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Lani Smith, also known as LanuSky, Trista, and Tubsta, is Dream SMP member Tubbo's 14 year-old younger sister. She played on the Dream SMP with Tommy on Tubbo's account on November 26, 2020.


Initial SMP visit

Lani visited the SMP on November 26, 2020 on Tubbo's account. Tommy led her around the server and helped her build a restaurant during her visit, and various members also joined in and welcomed her during the time.[3][4]

Meeting Quackity

Shortly after the beginning of the stream, Lani and Tommy encountered Quackity at the Dream SMP Historical Museum in a boat. Quackity acted as a senile, naked homeless man who attempted to sell them drugs. Tommy and Lani ran away from him towards L'Manberg, and Tubbo promptly removed Quackity from the Discord call.

Tommy decided to have Lani build something in L'Manberg, noting that she was technically president since she was on Tubbo's account. Tommy then asked Lani what her favorite block was, and she answered that she liked purple ones, so they set off to the Nether to find crimson planks. Lani mentioned that she has never entered the nether since it was scary, but agreed to follow Tommy there to find resources.

Going to the Nether

On the way to the Nether, Lani and Tommy encountered Dream. He followed them to through the portal and promised to protect them, especially Lani, who had no armor on and was scared. Together, they gained some wood and started returning to the overworld. However, on the way back, Dream broke the ice path underneath Lani on Sam's ice bridge, causing her to fall into the lava lake and burn along with all of Tubbo's belongings. Dream blamed the breaking on a malfunctioning mouse, but they didn't believe him. As compensation, Dream gave Lani a golden helmet and the only "Stal" disc on the server. Upon learning about the rarity of the disc on the server from Tommy, Dream killed her and took it back.

Building a restaurant

With the wood, Lani and Tommy returned to build a structure on the outskirts of L'Manberg with Dream tagging along. While building, Lani and Dream held an intervention on Tommy's swearing, though Dream used it as an opportunity to bully Tommy. Quackity observed the intervention and building from the distance, still in character as a drugged naked man.

After the intervention, Dream gave Lani a bow, telling her to shoot Tommy, and she followed the suggestion by successfully killing him. Tommy blurted out that she just made him sexist after she took all her items. Wilbur then joined the call and chastised Tommy on trying to teach a 13 year-old swear, supporting Lani talking over Tommy and "the hierarchy" forming between them. However, he also noted that she was complaining about Tommy instead of helping him build. Wilbur then asked for Lani's opinion on anteaters, and Lani responded by saying that she saw one in the zoo and she thought they were "pretty cute." Wilbur left, and after Lani advised him not to start conversations about things he didn't like, he threw a fit about how he hated anteaters and left again.

Dream threw Lani the "Stal" disc, and she hid it in the ender chest in Tommy's base, putting it in Tubbo's possession.

Quackity appeared again, and Dream killed him after a moment of banter. Lani commented that Quackity ran around naked but dropped armor and many other items, questioning the legitimacy of his homelessness. Tommy told Dream to stop mugging the homeless guy after he threatened Quackity with a bow to give him his Yeezys (diamond boots), but Dream killed him despite the request.


Lani, Tommy, and Dream then ran a scam to sell Quackity the Yeezys Dream just stole from him, and Quackity managed to steal the Yeezys back after Lani just gave it to him not asking for payment. Dream chased him down and killed him to get them back. Dream then got the idea to attempt to scam Lani by giving him the Stal and Mellohi discs that are currently in Tubbo's ender chest, but Tommy managed to talk her out of it. After a bit of fighting and constantly interrupting each other, Lani killed Tommy with an axe. The two then planned to scam Punz, but once again, Lani gave out the boots for free. Tommy got sick of Lani and killed her, and in turn, Punz killed him for "killing a woman." Quackity took all of their items, so Punz killed him as well.

After the killings, Tommy took Lani to the bench where sat briefly before quickly moving along the Prime Path to the Prime Church after Lani asked him how to farm Primes. They both played the Able Sisters theme, and Tommy raided her stream. Tommy showed her around the rest of the server, namely L'Targay, the location where Tommy ran Dream over with a minecart in The Railway Skirmish, Henry's grave at his Holiday Home, the rest of L'Manberg, and Pogtopia.

Second SMP visit

Lani came onto the SMP for a second visit on December 26,[5] with the intention of decorating L'Manberg for the second festival, which was set to take place on December 29 but was later changed to January 5. From Tubbo's instructions, she stole wool from one of the member's house and began to decorate the houses.

The two siblings bickered as she did this, discussing fudge opinions, Tubbo's broken bones, and Haribo gummies. Smajor dropped by at one point to ask if Lani knows him, and Lani replied that she does and that she followed him on Instagram.

For the rest of the visit, Lani played with Ranboo and Skepina, Skeppy's assistant, who was pretending to be Skeppy's sister.


  • Just like Tubbo, Lani loves bees.[6]
  • Lani frequently appears in Tubbo's vlogs as well as some of Tommy's.
  • During the visit, Tommy deemed her "Tubbling," a mix between the words "Tubbo" and "sibling."


  • "Why can't I hit you with an axe?"
  • "Well, you're gonna have to try! Try please!"
  • "Oh I love bees, they're really cute. Where, where, where?"[6]
  • "This is why I don't go to the Nether!"
  • "See, now that sounds like you're creepy, and you're creepy so you deserve that."


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