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Jimmy Donaldson, better known online as MrBeast, is a famous YouTuber who is a close friend of the Dream Team. MrBeast often features Dream in videos on his gaming channel, MrBeast Gaming. On his main channel, MrBeast, he is known to give away prizes and money to random people and makes challenges with him, his friends, or other people in which the winner wins a large sum of money or a prize.

MrBeast was believed to have been whitelisted on the Dream SMP on September 29, 2020 to hide a $10,000 Taco Bell gift card.[2] Upon the discovery of the prize, Dream disclosed that it was actually him with Jimmy's skin who hid it, with Jimmy telling him the coordinates to place it. It was later confirmed that Jimmy's Minecraft account is whitelisted on the server when he logged in on December 27, 2020 to hide over $100,000 in gift cards.[3]

MrBeast is also known to do collaborations with the members of the SMP, playing Among Us with Dream, George, Sapnap, and BadBoyHalo, Minecraft with TommyInnit and Purpled, and inviting Quackity to host a challenge. He was also a judge alongside Dream on a Minecraft's Got Talent show hosted by Quackity.



Dream Team collaborations

MrBeast videos featuring Dream Team
Video Title Release date Dream Team members Notes
Last_to_Survive_Abandoned_City_wins_$10,000_-_Challenge Last to Survive Abandoned City wins $10,000 - Challenge May 31, 2020 Dream
Best_Minecraft_Player_vs_100_Players! Best Minecraft Player vs 100 Players! June 24, 2020 Dream
I_Opened_A_Free_Store_In_Minecraft! I Opened A Free Store In Minecraft! June 26, 2020 Dream
I_Made_a_100_Player_Building_Competition! I Made a 100 Player Building Competition! July 3, 2020 Dream
I_Got_Hunted_By_100_Players_in_Minecraft! I Got Hunted By 100 Players in Minecraft! July 22, 2020 Dream
Whatever_You_Build,_I'll_Pay_For! Whatever You Build, I'll Pay For! August 6, 2020 Dream
Steal_It_&_I'll_Buy_You_a_Real_Diamond! Steal It & I'll Buy You a Real Diamond! August 21, 2020 Dream
$100,000_Dream_vs_Technoblade_Duel! $100,000 Dream vs Technoblade Duel! August 29, 2020 Dream
The_Most_Insane_900_IQ_Among_Us_Outplay! The Most Insane 900 IQ Among Us Outplay! September 22, 2020 Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap
Among_Us_But_Dream_Goes_900_IQ! Among Us But Dream Goes 900 IQ! September 27, 2020 Dream, George, Sapnap
I_Went_on_a_900_IQ_Rampage_in_Among_Us! I Went on a 900 IQ Rampage in Among Us! October 4, 2020 Dream, Sapnap
Among_Us_but_LazarBeam_Goes_4,000_IQ! Among Us but LazarBeam Goes 4,000 IQ! October 8, 2020 Dream, George, Sapnap
$300,000_Influencer_Trivia_Tournament! $300,000 Influencer Trivia Tournament! October 17, 2020 Dream, George
Among_Us,_But_It's_3D! Among Us, But It's 3D! November 11, 2020 Dream, George, Sapnap
The_Biggest_Outplay_Ever_in_3D_Among_Us! The Biggest Outplay Ever in 3D Among Us! November 25, 2020 Dream, George, Sapnap
Youtube_Rewind_2020,_Thank_God_It's_Over Youtube Rewind 2020, Thank God It's Over January 1, 2021 Dream, George, Sapnap
I_Hid_$100,000_On_The_Dream_SMP! I Hid $100,000 On The Dream SMP! January 13, 2021 Dream, George, Sapnap, BadBoyHalo $100k gift cards challenge
I_Bought_The_World's_Largest_Mystery_Box!_($500,000) I Bought The World's Largest Mystery Box! ($500,000) April 3, 2021 Dream (through phone call)
Extreme_$100,000_Game_of_Tag! Extreme $100,000 Game of Tag! April 17, 2021 Sapnap, Dream (through phone call)
$2_VS_$16,000_Minecraft_House! $2 VS $16,000 Minecraft House! August 25, 2021 Sapnap
Extreme_$500,000_Game_Of_Tag! Extreme $500,000 Game Of Tag! September 4, 2021 Sapnap
$45,600_Squid_Game_Challenge! $45,600 Squid Game Challenge! October 14, 2021 Dream, Sapnap
10_vs_1000_Player_Manhunt! 10 vs 1000 Player Manhunt! December 23, 2021 Dream, George, Sapnap
$1_VS_$29,000_House! $1 VS $29,000 House! March 23, 2022 Sapnap
Dream Team videos featuring MrBeast
Video Title Release date Dream Team channel Notes
3_Minecraft_Speedrunners_VS_Hunter_ft._MrBeast 3 Minecraft Speedrunners VS Hunter ft. MrBeast May 24, 2020 Dream
Dream_-_Last_To_Survive_Mr_Beast_$10,000_Minecraft_Challenge Dream - Last To Survive Mr Beast $10,000 Minecraft Challenge June 2, 2020 DreamXD
Minecraft's_Biggest_Mansion..._(Ft._Mr_Beast) Minecraft's Biggest Mansion... (Ft. Mr Beast) June 16, 2021 Dream Shorts
Minecraft_Speedrunner_VS_$1,000,000_MrBeast_Challenge Minecraft Speedrunner VS $1,000,000 MrBeast Challenge July 30, 2022 Dream


  • MrBeast has the same birthday as TapL.
  • During the Team Seas event in a voice chat with Sapnap and GeorgeNotFound, MrBeast mentioned the possibility of the Dream Team moving in and merging with his squad. Sapnap agreed and mentioned that he and George don't really care in where they live while both Dream and MrBeast prefer to stay where they live at. Sapnap also joked about MrBeast buying them houses and offering four million dollars each to get them to move to North Carolina.[4]