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The Membrane exchange was a trade involving phantom membranes between TommyInnit and Technoblade during the Manberg Rebellion.


Phantom membranes are an item used to make special slow-falling potions. Membranes are dropped by phantoms that spawn during the night. However, after phantoms were disabled on the Dream SMP, they became scarce. Tommy conducted a raid on the server to steal phantom membranes from their owners so that he could have a monopoly of the item and use them as currency and leverage over others.


During the Manberg Rebellion, Technoblade needed phantom membranes for slow-falling potions.[1] However, he realized that phantoms were disabled and was forced to contact Tommy to work out a deal. The two met at Tommy's old base, where Tommy made a number of demands of Technoblade in exchange for membranes. Tommy first asked for Technoblade to scream at the top of his lungs, which he complied to before Tommy could give more detail into the request.

The two then bickered for some time about Tubbo's public execution, with Technoblade arguing that he and Tommy were on the same side. Technoblade went AFK to "obtain a glass of water", and Tommy attempted to use this opportunity to kill Technoblade in order to avenge Tubbo. However, he was ultimately killed by the thorns enchantment on Technoblade's armor. After retrieving his items and Technoblade returned, the two walked into the heart of Manberg to make the exchange.

Atop of Disruption Tower, Tommy first asked for Technoblade's trident. Technoblade was suspicious of Tommy for his past history of scamming people, so he didn't hand it over. After Tommy accidentally dropped a membrane, Technoblade quickly put it into his ender chest before Tommy could pick it up. When Tommy asked for the membrane back, it started raining, and Technoblade flew off using his riptide trident.

Rather than accepting any valuables offered to him, Tommy gave Technoblade two options: Technoblade could read a short script given to him by Tommy in a high pitched voice, or Technoblade could build a massive statue of him. Technoblade chose to read the script.

After he finished, Tommy gave Technoblade thirty membranes. Tommy then wanted to do a third exchange, as he realized he could have asked for more of Technoblade's items. However, Technoblade held more membranes than Tommy, leading him to refuse the offer. Technoblade left Tommy with sixteen membranes remaining.


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