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The Manberg vs Pogtopia War, also considered the Second Great War of the Dream SMP, was a major conflict that occurred on November 16, 2020. The battle was between Pogtopia and Manberg, and their relevant supporters with the notable inclusion of a traitor threat.

This war acted as the climactic conclusion to the two-month long arc formally known as the Manberg Rebellion.


After the fallout from the festival, Nihachu and Tubbo officially left Manberg for Pogtopia. Different opinions on the events and the direction of the country led to a divide the relationship between Quackity and Jschlatt.[1][2][3] After Quackity secretly joined Pogtopia, Quackity and TommyInnit were given an ultimatum by Wilbur Soot - either find a way to return power to Pogtopia, or have Manberg blown up.[4][5]

Quackity managed to get a meeting with Schlatt and wrote out a contract that appeared to be a building permit for the Manberg Hotel.[6][7] However, Schlatt saw through the ruse, and while a frantic Wilbur attempted to blow up Manberg, Schlatt chased after Quackity and Tommy, who had attempted to flee, and revealed that he'd taken the TNT from under Manberg and placed it in Pogtopia.

After the three regrouped in Pogtopia, they were joined by several new allies who revealed themselves to be on their side, including Fundy, who had been believed to be Schlatt's biggest supporter. Wilbur then came to the realization that Schlatt had no one supporting him, and that it would be easy to take Manberg back.

As they began to plan, Dream entered their conversation, declaring that he'd struck a deal with Schlatt, the exact terms of which are still unknown, but that it obligated him to protect Manberg if conflict were to arise. Wilbur and Dream decided that the war would take place on November 16. Dream warned the Pogtopians of a traitor within their ranks.

Preparations for war

Operation: Pogback

"Operation: Pogback" was a Pogtopian plan to construct a railway connecting Manberg and Pogtopia intended for fast travel between the nations. The railway was completed on November 8, 2020.[8] However, the railway was not as efficient as horses, ice boats, dolphins, or riptide tridents, and was not used often.

Manberg's allies

While working on Rutabagville, Sapnap and Karl agreed to fight on the side of Manberg against the Pogtopians, with Rutabagville being dubbed as a district of Manberg. Niki, however, decided to stick with Pogtopia and left Rutabagville.

Dream created banners in the shape of a horizontal black banner with a red X overlaid on top, stating that it was Manberg's war flag. He put the banner on his shield in order to for it to act as a symbol of his allegiance to Manberg. He both gave Karl and Sapnap a shield each with his new Manberg war banner on it.

True motives

While searching for pandas across the server, the members of the Badlands, BadBoyHalo, Antfrost, and Awesamdude, discussed their role in the Manberg vs. Pogtopia War. Bad stated that they would aid Pogtopia in the coming war, but that their goal was to keep the conflict going as long as possible.[9] Ant reiterated to Sam that the plan was to 'box' them in while claiming the land outside of the Manberg and Pogtopian borders, but they had to be careful in who they told, as the Pogtopians might never forgive them when they switched sides. According to Bad, "the Badlands' plan is to fan the flames of the war by joining the side that is losing."

Dream spread his Manbergian banners around the server, acting as propaganda to convince people to join Manberg's army.[10] He griefed Purpled's UFO with banners, but Tommy destroyed them. Dream gave up on spreading the banners, and instead went on to a more pacifist movement.

Dream gave George a banner without him knowing what it was for. He then manipulated George to put the banner on his shield, and George did so willingly. After George put the banner on his shield, Dream happily said that he was now indoctrinated into the Manberg army. George seemed unscathed by his reaction. When Dream gave Sam to put on a banner however, Sam hesitated and instead kept the banner for safekeeping instead of putting it on his shield.

On the day of the war, Karl Jacobs told Tubbo he was giving him a gift and gave him a Manberg banner telling him it looked cool. Tubbo went to the nether and burned it shortly after.

Quackity's preparations

Quackity realized that he was outclassed by the enemy and wished to at least obtain equal gear. Quackity hired Bad to aid in obtaining netherite and diamonds, and whilst mining, the two argued over swear words and drugs.[11] After obtaining netherite, Quackity called it a day and the two went back to the Overworld and entered the public spider grinder and enchantment area. Due to Quackity's inexperience with Minecraft, Bad had to teach Quackity about enchantments and levels. At the end of the stream, Quackity obtained half enchanted netherite armor, a netherite sword, and half enchanted diamond armor. However, Quackity lost the armor the next day after dying whilst AFK.

After losing his armor he obtained with Bad, Quackity begged Sam for some resources. Sam came to his aid, providing him with enough diamonds to craft a set of armor and tools. Feeling pity for Quackity, Sam also hired George to help him in finding netherite.[12] However, while mining for netherite, Quackity died while surrounded by lava, losing everything Sam had given him.[13] Sam responded by giving him another chance and some more resources.[14]

Quackity later lost everything in the Nether again while playing with Karl (who was in VR), and once again, Sam came to the rescue by providing him more resources.[15]

Tubbo and Sam's preparations

Tubbo, realizing he was the least equipped person on the server besides Nihachu, decided to go grinding for diamonds and netherite. He went to Sam's base, but died on the way. Sam retrieved Tubbo's items, and the two got to work on diamond mining.[16] Tubbo stated that he wanted to use a TNT duplicator to bomb out a massive area, but TNT duplication was patched in a recent update of Minecraft, so they couldn't use that. Sam then said that he had a large cache of TNT and gunpowder, so they could use that to destroy the underground. Using this method, the two found a large amount of diamonds, gold, iron, and a single emerald ore underground. Using a silk touch pickaxe, Tubbo mined the diamonds so they could bring the diamonds back to Sam's base and use a fortune pickaxe there. Once arriving at the base, the two used the fortune pickaxe and obtained 114 diamonds. Splitting them between each other into two groups of 57, the two agreed to go mine for ancient debris.

Arriving at the public spider grinder, the two used profits from the grinder to make beds for mining. After they obtained enough wood and wool, the two headed back into the Nether to grind for netherite. After a while, Tubbo obtained sixteen ancient debris and Sam had achieved enough to make a full set of netherite armor. Tubbo logged off for the day with his goals complete. Sam continued to grind, obtaining stacks of iron, gold, lapis, and redstone. While mining, he had also found two zombie spawners and a mineshaft that contained several spider spawners as well as chests with golden apples and name tags. Sam turned the zombie spawner into the second spawner mob farm on the server, and shares with Tubbo and Ponk.


Technoblade spent hours grinding for several suits of enchanted netherite armor, arrows, and other important items both offscreen and on stream.[17]


On the day of Minecraft Championship, while everyone else was having a great time winning and losing Minecraft Championship, Technoblade tweeted that he found everyone's bases and robbed them.[18] In the screenshot, Technoblade had nine netherite ingots, a stack of emerald blocks, and a stack of gold blocks. Either the title was for banter and he had grinded for the materials himself by trading and mining, or he actually had robbed people.

Final Pet War

After Sapnap stole Tommy's horse, Jourse, he and Tommy met up and tried to negotiate a deal in which both of them would get what they wanted; Tommy wanted his horse back, and Sapnap wanted Mars.[19] Sapnap led Tommy to where he had stored Jourse, and they took the horse back to the Community House so that Tommy could retrieve Mars. Sapnap told Tommy that if he gave Mars back to him, he would fight alongside Tommy during the war the next day. However, Tommy was skeptical, as every time they had teamed up in the past, Sapnap had always betrayed him.

Tommy then told Sapnap that he wouldn't give him the fish back for that exact reason. Sapnap then proceeded to kill Jourse, and tried to kill Tommy, but not before Tommy managed to put Mars back into his ender chest. Tommy managed to escape to his Holiday Home, where he then called Technoblade as backup. Before Techno could arrive to help, Dream and George both logged into the server. Tommy, convinced that they were out to kill him, accidentally shot Dream when he saw him on the railway, but Dream and George both put their shields up to show that they weren't out to kill him.

Dream and George both stated that they wanted to kill Sapnap, for a reason that was never disclosed (it's implied that its most likely an inside joke). Tommy, although skeptical, led them to Sapnap, who was standing on top of Punz's tower. Jack Manifold, Technoblade and Quackity also showed up at Punz's tower. Sapnap yelled through the chat that if anybody attempted to come near him, he would jump off the tower. After talks, Sapnap calmed down, joining the group at the base of the tower.

Dream and George then lead Tommy to Sapnap's underground base and told Tommy to become a pet murderer like Sapnap. Tommy refused, and lead the Dream Team and Technoblade to the edge of the Holy Land. Tommy challenged Sapnap to a duel, a test of strength as he stated it. If Tommy was victorious, he would obtain Sapnap's netherite armor, but if Sapnap won, Sapnap would take Mars back. The two armed themselves with full iron armor and iron swords, and began the duel. Tommy rushed Sapnap hoping to earn a quick victory, but he failed to land critical hits and found himself on one heart with Sapnap at almost max. Tommy lost the duel and lost half of his leverage against Sapnap. The two went into a different call and Tommy told Sapnap to follow him. Arriving at the ocean, Tommy told Sapnap that they had to end the brutal Pet Wars. Tommy was about to free Mars into the wilderness, until Sapnap told him that he needed to do it. Giving Sapnap the fish, Tommy watched as Mars was released back into the ocean. Sapnap and Tommy agreed to be allies when the war was over.

Rocket launchers

After witnessing the Manberg Massacre, Tubbo and Fundy were inspired to create their own rocket launchers. Fundy tested his own creations on Eret, firing nine of the crossbows. However, it did minimal damage to Eret, dealing only a tenth of his health and a smaller amount of damage to his armor. Tubbo, on the day before the war, armed his own crossbows. The rockets shot from those crossbows did around half a heart to a full heart against Fundy (the test subject), who was in half diamond armor with netherite boots. Even without armor, they only managed to do a single heart of damage.

After creating more powerful fireworks (adding additional firework charges), they managed to do seven and a half hearts against those without armor. Even though the damage against players without armor was great, rocket launchers would still only prove effective against players with low armor or as finishers to create some spectacle to kill players.

War day

Final preparations

The combatants of the war finished their preparations for the coming war. Technoblade crafted extra rockets and started heading to meet with the others.[20] Sam and Tubbo finished their preparations, and Tubbo headed back to the overworld to gather some last minute supplies. He joked that he could kill Dream, who retaliated by killing him only as a show of force and intimidation, but didn't steal his items.

As Tubbo went to gather the materials for fireworks, Dream continued to follow after him. Tubbo found safety in the Holy Land, and the two went to Church Prime to pray before the war. Though, as soon as Tubbo left the Holy Land, Dream killed him again and began shooting off all of his fireworks. However, Dream gifted Tubbo two splash potions silently after leaving Tubbo alone.

Coercion and traitors

Karl began to attempt to convince people to join Manberg by giving them "gifts" in the form of the Manberg battle flag to Tubbo, Quackity, Techno, and Fundy. Tubbo and Quackity threw away the flags, but Fundy kept his, not knowing what it meant.

Quackity and Tubbo met at the Intimidation Tower outside of Pogtopia and headed up to the top of Ponk's tower to begin discussing who the traitor was.[21][22] Quackity mentioned Tommy, as Dream might've promised him the presidency in exchange for betraying them. They also question Niki's loyalty until they were contacted by Eret,[23] who said that he wanted to side with them while knowing they won't trust him.

Jack Manifold was wondering whose side he should be on. He eventually decided to go with Pogtopia, seeing that most of his friends were also on Pogtopia's side. He also felt that he might be able to secure independence for Manifold Land if he supported them. Whilst wandering the woods on the outskirts of L'Manberg, Wilbur saw Jack and shot him with an arrow before killing him with his sword and taking his first canon life. A shocked Jack demanded answers, but Wilbur said he was bloodthirsty and he forgot who Jack was making him disposable.

Techno, Tubbo, Quackity, Niki, and Fundy all grouped up at the end of the docks to discuss their plans. They make a list of everyone on each side and their supposed motives, before discussing their own. Niki expresses doubt over the war, saying she was doing it out of loyalty for Wilbur but now he's changed she doesn't know why she's still fighting. Fundy also has a lot of doubt over Eret, saying that they shouldn't trust him - but he was outnumbered by the others who believed Eret had truly changed.


Despite Eret wanting to side with Pogtopia, he was worried that it might have repercussions with his status as King. This proved to be true, as he was visited by Dream, who asked where Eret thought his power came from. Eret responded by saying that respect was a major thing allowing him to keep his power.[24] Dream asserted that it was from himself and the other powerful members of the Dream SMP that kept the crown on Eret's head, not the supposed respect that Eret had called on. Dream stated that by staying out of the conflict, Pogtopia and Manberg would destroy each other, leading to the Dream SMP faction reclaiming their rightful land.[25]

After Karl informed Dream of Eret's communication with Pogtopian members, Dream requested Eret to return to his castle. Punz, George and Callahan were also brought to the castle. In the throne room, Dream revealed that he knew about Eret's betrayal of the Dream SMP faction and ordered Eret to take his crown off.[26] Although Eret initially resisted, he was then ousted from the castle by Dream and Punz. Due to the chain of command system that Dream had put in place after the first L'Manberg war, George was crowned as the new King of Dream SMP, taking ownership of the castle.[27]

Tommy and Wilbur

Tommy logged on and revealed his own preparations, including his retrieval of Dream's crossbow, DEFINETLY NOT PENIS, and a Totem of Undying given to him by Ponk.[28] He then headed to the L'Mantree, met up with Wilbur, and covered the tree in obsidian to protect it from everything that might come to pass in the coming hours.

Wilbur and Tommy then spoke, making a few jokes before Wilbur reminded Tommy as to what the tree stood for.[29] He then had Tommy lead him to the entrance of his blackstone tower, and asked for him to play Mellohi. Tommy did so, and Wilbur restated that he would blow up L'Manberg if everything didn't go as planned.

The two then went to group with their allies in Pogtopia. On the way to Pogtopia, Wilbur was sniped down by Schlatt, who sat high up in the eastern tower with Karl. Tommy and Wilbur eventually managed to escape to Pogtopia and met up with their allies. Eret arrived shortly after and made them aware that his power had been taken forcibly by Dream and Punz, and that George was the new king.

The vault

After everyone met in Pogtopia, Techno lead them to his secret base, where he revealed to them the small stone rooms that had housed his things since he'd gotten onto the server. Everyone was sufficiently surprised, until he lead them down a small ladder into a massive bunker with several sets of fully enchanted netherite armor, arrows, materials, ender pearls, stacks of food, and other important resources.[30][31][32][33] The Pogtopians then set out to begin the war.

The siege of the eastern tower marks the beginning of the war. Red indicates Pogtopian advances, a red square indicates a major battle and the orange cross marks Schlatt's death (end of the initial battle)

Siege of the eastern tower

The Pogtopians ran along the Pogback bridge towards Eret's eastern tower,[34][35][36] where they began being fired upon by Karl and Schlatt. The entire army climbed the tower and successfully took it as Karl and Schlatt disappeared from view. They began being fired at by the Manbergians below, and returned fire easily.

After pinning them down, Wilbur called for them to push forward, and half of them took the north to the docks, while the other took the south towards Manberg. The Manbergians attempted to place end crystals, but were ultimately thwarted after Wilbur yelled that it might trigger the TNT. The Pogtopians continued to drive the Manbergians back and overpower them, making Purpled surrender and join them and Karl to stop fighting. They then all chased after Dream and surrounded him.

Surrender and death

After being pinned down and having many of his allies leave him, Dream asked Wilbur to speak with him privately. The two did so, and Wilbur called for weapons down, as Dream had surrendered. Dream announced that Schlatt was an idiot, and that he no longer wanted to side with him.

Dream lead the entirety of his forces and Wilbur's into the Camarvan, where Schlatt was completely armor-less and drunk. Schlatt attempted to berate those who surround him as he does his 'hammer curls', latching onto Fundy, who confronts him for his tyranny. He continues to flounder in his words, until Wilbur asked Tommy if he still had Dream's bow, to which Tommy replied he did. Wilbur then said that Tommy should place it in between his eyes and shoot. Tommy didn't go forward with it, despite people around him beginning to shout for him to do it.

Schlatt drank from one last glass bottle, before he began breathing strangely. Wilbur asked Schlatt what his last words would be, but Schlatt didn't respond, as he suddenly died from a spontaneous heart attack leaving everyone else in complete shock. As the people inside the Camarvan began to cheer, Schlatt's voice echoed one last time, saying his favorite insult towards Quackity, "Flatty patty," in an ominous tone, which angered/triggered him as everyone else laughed, not knowing the full context behind the insult.

A new administration

As the people of the Dream SMP began to regroup, Wilbur asked for everyone to meet at the podium together as he made a declaration. He named Tommy the new president of L'Manberg, and asked him to give a speech. Tommy began giving a speech to everyone, but addressed Dream, saying that he couldn't very well take the position if he still had unfinished business. He wanted all of his discs back, and Skeppy was still in possession of his original Cat disc.

He stated that until he got them back he wouldn't be suitable as a leader. Tommy gave the presidency back to Wilbur, who stood up on the podium and made his own speech, instead giving the presidency to Tubbo, beginning the new era of the Tubbo Administration.

Tubbo began taking down the decorations from the Manberg Festival, saying that they still caused him some PTSD. Niki began to take down the decorations as well, but accidentally broke a brick in the building and discovered all of the TNT inside. Instead of warning everyone, she covered up the hole and continued as if nothing had happened. Tommy then congratulated Tubbo on his new position, and Tubbo gave him the place as his Vice-President.

As they began cleaning and talking about the changes they'd make, Philza, a friend of many members of the Dream SMP, along with being Wibur's surrogate father, joined the game, just as Techno killed Tubbo with no hesitation. He stated that he hadn't spent weeks to plan the revolution only for them to instill a new government almost immediately.

Desolation of L'Manberg

As chaos broke out on the server, with Techno beginning to kill everyone he could get his hands on, Dream taunted Tommy, telling him that there had been a traitor, and that it was Wilbur although Tommy didn't believe him. Karl and Quackity began questioning where Wilbur was, before seconds later, the TNT under Manberg was detonated, and the area was nearly completely destroyed.

Before he detonated the TNT, Philza logged on for the first time, appearing inside the room with Wilbur where the button was placed. He asked Wilbur not to go through with it, but Wilbur insisted that it wasn't his anymore, and referenced Eret's line, "It was never meant to be," before detonating the many tons of TNT. Phil and Wilbur watched as the main parts of L'Manberg exploded.

Tommy and Tubbo returned together, along with Techno, to the remains of the center pavilion. Inside the room, Wilbur begged Phil to kill him, despite Phil protesting, and saying that he couldn't do that to his son. After seeing the faces of the people watching them, Phil took Wilbur's diamond sword, and killed him.

As everyone reeled from the destruction, Techno revealed the soul sand beginnings of two withers Tommy tried to stop him, but Techno threatened everyone not to get any closer. He then asked if Tommy wanted to be the hero of the story, before telling everyone about Theseus, who'd killed the minotaur, and despite saving his people, was exiled.

Before Tommy could do anything, Techno deployed two Withers (after some difficulty), one named "Subscribe to Technoblade," while the other had a generic Wither title. Techno began causing chaos and attacking and killing the people who attempted to kill off the Withers, with Dream, Manberg's former forces, and the members of the Badlands helping him. However, Dream began to realize how much damage two untamed Withers might cause in the long run, and helped the others kill them instead.

They managed to get it under control, and kill both of them, only for Techno to continue threatening anyone who wanted to create a government. Dream revealed to Tommy that Wilbur had agreed to a surrender if he still blew up L'Manberg, which was their deal all along.

Technoblade detonated all of the TNT he could to further destroy L'Manberg with the help of Dream and some others exploding any TNT they could get their hands on. While L'Manberg's destruction continued, the L'Manbergians and their allies joined a separate call to try and regroup and take in the events that unfolded. Sapnap tried to fire the TNT with flame arrows, along with George who finally made it to the battle after working on a house, Dream offered Technoblade TNT to help him with the destruction, Hbomb helped by exploding any TNT he could find, Callahan logged off after being threatened by Techno, and the Badlands claimed their victory.


After things began to die down, and Techno having finally left the area, Tubbo and Tommy began to make plans for the future, agreeing that Tubbo was still the president, despite the destruction and threat from Techno. The supporters of L'Manberg gathered around the L'Mantree, and Tommy reiterated what Wilbur had said before, that it needed to be protected.


The Manberg vs Pogtopia War ended with Tubbo in charge, planning to rebuild L'Manberg for the better with his new cabinet. Tommy and Dream, along with Tubbo, discussed the future of the SMP, and that Dream had been told by Bad that he and Skeppy planned to burn the disc on stream.

L'Manberg was once again whole with a new leader and cabinet, Technoblade went into temporary retirement, and several new people were soon to join the server.


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