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There are many different builds and locations on the Dream SMP server, past and present. The following page lists all of the builds, both past and present, grouped by territory.

Dream SMP world map (April 16, 2022)


Dream SMP




1.18 world

On November 30, 2021, a new Dream SMP world was created for Minecraft 1.18. The current and new 1.18 worlds are connected with a crying obsidian portal in the nether portal hub.

Cumza Caverns

Cumza Caverns, stylized as cumZa, is a clay sign built in a deepslate cave by Philza after getting lost in a cave system while returning from totem hunting. While exploring a cave system, Philza was prompted by his wife Kristin over text-to-speech saying how he could write "cumza" in the cave and that "nobody has to know."[1] Philza agreed and set to work collecting clay and trying to find an open cave to build it in. After getting lost, he found the cave again and created the sign. After finishing, he stated, "It's canon. It's canon, and everybody who cries over lore has to remember that this is also canon. You're welcome."[2]

The name is in reference to Philza's hardcore season two build, Chaos Caverns.


Ohio is a village named by Foolish. It was the first village found in the 1.18 world.


Boomerville (March 10, 2021)

LazarBeam and Vikkstar's house

Lazar Vikk House.png
LazarBeam and Vikkstar's house resides on the top of where the Slums were meant to be built, possibly provoking L'Manberg. During the first day of LazarBeam and Vikkstar joining, Karl gave them a tour around the SMP, and during the tour, LazarBeam and Vikkstar constantly brought up the idea of wanting a nice place to stay, particularly away from known lands. After Wilbur suggested going to a place that had a hill and was near Karl's cave, Karl gave the property ownership to the two, allowing the construction of the house and establishment of Boomerville.[3]

LazarBeam's melon farm

Lazar Melon Farm.png
Lazar's melon farm is a 12x22 farm used to harvest melons. This farm was built November 26, 2020 and is a reference to Lazar's first Minecraft series where he built a massive melon farm.[4]

HBomb's house

Hbomb’s Bommerville house.jpg
HBomb's house was originally an unused house sold to HBomb by Vikkstar and Lazarbeam for the price of 32 diamonds since HBomb said he was too old to make one for himself.[5] After the sale, HBomb redecorated the house.[6][7]

Boomerville church

Boomerville Church.png
The Boomerville church was built December 12, 2020 below Vikkstar and Lazarbeam's house in Boomerville. It is a church of YouTube, with its priest being Susan Wojcicki and its god being PewDiePie.[8] It was later destroyed by Foolish on July 26, 2021.[9]

Foolish's summer house

Foolish's summer house, also known as The Temple of Undying, is a massive area built by Foolish Gamers. It is based on Egyptian culture, gods, and Greek folklore. It used to also have a statue of Ra. The largest build is the temple containing several things including a pyramid.

DreamXD statue

A statue of DreamXD built by Foolish and commissioned by DreamXD. The statue currently marks as the biggest statue ever made on the server, sitting at almost built height limit.

The construction of the statue developed a friendly relationship between Foolish and DreamXD. As payment for the statue, DreamXD granted Foolish a limited form of immortality. Additionally, DreamXD also shared the secret of the two (resurrection and death) books with Foolish.[10]


Locationimage for l sandberg.png
L'Sandberg is a nation created by BadBoyHalo weeks in the future after the end of the Egg storyline. It declared its independence inside Foolish's summer house despite Foolish's protests. It is located in front of Foolish's home nether portal, in the area of Foolish's summer home. The building was destroyed on July 18, 2021, by Foolish.[11]


An under-construction building next to L'Sandberg created by Captain Puffy. The building was destroyed later on.

Supreme fridge

The Supreme Fridge was built by Ponk as a gift to Foolish. It was taken down by Puffy and Bad on June 1, 2021 after Ponk demolished part of L'Llamaburg.[12]


A large cactus tower created by Bad in the location of the original L'Sandberg tower. Foolish removed it, but Bad made it taller and also created an entire jungle around it. Foolish eventually took the cactus and jungle down.

Kinoko Kingdom

Karl's library

Karl's library is the first building in Kinoko Kingdom built by Karl, George, Sapnap, Bad, and Foolish on February 3, 2021. The library was built to replace Karl's original library located near L'Manberg due to the area being overrun by the Blood Vines.

Lil Nas X's tree house

A jungle-themed tree house built by Lil Nas X with the help of Ranboo, Karl, George and Corpse.[13]

Dragon statue

A dragon statue built by Foolish Gamers located on top of a hill, to the right of the mushroom dojo.

Jack Manifold's Italian restaurant

Jack Manifold's Italian restaurant was a restaurant built by Jack and Foolish in February 2021 for date between Jack and Andrea Botez.[14][15] The restaurant was later destroyed by Karl on April 5, 2021.

Kinoko Kingdom Party Island

Kinoko Kingdom has a recreation of Party Island near the Kinoko castle, built on April 12 by Karl, Pokimane, and Foolish.[16] Similar to the L'Manberg Party Island, this Party Island has a dance floor, a large tree and a llama riding a minecart around it. Drista currently owns Party Island, and Pokimane acts as its ambassador.

Alyssa's barn

Alysassa barn.png
A barn built by Alyssa before she stopped playing on the server. Inside the barn are several different animals. It was later claimed by Kinoko Kingdom due to its close proximity to the country.

Las Nevadas

Las Nevadas (April 16, 2022)
Las Nevadas at night.jpg
Las Nevadas is a massive entertainment and gambling hub and country, located in a snowy biome that was turned into an artificial desert. It is founded and led by Quackity, and mainly constructed by Quackity's right hand man, Awesamdude. Numerous structures in the nation are incomplete including the main casino.

Gas Me Up station

The Gas Me Up station is a gas station built near the toll gate tunnel. Constructed by Foolish, the station is tended by a sheep named jeb_.

Las Nevadas casino

The casino is the centerpiece of Las Nevadas. It is currently under construction and features a working slot machine.

Las Nevadas Eiffel Tower

Cobblestone Eiffel Tower.jpg
The Las Nevadas Eiffel Tower is a replica of the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower located behind the hotel.

Las Nevadas hotel

The Las Nevadas hotel is a six-story building located to the left of the casino. The hotel's interior, designed by Foolish, has many features and amenities for guests. A large spiral staircase connects the six floors, and the lobby features a large chandelier in addition to the reception desk. The second floor features a massive fish tank, piano, pool table, mini restaurant, many sitting and dining areas, and fan art created by various artists.

Las Nevadas pool

Las Nevadas pool.png
The pool of Las Nevadas

Las Nevadas restaurant

The Las Nevadas restaurant is the official food business of Las Nevadas located between the wedding hall and stage. Managed by Tubbo, the restaurant offers many options including the Tubburger. Its main rival is the Paradise burger van.

During Tommy and Wilbur's Las Nevadas tour on May 31, 2021, Quackity offered Tommy a job at the restaurant.[17] However, Tommy decided to join Wilbur in creating their own territory next to Las Nevadas.

On July 25, 2021, Wilbur started his burger van to rival the Las Nevadas restaurant. To send a message, Wilbur and Ranboo bombed portions on the restaurant, broke glass, and left negative signs about the quality of the restaurant.[18] In response, Quackity remodeled the damaged portions and hired Tubbo as the manager of the restaurant.[19]

Space Needle

The Space Needle is a tall structure that provides visitors a view of Las Nevadas. It has been used by Quackity for holding meetings and making business deals.[20][21]

Strip club

The Las Nevadas strip club is a 18+ building. The side features a large advertisement image, and the interior features tables and a stage with many poles. The club was also used as a place to rob visitors during Bad, Michael, and Puffy's tour of Las Nevadas.[22]

Toll gate

The toll gate connects the road leading to the Greater Dream SMP and Las Nevadas. It was constructed by Fundy, Quackity, and Charlie on June 9, 2021 in response to the development of Walltown and is used to control travel into the county while providing income.[23]


Walltown, also known as Tubbo's cookie outpost or cookie shop, is a fortified outpost built on June 1, 2021. The structure was built as part of an operation he dubbed "Operation Cookies" created to spy on Las Nevadas. It is connected to Las Nevadas through a bridge and tunnel.

Upon Las Nevadas's discovery of the outpost, it was raided and griefed by member of Las Nevadas.[24] This was later cleared up by Ranboo. Upon learning of the attack, Tubbo added walls to protect the outpost.

On June 18, 2021, Tubbo named the outpost "Walltown."[25]

The outpost was later transferred to Las Nevadas ownership under a contract signed by Quackity and Tubbo on August 4, 2021.[26]


A façade of a yacht, built by Fundy on June 16, 2021.[27]

Little Penis Land


The "YOU <3 LITTLE PENIS" sign originally said "I <3 ANDREA" and was built by George after he lost a chess match to Andrea Botez. Since then, it has undergone many changes, the most notable change being to "YOU <3 LITTLE PENIS," which gave Little Penis Land its name. It was bombed by Drista, Tommy, Technoblade and Sapnap on July 8, 2021, making it just say "ENIS."[28] It was finally taken down by Foolish on July 17, 2021.[29]

Big Drama Party house

The Big Drama Party house was a house made to host the Big Drama Party on January 23, 2021.[30] It was mostly burnt by Slimecicle and blown up by Awesamdude during the party.[31]

Canon life graveyard

The canon life graveyard is a graveyard built by Puffy at the location of the Big Drama Party house's ruins. It contains graves for all canonically dead characters on the server except Ghostbur.[32][33]


Logstedshire, or Logsted for short, was a territory where Tommy resided after being exiled from L'Manberg. This territory is around 2000 blocks away from where L'Manberg once was. Ghostbur also joined Tommy, helping him build the territory while believing that his exile was a vacation. In Logsted, Tommy used the Prime Log in replacement of the Prime Path to gain Twitch Prime subscriptions. The location was blown up by Dream on December 15, 2020 after Tommy kept a secret stash of items during his exile.[34]

"DRiSTA" sign

Drista sign.JPG
The "DRiSTA" sign is the structure Drista made in bedrock letters near Logstedshire during her visit.[35][36]

Mexican Dream's house

Mexican dream house.JPG
Mexican Dream's house was a house built by Tommy, Mexican Dream and Mamacita so that Mexican Dream could stay with Tommy and be roommates. It was made of oak logs and planks and had a floor of yellow concrete, which Mexican Dream dubbed the "concrete of the streets."[37][38]

Mexican Dream's gravestone

Mexican dream gravestone.JPG
Mexican Dream's gravestone was initially a gravestone made by Mexican Dream for the picture of his homies after it had been destroyed by Dream. It was later used as the gravestone for Mexican Dream himself, after his third canon death.[37][38] After Tommy's third canon death, CaptainPuffy visited Logstedshire and not seeing the Mexican Dream sign on one side of the gravestone, put Tommy's name on the other side of the gravestone.[39]


Tnret was TommyInnit's residence in Logstedshire. It was built by Tommy the day after his exile, and served as a meeting place where Ranboo could give Tommy messages. The location was blown up by Dream on December 15, 2020 after Tommy kept a secret stash of items during his exile.[40]

Manifold Land

Jack Manifold's house

Jack Manifold's house was a house previously located in L'Manberg/Manberg and now Manifold Land. Many events have occurred here such as Niki's imprisonment on the day of the election.[41] It was left untouched by the destruction of L'Manberg/Manberg, but was later destroyed by Jack himself on March 1, 2021 in an attempt to get away from negativity.[42]

Su Puta Madre

Su Puta Madre Updated.png
Su Puta Madre was Quackity's house in Manberg across Jack Manifold's house. Quackity modeled the house after his house in real life, using nether brick for the red walls and adding a pink bed. Outside the house was a subscriber tree known as the "Liz Tree."[43]

Following Jack Manifold's return to Dream SMP and the establishment of Manifold Land, Jack claimed the house.

During the destruction of L'Manberg/Manberg in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, the house had no damage. During L'Manberg's reconstruction, Quackity destroyed the building on November 17, 2020.[44]

New Manifold Land

Niki's secret city

Located underneath the area that is now Kinoko Kingdom is Nihachu's secret city, originally built in order to house refugees or serve as a last resort if things went wrong during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. It now serves as her place of residence.

Front area

The entrance to the city is inside of a hill in a flower forest, with a staircase leading down to the main room with a high ceiling and quartz and spruce log walls. There is also a Nether portal at the bottom of the staircase. There are and several corridors leading to smaller rooms belonging to several different people, some of them guests Niki has been in voice chat with while playing on the Dream SMP. There is also a small bakery area, built with bricks and containing several furnaces and a cake, and a storage room filled with barrels. A stone brick staircase leads down to the main room of the back area, and another staircase leads up to the stone brick walkways above the main room.

Back area

The walls are built out of stone bricks and cobblestone, and wooden accents are built with spruce planks. The main room has grass and trees on the bottom and is filled with floating stained glass lanterns, and also contains a beacon. A small waterfall flows into the grassy area. There is a side room containing several storage chests, and another containing several animal pens and wheat, carrot, and cocoa bean farms. These rooms are connected via stone brick walkways lined with spruce fences above the main room. One of the walkways leads to yet another large room that is still under construction.


Paradise is a settlement built by Wilbur, Ranboo, and Tommy to rival Las Nevadas Quackity after Quackity denied Wilbur citizenship to Las Nevadas. It was officially named with the creation of the burger van on July 25, 2021.[45]

Burger van

Burger van paradise.JPG
The burger van was built by Wilbur and Ranboo on July 25, 2021 with the intention to rival the Las Nevadas restaurant.[18] Currently, the van sells an NFT burger called the "Wilburger Vol. 1."

Fort Big

Fort Big is a building built by Wilbur Soot and TommyInnit outside of Las Nevadas after their visit on May 31, 2021. It was built after Wilbur was denied citizenship to Las Nevadas to remind Quackity that Wilbur is both alive and near the country.[46]


Snowchester (June 4, 2021)

Tubbo's Snowchester house

Tubbo’s Snowchester House.jpg
Tubbo’s Snowchester house is the first building built in Snowchester. It was built on January 7, 2021, following the Doomsday War as a place for Tubbo to get away from L'Manberg.[47]

Canon Castle

Tubbo's Tower.jpg
The Canon Castle is a tower constructed by Tubbo and Ranboo in an attempt to fix Ranboo's long-term memory problems. In the tower is a place for Ranboo to sit underneath an iron block attached to the floor by spruce fences and then blackstone as an added conductor for the anvil. This chair is also known as "The Electrical Chair". The experiment was unsuccessful due to Ranboo being part enderman. Tubbo also said it could possibly be used for other magic like resurrection.

Jack Manifold's Snowchester house

Jack Manifold's Snowchester House.jpg
Jack Manifold's Snowchester house was built during his first day of citizenship in Snowchester. Tubbo helped Jack Manifold create this house since he wanted it to stick to the theme of Snowchester.

Nuclear development lab

The nuclear development lab houses missiles part of the Project Dream Catcher program. The lab is located atop a hill overlooking the community and was built shortly after the announcement of Project Dream Catcher on January 17, 2021.[48]

Project Dream Catcher launch system

The Project Dream Catcher launch system is comprised of two key card readers and a launch pad. It is located off the coast of Snowchester and was used once on January 26, 2021, to test the project's first missile. The missile launch pad is built on top of a man-made island, and both key cards have to be inserted into their card readers in order to launch the missile.[49]

Puffy's Pastries stand

Puffy's Pastries stand.png
The Puffy's Pastries stand is a cookie stand located in front of the nuclear development lab built by CaptainPuffy on January 21, 2021.[50]

Puffy's Snowchester house

Captainpuffys winter house.PNG
After being officially welcomed into Snowchester by Foolish, Puffy widened the borders and terraformed the area. She then built her house, using her own materials and the same style as the other houses. Currently, Michelle lives in the house along with an unnamed enderman.

Snowchester stage

Snowchester stage.png
The Snowchester stage is located on an ice platform in front of the missile launch system. The stage was constructed by Tubbo and Ranboo on January 28, 2021 and used on the same day for a viewer talent show.[51] Days later, Tubbo and Ranboo added an item frame wall for a viewer science fair.[52]

Tubbo's vault

Tubbo built a small vault in Snowchester that would contain supplies for defense if anyone came to attack. The vault is completely sealed in and accessible only by breaking blocks in the wall next to the potato field. Currently, the vault has four columns of double chests and five armor stands. One double chest is filled with around 40 mending books. After the events of the Disc Confrontation, the vault also temporarily held Dream's armor set, Nightmare, before Tubbo started using it for himself. In front of the armor is a chest containing his bow, nearly two stacks of golden apples, and one enchanted golden apple.

Tommy's memorial

Tommy Snowchester memorial.png
On March 3, 2021, Tubbo built a small memorial on a piece of ice out to sea close to Snowchester.[53] It contains a replica of the bench, a jukebox, a Prime Log, and a sign reading "In the Memory Of Tommy. He was taken from us too soon." On the ground are several flowers, including poppies, alliums, a white tulip, and an azure bluet.

Tubbo and Ranboo's mansion

Tubbo and Ranboo's mansion is a major build located in Snowchester for Tubbo, Ranboo, and MICHAEL to live in. The mansion was built by Foolish on a commission from Tubbo and Ranboo. Foolish broke ground on March 7, 2021, and construction took many months. On March 16, 2022 Boo gave the mansion over to Aimsey and pronounced them as married.[54] However, on March 30, 2022, Tubbo evicted Aimsey from the mansion after hearing that they moved into it. Tubbo stated that they had no right to the mansion, as he believes he is the owner since Ranboo is dead.[55]

Tubbo's interrogation room

Tubbo's interrogation room.png
On April 9, 2021, Tubbo built an "interrogation room" inside one of the towers of the mansion, which was still in construction. The entrance to the room is hidden inside a nearby cave, and the room itself is built out of blackstone and basalt with an obsidian floor. Two blackstone stairs serve as chairs next to a blackstone table in the middle of the room, which is connected to the magma block ceiling with chains. A lantern hangs from the ceiling and the walls are lit with redstone torches.[56] Shortly after its construction, the room was used to interrogate Foolish about the whereabouts of the missing nuclear weapon.[57] So far, this has been its only use.

Syndicate-associated territory

Dream's evil lair

Dream's house.png
A small cobblestone, dirt, wood, and snow house Dream built close to Technoblade's cabin after Technoblade mocked him for not having a house. While Dream worked on the house, Technoblade spied from afar, making fun of Dream and lightly griefing it. It was later blown up by Dream, who promised Technoblade that he would make an even "bigger" house.[58]


Dnret image.PNG
Dnret was the successor of Tnret, TommyInnit's old Logstedshire tent, built under Technoblade's cabin. Prior to its destruction, Dnret contained Tommy's bed and his Prime Log with bell.[59] Techno destroyed the Prime Log before the Doomsday War started and then blew up the rest of Dnret shortly before the Doomsday War, bitter about Tommy's betrayal.[60]

Mount Beak On

One of the tallest mountains near Technoblade's cabin. The mountain houses a tier-1 beacon with the speed effect. It was built by Tommy and Techno after they spawned the wither in L'Manberg to get Techno's weapons back. While deciding on a name, Tommy and Techno jokingly argued about what the name of the mountain should be.[61]

Ranboo's house

Ranboos house.jpg
Ranboo's house is located near Technoblade's cabin. It was upgraded to a house with a second floor and the basement was expanded to house a small vault for his belongings. It was designed based on Ranboo's brand, using black, white, red, and green blocks.

Technoblade and Philza's cabins

Technoblade moved out of his old underground base on November 18, 2020, to a solitary cabin in a snow biome after the Manberg vs Pogtopia War due to his old base being constantly targeted. Philza later built his own cabin right next to Technoblade's.

Technoblade's second vault

Technoblade's Second Vault.png
Technoblade's second vault is a secret room inside a mountain next to Technoblade's cabin. It was used to store a lot of the wither skulls used during the Doomsday War, and also contained a set of netherite armor and chests containing useful items and materials. The vault was also used in the prison break to store the blueprints of the Prison.

Training room

Underground training room.png
The training room is a room built by Philza below his cabin to train for possible wars. Its ground is made of coarse dirt and the walls are made to look like the sky. A beacon and a pillar with a ladder are located in the center of the room. It is based off the Study Chamber underneath Urahara Shop from the manga and anime series Bleach, built by Kisuke Urahara, the same character Philza's Minecraft skin is based off.

Traitor Tower

The Traitor Tower.png
The Traitor Tower was a tower built in front of Technoblade's cabin. It was originally built by Tommy using a lava cast method that allowed him to build a massive cobblestone tower without having to place every single block. The idea came from Reddit, from which Tommy followed an instruction video and created it while on stream. Despite Technoblade's frequent warnings and pleading for Tommy not to build the tower, due to it being very ugly, and because it was a signature monument of a then exiled and escaping Tommy, he went on with his plan anyway. In the end, it was deemed the Traitor Tower and taken down by Phil after Tommy betrayed Technoblade to side with L'Manberg in the Doomsday War.

The Badlands

Antfrost's animal sanctuary

Antfrost's Animal Sanctuary is a zoo built by Antfrost with the help of BadBoyHalo and Awesamdude to collect animals from different biomes.

Bad and Skeppy's mansion

Skeppy and BadBoyHalo's mansion is a massive complex created almost entirely out of quartz. It was built and is currently inhabited by Skeppy and BadBoyHalo. It was built based on a YouTube tutorial by WiederDude. The mansion is located at the south end of the Prime Path, in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Over time, the mansion's grounds has had several changes with new statues and walls being constructed. The land around the mansion has also been terraformed to make the land level and treeless.

The mansion grounds were briefly used during the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower, both as a fighting ground and a place of imprisonment for Niki.[62][63] It has also been a target of pranks and vandalism multiple times.

Badlands beach

Badlands beach.png
Dream wanted the location of Pandora's Vault to be in the area near Bad and Skeppy's mansion, i.e., the area most controlled by the Badlands. To compensate for the loss of property value due to the construction of an unwelcoming prison, Dream paid Bad ten diamond blocks and commissioned Eret to build him a beach near the prison on December 6, 2020.[64]

Pandora's Vault

Pandora's Vault is a prison whose construction began on December 7, 2020 by Awesamdude. Dream gave Sam a stack of diamond blocks to develop and plan the project and ten diamond blocks to BadBoyHalo for rights to build it in the Badlands near Skeppy's mansion. The jail is secured by a number of redstone contraptions and is thereby said to be impossible to escape, and guards are stationed to protect the jail.

It also symbolizes the power and supremacy of the Greater Dream SMP and Dream along with their relations with the Badlands. Dream mentioned that he had someone in mind that he would place in it, describing that person as "capable."

After the events of the Disc Confrontation, Dream himself was placed inside the prison on Awesamdude's suggestion.

The prison housed other players for various reasons, like Techno, Tommy, Ranboo and Connor. Eventually, Technoblade broke in with help from the Syndicate and broke Dream out. With Dream having escaped, there was no use for the prison and Sam shut it down. Later, Sam was trapped in it as revenge for kidnapping MICHAEL. Dream arrived and revealed that he wanted to use the prison, so he freed Sam after taking one of his canon lives.

Tommy's watch tower

Tommy's watch tower is a tower built by Tommy with the help of others to "watch over Dream". It has a similar block palette to Snowchester. Located near Pandora's Vault. It was finished on March 27, 2021.[65]

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower was a replica landmark built on September 20, 2020, by Karl, Sapnap, and Punz for Karl and Sapnap's Honeymoon. Located behind Skeppy's Mansion, the base of the tower featured a fish pond and a sitting area for lovers. It was entirely built out of wood. It was the home to Karl's llama, and was also being used as a temporary home for Henry during The L'Manberg Rebellion. After Tommy found out about the death of Henry, he and Niki decided to encase the Eiffel Tower with stone as revenge, burning a section down in the process, which caused the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower.[62][63]

The Holy Land/The Subs

The Holy Land (April 16, 2022)

Church Prime

Church Prime is a church located in The Subs that the members of the SMP can use to spread the knowledge of the religion Church Prime.

Cloud Prime

Cloud Prime is a cloud made of different kinds of glass located above the Holy Lands built by Foolish on April 13, 2021. On top of the cloud is a totem. The cloud can be accessed via a portal on the roof of the Nether.[66]

Fighting pit

The fighting pit was built by Tommy on October 30, 2020 as a place for people to beat each other to death in the Holy Land.[67]

Meeting room

The Meeting Room was created by Tubbo and Ranboo on December 1, 2020 next to Church Prime for the meeting between members of the L'Manberg cabinet and Dream to resolve the Exile Conflict.[68]

The Vape Tower

Vape Tower.png
The Vape Tower is a tower located in The Holy Land built by Tommy. It is modeled after the British Airways i360 in Brighton and includes an underground gift shop, a hell hole, and a water elevator that costs three diamonds to use.[69][70]

Tubbo's first house

Tubbo's old house is a historical landmark on the server. It was burned to the ground by Dream and Sapnap days before the L'Manberg Independence War as a warning to the members of L'Manberg. Located next to Church Prime, the remains of it still stand today. Tubbo and Tommy rebuilt it on April 11, 2021.[71] After Dream was broken out of prison, Tommy commissioned Sam Nook to fortify the building.[72]

Miscellaneous locations / Locations outside official territory

Awesamdude's base

Awesamdude's base is a hidden base that can be only accessed via a railway in the Nether. It contains many redstone contraptions, and houses Sam's most valued pet, Fran. It has been heavily damaged, as blood vines grew inside of the house leading Sam to destroy most of the floor and items in his base. Sam currently seems to still somewhat live in his base to check on Fran, but rarely visits.

Awesamdude's maze

Awesamdude's maze.png
Awesamdude's maze was a puzzle building where Awesamdude kept Technoblade's horses behind many challenge rooms. Although it was meant as a prank for Techno, he never completed it, allowing for him to break through and take his horses. Skeppy and BadBoyHalo were later tricked into thinking it was for them.

Awesamdude's secret island

Awesamdude's secret island is an island that Awesamdude settled on as a getaway from the rest of the SMP. Its location is known to Sam, Dream, Technoblade, Eret, Tubbo, and Quackity. The island holds a simple house, a small manual farm, a vault for his important items, and a memorial for Tommy.

BadBoyHalo's statues

Fundy Statue.png
The Dream SMP server has many of BadBoyHalo's Statues scattered throughout the lands, such as Skeppy's, which is on the roof of their house, Fundy's in his base and others.

Banishment area

The banishment area is a location where "banished" players are sent, and as such, is far away from the Dream Team SMP's mainland. The banishment area was first and last used by TommyInnit. After he broke the SMP rules, Dream teleported him there. During his time at the banishment area, he blew up part of the ground using a creeper and also looted the brewing stand from a nearby igloo. After agreeing to follow the server rules, Tommy was teleported back to the mainlands of the SMP.[73][74]

Big Daddy Island

Big Daddy Island is an area of land roughly five thousand blocks from spawn. It is home to BadBoyHalo and Skeppy’s vacation house, and no other people are permitted to come to the island.

Big Tree

Big Tree, sometimes stylized as "Big Tree!," is a tree discovered by Connor during his Let's Play away from the rest of the SMP. It is one of the large variants of the oak tree, and is also located alone on top of a steep, conical hill. Those two factors combined gave the tree an emphasized height. Upon initially finding the tree, Connor told the chat to wait while he crafted a sign that he placed by the stump and wrote "Big Tree!" with each word on a separate line.[75]

Doozer HQ

Doozer HQ is a large build started by Foolish on August 13, 2021. The structure consists of five main towers of blackstone, with dark prismarine and polished diorite exterior details. The build is surrounded by a custom terrain of mycelium with pools of soul soil and pointed dripstone. Foolish has hinted that the build was commissioned by another SMP member, but the true purpose is unknown. The name "Doozer HQ" is a temporary name assigned on August 14, 2021 as a reference to Foolish's chat.

Dream's mountain

Dream's Mountain.png
Dream's mountain is the location where the first part of the Disc Confrontation took place. It is a large mountain in a shattered savanna plateau biome. The entrance to Dream's collection is nearby. On top of the mountain is a Lodestone that the "Your Discs" compass Dream gave to Tommy points to.[76]

Dream's vault

Dreams place.PNG
Dream's vault is a massive room located in a savannah extreme hills biome. The collection acted as his base of operations until January 20, 2021. The base featured a redstone piston elevator to enter the base. The room contained item frames, fence posts, and cages for anything or anyone that was of value to an individual Dream saw as a threat. The room also contains two massive pictures of the discs: "Cat" and "Mellohi." Other features include an abnormally large nether portal and two ender chests.[76]

Eret's cobblestone pyramid

Eret's pyramid is a massive cobblestone pyramid made by Eret, currently located north of Las Nevadas and south of Snowchester. It was used for killing wither bosses, and also by Ponk who used it to sacrifice cats.

Fundy's mob farm

Fundy mob farm.PNG
Fundy's mob farm is a mob farm located in the ocean next to a mushroom island. Due to the fact that hostile mobs are unable to spawn on the island, mob spawns are increased just outside the island. The farm itself is a large tower with many layers that have water forcing mobs down a tube in the middle, where they die of fall damage and drops loot into hoppers that lead into chests. Fundy intends to use it for gunpowder, in which he can make TNT, rockets, and other items.


Fortbuscus is the house that ConnorEatsPants used to reside in. Construction of Fortbuscus began on February 2, 2021 and was never completed. The house is a reference to the YouTuber Tobuscus and his Minecraft survival series where Tobuscus built a house named Fortbuscus. Connor planned on only making the exterior of his home a 1:1 replica of Fortbuscus while keeping the interior his own original design.[77]

Fundy's pillager farm

Fundy Pillager Farm.png
Fundy's Pillager Farm is a pillager farm made out of a pillager outpost that Fundy found. Fundy intends to use it to collect weapons (mainly crossbows) and XP, in preparation for the oncoming battle. It uses an iron golem to spawn and lure in pillagers, which then drop down to a pit, where the user can then kill the pillagers.

Guardian XP farm

Guardian farm.PNG
The Guardian experience farm is a structure built in the middle of the ocean by Awesamdude, Tubbo, BadBoyHalo, and Antfrost for the purpose of efficient XP grinding. It is also said to become a utopia after they have finished making the XP farm.

Glatt's Big Man Gym

Glatt's Big Man Gym is a gym owned by Glatt on the Overworld. It is frequently visited by members of the afterlife. Quackity visited it on March 16, 2021.[78]

HBomb's savanna village

HBomb's savanna village is a village founded by HBomb after leaving Eret's castle and the Greater Dream SMP on January 19, 2021. He currently resides inside the village, protecting the villagers and trading with them.

HBomb's savanna mansion

Hbomb savana house.png
HBomb's savanna mansion is located within his savanna village, on top of the hill. HBomb commissioned Foolish to make the mansion.

Feedom and Pece

Feedom and Pece is a settlement established by CaptainPuffy on June 17, 2021.

Project Snowzone

Project Snowzone was an unfinished build by Ponk far in the ocean that used snow golems to farm snowballs. The structure was later destroyed by Michaelmcchill, Eret, CaptainPuffy, Antfrost, and BadBoyHalo.

The Cube

The Cube.png
The Cube was Tommy's new vacation home, built by him and Tubbo on November 12, 2020 near Fundy's pillager farm.[79] It is linked to the vacation home by rail. On December 4, 2020, Dream blew it up while leading Tommy away from L'Manberg after his exile.[80]


The Thiccatron is a structure built near Awesamdude's base. It is a massive structure that Ponk plans to use to sacrifice dolphins. It was partially burned during the Estate Conflict by Purpled.[81][82]

Tubbo's jungle base

Tubbo jungle base.png
Tubbo’s jungle base was Tubbo’s base of operations and home during the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War and remained so until Ponk griefed it as revenge for Tubbo killing Bebbles, his chicken.

Zombie XP grinder

Zombie Farm.png
The Zombie XP grinder is a build constructed outside of the Thiccatron on November 11, 2020, near Awesamdude's base. It was primarily built by Sam with some help from Ponk in terms of decoration. The grinder features a water elevator to carry the zombies up to a killing chamber along with a sorting system for items. Ponk and Sam also managed to bring a villager down into the grinder, turning it into a cleric and creating a system to generate emeralds from collected rotten flesh.


Sam and Tubbo's netherite mineshaft

Chat, write this down. Put it on the wiki so I can find it later. Sam and Tubbo's netherite mineshaft. That's what I want the place to be called.

—SAM, NOVEMBER 10, 2020

Sam and Tubbo's Netherite Mineshaft.png
Sam and Tubbo's netherite mineshaft is an underground nether mining area used to mine netherite with bed bombs. It can be accessed via a staircase in the nether accessed with the portal near the Guardian XP Farm. The nether coordinates of the staircase are: X:120 Y:35 Z:1708


First stronghold

The first stronghold was found on October 17, 2020, by Eret, who'd been exploring an ocean in search of a trident. The stronghold itself, was submerged in water and sat at the base of a cliff. Eret said they’d return to build there and possibly customize it, but they never did, at least not on screen. The coordinates of the first stronghold are 2050, 70, 760. Over a year later on November 13, 2021, Eret returned to the stronghold to begin draining it out for a project.

Syndicate Meeting Room

Updated Syndicate Table.png
Soon after Technoblade and Philza founded the Syndicate, Ranboo discovered the second stronghold. They soon began to turn the portal room into a meeting room for the Syndicate. After DreamXD disabled the portal to prevent people from entering the End, they turned the portal into a meeting table. Later on, the whole room was redecorated. Each Syndicate member has a labeled reserved seat surrounding the table along with a stasis chamber. The coordinates of the meeting room are -361, 63, -2418.

Third stronghold

The third stronghold was found on May 21, 2021, by Ranboo, who’d been mining and accidentally walked right into it. The stronghold itself was half lodged in a ravine, and was located under a shoreline with a mixed forest on the surface. Ranboo briefly explored the stronghold, soon finding the portal, and remarked how it looked like the table at The Syndicate. Ranboo also planned to return to the stronghold to construct a laboratory. The coordinates of the third stronghold are -1305 62 -8615.

Paths and routes

The Scenic Route

Scenic Route Underwater Tunnel.png
The Scenic Route is an alternate route built by Karl and HBomb on September 29, 2020. The route leads from the Prime Path near Tubbo's old house, diverges, and ends at the L'Manberg end of Prime Path and near Party Island. It features an underwater tunnel. Since the route was not built by Tommy, it is not considered part of the Prime Path.

The sewer system

Sewer System.png
The sewer system is a 3 by 2 tunnel created by Tommy underneath L'Manberg and the Greater Dream SMP that can be accessed through Tommy's "poop machines" found on many bases. Purpled integrated the sewers as an entrance to his underground base.

Much of it was destroyed on January 6, 2021, during the Doomsday War. It is unknown how much of the system is left. But it can be assumed the ones near Pogtopia are still there.

Poop Machines

The Poop Machines, or Tommy's Poop Machines, are Iron Trapdoors filled with water that connects to the Sewer System. They can be found on almost everyone's bases. According to Tommy, it is supposed to be used to "have a shit", but it is mostly just used by Tommy as his escape routes and shortcuts.

After Technoblade's execution, Techno used the sewer system for him and Carl to escape after killing Quackity in the Final Control Room. He also used it to travel to L'Manberg with Tommy during Tommy's exile.

Prime Path

The Prime Path is a wooden path built by Dream and Tommy (with Tommy doing the one leading to Skeppy's house) to help the SMP cover more space and to help with navigation. It is most notably used by Tommy for the purpose of gaining Twitch Primes, as he noticed that he gained more when he would walk on the path. There is an unofficial rule that one must not run, only walk while on the Prime Path to maximize Prime potential. There are two different segments of the Prime Path - the above-ground one and the underground one.

Above ground Prime Path

Prime Path.png
The Above Ground Prime Path is the original Prime Path. It is built out of oak planks/slabs, and connects most of the original builds of the SMP. It starts at the Community House, goes east toward the coast, and ends at Skeppy's mansion, after branching southward right before the Innit Enterprise, and ends at L'Canyon.

Underground Prime Path

Underground Prime Path.png
The Underground Prime path is built by Tommy. It is connected to Tubbo's tunnel, and leads from Tubbo's bunker in L'Manberg directly to the double ravine of Pogtopia. The path still stands, as shown by Tubbo's stream on April 9, 2021, when he and Foolish used the path to visit Pogtopia.[83]

Snowchester-Dream SMP highway

Snowchester highway.PNG
The water highway leads from Snowchester to the Dream SMP. It uses water above soul sand, which allows the user to travel at "hyper speed" if wearing Soul Speed III and using Water Breathing/Respiration. There is a dolphin named Docky at one end that gives Dolphin's Grace, but can only work when exiting Snowchester. It was constructed by Tubbo and finished on February 8, 2021. Its max speed is under 5 seconds if entering from Snowchester.

Trident transport system

Trident transport systeem.PNG
A transport system designed by BadBoyHalo. It uses water pillars as a way of traveling using a trident enchanted with Riptide. The pillars lead from BadBoyHalo's and Skeppy's Mansion to the Community House. The water pillars contain a ladder to climb onto the water pillars and an ender chest.

L'Manberg Path

The L'Manberg Path or the 'Tier-1 Path' was a path starting from the Scenic Route that travels through New L'Manberg. It linked up most of the houses of L'Manberg and the podium. It was destroyed in the Doomsday War on January 6, 2021.

Eret's ice tunnel

Ice road.PNG
Eret's ice tunnel is a transportion system dug by Eret underground that links Eret's castle, fortress, and storage room.

Las Nevadas highway

Las Nevadas highway.png
The Las Nevadas highway connects Las Nevadas to the Dream SMP. It was built by Foolish, and is comprised of black concrete with white wool for lane markings and smooth stone outlining the edge.


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