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The Manberg Rebellion is the third major arc that took place on the Dream SMP, following the L'Manberg Independence Arc, and lasted from September 22 to November 16, 2020. It was the last arc of what is considered Season 1 of the Dream SMP.

It began with the SWAG2020 vs POG2020 Election, and encompassed four eras - The Election Fallout, the Rise of Manburg and Pogtopia, the Manburg Festival, and the Pogtopian Uprising.


After the country of L'Manberg won its independence from the Dream SMP, there was relative peace for a brief period of time following the war.

In order to better consolidate his power, Wilbur Soot decided to hold an official election, after having previously declared himself President, rather than having been elected to the position. He asked TommyInnit to be his running mate, and together they ran under the party name of POG2020.

Wilbur intended for his party to be the only one running, but shortly after he announced his candidacy, Quackity decided to run as well, choosing George as his running mate, in his own campaign, SWAG2020.

During the Election night "rally", each party was asked to give speeches as well as bring forward endorsements for their candidacy. It was here that Coconut2020, run by Fundy and Nihachu, made their debut as Coconut2020, along with the reveal that Jschlatt, who had previously been banned from the server, and was only supposed to come for one night to endorse POG2020, announced his own campaign, Schlatt2020. Due to a coalition with SWAG2020, Schlatt2020 ended up winning the election, and Schlatt become the new president of L'Manberg.

Main events

Election Fallout

The Election Fallout refers to everything taking place after the events of the SWAG2020 vs. POG2020 Election. It encompasses everything up to the burning of the original L'Manburgian flag, and the creation of Pogtopia.

During this time, the Jschlatt Administration took executive power of L'Manberg, exiling TommyInnit and Wilbur Soot, along with destroying the walls around the country, and dropping the 'L' in the name to just "Manberg".

In their time in exile, Tommy and Wilbur began building Pogtopia with the help of the newly joined Technoblade, and their spy on the inside, Tubbo.

The Rise of Manberg and Pogtopia

The Rise of Manburg and Pogtopia refers to everything taking place between the events of the Election Fallout, and the Festival Era.

During this period of time, both sides began building up supporters and supplies for the coming conflict. Dream pledged his secret allegiance to Pogtopia, giving Tommy a gift in the process. Niki was imprisoned for burning down the new Manburg Flag, but was freed by Quackity, to escape JSchlatt's unjust laws she ran away from Manburg and moved into Tommy's Holiday Home. Fundy worked to rebuild the Manburg flag, and documented his time spent in Manburg in his Spy's Diary. Ponk began supporting Manburg, and Bad and Sapnap planned to create their own faction.

After building his intimidation tower, Tommy discovered the death of his pet cow Henry, spurring the griefing of an Eiffel Tower into a full scale conflict between the side of Tommy, Niki, Technoblade, and Dream; and the side of Sapnap, BadBoyHalo, Skeppy, Punz, and Antfrost.

The Festival Era

The Festival Era refers to everything that took place between the Rise of Manburg and Pogtopia, and the Pogtopian Uprising.

During this era, there was a general sense of both peace and unrest, with the announcement from Schlatt that a festival would be taking place, and Wilbur's sudden and growing descent into madness.

In Manberg, Tubbo, Ponk, and Karl began working to set up decorations and games for the Manberg Festival, while Quackity worked to rebuild the Ninja Drug Alley after it was taken down. In Pogtopia, Wilbur began to plot out his plan to detonate TNT under the country during the festival, with Tommy taking the time to try and talk him down. It was at this time that Dream also revealed his allegiance wasn't to Tommy or Pogtopia, but instead his desire for control, and to no longer see Schlatt in power.

During the festival itself, Tubbo was outed by Schlatt as being a spy following the conclusion of his speech, and was killed by a coerced Technoblade shortly after. Chaos broke out on the festival grounds, with Tommy rushing Techno for killing Tubbo, only to be slain himself, Techno firing into the crowd, and Wilbur and Tommy being hunted down by the festival goers. Niki then confronted Schlatt about killing Tubbo, ending in her death, before she was whisked away to meet up with everyone in Pogtopia.

In Pogtopia, Wilbur pressured Techno and Tommy into fight after Tommy aired his anger at Techno for killing Tubbo. Techno won, killing Tommy, and Tommy accepted the defeat.

Niki, Tommy, and Tubbo began planning how to save Manburg, while Techno and Wilbur began plotting how to destroy it. Antfrost, BadBoyHalo, and Awesamdude began their own plan to create Badlands, and "intervene" in all of the fighting happenings.

Pogtopian Uprising

The Pogtopian Uprising refers to everything that took place after the Festival Era. It is the last subsection of the Manburg Rebellion Arc.

During this time, Quackity was ousted from his position as Vice President after continual arguments with Schlatt. After running away from Manburg, he met up with Tommy, who allowed him to join Pogtopia. While together, they encountered Wilbur, who threatened to blow up Manburg for good, but Tommy and Quackity managed to stop him successfully. Wilbur gave them an ultimatum, either deal with Schlatt, or he blows everything up.

Wilbur attempted to blow up Manburg another time following Niki's birthday party, but was once again stopped by Quackity, Karl, and Niki. Wilbur told Quackity that if he didn't deal with Schlatt by November 6th, then Wilbur would go through with his plan.

Quackity managed to get a meeting with Schlatt, and wrote out a contract that appeared to be a building permit for the Manberg Hotel. However, Schlatt saw through the ruse, and while a frantic Wilbur attempted to blow up Manburg, Schlatt chased after Quackity and Tommy, who had attempted to flee, and revealed that he'd taken the TNT from under Manburg and placed it in Pogtopia. As they met back up in Pogtopia, Fundy arrived, and revealed that he'd been a spy the entire time, bringing his Spy's Diary with him. Wilbur began to realize that nobody was on Manburg's side, and that they could easily take their home back.

However, Dream entered the call, stating that he had made a deal with Schlatt, and that he would be obligated to protect Manburg. The two sides negotiated a date for the war, Monday, November 16th, giving both sides ten days to prepare for the imminent conflict, dubbed the Manberg vs Pogtopia War.


The war ended with L'Manburg restored, with the death of Jschlatt due to a heart attack. However, after Tubbo was dubbed the new president of the country, Wilbur took his chance to blow it up, saying that it could never be the same. Though Philza joined to try and stop him, he was unsuccessful, and the inner parts of L'Manburg were destroyed, along with Wilbur coercing Phil into killing him. Techno was enraged that L'Manburg would just replace "one dictator with another", and killed Tubbo, after which, he set two withers loose onto what was left of L'Manburg. Following the destruction, Techno swore to destroy any government that rose out of the Dream SMP. Despite this, Tubbo wasn't deterred, and began the process of building up his cabinet to clean up and beautify not only L'Manburg, but also the server as a whole.

Final deaths

Jschlatt – Died to a heart attack/stroke while being cornered by all the SMP members in the iconic Camarvan, which the SMP members jumped him from the top.

Wilbur Soot – Killed by his father: Ph1LzA shortly after destroying Manberg.

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