voted to call L'Sandberg an outpost rather than an embassy. Bad then showed Ant and Sam the "L'Sandberg National Park". Skeppy later joined the call and they were happy about him attending the meeting of the Badlands, indicating that he has rejoined the faction. On May 21, Foolish asked Ponk to join L'Sandberg and spy on them, saying that he also suspected Sam to be a part of L'Sandberg, Ponk agreed.

National park consolidation

On May 23, Bad brought a collection of llamas to L'Sandberg, representing citizens in the nation. He intended to assign different roles to them: army members, council leaders, and regular citizens. Bad set up a turtle breeding program at the national park with two turtles named Sheldon and Shelly, and held a wedding for the two. He renamed the island the "Shelly x Sheldon Forever Island", in their honor. He watched over Sheldon and Shelly's turtle eggs, and named the baby turtles Shelby and Snappy.

Two days later, he started decorating the island and mined out a small cave for the turtles. Puffy and Foolish confronted Bad later about violating the agreement. Bad said that the island was owned by the turtles, but if they died, the island would belong to himself. Puffy decided to team up with Foolish, feeling that Bad's position was unjust. Foolish said that he would not attack the island if one of the turtles were sacrificed. Puffy and Foolish started debating on which turtle to kill and asked Micheal whether they should kill a turtle. After hearing about L'Sandberg and Foolish's canon death due to Bad, Michael agreed. However, Shelly then suffocated and died, without anyone's interference. Foolish and Michael initially decided to kill another turtle as that death had nothing to do with them, but changed their mind later. Bad made a grave and gave a funeral speech for Shelly. Sam later arrived with a turtle and told Bad to name it "Shelly the Reborn." Bad claimed that he had revived Shelly.

The next day, Ponk kidnapped Shelly and took her to a nearby island. He thought of elaborate ways to kill Shelly in front of Bad and started working on making a dispenser machine to kill Shelly.


On May 30, Puffy said that Bad was pushing L'Sandberg too far and that she would move in near L'Sandberg temporarily to support her adopted son in the matter. She decided to build a castle between the Supreme fridge and the L'Sandberg tower and started building it one block away from the tower. She called it L'Llamaberg and said it was a safe haven for llamas and Foolish. Bad saw the sandcastle and asked Puffy about it. Puffy replied that she wanted to keep an eye out for Foolish. Bad didn't like how close the castle was to the tower and declared war. For Technoblade's birthday, Bad made a cake out of wool for him and left a note asking him to completely destroy Bad's enemies. Then, Bad tried to burn down L'Llamaberg and built the L'Sandberg tower to be taller than the castle.

Supreme fridge dispute

Demolition of Supreme fridge

Ponk destroyed a large portion of L'Llamaberg for being directly in front of the Supreme fridge. Bad tried to calm Puffy down to not escalate the conflict, but Puffy refused. They also discovered that Ponk had stolen Shelly. Frustrated with Ponk's previous griefings against her, she took down the Supreme fridge with Bad's very reluctant help. They wrote a letter to Ponk about the bad things Ponk had done to them, including kidnapping Shelly, and asked for the location of Shelly and for Ponk to negotiate with them later.

Foolish found out about Bad and Puffy's actions and wrote back saying that the fridge was a gift from Ponk and that he would get revenge on them after going through the "five stages of grief". Foolish killed one of the llamas at the L'Sandberg tower and started calculating the amount of TNT needed to blow up the tower. Puffy wrote a response to Foolish's letter saying that she did not mean to upset Foolish and that she would remove the castle when Bad left the area. Ponk found out about the destruction of the fridge and said that he would sue Bad and Puffy.

Eggpire apologizes

Ant apologized to Foolish about the Red Banquet and Foolish forgave him saying that he never harbored any hatred towards him. Ant also apologized to Puffy about killing Foolish, and Puffy, in turn, apologized for killing Ant. Bad apologized to both Ant and Puffy as well for the Red Banquet.


On June 7, Ponk sent a book called 'LORE SUIT 07.06' challenging Bad and Puffy to 'a legal battle of wits and looks in a court of lore'. He wrote a mix of true and nonsensical crimes committed by Puffy ranging from theft and griefing to drinking milk with ice and flushing the toilet in the wrong way. He gave them 3 days to respond or else the list of crimes would be considered final. In response, the next day, Bad and Puffy sent a book back to Ponk called 'U IS SERVED!', accepting the challenge and accusing Ponk of an even more nonsensical list of crimes which included mentioning Supreme, being an "ipad kid", stealing Sam's heart and having a name one letter away from 'Punk'.

Ponk read the response and considered how to counter it. He talked to Sam as well about his legal options. Sam said that Tubbo was a lawyer (Big Law), but Ponk said that he was expensive and scary to approach. They found out that Drista was a Judge in Kinoko Kingdom and thought of bringing her to decide the case and hiring Tubbo/Big Law to be Ponk's lawyer.

On July 5, Ponk killed Shelly in retaliation for the Supreme fridge demolition.


On July 18, Foolish returned to his summer home to collect TNT. While considering what to blow up next, he came across L'Sandberg and decided it was time for it to go. He placed a pillar of TNT through the center of the tower and ignited it with a golden pressure plate. The explosion destroyed the majority of the tower, as well as part of the path to the nether portal. Foolish fixed the path, but left the hole and the remains of L'Sandberg.[14]


On August 15, nearly a month after the destruction of L'Sandberg, Bad confronted Foolish about a rumor he had heard that L'Sandberg had been destroyed and Foolish tried to explain it away as an earthquake. When Bad saw L'Sandberg's remains, he wanted to destroy one of Foolish's builds. In the end, he demanded a head as compensation and Foolish gave him a creeper head. Bad wanted to kill Foolish's ravager pet, but felt sad after Foolish named it and backed off. After some negotiations and a very tense trade, Foolish and Bad traded Puffy's head for Karl's head, presumably ending the conflict.

Foolish then showed Bad his building project in the Dream SMP. Bad immediately started building a house next to it and claimed that everything within 3 blocks of the house was his land. Foolish brushed his claims off and hinted that another 'earthquake' might possibly happen to his house again.


List of L'Sandberg-related books

Important Books

Books important to L'Sandberg history
Name Notes Transcript
Written Book.gif L'Sandberg Wall L'Sandberg Wall is a book written by Foolish on May 12, 2021, as part of a property dispute between him and BadBoyHalo over L'Sandberg.[15] The book was placed in a mailbox outside L'Sandberg's walls with a book and quill for Bad to respond.

Dear L'Sandberg,

You are in violation of the original agreement of building inside of one chunk of territory. Not only have you further expanded but you have the audacity to make a toll gate ON LAND OWNED BY FOOLISH. I expect this wall to be torn down

by the residents of L'Sandberg within 5 days. I WILL NOT LISTEN TO ANY DISPUTE OVER THESE LAND CLAIMS!



Written Book.gif <3 <3 is a book written by BadBoyHalo on May 12, 2021, to Foolish in response to his book "L'Sandberg Wall" and placed inside the mailbox.[16]

The original page 1 was written by Puffy, but was deleted when Bad wrote the version that is now signed.




-With love,


I agree with Foolish and also you should give Puffy diamonds as well because I'm also offended


Written Book.gif Is this war? Is this war? is a book written by Foolish on May 13, 2021, in response to "<3" by BadBoyHalo.[17]

Dear L'Sandburg

You have made it abundantly clear that you are unwilling to remove this wall. I will still give you 4 more days to change your mind. If you have not surrendered within these 4 days, there will be WARRRR. I was hoping we could do this diplomatically. -->

Rat smells of horseshit and your muffins are quite distasteful. IF IT IS WAR YOU WANT, IT IS WAR YOU WILL GET!

-LoVe FoOlIsH


Written Book.gif War Starts Now War Starts Now was written by Tubbo on May 14, 2021, and placed inside the L'Sandberg mailbox.[18]

Yes this is WARRRR
I love Rat so so much and also muffins

- BadBoyHalo

Written Book.gif <3 #2 <3 #2 is a book written by BadBoyHalo on May 15, 2021, and placed in the L'Sandberg mailbox.[19]

Dear Foolish,

I have seen the error of my ways. And would like to part on good terms. After recontructing your erroneous wall into a additional fortification. I will now sell everything aside from lsandburg tower to you so that you can collect your own tolls

I think this is an amicable situation for both of us so that we can avoid further bloodshed and tears.

Best Regards and Potatoes,


Written Book.gif OKAY OKAY was written by Foolish on May 16, 2021, in response to <3 #2 by BadBoyHalo, and placed in the L'Sandberg mailbox.[20]

Dear L'Sandburg,

It brings me great joy to see we won't have to go to war. I don't exactly know what you mean by "selling" this place. Let me know more. I love you. I love you more than you love Tall Mama.
Cya soon!


Written Book.gif WAAAAARRRRRRRR! WAAAAARRRRRRRR! was written by CaptainPuffy on June 1, 2021, with assistance from BadBoyHalo.[21] It was written to declare war on Ponk.

Dear Ponk,

It has come to our attention that you've been responsible for some heinous lately.

Not only did you completely demolish Puffy's original mushroom house which she let slide. You now have destroyed a tower of her sand


WHERE IS SHELLY PONK!? You've not only commited crimes against Puffy but Bad as well! You've kidnapped Bad & Sheldon's dearest Shelly for ransom!

So me and Bad decided to return the favor

and give you a taste of your own disgusting medicine!



We all need to talk immediately before this escalates more then it already has.

Leave a book back giving us a time and a place and we will try to attend.

You've been warned!

With love,

BBH & PuffDaddy

Written Book.gif LORE SUIT 07.06

Written Book.gif U IS SERVED!

These books are lawsuits from the Supreme fridge dispute.

Foolish has kept copies of many of these books.



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