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This article is about Manberg, the reformed country under Jschlatt's rule. For the country under Wilbur and Tubbo's rule, see L'Manberg. For the country created by BadBoyHalo, see L'Sandberg.



Manberg, also known as Manburg, was the name of the nation turned empire, previously known as L'Manberg, which existed within the Dream SMP. It was formed after Schlatt assumed power after winning the first L'Manbergian Election. It is almost considered a separate nation from L'Manberg due to the differences in administration, policies, territory and relationships with citizens and with other factions. Its original emperor Jschlatt was overthrown and canonically died during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. It was destroyed by Wilbur Soot after he detonated the TNT that laid below the country. Its remnants were further destroyed when Technoblade spawned a pair of withers.


Schlatt’s inauguration

On September 22, 2020, Schlatt won the first L'Manbergian Election after SWAG2020 pooled their votes with his party. He declared himself the emperor, and his first decree was to revoke the citizenship of Wilbur and Tommy. The two were driven out of the nation and subsequently formed Pogtopia. In his second decree, Schlatt ordered his citizens to take down the walls around the city that had previously been up since its creation. In his third decree, he renamed L'Manberg to Manberg, claiming that the country would take no L's. He planned to replace many of the longstanding structures of the city with tall apartment buildings and a monument of himself.

Schlatt imprisoned Nihachu for plotting against him and killing Quackity. She managed to break out of the jail and escape to Tommy's holiday home, where she took sanctuary to avoid him. Instead of chasing after her, Schlatt ordered the citizens to raid her house and bakery to take all of her belongings for her taxes, leaving Niki with nothing left.

Fundy burnt down the old L'Manberg flag and then, under Schlatt's orders, rebuilt it with obsidian, crying obsidian, and magma blocks in order to make it harder to destroy. The members of Manberg started taking down long-standing structures of the former nation and cleaning up the area in general.

With his elected power, he concentrated all power of the government and centralized it into his single position.


Schlatt announced that there was going to be a festival to celebrate the "newfound democracy" of Manberg after Wilbur and Tommy lost the election and were subsequently banished, and all were welcome to the festival including even Technoblade, but not Wilbur or Tommy. Tubbo was the main organizer of the event. Fundy, Ponk, Karl and Tubbo all contributed to building mini-games and attractions for the festival.

During the festival, while Tubbo was delivering his speech, he was outed as a traitor and spy by Schlatt in front of all of the guests. Schlatt called Technoblade, asking him to kill Tubbo. Despite people's protests (including Quackity and Fundy), Technoblade felt pressured and carried out the execution, accidentally killing Schlatt and Quackity as well. Niki was also banished from Manberg for being "a thorn in my side" and almost executed after standing up to Schlatt.

Fundy was promoted from Archbishop to Schlatt's right hand man, taking Tubbo's original position. Ponk was given the role of the nation's official and only doctor.


Quackity resigned from his position as Vice President after an argument with Schlatt about taking down the original White House. George, the other Vice President, had abandoned his position, not really interested in the nation or its politics.

After the resignation of Quackity and the public execution of Tubbo, any support left for Manberg began to crumble. Manberg had been reduced from the most ambitious nation to the weakest major power on the server. Fundy and Ponk defected as well and the only other remaining citizens, GeorgeNotFound and JackManifold, had been inactive for weeks. Due to this Manberg had been essentially reduced to a single patriot: Schlatt himself.

Approaching War

Schlatt met in Dream in secret, and they made a deal. In return for Dream SMP defending Manberg during the inevitable war, Schlatt would give Dream a book with knowledge on reviving people from the dead. Dream agreed to betray Pogtopia and informed Schlatt about the rigged TNT that Wilbur had placed several weeks earlier. Dream or Schlatt went underground and collected all the TNT.

Quackity and Schlatt met to discuss building a hotel. Quackity gave Schlatt an 100 page book for Schlatt to sign so the hotel could be constructed, which also had a secret page that allowed Quackity to become the president. Schlatt played along for a bit and then exposed Quackity's plans and revealed his knowledge about the rigged TNT to Pogtopia.

All the Pogtopians and their allies met up with Dream after the failed attempt to get Manberg by Quackity. Dream revealed his newfound stance and also revealed that there was a traitor among the Pogtopians. This was highly speculated to be Technoblade because of what he did in the festival. After some discussion, Dream and the Pogtopians agreed to have a war in ten days. This war would be dubbed the Manberg vs Pogtopia War.

Dream later gave Schlatt full netherite armor and weapons as well as a shield that had the design of the Manberg flag. They then had a meeting with Karl Jacobs and Sapnap, members of a new nation, Rutabagville , who were interested in joining Manberg's side. The two ended up joining Manberg's side and agreed to make Rutabagville a district of Manberg, which upset Niki who had built the country with them and who ended up leaving it after hearing of the annexation.

Manberg vs Pogtopia

The Manberg vs Pogtopia War took place on November 16, 2020. Pogtopia had managed to gather a whole slew of members and allies, including practically all remaining citizens of Manberg and the Badlands, while Manberg had the support of Rutabagville and the leaders of Dream SMP. When the war started, it became rapidly clear to Dream, that Pogtopia would overwhelm Manberg by sheer numbers and surrendered minutes after the start of the war. He led everyone to see a drunk Schlatt in the Camarvan. After a few minutes of yelling at Quacity and Fundy and trying to lift weights, he died of a heart attack in front of the whole server. After a juggle of the presidency between Wilbur and Tommy, Wilbur finally made Tubbo the third president of L'Manberg, dissolving Manberg.


The Jschlatt Administration was the only administration of Manberg. Although Schlatt had ambitious plans, and was even able to go through with some of them such as the Festival and the building of the hotel, the administration as a whole lacked order. Additionally, many of the citizens under its rule were very unhappy, and this is evident through the sheer amount of alliances Pogtopia had during the final war. Overall, while it had a great start, this administration proved to be very unsuccessful.


  • Schlatt - Emperor (Deceased)
  • Karl Jacobs - Joined as a result of Rutabagville merging with Manberg
  • Sapnap - Joined as a result of Rutabagville merging with Manberg

Former citizens

  • Wilbur - Citizenship revoked, banished
  • Tommy - Citizenship revoked, banished
  • Tubbo - Officially joined Pogtopia after the festival
  • Niki - Citizenship revoked, banished, joined unknowingly after Rutabagville's annexation, but left after finding out
  • Quackity - Resigned as Vice President, joined Pogtopia
  • Fundy - Resigned as Archbishop/Right-hand man, joined Pogtopia
  • Ponk - Former Doctor in Manberg, Doctor in Pogtopia
  • Jack Manifold - Seceded and created Manifold Land
  • George - Former Vice President, abandoned his position following being crowned king of the Dream Smp, but still supports Manberg


  • Dream/Schlatt Pact - Allied due to Schlatt giving Dream an important object.
  • Rutabagville Pact - Karl briefly allied with Schlatt and Dream before proposing its incorporation into Manberg