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This article is about the country named Las Nevadas. For the Las Nevadas series, see Las Nevadas (series).

Let me show you what real f*cking power is, Bad.


Las Nevadas is a nation created by Quackity. It was created at some point between January 23, 2021 (when Quackity partnered with Awesamdude to build it) and March 16, 2021 (the first time it is shown on-screen). It is meant to be an entertainment and gambling haven. At first, few people knew about its existence as Quackity rarely talked about it to anyone. However, as more citizens and employees joined, it became a well-known place with numerous players either visiting or starting conflicts with Las Nevadas.


Potential citizens

Citizenship blacklist

Former citizens


Las Nevadas (April 16, 2022)


Las Nevadas is a massive terraformed area south of Eret's cobblestone pyramid and Snowchester. The area was once a lush forest close to spawn, but was terraformed to be similar to the real-world city of Las Vegas which is surrounded mostly by desert.[2][3] Las Nevadas stretches from coast to coast and on the narrowest stretch of land between the two water masses.



Conception of Las Nevadas

On January 23, 2021, Quackity visited Awesamdude while he was doing construction work on the Big Innit Hotel. Quackity said he was tired of the never-ending conflict on the server and that he needed a distraction. He talked about how he didn't have enough emeralds to buy from villagers. Sam said that he was planning to build a bank where anyone could trade valuables for cash vouchers backed up by the bank, essentially the beginnings of an economy, which Quackity got excited about.[4]

Quackity then said that he wanted to build an entertainment center to make money. While Sam provided the money from the bank, Quackity would provide the means to waste that money, and together, they would have complete control of the server's economy and then the server itself. The two started talking about the possible future of getting people addicted to gambling, making them take loans, and making them sell their houses and their belongings. Quackity then started expressing his frustration about how no one listened to him and took his warnings about Dream seriously, and that he wanted to teach them a lesson.[5]

Quackity wanted to start a partnership with Sam. In return for Sam building this new territory and partnering his bank with his country, Quackity would give him 35% of the country's profits and the rights to build ATMs in Las Nevadas. With the deal, the two wrote a contract named the "The LV Project," sealing the deal.[6]

The project begins

Sam, at some point in time, started the construction of the country under Quackity's direction. Very little information is available about the construction process since neither Quackity nor Sam have shown their perspectives of it. Quackity also made sure to shoo away people close to the territory so they would not find out about it too early.

On March 15, 2021, Quackity revealed that he intended to invite Karl, Sapnap, and George (fellow citizens of El Rapids) to his new country, now called Las Nevadas. Quackity expressed excitement and shared that he had already assigned different casinos for them. However, George said that they had already abandoned El Rapids and started a new nation called Kinoko Kingdom and that Karl was supposed to inform Quackity about it. Quackity, unaware of Kinoko Kingdom's existence, felt hurt that the three started a new country without him, but kept it to himself. Quackity said that the offer still stood and it was a complete secret, and the two parted ways.[7]

On March 16, after having an argument with BadBoyHalo about the Egg and about power, Quackity took Bad to Las Nevadas to show him "what real power is."[8] Later, the same day, Quackity and Glatt made a bet and gambled in Las Nevadas; if Quackity won, Glatt would work for Quackity in perpetuity with no wage, but if Glatt won, Quackity would get the revival book from Dream to resurrect Schlatt. Quackity is implied to have lost the bet since he tried to obtain the revive book from Dream afterward.[9]

Search for new citizens

Quackity needed people to become citizens of his new country and started searching for very skilled people to recruit.


One week before the Red Banquet, Quackity and Sam met to discuss their first potential citizen. Quackity's first candidate was Purpled. He felt that Purpled's fighting skills would make him a valuable addition. Despite Sam's insistence that Purpled wanted nothing to do with any of the factions, Quackity was dead-set on recruiting him.[10]

To get Purpled's attention since he had no other way to contact Purpled, Quackity placed a large amount of TNT in Purpled's UFO. Purpled quickly noticed and nearly killed Quackity, but he threatened to blow up the UFO, which held Purpled off. Quackity then explained his reasons and offered Purpled a mercenary job to attack the Eggpire at the Red Banquet. When Purpled asked about the money, Quackity said that he was making a new and prosperous country and offered to show it to him. Purpled agreed to take the job and went with Quackity to visit Las Nevadas.[11]

After the Red Banquet, Quackity paid Purpled a satisfactory amount. However, just before Purpled could leave, Quackity detonated his U.F.O. Enraged at this, Purpled nearly killed Quackity. Quackity managed to make him stop and explained that he had blown it up to show how little of a legacy Purpled had left on the server. He then gave Purpled an offer to join Las Nevadas and make a greater legacy. Purpled, still extremely angry, considered this offer and walked to the UFO without answering. Quackity, frustrated that Purpled wasn't listening, said that the offer would still be on the table before leaving.[12]

Purpled did visit Las Nevadas later on and played at one of the machines but got frustrated at it and tried to kill Quackity.[13] Nothing else about the visit is known.

George, Sapnap, and Karl

On May 22, 2021, Quackity met up with Sam at the Las Nevadas restaurant to discuss more potential citizens. Quackity shared a book containing the list of potential citizens, Sam joked that he thought that Quackity would first recruit George, Sapnap, and Karl. Quackity expressed anger at this, saying that the joke wasn't funny before telling Sam to proceed with the actual list of potential members. This implied that the offer of citizenship to George, Sapnap, and Karl was closed due to a mixture of anger at them for leaving him out of their country and wanting to keep them out of the difficulties Las Nevadas would face on its way.[14]

Foolish Gamers

The first name on the list was Foolish. Quackity was interested in recruiting Foolish particularly after finding bits and pieces about his past, learning he was a great and feared warrior. Sam had read quite a bit about Foolish and said that Foolish had killed many people in a job gone wrong, according to his sources. Quackity said that none of their pasts' were clean either and they needed skilled warriors in case they met enemies like Technoblade. He told Sam that he would talk to Foolish.[15]

Quackity met Foolish at his summer house and asked him how he was doing after his canon death at the Red Banquet. He then asked if Foolish was connected to any countries before pitching the idea of joining Las Nevadas. Foolish declined, saying that he liked to take a slow pace. Quackity revealed his knowledge of Foolish's past, but Foolish rejected his past beliefs and said that he was much happier now.[16]

Quackity said that Foolish's summer home was truly worth very little because no one else used it or cared for it at all. It was an empty shell that would slowly erode away until there was nothing. Quackity then said that it reminded him of Foolish, a once-feared and brave warrior, who now settled for having a bleak, mundane life wasting his talents by building things no one cared about. He then revealed that he had chosen not to save Foolish during the Red Banquet, hoping to change Foolish's mindset from his current one back to his former self. Foolish was enraged, shouting that his life was thrown away for a sales pitch. Quackity said that he too once believed in peace and had received nothing but suffering. He offered Foolish the deal again before walking out of his home.[17]

Foolish gave himself a day to think. He wondered whether his death at the Red Banquet was necessary, as a wake-up call for him to change his ways. After some consideration, he decided to join the next day, but not to trust Quackity fully.[18]


One day, Quackity was, for an unknown reason, planning to blow up the restaurant in Las Nevadas when he saw a hole in the walls (he was wearing elytra throughout the scene, although it is unknown if the elytra is canon or just for cinematic effect). He broke through the walls, determined to kill whatever was living there, but found a person hiding there, seemingly spying on him. Before the person could speak properly, Quackity knocked them out.[19]

When the person woke up, Quackity started interrogating him and asked who he was. The person asserted throughout the interrogation that he was definitely a real human being and "not a piece of goo that has crawled to the surface over hundreds of years, disguising myself as a person." Quackity asked him if he saw anything. The person said that he saw Quackity swoop into the restaurant and had heard some conversation of taking advantage of the human psyche through gambling addiction. He had also heard something about destroying a purple guy's UFO.[20]

Quackity said that he needed to kill him and apologized in advance. After some talking with the person, Quackity asked if he had seen anyone else. The person said that he had seen Foolish, full of regret. The person also mentioned a green guy, a red-shirt-blond guy, and a dead-but-not-anymore guy. Quackity realized that the person had accidentally become a very good spy. Quackity then said that the interrogation was a method of welcoming him and took the person back to Las Nevadas, saying that he could give a better home than a hole in the wall.[21]

Quackity would later give Slimecicle a job to spy on Purpled as a method of paying off his "debts" from gambling in the casino.[22][23]


Fundy had made himself content with living far away from the rest of the SMP in a small house in the middle of the woods. after the Doomsday War. One day, when he tried to sleep, he woke up in the same dream world that he used to wake up in before, this time as a mesa biome. He found Quackity standing outside his house, and Quackity asked Fundy how he had been and to take a walk with him. While Fundy was completely confused, Quackity lead him to an area where the ruins of L'Manberg lay, somehow in a mesa biome. They walked over to it and reminisced about L'Manberg.[24]

Fundy said that the place brought a mix of good and bad memories. Quackity said that those memories didn't matter and that Fundy himself had never really mattered. Quackity said that he now had big plans, and as a fellow L'Manberg cabinet member, he wanted to bring Fundy in on these plans. But he needed Fundy to join him. After a moment of indecision, Fundy decided to join Quackity and ran towards him just before he woke up. Confused, he checked outside his house just in time to see Quackity arriving.[25]

Fundy later arrived at Las Nevadas to talk to Quackity, seen by Foolish, although the details of the conversation remain unknown.

After two days, Fundy visited Las Nevadas again and spoke with Quackity. Quackity said that Las Nevadas was necessary for himself, choosing a new path instead of wallowing in self-pity. He was fed up of feeling powerless, something Fundy related to. However, Quackity didn't want Fundy to join until he worked on himself as a person and found his self-worth. Quackity then lead Fundy to a plot of land and told him to build himself a home and to leave his cottage in the past. Fundy agreed to visit again, thanked Quackity, and left.[26]


Wilbur, upon seeing the book that Quackity had left for him, expressed some form of respect towards him, calling him his kinsman. Later, Wilbur somehow found the location of Las Nevadas and met with Quackity, although the viewers are not shown the actual conversation.[27]

Tommy and Wilbur's visit

On May 31, 2021, Wilbur asked Tommy if he knew about anything about "PROJECT NEVADAS" (the title of Quackity's letter to Wilbur). Tommy said that Quackity had started a new country called "Las Nevadas," but also added that he hadn't seen it yet. The two traveled there and were astonished at the scale of the builds. They met Quackity, and Wilbur mistook the "PROJECT NEVADAS" book for an invite to the country and accepted. However, Quackity said the book was not an invite and that Wilbur was too unpredictable to be made a citizen. Wilbur insisted that Quackity needed to let him join and that he had leadership experience, but Quackity refused. When Tommy asked to stay in Las Nevadas, calling the place "heaven," Quackity said that he could join in the future, but Wilbur would not be allowed.[28]

Wilbur then decided to make a new "headquarters of safety" (later called "Fort Big") right beside Las Nevadas, saying that capitalism needed competition. Quackity was angry, but accepted the challenge. He later gave them a tour of Las Nevadas. During the tour, he inquired about Wilbur's resurrection and his experience since. Wilbur learned about the prison visitation system during the talk and decided to visit Dream, despite Tommy asking him not to.[29]

Tubbo's watchtower

On June 1, 2021, Tubbo investigated Las Nevadas and decided to build a watchtower on a nearby mountain to make sure that the country wouldn't be a threat. He called it "Operation: Cookies," disguising the watchtower as a cookie outpost. Quackity found the watchtower and briefly spoke with Tubbo, but put off the matter for later. Foolish asked Tubbo about the watchtower. After Tubbo explained, Foolish informed Tubbo about his decision to leave Snowchester for Las Nevadas, which Tubbo accepted.[30][31]

Quackity asked Foolish about Tubbo's outpost. Foolish informed him about what Tubbo had told him. Quackity told Foolish not to trust him, stating that he hadn't talked to him in a while. Quackity asked Foolish why he allowed him to build the outpost, and Foolish responded that the outpost wasn't in their land. Quackity asked Foolish about Tubbo and his history with him.[32]

Quackity then said that Foolish would have to sign a citizenship contract, but that he didn't want to pressure Foolish and he could do it in the future. Foolish got suspicious, but Quackity reassured him. They discussed about Fort Big and about expansion plans and the building of a road system running throughout the SMP excluding Kinoko Kingdom.[33]

Fundy and Purpled join

On June 9, 2021, Fundy met Quackity at Las Nevadas, stating that he'd improved himself significantly and talking about how he'd been sleeping well and having a better diet. Quackity said that he was very proud of Fundy, but warned him that there would be no going back on this decision. He then gave Fundy a citizenship contract, which Fundy was taken aback by. Quackity stressed that he wanted to protect his nation and that he would die along with it if necessary. Fundy eventually signed the contract and handed it over to Quackity, and Quackity welcomed him to Las Nevadas.[34]

After Fundy's welcoming, Quackity, Charlie, and Fundy investigated Tubbo's outpost. Quackity was concerned, saying that he hadn't properly seen Tubbo since the Doomsday War. They slightly griefed the outpost, but didn't go too far since it was Tubbo's. Tubbo had recently built a bridge approaching Las Nevadas, and Quackity decided to establish a toll booth there and have Charlie run it as a lesson for him. While preparing for the toll both, the group talked about Las Nevadas, Fundy's backstab during the Doomsday War (which Quackity warned Fundy against attempting in Las Nevadas), and Fundy's dreams. Quackity and Fundy then tried to teach Charlie how toll booths worked and built the booth with him. While building the booth, Charlie showed an eerie level of knowledge about Fundy and events on the server.[35]

Some time after this interaction, in the Dream SMP region, Purpled caught Charlie spying on him. After some time of Charlie deflecting the question, he found out that Quackity was involved and started thinking about Las Nevadas. He decided to give it a chance and blew up his house to go live in Las Nevadas. He told Quackity that he disliked him, but felt that it would benefit everyone if he joined the country. Quackity apologized for his own methods and added that he saw opportunity and potential in Purpled, which was why he wanted Purpled to be a citizen. Quackity then welcomed Purpled to Las Nevadas. Purpled decided to make "Purpled Building" on a plot of land behind the casino.[36][37]

Activity at Las Nevadas

Over the next few days, Las Nevadas started becoming more active. Foolish, Fundy, and Purpled started playing on the server more and working frequently at Las Nevadas, building, fixing things, and sometimes, just goofing around. Tubbo and Ranboo also started massively upgrading the outpost, now called Walltown, adding two towers, a wall, a lava door, an armory, a cookie vault and farms. Ranboo investigated Las Nevadas, noting things in his memory book. Fundy investigated the outpost and found it very suspicious, especially after Tubbo mentioned they were going to set up a ghast cannon pointed towards Las Nevadas.

Walltown conflict

On June 18, Tubbo and Ranboo decided to expand Walltown and built a large wall in the direction of Las Nevadas. Quackity, accompanied by Foolish, Purpled, and Fundy, confronted Tubbo and Ranboo about the new fortification. Quackity felt threatened by the outpost and demanded that the walls be taken down, but Tubbo argued that the outpost was outside of Las Nevadas territory, so Quackity had no right to ask this of them. Ranboo also acted defensive of the outpost, saying that they hadn't been violent or threatening to anyone as they were only selling cookies. Quackity's group began to build their own wall in front of the outpost, and Quackity said that he would take his wall down if Tubbo took down his own. After some arguing between the two sides, Quackity and Tubbo had a private conversation to discuss the matter.[38]

Tubbo admitted that he didn't want to take down the walls because he had "noticed a pattern of his builds being destroyed" and wanted to protect the outpost. Quackity, meanwhile, wanted him to take the walls down because they were being built in the direction of Las Nevadas, which he saw as a threat. Tubbo called the outpost a "military outpost" when prompted by Quackity, although Ranboo was likely unaware that the outpost wasn't actually a cookie shop. Tubbo started to understand Quackity's perspective, but still didn't want to tear down the wall.[39]

Tubbo proposed using the nearby river as a territory marker, but Quackity refused, saying that he was going to cover the river and that he needed the space to expand Las Nevadas. Tubbo suggested he expand in the direction of Wilbur and Tommy's fort instead, but Quackity seemed hesitant to do so. He also refused to expand across the sea, as Eret's cobblestone pyramid was over the water and he didn't want to start a conflict with them. He also suggested that the outpost be turned into a Snowchester embassy, but Tubbo refused.[40]

The confrontation ended with Tubbo threatening Quackity with nuclear warfare. The conflict remained unresolved, and Tubbo and Ranboo abandoned the outpost, feeling the conflict wasn't worth it.[41]

Paradise Burgers

On July 25, 2021, Wilbur decided to create a burger van near Fort Big named "Paradise" with the intent of using it to compete with Las Nevadas. He convinced Ranboo to join him and pushed Ranboo into breaking windows and blowing up most of the Las Nevadas burger place.[42]

On August 4, Wilbur and Ranboo met Quackity and showed him their burger van. Quackity thanked them for destroying parts of the restaurant as it gave him a chance to improve it. He had also hired Tubbo as the restaurant manager, saying that Tubbo was a brilliant employee. Wilbur was shocked by this, as Tubbo had denied his offer to work at Paradise. Tubbo himself did not know that Wilbur was selling burgers, but accepted it, saying it was part of the competition and that managing the restaurant had given him a new purpose. Both Quackity and Wilbur left the meeting visibly frustrated.[43]

After the meeting, Wilbur asked Ranboo how much he knew Tubbo and Quackity, and Ranboo lied that he didn't know Tubbo that well. Wilbur gave Ranboo TNT and asked him to secretly rig up the casino and the needle, going into an in-depth analysis of how Ranboo could rig the area and offering to help as well. Wilbur then told Ranboo that this plan was to protect innocent people like Tubbo, Fundy, and Slimecicle. He reaffirmed his trust in Ranboo before leaving.[44]

Quackity and Tubbo started talking about the restaurant. They eventually reached the topic of Walltown, and Tubbo apologized for the conflict, saying that he wasn't himself that day. On Quackity's suggestion, Tubbo allowed Las Nevadas to annex Walltown, signing a contract to seal the deal. After signing the contract and finishing his conversation with Quackity, Tubbo talked to Ranboo and told him about the annexation, which Ranboo was hurt about. Tubbo returned to Quackity and discussed about Wilbur destroying the restaurant and about future plans for the restaurant.[45]

Purpled's checkmate

On November 27, 2021, it was revealed that following Techno's escape from Pandora's Vault on September 14, Quackity returned to Las Nevadas and alerted Slime to contact everyone in the faction so that he could warn them Techno and Dream (who had not actually escaped at the time) had broken out of jail. Purpled then came up to Quackity and Slime and told them about a strange double-chest that was allegedly not placed by anyone from Las Nevadas next to the casino. When Quackity and Slime went to investigate it, Purpled pulled a lever that caused the two to fall onto an underground platform suspended over lava, hidden under the sands of Las Nevadas.[46]

Purpled then confronted Quackity over the prison visit and the destruction of his UFO. Purpled demanded the resurrection book from him, and Quackity stated that he didn't have the book and that he wouldn't give it regardless. Purpled responded by knocking Slime into the lava beneath the platform, and as Slime lost his first canon life and returned to a dormant state, Purpled escaped from the pit trap through a hidden passageway while Quackity fell into grief.[47]

During the weeks following Purpled's betrayal, Quackity spent almost all of his time holed up in his library in The Needle researching slimes and documenting his and Slime/Charlie's shared memories in an attempt to help Slime/Charlie regain sentience while Foolish stepped up to help Quackity in his quest and constructed the Las Nevadas bunker, which was based on the map of The Skeld from Among Us.[48]

Fundy's resignation

On May 22, 2022, Fundy revealed his allegiance to Las Nevadas to Wilbur much to Wilbur's dismay. Fundy then learned of Wilbur and Quackity's rivalry. When Wilbur later asked about "the hole" in Las Nevadas (referencing the one made by the explosion in Hitting on 16), Fundy became confused, prompting Wilbur to drop the subject. Near the end of their encounter, Fundy suddenly changed the story; he claimed to Wilbur that at some point previously, he had moved away from everything in his life, including Las Nevadas, and had set his spawn somewhere far away. He also implied that he had no friends and expressed his belief that no one cares about him, despite having previously seemed at home in Las Nevadas.[49]

Telling Wilbur that he didn't care about anyone around him and didn't want Wilbur near him, Fundy jumped into the L'Manberg crater and took his second canon life.[49] Whether or not he truly left Las Nevadas is currently unknown.

New President

Due to Quackity's account getting suspended, Quackity created a new one called KyleHQ as a temporary solution. Content creator Quackity stated that KyleHQ is character Quackity's son and that KyleHQ was given the position of the President of Las Nevadas, much to the dismay of Foolish and Sam. Despite being Quackity's son, Kyle knew little to nothing about Quackity and asked many people close to his father about him. While at Las Nevadas, Kyle decided to marry Foolish as a tax write-off and secretly to sleep with Foolish. Foolish agreed to the marriage since he wanted to get all of Kyle's money, and the marriage was held in the wedding hall with Tina initiating and Sam witnessing.[50]



  • "Las Nevadas" means "The Snowfalls" in Spanish.
  • According to "Hitting on 16," fauna in Las Nevadas include scorpions and king cobras. However, in real life, neither species are native to the mountainous biome Las Nevadas was built on, and king cobras are not native to deserts either.
    • Wilbur later claimed to Eret that Quackity had brought the scorpions to Las Nevadas himself after finding them in a real desert.[51]


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