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Tommy, do you have, uh, something you want to put on the floor here?[1]


Logstedshire, or Logsted for short, was a territory created by TommyInnit and Ghostbur for the purpose of housing Tommy during his exile. It was destroyed by Dream after he found Tommy's secret chests hidden under his and Ghostbur's house in Logstedshire. Tommy fled not long after, leaving the place abandoned.



After being exiled on the orders of President Tubbo, Tommy was escorted by Dream to a location far away from L'Manberg and the Greater Dream SMP, east of the L'Manberg docks. They were joined by Ghostbur, who was told by Dream that Tommy was just taking a vacation.

First Day

Dream escorted Tommy to a far land mass by boat, passing a home Tommy mentioned he and Tubbo had thought about running away to, only for Dream to detonate it with TNT less than a minute later. Dream dropped Tommy, and a recently joined Ghostbur, off at their new location, asking them to hand over their items for him to destroy, and building them a small dirt house as shelter.

Ranboo, although not present with him, whispered to Tommy that he was on his side. Quackity and Sam also both comforted him with Quackity sending a similar message as Ranboo, and Sam giving Tommy pumpkin pie and words of encouragement. Technoblade joined them at their location after being told where it was by Ghostbur, arriving to laugh at Tommy, and everything he'd given up for his country only to be exiled from it. When Tommy explained his plan to recruit Technoblade, Technoblade laughed and showed his new outfit by taking off his armor, only for Tommy to attempt to take the opportunity to kill him with a stone sword, only to fail. Tommy and Ghostbur then finished up creating buildings in Tommy's new home, creating a Prime Log, and naming the new land Logstedshire.

Second Day

On his second day of exile, BadBoyHalo gave him a gift, although most of the useful items were taken by Dream. Of note was the disc Chirp. Tommy handed it back to BadBoyHalo upon Dream's arrival and demands for Tommy to drop everything valuable in his inventory, so he could eradicate them. Dream arrived at Logstedshire to make sure Tommy wasn't planning an escape, as well as to torment him a little. Ghostbur returned to L'Manberg to grab a few items, as well as take pictures for Tommy. Tommy realized he could easily visit home from the Nether, and Dream permitted him to stand in front of the portal leading home, but made it clear he'd kill him if he stepped foot on the other side. Dream, Sapnap and Ghostbur used the portal to visit and take a picture of a Christmas tree that had been built in the main server. While Dream and Sapnap were rubbing it in his face, Tommy stared at the lava, silently contemplating whether to jump. This signals just how bad his mental health has already gotten from the exile. Dream pushed Tommy away from the ledge, telling him "it's not your time to die yet" and escorted him back to Logstedshire.

Third Day

On his third day of exile, Tommy found the disc BadBoyHalo had tried to give him the day prior hidden underground. He also found an ender chest left for him by Eret, but refused to take it, feeling it was a "pity gift". He headed to the Nether to get blaze powder to build his ender chest. Tommy met up with Ranboo, who managed to communicate with him via a book and quill. Fundy came to guide Tommy to the nearest Nether fortress. Tommy acted extremely recklessly, making risky jumps, taking large amounts of fall damage, and running through lava after using a fire resistance potion. He claimed he was full of pep of in his step. This behavior led to him losing his items to the lava multiple times. Tommy asked Fundy about Tubbo, who hesitantly told him that Tubbo wasn't doing much different than before the exile. Tommy fell into lava several times, and one such occasion was during his attempt to save Lazar from lava.

Fourth Day

On his fourth day, Tommy discovered a tree decorated with Christmas accessories, made from CaptainPuffy, with a chest underneath the tree. Inside the tree was a stack of blue wool and chicken.

Tommy built a large bridge that would connect the main hub portal to Logstedshire and Technoblade's cabin (technically, since Technoblade's cabin is in the same area). He received resources from Dream and began working alongside him. Dream also gave Tommy the information that Technoblade was around 2 biomes east of his base of operations. Tommy, angry at this due to him hating Technoblade equally as much as Dream, questioned why Dream had put him in such a dangerous location: easily accessible through ocean, nether, and now having to face the danger of Technoblade.

Fifth Day

On the fifth day of his exile, Tommy found another gift under the Christmas tree Puffy made him the day before. On the chest said, "Not out of pity, From HBomb" and on the tree was a picture of the England Queen, with Tubbo andVikkstar standing on her shoulders. Inside the chest was two potions: A potion of fire resistance and a potion of strength. In the middle of the chest was a disc and the name was "Wait." Tommy was delighted to see this gift.

Out of curiosity, Tommy decided to visit Technoblade's home, since he recalled Dream telling him about how close his house was to Technoblade's. He had trouble once again contemplating whether or not he should try to form a friendship with him once again, but often confused by the pride and loneliness, he pushes the thought out of his mind to focus on the task at hand. However, he was terrified that Dream would be upset with him for looking. While he did find Technoblade's cabin, Technoblade stated he wasn't supposed to do so and that he was retconning it.

Tubbo found the path to Tommy's Nether portal, he followed it while holding the "Your Tommy" compass, and went through it to see Tommy. The two stared at each other silently for a few moments, and then Tubbo went back through. He at some point went back through the portal again, and watched from afar. Tommy was convinced he was seeing things, as only Ghostbur saw Tubbo as well. After being hit with a spectral arrow by Ghostbur, Tubbo logged off. He came back online after a few moments, greeted by Tommy trying to suffocate him, as he still thought he wasn't real. Dream added to this by saying he hadn't seen Tubbo. This may have been a hallucination, as Tubbo has claimed to have never visited Tommy.

Ghostbur brought Philza to say hi. Tommy was hesitant about it, but nonetheless was happy. Ghostbur also helped Dream and Tommy decorate for the beach party and happily agreed to hand out invites. Fundy visited as well to give Tommy an axe. Tommy was overjoyed that people were actually visiting him, as he had been trying to convince himself that everyone didn't hate him. People coming to visit him proved that people actually liked him, although this seldom helped Tommy recover.

Sixth Day

On the sixth day, Tommy seems rather excited about the possibility of having many people to interact with. Though, when the time arrived, people began leaving, causing Tommy to doubt himself. Dream was the only one who came to the party and although Tommy was willing to get rid of his armor, Dream handed it back to him. After nighttime arrived, Tommy began to have an internal breakdown, declaring that no one cared for him, that they had only cared when he held power. Enraged, he broke a part of the bridge. After, he asked Dream what happened to Tubbo's compass, Dream seemed to say undoubtedly that he might've burned it. Clearly hurt, Tommy attempts to throw his own compass into the lava but ended up not doing so out of pure exhaustion. He asked Dream if he could go back, to which he responded that nobody missed him since they missed his party. In response, Dream offered to let Tommy to L'Manberg to see the Christmas tree, but Tommy adamantly declined.

He went back to Logstedshire with Dream and began to hang out with him, seeming to have grown on Dream. Dream enforced the idea that no one cared about him, and that only he was there for him. At Logstedshire, Tommy discovered Hot Girl had either cheated on him, or was bleeding. Either way, he killed her and as of now, Hot Girl ceases to exist. He and Dream built a new girlfriend, named "HOTTER GIRL", who looks very similar to Hot Girl. The two then went mob head hunting in a thunderstorm, with Dream allowing Tommy to use his Riptide trident and keep his Channeling trident.

Seventh Day

Seeming rather achingly tired, Tommy's seventh day arrived with another gift from Puffy and Bad. It was a statue of Tubbo with a compass, signed "Your Tommy." Frustrated, Tommy tore down the statue, yelling how Tubbo didn't truly care for him if he didn't bother to come to his beach party. Tommy also got a visit from Jack Manifold, but killed him in lava, unknowingly taking Jack's second canon life, saying "It's been a week and you only visit me now?!" before apologizing. Jack takes the apology but seems to be wary of Tommy, but nonetheless promises to visit again. Jack then steals Tommy's girlfriend, which had been vandalized into a super tall girl by Puffy and Bad the night before. Ranboo is seen at the nether portal and seemingly wanted to see Tommy, Tommy on the other hand says: "Not rn, how bout in 5?" Tommy is obviously happy that someone came to visit him, but struggles with the hurt of no one going to his party.

Tommy emotions swing the entire visit, while Ranboo does what he can to support him. The two hang out for the day, and Ranboo tried to explain that he never received an invitation to the party, the conversation prompted by Phil apologizing for not going and explaining the same thing. He moved on from the subject at Tommy's request. Tommy then begins to state that he had to fight back at some point. Tommy began this multiple step campaign by first going to the villagers to establish trade between Logstedshire and the small village. Tommy made one villager a master cleric, allowing them to buy bottles of experience, lapis, and ender pearls at a discount. Tommy then made his war room, made entirely out of cobblestone due to it being his favorite block. He added two double chests with motivational words on them so they would cheer him up whenever he looked at them. They then went mining for diamonds, only for Tommy to fall into the lava. Tommy, instead of going back down to Ranboo, went to the screaming zone in the Nether he had just made. He asked if any of this was worth it, to which Ranboo replied "I'd say it is.".

Eighth Day

Tommy, still achingly hopeless, decided that he didn't have much time left, but was unclear about what he thinks he is going to die from. He decided to make a nice spot to think and write How to Sex 3, determined that he can't die before finishing his masterpiece. He checked his mailbox to find another letter from Ranboo. His reply started normal, before devolving into a panicked mess. He said he didn't know what came over him, and moved on.

Tommy, realizing Dream wasn't online, seriously contemplated going through the portal to L'Manberg, but decided against it, and instead decided to fix and improve the bridge to his own portal. He seemingly almost had a breakthrough, asking why he destroyed part of the bridge in the first place. He asked for Ranboo's help, who had to get back from the middle of nowhere in order to help Tommy, and eventually managed to do so. Niki and Ranboo helped Tommy build a new bridge with green arrows to his home.

Ninth Day

Tommy revealed to Dream that his time in exile was running short. He went to the Nether to tell Dream about his latest project, but bumps into Mexican Dream. Together they build Mexican Dream a house. Mamacita arrived as well to visit Tommy. Mexican Dream causes his usual amount of chaos, and attempted to comfort Tommy. Mexican Dream stumbled upon a chest of photos of Tubbo in it, and comforted Tommy as he cried over his best friend. Dream destroyed the chest. After a series of goofs, Dream killed Mexican Dream, leaving Tommy despondent. Dream agreed to bring Drista on the next day, and Tommy declared that the day with Drista would be his last day alive.

Tenth Day

Tommy began the day by taking down Mexican Dream's house. While taking it down, he suddenly saw Dream join the game. However, Dream was in creative mode, implying that this was Drista. Although seemingly awkward at first, Tommy was able to keep the conversation flowing. During her visit, Drista destroyed some parts of the property in both the Nether, Dream SMP, and Logstedshire, upsetting Tommy. She made it up to him by convincing Dream to allow Tommy to visit the Dream SMP temporarily. When he went through the portal, however, he was met with Punz, who wasn't aware of the current situation. He tried to kill Tommy, and sent Tommy into a frenzy, who yelled at Drista to kill Punz. After some negotiation and explaining, they decided that Tommy could only visit for one hour, "MAX," as Punz said.

As soon as he came back to the Dream SMP, Quackity joined and joyfully yelled his name. When Drista began talking, Quackity mistook Drista as Dream with another voice changer. Tommy was a lot happier and reckless in this moment, aweing the sight of the Christmas tree and screaming at Quackity out of pure delight. Suddenly, Drista killed Quackity, saying in defense, "He was naked." Afterwards, Quackity offered Drista drugs and in response, she murdered him again. To leave this loophole, Tommy led Drista away from Quackity, saying that Drista might've been the youngest child Quackity has tried selling drugs to. This was false, for Lani was the youngest, being one year younger than Drista.

Drista wanted to have more possessions during her visit, and so tamed multiple wolves, giving Tommy a wolf to tame as well. As they were thinking about what names to give their dogs, Tommy stumbled upon his base, as well as the bench he always sat with Tubbo. He nudged Drista to sit next to him and begged her to play Pigstep, to which she finally gave in. After squabbling a bit more, Drista named all of the dogs "Bruno.".

Tommy invited Technoblade over to sit Drista out, but two other members collided; Tubbo and Sam. Drista, unaware of the dogs' code, hits Sam and asks who he is, the dogs as a consequence of this start attacking Sam. And in defense, he kills her dogs with his enchanted thorns armor. Ironically, while Technoblade was invited to set Drista straight, she told him to shut up. Tommy finally acknowledged Tubbo's presence, who began to believe he was hallucinating once more. Tubbo lent him a few golden watermelons, but Tommy turned right back around to help Drista attack Sam for attacking the dogs. Tommy gave Drista a piece of code that kills Sam, but he left the game in advance. Drista turns the attention to Tubbo, asking who he is. Tommy tries to shrug it off, saying that he's just a hallucination, but Drista refutes the claim, saying that she can see him clearly. After coming back to the poo argument, which has been a running joke between Drista and Tommy, Tommy falls off a cliff, dying a non-canon death. Technoblade laughs and requests for a canon death, saying it's exactly how Theseus had died. Drista then asks once more who Tubbo was, saying how he was following them everywhere. She refers to Tubbo as the "Twerking Man."

Technoblade finally arrives, attempting to kill Drista while she was in creative mode. She refused, but instead gave Technoblade a singular block of bedrock. Although he was supposed to receive it, Tommy jumps in, and Technoblade hits him, causing Tommy to take knockback and die from the fall damage. Tubbo takes half of Tommy's items, including the bedrock. However, he dies from Technoblade's hands and the bedrock is finally in the owner's hands. When Tommy told Drista to ban Dream and went on a rant about identity crisis, Drista instead temporarily banned Technoblade, Tubbo, and Sam.

In Tommy's final moments of his limited time, he got to bond with Technoblade for a moment while jamming out to the song Pigstep. Although Technoblade attempted to hand Tommy back the Pigstep disc because of refusal to trade, the disc went back to Drista. When the time was up, he headed back to Logstedshire and bade farewell to Drista. He says that he hopes to see her again, but doubts that because he will seem a bit, "ghostly."

Eleventh Day

Beforehand, Tommy began to move all of his valuable possessions to his war room, deciding that it wasn't long until he would "leave for good." He had planned to lose his last canon life, since he lost sight of the goal he once achieved long ago.

Tommy began his day off with his normal routine with Dream, worshipping for primes with the prime log. Dream then noticed an off block near Ghostbur's blue RV, in which he mined. He discovered Tommy's war room, in which he blew up. Dream then told Tommy to destroy his items in punishment for scheming against him. Dream destroyed the nether portal as well as any sort of communication with the civilized world. Logstedshire was then completely annihilated, blown off the face of the world. Dream told Tommy that he wanted no scheming in Tommy's exile, and Tommy had been scheming all along. Dream said as punishment he should no longer remember the joys of Logstedshire and live in punishment until he learned his lesson that "Dream was superior." As Dream left, Tommy collected a large amount of logs. Tommy then began to build up until he ran out of them. He gazed out onto the sea and the night. He was about to jump until the sun rose and Tommy realized Dream had been manipulating him. Dream had been right; it wasn't his time to die.

Tubbo's Visit Post-Abandonment

After Technoblade's failed execution, and a short discussion about further plans with the rest of the Butcher Army, Tubbo excused himself from the talks and had a sudden decision to finally visit Tommy at Logstedshire, stating that he "need[ed] to see Tommy".

However, when he arrived at Logstedshire, he was met with blown-up terrain and massive craters (made by Dream previously) replacing what ought to be Tommy's tent among other structures. Upon seeing a pillar that was created by Tommy previously, Tubbo concluded that Tommy had jumped off the pillar to his death, losing his final canon life. In shock, he stated, "What? Did he...surely not..." before disconnecting from the server, and turned off his camera and overlay, letting his stream go dark before ending it.

He later, in character, tweeted out "we need to have a funeral"[2], suggesting that Tubbo believes Tommy has died.

Prison Break

Months later, whilst fleeing from Eryn and Sapnap, Niki Nihachu ran through the nether portal and ended up in the abandoned Logstedshire. Realising she had lost the two of them, Niki wondered where she was and began to explore, discovering the tower and then the destroyed houses, she further wondered what happened. She discovered a stone cross with a sign saying this was Tommy's ground and after searching more found a pile of blue wool which had been a gift from Ghostbur. A shocked Niki fled back to the Nether Portal, nearly in tears, and left Logstedshire,

Tommy and Dream's Return



  • The current and only flag of Logstedshire was of plain brown wool. It was used to symbolize the Prime Log which gave the territory its name.
  • The territory was located at 624, 70, -2055


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