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Locations on the Dream SMP located in the Dream SMP faction territory.

The Greater Dream SMP and other territories. Mapped by Eret on May 29, 2021.


Aimsey's café

Aimsey's cafe.png
Aimsey's café was established near Puffy's Pokémon center and Eryn's house alongside their first treehouse during their first day on the SMP on March 25, 2022.[1]

On April 6, Puffy left threatening signs at the café to create chaos,[2] leading to Ponk and Seapeekay the café as an excuse to grief and destroy McPuffy's in Aimsey's name.[3][4]

On May 2, Seapeekay destroyed the café and treehouse in revenge for Aimsey burning Ponk's eighth lemon tree.[5]

Aimsey's first treehouse

Aimsey's first treehouse.png
Aimsey's first treehouse was established near Puffy's Pokémon center and Eryn's house alongside their café during their first day on the SMP on March 25, 2022.[1] After being evicted from the Snowchester mansion by Tubbo, Aimsey moved into the treehouse.[6] On May 2, Seapeekay destroyed the treehouse and café in revenge for Aimsey burning Ponk's eighth lemon tree.[5]

Aimsey's second treehouse

Aimsey's second treehouse.png
Aimsey's second treehouse was built near Eret's castle on May 4-5, 2022 following the destruction of their original treehouse.[7][8]

Alyssa's house

Alyssa's house is one of the earliest builds on the server, built by Alyssa next to the main lake. It features a hallway with a fish tank and houses her pets.

Area 51

Purpled's Underground Base.png
Area 51 was built by Purpled as a base extension for his UFO located beneath the UFO. The base is integrated into the sewers as a means of entrance to the base. Purpled started construction on the base on July 17, 2020 and finished construction on July 30, 2020.[9][10]


The arena is a giant fighting arena modeled after the arena from MrBeast's $100,000 Dream vs Technoblade Duel! video. It was built by Fundy, and he and Sapnap fought at the arena to end The Pet War on September 9, 2020.[11]

Awesamdude's bank

The exterior of the bank on June 6, 2021
Awesamdude's bank is a structure currently being built to start an economy on the server by Awesamdude with Sam Nook, BoomerNA, and Hannahxxrose's assistance. It is located beside the Rose Residence. Only the rough exterior of the bank has been built so far.

The project was announced January 20, 2021, and construction began the day after.[12] A few days later, the bank entered a partnership with Quackity's yet-to-be-formed country, Las Nevadas.[13] On November 2, 2021, Boomer was put in charge of resource collection. At the same time, Hannah was also hired as manager of the bank.[14]

Sam also plans to confine the Egg in the bank.

Barrier block staircase

Branching off from the Prime Path between Tommy's house and the Big Innit Hotel is a staircase made of barrier blocks that was built by Drista while she was playing on the server with Tommy and Ranboo on April 2, 2021. The staircase leads to a small platform high in the sky, also made of barrier blocks.[15]

Bee n' Boo

The Bee n' Boo, also known as the Beetel or Bee and Boo, is a hotel built by Tubbo and Ranboo near the Big Innit Hotel. The hotel was originally made for business and has caused many arguments between Tubbo and Ranboo. Currently, the Bee n' Boo is still under construction. It is unknown if it will be finished.

Beet farm

The beet farm was a large area of farmland planted with mostly beetroots, built on an initiative by Tubbo, Sam, and Foolish on July 10, 2021.[16] The farm followed the Prime Path, spanning both sides of all available land in the valley between Tommy's house and the Dream SMP Historical Museum, and there were plans to extend it all the way to the Community House. Puffy tried to replace part of the beets with potatoes later that same day, which caused a small conflict between Tubbo, Foolish, and Puffy.[17] The beet farms were uprooted by Puffy on August 6, 2021.[18]

Big Innit Hotel

The Big Innit Hotel is a hotel commissioned by Tommy on January 22, 2021 and constructed by Sam Nook.[19] The hotel contains several rooms each containing ender chests, beds, and armor. There are also several cats around the hotel to protect it from creepers.[20]

During construction, the site was marked as a construction site. Sam Nook enforced personal protective equipment rules by disallowing anyone without the proper equipment which allowed Tommy to escape from members of the Eggpire.[21]

The hotel was later taken over by Jack Manifold following Tommy's death.[22]


The Catfé is a cat-themed café built by Eret and Sam with the help of Karl on October 22, 2020.[23] It is located along the Scenic Route near the underwater tunnel.

Cat Maid Café

The cat cafe 2.png.png
The Cat Maid Café was a cat maid themed café built on March 23, 2021 by Niki and HBomb.[24] The Café was located where George's house used to be. It was destroyed by Eryn on November 1, 2021.[25] The cat maid café is also on top of one of the many holes the Ground Goblin resides in.

Community House

The Community House was built in the center of a lake near spawn on the first few days of the server by Dream, George, and Sapnap. It served as the first build and was used as a base before they branched out. The building used to house many pets such as Beckerson and Mars. It was used for recreation and peace time. Anyone could take supplies from the Community House, given its name.

The house was blown up on January 5, 2021, and Tommy was blamed.[26] On January 20, 2021, Dream admitted to blowing up the house for his scheme to gain power.[27]

Ranboo and Puffy attempted to restore the house with the restoration process being finished on January 30, 2021. However, it was later blown up again after Puffy activated TNT inside that Fundy set up as a prank.[28][29] Following the explosion, the Community House was rebuilt again.

Community pet house

Sapnap dog foxhouse.PNG
The community pet house was built by Dream and Alyssa on May 8, 2020 to relocate the server's pets from the Community House.[30] It was later taken down by Dream and George on November 19, 2020 because it was unused.[31]

Conflict Resolution Pit

Conflict Resolution Pit.png
The Conflict Resolution Pit, also known as the Civil Dispute Pit. was built by Ranboo on December 8, 2020 as a place to settle conflicts.[32] The pit is located near Boomerville and Corpse's house.

Cool Gamerz Night Club

Club Bedrock.png
The Cool Gamerz Night Club, also called Club Bedrock, is built by Karl Jacobs with the help of Sam and Sapnap on September 28, 2020. The club goes all the way down to bedrock level. The club is invite-only, and Tommy and Wilbur are not allowed since Karl wasn't allowed in L'Manberg.[33]

Corpse's house

Corpse's house.png
Corpse's house is a built by Corpse with Eret, Quackity, Karl, Sapnap, and Niki's help during his first visit to the SMP on December 16, 2020.[34][35] The house features a stage used for a singing competition.


The Courthouse was constructed by Sapnap, George and Dream on April 11, 2020 and was used to solve legal issues within the server.[36]

Dating house

Dating House.png
The dating house is a hodge-podge house built by Karl on November 12, 2020. Located across the Harry Potter house, the dating house was used by Quackity to date people.[37] Karl's pet polar bear, Bogey, lived on the first floor of the house until being moved by Fundy on December 11, 2020.[38][39] It was destroyed by Hannah on April 23, 2021.[40]

Deal or No Deal building

Deal or No Deal Building.png
The Deal or No Deal building was a structure built out of wood near the quartz mansion. It was used for Dream's $5,000 Deal or No Deal event featuring George, Tubbo, Purpled, Punz, Sapnap, Eret, and Tommy.[41][42] It was later burnt by DreamXD on February 26, 2021 in order for George to build a McDonald's in place of it.[43]

Dream's base

Dream's base is an underground secret bunker built in a hill by Dream, located off of the part of the Prime Path behind Tommy's house. It includes several chests full of Dream's things, along with stacks of furnaces and crafting tables lining the walls.

The base was discovered by Tommy and Tubbo during The Disc Saga,[44] and after the Disc Saga, Dream abandoned the base. The base was later damaged by Puffy.

On January 30, 2022, Sapnap found the Book of Death in the base.[45]

Dream's Holiday Resort

Dre Holiday Resort.png
Dream's Holiday Resort, also known as the Dre Holiday Resort, was a prank built by Fundy on November 3, 2020 near the Harry Potter house comprising of iron doors and trapdoors.[46] The iron doors referenced Dream being trapped during Sands of Time in MCC 9. It was destroyed by Tommy on July 6, 2021.[47]

Dreamon Hunter camp

Dreamon Hunter Camp.png
The Dreamon Hunter camp is a small camp consisting of four tents (three white ones to sleep in and a large lime one) and a pit made out of dark oak wood, dubbed "the containment pit for containing shit." It was built October 14, 2020 and is located close to the Badlands territory.[48][49]

Eret's castle

Eret's castle, also known as the Gay Castle or the Pride Palace, is a massive structure in Dream SMP. It was built by Eret and is used as their home.

Eret's fortress

Eret's fortress is a giant unfinished fortress built in front of the Holy Land and next to the Hall of Fame. The fortress was used as the L'Manbergian headquarters while preparing for the Doomsday War.[50] Inside of the large tower is a statue in the shape of a totem which was built for Foolish Gamers after he sacrificed himself for Eret.[51]

Eret's towers

Eret's towers are two towers that stand outside the borders of L'Manberg to keep watch over them, built after the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War. One of the towers is located on Dream SMP land across the lake in front of the L'Manberg Wall, and the other is located on the hill next to the L'Manberg Podium. They were griefed multiple times by Fundy as part of a prank war, causing Eret to have to redesign it to include obsidian.

Fallout bunker

The fallout bunker was a bunker constructed by Tommy and Tubbo on September 13-14, 2020 near Fundy's secret base.[52] It was made in case nuclear war broke out on the server. It was built 24 blocks underground to escape the nuclear blast using "premium bonds" (white wool). It included an "air purifier" (water) and a stairway back to the surface. The bunker was nearly burnt down, but was repaired with oak wood.

Fundy's chess board

Fundy's Chessboard.png
Fundy's chess board is a giant chess board built outside L'Manberg along the Scenic Route near the Catfé. With this board, he intends to host chess tournaments. The board also features audience booths and high chairs for the layers to look over the board. The chess pieces are currently colored carpets retextured with a resource pack to resemble chess pieces.

Fundy's cottage

Fundy's cottage is a house built by Fundy after the Doomsday War to live away from people in solitude. It is located deep in the woods between Kinoko Kingdom and Rutabagville, east of Las Nevadas.

Fundy's secret base

Fundy Base.png
Fundy's secret base is his former main base, located in a cave underground. He stopped using it after Eret flooded it and essentially never returned after the base became the final resting place of his pet enderman that Sapnap killed during the Pet War. Not to be confused with Fundy's secret bunker in L'Manberg. Fundy's main base then became the dirt and stone tower next to the sign, and Tommy temporarily used it to store some of his items. Fundy blew the tower up on May 3, 2021.[53]

George's house

George's House.png
George's house was built on November 16, 2020 by George and Callahan after George realized that he didn't have his own house after months of playing on the SMP. George also used it as an excuse to stay out of the fighting in Manberg/L'Manberg in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. It was burned down on November 28 by Tommy and Ranboo, leading to the Exile Conflict. The house was later severely damaged. Hannah and Sam blew up its remains on March 22, 2021.[54] It was replaced by the Cat Maid Café the next day.[24]

George's McDonald's

Deal or no deal mcdonalds.JPG
George's McDonald's was built to replace the Deal or No Deal building on February 26, 2021.[55] It was later blown up by Foolish on July 17, 2021 during a clean-up stream.[56]

Gingerbread house

Gingerbread House.png
The gingerbread house was built by Antfrost and Jack Manifold to celebrate Christmas on December 13, 2020.[57] The house had candy canes around it with snow and colored wool to represent gumdrops on the roof. Puffy destroyed the building on July 6, 2021 after he allowed Tommy to destroy L'Targay.[58]

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame.png
The Hall of Fame was a structure built by Sapnap to award his Twitch donors. It was built in the early days of the SMP on June 29, 2020 and was located on the Prime Path near the Community House.[59] It was destroyed by Foolish on July 18, 2021 during a clean-up stream. One glowstone block at the top was spared.[60]

Harry Potter house

Harry Potter Home.png
The Harry Potter house is a small house built September 9, 2020 by Karl alongside Eret and Sapnap located underneath the Prime Path near Punz's house. It features a secret wedding chapel underground for marriages on the SMP, most notably the planned marriage between Karl and Sapnap.

Quackity attempted multiple marriages (with Karl, Schlatt, and Eret) at the chapel on the night of the election, but none of them actually went through.[61]

Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion.png
The Haunted Mansion is a haunted mansion built by Karl, Niki, Quackity, Eret, and Awesamdude with the help of HBomb on October 28, 2020.[62] It is located in the spruce forest behind Lemon City, and is built based on the Mystery Mansion from Scooby Doo. It was used to celebrate Niki's birthday days later.[63]

HBomb's diamond minigame

HBomb's diamond minigame is a minigame where players need to find the one diamond ore block in a cave filled with diamond ore picture item frames. Players are timed the moment they open the door. The prize for winning is the diamond. It is built near HBomb's parkour tower.

HBomb's Hungry Hungry Hippos

HBomb's Hungry Hungry Hippos.png
HBomb's Hungry Hungry Hippos is a recreation of the game Hungry Hungry Hippos in Minecraft using striders. The game is built near the parkour tower.

HBomb's magma block minigame

Magma block minigame.png
HBomb's magma block minigame was built on July 19, 2021. The game features a dance-floor like layout with carpets covering magma blocks that damage the player while the player has to find a hidden solid block. It is built near HBomb's parkour tower.[64]

HBomb's parkour tower

HBomb's Parkour Tower is a glass tower created by HBomb after the fallout of the L'Manberg election. The tower marks the starting point of a "Leap of Faith" obstacle course.

Obstacle course
The "Leap of Faith" obstacle course was made to test the skills of the SMP members. It was also made for the ulterior motive of upping the number of player deaths caused by HBomb, which he counted as his "kills". The tower is located behind Eret's castle and near Antfrost's animal farm. The course consists of two slime block jumps, two chests (one with bows and one with arrows), a target block and a platform to land in water if the attempt is successful.

Course usage
The course was designed to be difficult and frustrating for most players. Many members of the SMP have tried to finish the course, but only four people have completed it thus far:

  1. GeorgeNotFound[65]
  2. Punz
  3. Technoblade
  4. Sapnap
Fundy claimed to have beaten the course with a 360 degree bow shot.[66] However, he had rigged the redstone of the target block such that the arrow could hit any part of the target block, not just the center.

Hutt's Pizza

Hutt's Pizza is a pizza shop built by Karl, Eret, and Punz on August 26, 2020 next to the Socializing Club and Walmart. It features a rooftop aquarium owned by Hutt, Karl's pet fish. Located near the Socializing Club.[67]

Originally, Karl wanted to build the Pizza Hut near Dream's base. However, due to the geography around his base, Karl decided that the space next to the Walmart was perfect for the location.[67]

The building was damaged from TNT on July 6, 2021.

On July 10, 2021, the shop was declared "Hutt's Beetza" by Sam when he, Tubbo and Foolish were building their beetroot farm.

Karaoke stage

Karaoke stage.png
The karaoke stage is a simple platform comprised of wooden slabs used for karaoke. It is easily accessible from the main path, and faces Punz's house. People such as Dream, Karl, George and Quackity have been seen doing karaoke from time to time.

Karl's build-off structures

Karl's build-off structures are located near Boomerville. The structures were built during Karl's building competition with the theme of "2020 in a nutshell" on December 29, 2020 by George (with the help of Callahan) and Quackity (with the help of Ranboo). Quackity built a toilet while George built a nut.

The toilet features a redstone door that flushed players into hell and a picture of George's face being flushed into a toilet on the tank. The nut features "2020" built inside, a picture of Quackity turned old, and Callahan inside a glass case.

Quackity won the build-off with 52,000 votes while George lost with 29,000 votes.[68]

Karl's floating bamboo house

Floating Bamboo House.png
Karl's floating bamboo house was Karl's primary house located between the BSA L'Manberg Embassy and L'Manberg built on September 1, 2020. His house was the home to Honk the Diamond and Socks the Horse. The house also featured a secret chest filled with every music disc except Pigstep. Karl built his house next to the embassy and L'Manberg to annoy Tommy since Tommy wouldn't allow him into L'Manberg. It was destroyed by Tommy, Tubbo and Tom (NotDream123) on July 9, 2021.[69]

Lemon City

Lemon City is a fortified Nether themed base created by Ponk. He sacrifices cats within the city as a ritual. It is located beyond the Subs/Holy Land, and can be accessed by following the crimson wood path that extends from the original wooden path leading from the Community House.

After three of Ponk's lemon trees were burnt down by various members of the server, he decided to make a new one out of crimson and warped Nether wood logs so that it could not be burned, due to popular requests from his viewers. The tree has a water elevator and is one of the tallest structures in the server. He also grew more Nether trees around his area to match the visual theme of his base. Ponk currently stores most of his animals in a chunk error built by Eret outside the city walls (unofficially named "the hole").

The wall fortifications were taken down by Foolish and Bad with Ponk's permission so that Foolish could use the blackstone for his own project.

L'Cast Lake

The L'Cast Lake is an area decorated by HBomb for the L'Cast podcast.


L'Targay was a building modeled after Target built by Puffy on November 19, 2020.[70][71] Built with an LGBTQ+ theme, L'Targay replaced the broken-down Walmart for Black Friday. L'Targay used to only sell remains of Schlatt, and was still un-opened at the time, but his remains have since left. Tubbo had decided to repair the shop and take over ownership. However, on July 6, 2021, Tommy, Antfrost, Foolish, and Sam worked together to destroy it since nothing had been done with it.[72]

Master Oogway shrine

Place of master oogway.PNG
The Master Oogway shrine is a shrine made by Ponk to honor the fictional character. It contains several leaves, a huge picture of Oogway himself, and several random blocks. Planning and construction started February 15, 2021,[73] and the project was completed February 23, 2021.[74]


Puff mac tweet.jpg
McPuffy's was a restaurant based on the famous fast food chain McDonald's. It was built by CaptainPuffy with the help of Foolish on February 27, 2021 near the Bee n' Boo and the Big Innit Hotel.[75] Puffy claimed that it has the best food on the SMP.

It was later blown up by Ponk on April 14, 2022.[76] The destruction of McPuddy;s lead Puffy to hear leaving for the 1.18 world on April 15, 2022.[77]

Michaelmcchill's house

Michealmcchil House.PNG
Michael's house is Michael's first build on the SMP. Located on a hill, it is primarily made of spruce logs and wood. The house has one floor and a basement.

MLG water tower

MLG water tower.png
The MLG water tower is one of the early builds of the SMP built by Sapnap near the Community House. The building spans from the height limit to bedrock and is used by members of the server to test their MLG water bucket skills.

Motivational quote house

The motivational quote house was a small leaf house built outside of The Holy Land and Church Prime by Tommy and Dream on November 9, 2020.[78] While the name implies that it gives motivational quotes, the house was built to do the opposite. Players were actually given a demotivational quote after paying. Examples of such quotes are "George is left-handed" and "You are going to die." It was damaged at some point and later taken down by Hannah on April 23, 2021.[79]

Nether portal hub

The Nether portal hub is the main access point to the Nether for most members of the Dream SMP. The floor of the hub is made of Nether-related blocks. There is also a walkway leading to it decorated with trees on either side. It is located west of the Community House. For a period of time during the Las Nevadas Era, the portal had a wall constructed by Bad and Foolish surrounding it used to gatekeep entry and to collect tolls. The wall was later taken down. As of November 30, 2021, a new special nether portal made out of crying obsidian was make. The portal connects the 2 worlds, the original DSMP world and the new 1.18 DSMP world.

Niki and Puffy's flower shop

Flower Shop.png
Niki and Puffy's flower shop was built on November 28, 2020 during their date. It is located across Church Prime and to the right of the Hall of Fame. Dream was the first customer of the shop, buying flowers for George. Ranboo and Fundy attempted to take over the flower shop hours after its opening, but failed.[80]

Outdoor theatre stage

Outdoor Theatre Stage.png
The outdoor theatre stage is a small wooden platform built near Church Prime by Fundy on August 11, 2020.[81] Tommy, Tubbo, and Fundy reacted scenes from various plays and attempt to start a theatre company that failed at the stage. It was severely damaged later on. It was fully repaired by Hannah on April 23, 2021.

Pokemon Center

Pokemon Center.JPG
The Pokemon Center was built by Puffy on August 4-5, 2021 on the former location of the Studio, next to the Temple of Hype.[82][83]

Ponk Point

Ponk Point Construction.jpeg
Ponk Point is a graveyard south of Church Prime and south-west of the Dream SMP Historical Museum, built on January 8, 2021 by Ponk. The graveyard consists of six shrines for respectively, Ponk's cat "Sacrifice" during the Doomsday War, L'Manberg, Helga (the character from The Village That Went Mad), Mexican Dream, Tommy, and Tubbo. It also contains a flower garden and a soon to be built lemon tree. The latter two shrines were built preemptively on January 20, 2021, as Ponk expected that one or both of them would die during the Disc Confrontation that same day.

The graveyard was originally built to serve as a resting place for the sacrifice since it was the first casualty of the Doomsday War. However, after he realizing that there was enough space for more, Ponk then built more shrines.

Many Dream SMP fans in Ponk's chat and on Reddit jokingly demanded a tomb for the Vegan Teacher after the famous TikToker dueted TommyInnit's TikTok.

A part of Ponk Point was destroyed by Puffy, but was later repaired by Ponk.


Ponk casino.PNG
The Ponk-a-sino was a grand casino constructed by Ponk. Ponk broke ground on December 5, 2020, replacing Sam's old house between the Socializing Club and Harry Potter House. Since Sam owned the land, Ponk was forced to agree to not sacrifice pets on the land and pay 25% of the profit.[84] The building was been partially blown up and later completely destroyed on July 8, 2021.

Ponk's cave of isolation

Ponk decided to retreat to a cave of isolation and become a hermit after an argument with Foolish on August 9, 2021.[85][86] The cave is located directly under Sam's bank. His primary residence is currently in this cave.

Ponk's lemon tree

Ponk's lemon tree.jpeg
Ponk's Lemon Tree was Ponk's home on the server. Multiple trees were burnt down and rebuilt three times before he built an unburnable tree using Nether-type wood and established Lemon City around it.

Ponk's war hut

Ponk's War Hut.png
Ponk's War Hut is a small hut and camp built in the woods near Eret's L'Manberg tower and Purpled's cabin under the Operation: Pogback railway. Ponk built it on November 14, 2020 as a place to fall back to in case the war went the wrong direction.[87]

Puffy's mushroom house

Puffy's Mushroom House.png
Puffy built her mushroom house on November 30, 2020 near the Studio. It contained a basement with a mine entrance connected to the surface by a water elevator. It was destroyed by Ponk as an act of revenge for what Puffy had done to a build he made.

Punz's house

Punz's House.png
Punz's house is one of the largest landmarks of the server. The house is built of dark oak, and a wall separates his massive backyard from the rest of the land. The house features a glass roof and many beehives for beekeeping. His yard also features a tower (one of the biggest on the server) that has floors rented out to various members on the server. The house was recently renovated and its primary build material was changed to stone, after the house was blown up and burnt multiple times.

Punz's tower

Punz's tower is the tallest tower on the SMP, built by Punz within the borders of his house. Many conflicts have taken place on or around the tower, like the L'Manberg Independence War, the Pet War and the Final Pet War. It used to be completely covered in blood vines.

Punzo Chunk

Punzo chunk.PNG
The Punzo Chunk is a chunk that Punz dug out. It has slime blocks on the bottom and a water elevator to the surface.

Purpled's cabin

Purpled's Cabin.png
Purpled's cabin was Purpled's main home after moving out of the UFO. Purpled relocated to a lake outside of Manberg on November 9, 2020.[88] A part of the floor has been destroyed by a creeper explosion, and it is located right next to a field of potatoes. It was destroyed by himself on June 9, 2021.[89]

Purpled's skull cave

Purpled's skull cave 1.JPG
Purpled's skull cave was a house that Purpled built on November 18, 2020 between the L'Manberg capital and the Slums district of L'Manberg, which was later developed into Boomerville.[90]

Purpled's U.F.O.

Purpled's UFO was a UFO built in the sky on July 11, 2020 near Punz's house. It featured a water elevator at the base to get up there and an outdated map of the SMP.[91]

Purpled moved out of the UFO and removed the elevator on his return to the SMP on November 9, 2020.[88] It was destroyed by Quackity on May 22, 2021.[92]

It was planned to be rebuilt in Las Nevadas, although Purpled betrayed Las Nevadas because of the destruction of the original UFO.

Queen's Rajuls

Queen's Rajuls.png
The headquarters for Queen's Rajuls built by the organization on November 5, 2020 in front of The Holy Land next to the Hall of Fame.[93] On November 19, 2020, Dream, George, Sapnap, and BadBoyHalo destroyed the building in a clean-up stream.[94]

Raising the Bar Donor Hall

Raising the Bar Donor Hall.png
The Raising the Bar Donor Hall was built by Michaelmchill for people who donated during his Raising the Bar charity stream.

Ranboo and Fundy's ice cream shop

Ice Cream Shop.png
Ranboo and Fundy's ice cream shop was built on November 28, 2020 next to Niki and Puffy's flower shop as a competitor. It was built in the same style as the flower shop.[95]

Real estate office

Real Estate Office.png
The real estate office was a small building established by Purpled on December 15, 2020 for his real estate business. Made of blackstone, the building was designed for easy accessibility, making it nearly unavoidable for any player walking on the Prime Path.[96] The building was later removed by Tommy and Jack per request of Sam Nook.[97]

Rose Residence

Hannahrose house.PNG
Rose Residence, also known as Hannah's house, was Hannahxxrose's first build on the server. It was located near the spider XP spawner and contained several chests.[98]

The house lost its color due to the Blood Vines,[99] but Hannah later restored it. The color restoration was canonically due to the removal of vines and the addition of roses.

It was later destroyed on Hannah's one-year anniversary on the SMP. Since Boomer prematurely ignited the TNT, most of her prized possessions were lost.[100]

Sam Bucket's fountain

Sam Bucket's fountain is a mysterious water fountain discovered in the forest near Las Nevadas by Bad while spying on Sam Bucket on March 29, 2022.

While Bad spied on Sam Bucket, Bad saw a bloody path with bones leading to the fountain. The fountain was surrounded by gravestones with buckets, and two of the stones had Bad and Foolish's names on them. Bad saw Sam Bucket placing filled buckets on some stones, and after Bad fell from a tree, Sam Bucket chased Bad out away from the forest.[101]

After Bad woke up and had Sam follow him to investigate the fountain in the daytime, the two discovered only the water fountain, leading Sam to believe that Sam Bucket was not real and that Bad was telling a fake story.[102]

Sapnap's house

Sapnap's House.png
Sapnap's house was one of the original homes on the server built on the main lake, next to the Community House.

Throughout the history of the SMP, it was griefed many times.

  • Sapnap's house was burnt by Ponk and Alyssa after Sapnap burned Ponk's first Lemon Tree.
  • Tommy flooded the basement and destroyed pieces of the house after Sapnap killed Henry.
  • On George's birthday, Dream allowed George to blow up the house.
Sapnap later destroyed the remains on March 28, 2021.

Sapnap's secret base

Sapnap's Secret Base.png
Sapnap's secret base was built on November 8, 2020 as a place to hide his pets. The base features a redstone door built by Sam. It was revealed by Dream on November 15, 2020.[103]

Seapeekay's old house

Seapeekay's house was located near the arena. The house was originally a small hut built with acacia wood and dirt on March 21, 2022.[104] On April 3, 2022, he renovated the house to be larger and built with stone bricks and sea lanterns.[105] Seapeekay moved out of the house on May 2, 2022 out of the concern that Aimsey and Boomer would retaliate for him blowing their homes up.[106] On May 5, 2022, Boomer and Eryn blew the house up.[107]

Skeppy's house

Skeppy's House.png
Skeppy's house used to be where his mansion currently is. In the last days of his house, as part of a troll, his house was filled with doors. Over time, it fell into serious disrepair. The house was eventually replaced by a quartz mansion.

Skeppy's hut

Skeppy's Hut.png
Skeppy's Hut was built by corrupted Skeppy with the help of Bad and Puffy after the two failed to return him to regular Skeppy on December 11, 2020. The hut is located by a river dug into a hill.[108]

Skeppy's Skywars map

Skeppy's Skywars map.png
Skeppy's Skywars map was a simple replica of a Hypixel Skywars map. It contained several floating islands above the Prime Path near his mansion and was primarily composed of dirt with flowers, trees, and a pond to decorate the landscape.[109]

On January 23, 2021, Tommy destroyed the islands with help from other players for one of Sam Nook’s quests to advance in his hotel project.[110]

Sky courthouse

Sky Courthouse.png
The Sky Courthouse is a courthouse built in the sky by Tubbo that was used for the L'Manberg Presidential Debate during the L'Manberg Election.[111][112] It later had minor changes and repairs done by Ranboo.

SMP Museum

Smp museum.PNG
The SMP Museum is a grand museum built by Eret to preserve historical builds and artifacts of the SMP. It is located along the Scenic Route next to Tubbo's old house. Currently, a recreation of the original Camarvan is the main exhibit. Other exhibits maps of the Dream SMP, a section of the L'Manbergian walls, and a fraction of the community house replica. The SMP museum is based on the real life British Museum located in London, United Kingdom.

Spider XP farm

XP Farm.png
The spider XP farm is a cave spider farm located near Punz's house. Accessed by water elevator, it has been used by almost everyone to farm XP and string. There is an enchantment table with bookcases and several anvils next to the XP farm itself. There is also an underground villager trading hall close by containing villagers with enchanted book trades and a tunnel that leads to BadBoyHalo's statue room/the Egg.

Statue room

The statue room, also known as the egg room, is a room dug out by BadBoyHalo near the spider XP farm. Originally dug out by Bad for the Dreamon Hunters, Bad took over the room and designated it as the statue room. Bad expanded it with the help of Puffy and relocated the Skeppy statue. Shortly after, Skeppy built a statue of BadBoyHalo beside his statue. After the two statues were built, the blood vine egg appeared. Since then, the vines from the egg have taken over the entire room. By the time of the Red Banquet, the entire room was thickly covered in red foliage and a series of tunnels made with netherrack, Nether brick and red Nether brick was made under and near the statue room.

The Hole

The Hole.png
The Hole is a chunk error mined by Eret outside of Lemon City. Ponk claims ownership of the Hole and uses the chunk error to hang llamas and iron golems. He also has many chickens at the bottom of the Hole.

The Pub

Pub underconstruction.PNG
The Pub is a project to help expand Jack Manifold's business next to the Big Innit Hotel/Jack Manifold Hotel. He began working on it on May 10, 2021, but abandoned it later on. It is located near Tubbo's Bee n' Boo.[113]

The Socializing Club

The Socializing Club was established by Fundy on July 11, 2020 as a place to peacefully talk and socialize and resolve rising tensions between Fundy, Tubbo, and Purpled after an incident where Fundy attempted to kill them both.[114] The building was destroyed by Foolish, BadBoyHalo and Antfrost on July 6, 2021 and the pitfall trap in it was covered up.[115]

The Studio

The Studio.png
The Studio is a building built next to Walmart by Karl on September 18, 2020 with the help of Eret for holding talk shows. The Studio features a talk show area and green screen. Although Karl initially built it to interview members on the SMP, he did not get around to interviewing anyone. It was destroyed by Foolish on July 17, 2021 during a clean-up stream.[116]

The Temple of Hype

The Temple of Hype.JPG
The Temple of Hype was a replacement for Puffy's mushroom house, which was destroyed by Ponk as an act of revenge for what Puffy had done to a build he made. She built it on February 12, 2021 with the help of BadBoyHalo.[117] It was dismantled by Puffy on August 4, 2021 and replaced with the Pokemon Center.[118]

The Therapy Room

The Therapy Room is a small room built by Tommy underneath Punz's house along the Prime Path hidden behind vines. Ponk later claimed ownership with his doctor persona.

Therapuffy's office

Therapuffy office.png
Therapuffy's office is an office made by CaptainPuffy to give people of the server therapy. It is a small building with a couple of rooms for patients.

Tilted Tavern

Tilted Tavern.png
The Tilted Tavern is a small tavern built by Karl on October 4, 2020 on a corner of the Scenic Route near the SMP Museum.[119]

TommyInnit Hate Club

Tommyinnit Hate Club.png
The TommyInnit Hate Club is a small underground area dug by Karl behind Hutt's Pizza filled with signs and torches on the walls with messages expressing hate towards Tommy.

TommyInnit's Holiday Home

TommyInnit's Holiday Home is a location on the server built by Tommy as a retreat to get away from the server's many wars.[120] It was the first house that sheltered his cow, Henry. During the L'Manberg Rebellion, Niki temporarily moved into it.[121] Friend was later also sheltered in the holiday home.

Tubbo's investigation room

Tubbo investigation room.png
Tubbo's investigation room was built on March 3, 2021 to investigate the reason for Tommy's death. It is located in the side of a cliff underneath the Prime Path near Big Innit Hotel, and contains a lectern with Tubbo's book "Evidence," as well as several signs describing his theories and future investigation plans.[122]


Purpled built a building next to the Socializing Club representing Walmart with an uneven parking lot on August 19, 2020.[123] Days later, Fundy, as part of a prank, changed the entirety of the Walmart flooring to magma blocks. Wanting to rival the Walmart, Jack Manifold also built a Tesco above Walmart in the sky, though it was never completed and demolished. On November 19, 2020, Puffy destroyed Walmart, rebuilding it as a Target named L'Targay.[124]

Watch tower

The watch tower was created by Sapnap in the earlier days of the SMP after he saw it was needed on the to-do list. It features a parkour section to get to the top, and is located outside of the main lake. It was destroyed by Foolish on July 17, 2021 during a clean-up stream.[125]

Wilbur's wooden ball

Wilbur's wooden ball is a floating house constructed by Wilbur Soot on July 16, 2020 that is located between the L'Manberg embassy and L'Manberg.

Wilbur first showcased it on July 16, 2020 while Jschlatt toured the SMP.[126] While logging off, Wilbur said that he would not be logging on to the server again and gifted his ball to Tommy.[127]

Fundy later pranked the ball, stating that said "Pee is stored in the balls" and filling it with water and fish.[128] Upon seeing this, Wilbur said he didn't mind it and left the prank alone.

During the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, Tommy used the area above the ball as a temporary secret base as he had no base apart from Pogtopia during the Manberg Rebellion.

On July 12, 2021, months after Tommy's ownership, Tom Simmons (NotDream123) claimed the ball as his house.[129]

World spawn

The world spawn is an area where new members of the Dream SMP first spawn after being whitelisted. Due to server spawn protections, no blocks can be placed or broken inside the world spawn by non-operators. There are walls all around the spawn, making it hard for new members to get out. The walls were built on July 12, 2020 by Tubbo, Fundy, Punz and Purpled to spawn-trap Tommy after he burnt down Tubbo's house and accidentally killed his pet bee.[130] Eventually, the spawn walls was remodeled by Hannah on March 21, 2021 to add an exit with a path to make it easier to leave and to make it more visually appealing.[131]


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