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This page is about the character from the Dream SMP. For the streamer who plays this character, see Nihachu.

"I'm not going to blame it on other people again because I always did that! I always blamed YOUR mistakes and YOUR betrayal and YOU hurting me on other people. And look where it got me...look where it got me! It got me nowhere!"


Nihachu, more commonly referred to as Niki, is the nineteenth member of the Dream SMP, joining on August 6, 2020. She is a member of the Syndicate and a former loyal member of L'Manberg.

She was a citizen of L'Manberg during the presidency of Wilbur Soot, but during the Manberg Rebellion, she spoke out strongly against the Jschlatt Administration, leading to her banishment and subsequent joining of Pogtopia at the culmination of the Manberg Festival. She fought alongside the Pogtopians during the retaking of L'Manberg, and afterwards was appointed as the Secretary of Treasury by the new President, Tubbo. She expressed tentative sympathy for Tommy during his exile, although she still thought that he was responsible for the consequences of his own actions, and would become frustrated by his apparent destruction of the Community House.

She and Fundy later left to form Dry Waters, and Niki grew more detached from L'Manberg, ultimately turning against her former nation and burning down the L'Mantree during the Doomsday War. She has since displayed resentment towards Tommy due to all of the conflict he has caused in the past, and collaborated with Jack Manifold in an attempt to kill him before he could start any more turmoil. She was also a L'Manberg traitor during Doomsday alongside Fundy.

Niki has since joined the Syndicate, and committed to Anarchist ideals. As a member of the Syndicate, Niki participated in operations including scouting out Snowchester to verify it's non-governmental status and facilitating the escape of Dream from Pandora's Vault.


Niki is a human with light skin, long-lashed brown eyes, and shoulder-length blonde hair which dyes pink. She has many casual outfits, but the one she currently uses is a gray jacket over a black crop top, camo-patterned shorts, and black boots. During peacetime and while expanding her horizons with dates and more builds, she often wore a striped red, orange, cream, and blue sweater, long black pants with a belt, and blue shoes.

As an outcast from Manberg and a member of Pogtopia, she sported an outfit similar to Wilbur's in atmosphere - a beige shirt with short black sleeves and a hood, long black jeans with straps (presumably to hold weapons), and buckled brown shoes. She also kept her hair tied back.

Her L'Manberg uniform was different from that of the founders, as she joined after the initial war for independence, but it was similar in the fashion of being a blue suit with gold patterns and a sash across the middle, and in the fact that it included a black-and-white tricorn hat.

She also had a business suit worn only when needed, which appeared to be a typical tuxedo with the addition of the tricorn hat, and a temporary Christmas outfit where she sported a checkered sweater, long leggings, and a Santa hat.

Her villain outfit, ironically is quite similar to her outcast one, with her owning some new peach pink hair, brown boots, and a cream white shirt, as well as Wilbur's old coat and cloak that he wore back in his own spiral. She now sports some dark blue eyes instead of her usual light brown eyes. She tied her hair back once again and her skin tone has darkened by a little. She also wears some black jeans, a brown belt, and a golden necklace around her neck, all of which is from her outcast era.

Niki's new casual skin, has light pink hair with cat ears. She also sports a black jumper with a grey patterned stripe and grey trousers. She has also worn variations of her causal skin; for Pride Month the grey stripe was changed to the Bi Flag, during a black and white stream she wore a colour drained version of the outfit and has worn 3D glasses in tribute of The Gays, The Girls and Jack Manifold (Her MCC Team).

Niki (the out of character content creator) has also stated that no matter what skin she puts on, her character is still wearing Wilbur's cloak and coat.


Independence/Election Arc

During her early days on the server, Niki was very generous and thoughtful. She often gifted people items, specializing particularly in handcrafted cakes from her bakery. Upon first glance, she was easy to dismiss as a stereotypical quiet girl, as she tended to steer clear of avoidable conflict and was always polite and friendly with everyone she came across, but in actuality, there was far more to her than met the eye.

While she did often keep to herself, she was by no means a pushover. She was independent, resilient, and very strong-willed, believing firmly in her morals and having no qualms with standing up to and speaking out against those she saw as enemies. When Sapnap killed her pet fox, Fungi, she was fierce not in exacting revenge, but rather securing an apology from him, and ensuring that it would not happen again.

When Jschlatt took charge of L'Manberg, she was very vocal with her disapproval, heedless of the danger that she was putting herself in, and later pledged her full loyalty to Tommy and Tubbo in order to retake the country. A lot of the time, she felt overlooked and unnoticed by everyone, but kept this hidden, leading to her rising feelings of internal resentment. Although not intrusive, she has always been very observant and curious, and watches things that intrigue her until they are out of sight.

Post-Green Festival

After seeing L'Manberg and the people tied to it go through so much, Niki's character has changed considerably.

She still stays true to herself and to her own beliefs, and that has not changed, but she no longer shows empathy for the people she blames for the downfall (namely Tommy, who seemingly committed grave wrongs and faced zero punishment in her eyes).

She feels like the original ideals of L'Manberg have been warped beyond the point of repair, and finally agrees with the prior assessment made by both Eret and Wilbur - that the nation was never meant to be. She's been unintentionally betrayed enough times that she no longer cares about breaking people's trust herself, and she has grown tired of giving everyone second chances and the benefit of the doubt.

All of her negative resentments have finally begun to spill, resulting in a harsh change in her former beliefs of forgiveness over revenge. She now actively seeks reparations from the person she thinks wronged her, and is desperate to be recognized for herself for once in her life. In these pursuits, she has even been partnering with Techno's Syndicate, despite her former allegiance against him.

Before joining the Syndicate

After working with Jack for a long while, Niki had a change of heart. She realized that her anger at Tommy was only because of the built up emotions of other events. Such as her partner, Puffy, not speaking to her and Wilbur dying at the hands of Philza. These things led her to direct the anger at an easy target - Tommy.

Despite these realizations, Niki still wishes to be recognized for what she had done for everyone. She still believes that the old members of L'Manberg do not appreciate what she had sacrificed and done for them. Wishing to find people who will understand and care for her, Niki joins her old enemy - Technoblade. Her ideals change to anarchist ones, but she also wishes to rekindle her old L'Manberg habits.

Wilbur has said that Niki's D&D alignment is neutral good. [3]

Niki is neutral good. She follows her own opinions and finds strength in her beliefs. She is very verbal in her values and tends to always lean towards what is right; friendship and the belief of a free nation.



Niki has a habit of burying her real emotions to the point of snapping, which have left her vulnerable to spiralling into negativity. She is prone to holding grudges against others, and misdirecting her anger due to her biased perception of events. Niki is willing to do absolutely anything to bring her desires to fruition.


L'Manberg Independence Arc

First days

Niki joined The Dream SMP during the first interwar period between The L'Manberg War of Independence and the L'Manberg Elections. She was picked up from spawn by TommyInnit and Wilbur Soot, who became her first friends on the server and led her to L'Manberg. Tommy continuously killed her over and over, but the two became friends anyway. There, she had her first interactions with the other L'Manberg members as well as with Eret. Wilbur and Tommy painted Eret as a murderous traitor, still angry with them for their betrayal in the previous war, which was a far cry from what Niki thought of them. She and Eret ended up becoming good friends as well, and Niki created L'Manberg's flag as a symbol of pride for her country. Fundy joined their little posse before too long, and Fundy gave a pet fox to Niki, which she named Fungi, wanting its name to sound like his. She also built a bakery in order to make the most of her talents and to have an easier time making gifts for everyone.

Pet War

On August 25, Fungi was accidentally killed by Sapnap. There was a brief period of tension over this, which eventually escalated into the first Pet War. Things eventually settled into uneasy peace, but Niki was still upset, as Fungi's grave had been destroyed during the fighting. Tommy tried to reason with her but he got too intimidated by her. Afterwards, she and Fundy found a new pet, a bee which they named Beelloon. They took it to a cave across a lake from L'Manberg and left it there with wool and flowers so that it would stay safe. Beelloon later escaped from the cave during Fundy's attempt to relocate it, but its unknown whether or not Niki is aware of this.


Niki and Fundy formed the party of Coconut2020 during the L'Manberg Presidential Debate. In the end, the party was the least popular among viewers, only gaining 9% of the votes. The party was accused of voter fraud, but the blame was pinned on Fundy since he was the only programmer of the group. Their campaign had mostly been a last-minute joke anyways, though, so they were not at all surprised or upset by the outcome.

When Jschlatt won via a coalition government with Quackity, however, his first act as self-appointed "Emperor" was to exile Wilbur and Tommy from L'Manberg. Niki was upset and appalled, recognizing the tyrannical act for what it was, and she refused to assist in tearing down the walls. She and Eret watched in dismay as Fundy burned the flag of L'Manberg that Niki had worked hard to make, declaring it the end of an era. Niki refused to give up on L'Manberg, however, and instead began working with her own group of allies with the aim of overthrowing Schlatt.

Manberg Rebellion Arc

Manberg Rebellion

During the Manberg Rebellion, Niki was the most vocal member when it came to opposing Schlatt.

Quackity went to confront Niki but instead asked to hear her side, and see if he could do anything about it. She pointed out that Schlatt didn't respect Quackity, and that she was horrified about what they did to L'Manberg. Niki believed that Schlatt didn't care what he took, just that he took it, and that he would take everything they had. Quackity wanted to help her, but began messing around and messaging Schlatt not to come into the building with them, prompting Niki to punch him, and not knowing he was only on half a heart, killing him. This meant Schlatt and Quackity came after her. She escaped up to Jack Manifold's balcony, where Schlatt trapped her with iron bars. He told her that there was no more L'Manberg, and that she was his new countries first ever prisoner. Quackity, realizing that he'd done the wrong thing, helped Niki escape, and pretended like she did it herself, with Eret backing him up.

On tax day, Niki began discussing with HBomb about a potential revolution they could hold. She attempted to recruit Tubbo to her cause, unaware he was a spy already, not wanting to break his cover Tubbo purposefully avoided her questions. Afterwards, Niki argued with Fundy and discovered he was rebuilding the flag he burnt down, she climbed to the top and attempted to fight him, but he ignored her. She then began destroying blocks whenever he placed them, and the two argued further before Niki left, telling Fundy she hated him.

Niki is walking to her bakery when Schlatt arrived and began mocking her about it being Tax Day. This was because Schlatt had raised taxes on all women in L'Manberg, of which she was the only one. Despite trying to get enough money, it was no use and they began to raid all of her stuff. Niki left the newly-renamed 'Manberg', moving instead into Tommy's holiday home. Whilst taking items to bring with her, she discovered that they were looking for her still, Alyssa found her but agreed to not tell them anything. Wilbur and Tommy turned up to save her from the taxing, but they arrived to late and ended up arguing with Schlatt. Niki asked to join Pogtopia with Wilbur, but he denied her offer saying that they were to busy for new members. Despite understanding his idea, Niki felt devastated that she wasn't allowed to help her friends or even know where their base was.

Whilst sneaking back to her bakery for supplies, Niki noticed Fundy had just finished a Manberg Flag. For revenge on what he did to her flag, she burnt it down before being killed herself, Fundy ended up rebuilding the flag differently much to her disgust. Niki returned to the Holiday Home and gave Henry a speech, sparking hope in herself for the future.

After Schlatt announced the Manberg Festival, Niki and Eret made plans to try and assassinate Schlatt with all of Niki's TNT, but they never came into fruition.

Whilst living out in Tommy's Holiday Home, Niki was allowed back into Manberg whenever she wanted due to leaving on her own accord not being exiled. Niki also began looking after her Tommy's pet cow who lived there, Henry. She also started writing letters to an unknown person who she only ever referred to as 'friend', she told them about everything that had happened and that she didn't think that people would live through it. Niki also asked them to come and help her, but it is unknown if they ever came.

War of the Burning Eiffel Tower

When Henry was accidentally slain by Sapnap, Niki expressed sympathy for Tommy and helped him build a grave for his cow, as she had experienced something similar with Fungi. She helped him come up with the idea to grief Sapnap's Eiffel Tower for revenge and griefed it with him. She also pushed a llama off the Eiffel Tower where it hung from it's leash and suffocated.

She also helped him fight off Ant, Bad and Skeppy but fell off the train tracks and missed most of the fight whilst running back from the Holiday Home. When Sapnap joined the fighting, she was unarmed and unprotected but still tried to kill him when he ate Henry's remains infront of her. She was killed, and returned to the battle wearing full armor.

After being temporarily captured by Sapnap, Skeppy, BadBoyHalo, and Antfrost, she was used as a hostage. Tommy offered to show Sapnap his kidnapped fish in exchange for her release. Her captors were swayed by this and left her trapped with only Antfrost to protect her. Niki dug herself out of the hole they'd trapped her in, but was unarmed and couldn't get past Antfrost. She asked to negotiate, and Ant remembered the time she had given him free food from her bakery. Niki agreed to help him with his zoo if he let her escape. Tommy shouted for her to run, which she did and ended up running down the Prime Path. However, Ant chased her and told Sapnap he was going to kill her which led to her yelling at him that they had a deal. Sapnap immediately grew suspicious of Ant, who said that he was killing her again. Realizing he was lying to cover up her escape, Niki thanked him and ran to safety whilst Ant lied and said he lost her.

Whilst hiding nearby, Niki witnessed the Battle of the Lake and tried to help Tommy, Technoblade and Dream but was accidentally killed in the confusion by Techno.

Manberg Festival

When Niki arrived for the festival, she tried to seem natural - partying with the others and joining in with the games. One of the games was made by Fundy as was a glass box filled with water he'd place you in and then whoever stayed under longest without drowning won. When Niki climbed in the top was covered and she couldn't escape, despite screaming at them she was about to drown they merely laughed at her as she drowned in front of them.

During Schlatt's welcoming speech Niki shook her head and refused to cheer for him, she also made thinly disguised remarks about L'Manberg and how it was better then Manberg. Throughout the party, she grew more frustrated and tried to make Schlatt drunk enough so he would tell her and Technoblade state secrets. When it failed, she went to the boxing match with the others and watched everyone fight it all out, much to her disgust. Deciding to take a break she walked to the nearest ender chest where she put her sword. Looking up, she saw Tommy standing opposite her and immediately returned to the boxing, as if she saw nothing.

During Tubbo's speech, she was annoyed at everything he said in favor of Schlatt. Then, he was revealed as a traitor by Schlatt and Quackity and Niki cried out in his defence. She attempted to get Technoblade to stop by screaming from the crowd, but was silenced as he executed Tubbo. She herself was then caught in the crossfire and returned to find Wilbur fighting with Tommy. She tried to speak to him, but was forced to return back to the podium for Schlatt's second speech.

She was horrified and disgusted by his actions and began berating him before the crowd. In response, Schlatt declared her banished and ordered for her to be executed as well. She was saved by Wilbur, who had been present and in hiding, and after Schlatt had been distracted, Niki made a run for it. She was unarmed after losing everything in the fighting and was chased by an equally badly equipped Ponk. Despite holding out for a long time, Ponk killed her (non-canon).

Wilbur and Tommy invited her to live with them in Pogtopia along with Tubbo and Technoblade. Once there, Tommy and Tubbo informed her of Wilbur's plot to destroy all of Manberg with TNT, which frightened and angered her. She formed a small sub-faction with them in which they agreed to retake L’Manberg and keep it safe by any means necessary. The three of them agreed to stick together no matter what.

Secret City & Birthday Party

As events compiled leading up to the final showdown between Pogtopia and Manberg, Niki began grinding for gear along with many of the others. She was not present when Quackity turned on Schlatt and joined Pogtopia, but she was willing to trust him anyways, and invited him to her birthday party.

Karl decided to hold Niki a birthday party at the Haunted Mansion they built together and whilst he and Niki made a cake, Skeppy and Bad called people up and told them to come otherwise Niki would cry, much to her protests. People began arguing with Wilbur over the festival, due to the attendees being on different sides, but it was defused and Niki got everyone to dance. Everyone went outside and began to party properly together. Karl gave Niki her birthday present which was Quackity stripping, singing and dancing on the table in front of her. Wilbur played the guitar and sung her happy birthday. Everyone left, leaving Niki with Karl, Quackity and Wilbur where they hung out together for a bit. Quackity sung Wilbur a song, which is where Niki's party suddenly went sour as Wilbur insulted everyone and said he was going to blow up Manberg. Niki chased after Wilbur along with Quackity and Karl and Wilbur asked to sing Niki a song, and then began to sing the L'Manberg Anthem to her. Niki screamed at Wilbur to stop, interrupting the song but eventually Wilbur was dissuaded by Quackity. Karl and Niki were left on Party Island together where they had a short disagreement on whether to call it L'Manberg or Manberg before she thanked him for the party.

Niki lived out in Pogtopia, she spent most of her time being trained by Technoblade - even beating him and uncanonically killing one in combat.

Shortly before the assigned date of the confrontation, Niki started working on digging out a secret underground city. It was intended to be used by refugees and those who wished to live in peace, or potentially as a last resort if the war went badly. She shared her secret with no one but Karl, and while Karl would be fighting on Manberg's side, he promised not to tell anyone about it.

When Fundy came to Pogtopia and proved that he'd been on their side all along with his diary, Niki was at first skeptical as he previously hadn't seemed to share in her views at all with taking down Schlatt but he assured her it was part of the act, although she was still skeptical.

After Dream told everyone that there was a traitor in Pogtopia, Niki was hurt that she was the prime suspect of many of her allies, while she herself felt like she could trust all of them.


Karl and Niki also started a small nation of their own, Rutabagville, and even though Karl and Sapnap officially ran it, she was considered a co-leader by them. Niki enjoyed Rutabagville and even considered leaving Pogtopia to live their in peace - however a few weeks later, she'd find out that Rutabagville was no longer a free nation. Karl sold it out to Schlatt for protection, and hid it from her due to her known ties to Pogtopia. Niki got angry at all of them and abandoned Rutabagville, but even still agreed to stay friends no matter the outcome of the war.

Manberg vs Pogtopia War

Niki, Fundy, Eret and others met at the end of the docks to discuss the upcoming war later that day. Niki was extremely upset, feeling Wilbur had gone too far and stated she had joined L'Manberg and supported this war because of her best friend, (Wilbur). Now Wilbur was gone she felt like she had no reason to continue in this war, however she also felt obliged to fight because of the situation. After more debating, Niki courageously protected Eret and stated he wouldn't betray them again.

On the day of the war, Niki donned the netherite armor that she had been working for and readied herself for combat. Upon returning one last time to Pogtopia to go over plans, she found another pet fox that had been left to her by Antfrost as a peace offering, which she named Mushroom, but she left it behind to avoid putting it in harm's way. When Technoblade led everyone to his own secret bunker, she was amazed by all of the loot he had amassed and got enchantments for the first time since she'd joined the server.

During the actual fighting, she mostly stuck with her close friends and was able to snipe down a few of her enemies. Niki also positive throughout the fighting although she expressed concern for Wilbur due to his lack of armor and "loose canon" mentality. She witnessed Schlatt's death in the Camarvan and was delighted upon their apparent victory, congratulating Tubbo on becoming the new president of the restored L'Manberg.

Whilst taking down Manberg decorations to make way for the return for L'Manberg, Niki accidentally destroyed a brick of the building revealing that it had been filled with TNT. She looked back on the others, blissfully unaware of the TNT, instead of warning her friends she replaced the brick and continued taking the decorations down.

She was confused and blindsided when Technoblade turned on them, having been unaware of his anarchist ideals, and was devastated when Wilbur set off his explosives, destroying the majority of central L'Manberg. She nearly lost heart in the face of the destruction and the withers Techno had summoned, but was encouraged by Tommy to keep fighting, because "it isn't gone yet." Keeping her distance from the fighting, Niki used her bow from the top of an undestroyed hill and helped to kill all the withers.

Despite witnessing Wilbur's death to Philza firsthand, she refused to acknowledge that he had died, instead insisting that he had gone missing in action as a means of coping and avoiding the reality of the situation, almost completely blacking out the entire event from her memory. She was integrated into the Tubbo Administration, being appointed as New L'Manberg's Secretary of Treasury.

Retribution Arc


Once L'Manberg had been partially rebuilt and everyone had time to settle, Niki decided to meet up with Fundy, and they began doing a recap of what happened in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. She had been MIA since the war and not seen anyone for months. Together, they walked around the server and made note of everything they saw. Somewhere along the way, Fundy mentioned Wilbur's demise and Niki was shocked. It slowly sank in that her best friend was dead, and nobody had told her about it for months.

When they come to L'Manberg, Niki was awed at the new flag's design and at how well it was recovering from the damage it had suffered. When Fundy credited Ghostbur for most of the reconstruction, Niki was bewildered and uneasy, and dismissed the concept of Wilbur's return as a ghost, instead interpreting it as a hope that he was still alive. Fundy also showed Niki Ghostbur's house, but she thought he made it in remembrance. Fundy didn't try to change her mind, and so they continued on to other whereabouts such as Philza's home and her bakery. After they finished their tour, she resumed working in her underground city.

When Ranboo joined the server, Niki was one of the first people to greet him, and they quickly became friends. She gave him a tour around the different factions, and when he shared with her that he was planning on running for president in the next L'Manbergian election, she helped him come up with ideas for his campaign. He joined at around the same time as CaptainPuffy, whom Niki also became quite close with.

Date with Puffy/Life in L'Manberg

The next couple of weeks were relatively uneventful for Niki, save for her date with Captain Puffy. It began when Puffy gifted her a red poppy. She accepted it with gratitude, and the two then went together to the Holy Land, where Puffy had pre-arranged a picnic spot for them. It consisted of a classic red and white carpet surrounded by sunflowers and roses. There was a lantern at each corner as well as rendered images of Niki's IRL pets, Zuko and Toph. The food they shared was lettuce, baked potatoes, pie, and "champagne." Niki was openly enthusiastic and heartfelt about the date, and they were able to joke and laugh about a mistake in the images' plugin, setting them off on a good start.

Their main goal was to build something together once they'd finished their picnic. After a brief discussion, they decided to visit Niki's bakery while they asked Niki's chat for suggestions on what to build. They eventually narrowed it down to either a cottage, a coffee shop, or a flower shop, and ultimately decided on a flower shop.

Whilst mapping out the location, Tommy and Ranboo came past, the two tried to get out of Niki's vision but she quickly spotted them. Both Tommy and Ranboo were acting awkwardly and seemed to be confused. Puffy and Niki brushed it off as their normal behaviour.

Later, Niki and Puffy both witnessed the burning down George's house, extinguishing the fire, and Niki quickly deduced that Tommy did it and was attempting to blame her. They confronted Tommy and Ranboo about it, but the two played dumb and left, so they returned to the Flower Shop. They enjoyed building it together, and although Fundy and Ranboo later jokingly attempted a takeover, the two women defended their shop, leading the other two to instead build a rivalling ice cream shop nearby.

Things seemed to be going pretty well until Dream showed up. Dream started asking them odd questions, such as where the border was drawn between the Dream SMP and L'Manberg. They answered to the best of their ability, but were then shocked when he began building an obsidian wall around the borders. He didn't directly answer any of their questions, which they found to be unsettling, as Puffy was a member of the SMP while Niki was not. They informed Tubbo, Fundy, and Ranboo of the turn of events, and Tubbo declared that he would meet with Dream to discuss what was happening. Their date ended on unsure terms, but Puffy gave Niki a "promise ring," stating that she was happy with the date. The ring was later destroyed in a creeper explosion, much to Niki's dismay.

Niki was beginning to suffer consequences similar to Schlatt's rule. She had no armour or weapons because they had all be stolen and never had a say in anything despite being a member of the cabinet. Her bakery business was at an all-time low, despite being promised a better life under Tubbo's rule. She was beginning to lose faith in everyone, but always kept her happy persona on in public.

Tommy's trial

As Niki would later learn, the conflict was because Tommy and Ranboo had burned down George's house, and since George was the then-king of the SMP, Dream interpreted it as an act of war on L'Manberg's behalf. Ranboo's involvement was mostly kept quiet, and so Tommy took the fall for the damage and was exiled to avoid war between the nations. This caused the Exile Conflict.

During the early stages of the trial, Tommy blamed the burning of the house on her, but it was disproven quickly due to her being on a date with Puffy all day, and Niki being the one to discover and put out the fire. Niki came forward with her case that she and Puffy saw him do it, but nobody listened to her points and ignored the fact that there were two eyewitnesses.

Niki visited Tommy once with Fundy during his exile, but she was rather upset with him for not having thought of L'Manberg as a whole, blaming his actions on her for no reason and for putting her relationship with Puffy at risk. She never came to see him on any other occasions, deciding that he could deal with the consequences of his actions himself.

Dry Waters

Niki recieved a message from Tubbo that her fox, Mushroom, had died of a stroke whilst being transported by him back from Pogtopia. She was upset, but didn't blame Tubbo because it had happened of natural causes. Later, Fundy joined the two of them and told Niki that Tubbo had killed Mushroom and was lying, but Tubbo denied this. Fundy later approached her and they could build a new city together in 'Australia'. Tubbo was sad to see them go, but understood their mindset.

Ranboo came along with them, and the three walked for about a thousand blocks before Fundy told them he'd forgotten the co-ordinates. Annoyed by this, Niki and Ranboo left Fundy to continue searching for the place.

Fundy found Dry Waters and Niki did return to it for a bit. They built a few places and held a mining competition which Niki easily won, forcing Fundy to tweet that he's a furry. After this however, the idea of Dry Waters was soon abandoned. Dry Waters wasn't been mentioned since, and Niki moved permanently into her Underground City.

Green Festival

Niki returned to L'Manberg after some time away alone in time to catch the festival that Tubbo had planned out in an attempt to assassinate Dream. She participated in party games alongside her friends and former co-citizens, including Puffy, Fundy, Eret, and Ranboo. She found, much to her disappointment, that people were still ignoring her and speaking over her.

She followed along with the crowd, however, and witnessed the confrontation between Tubbo, Dream, Technoblade, and Tommy at the destroyed Community House. As Niki watched Tubbo and Tommy fight it out, she seemed upset that her allies were arguing, but soon began to smile and walked away from the Community House, not bothering to witness the outcome. Niki heard that the fighting had stopped and she stands on the path nearby, overhearing what was happening. She was angry to see Tommy so easily allowed back into L'Manberg, especially after seemingly condemning the country to the mercy of Techno and Dream, and expressed resentment towards him for all of the lies he'd told and mistakes he'd made in the past. She yelled from the crowd at him, and everyone teamed up on her to shut down her feelings of self-doubt. Tommy even called her stupid for doubting everyone. Niki felt like it mirrored the first festival, where she stood up to Schlatt and everyone else shut her down, and that time she was right.

She was upset at the reveal of Ranboo's treachery, and at first argued with him after his outburst regarding sides, but soon came to wonder if he was making a valid point after all. She was disappointed as she listened to Tommy and Tubbo's speeches about taking down Dream. She was no longer a member of L'Manberg herself, and was often ignored despite being one of the founding members of L'Manberg along with Tommy, Tubbo, Fundy, Wilbur and Jack Manifold. Niki was starting to feel more and more distant from her former country, thinking that perhaps much conflict could be avoided if L'Manberg were not around at all.

After all was said and done, and they were given a single day to prepare, she returned to her prior business and talked with Eret and Jack Manifold, where she was able to cool off. Along with Fundy and a few others, she aimed to follow in Ranboo's footsteps and get the entire server to unite together, proving that personal relationships are more important than obligations or sides. She also formulated an "upcoming goal" of her own, although she told no one what it was. She started changing her secret city into a secret library to store anything that can help her accomplish her own means. While her intentions are not fully known, she did make one thing very clear: she no longer trusts anyone.

Preparations for Doomsday

On the day of the attack, Niki announced that she would not fight, and would instead allow L'Manberg to be destroyed, as she wanted everyone else to open their eyes and see that the country's current state was nowhere near what it had been intended to be. The way she saw it, it was no longer about freedom or peace, and that was all she had ever wanted from it. All of the conflict was around this one place, and these people so maybe if the symbol of hope was gone, then they'd stop the fighting and the killing.

Before the war began, she apologized to Ranboo for lashing out at him the day before, and joined together with Fundy after he stated that he agreed with her assessment and destroyed a large amount of L'Manberg's stored materials. However, as they walked together, Niki seemed uncomfortable with how maniacal Fundy was acting, and how he'd laugh every time she said something.

She also had a few hushed words with Puffy before being interrupted by Tubbo. Once both had left, Niki expressed a desire to protect Puffy despite the amount of chaos which had gone down since their last date.


"It was never meant to be."

—Niki while burning down L'Mantree

"It was never meant to be."


During the majority of the fighting, Niki watched from the sidelines, occasionally dropping her own TNT on any areas that she saw had not yet been demolished. A little way through, Quackity confronted her about doing nothing. She ignored him and laughed at the idea for fighting for L'Manberg. Afterwards, she went into some underground tunnels underneath L'Manberg and placed TNT underneath before igniting it.

Near the end of the "battle," she saw that the L'Mantree - a tree that had been on the server since before L'Manberg was founded, the last marker of the nation's purity - was still standing. She'd once loved the tree, but upon approaching it, states that there is nothing left to fight for and burns it down. She afterwards found a high perch and watched L'Manberg burn from above, delivering her own soliloquy.

As more and more withers were released, Niki realized that the nonstop destruction was a bit much even for her, and began moving in to assist, but soon stopped. She announced to everyone that she was the one who burned down L'Mantree, Technoblade congratulated her and she thanked him. However, she then overheard a conversation between Philza and Jack Manifold where she discovered that Philza was the one who killed Wilbur.

No longer knowing who to trust, she wandered along the sidelines where she saw Ghostbur. Having thought that she was hallucinating, she broke down and ran, blowing up her own house and bakery. Whilst running, she set fire to most of the Prime Path before fleeing to her secret city, proclaiming that she wants to "burn the memories" and anything that reminded her of Wilbur and her former allies, officially breaking the new alliance her and Fundy had made only an hour earlier.

She stayed there until after the "Doomsday War" had concluded, then hesitantly returned to L'Canyon (what was left of L'Manberg) and meeting up again with Jack Manifold. She angrily told him about her newfound hatred of the former L'Manbergians and of how they looked down on everyone else, saying that she'd burned their tree down right in front of them and they hadn't even noticed until too late. Although at first disagreeing, Jack agreed with her points, and they formed a plan to teach them a lesson about valuing everyone and not just themselves.

Plot against Tommy

Jack had his own vendetta against TommyInnit, and Niki remembered that all of the conflict was caused by Tommy. The two decided that if Tommy was around, everyone would have someone to hate and if he was gone then maybe the server would be more peaceful.

Days later, Niki returned to her underground city with Jack Manifold, and he told her what he knew: In Snowchester, Tubbo was setting up nukes, Project Dreamcatcher in an effort to kill Dream, and Tommy was not yet aware of the nukes. Still begrudging Tommy nearly everything that had happened during her time on the server, Niki worked with Jack on a revenge plot, the goal being to lure him onto the test site and get him killed. Thus far, they have worked out that Niki will pretend to befriend Tommy by claiming that Dream had manipulated her into burning the L'Mantree down. In an effort to get on his good side, she started constructing a cobblestone tower containing pictures of Vikkstar and the Queen of England.

Contact with the anarchists

Niki told Technoblade the location of her secret base and he met her there. Techno asked what she knew about Anarchy, but she told him that she knew it hurt her and everyone else. She was then told that it was more than that, although she needed little convincing. She was then given a choice to join Technoblade's secret organization: The Syndicate; an underground association that would be known only be members of the guild. Niki said that she would think about it, but at the moment she was to focused on killing Tommy to go full anarchist. Technoblade wished her luck with killing Tommy and left. Niki then stated that even though she will come back to Technoblade at the moment she was allied with Jack and they needed to finish the job. Although, she didn't trust Jack because she had realized he wasn't telling her everything, only what he wanted her to know.

Helping HBomb

Niki met HBomb in L'Canyon where he expressed feelings of doubt about living in Eret's Castle, the two spoke about many things and HBomb expressed concern about her. This is also the first time she put on Wilbur's coat. They headed there and discovered signs from Tommy in HBombs wing of the castle, which were a message for Eret. Both of them were confused by this, and HBomb decided he had finally had enough and wanted to move out. Niki told him about her nuke plot, but he disagreed with it and attempted to change her mind. Niki said she knew a direction where nobody else lived and so they could head there, and they walked for a while until they eventually found a savannah village. HBomb said he wanted to stay here permanently, and Niki supported his decision but asked what he was going to do with all of his stuff, and HBomb said she could have everything. For the first time since Schlatt, Niki finally wasn't poor and even had her first trident, which HBomb taught her to use. She goes and visits him and the village regularly.

Disc War finale

Niki stood on the path watching Tommy and Tubbo walk to their supposed deaths. Tommy stopped to half-heartedly say sorry to her, although he also did it to everyone else. It is likely she thought of this as disingenuous. Niki also was one of the people who followed Punz through the nether-portal to stop Dream from killing Tubbo and Tommy. She then watched as Dream was taken to prison.

Empowerment Arc

Attempted assassination

Niki went to try and find Tommy in order to lead him to the Nuclear Testing Site and kill him. She couldn't find him, but instead found Jack Manifold who told her that Tommy was at the Big Innit Hotel Building Site and that Sam Nook had been paid off to give him instructions to find spruce wood. Spruce Wood could only be found at the Nuclear Testing Site. She goes to find him there, and tries to get his attention but he spends an extremely long time talking to Sam which causes the timing to get messed up.

Despite trying her best, Niki is forced to continuously stop on the journey to wait for Tommy. She has to listen to him non-stop talk about Avengers Endgame and get distracted and walk off. He then starts being rude to her and even compares her to Wilbur, making Niki feel extremely overwhelmed and upset.

This causes them to be a few seconds late to the test site and rather than Tommy dying, they discover a huge crater where the Nuke had been set off. Jack and Tubbo are there, but luckily no suspicion was put on her because she had no known connection to Jack or Tubbo. Jack and she made excuses and left, they had a huge argument where Jack got extremely angry at Niki. Whilst the two of them tried to think about what to do next, Niki suggested teaming up with the Eggpire as she knew they didn't like Tommy. Jack didn't like this idea, and wanted to team up with the Syndicate instead. Niki was hesitant about this because she knew that would mean using Techno for their own personal gain.

They were forced to party at Snowchester in order to seem normal. Whilst at the party, Tommy got the effects of radiation poisoning after being at the test site and was only on half a heart. But Jack stopped Niki from killing him as Tubbo was there.

Underground city

Niki continued building her city underground, wanting less contact with other people as she feels all they will do is either die or betray her. She refuses to eat food anymore, and whenever she gets hungry just jumps off a ledge to reset her food bar. She also suffers from insomnia although she calls it 'night terrors'. The lack of sleep sometimes causes her to hallucinate. Her bedroom looks like a jail cell, with bars across the front to stop her from sleepwalking.

Niki also wants to build a jungle and aquarium in the city so she can be outside without having the fear of other people noticing her. However, over time her carefully planned-out city began to grow disconnected and chaotic, with random things strewn everywhere. Due to her lack of sleep and food, Niki has devoted a lot of time to writing in her diary. Whenever she wakes up or thinks of something she sits down and starts writing and talking to her diary, as if it is a real person. She has desks and books everywhere in the city so she can sit and write whenever she wants to not feel alone.

When coming home from helping Hannah in the nether, Niki discovered a giant library almost directly next to her secret city. She explored it and found out it was Karl's. Not wishing to cause any harm, she left and went down to her city. She renovated her underground city, spending a lot of time talking to herself. Niki also liked the idea that she and Jack could be 'Team Rocket'.

After joining the Syndicate, Niki decides to change the goals back to an underground city rather than a library. She plans to build apartment rooms, tree farms and shops so anyone can come and go as they please. She also crafts a beacon from a wither star that a wither dropped on Doomsday. Niki then explores Kinoko Kingdom and doesn't seem to mind it although she expresses a little concern about a country sprouting up on her doorstep.

Niki shows people around her apartments, such as Ponk and HBomb, and says it costs one iron ore per night they wish to stay. She then continues renovating the apartments and digging out more rooms underground. She mentions accidentally digging into Karl's Library whilst making a new room underground.

Whilst mining, Foolish accidentally dug into her city - falling through the roof. Niki gave him lots of stone, so he offered to make her a huge build but she asked for tips on how to renovate her city instead. Later she hired him to make an underground waterfall and garden in her city, but Foolish insisted to do it for free.

Ponk is the first person to rent out one of her rooms. Whilst there, she provides him with food and company. She also treats his arm which Awesamdude chopped off and manages to heal it.

After the Red Banquet, Niki had a long period of absence from the smp. When she returned she spent most of her time renovating the city and spending time with other members of syndicate, assuming people who were there would learn to deal with the conflict as death happened so often. The main effect the Banquet had on her was that Ponk moved out, believing she wouldn't want a member of the Eggpire living with her.

Joining the Syndicate

Niki begins to break again, she knows Jack has been going behind her back and decides to finally end Team Rocket. She also tried to reconnect with Puffy so she can talk to her, but Puffy hasn't been in contact causing Niki to start wondering if anyone cares for her. Niki heads to the arctic and discovers Technoblade's cabin, Niki falters, not wanting to speak to him in case it hurts her friends. She also sees Phil there, and starts to walk away because she knows he killed Wilbur. However, the voices in her head convince her to turn back around, because the Wilbur she loved had already been lost long before Phil had intervened. Niki enters the house, deciding she finally wants a family who will care for her as a person rather than just a member of a faction.

Technoblade arrives after her, and the two speak. She tells him that she wants to accept his deal and join him. Phil and Technoblade decide that she is ready and tell her everything, giving her a book which explains the Syndicate. Technoblade's emotional support bear, Steve, takes a like to her causing them to trust her even more. Niki notices that Ranboo is watching them and accidentally tells him she has joined the Syndicate. Now that Ranboo knows, Phil and Techno decide it will be best if he joins as well and the four are now the official members.

Techno and Phil bring Niki and Ranboo to the meeting room. They ask Niki if she's willing to die for them now, and she says she is. Niki has every piece of netherite she owns with her, but still jumps in the lava pit for them, however she discovers it was trust exercise and survives. They then arrive at the meeting room and she has her first ever Syndicate Meeting. She is told to come up with a codename, and her book (Chat) recommend Athena, Hecate, Artemis, and Persephone, but ultimately Niki never decides until later on (naming herself Nemesis). The Syndicate discusses the egg, and Niki has never seen it but from what Techno explains, she decides that she doesn't like it.

They decide to check out Snowchester to see how powerful it is getting and Niki reveals she has been underground for the past month - having no contact with anyone. Upon learning this, Ranboo realizes she doesn't know Tommy's dead and breaks the news to her. Niki laughs at the fact he's dead, saying that Tommy is unable to die and will find a way out of the afterlife somehow,. Niki later confides in Technoblade about her nuke plot, which he says sounded like a good plan, however she slowly realizes that she never wanted to hurt Tommy. Niki now knows that despite Tommy hurting her, he's just a child, she also realizes that he is not at fault for Wilbur's death, and her built-up anger at Wilbur's death caused her to take it all out on Tommy.

Discovering Tommy's revival

Niki was in her underground city when Jack came down to see her. Jack then told her everything about Tommy dying and that he had now come back. He then asks if she wanted to rejoin him again, but she refuses to say that she doesn't want to hurt Tommy anymore. Niki then reveals that she just baked a cake and wants to start baking more like when she was in L'Manberg and also wants to live in peace in her city without government. Jack then gets angry and slaughters her chickens, saying that if she believes in no laws and that everyone is equal then she has no reason to stop him. Niki says she forgives him for making the point, but he needs to calm down and not be too rash. As he leaves Niki tells him that he will always be welcome in her city.

Hell and DreamXD

Niki was with Bad when Mexican Dream and George go to El Rapids. After some chaos, and Mexican Dream attempting to frame Bad for the countries destruction, they make there way to the dating house. There, Mexican Dream sets it on fire and Niki accuses Bad of framing Quackity. The conversation turns to the Egg, with Niki being the only person present not knowing much about it, she soon grows weary of Bad however. Bad forces George and Niki to The Egg, but before they make it to the Egg Room, DreamXD arrives. George and Niki tell him what is happening, causing DreamXD to kill Bad. After a scuffle over Bad's dropped items, Bad flees with his things. DreamXD's voice changes, and he tells George that he should have taken Bad's things. Niki then asks George if he is still dreaming, George is shocked as she shouldn't know anything about his dreams. Niki leaves soon after.

George and DreamXD decide to find Niki to prank, and DreamXD "sniffs" for Niki. They find Niki on the Prime Path near Punz's base, and DreamXD scares Niki. She runs away and wants to find someone to comfort her. Later, DreamXD and George find Niki outside Puffy's therapy office, and George tells her that DreamXD had learned how to make a good joke. DreamXD then makes squeaking noises, and tells Niki that he and George had placed her shoes at Church Prime.

When Niki arrives at Church Prime, her shoes aren't there. DreamXD tells Niki that they're going to kill her pets for another prank, but George refuses to. DreamXD then sends Niki to the afterlife, killing her permanently. He eventually brought her back, but she was extremely scared and told George she had 'seen things'. In her time in hell, she was there for around sixteen minutes. It is unknown what she saw in hell, as she ran back to her underground city, crying when she was brought back. It is unknown if DreamXD truly took Niki to hell or if the trip was canon at all.

Wilbur's revival

Niki and the rest of the Syndicate members threw a surprise birthday party for Technoblade at his house. They ate cake and joked about blowing up more countries. After a while they sat down to eat and they all were having a good time.

Philza brought up the revival book and how Wilbur had been revived. Shocked by how casual the other members reacted, Niki went into a state of panic. She spoke about how she was terrified of Schlatt coming back and tried to change the subject several times. When Ghostbur was brought up, Niki got even worse - realising that Wilbur had been back as a ghost and he'd never even tried to visit her in the long time he's been on the server.

Technoblade went off to speak with Quackity who had be watching and when he came back he told her that it was an IOU discussion. She baked him some Pumpkin Pies and told him the IOU is full of empty promises like Wilbur.

Mourning and changing

Niki reflects on Wilbur's resurrection and his history. Niki starts at where she had left off at Techno's birthday table and goes to Phil's house wondering why Wilbur had to be revived. Niki tells the picture of Wilbur there that he is out of her head. She then asks why he is back and what he wants. After, Niki heads outside and wonders what his plans are because whatever they are she plans to stop them. She states that she won't join him as she knows his lies.

Niki makes her way back to her city while wondering who Wilbur might manipulate next. She considers Wilbur targeting Jack while comforting herself by saying that Jack is too smart to fall for Wilbur's lies. She continues, stating that Wilbur never cared or changed, that he and Dream were people who ruled over countries and did not care about the people; Wilbur had sacrificed his life for power, and that now that he is back, everything will revolve around him again. She repeats that Wilbur invades her safe haven before returning to her city and that she had blamed Wilbur's mistakes, betrayal, and how he had hurt her and others on herself that it brought her nowhere and states that she can't sleep or eat to continue working on her city since she does not have any strength to do so.

Niki takes Wilbur's diamonds that he had given her at her bakery. She states that nobody had told her that Wilbur had been revived. She starts mining a tunnel in one of the rooms of her underground city, stating that nobody told her that Wilbur had been revived since they knew what would happen and that she did not care.

Niki states that Wilbur had been Ghostbur, that she had seen Wilbur's body and that the TNT he had placed; she trusted Wilbur so much that she had told nobody about it and hid the TNT with blocks. Niki states that in the end, Wilbur still blew up L'Manberg. She adds that Wilbur never cared about the people, was selfish and only wanted power. Ghostbur had just forgotten about her and that she was alone for months because Wilbur never checked in with her. Niki placed Wilbur and hers diamonds in a chest in the tunnel, stating that Wilbur was just a memory and that he can't hurt or promise her anything anymore.

Niki leaves on her city for a walk, she states that Wilbur had promised to get her out of Manberg and that she waited for so long. Niki explains that when the time came and she met Wilbur again, Wilbur had changed into a different person. He wasn't the person she used to know, and that he only loved L'Manberg's idea.

She looks over the L'Manberg crater and says that Wilbur was not the only one who fought for L'Manberg and that he had turned people who trusted him against each other, and now he had been revived what would he fight for. She then goes to the remains of her bakery she blew up. Niki then states that she wants to know why Wilbur never came back to her. Niki leaves the L'Manberg crater and glances at Tommy's bench before continuing down the Prime Path. She stops near the ice cream and flower shops, reminiscing the fun she had with Puffy, before walking back to the community nether portal, finally at peace with herself.


Niki, the content creator, is a part of another Minecraft SMP called the BearSMP, created by bearbubb. In this server, she played the same character as Nihachu in Dream SMP.

Before the Dream SMP

Before the creation of the 'Dream SMP' civilization, Niki used to live in the 'Perfect SMP' civilization and had a good friend called bearbubb. However, she left the SMP because she felt she "needed a new beginning", abandoning the town and her friend. She came across the Dream SMP sometime after this.


After approximately five years since leaving the Perfect SMP, Niki decided to visit her friend Bear and sent him a few letters saying that she would visit him soon. She arrived and Bear toured her around the Bear SMP. She also knew about another one of the Bear SMP members, Ori. She told Bear about the Dream SMP and spoke of her experiences there with bitterness, saying it didn't work out and she regretted leaving the Perfect SMP. She resisted Bear's idea of having any sort of ruling structure, displaying her hatred of government. She also said that she had responsibilities back in Dream SMP and would have to travel back and forth a lot, meaning that the two SMPs occur in roughly the same timeframe.

  • However, bearbubb has confirmed that the only thing that connects both SMPs is Niki, with her being the same character. Otherwise, everything else that happens on the Dream SMP or the Bear SMP is not connected or canon whatsoever to both SMPs seperate storylines.

Prison Break

Niki was in her underground city when she recieved a message from Techno to come over immediately, confused she headed over to his house through her garden nether path with haste, and although getting lost for a while she managed to find her way through the snowy desert. She jumped through the lava and into the Syndicate meeting room where Techno and Phil were already. Whilst Niki assumed they were waiting for Ranboo, Techno informed Niki of his time in the prison and how he was going to break Dream out which she wasn't pleased about. Techno then told her about how he thought Ranboo was in jail and Niki now wanted to help Techno break Ranboo out of jail even if it meant Dream leaving too. The three plus the new member of the Syndicate, Techno's dog Apollo, went to the blueprint room and Techno explained his plan on how to break them out. He instructed Niki to stay outside the prison to pull him out if necessary and to keep her involvement with them a secret because she had no known secrets with the Syndicate. Techno removed the blueprints and Niki gave him lots of potions. Techno and Phil then informed her of what her job was in the heist - back-up and distraction - if Phil set off the signal that meant something was wrong and she had to set off as many withers as possible and mingle naturally with the group who would arrive. They then rode over to the prison on horses and took a short cut through L'Manberg - something Niki wasn't pleased about.

Techno and Apollo went into the Prison with Apollo and Niki and Phil stood outside chatting and waiting for a while. Niki and Phil began to feel uneasy and Niki turned around to see Fundy and Foolish standing on a hill watching them, and realised they were the prison guards. Niki and Phil came up with a cover story for her whilst Phil hid himself in a cave but the guards vanished and Niki couldn't find them. Niki waited alone and has an existential crisis, breaking down from the stress. Suddenly, the prison alarm went off and Philza told Niki to pretend to be an innocent bystander although she was jittery and terrified and couldn't find anyone who came. Niki eventually bumped into Eryn, Sapnap, Michaelmcchill and Punz who had stolen her horse and hadn't heard the alarms, Niki pretended she didn't know what the alarms were for and when Michael asked why they hadn't met, they quickly got off track discussing how Niki had been alone in her city for 6 months. Sapnap insisted they all went to MacDonalds instead of checking out the alarm, meaning she couldn't leave. The others began robbing the MacDonald's stall jokingly and throwing food at eachother as Niki grew frustrated when Sam arrived. Sam instructed everyone to run to the prison as Dream had broken out and they were overpowered, acting shocked and they all ran when suddenly Tommy joined vc as panicked as the rest of them, others followed after. They all arrived at the prison confused and shouting one another whilst Niki watched silently, Sam was teleported away and Tommy took charge. Eryn became suspicious of Niki and began interrogating her, but Tommy interupted them and Eryn rode away with the others. Niki set off many withers as Dream escaped to outside the prison. Sapnap ambushed Niki as she went to set up one and informed the others as she ran for her life.

In her haste she escaped to L'Manberg and used the portal to return to go to the Nether, only to spot everyone in pursuit of the others running down the path. Sapnap and Eryn found Niki and chased her through the portal to Logstedshire where they lost her although Sapnap got her pickaxe. Confused, Niki searched Logstedshire, wondering what it was and found its blown up remnants as well as a pile of blue left by Ghostbur, she silently returned to the Nether and then to Techno's house.

Niki found Connor there but not Ranboo. She was informed that Ranboo had been killed in the escape and she was horrified. Connor accepted Techno's invitation to join the Syndicate before leaving to build a dirt house nearby and the three discussed how weird it was that he was in prison and had full netherite despite that. Connor returned and the four sat down to discuss things further. Techno showed Niki a picture Ranboo gave to him before he died and it was a picture of MICHAEL, Ranboo's son and the four realised they needed to protect and help MICHAEL. Niki decided not to go with them and instead hide out until people stopped hunting her.

Jack Manifold later came to see her in her city. He questioned her about what she had done that day. and she initially gave vague answers but soon broke down saying she had to help Ranboo and that she wished that it had never gotten to the Withers. The two argued with Jack saying she shouldn't have let Dream out for Ranboo and her saying she couldn't let Ranboo stay in there. Jack asked why Niki would help Techno with his favour and Niki argued he was his friend leading to this confrontation: "Techno- he's my friend!" "Wasn't I? Wasn't everyone?"

After they stopped arguing, Jack told Niki about where he'd been and said that he felt that the world was against him but Niki was the only one who seemed to agree with him. They soon argued again, but this time over the value of their friendship. Niki admitted to Jack that she never tried to look for him, but that she was busy and he wasn't the centre of attention and she wasn't going to help him as she felt like she tried her best to do what's right - get Ranboo out of prison. As the two continued, emotions ran high until Niki gave in and said she only wanted to give people happy lives and second chances and that she wanted Jack to help her in her underground city of peace, he didn't have to be involved with Technoblade anymore and he didn't have to run away. The two made up and apologised, accepting their own flaws and Jack gave Niki the co-ordinates to New Manifold Land so they could keep in touch.


Personal items
Name Notes
Diamond.png Promise Ring Given to Niki by CaptainPuffy after their date. She wore it everywhere until it was accidentally blown up by a creeper.
Sdfa.png Wilbur's Coat Retrieved by Niki after returning to L'Manberg. She wore it everywhere in remembrance of her friend.
Enchanted Netherite Pickaxe.gif THICCAXE Efficiency V, Fortune III, Mending, Unbreaking III

HBomb's pickaxe. Currently in Niki's possession.

Book.png Niki's Diary Despite only been seen once, Niki's diary takes an important part in her life as she carries it in her pockets everywhere. It takes the form of her chat, with it's messages appearing as writing on the pages.


Name Status Residence Notes
Fox.png Fungi Dead (August 25, 2020) Niki's bakery Gifted to Niki by Fundy, Niki named it Fungi since she wanted it to be related with Fundy due to their resemblance.

Fungi was accidentally killed on August 25, 2020 by Sapnap when he was pretending to shoot him. The accidental murder of Fungi enraged Fundy and caused The Pet War. Fungi's grave has been robbed and blown up due to events during The Pet War.

Bee.png Beelloon Dead (September 28, 2020) Beelloon's Secret Shelter Beelloon was a pet bee belonging to Fundy and Niki adopted during the Pet War. Niki took him to a place opposite the lake in L'Manberg, where they hid him in a cave covered with andesite on the outside and obsidian on the inside as a safety shell. The inside was decorated with cyan wool and flowers so he wouldn't starve and was left there for about a month until Fundy had remembered him.

Beelloon disappeared when Fundy attempted to free the bee from the bunker and bring it back via boat.

Snow Golem Pumpkinless.png Niki Jr Dead (November 3, 2020) Haunted Mansion Niki Jr. was created by Awesamdude in the Haunted Mansion during her birthday party, and Karl named it and gifted it to Niki after the celebration.

Niki Jr. mysteriously died when Niki logged on a day after.

Fox.png Mushroom Dead (December 11, 2020) Pogtopia Mushroom was an abandoned fox left in Pogtopia after the Manberg vs Pogtopia War until Antfrost gifted it to Niki.

While Tubbo and Dream were attempting to bring it back from Pogtopia to give it to Niki, Mushroom died from fall damage.

Red Parrot.png Meowth Alive Underground city Meowth is a parrot that flew into Niki's underground city. She adopted him and is planning on turning one of the rooms into a rainforest for him to live in. He was named after the Pokémon Meowth because of the many times Niki and Jack Manifold have been compared to Team Rocket from the series.
Enderman.png Shy Alive Underground city Shy is a non-binary enderman who lives in a glass case in Niki's city. She says that they are one of the only things that her character loves.


Relationships with members
Name Notes
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Though they were on opposite sides of a war in the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower, they formed a truce and were friendly with one another since Antfrost helped her escape after being held hostage.

After Niki joined the Syndicate, it is likely their relationship soured a bit due to the Eggpire's plan to conquer the SMP. This is further worsened when the Eggpire attempted to sacrifice all the guests to the Egg.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Despite the two seldom interacting, they are respectful and kind towards each other.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
The two are very kind towards each other, as Niki respects BadBoyHalo's wishes for others to not curse.

After Niki joined the syndicate, it is likely their relationship soured a bit due to the Eggpire's plan to conquer the SMP. This is further worsened when the Eggpire attempt to sacrifice all the guests to the Egg.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Although the two don't interact often, they are kind to each other and exchange items such as food to reassure one another.
Relationship Romantic LargePixelArt.png Partner
Niki and Puffy went on a date in late November, which allowed them to get to know each other more. Along with building a flower shop together, Puffy gave Niki a diamond "Promise Ring." During the Doomsday War, Niki expressed her claims to not let Puffy die and save her. However, Puffy fought for L'Manberg which Niki betrayed by burning down L'Mantree.

Later, the two having opposing feelings towards Tommy (with Niki planning to kill Tommy but Puffy wanted to protect him) seemed to put strain on their relationship.

Niki has said she tried to get in contact with Puffy, but she never replied. Unbeknownst to Niki, it was because she was dealing with the Egg. This led her to feel abandoned by Puffy. However, during the Red Banquet, the two seemed closer - dancing together and talking.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Niki and Connor met during the prison break and had some friendly interactions while he followed Techno and Phil back to their base and unofficially joined the Syndicate.
Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Dream and Niki had a relatively neutral relationship until they took opposite sides during the Pogtopia Manberg War. Since then, Niki had shown a consistent dislike towards Dream. Due to her stance in the Doomsday War, their relationship is probably neutral. However, Niki plotted to kill him and helped imprison him so threat soured their relationship. Niki did briefly consider the notion of seeking some form of aid from Dream in her efforts against Tommyinnit after failing to assassinate him with a nuclear weapons test initiated by Jack Manifold. However, this was largely out of desperation. After she learned that Dream killed Tommy, she is much happier that the outcome is temporarily satisfied. However, following her change of heart and forgiveness towards Tommy, Niki's previous opinions on dream had returned and she disliked him once more.

Hoping to help her friend Technoblade, Niki helped break Dream out of Pandora's Vault by providing distractions to cover the breakout. She does not seem to have any outward reservations about this, and when later confronted about her role by Jack she makes no negative references to Dream (even implying she is unsure of her views on him, as she also feels they had also gotten it wrong with their hatred of Tommy). Niki also tells Jack that being her friend won't require him to be involved with "the Syndicate, Techno, or Dream" implying that she remains open to being involved with Dream again in the future, at least if her friends need her to be. At present, she doesn't seem to harbor much animosity towards him, but is likely still cautiously uncertain.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Although Wilbur and Tommy told her that they disliked Eret, she grew to be really friendly with them. They are also linked by a trio called TEN (Tubbo, Eret, Niki). Eret supported her in The Manberg Rebellion, supplying her with TNT and trying to stop Fundy from burning her flag. Additionally, Eret and Niki share Ranboo's view that people should choose people, not sides.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Niki first met Eryn outside McPuffy's while she was trying to distract the group he was with from the then ongoing prisonbreak of Dream, initiated by the Syndicate. She welcomed Eryn to the server and the two exchanged pleasantries. Following this, things turned briefly sour as suspicion of Niki's behavior grew, and the alarms at the prison were confirmed to have been tripped. When Niki was ultimately exposed by Sapnap trying to spawn Withers to cover the escape of Dream and Technoblade, Eryn would eventually persue her with the others. However, in a callback to their earlier amiability, Eryn passed up the chance to prevent Niki's escape, allowing her to run right past him in the nether, and reach an exit portal. Eryn repeatedly crouched to show his friendly intent, and Niki returned the gesture as she waited to travel through the portal. Recognizing his help in her getting away, Niki is likely currently on positive terms with Eryn.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Niki and Fundy were on the same side in the Pet War and in the L'Manberg Elections, but Niki was furious with Fundy after he burned down her flag and pretended to take Schlatt's side in The Manberg Rebellion. In the end, Fundy revealed his true intentions, and although it took a while for Niki to be convinced, the two fought together in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War.

Fundy and Niki later ran away together and formed Dry Waters far away from the general area of Dream SMP. Though Fundy and Niki had an argument during the Green Festival, they both took the same stance in the Doomsday War and thus have created a neutral relationship. Despite this, Niki has said several times she does not trust Fundy due to his unpredictable changes in opinions and allegiances. She also hasn't completely forgiven him for burning down her flag, and feels that in a way he still betrayed her.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Although the two were on opposing sides previously, Niki and George mutually agree in their distaste for L'Manberg.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
After Wilbur's death and return as Ghostbur, the two never met. Ghostbur remembered everything bout her, as Wilbur and Niki had almost no bad memories. Niki also believed that Ghostbur is a figment of Fundy's imagination, and when Fundy told her he wasn't, she refused to believe him.

Ghostbur and Niki have only interacted once. During the Doomsday War, Niki saw Ghostbur, but because she doesn't know he exists thought she was hallucinating. This caused her to have a mental breakdown and flee the scene.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Having talked to each other directly before Doomsday, they had both agreed that L'Manberg and what it stands for has changed and for the worse. They also agreed on refusing to take a side in the war. Niki stated HBomb was the only person she could truly trust, as the two have stuck by each other and been friends since HBomb joined the server. When HBomb left to start anew, he gave Niki all his possessions and Niki visits him regularly.

When HBomb was being chased by Foolish and Tubbo, Niki helped him hide from them and says that she doesn't believe that he was involved with the disappearance of the nukes.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Jack and Niki have always been respectful to each other. Following the events of Doomsday, Niki and Jack formed a tentative alliance with the goal of killing Tommy, who they both saw as a bully and threat to the server. The two have worked together for a while, and generally get along okay. Although at first, they didn't trust each other, eventually they came to consider each other friends. Even after parting ways ideologically following Tommy's revival, with Jack still seeking revenge and Niki embracing peace and forgiveness, they still maintain a fairly positive relationship.
RelationshipExtremelyNegative LargePixelArt.png Very negative
Niki massively disliked Schlatt's sweeping changes as President, especially the exile of Wilbur and Tommy. Her toleration of hiss administration deteriorated as time went on. She openly and strongly opposed the president multiple times in various decisions. Jschlatt found her frequent protests annoying and mocked her about her relationship with Wilbur and the complaints about his actions. He frequently made life hard for Niki by imprisoning her, raising her taxes multiple times, stealing things from her bakery, and threatening to kill her. He saw Niki as "a thorn in my side." Niki burned down the Manberg flag and left to live in Tommy's holiday home after the taxes were too much for her. Tubbo's execution at the Manberg Festival led Niki to lash out at Schlatt. Schlatt decided to banish Niki and attempted to personally execute her, having heard enough from her. Niki would soon fight against Schlatt as a Pogtopian, getting the vengeance she wanted.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Karl and Niki have a warm relationship, as they went on a date together and have had several positive interactions. Although Karl sold Rutabagville to Manberg and was on the opposite side in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, they remained good friends.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Ponk gifted Niki a grey cat named Zuko for Niki's Birthday along with several enchantment books, diamonds, and emeralds. Niki was incredibly grateful for this, but besides that, the two rarely interact.

Ponk is the first person to rent out one of her rooms. Whilst there, she provides him with food and company. She also treated his arm, which Awesamdude chopped off, and manages to heal it. After Niki joined the syndicate, it is likely their relationship soured a bit due to the Eggpire's plan to conquer the SMP. This is further worsened when the Eggpire attempt to sacrifice all the guest to the Egg, but Niki doesn't seem to phased by Ponk leaving the city or trying to kill her so it is likely their relationship is neutral.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Niki and Punz ended up on the same side after Punz's betrayal in the Battle of the Lake. Following the battle, Punz gifted her a netherite helmet from the loot they got from the battle. After Niki joined the syndicate, it is likely their relationship soured a bit due to the Eggpire's plan to conquer the SMP.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Niki has an almost motherly bond with Purpled, but they still hold mutual respect for each other. During the Red Banquet, Purpled rescued all the guests in the chamber and help them escape through the tunnel he dug.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Quackity and Niki have acted pretty friendly to each other, even during The Manberg Rebellion when they were still on opposite sides of the war.

However, in the Doomsday War, Quackity was horrified to see the L’Mantree burnt down by Niki. During the Red Banquet, Quackity saved all the guests in the chamber, and fight against the Eggpire result in neutral relation.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Niki showed Ranboo around the SMP on his first day. She showed support for Ranboo's presidential campaign for L'Manberg, wondering if she could vote twice for Ranboo. During the spat about the ownership over the shop she and Puffy were building, she and Ranboo were sending each other whispers trying to think of a way to stop the conflict. She also showed concern for him, asking if Fundy was holding him hostage.

On January 5, Ranboo was revealed as a traitor. Niki came for Tommy saying she is not on his side because he burned George's house which caused all the drama, then said that exploding the community house was something he would do. Ranboo jumped in and said that the burning of George's house was not just Tommy's fault. She immediately refuted Ranboo by yelling at him for betraying L'Manberg. While he believed he didn't betray anyone, while Niki along with everyone else disagreed.

Since then, Niki and Ranboo had a conversation and each apologized for yelling at each other. They talked things out, and Niki stated that she actually agreed with Ranboo’s ideals. She also mentioned that she "always believed in Ranboo" and would follow his lead. Instead of following his ideals, she burned down L'Mantree which he did not condone, and said that she still picked a side.

However, after the nuclear bomb launch, Niki and Ranboo had a talk where he confirmed that he doesn't know how to feel about Niki and stated that she is neutral to him.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
At first, Niki and Techno had a fairly positive relationship due to the both of them siding with Pogtopia. After he destroyed L'Manberg, Niki's opinion of him turned negative. However, she ended up doing Techno's job during the Doomsday War and burned down L'Mantree. Techno and Niki were most likely on neutral terms after this development. After Techno saved all the guests of the Red Banquet and fought against the Eggpire, their relationship probably improved.

Recently, Niki has joined Techno in the Syndicate, and have had a positive relation in the meetings.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Niki and Tommy took Sapnap's fish and bargained with them for an apology before the formal start of The Pet War. Many events later, she immediately asked Tommy if he wanted to get revenge, and offered assistance after he found out about Henry's death. They were on the same side in the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower where Tommy tried to help her escape when she was taken hostage. During the aftermath of the Manberg Festival, she created a sub faction with him and Tubbo, agreeing to stick together no matter what.

At the Green Festival, Niki cried out in anger about Tommy's foolish actions, saying that she had no longer personal possessions due to Tommy's poor decisions. She blames Tommy for constantly lying, and declares that he is no longer her friend and now plans to kill him to try and stop the pain. She has said on stream that she will continue to hate Tommy until she or somebody else kills him.

Niki states that she no longer wants to kill Tommy. She has said on stream that her hatred of Tommy was an attempt to stop the pain caused by Wilbur’s actions. She regrets wanting to kill him, and feels ashamed.

Upon finding out that Tommy is dead during the first Syndicate meeting, Niki denies the news, joking around with the rest of the Syndicate that Tommy can’t die.

When Jack later confronted her about Tommy's revival, she said that he had gone through several things, and that he shouldn't have died. Jack got mad at her and said she was being dumb, but she ignored this.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Niki and Tubbo have a sibling-like relationship often hang out with each other. She is also seen as a somewhat motherly figure to him. However, after the Green Festival, she is bothered by Tubbo immediately being on Tommy's side, though this doesn't bother her as much anymore. She also supported L'Manberg's destruction in the Doomsday War, presumably worsening their relationship. Though, it is unknown where their relationship is at, as they seldom interact.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Niki and Wilbur were really good friends. Niki was always on the same side as him and was loyal to him in the early days of L'Manberg. It is likely that Niki thinks lesser of Wilbur since his betrayal to L'Manberg and previous members of Pogtopia (with the exception of Technoblade).

The more she thinks about it, the more she justifies her anger towards Wilbur for casting her opinions aside and exploding the home she always cared for. Despite always sticking up for her, Wilbur ended up betraying everything she believed. Despite her anger, she still missed him and wore his cloak and coat in remembrance of him.

When Wilbur was revived, Niki vowed to stop him as she now firmly believes he has gone too far. She questions his ideals and calls him a villain saying he manipulated her and ruined her life. She still wears his clothes but now as an act of defiance instead of mourning him.


  • "Dear Friend. I hope this letter finds you well. By the time you will read this, I will be long gone, so don't come looking for me. Don't worry— we shall see each other soon, but I am writing to you in hopes you can bring out my word to the people. L'Manberg lies in shambles. The election is over and Schlatt has come to power. [...] Our once beloved nation has turned into a nightmare on Earth. He tore down our walls, wanting to expand into enemy territory and took our names from us, renaming L'Manberg Manberg. He casted out Tommy and Wilbur. [...] Taxed me, took my belongings and threw me into jail for not complying. I managed to escape and am safe for now, but people are looking for me and I don't know what will happen if they find me. Fundy has turned to his side, the man I trusted and being his running mate. The man I thought could be trusted with our nation, the man I went to war with. He burned my flag, our symbol, [...] and rebuilt it in a new nation's name. Now I know that he only wanted power. I don't know who to trust anymore. I feel like everyone has turned against me. Tubbo is standing by Jschlatt's side and he is even wearing his suit. But I will not stand and I will not fall for a selfish leader who does not care for his people and who can only see revenge and hatred. And will do anything to just stay in power. I will not stand and I will not fall for a nation who forgot where they came from. I will not stand and I will not fall for the tyrranist that has taken everything I love. All I know is that Mister JSchlatt is putting way to much on his plate and it is time someone takes it from him. So please, friend, I need your help. JSchlatt has planned a festival and he has invited every citizen on the Dream SMP, L'Manberg, and everyone in between. I don't know what he is trying to achieve. He says he has an announcement, and I don't know what it is. Friend, I need your help, I need you to be there in case anything goes wrong and if anything happens to me, you will have to tell the people if I cannot. I am counting on you, I am trying to come up with a plan, so please follow along, but also, please take care of yourself. I have been emotional before and I know that if I get angry, no one is too strong to get in my way. - Niki to a friend about the Manberg Rebellion
  • "You have no right to do that Schlatt!" - Niki's reaction to Schlatt's first decree as president
  • "You take everything from me, and now you take my freedom?" - Niki to Schlatt and Quackity when they imprison her
  • "I hope you all starve." - Niki to Schlatt supporters when they come to buy food at her bakery after the election
  • "Listen. Listen. We have to do something. He already tore down the walls, renamed the entire nation and he- he-[..] WILBUR! Quackity, WILBUR! What am I supposed to do without him?" - Niki attempting to turn Quackity on Schlatt after the election
  • "Henry, I will do everything to protect you okay? We have each other. We- I don't know who's on our side. I don;t know who is on our side right now, but- don't turn away from me. Tommy is fine, Tommy is okay and you will get back with him soon- very soon. I know you're looking for him, I wish I could lead you to him- I wish I could show you, but we have too, we have to stay here for now. We have to stay here for now. Even me. We're strong okay, we're strong. I guess in the end we still have friends. Ok Henry, we've got this! We've got this. It's you and me, for now. It's a pretty house, very pretty, I guess it's a nice place to hide for now. We can see the docks of L'Manberg." - Niki to Henry after escaping to Tommy's Holiday Home
  • "I don't even want to be here!" - Niki lashing out at Schlatt
  • "We need L'Manberg back." - Niki to Tommy and Tubbo after the Manberg Festival
  • "You know I'm loyal to you Will. You know I'm loyal to you. [. . .] And to L'Manberg! I am... of course." - Niki to Wilbur in her first few days with L'Manberg
  • "How could you? You killed him! [...] You killed him! [...] How could you do that? [...] After everything he has done for you?" - Niki to Schlatt at the Manberg Festival
  • "We will figure something out. As long as we stick together." - Niki to Tommy and Tubbo whilst watching the sunset
  • "I don't have anything to lose. I lost everything, and it's all because it's Tommy's fault! Tommy has been going around the server, destroying everything, taking everything as if it belongs to him, and now he expects us to just magically have everyone on his side again?"
  • "Sperm whales can't cum!" - Niki trying to distract Bad and Skeppy during the War Of The Eiffel Tower
  • "Ranboo, I am on your side here, I don't care about L'Manberg anymore, I don't want to fight with Tommy, that is all I want. Because Tommy and I aren't friends anymore, Tommy lied to us multiple times! And you know what? I hate liars." - Niki to Ranboo
  • "For no reason. Yeah, it was you too. And I defended you Ranboo! And I defended you! And what are you doing now? Pretending to be on Tubbo's side and then going to the other side. [...] IT WAS- YOU CHOSE, YOU CHOSE TUBBO." - Niki in an argument with Ranboo in front of everyone at the festival
  • "I have to get out of here- I'm- I'm thinking too much- too- too many memories- I- I- I have to get out of here- this- this cannot be. No. No. No. He's dead. He's dead. He- He is dead. Will is dead. He blew up L'Manberg and was killed by Philza- Philza killed him. He is dead. Will is dead. He's dead. He's dead. No. No. No. [Hyperventilating]. It's not real, it's not true. That's that, it can't be! It can't be! He is dead! He is dead! He is dead! Wilbur is dead! He left me. He left me. Wilbur left me. He died. [Pause]. I can see him...I can see...I can see...No! I'm insane! I'm turning insane! It's the memories. The memories. I have to get rid of the memories- L'Manberg is gone- Will is not here- Will is gone- He's gone- He betrayed me- He left me- He is gone- He's not here! No- I- I- I- I'm hallucinating! No! No! No! [Laughing]. He's dead. He's dead. He's dead. He's dead. L'Manberg is dead. This is real- this is true- I am true- I am real- I am here. L'Manberg is dead and so is Wilbur! [Laughing]. It's gone! It's gone! I am- I am gone. L'Manberg is gone...I am L'Manberg...I need to get to my bakery. I need to get to my bakery. My bakery is gone...my bakery is L'Manberg...I am L'Manberg...this is my life. The smell of bread...I need to get to my bakery. Everything is gone- L'Manberg was real but now it's gone- it's all gone! The memories are destroyed!" - Niki's derealisation and breakdown after seeing Ghostbur
  • "It's still here...nothing is destroyed...it's still here...it's still here. Why is it still here- why is it here- why is it still here? It's destroyed- L'Manberg is gone- L'Manberg is destroyed- destroyed- gone. It's all gone. I'm not hallucinating! I'm not hallucinating! I'm not hallucinating! This is- this is- this is destroyed. It will be destroyed. I need to destroy it- destroy it!" - Niki after finding her bakery and resolving to blow it up
  • "Goodbye, L'Manberg. You were a true friend, you were a home. You were everything that we had. And now the last thing, the last thing that kept us from freedom, it's gone. It's beyond being repaired. Bye, L'Manberg." - Niki's soliloquy after burning down L'Mantree
  • "I have lost everyone I was close to." - Niki in an argument with Jack Manifold
  • "Now...L'Manberg lies in shambles. But this time it wasn't the government. This time it was a lesson that every single one of them had to learn." - Niki during Doomsday
  • "I love L'Manberg, I love my home and I wish... I wish it was... L'Manberg was what I thought it was. But I realize that it is not, so I want L'Manberg gone." - Niki after Fundy sabotaged the supplies
  • "I want to burn the memories." - Niki having a mental breakdown in Doomsday after spotting Ghostbur
  • "I don't want to be friends with any of them again. Have you seen them?" - Niki defending herself
  • "We both have been ignored by them all the time. We walk behind them slowly and carefully and quietly, 'cause they will ignore us all the time, but we want to be a part. We're like little puppies! Just walking and walking, trying to follow them, but they're never going to see us, never going to listen to us. It's sad, isn't it? All we are for them is something - something they can take something from. That's all we are for them."
  • "I guess you could say that it was never meant to be." - Niki to Fundy after the festival
  • "Tommy, what muscles are we talking about?" - Niki to Tommy, who boasted that he won a fight against Bad
  • "They take it because it is here, and it is usable and they don't give you any credit." - Niki talking to Jack Manifold
  • "We need to show them that we can't let them treat us like that." - Niki after Jack agrees that they are being overlooked
  • "What's the difference between them and us. When we lose something, we've lost it and we grieve it and it will be a part of us. When they lose something they move on and find something else. They use everything."
  • "We can operate in bright daylight and still operate from the shadows"
  • "No one will care until it's too late." - Niki discussing her plot with Jack
  • "We've been overlooked for way too long."
  • "JSchlatt has planned a festival and you know - you know what they say about a woman that has nothing to lose." - Niki after being imprisoned by Schlatt
  • "Be the one that got away."
  • "It's Tommy. Tommy doesn't die... we literally tried to nuke this child and he was still alive."
  • "Jack, I'm not sure I want to kill Tommy. Tommy has gone through a lot too and it's not his fault Will- Wilbur left." - Niki after Jack suggests a second team-up
  • "You know what, Jack? I hear you. I understand you. I have been through the Tommy problems that we all have been through. I miss our little duo that we had going on. You know what? If you give me some time, I might think about it. In the meantime, you have a place you can go. You'll always be welcome here."
  • "I haven't seen Puffy in days, because Puffy doesn't talk to me anymore, because we both just have differences. And I can't tell her I want to kill the child she's protecting, which makes it very hard for me. It makes it very hard for our relationship. " - Niki wondering about Puffy
  • "Are you dreaming again George?" - Niki to George whilst they're talking to DreamXD
  • "It was never meant to be." - Niki burning down L'Mantree
  • "People tend to not do that. People tend to, you know... talk over me and not listen to me, but I believe that if L'Manberg gets blown up, people are finally going to realize that it's a vicious cycle! Fighting over the same and same place all the time. It's being blown up again." - Niki's speech to her friends before Doomsday
  • "Well, I don’t know, Jack. I don’t know... I... I started baking again." - During an argument in her Secret City with Jack about Tommy’s revival
  • "Why did no one tell me you're back. Why do you have to be back! I thought I got rid of you. I thought I got rid of the thought of you." - Niki about Wilbur's revival
  • "What are you doing here, in the only place where I am safe? You have to invade because you always do that. You always have to invade where I feel safe... what is your plan?"
  • "Who are you going to manipulate next? Because it's not going to be me this time... it's not going to be me this time!" - Niki about Wilbur
  • "I'm not going to blame it on other people again because I always did that! I always blamed YOUR mistakes and YOUR betrayal and YOU hurting me on other people. And look where it got me...look where it got me! It got me nowhere!"
  • "I thought I got better, I thought I stopped starving myself and throwing myself off of my building to regenerate my health... to heal... yeah, of course, to heal!"
  • "I was so naive, thinking that when you were still alive, maybe you could be rescued. Maybe you could be rescued, and then you could... you could be ''happy.'' I thought you could be happy. But you will never be happy, because all you want is what you can't have. And when you have everything... what will you fight for?"
  • "That sounds like someone with empty promises... was it Wilbur?" - Niki to Technoblade at his birthday party
  • "I guess at the end he was pretty fond of him. Two maniacs leading countries, leading places and people and forgetting about the people they care about just for power! Just for power! This is what you did for power! You sold your soul, for power."
  • "Now you're back. And the world revolves around Wilbur again."
  • "I hope Techno's alright, I can't lose another friend. I can't lose another friend to Dream." - Niki talking to herself during the Prison Break
  • "I have a mission...I have a mission...I have to wait for Dream and Ranboo and make sure Techno's fine..." - Niki panicking during the Prison Break
  • "I- just what I was told Jack. I had to help Techno- Ranboo was stuck in prison- trust me I didn't want it to happen- it was the last resort- we- it was the last resort- I- I- I didn't-" - Niki panicking and tumbling over her words when Jack confronts her about the Prison Break
  • "Jack, you think that you are the person. That everyone else is selfish, but think about the things that I had to do! I've had to go through things too! And I have finally found friends and I can't just stop them by telling them 'Oh no I can't help you!' Ranboo was in prison...and for some reason Connor."
  • "Jack was there...Tommy was there...they saw me...set up the withers...I just wanted to help Techno and- and free Ranboo. Ranboo was trapped. Oh no...oh no...what have I done?" -Niki reflecting after the jailbreak


  • Although Niki had originally planned lore for her character on the day of the Green Festival, she was forced to delay it.
  • The extreme tax from the Schlatt Administration left her poor as they took away all her valuables. She remained penniless until HBomb gave her all his stuff post-Doomsday.
  • Niki is one of the few clear memories Ghostbur has from his past life, as written in his book.
  • Niki is one of the only members of the SMP that had nothing in Dream's Vault that was revealed in the Disc Confrontation.


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