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MunchyMC is BadBoyHalo's public Minecraft server. It came around the time that MCPvP, a now defunct survival server was getting bought out. The server features many mini-games, including Prison, Survival Games, KitPVP, and Wool-Wars. It also features a Purgatory server, in which banned players complete quests to get a free unban.

MunchyMC is where members of the Dream Team became acquainted with each other. It was the meeting place for some members of the Dream SMP, many of them knowing each other for almost a decade.



When MCPvP was shut down in May of 2015, BadBoyHalo, since he was staff on the server at the time it shut down, got the IPs for Survival Games, KitPvP, and a couple others. Many players and staff from the MCPvP community migrated to BadBoyHalo's server, as Bad was a notable admin on it. These people included Callahan, Antfrost, and, most notably, Dream and Sapnap. GeorgeNotFound met Dream on this server because they were both developers. They, along with Sapnap, formed the Dream Team. Punz would come back to the Minecraft Scene after joining the MunchyMC Teamspeak. The name MunchyMC came from a couple members of the community's suggestions. [1]

Bad would make videos on MunchyMC occasionally, showcasing different game modes and showing off one of MunchyMC's more unique features, its strict rules regarding hackers. Nowadays, Bad doesn't upload content on MunchyMC, with his last video on the server being from around a year ago. Most of his MunchyMC content now comes in YouTube live streams on the platform. VelvetIsCake also streams on the platform occasionally, as well as George, Sapnap, and Dream before they blew up in popularity.

MunchyMC is also known to the community as the place where Bad and Skeppy met, as in 2018, Skeppy applied to be staff on MunchyMC. He trolled Bad during the staff application.


  • Currently, MunchyMC's general guide does not feature Survival Games, and both Smash and Survival Games both do not have guides written about them [2]


  • "KitPvP is basically a form of Free For All. You start out by choosing one of 32 unique kits which will give you different abilities, sets of armor, swords, and potion effects. What you will notice is that you have tons of soup in your inventory. Soup on this server is used to replenish your health in an instant. Every soup can refill 3,5 hearts which is a key factor when playing on this server. Alternatively, you can choose instant health potions if you don't feel comfortable with soup. When you feel ready just jump out of the safe zone/spawn area and get straight into the PvP action!" [3]


  • "In a normal game, there will be anywhere between 5 and 24 players in a WoolWars game. You must use your wool to stack up to avoid touching the rising sandstone. There are numerous chests scattered around that contain important contents that will help you succeed. The last player alive will win the WoolWars game! In WoolWars, various kits will help you achieve victory in your WoolWars game! Use your kit’s ability for a fair advantage over others!" [4]


  • "MunchyMC Prison is a gamemode in which players compete to be the best of the best. Loot, scam, kill, mine, do anything to be on top. Along the way, you may make good friends, but be careful who you trust, because they could also become your worst enemy. Munchy’s Prison is very unique, as it keeps the aspect of mining as you see on most prison servers, but it adds many special twists to it that you would not see on your typical Prison server. From farming to looting, to fishing, to gambling, there are many ways for you to make money!"[5]


  • "On a more peaceful note, survival is just what you would expect! Gather materials, build your base, do business with other players, and hang out with friends; no competitive aspects involved! Also features McMMO with special abilities, a mall where you can set up your very own shop, and a warp system to travel to places quickly and efficiently." (taken from the general MunchyMC guide as it's own guide does not feature an introduction) [6]

Survival Games

  • Survival Games is one of Munchy's lesser played game-modes, as it is one of the newest game modes to the server. It currently does not have a guide nor a summary on the general MunchyMC guide.


  • "Smash is a more beat-'em-up style game mode, where the objective to knock off opposing players using a variety of kits. Use power-ups to your advantage, keep away from the void, and SMASH your enemies and collect the most points to win in this fast-paced action game." (taken from the general MunchyMC guide as a separate guide does not currently exist for smash)


  • "Purgatory is currently one of MunchyMC’s latest gamemodes! On Purgatory, the world is represented as a fiery Hell where all the hackers of MunchyMC must go to redeem their sin of hacking on the server. This strange place is killed with the worst of the worst. You use your abilities to play with the minds of those who are not at virtuous as you. On purgatory there are quests you must complete to be able to be unbanned. If you are a banned player, the players that are not banned are able to mess with your mind to try to make your mission of becoming unbanned a living Hell. Not only can they just mess with your mind, they can make your death most undesirable. This is the fiery Hell that a banned player must wake up to in order to replenish their dirty sin. Everything is full of lava, magma, fire, soul sand, and everything you despise." [7]

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