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This page is about Mexican Dream, a character played by Quackity. For Quackity's character on the Dream SMP, see Quackity/SMP. For the regular counterpart on the Dream SMP, see Dream/SMP.
Eyy man...


Mexican Dream was a mysterious character on the Dream SMP. He made his first appearance on October 6, 2020. He had a very important relationship with El Rapids, showing up for every inauguration of a new member and orchestrating every initiation. He became furious after learning of the country's destruction.

On December 13, 2020, while visiting Tommy during his exile, he lost all of his canon lives. As a result, he currently resides in the Afterlife, but has also made several ghost appearances on the server.


Mexican Dream had a similar appearance to Dream except all of the white is replaced with the colors of the Mexican flag. Another feature that separated him from Dream was his goatee. His species is unknown, although it is possible that he is part of the same species as Dream.

After canonically dying, Mexican Dream turned grayer, like Ghostbur, with tears flowing from his eyes on his chest. His arms also gained a white stripe each due to the erroneous switch to the Steve model while still wearing a skin meant for Alex. This was fixed in a later appearance.

He is also frequently called "Big Q"[7] or "Quackity"[8] by accident, possibly due to a vague similarity in appearance.


Mexican Dream had possibly the most distinguishable personality on the server. He lead El Rapids like a gang and was not afraid to get into a fight. He was very prideful of his culture, willing to blackmail and shame people, ruining them over Twitter if he heard anything that could be an insult to his Mexican heritage. He likes to talk about his friends, especially Juan Mendez.

Mexican Dream seemed to be addicted to cocaine and used drugs as a coping mechanism when Juan Mendez 'left' him. He was also very appreciative of high value items and substances such as Yeezys. Mexican Dream also took up speed running as a hobby, listening to La Chona in the background. Another one of his hobbies is stealing shopping carts and riding them with his homies.[9]

Mexican Dream can be very defensive of his loved ones, losing each of his three canon lives heroically to save/honour Mamacita and his 'homies'.



Mexican Dream seemingly had a backstory unique from others. Presumably raised in Tijuana, Mexico, he seemed to have lost most of his family at a young age, and grew up "on the streets" with "the boys". Juan Mendez was a big influence in his life, teaching him how to read and count and also being his drug-dealer. When offered a tent, he refused, stating he'd spent his whole life in tents. He said the only flooring he knew was "the concrete of the streets".

Either Quackity or Karl is likely his cousin as Mexican Dream has said that Sapnap has dated his cousin.[10]

It is unknown when or how he reached the Dream SMP from Tijuana, although the route he took is likely through the Nether.[11][12]

Manberg Rebellion Arc

Mexican Dream's first appearance was to Awesamdude in Manberg on October 6.[13] Mexican Dream mostly spoke in an American accent instead of his usual Mexican accent, perhaps to make it easier for Sam to understand him. Sam initially mistook him for Quackity, but realized his mistake when they were face-to-face. Sam gave Mexican Dream some cocoa beans, saying that he knew that Mexican Dream liked them, implying that Sam had met Mexican Dream before. Mexican Dream then acted as Quackity and gave Sam a tour of Manberg.

He later met Sam and Tubbo at the treehouse in Party Island.[14][15] Mexican Dream insinuated that Tubbo was racist against Mexicans, and shortly after, Sam and Mexican Dream murdered Tubbo, stole his stuff and ran. Mexican Dream apologized to Tubbo shortly after and promised to return his items. They put the items in a secret chest for him near the Manberg Podium.

Retribution Arc


Mexican Dream reappeared during Lani's visit.[16][17] There, Mexican Dream quickly became friends with Tommy and Dream. Dream and his Mexican counterpart began speedrunning the drive thru of Tommy and Lani's Restaurant and managed to set a world record first try.

Mexican L'Manberg and Meeting Mamacita

The third appearance of Mexican Dream was during the creation of Mexican L'Manberg, now known as El Rapids.[18] Quackity, George and Sapnap (known as Jorge and Señor Sapnap in Mexican L'Manberg) attempted to convince Dream to join Mexican L'Manberg but weren't succeeding. Dream asked about Mexican Dream and Quackity decided to bring Mexican Dream to recruit Dream before leaving. Mexican Dream pitched joining Mexican L'Manberg to Dream and blackmailed Dream to say that he would join, only for Dream to disappear as well. Girl Dream then entered the spider farm and met Mexican Dream for the first time. Girl Dream immediately joined Mexican L'Manberg. The Mexican L'Manberg members decided to give her the name 'Mamacita'. She took the Bite of Truth successfully and did a customary line of coke before leaving. Dream returned, but when they tried to give him a line as well, he revealed himself to be an undercover cop. Mexican Dream and his goons then made a break for it, in a familiar manhunt format, ultimately surviving.

Logstedshire visit and death

Mexican Dream and Mamacita hanging out with Tommy in MD's house

On December 13, 2020, Mexican Dream was trying to get to Tijuana from the Nether when he stumbled across Tommy and Dream during Tommy's exile (although this may have just been an excuse to visit Tommy).[19][20] Tommy toured him around Logstedshire and he expressed confusion as to why Tommy was so far away from everyone else. He then tried to mug Tommy and teach Tommy how to mug at the same time. Tommy decided to build a home for Mexican Dream in Logstedshire, so he could live with Tommy as a roommate. Dream attempted to mug Mexican Dream but ran away from Logstedshire after Mexican Dream started playing Mexican music.

Mexican Dream's homies (bottom middle: Juan Mendez[21], likely top left: José Mendez[22])

Mamacita then arrived. Mexican Dream and Mamacita began dancing to Mexican music while Tommy wondered if he was hallucinating. Mexican Dream revealed his relationship with Mamacita to Tommy and Mamacita said Mexican Dream was her "one and only" partner. The three built a house for Mexican Dream, talking and joking around with each other. Mexican Dream set up a picture of his 'homies'. He said that Juan Mendez taught him how to count and read while Mamacita "taught me how to love". Later, Mexican Dream and Mamacita comforted Tommy while he cried at pictures of Tubbo and remembered the time before his exile. Mexican Dream placed a large picture of Bugs Bunny with the caption, "FUCK I'M HIGH," and began to cough blood. Tommy ran away, while MD did drugs, and came back to overhear an argument between Mamacita and Mexican Dream. To repair their relationship, Mamacita and Mexican Dream shared quality time with a crafting table. Later, Mexican Dream saved Mamacita and Tommy from a mob 'drive-by', buying them enough time to escape before he lost his first canon life to a zombie. Unfortunately, Mamacita had to leave just when Mexican Dream returned to Logstedshire.

Dream returned afterwards. He was rude and careless to Mexican Dream, forming a rift between them. Dream took down the picture of Juan Mendez and then, shot an arrow at the image of José Mendez[23]. Mexican Dream jumped in front of the bullet, dying to save José's life and losing one of his own canon lives. Nonetheless, Dream took down the images of Mexican Dream's homies and hung up a picture of one of their heads. Mexican Dream returned back to the scene and grieved for his friends, making a gravestone for them. He then retrieved a full set of enchanted netherite armor and an enchanted diamond sword from an ender chest. He proceeded to chase a running Dream ready to kill him, but due to the weakness of his weapons and armor, Mexican Dream lost his last canon life to Dream fairly quickly after the duel commenced. Tommy, distraught by Mexican Dream's death, created a monument to honor his death in Logstedshire. Dream held a memorial in which he paid his respects and admitted that Mexican Dream was better than him. Tommy then gave a final speech, talking about how Mexican Dream was his last true friend.


Initiating Corpse into El Rapids

Although he had died, his ghost came back to initiate Corpse Husband into El Rapids.[24] [25] Mexican Dream had tears flowing from his eyes after his death which made for a large appearance change. Mexican Dream then made both Nihachu and Corpse do their first lines on the server as well as accompany them while they tried the Bite of Truth. This initiated Corpse now known as El Cadáver into a member of El Rapids. Corpse then called Mexican Dream a cereal box, and they got into a confrontation defused by Sapnap.

Mention by Glatt

When Quackity was about to leave Glatt's gym during Quackity's first prison visit stream [26], Glatt shouted that he was being as unhelpful as Mexican Dream. Quackity, having forgotten about Mexican Dream, thought that Glatt was just making up stuff. Glatt claimed that Mexican Dream didn't know Spanish and had a book in his pants, possibly the revival book. Since Mexican Dream does know Spanish, the person who Glatt saw may have been Dream impersonating Mexican Dream.

George's dream

Note: This appearance occurred in one of George's dreams and is unrelated to the real Mexican Dream.

After George stepped onto Ghostbur's resurrection shrine[27], Mexican Dream's ghost spoke to George by possessing Quackity, who was George's conscience. Mexican Dream told George that if George's party had won the L'Manberg election, El Rapids and he himself would not exist. He then asked George why he left El Rapids, to which George said that he wanted to take an easier route. Mexican Dream revealed that George was dreaming before leaving Quackity's body.

After the dream

Note: This appearance occurred in one of Mexican Dream's dreams and likely did not actually happen.

Mexican Dream appeared as a ghost sometime after George woke up[28], and stated that he missed El Rapids. He found out about its disappearance and questioned where it had gone. BadBoyHalo mistook the person who destroyed it for George, causing Mexican Dream to attack George before BadBoyHalo remembered that the person looked like Quackity. Mexican Dream said that he wanted to find Quackity. He found L'Manberg destroyed and expressed his happiness about it, stating that he would've destroyed it himself eventually as it was a competitor of El Rapids. After visiting L'Canyon, the four headed to Karl's house. They entered the basement and found Quackity's old house, which Mexican Dream burned down as revenge for El Rapids' destruction.

Reunion with Sapnap and George

On July 21, 2021,[29] Sapnap and George met up at the Community House and decided to go in search of Quackity, since they hadn't seen him in a long time. They first searched at El Rapids and instead found Mexican Dream, who was crying. Once he recognized them, they started celebrating their reunion. Mexican Dream told Sapnap about how Dream had taken his last canon life. He then started making plans to rebuild El Rapids, before Sapnap stopped him. Sapnap said that Dream had destroyed El Rapids, and walked to the prison to show where Dream was. Mexican Dream talked about his experience in the afterlife during the walk.

They reached the prison and Sapnap explained that Dream was in it. Mexican Dream shouted that Dream deserved to die for his crimes, and made up his mind to kill him. Sapnap told him that it was impossible, but he didn't back off. Sapnap decided to shift the topic and asked if Mexican Dream knew anything about Quackity. Mexican Dream seemed to remember that he was the president of Mexican L'Manberg and said he was worried about meeting him. Sapnap and George then decided to attempt to revive him with a totem if he revealed why he was crying.

Mexican Dream said that he had dreamt in the afterlife that Mexican L'Manberg had been destroyed and he was told that Quackity had done it. Then he came to the Overworld and found out that Mexican L'Manberg was gone, just like his dream, which was why he was crying. Sapnap realized he didn't actually know if Dream had taken down Mexican L'Manberg, which made Mexican Dream angry at him. Sapnap and George decided to attempt a revival by giving him the totem and killing him, even though Mexican Dream tried to back out at the last second.

Mexican Dream somehow transitioned into an alter ego, acting like an American and asking for dairy-free products. After some efforts and another alter-ego, Sapnap and George managed to bring Mexican Dream's normal personality back. He said that he had an awful dream, where he became American and wanted dairy-free products. He now knew the Quackity dream was true, since his latest dream was accurate, and Quackity had actually destroyed Mexican L'Manberg. He then said that he had another vision about Quackity, money, gambling and Las Vegas. He 'smelled the machines' and walked in the direction of Las Nevadas.

In the middle of traveling, he saw the bed that George woke up from after his 'Mexican Dream conscience' dream. Mexican Dream stared at the bed and said something about 'having a crash'. He then walked away saying that he didn't feel too good and then started pillaring into the sky, saying that he had to go back to the Afterlife and that the dreams were too real. But, he saw Las Nevadas from the height of the tower and started running towards it, followed by Sapnap and George.

Mexican Dream stopped them from exploring it and started running away, scared of Quackity after he destroyed Mexican L'Manberg. Sapnap instead took him to Kinoko Kingdom, and gave him the mushroom house, which was the biggest and had the best view of the country. Mexican Dream thanked them for how kind they were treating him, but said he had to go back to the afterlife. He then jumped off the mushroom house and disappeared mid-air.

Reunion with Tommy

On August 23, 2021, Mexican Dream appeared on the server to act as Tommy's lawyer. There was no actual court case, but Mexican Dream (now under the alias of "Big Cock") gave Tommy and Sam advice on how to get the Big Innit Hotel back from Jack Manifold. Notably, Tommy did not seem to recognize him, saying that he reminded him of an old friend and also mentioning that that time was "very fuzzy" for him, indicating that his memories of Mexican Dream from exile were repressed in his brain.


Unlike other canonically dead people, Mexican Dream seemed to retain roughly the same personality as a ghost and seemed to suffer no drawbacks in his ghost form. He became a bit ruder, for which he apologized, saying he talked with very few people in the Afterlife and referred to Wilbur, Schlatt and Tommy. He quickly brushed off the topic in excitement to see El Rapids. Later on, he kept talking about how he didn't have much time left in the living world, and that he might need to go back any minute.

When Tommy returned from the Afterlife, he described Mexican Dream as "very loud".

It was later revealed that Mexican Dream built and opened an OXXO location (a chain of Mexican convenience stores) in the afterlife, and that Jschlatt was one of his customers. He also repeated during this visit that he had to go back to the afterlife and at the end, he jumped off the mushroom house in Kinoko Kingdom, vanishing in mid-air (presumably going to the Afterlife).


Relationships with members
Name Status Notes
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
When Mexican Dream returned as a ghost on one of Tommy's streams, Sam seemed very interested in him and the fact that his tie looked like a penis, and they seemed to get along well.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Mexican Dream was willing to accept Corpse into El Rapids as Cadaver, but got angry when Corpse called him a cereal box. After he shouted at Corpse and tried to attack him, Karl and Sapnap managed to pull the two apart.
RelationshipExtremelyNegative LargePixelArt.png Very negative
Mexican Dream's first interaction with Dream was being chased across the Dream SMP for using drugs. They later mended the relationship, with Dream even teaming up with him to speedrun. He later tried to recruit Dream into Mexican L'Manberg, made fun of him, and jokingly called him a racist. But, he seemed to get jealous when Mamacita said that she loved Dream.

He started to voice his dislike of Dream while visiting Tommy in exile. Later on, he lost a canon life taking a bullet from Dream for José Mendez. Dream then hung up one of his homies' decapitated head, at which Mexican Dream attacked Dream and lost his last canon life. Even as a ghost, he still despises Dream.

After he heard Dream was in prison, he became infuriated, saying Dream deserved to die for his crimes. He made a plan to enter the prison and kill Dream. Even after Sapnap tried to convince him otherwise, he remained adamant on killing him.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Mexican Dream was on good terms with George because they came from the same country. Even after El Rapids, he still recognizes him as a good friend. He seems to trust him more than anyone else, frequently taking him aside to tell him things.[30]
Relationship Romantic LargePixelArt.png Partner
Mexican Dream first met Mamacita when he was recruiting for Mexican L'Manberg. After this meeting, they developed a romantic relationship. He claimed that Mamacita taught him "how to love." He even sacrificed his first canon life to save Mamacita. He still thinks of Mamacita and talks about how he wants to see her again.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Quackity had some level of contact with Mexican Dream previously, calling him to recruit Dream for Mexican L'Manberg and to initiate Corpse. But, Mexican Dream seemed to not remember Quackity after El Rapids. He was furious on learning that Quackity destroyed El Rapids. But, later, he said he was scared of Quackity, saying that if he killed Mexican L'Manberg, he would want to kill Mexican Dream as well.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Sapnap and Mexican Dream were on good terms, both being members of Mexican L'Manberg. However, he has expressed displeasure at Sapnap dating his cousin. Nonetheless, he still recognizes him as a good friend. He was also very grateful for the kindness Sapnap showed to him by giving him the best house in Kinoko Kingdom.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Mexican Dream and Tommy first met while Lani was arguing with Dream, and later became a coworker at Tommy and Lani's Restaurant. Mexican Dream later visited Tommy during his exile and they became good friends, especially after he comforted Tommy while Tommy cried over pictures of Tubbo. In the Afterlife, he found Tommy slightly annoying, but it seems their relationship remained roughly the same.

When Mexican Dream returned to the server to be Tommy's lawyer under the name of Big Cock, the two of them got along very well.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Tubbo and Mexican Dream have only interacted once. They seem to be on neutral terms.


  • "Eyy man..." - Mexican Dream's signature line
  • "Según las estadísticas de YouTube"
  • "Yeah, man, it's who I am, man" - to Tommy after Tommy saw his goatee.
  • "I'm sorry, man, we just speedrun the drive-thru, it's crazy out here." - apologizing to Lani after celebrating the drive-thru speedrun world record.
  • "He walked up to me, man, he looks at my flag, he says, "How do- What do you call a- a person who hates a specific country?", man" - to Mamacita about Dream
  • "Bankruptcy, let's file! Let's speedrun the bankruptcy filing, man! That'd be fun!" - to Tommy after their restaurant wasn't getting any customers
  • "This ain't the path to Tijuana, man." - to Tommy after reaching Logstedshire accidentally
  • "We'll make this place like home, man." - about Logstedshire
  • "Ey, you wanna get high, man? I can-I can call up my friend, Mendez, Juan Mendez, man, he's got the good shit, he's got the good shit, man" - talking about Juan Mendez
  • "Hijo de la chingada madre vas a escuchar, hijo de tu puta madre ...*inaudible*... tu no sabes nada, tu no sabes nada de mi vida, yo, el barrio y los cholos nos vamos a venir por ti, motherfucker!" - When Dream said that he didn't like Mexican Dream
  • "He's mugging me, man. He thinks I'm gonna allow this, man? He's in the wrong barrio, man." - to Tommy when Dream was mugging him
  • "Drop them moves, baby, let's go, man, drop them fucking moves, man! Ah, there you go, man, fuck out of here, man, fuck out of here" - after playing Mexican music when Dream was mugging him and Dream ran away
  • "My Honda Civic have turbo, man, it's a- it's fast, man." - after Tommy mentioned Tubbo
  • "José, José, just know I took that bullet for you, man." - after losing his second canon life
  • "Mega dick, more like, that's me, baby, that's all me, I am awesome, I am Mexican Dream!" - when Tommy said that MD stands for 'mega drug'
  • "You fucked with the wrong boys, you fucked with the wrong motherfucking boys! Come here, you son of a bitch!" - before charging at a scared Dream to kill him
  • "I meet Jesus, man, he's very nice" - to Corpse about the Afterlife[31]
  • "Oh, I see it in your eyes, man, I see it in your eyes, you fucking know who that is, man, who the fuck is it and take me to him right the fuck now!" - to George after learning Quackity was responsible for El Rapids' destruction
  • "No, man, they were my competition, man, I was gonna do it eventually myself." - to George when he was confused about Mexican Dream being happy about the destruction of L'Manberg
  • "You find that little fucking shit, and you tell me where the fuck he is, motherfucker! All right, or else it's you- it's gonna be you, Karlos and Sapnapo, man, I'm not fucking playing around! I want my fucking home, man!" - to George after burning down Quackity's old house
  • "I'm not crying, man, these are lines! These are lines of coke, man, blue coke!" - to Sapnap at El Rapids' former location
  • "Don't say that, man, we can still finish it! We can start building it right now, man!" - to Sapnap when he said El Rapids was their 'unfinished symphony'
  • "I am incredibly turned on." - after he saw a sheep regrow its wool
  • "I haven't spoken to Mamacita in a while, man, it's kinda sad. I don't know where she is, man, I kinda wanna see her again." - about Mamacita to Sapnap
  • Sapnap: "I hope when he- maybe one day he'll come out of there and he'll be better, but... I don't know, he's in there for a good reason."
    Mexican Dream: "Better? He fucking killed me, man, he fucking took down Mexican L'Manberg. You're telling me, the guy who fucking can kill people, fucking exile little kids, fucking put 'em in- he can fucking just stay in jail, man? I'm gonna go in there and fucking kill him, man! That's what he fucking deserves, man! He deserves to fucking die, man!"- about Dream
  • "Sapnap, don't go in, man, DON'T GO IN! It doesn't seem right." - after Sapnap started walking towards Las Nevadas
  • "I miss Mexican L'Manberg, I miss feeling chased, man, I miss Mamacita, I miss El Sapnapo, I miss Karlos, man, I miss Jorge! I miss Jorge, man" - after running away from Las Nevadas


  • Mexican Dream met Mamacita while recruiting for Mexican L'Manberg. One of the first things they did together was drugs.
    • Tommy claimed they were the happiest couple he had ever seen.
  • Mexican Dream strongly hates walls.
    • This is most likely a joke about the Mexico border wall that former American president Trump claimed he was going to build.
  • Mexican Dream had a problem with coughing out blood during the time he visited Logstedshire, but he seems to not have this problem anymore as a ghost.
  • Quackity somehow knew that Dream had taken Mexican Dream's last canon life.
  • Mexican Dream and Quackity somehow simultaneously forgot about each other post-El Rapids.
    • Sapnap also somehow forgot that Mexican Dream was canonically dead, despite Quackity telling him about it earlier.
  • When Mexican Dream first inquired about Mamacita's love life, she said that she loved Dream, meaning that Mamacita and Dream may have been in a relationship at that point.[32] However, she seems to have broken up with Dream, currently being in a relationship with Mexican Dream.
  • Mexican Dream has the ability to play Mexican music whenever he thinks about it[33], similar to how Dream[34] and Mamacita[35] can play speedrun music by thinking. This may be a trait of Dream's species. He also has better control of this ability, playing music with almost no breaks or interruptions in the audio, unlike Mamacita's or Dream's music.[36]
  • Mexican Dream also has a good American accent.[37]
  • Mexican Dream and Quackity can do good impressions of each other.[38]
  • He also has a very large vocal range.[39]
  • Mexican Dream is the only person to lose a canon life to a mob.
  • Mexican Dream is the fastest person to lose all three canon lives, doing so in 10 minutes and 56 seconds. The previous record-holder was Schlatt who did the same in one month.
  • Mexican Dream was the first person Tommy thought of resurrecting after learning of the revival book.[40]
  • Mexican Dream may have appeared in Ghostbur's vision alongside Schlatt after the first failed resurrection attempt of Wilbur. However, this may not be the case, as it has been confirmed that Ghostbur and Wilbur are both different individuals.
  • The picture of a burrito that Mexican Dream posted in Logstedshire is the photo in the Wikipedia page for burrito.
  • Mexican Dream seems to be opposed to anti-vaxxers.[41]
  • Since his SMP debut, Mexican Dream has made appearances outside the SMP as well, featuring in a TommyInnit mod video[42] and one of George's streams[43].


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