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This article is about Las Nevadas the series. For Las Nevadas the country, see Las Nevadas (country).

Las Nevadas is a series of episodes on the Dream SMP published by Quackity and featuring multiple content creators. It focuses on Quackity and the casino project with the same name. The series currently has 4 episodes.


Episode 1: Visiting Dream

Quackity's new look

The first of the Las Nevadas episodes took place on March 16, 2021, and set all within the present day.

Link to full VOD: https://youtu.be/XLAaBh3Co7s
Link to abridged version: https://youtu.be/EYIyniUgqJw


The episode starts with showing areas of the server followed by a quote:

"May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future"


All except "worst day" is removed from the screen, and is then replaced with a shot of Schlatt's grave at night in the rain. A chest is then opened and closed. A snippet of a muffled conversation after Schlatt's inauguration can be heard between Quackity and Schlatt[2], with Schlatt mentioning that he wouldn't do anything that would disadvantage Quackity. The camera finally then focuses on the prison, an omen for what's to come in the episode.

Chapter 1

The scene changes and focuses on Punz's tower. Quackity is shown at the bottom, and heads up to the top to meet BadBoyHalo. Bad mentions that Quackity keeps getting in his way, but Quackity reminds Bad that he had warned Bad, he would. Quackity then asks Bad why he is here, and says the egg is stupid. Bad asks him why he thought it was stupid, and Quackity continues saying that the egg doesn't phase him, not knowing what it is and what it does. Quackity goes on further, saying that Bad is just an asset to the egg, but Bad refutes the claim, saying that he serves a purpose that "the likes of [Quackity] couldn't understand".

Bad continues, saying that the egg was just the surface of what Quackity thinks it is, and is much more than that — something that Quackity cannot comprehend. Quackity asks him what Bad is trying to get out of the egg, and again accuses Bad of being an asset to the power of the egg, whilst accusing Bad of not knowing what power is. Through his background, Quackity continues saying that he knows what power is, and that it is something Bad wouldn't understand. Bad starts to refute the claim, but decides not to confront Quackity. Quackity continues by telling Bad he is wasting his time, and asks him again, why Bad brought him up here. Bad reiterated his line to stay out of the way, and Quackity responded by saying to Bad that he will show Bad what real power looks like. At first, Bad doesn't accept what Quackity is saying, and asks Quackity what he could show Bad that he doesn't already possess and what would be worth Bad's time. Quackity responds that because Bad has wasted his time, Bad should allow Quackity to waste his.

The scene then cuts to a railway, with both Quackity and Bad traveling in minecarts; then they are seen walking across fields and lakes, before arriving at a large structure, potentially being Las Nevadas — the city that Quackity has been working on.

Chapter 2: A lost soul

Glatt's gym

After a short transition, Quackity is then seen at his cow farm, breeding cows (with some wheat) at the dead of night in the pouring rain. Whilst protecting himself from mobs, Quackity comes across a chest with a sign above it. Within the chest was a single book, which Quackity took and went to ready in safety from the mobs.

The book started by swearing at whoever reads it. It continued onto the next page, however with a message; presumably from the way it was written by Glatt, Schlatt's ghost:

If this falls in the right hands, you know who you are. dont pay attention to Page 1. if this isnt the right person F*CK OFF. if this is my Sugar Pumpkin then you are have to do the following:

1. bring WHEY workout powder

2. FOLLOW THE TRACK ON TOP OF YOUn . ride that sh*t and ride it fast!!!!! x 558 y 26

3. dont tell anyone about this. come alone

4. hope this note finds you well, after all.................................

You had the fattest ass in my cabinet

Afraid at knowing who it was, Quackity follows the track above the cow farm, using the directions in the book. The track leads Quackity into a cave, and he ends up underground. At first, Quackity was hesitant about going in and meeting Glatt, but after a short pause he continues, and officially decides to meet Glatt in his "Big Man Gym".

Glatt was at first surprised, jumping back when he saw Quackity and yelling at him, before greeting him as his "Sugar Pumpkin" and welcoming Quackity to his gym. Glatt asks Quackity to check his ego at the gate, to which Quackity throws his half stack of diamonds away, which Glatt then collects. The pair then enter the gym and Glatt welcomes him in again. Glatt shows him around, showing the posters set up all around the gym (including the posters of his "Runmaster 3000"). Glatt confirms they don't do cardio in this gym. Glatt also shows his "clerical area" to sign him up to the gym, clarifying there are a bunch of people already signed up.

Quackity asks Glatt how long he's been down here for, and what he's been doing, to which Glatt reiterates that he has just been running the gym since his death; he also mentions that when he tries to walk outside he starts to "fall apart". Glatt continues by saying he is really happy that Quackity is here, as the clientele are "less than committed" to his vision of what the gym should be. The first being this kid with a beanie who has a terrible accent, and comes every day (Glatt then tries to impersonate his British accent). Glatt then tells Quackity not to get him started on the smaller kid who sounds the same, but makes indistinguishable sounds and talks about how he was killed by Dream.

Quackity offers Glatt some protein in the form of wheat, and states that Glatt shouldn't have gotten into drinking. Glatt starts to mention a third person that he sees, but quickly changes the subject, and suggests they lift weights together. Quackity declines saying he is busy, and mentions that he could have chosen not to meet Glatt. Glatt recognizes this, but looks at Quackity and calls him a "flatty patty", convincing him to do squats. Quackity tells Glatt he will do them provided Glatt never calls him "flatty patty" again. Quackity starts doing squats, whilst Glatt continuously corrects him. Giving up, Glatt shows him the "essential oil diffusers with creatine" (soul torches) he has, which comes with the side effect of balding.

Quackity presses Glatt for who else he's seen outside of the three he's already mentioned, but Glatt states that they should interact more. Quackity disagrees, saying Glatt was a bad person to him when Schlatt was alive. Glatt then attempts to tie Quackity up and force Quackity to do squats until he matches Glatt's personal best. Quackity then states he comes here out of pure generosity of his to see Glatt, reminding Glatt that he doesn't have the best memories of the time they spent together, but Glatt gets easily distracted, smelling the double oil diffusers he placed down.

Glatt then mentions there is another thing that Quackity could help him with, and mentions he has been brushing up on learning Spanish and asks Quackity to help him through one of the exercise books. He starts reciting the Spanish and asks Quackity what it means. Quackity gets annoyed, telling Glatt he hasn't changed and mentioning how he's glad Glatt is living in the cave. Quackity then starts to leave, but before he does, Glatt stops him and mentions the 3rd guy that comes down here, Mexican Dream, who also doesn’t help him out with his Spanish, and was visibly annoyed, whilst Quackity was unaware of who Mexican Dream was. Quackity then returns down to the gym, and gives Glatt 5 minutes of his time, mentioning he would never see him after this visit.

Glatt offers Quackity a proposition, and starts by saying the two Brits and Mexican Dream come down to the gym and tell their tales, but don't lift the weights, showing off his bench press personal best. He continues by saying he needs someone to help him with his Spanish. By being able to get out of the confines of the gym, Glatt would be able to find someone to teach him Spanish. Quackity questions what he means by being able to get outside, which Glatt re-iterates that he can't go outside whilst he is dead. To help Glatt get out of the gym, Glatt tells Quackity about something which exists that will help him look like the posters on the wall. He continues by saying there's a book that's been used once on the kid who made indistinguishable sounds and was told it was used to bring him back to life. Glatt also heard it could be used to bring him back to life as well. Quackity is confused by this, but Glatt explains further. Now knowing that Glatt was talking about the Revival Book, Quackity realizes it all makes sense, especially when he hadn't seen the kid Glatt was talking about.

Taken aback, Quackity questions about using the book to bring Glatt back, especially how their working relationship ended when Glatt was still alive. Quackity, reconsidering and wanting to bring Glatt back, tells Glatt about his new business venture that Glatt would enjoy, and that Glatt would be the first to visit the new venture. Quackity then proposes that they form a bet and would go to this new venture to gamble on it. If Glatt wins the bet, Quackity would get the revival book from Dream for Glatt to revive himself. But if Quackity wins, Glatt would never come back to life, and have to work under Quackity following his every order, earning no wage, and giving him nice compliments; the same treatment Glatt gave to Quackity when they ran L'Manberg. They shake on it by punching each other, and Quackity starts to lead Glatt to his venture.

Chapter 3: Quackity visits Dream

Dream being tortured

The stream transitions to Quackity standing on the Prime Path between the BigInnit and Bee n Boo hotels, still at night in the pouring rain, where Awesamdude comes to meet him. The pair shelter in the lobby of the BigInnit hotel to talk.

Quackity states that it's finally time for him to make his visit to the prison. Sam is hesitant due to the incident with Tommy, but Quackity states he wasn't told he couldn't visit, which Sam reluctantly agrees with. Quackity then changes his mind and starts to leave the hotel, before turning back and stating there was an underlying issue with the prison security. Quackity also mentions how he and Sam are business partners, and Quackity mentions how he is counting on Sam to be reliable, but the security issue is proving he can't be reliable. Sam refutes the claim, stating the job of the warden isn't keeping the visitors safe, but to keep Dream as the prisoner locked up. Quackity asks what stopped Dream from killing Tommy, and that as there was nothing there to stop Dream, Dream still holds power, and questions why he hasn't been killed yet. Sam reminds Quackity that Dream is the only one that can bring people back to live, and is the sole reason why he's locked in prison instead of being killed.

Quackity then tells Sam to take away Dream's power by taking possession of the book. Sam states that Dream wouldn't give the book to anyone, and doubts that Dream would be willing to surrender the book as Dream knows he is then no longer needed. Quackity asks if he can try by talking to him, but Sam mentions it's not a good idea. Quackity asks again if he can make his visit; that as business partners Sam can trust Quackity enough to talk to Dream. Sam reiterates his concern, saying that it's not that he doesn't trust Quackity, it's that he doesn't trust Dream.

Quackity continues to ask Sam to allow him to visit, with Sam declining him. Quackity however asks how he is meant to rely on Sam for any business opportunities if he isn't allowed a visit. Sam reminds him of the work Awesamdude constructions has done in Las Nevadas, but Quackity tells Sam he isn't co-operating by not allowing him to visit, but Quackity continues by telling Sam he has proved to Sam that he can be trusted. Quackity then has a better idea, asking Sam for him to bring in a diamond axe and sword. Sam tells Quackity that it isn't a good idea, but Quackity re-iterates there's a safety issue within the prison whilst Dream still holds the book. Quackity reminds Sam what had happened to Tommy, and re-iterating the safety issue within the prison, and asks Sam if he has any control over him. Quackity vows he could fix that control, but only if he was let in with the axe and sword. Sam re-iterates it's still not a good idea, throwing what-ifs and worst-case scenarios at Quackity, but Quackity replies saying he knows how to handle himself within the cell. Starting to consider the proposal, Sam asks if Quackity can get him to hand over the book, to which Quackity replies that he will try for as long as it takes to get Dream to hand over the book. Quackity also promises Sam that he wouldn't kill Dream. Sam warns Quackity that if Quackity tries something untoward, then Sam would have to kill Quackity, to which Quackity accepts the risk. Sam asks multiple times if he is sure about this, before then leading him towards the prison. As they walk over, Quackity reminds Sam that as long as Dream holds the book, he still holds power. Quackity also states how he doesn't want this leaving a stain on their business relationship, and that he's doing this for the right reasons. Before they enter, Quackity thanks Sam for his trust, and that Quackity will remember the exceptions Sam has made for allowing him to bring tools into the prison.

Sam takes him through the process of the prison, asking him the usual questions and waiver forms. Quackity however did not sign his name on the page of the first book, but just signs the book itself. Quackity leaves his belongings in the locker, and Sam then takes him through the prison. As they go through the first search, Sam states to Quackity he was glad he didn't have anything on in from the first search. Like the first book, Quackity just signs the books themselves and doesn't add his name on the pages of the books. They then continue through to the main cell.

Before the main cell is revealed from behind the lava, Sam gives Quackity some steak to restore his energy. Sam also mentions to Quackity that if he was to do what he was planning, that he should do it right, and hands him a pair of shears, as well as the warden's sword and axe. Sam also hands Quackity some item frames and tells him to hide the items before he enters.

After a glitch with the bridge, Sam drains the lava, and reveals Dream on the other side within the cell. Quackity walks over the bridge and Dream greets Quackity as he enters the main cell. Quackity asks Dream how he felt and says that they need to catch up. Quackity asks Dream how long he has been in prison, and Dream states he has lost track ever since he destroyed his clock. Dream also mentions he likes the crying obsidian, which was a recent addition to the cell. Quackity then asks Dream how it feels, going from having been able to do anything he wants, to now being stuck within the cell. Quackity says he knows about the incident with Tommy, and Dream says that he wonders what people thought of it, including whether people thought it was cool. In response, Quackity asks if that all that matters to him, to which Dream backtracks but was still curious as to what people think. Quackity states that it doesn’t matter, and that the only thing that does is the fact that Dream has the revival book. Quackity continues by saying he needs that book, but Dream states he burned the book after he wasn't allowed to bring it into the prison, but has kept the knowledge from within the book. Quackity then demands that he tells him what he knows. Dream asks him why, and Quackity states he no longer has leverage over anyone, but asks again for the knowledge of the book. Dream instead asks that he can be taken out of the prison, but Quackity denies him that. Instead, he demands Dream to give him the knowledge or else, to which Dream jokes about being in double prison. Quackity instead reveals the tools he was allowed to bring in, placing the axe and sword in frames on the wall. Dream starts to panic, and screams for Sam, and even hits Quackity, but Quackity warns him not to touch him. Quackity continues by giving him a choice: by giving him the knowledge of that book, or that Quackity will come back to the prison every single day to make Dream's life hell until he gives Quackity the knowledge. Dream screams for Sam again, and asks how he managed to bring the tools in, but Quackity claims they've talked for long enough, and that Dream tells him the knowledge or they will do this the hard way for as long as it takes.


The stream transitions again, this time looking on El Rapids, and shows Quackity, covered in blood walking up the main path, and looking at the poster at the entrance to the country. He builds up to the poster, and removes the faces of each of his compatriots: Karl, George and Sapnap, leaving himself as the only one left on the poster.

Quackity heads to the top of the pyramid, whilst being reminded of the conversation he had about forming a new beginning with El Rapids, whilst starting to remove El Rapids block by block. There is also the conversation that can be heard of Sapnap wanting to fight Dream, and introducing Mexican L'Manberg and renaming it to El Rapids to Ghostbur.

Quackity continues removing El Rapids, through all weathers, day and night, and stopping the waterfall that flowed as well. Once finished, Quackity returns to the poster, and removes himself as well as the text of "El Rapids Supremacy". He looks on at the remains of the El Rapids sign and the location of the destroyed country. It is interrupted by a hand crumpling an image of the last scene in the game. A calendar that has every day marked with "Visit Dream" is moved in frame, and the first day is crossed off. Underneath the calendar was a notes section, listing "Torture him" and "Retrieve the book". A suitcase full of poker chips is thrown onto it, and the screen cuts to black.

Episode 2: Confronting My Enemies

The second of the Las Nevadas episodes took place on April 12, 2021, and each chapter is set within a different time frame, with the majority acting as a prologue and prior to the events of episode one.

Link to full VOD: https://youtu.be/7TbzdQZzyc8
Link to abridged version: https://youtu.be/4oYFuOHuiMw.


The stream starts with a jump cut scene of two hooded people riding horses running across the land in the rain. They are joined by a third hooded person on a skeleton horse taking the lead. They arrive into the Greater Dream SMP, and ride through the castle before stopping at the opposing entrance, each of them drawing out their swords. Sirens start to go off as the 3 horsemen ride down the prime path in the direction of the prison.

The stream then cuts to Quackity inside his base, emptying out chests and walking across the server in all weather conditions at all times of the day and night to the prison, returning day after day as he had promised, meeting Sam at the entrance each time and reading through the waivers and being taken through the prison. At the point where Quackity is revealed to the main cell, Dream shows his anguish at being visited by Quackity, hiding in the corner of the cell as Quackity comes closer, with the days flicking through from 1-29, and the four items Quackity had on his possession each time; the sword, the axe, the shears and a potato.

All of the scenes showing Quackity's visitations and travel are then reversed, leading into the first chapter.

Chapter 1: 72 hours before the visit

Sam on his island

The camera focuses on a small island, lit up with torches and a simple-looking house built on the land. There was also a grave built with a disc in the center of the headstone. Quackity is then seen rowing to the island, and docks the boat when he arrives. He makes his way onto the main island, and sees Sam farming to the side of the house, but Sam stops once he sees Quackity, and the two greet each other. Sam questions Quackity on how he found this place, but Quackity doesn't tell him, saying it's not important. Quackity asks him what Sam's been doing, having been gone for a while and Sam replies that he came to the island to be alone, showing Quackity his small 8 block farm for wheat, potatoes, and carrots. He also shows Quackity the bench he sits at to watch the ocean and reflect. Sam asks again how Quackity found it, and Quackity again doesn't answer.

Sam continues by saying this was only built recently, wanting to get away from everything, and the pair then sit around the campfire. Quackity then asks for a tour, and sees the grave at the back of the island, with a music box to the side of it, and shown to be in memory of Tommy, unaware at this time of his revival. Sam continued saying it was something he built, having felt guilty for what happened to Tommy, and the island felt like a nice place to build the grave.

Quackity tells Sam that Tommy's death wasn't his fault, and that he has to come to terms with it, but Sam refuses to agree, saying it was his responsibility as the warden, but Quackity tells him that didn't matter. Quackity again tells Sam it's not his fault, but stops when Sam still won't listen to him, and asks to show him the rest of the island.

Sam shows Quackity the beach and the turtles homed on the beach, as well as the flowing river he built, and his horse as well. Quackity tells Sam he is a very caring person, treating people with respect and always being nice to people. They then head inside, which looked as basic as it looked on the outside, with a couple of chests for fishing and farming. Sam repeats himself by saying he comes here to get away, but also to be happy. Quackity again tries to convince Sam that Tommy's death wasn't his fault, saying he wasn't the only one who thing this way. Quackity continues, saying Tommy's death was a product of Dream, and Sam has to accept that to move forward. The pair walk back outside, with Quackity saying this island wasn't Sam, and showed him as a broken person, using the farm as an example of something that Sam would've built a hundred times bigger. Quackity continues saying to Sam that Tommy's death wasn't his fault, and that Sam did his job as warden to let Tommy visit Dream. But Sam rejects this idea, still thinking he had let Tommy die, and there was something he could do. Quackity replies, saying that Sam could've stopped it by killing Dream, stating that Dream had killed it before, and could kill again; killing Dream would be the only way to stop him. Quackity then hands Sam a diamond sword to "get the job done". With the sword in his hand, Sam starts to come to Quackity's thinking of killing Dream, realizing Dream can't hurt anyone else if he's dead. He hands back the sword to Quackity, heads inside, and reveals a secret ladder within the bookshelf, stating if he was to kill him, he should do it right. At the bottom of the ladder reveals all of Sam's Warden gear and weapons. Quackity continues to hype Sam up and continuously convinces Sam to kill Dream, and the pair leave the island and start rowing to the prison. The pair agree not to let any more visitors in and to just keep this plan between them.

But as they reach the shore, Sam starts to get overhyped, exclaiming he can kill Dream, and then kill him when he becomes a ghost a thousand times over for the one death he did to Tommy. Sam then invites Quackity to come in and help him kill Dream, something that Quackity was more than happy to accept, continuing to hype Sam up as he talks through this. They enter the prison via their separate ways, and meet back at the lobby. Quackity urges Sam to stick to the plan, and Sam opens up the first door. But as Quackity starts walking through, Sam starts having doubts about killing Dream. Quackity desperately tries to convince Sam to go through with killing Dream, but Sam backs out of the plan entirely, stating they couldn't kill Dream, as Tommy trusted Sam to keep Dream locked up. Quackity argues that Tommy would have wanted Dream dead, but Sam counter-argues that Tommy would want him remained alive and locked up, exclaiming Dream is the only one who could revive people. Sam re-iterates Tommy's trust in him to keep him locked up, and couldn't ruin what Sam promised more than once. Quackity, outraged that Sam wouldn't follow through with killing Dream, tries to convince Sam again to kill Dream, as the sole plan they had, but Sam repeats his promise to Tommy, that he couldn't kill Dream. After a brief pause, Quackity apologies for the way he reacted, saying he got a little ahead of himself. Quackity tells Sam it's ok if he couldn't kill Dream, but at some point, someone is going to have to teach Dream a lesson, and that if it's not Sam, it will be Quackity. Sam repeats that they couldn't kill him. Quackity re-iterates to Sam that Tommy's death wasn't his fault. Before he leaves the prison, he gives a warning that Sam has to get it together, as Las Nevadas has no place for emotions or for any personal ideas or feelings Sam may have. Quackity then exits the prison.

Chapter 2: 48 Hours Before the Visit

Quackity threatening to blow up the Egg

Quackity is heard thanking someone for giving him a spot, but they are not to mention to anyone what it's for or what it's about, and that it's Quackity's business only; for now keeping the conversation between Quackity and whoever he is speaking to. Quackity finishes the conversion, and is seen outside of Fundy's base, looking at a sole pathway block with three torches enclosed around it. Quackity starts to dig straight down on that path block, hoping whatever information he received doesn't lead him into a trap whilst trying to get rid of the egg.

Quackity eventually lands into a red nether brick base, places it on his armor, but quickly realizes it's not the egg. He continues to look around the area, wondering who built it, before reaching for 3 full stacks of TNT from his enderchest. He looks around some more, finding an opening to the statue room where the egg was located. Quackity mines through to the room, and briefly checks at the main entrance in case anyone was there, and if anyone had seen him. With no one there, he starts placing the TNT round the egg, at first round the bottom, then climbing vines to place them at the top. Once the egg is completely covered, Quackity moves on to the rest of the room, leading a trail from the egg, then turning to and placing TNT at the entrance, checking if anyone should arrive at the same time.

With the TNT placed, Quackity reaches for a redstone torch to light the TNT; but as he does so, he spots Bad and Punz coming towards him. Quackity retreats to the red nether brick base and threatening to light the TNT if Bad and Punz come any closer. Bad asks Quackity what he's doing, and Quackity replies with his intentions of blowing up the egg. Bad tries to stop Quackity, exclaiming that Quackity will know what will happen if the egg gets destroyed, but Quackity retreats further into the base, placing more TNT as he backtracks. The pair continue to argue, with Quackity threatening to light the TNT placing more all the time, and Bad stating there'll be problems if he does. Bad and Punz then head into the nether brick base, and try to look for him. They spot each other, and Bad and Quackity continue to argue, with Quackity saying that they could do big things together having known each other for a long time. Quackity then asks Bad to let go of the egg, not needing it if they did indeed work together. Bad replies stating Quackity couldn't get in the way of the egg, as Quackity knows what Bad's mission and goal are, and knowing that Bad will have nothing if he gets in the way. But Quackity continues, saying he is doing this for Bad; that it's to bring him back.

Punz tells Bad not to let Quackity manipulate him, and the pair of them continue to tell Quackity not to do it, but Quackity refuses to listen, placing more TNT and stating he will light it up. Bad and Punz go after him, and corner him within the base, but Quackity still within reach of the TNT threatens to light it up and take everyone with him, whilst re-iterating that he's doing this for Bad's own good, but Bad rejects this idea, saying Quackity is doing this for himself, saying he needs the egg. Quackity then asks Punz to leave, something which Bad also commands him to do, and Punz heads out of sight.

Quackity is then left alone with Bad, and telling Bad that the egg is useless (which Bad also rejects), and reiterates he is trying to save Bad. Instead, Bad argues that Quackity is getting in the way of his plan, something which Bad couldn't allow. Somewhat agreeing, Quackity starts to reach for some obsidian within his inventory, and pauses. Bad asks him to leave, which Quackity starts to agree to doing, but not without saying he doesn't like the egg. But as he starts to leave, Quackity spots Punz in the distance, and asks him to go out of sight, saying he still has the red stone torch. Quackity then turns to Bad, stating he was one of his closest friends before the egg appeared, re-iterating they could do big things together, but only if they get rid of the egg. But Bad disagrees, stating Quackity will not know what will be brought down upon him, and warns him on his next move. Quackity pauses, and then lays down the torch, lighting the TNT and setting off a chain reaction of TNT all the way to the statue room and the egg itself, destroying the area and opening up a hole to above ground near to the Eggpire's meeting HQ.

But in doing so, a figure appears with a single red stone torch within his inventory, and lava is seen all around the base. The egg starts speaking, and sees the walls of lava around him, and traverses the caves to escape.

Chapter 3: 24 Hours Before the Visit

Quackity is seen traveling on his horse Ossium down the railway and ends up at Tommy's summer home. He heads down the hill towards the prison, and finds GeorgeNotFound at the entrance. The pair happily greet each other and catch up, having been a while since they last spoke. George asks about the scar on Quackity's eye, and Quackity starts to explain about his fight with Technoblade, but stops mid-sentence, and continues to greet him, saying they have a lot to catch up on. Quackity shows Ossium, explaining how it was renamed from bones to its latin equivalent, but is the same horse he and George caught.

The pair step away from the prison, and Quackity repeats that he hadn't seen George, Karl or Sapnap for a long time, and ask what they have been up to, which George replies with not much. Excited to tell George what he's been working on, Quackity explains that he's been taking a break from El Rapids to work on his new country, Las Nevadas, and talks through what it has, including casinos, hotels, and other entertainment. Quackity continues, explaining he wants to speak to George, Sapnap. and Karl about casinos for each of them. But George asks about what the casinos and Las Nevadas mean for Kinoko Kingdom, and Quackity acts confused, brushing it off as something Bad built having seen the signs and a long way away.

George asks again what it meant for Kinoko Kingdom, explaining that it's his country that he made with Karl and Sapnap and that he couldn't just leave. George added that Karl had told Quackity about it, but Quackity had no recollection about it. George accuses him of forgetting about being told, but Quackity confirms he didn't forget and that he just wasn't told, and the pair start to argue. Quackity tries to backtrack, saying the four of them had El Rapids, and was confused why the other three made a new country, especially without telling him. George explained that Karl mentioned about making a new country and George and Sapnap went along with it. Quackity, still confused, asked how long ago this was, whilst reiterating to George he didn't know about it; but also how he had this plan set out with the four of them for Las Nevadas, despite Quackity not speaking to any of the other three for ages, and all while George thought Quackity knew about Kinoko Kingdom.

Quackity continues to tell George that no one told him, but George mentions that there was still time to join. Quackity however declines the offer. Quackity asks where Kinoko Kingdom is. George then points in the direction of Kinoko Kingdom whilst Quackity asks if that's what they've been working on all this time. George invites him to have a look and visit, but Quackity also declines at this moment. George does however keep the invitation open to Quackity, and let him know whenever he wants to visit.

Quackity then asks George if it meant they were no longer part of El Rapids, given they couldn't be a part of two countries at once, and George explains El Rapids was never really going anywhere, whereas Kinoko Kingdom had made progress. Quackity extends the invitation for George to visit Las Nevadas, but adding that no one can know about it for the time being. Quackity tells George to say hi to Karl and Sapnap for him, and the pair part their separate ways.


A flashback of Wilbur and Quackity during the L'Manberg Elections

The scene changes and slowly reveals a hazy shot of Punz's tower; but as other shots are shown, the viewer is shown other areas of the server as if they were from the past; the Community House in its original form, Tommy's house, Bad's old house on the site of where the Quartz mansion now stands, Manifold Land before Jack had burnt his house down, the spawn chunk with its high walls, and finally the path leading to the original L'Manberg enclosed within its black and yellow walls and the sombrero house within it. The scene then shifts to the sky courthouse, and the L'Manberg Presidential Debate taking place inside it.

The scene then shifts to Quackity standing on one of the hills outside L'Manberg, thanking Wilbur for taking the offer to go for a walk and talking, especially when things were not easy, stating the debate was awful. Quackity says he wanted to get together with Wilbur and pick his brain and get to know Wilbur a little more. Wilbur hesitantly agrees, and Quackity asks him what has made him do everything he's done after this point. Wilbur pauses for a second, and responds saying it's protection for his people; wanting to see them thrive and safe. Quackity, interested by the answer, asks if he can talk to Wilbur as a person, instead of political opponents, but Wilbur declines, stating the L'Manberg election was twelve days away; but Quackity insists, and Wilbur says he will try. Quackity then continues on, knowing what Wilbur is trying to do by protecting his people and saving his nation. But whilst Quackity says to Wilbur he doesn't hate Wilbur, or that he's trying to overthrow Wilbur, or that any of this was about fighting, Quackity recognizes there is a big difference between himself and Wilbur. Quackity continues, saying that he likes to see the good side of people, and that everyone has a side to them that is wanting to see a better future for everyone.

Quackity reminds Wilbur of when he first joined the server; about how we wanted to join L'Manberg but was told he couldn't, and to walk away because he wasn't allowed to join. Quackity felt there was a lack of belonging, and didn't want anyone else to have that sense of not belonging, even if it meant to become president and tear down the walls. He repeats that everyone has a good side to them, and that everyone has something to contribute to the nation.

Wilbur however disagrees with everything that Quackity says, saying his aspirations of optimism are not going to be the subject of L'Manberg's security. Quackity tries to agree to disagree, but Wilbur continues on:

You say everyone has a good side Quackity, and you're right. You're right. Everyone has a good side. But that good side is only there to help themselves. If you want to really help people, you're gonna need power, Quackity. You can make a movement, you can make a resistance right, you can go out, and you can come back and they'll give you a ticker tape parade. They'll cheer for you in the streets, but you will change nothing. If you have a revolution, everyone will hate you. You will sacrifice everything and you will lose everything you've ever had. But you'll come back, and everything will be changed. And Quackity if you wanna change things, you're gonna need power. That's what you want, really, isn't it? Look at me.

And power isn't gained from diplomacy, and bureaucracy, and giant courthouses suspended in the sky, blah blah blah. It's gained from swords, Quackity. It's gained from blades, it's gained from steel, iron. Even if everyone has this good side that you're talking about, then anyone who wants to prove it has to show their dark side first. You're going to have to kill, you're going to have to torture, You're going to have to maim. When I look at you, as a fellow outsider, you're not ready for that.

During his speech, future scenes of Technoblade's execution, Wilbur blowing up L'Manberg, and Quackity torturing Dream in the present day.

And after he finished his speech, Wilbur leaves, and whilst Quackity looks towards the sunset, more scenes appear depicting Quackity's history on the SMP so far; first of Schlatt yelling at Quackity as they take the white house down, the Dethronement Fallout, when Dream tried to destroy Mexican L'Manberg, the duel with Techno after his attempted execution, and the Mexican L'Manberg Political Protest.

In the present day, Quackity is seen on his horse outside Wilbur's resurrection memorial, and writes a book to Wilbur, saying that Wilbur was right all along, and leaves it in a chest in the middle of the memorial. Sounds of sirens can be heard as he rides off, as a black hooded figure riding his horse past the Cafe back toward the Greater Dream SMP.

Behind the Scenes

On April 15, 2021, Quackity watched through the episode on his alt account, and gave a behind the scenes look at the video[3]:

  • Quackity said that the inspiration to use classical music during the prologue was from the movie Clockwork Orange, where they portray their most violent scenes with classical music.
  • Quackity points out the reason Sam was wearing less and less armor was so that it portrays Quackity visiting on different days, and the trust between the two growing.
  • Quackity also had originally planned to use the physical calendar from the end of episode 1 to cross the days off. Instead, he opted for the digital text version as the calendar shots would've been too long.
  • During Quackity and Wilbur's conversation, Quackity gave his version of some of the events during the scene's time period.

Episode 3: Las Nevadas

The third of the Las Nevadas episodes took place on May 22, 2021, with most of the episode set in the present day, although some take place in the past.

Link to full VOD: https://youtu.be/orx2dPdqEzY
Link to abridged version: https://youtu.be/PeVzrZVZGvs


The stream starts starting with Quackity on horseback looking at the foundations of the country next to a sign exclaiming "The start of Las Nevadas", before he rides through the area. It then quickly transitions back to when Quackity was part of the Butcher Army, recalling back to when he searched and Techno in the final control room for the duel that he lost a canon life at, waking up at the world spawn with his scar visible to see. Flashes of Las Nevadas being built were then shown from the ground up. We then hear Quackity making the L'Manberg hit-list of Dream and Techno, with flashes of the route towards the prison, before showing and panning out from the prison itself, ending the starting sequence.

When the camera turns back on, Quackity is in the prison cell with Dream on one of his daily visits. Quackity states he will show Dream which weapon he will use today, before pulling out an enchanted netherite axe and placing it in a frame on the wall, whilst Dream is crouched in the corner of the cell. Quackity asks for Dream's thoughts on the weapon; but as he does, Dream attempts to steal the axe, angering Quackity, who hits Dream, stating he is playing a dangerous game and to never do that again, whilst Dream returns to the corner of the cell, afraid at what was going to be the consequence.

Quackity then explains to Dream that coming every day is getting tiring and that he has a business to run. Dream says that he doesn't have to keep coming, the nervousness in his voice remaining, but Quackity states he has to keep coming; to remind Dream of every bad thing he has done to him and everyone else on the server, otherwise Dream will end up forgetting. Dream says he won't forget whilst walking up to Quackity, who yells at Dream to stay away. Dream returns to the corner.

Quackity says he has some questions for Dream and for him to relax, putting the axe away in his inventory. He asks the last time Dream has seen Technoblade, to which Dream answers a short time before he entered the prison. Quackity then asks how things have been between Dream and Technoblade, where Dream states that Technoblade is one of his only allies. Quackity tells Dream to get writing, and hands him a book. Quackity explains he wants Dream to write Technoblade a note asking for him to come to visit Dream in prison as they get along. Dream asks if he refuses, and Quackity explains that if Dream writes the letter, he won't visit for a week. Dream asks how he can trust what Quackity says, states that he is lying, and asks why Quackity wants him to write a note to Technoblade. Dream then says he won't write the note to which Quackity shouts at him to write it. Dream asks if the note could be written to Sapnap instead, but Quackity raises his voice, explaining that if Dream doesn't write the note to Techno, he will kill Dream, repeating how he doesn't like making the visits anymore, stating that they're boring and how they don't serve much purpose.

Quackity continues, stating that he doesn't care about the revival book anymore having lost interest in wanting to use it; the only reason that Quackity comes and tortures Dream every day is a reminder for everything Dream has done to everyone on the server and that nothing Quackity can ever do can amount to what Dream has done. Dream states that Quackity likes torturing him, to which Quackity agrees that he might, before continuing on and saying that if Dream doesn't write the book he will kill him. But Dream tried to convince Quackity that Sam wouldn't let Quackity kill him. Quackity points out how Sam, gesturing that he was on the other side of the lava wall, could do nothing to stop Quackity from killing him. Dream calls Quackity's bluff, stating that Quackity wouldn't kill him. Quackity responds by hitting the axe around Dream's head, nearly hitting him. Quackity then brings out an Enchanted Diamond Sword and hits Dream twice. Dream pleads for Quackity to stop and agrees to write the note to Technoblade. Quackity begins to transcribe what the note was supposed to say, before the screen turns to black.

Chapter 1: The Pursuit of Peace

The scene cuts to an area in the middle of the night in a thunderstorm, lit up only by a few torches. It then zooms in showing a campfire within a little village. Several phrases then pop up as a silhouette of a person, looking most like Foolish, with an enchanted bow on him is then shown:

Easy job

No Innocents

Big Reward

Easy Money

Peaceful Heist

The bow is then heard being drawn back, and an arrow is shot into the distance. When it lands, the screen shows the village burning and covered in lava with screams in the background, and whilst person looks on, holding a totem in hand, before then riding into the distance, and emerging as Foolish himself.

A ticking clock and alarm can then be heard, whilst the screen cuts to a restaurant, presumably within Las Nevadas, as Sam enters the establishment and joins Quackity at one of the tables. Quackity talks about how awful the food is, and Sam replies that he has no idea where the chef, a villager, came from, explaining to Quackity that he didn't hire him and that he just showed up one day. Changing the subject, Quackity hands Sam a book, and they then start talking about potential candidates for Las Nevadas. Sam says that he thought they were going to recruit George, Sapnap, and Karl, where the conversation is briefly muted as the camera looks in from the outside. When the conversation is picked up again Quackity says that Sam's joke wasn’t funny, and not to joke about that again, whilst Sam felt Quackity was getting worked up about something that was meant to be light-hearted.

He then tells Sam to start reading the list, and brings up Foolish, who Sam starts expressing his doubt over. Quackity explains that, although he only builds things nowadays, research has shown that Foolish is apparently an excellent fighter. But Sam continues that he has read a bit about Foolish’s past and that he isn’t a good person. Quackity compares that to the pair of them, but Sam states that they haven't done anything inherently bad, and that everything they've done up to this point is for justice. Quackity continues to state that Foolish would be a good recruit, but Sam continues to state that it would be a bad idea, explaining that he has a heavy history and that he was a hot-headed guy, killing a lot of people by accident once. He continues, mentioning it was a job gone wrong, quoting some of the phrases at the start of the chapter, and explaining how he found them in old texts, and reiterates that recruiting foolish is not a good idea. Quackity disagrees, listing reasons why Foolish would be perfect to join, including how he is a retired warrior, choosing peace over violence, and that he was now wasting his days away building. Quackity then explains that whilst he's not one to speculate, Las Nevadas was going to get them into trouble, and what better way to un-retire Foolish than to recruit him for the country. Sam was still hesitant over this idea, but Quackity explains that looking into the future, the country will be thriving, but also there will be people out there who hate the country which it needs protecting from, bringing up his scar from Techno as an example. Sam still doesn't think it's a good idea, but Quackity mentions he will talk to Foolish.

The scene changes and Quackity arrives at the summer home meeting Foolish. Quackity meets with Foolish, greets him, and asks him how he's been holding up, particularly after his canon death at the Red Banquet. Quackity then asks how he's feeling and questions his allegiances with all the counties hoping up. Foolish replies that he still has a house within Snowchester, and that whilst he doesn't see himself a part of Kinoko Kingdom, but more of a contractor. Foolish also asks if Quackity has heard of Kinoko Kingdom, where Quackity replies quite sternly that he does. Foolish then concludes that he's very loosely connected, but that most of the time he's just chilling in the summer home.

Quackity then explains Las Nevadas to Foolish, about how he's been building it up and working on it, and invites Foolish to join, and Foolish being the first to be thought of to recruit, thinking he will fit right in. Foolish, taken a little aback, states he's honored to be asked, but declines the offer, explaining he happy where he was within his summer home, but wishes Quackity well. Quackity however asks why not, and Foolish explains further that he enjoys the simple life, where it is calm and slow giving him space to think, whereas Las Nevadas sounds like a lot where the mind can get really busy. Quackity, knowing his past, then pushes Foolish, saying he knows that Foolish likes the chaos in which Las Nevadas is the same way as him. But Foolish rejects this, reiterating how he likes the slow pace of the Summer Home.

Quackity pushes Foolish, stating that he knows who Foolish truly is, having done his research and knowing what type of person he is. Foolish asks how far back Quackity is talking, to which Quackity responds far back. Foolish retorts that he doesn’t know what Quackity knows but that he is happier now, acknowledging his life has been tough and that there was a time where peace could be found through the sword. But Foolish realized that doesn't work, and leads to fear, power, hatred, and resentment, acknowledging that the only thing he managed to bring was the acceleration of war. Foolish also acknowledges that he ran from it all, and that he is now in a much happier place there in the summer home, at which point Quackity complements the builds.

Quackity then offers to buy the summer home, and Foolish is unconvinced he could bring the funds to buy it, starting to list the blocks of value within the home, including 200 thousand sand blocks, 1,500 gold blocks, a few hundred emerald blocks, some netherite blocks and a couple of hundred diamond blocks. But Quackity brings forth his own evaluation and says that being generous it is only worth one diamond, much to Foolish's amazement and starts to explain why:

You spend so many hours, so much work for, so much of yourself to building this place. But that's all it is, it's just a build. No one comes here, no one has a house here, no one stays here, people really just come to admire and then leave Foolish. This is an empty shell, alright, it looks beautiful from the outside, but on the inside, it's decaying. It's gonna disappear in time and no one is really gonna remember it. That's why it has the value of one diamond to me.

And you know what this build reminds me of Foolish? It reminds me of you. This build reminds me of you Foolish. You used to be big. You used to be great with everything you did. And now, you're nothing but an empty shell. You are to be feared from the outside but on the inside, everybody knows you're just a builder. And I was hoping at some point you would realize this after I let you die at the Red Banquet

Foolish, startled by this admission started to grow angry at Quackity as he continued on, explaining he was behind the walls of the banquet room whilst watching Foolish die, and started to explain why as Foolish took his trident out and drew it ready to hit Quackity, whilst Quackity replying that he could, if he wanted to, and gave his explanation that he did it for Foolish:

I let you die, because I wanted a better version of you. Unfortunately, that's not, that's not what happened; because you know what? You are still the same person as the day that you died. So let me tell you something Foolish. The reason I let you die in the god damn first place, is so that you could finally realize; that even being the builder that you are right now could cost you your life. I was hoping that it would make you realize that this bullsh*t of living a peaceful life, making these incredible builds that no one will really use in the span of time, I hope that would make you realize, that you need to go back to the old ways to how you used to be. You used to be a feared warrior, and you were, anywhere, you would stand, people would look at you and be scared. You were someone Foolish, you were someone. Now, you're nobody. Now you're nobody, that's what you are, you are a nobody Foolish, and the reason I came to you, and told you to join my country, is because it's going to be a big thing. And what do I need for a big country? Big people, important people, people with skill, people who know how to do things. So you know what Foolish? That's what I came here for, I came here to recruit you, and get you back to the old ways, to how you used to be.

Foolish accused Quackity of giving his life for a sales pitch, but Quackity rebukes the claim, accusing Foolish of not understanding the point he was trying to make. Quackity then gives Foolish a choice: If he wasn't going to join Las Nevadas, and, in Quackity's words, wasting his life away building, and do nothing for his self-growth, then Quackity gave him permission to kill him there and then. But if Foolish thought otherwise, and that there was a chance that Foolish could bring his old self back, and bring back the power and fear that he once gave to everyone. Foolish lets go of his trident and throw it elsewhere asking how power worked for anyone else, how would Quackity be different than the likes of Dream, Wilbur, and Jschlatt.

Quackity asks if Foolish realizes that Quackity could go and recruit people, and that he doesn't need to sales pitch to get them to join, as anyone who did receive an invitation would most likely join, declaring the sales pitch was Las Nevadas itself. But Quackity continues that he sees himself in Foolish, and he learned that being like him in living in peace didn’t solve anything, and instead brought nothing but suffering and death, being the reality of it all. Quackity then leaves his offer open to Foolish, leaving the coordinates of Las Nevadas for him to find, and leaves the summer home with one final warning of, whilst constructing good builds, not wasting his life away on solely building.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 begins with an old-fashioned infomercial about slime within the Dream SMP. It explains that slimes have roamed the lands for centuries, which are bouncy and cube-shaped, hostile mobs, that sometimes spawn in swamp biomes and occasionally deep underground in particular chunks (of which the infomercial shows a slime underneath a gravestone of Tommy). The infomercial continues, saying Slimes may seem insignificant at first but have a defense system that makes them no easy target. Slimes can also change their form and can be in anything around you. However, the infomercial reassures you that the only way slimes can "evolutionize" is through arduous adaptation of their environment. The last slime detected morphing into something else was a birch sapling in the middle of a desert biome, so you don’t have to worry about slime around you, and that slime is rare, although it finished with an open question: "unless??"

The scene switches to Quackity on the roof of the casino in Las Nevadas with a mask on, where he uses elytra to fly off the roof of the building, and crash lands onto the roof of the restaurant. Quackity then breaks in from the roof and lands in the kitchen, where he starts placing TNT and redstone under the floor as he talks to himself, but stops and sees a problem. Whilst looking around seeing what he can grab, Quackity comes across a slime block out of place near the top of the back wall of the kitchen, declaring the place disgusting, and walks out of the restaurant and round to the back of the building. He mines out the blocks, and finds Charlie Slimecicle in the wall and knocks him out.

From Charlie’s perspective, we see him wake up in the middle of the frozen tundra, trapped and unable to escape. Quackity starts to interrogate him about who he is, whilst Charlie recognizes him as "Quackity from Las Nevadas". Charlie tries to explain that he is human, claiming to have 300 bones, before Quackity then tries to learn what Charlie has seen and heard in Las Nevadas. Charlie starts to explain how he saw Quackity swoop in, but isn't sure why he broke into the restaurant given he owns the establishment. Quackity then asks again what he knows, and what he's seen in the restaurant. Charlies admits that he overheard Quackity talking about the human psyche in regards to gambling addictions, before continuing to try and prove he is human after Quackity spots what looks to be green slime in his hair. Charlie also tries to convince Quackity that he is "not a piece of goo that has crawled to the surface over hundreds of years", whilst disguising himself as a person.

Quackity is still unsure and worries about what Charlie might be and asks Charlie a third time what he knows. Charlie then also admits that he heard them talking about a Purple Guy where Quackity destroyed his UFO, and Quackity starts freaking out because he knows too much and wants to kill him, and breaking him like a slime into little pieces back to the earth. But as Quackity realizes that Charlie knows too much, he gets intrigued and asks for information on how many other places he's been. Charlie starts to explain how he's seen a lot of other people and things, before getting distracted by the snow now falling. Quackity explains what is called “coke”, and Charlie gets distracted before Quackity gets him back on track.

Charlie then explains that he saw Foolish and he seemed full of regret. He continues on, saying he knows of a Green Guy, knows of a guy with a red shirt and is blonde, and a guy who was dead but isn’t anymore. Fearing who that may be, Quackity asks who this third guy looks like, to which Charlie replies ashy and sooty, potentially referring to the color of his hair and/or his name.

Quackity then realizes that Charlie is an accidental spy and could use him. Quackity then explains that the interrogation was a “formal greeting”, to ignore everything that happened, and that Quackity is going to give him a home that's better than a hole. He also convinces Charlie that a spy is a friend, who positively gets along with someone else, and that now they are friends. Charlie seems to believe him. They start walking across the tundra as the scene ends.

Chapter 3: One week before the Red Banquet

The scenes of the previous chapters quickly rewound, and the chapter begins with someone walking down the Prime Path from the tree farm, whilst Sam and Quackity are heard discussing Purpled. Sam has his doubts due to Purpled’s inactiveness, assuming he's dead, but Quackity assures him Purpled is great for the country, and that he doesn't see any downsides to him joining. Sam still isn't convinced, saying he would never join the country as he wouldn't want to be affiliated to anything or anyone, whilst the person walking down the path pans towards Purpled's UFO, now destroyed, before continuing on. Quackity continues saying that Purpled takes jobs and follows the money, as the person now walks towards L'Manberg He then explains that he has a plan to get his attention via a job, pays him and reel him in to get him to join. Sam is still unconvinced and Quackity asks about the UFO, which assumes it was still standing at the time of their conversation, and Sam explains it's just abandoned where Purpled just moved out. Quackity reiterates he has a plan and the screen fades to black.

The scene changes to Quackity speaking to Sam who was on the roof of the museum, with his voice sounding like they are speaking through a radio. Sam reiterates that he thinks this is a bad idea, and illegal especially when Sam is the warden, but Quackity tells him to chill out and keep an eye out for Purpled, despite him not showing for months. The pair continue to argue as Quackity climbs the UFO and stressing each other out. Quackity starts planting TNT inside as they continue to argue. Quackity maintains that Purpled won't show up. But while Quackity is placing the TNT, Purpled logs on inside the UFO, and starts to threaten to kill Quackity. He gears up and starts to attack Quackity, whilst Quackity threatens to light the TNT with flint and steel. Purpled retreats and Quackity makes his move over to the other side of the UFO. They exchange pleasantries, and Quackity explains that whilst the placed TNT looks bad, he only did it for one reason, and that he wasn't going to blow the UFO unless he had to. Quackity continues, saying Purpled had been gone for a while, so this was Quackity's best idea of getting his attention, which worked.

Quackity then asks Purpled to de-arm, throwing his flint and steel as a truce, and de-arms himself, before Purpled reciprocates. The two then peacefully talk as Quackity explains that the Egg is a problem, that it's spreading everywhere, with tensions running high everywhere, blaming the egg, and he needs Purpled, the best warrior to help him defeat it.

Unbeknownst to Quackity that Bad and the Eggpire had hired Purpled on the other side of the argument, Purpled explains that Quackity isn't the only person on the server with money, as he is already in the middle of a job. Quackity offers him more money, and Purpled questions how he knows Quackity isn't lying and where he got the money from, to which Quackity rebuts him, saying that you don't ask a man where he gets his money from, and refuses to tell him. But Purpled refuses to trust him just because Quackity says he has money. Quackity then starts to explain Las Nevadas to Purpled, but tells him not to speak to anyone, and states it's a money haven, making cash from it right now, and will have the most economically prosperous countries to have ever existed. He promises to pay Purpled handsomely after he helps him, but Purpled still doesn't believe him. Quackity then offers to bring Purpled to Las Nevadas to see where the money is coming from. Quackity then hands Purpled his shield and weapons as a sign of trust and the pair exit the UFO. As the screen fades to black, Quackity looks over to the roof of the museum to find Sam had disappeared.

We then see a clip of the Red Banquet from BadBoyHalo’s perspective from when Purpled, Quackity, and Technoblade entered the statue room and fought together and the Eggpire started to retreat.

The scene changes to Quackity on top of the flower shop looking towards Hannah's house. He heads down to the ground floor, and places a pot and a lily of the valley on one of the tables, before Purpled meets him in the shop. Quackity complements his suit which Purpled wore to the banquet, and thanks Purpled for his help, declaring his victory against the egg. But Purpled if they have, stating that Sam had contained it, but is unsure what's going to happen next. Quackity pauses for a moment, before then saying he will talk it over with Sam, but declares that with the egg contained, there is a lot less tension across the server and stating that they did a great thing together. Purpled cuts to the chase and demands his money. Quackity states he would never forget, and shows Purpled the chest on the far side of the roof with all the money (though we don't see nor are we told how much there was).

Purpled declares everything is in order and thanks Quackity for his business. But Quackity then says that he has one more surprise for Purpled and to wait on the roof. He heads back down to the ground floor and flicks a lever, causing Purpled’s UFO to blow up. While Purpled gets mad, Quackity laughs, explaining that now Purpled’s legacy is gone and there is now nothing left of him. Purpled starts to attack and threatens to kill him, whilst Quackity argues that he did it for Purpled, and that it needed to be done. Purpled corners Quackity on the outside of the fortress, and Quackity explains he has two choices, the first that he could kill him, take the money, run away and disappear forever, and explains this as his voice gets more panicky with every word.

Then Quackity removed himself from the corner and explained the second choice where he could join him at Las Nevadas. Purpled replies outraged as to why he would do such a thing, particularly when Quackity just blew up his house, but Quackity, now backtracking back to the prime path repeats the two options, and by joining Quackity he would become more than what he is right now. He continues saying that Purpled shouldn’t waste his potential, and questions why he would waste it away in the wilderness, with there being no reason to do that. Quackity continues to convince Purpled to join him and that they could work together, stating he could buy a whole fleet of UFOs if he wanted. Quackity then reveals that he knows Purpled's history, and knows what he's done, and that he has been taken for a fool. If that's what Purpled wanted his legacy to be then so be it and die along with it and offer to join him again instead. Quackity knew the UFO meant a lot, which is why he destroyed it, because Quackity knew somehow it would change his mind on how things have been going. Quackity then pleads with Purpled to join him one more time, and even offers Purpled a plot of land within Las Nevadas, allowing him to do whatever he needs to do under the laws, and he could be a part of history, and not wasting his potential. Purpled walks away in the direction of the UFO, and Quackity calls out that his offer still stands and that Purpled knows where to find him before he walks the opposite way towards the Community House.

Chapter 4

The scene starts by focusing on a partially destroyed tower within a Mesa biome, before focusing on a little cottage in a small biome.

The camera then cuts to a perspective of Fundy, who, after he blew up his tower in a previous stream on May 3, 2021, lives in a cottage in the middle of the woods, and is seen walking back to the cottage. He places his armor and items in a chest, and monologues that it was a good day of work, and this will take getting used to, but knowing that although he will miss some people, it is for his own good, and heralds it a new chapter. He then goes to sleep, wakes up, and continues to declare it all fine.

But when Fundy exits his cottage, he realizes that he is in the Mesa biome. He freaks out thinking that he left this in the past, and goes back to his house to try and fall asleep again. He then exits the house once again to find Quackity outside the front door who greets. Fundy acts confused about how he is there, whilst Quackity asks Fundy to walk with him and starts talking about how happy he is to have found him, whilst they follow a trail of soul lanterns. Quackity complements the great outdoors, expressing how he feels so free and full of life and energy, before asking him how he's been.

The pair end up in a clearing in the Mesa with remnants of L’Manberg such as the camarvan, the original walls, and the lanterns. Quackity asks Fundy how he should know about this place better than anyone, and the two then talk about different memories each of them have in L’Manberg, such as the elections where they both ran for president, where they tried to kill Techno and how he got his scar, and the Festival alongside the decorations. Quackity reminded Fundy about how he ran for president with Nihachu in the party Coconut2020, and stated that although he had lost, the main thing was that he tried. Quackity then takes Fundy over to the camarvan, whilst Fundy remains confused about how it's all here considering it was blown up. But Quackity states it's always been here, before inviting Fundy into the van, and the meetings they had in the van. Fundy states that it brings back a lot of memories, not all of them happy, but memories nonetheless. Quackity however exclaims that everything is good memories, with all the experiences and everything they did together; and although Quackity wasn't there for the start, he was there for when it was all blatantly destroyed. But Quackity states that it's nowhere within the Mesa biome, and that's what matters where it's never actually gone.

Quackity finally brings Fundy over to Eret’s Tower, which is partially broken and run down. He reminds of when L'Manberg was destroyed, and that there was nothing they could do about it. Quackity’s words start to echo inside the Tower as Fundy reminisces about the battles they fought within the tower. But Quackity then explains to Fundy that his memories don’t matter and he doesn’t matter. He explains that nothing matters nor will it ever matter, as the sand and wind tears it all away, and that the same will happen to Fundy with time. Quackity repeats to Fundy that he doesn't matter, and that's what Fundy has to realize if he doesn't change things up, and that's why he's in the position Fundy is in right now.

Quackity then explains it doesn't have to be this way, and that he can help Fundy. He explains that he has big plans, and as a fellow cabinet member of L'Manberg, would like to offer an invitation to join him, knowing his experiences as Quackity went through them too. He offers the same tools that he used to Fundy, saying that all he has to do is join him and being someone else, all whilst Quackity steps further back into the tower. Fundy seems hesitant before Quackity starts counting down from ten. Fundy then walks towards Quackity into the Tower whilst Quackity walks towards him, and as they collide, Fundy then wakes up back at his house. He exits his house and is relieved to find himself back in the woods. Quackity then shows up at his door and greets him before the screen turns black.


The screen then cuts to a clip of Wilbur's stream from May 5, where he finds and reads the book that Quackity had left at his revival shrine at the end of the second episode. Wilbur is then shown at the entrance to Las Nevadas, staring at the sign, before walking in and looking at the buildings. He then walks down the pathway and meets with Quackity, but that we don't hear either of them speak before the stream ends.

Since Episode 3

Following on from the events of the 3rd Episode, Foolish, Purpled and Fundy all agreed to join, whereby in Fundy's case, he was asked to sign a book stating his intention to join Las Nevadas and give everything he has over to the country. For Foolish, he started work on building more elements to the country, such as a road all the way back to the world spawn, the inside of the hotel, and a pathway to the Eiffel tower. Purpled meanwhile considered his options having re-located to a cottage by the potato farm near to L'Manberg and being visited by Slime. He decided in the end to join, destroyed the cottage, and built a humble shack next to the chapel as something he would call home.

In June, Quackity visited Techno on his birthday, to thank him again for the help he gave in tearing up the Eggpire during the Red Banquet, and to tell him that Dream wanted to cash in his favor. Techno visited Dream as per instruction, but fell right into Quackity's trap, in which Sam locked Techno in the same high security cell as Dream. The pair talked things out, and eventually started to plan to dig very slowly, due to mining fatigue, out of the prison through the toilet.

In September, Quackity went to go and visit the pair, demanding once again that Dream gives him the contents of the revival book. Dream refuses, and Quackity then goes after Techno, repeating the words Techno used against Quackity during their duel after the failed execution attempt. At that same moment, Techno was enderpearled out using a stasis chamber in the The Syndicate's meeting room and escaped. Confused and worried, Quackity demanded Sam to lock the prison down, and start searching for Techno, thinking he would still be in the prison. When they returned to the main cell, they found Dream had also gone missing. Quackity soon left the Prison, and returned to Las Nevadas, asking Foolish to create a bunker, whilst still panicking at what might happen.

Sam meanwhile, returned to the main cell, to find that Dream hadn't escaped, but was simply hiding in the hole underneath the toilet they had mined out. Dream begged Sam not to tell Quackity where he is, to which Sam explains to Dream how lucky he is not to tell Quackity, and leaves Dream alone in the cell.

Episode 4: The Grand Finale

The fourth episode of the Las Nevadas episodes took place on November 27, 2021, with most of the episode set as a prologue to the prison breakout, with the last chapter taking place immediately after the breakout. This has been dubbed by Quackity as the finale to this season of episodes.

Link to full VOD: https://youtu.be/NUTpK08hl_E
Link to abridged version: https://youtu.be/7DiveRXtH5Y


It began with an opening cinematic, moving into Quackity running away from the prison as the prison alarm went off. Flashbacks of the altercation at the prison play on screen, cutting into a title screen.

Chapter 1: Lessons

Three months before the prison visit, Quackity takes Slimecicle into the hotel and greets him happily. Slime jumps from the stairs to the balcony, and they go to sit down. Quackity explains to Slime that he will be embarking on a trip to see some old friends, and says that the trip is extremely dangerous. He clarifies that the people he's seeing aren't old friends, and he could die. Slime gets anxious and heartbroken at the thought. Quackity compares Slimecicle to himself when he was young and naive, and says that the only reason he can trust Slime is that he's not yet corrupted by this world. He follows by saying that Slime needs to stay around him a lot, and that he's going to teach Slime about taking charge of Las Nevadas and saying that Slime needed to experience everything that he had experienced. Slime agrees and says that he is Quackity from Las Nevadas, and nearly jumps off the edge of the stairwell.

There then follows a recap going though each week as Quackity teaches Slime the ways of the world, giving a different lesson each week, starting with:

Week 1: Humans are assholes and they are going to gatekeep at any chance they get. Quackity says that outsiders will be treated like shit, that anyone who isn't them would be excluded. Slimecicle ends up phasing into the wall, though it's not clear if it was a glitch that was played up as a joke. Quackity says that had happened to him when he first arrived, and they approach L'Manberg. Quackity says that he tried to join, but was rejected because he wasn't British. The stream cuts to an old clip of Tommyinnit telling Quackity he was not allowed in L'Manberg due to him not being British. Slime says that Quackity is British to him, and asks if humans would hate him because he isn't British. Quackity says they probably will, but he made Las Nevadas so people wouldn't chew them out. He states that Slime should learn to be more powerful through himself, and Slime says he has to believe in himself or everyone will hate him.

Week 2: Politics are the way to power. Quackity says that Slime needs to play the politics game to gain power, and that he needs to make friends and meet people, even if those people are people you don't like. A picture of Schlatt's grave flashes on screen. Quackity tells Slime about the political party he had made, to which Slime misinterprets it as a normal party and says that he is going to drink and do drugs. Quackity corrects him and tells him that power is what he wants. Slime says that it doesn't sound like a fun party, and Quackity tells him that he should want and need power. Slime nervously asks if he needs to want power, and Quackity pauses for a long moment. It cuts to clips of Quackity in the elections and his tribulations in an attempt to gain power. There is no follow up.

Week 5: Create no emotional attachments to anything. Everything gets destroyed. It opens with Quackity telling Slime about Wilbur, how at his peak he was a very powerful man. After some time, due to poor choices and negligence, he had to destroy his own nation to gratify himself. He tells Slime about Dream, who built the server and desired power. He says that Dream bit off more than he could chew and now rots in jail. Quackity brings up himself, saying that he wanted to build a nation for him and his best friends, only for the nation to be destroyed. Slime asks if Las Nevadas would be destroyed, quickly ensuring that he didn't care and that everything would be dust. Quackity says that Slime is there to avoid what happened, and Slime says that he will love and care for Las Nevadas and also form no emotional attachments to it.

Week 6: Hold your ground against authority. Claiming that Slime had nothing else to keep until his death other than his pride, so if anyone tries to take it, protect it with his life. Quackity tells Slime about when Dream tried to take Las Nevadas, and that he had protected it with his life as it was his pride and joy. Slime seems to speak in a more human tone, telling him that he was glad he'd stood his ground. Slime pauses, pulling out a book to take notes that read "hole Your groudnd Agenst athority", and turned to Quackity to fiercely tell him no. Quackity clarifies to only hold his ground against bad authority, to where Slime asks him to pretend to be bad authority.

Week 10: Trust nobody. Every human is for themselves, Quackity tells Slime as they overlook a sunset. He tells Slime that he'd deal with constant betrayal, that his vice president didn't show up for his election and that his best friends made a country without him. He says that everyone he's ever trusted has disappointed him, and says that someone could be lying to him right now. It cuts to Sam speaking to Dream in the prison. Slime says that he'd seen a lot of people not do what they said they were going to do, and says that he thinks he trusts Quackity, and asks if he should stop. Quackity says that the people he really cares about are the people he keeps around him, and that Slime was the first person he'd kept around for that long. Slime says that he doesn't actually have 300 bones, confusing Quackity.

Week 11: Seek successful revenge because if you fail, the consequences are going to be bitter. This sequence starts off with Quackity talking rapidly about seeking revenge, saying that it's easy to get caught up in the possible rewards before you obtain them. He compares it to the Butcher Army, and that if one fails revenge there would be a price to pay. He discusses all the planning that goes on into a revenge plan and is cut off by Slime asking if it was worth it. Quackity falls silent, and questions him. Slime says that he'd been watching for a long time, and that one person would lash out and the other would, and that no one would stop taking that revenge. He asks again if it's ever worth it, and Quackity responds with no.

Final week: Legacy is all you leave behind in this world. They approach Las Nevadas, showing Slimecicle around Las Nevadas and saying that when he dies, the only thing one leaves behind is everything you've done in your life. Quackity says he'd not kept friends, and that his enemies would move on, and that his legacy is Las Nevadas. Slime agrees, and says they'd leave behind a good one.

The camera cuts to Purpled eavesdropping on the roof, claiming that he'd not forgotten Quackity's crime against his heritage, that the UFO explosion was not something that could be forgiven. He says he'd been trying to get friendlier with the people in Las Nevadas, and that Slime was Quackity's new puppet. He says there's a weekly pattern that puts a dent in his plan to seize power, and that he's changing his strategy. He'd try and use Slime to get any valuable information, and when the time was right he'd do what he had to do.

It cuts again to Quackity descending into Slime's room late at night, where he was staring at his bed. Quackity says he has one last piece of advice for Slime, and that it was very important. From the moment Quackity had joined the server, he hadn't been lucky or been fortunate with things. When he found an opportunity, he'd take it, and said opportunity was presented in making his own luck. He says for Slime to remember that the house always wins, and that him and Slime were the house, so they'd always win. He proceeds to leave.

Chapter 2: Loose Ends - Two days before the prison visit

In Las Nevadas, the camera pans downwards to focus on an approaching Sapnap, who questions where he is. Looking around at the country, he comments on how the place is cool, until Quackity approaches him. They seem happy to see each other, with Quackity asking how he stumbled across Las Nevadas. They comment on how it'd been a long time, and Sapnap talks about how him and Karl had been working on Kinoko Kingdom. Sapnap tries to get Quackity to come to Kinoko Kingdom, but Quackity quickly avoids the topic and shows Sapnap around Las Nevadas, offering Sapnap to come to the grand opening. Sapnap tries again to get Quackity to come to Kinoko Kingdom, but Quackity leads Sapnap instead to the restaurant and then to the Needle. The two of them ascend to the top of the Needle, admiring the view. Quackity asks Sapnap if they ever wanna hang out, and Sapnap brings up Karl, asking if he'd seen Karl recently. Quackity says he hasn't, and had instead seen George. Sapnap says that George lives with them in Kinoko. Sapnap forces the issue and says that he should see Karl and George, though Quackity continues to deflect. He says he's busy with the grand opening and teaching someone something. Sapnap says they have time right now, and Quackity attempts to avoid the issue.

Thunder strikes, and Quackity tells Sapnap that it could not be good if he went back. Forcing the issue, Quackity says that he wasn't invited to build a kingdom with them. Sapnap corrects him and says that Karl was supposed to come and invite him, though Quackity says he never showed up, and says that Las Nevadas was built to be shared with Sapnap, Karl, and George. Sapnap says he was building Kinoko for the same reasons, to which Quackity doubts the claim. Sapnap tries to invite Quackity to come to Kinoko again to meet Karl, that it wasn't too late, and after some reluctance, Quackity agrees to come for a short visit.

Cutting to a picture of El Rapids in black and white, it slowly pans out before Quackity and Sapnap are shown entering Kinoko. Quackity thinks that something's wrong with Karl, and Sapnap tells him that he's overthinking things. Sapnap tours Quackity around Kinoko Kingdom, and they visit first the Shroom Shack, Party Island, the military base, and other locations with Quackity making passive-aggressive comments throughout. Throughout the visit, he seems uncomfortable and jealous, likely due to him thinking that they had abandoned him. They visit TinaKitten's house, and Quackity seems uncomfortable with the fact. Sapnap says that he's always welcome, trying to pitch to Quackity to move into Kinoko Kingdom. He questions what the large mushroom is, finding out that Karl and George live inside. Quackity asks how long it took them to start working on this after they stopped talking, to which Sapnap vaguely replies with "soon".

They enter a building and find Karl inside, who greets them and welcomes them with sticks. Karl says that he and Sapnap need to talk about something afterwards, and that Karl would tour Quackity around. Karl leads them into the Air B&B, and Quackity reminisces about a building they did in L'Manberg. Karl agrees flatly, and Sapnap comments that he's acting weird. Quackity mentions that his old house had rails in the roof, and Karl states that he wanted to make a roller coaster on the house and thanked Quackity for the idea. Quackity clarified that initially it was Karl's idea. Karl leads them up to the best view in the country, asking if Quackity was moving in. He clarifies by saying he's been working on Las Nevadas, and couldn't move in. Karl stares blankly between them, and amidst all the questioning about El Rapids and Las Nevadas, he asks to speak to Sapnap privately.

Moving upstairs, Karl says that Quackity was the reason he died to Sapnap. Quackity seems concerned, and Karl runs away from Quackity and asks why he's in Kinoko Kingdom. Clarifying that it was a plan to kill him, Karl asks why he'd agree to lose a life and runs away panicked. The conversation grows more and more heated about their past, with Karl continuously saying that he doesn't recall anything outside of Quackity murdering him. Despite Quackity's attempts to clear things up, Karl says that he knows nothing about him outside of the murder. Sapnap attempts to mediate and break apart the argument to no avail, Karl asks what history they'd had together. Quackity says that they were supposed to do this together, and both of them question if he's okay. Quackity shouts about how alone he is and how he has no one, and says that he's glad that they didn't work on a country together. Stating that he didn't need anyone, he says that he never wants to speak to Karl ever again and that if he came by Las Nevadas, there would be consequences. Karl begs Sapnap as the head of military to get the murderer out of Kinoko Kingdom.

Begging Quackity as he runs off, Sapnap chases after Quackity as he leaves. They argue about Karl and Quackity voices his concerns and confusion, and Quackity thanks him for trying to fix things, but that it was fruitless in the end and that he had warned him. Sapnap is welcome in Las Nevadas, but Karl is never allowed nearby ever again. He says that he's leaving, and says that none of this was worth it, and leaves Kinoko Kingdom. A clip plays of Karl's death, where he dies for the cause of El Rapids.

Chapter 3: Day of the visit

The stream shows Quackity looking around the outside of the prison as it rains, before entering the prison. The events of Prison Break carry out, with Quackity asking Dream where Technoblade went after vanishing, cutting him with the scissors. The alarm plays overtop of all of this and he desperately questions Sam to find Techno, only to return to the prison and find Dream missing in a panic.

Slime yells for Quackity as the stream cuts to Las Nevadas, from when Quackity returned to the country. The alarm blares over them as he ushers Slime over, telling him to come with him and to find where everyone was. Quackity asks Slime to find Foolish, Purpled, and Fundy, saying that something had happened. As Slime approaches, it's clear that he has taken on Quackity's classic scar. They notice Purpled approaching in the distance, calling on him and rushing up to him. The three of them anxiously shout about something bad that was going to happen to Las Nevadas, and Purpled says that he had something for Las Nevadas too. Someone had left a chest for Quackity and Purpled leads them to it. Slime says he will take care of it and that he can handle himself, opening up the chest and demanding Quackity to step inside. He closes the chest, and finds nothing in there. Turning around, Purpled has placed down a lever, which when flicked drops them into a massive cobblestone room on a hanging platform. Below and around them is lava, and Purpled drops in asking for them to have a talk.

He asks for Quackity to tell him about the visit to the prison, Slime fitting himself into a corner to hide. Quackity tries to reason with Purpled, claiming there are bigger problems above them, but Purpled says that he knows Quackity has the resurrection book. Quackity truthfully tells him that he does not, and Purpled doesn't believe him. Continuing to try and reason with him, to no avail, Quackity arms himself as Purpled says he'll kill Quackity for it. Slime begs Quackity to be careful as Purpled opens fire. Quackity repeatedly tells him he doesn't have the book, but the battle ensues, the two of them fighting on the platform. Quackity says that even if he had the book, he wouldn't give it to Purpled, and in retaliation Purpled pearls to Slime and pushes him into the lava. Quackity leaps after him, shouting after him and trying to get him out of the lava. Slime speaks in a calm tone, refusing to leave the lava and thanking Quackity for showing him what it was like to be human. He screams over the death as Purpled escapes back into the wall, the scene fading to black.

Chapter 4: Weeks later

The camera opens up to a nighttime snowy Las Nevadas, panning over to the Needle. It cuts to a library where a now disheveled Quackity works, and then to the base of the Needle. Quackity runs to Slime first greeting hole, now made into his home, where we discover Slime inside, dormant. He's covered in green and staring blankly at the ground, unresponsive to the world around him. Quackity approaches him with a book in hand and starts speaking to him, claiming that he'd been researching a way to recover Slime as it had been weeks and he hadn't walked or talked. He expresses concerns about Slime even remembering him, which he was trying to counteract using the journal of every memory they'd had together so that Slime could read them and remember everything. He says that when he writes those books, he feels like he's writing a story, and that it feels strange referring to him as Slime. Instead, he should be referred to as a human, and named him Charlie. While Quackity had been mostly stuck in his library, Foolish had been handling things around the country. He says that he hoped that he could hear Charlie talk one day again, and misses his silly jokes. When placing the memory book inside the chest, he finds a strange new book inside. It's full of seemingly gibberish and scribbles, with Quackity gaining hope that Charlie had written that despite his dormancy. Quackity runs back to his library to decipher the book, and it fades to Foolish and Quackity in the library. They question what it means, and Foolish says he was struggling with it, until noticing that some letters were standing out. They read through the book, and figure out that it spells "LEGACY".


Quackity excitedly returns back to Charlie with his findings, only to discover he'd left without another word, and the house was dark. Quackity says that he'd left his legacy behind in that book, and it fades to a real life shot of Quackity.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the grand opening of Las Nevadas, entertainment capital of the world! Indulge yourself in the lavish lifestyle you never knew you could have! Amidst the war and the chaos, try your luck, and experience thrills of a lifetime. You'll find yourself enjoying our hub of gambling, nightlife, shopping, fine dining and entertainment. And because we're building a legacy that is prepared to last for centuries, we're not only a hot spot for fun, but we are also a hotspot for business, trade, and power. What happens in this country stays in this country, so... are you ready to try your luck?"


During the speach, Quackity places a box on the beach (which later is shown to be a bundle box of his latest drop of Las Nevadas merchendise); with a note taped on the side for Charlie.


Wherever this box may find you, in life or in possible death, know that I will fulfill our legacy.

-Quackity from Las Nevadas


The box is washed up into the sea, as the screen switches to black.


End of spoiler warning.