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The Legacy Arc is the sixth major arc to take place on the Dream SMP. Directly after the Empowerment Arc, on November 28, 2021, it began and is currently ongoing.

The arc follows Dream's breakout from his imprisonment in Pandora's Vault and the fallout after. After Ranboo allowed himself to be murdered, Technoblade and The Syndicate seek answers, with the only clue being a map depicting an image of MICHAEL. Meanwhile, Tommy finds himself hunted by Dream once again, and seeks shelter from the coming onslaught. Sapnap reckons with the escape of Dream and the continued decline of his fiance, Karl. In Las Nevadas, Quackity mourns the loss of his heir and braces for a fast-approaching reckoning; Las Nevadas also opens up, marking the finale for the Las Nevadas series.

Aftermath of Dream's escape

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Key Dates: November 28, 2022

After Techno, Dream, Connor, Niki and Phil escaped, Sam let the rest of the SMP know that Dream was at large. Punz broke off from his allies, agreeing with Sapnap to split up and search for Dream. Punz used the opportunity to secretly meet up with Dream at a rendezvous point and restock him with supplies. Geared up again, Dream set off to collect the Axe of Peace and gave it to Techno, returning the favor he owed to Techno when Techno gave him refuge and escape from Pandora's Vault.

Tommy began to prepare by building bee-striped walls around his base (out of yellow concrete and obsidian; given to him by Quackity, meant to remind him of Manberg), blocking up all of its entrances and exits, as he knew that Dream would go after him to obtain the Discs. Tommy encountered Dream at the remains of Logstedshire when he tried to find the Axe of Peace (he'd hidden it underneath the cross next to the Tnret) before Dream, but somehow, Dream had found it first, using the axe to attempt torturing Tommy again. While chasing and threatening Tommy, Dream told him that he would manipulate everyone into thinking that Tommy was crazy and make his life hell; Tommy hid inside Phil and Techno's house. Phil admitted that he had helped Techno break Dream out of prison but also said that he would kill Dream if he tormented Tommy again. Quackity also agreed to help Tommy.

Tommy completed the walls around his base with the help of Eryn, Phil, and Boo, ensuring full lockdown on his base.

1.18 Update

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Key Dates: November 30

Away from the lore (or, as a dubiously canonical event), with the Caves and Cliffs: Part 2 update being released, the Dream SMP was updated to 1.18. Skipping the 1.17 update, the server receives new height limits as well as new cave biomes. Although, on the 1.18 update, to get new features faster and easier, a realm portal was created for Dream SMP members to enter the brand new 1.18 world.

The DreamXD Statue and Fan Club


The Revival Book

Key Dates: January 14

On January 14th, Dream released a small video about events that happened at an unknown time before he was put into jail. Dream spoke with his old friend Punz, as they work out if the revival book truly does work, hunting down Vikkstar and LazarBeam to kill and act as Guinea Pigs for their experiments, citing that no one would notice if the two of them had gone missing. [1]

George's Dream

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Key Dates: January 27

On January 27th, George, after commentating about how boring the server was, came across Dream who had just escaped Pandora's Vault. George interrogated Dream, but was eventually killed by him after telling Dream that he was a clown. George went to collect his items while questioning Dream's actions. George then decided to kill Tommy's pet Shroud, and afterwards, started setting trees on fire claiming it was because of Dream. He then came across Technoblade, Dream, and Callahan, all of whom he killed. With Technoblade's TNT, he proceeded to blow up Skeppy and Badboyhalo's Mansion, Technoblade's cabin, and Ranboo's house. He then went to Las Nevadas, and eventually got angered at Quackity and blew up both him and all of Las Nevadas. Afterwards, Karl confronts George to warn him of the future, but George shakes it off and kills Karl. After blowing up Eret's castle and Ponk's eight lemon tree, he tried to negotiate with Callahan to get some flint, and when denied, he killed Callahan again. George then started to head toward the stronghold.


Rescuing MICHAEL

Technoblade and Tubbo head to Eret's castle to question him about the sign he had left in Snowchester. He states that he gave Michael to Sam to keep safe, so the three sail to Sam's base, where he is keeping Micheal trapped in a boat, and they form the Revengers. The trio threaten to kill Sam, forcing him to drop his armour and items, taking him through a nether portal at his base into Pandora's Vault where they trap him in the main cell. Sam constantly ask them if they have fire resistance potions, as well as stating that 'he liked his clock.' At midnight he revealed that the keycards had reset, and that they were now trapped in the prison alongside him. Using Eret's TNT, the Revengers break out of Pandora's Vault. The trio then return Micheal to the Syndicate base.

Stuck in my own creation


The Death Book



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