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The Pandora's Vault jailbreak, also known as the Jailbreak or the Final Stand, was a major conflict that occurred on November 28, 2021. It revolved around the Syndicate breaking Dream, Ranboo, and ConnorEatsPants out of Pandora's Vault. The conflict featured two sides: the Syndicate and the prisoners of Pandora's Vault against a medley of various players led by Awesamdude in an effort to stop Dream from escaping. This conflict served as the finale of the over ten-month long Empowerment Arc and the beginning of the Legacy Arc.


Unexpected development

While planning the break-in and staking out Pandora's Vault from Tommy's watch tower on November 27, 2021, Technoblade saw Sam forcing Ranboo into the prison entrance for an unknown reason. Techno attempted to stop Sam, but was unable to intervene before Sam and Ranboo teleported into the Nether and the entrance portal was disabled.[1]


Syndicate meeting

On November 28, 2021, members of the Syndicate held a meeting discuss Techno's plan to break into Pandora's Vault. Techno, Philza, Nihachu, and one of Techno's dogs were present for the meeting, and Techno explained his plan to break into the prison. While explaining his plan, Techno revealed that Ranboo was taken in as a prisoner the previous day and that his plan is to break Dream and Ranboo out at the same time. Phil and Niki agreed to assist with the plan, and the three also agreed to recruit the dog under codename "Apollo" to aid in the breakout.[2][3]


Following the consensus at the Syndicate meeting room, the group moved the discussion to Techno's second vault to review the blueprints for Pandora's Vault and discuss the roles of each member. Using blueprints hung on the wall of the vault, Techno described the layout and workings. Techno explained how Pandora's Vault relied on multiple elder guardians that moved around in a rail system to provide Mining Fatigue at almost all parts and how the prison had an alarm system that would alert everyone on the server of any problems. With this information, Techno enlisted Niki and Phil to remain outside, be lookouts, create distractions, and activate Techno's ender pearl stasis chamber if necessary. Horses would be used to travel to and flee from Pandora's Vault.[4][5]

After discussing the plan, the Syndicate gathered supplies. Techno took the blueprints down from the walls, and all three prepared their inventories. Niki was given materials to spawn withers in case a distraction was necessary. After preparing inventories, the group navigated towards Pandora's Vault by horse. The group hid the horses in a secret hole under a nearby hill that Techno had asked Phil to dig the previous day, and the group went over the final details of the plan. Niki, who had not revealed her relation to the Syndicate, would blend in, talk with the crowd, and secretly spawn withers when they need a distraction. Techno, along Apollo, would breach the prison where the vulnerability was present to rescue Dream and Ranboo. Phil would hide nearby until the distraction is needed.[6][7]


Breaking Dream out

After the group separated, Techno started digging down in the river adjacent to the prison. He then strip mined towards the prison at a spot that wasn't covered by the Mining Fatigue and alarm since the lava was expected to be sufficient in securing the prison. Techno and Apollo swam with fire resistance through the prison's lava until they reached the final checkpoint room that lead to Dream's cell. From there, the two swam through the lava that connected the entrance room to Dream's cell. Upon reaching the cell, Dream expressed shock at Techno and warned about the addition of glass that separated the two and triggered the alarm if broken. Unable to mine the glass and barrier, Techno decided to use TNT. Techno quickly described their plan to Dream before setting off the TNT. The TNT damaged the barrier and allowed Dream to escape, but also triggered the prison's alarm.[8]

While Techno broke into the prison to break Dream out, Phil and Niki shared their concerns for Techno near Tommy's watch tower. The two maintained conversation up until Niki noticed that they were being watched by members of Las Nevadas, which the two assumed were prison guards. Phil hid inside the secret hole where they kept the horses. Niki wandered around on her own for a while, slowly growing more and more panicked.[9]

Battle in the prison

After equipping Dream with weapons, armor, and Fire Protection, the two swam towards the final checkpoint room with Apollo following. Upon reaching the room, the group was bet with arrow fire by Sam from above. The two swam into the lava path into the next checkpoint room. Sam, attempting to follow the two, killed Apollo before ender pearling to the next checkpoint room to join Bad. Dream and Techno then used ender pearls to travel to the next room. The four engaged in a battle until the guards were forced to fall back and Techno blocked off the guard entrance.[10]

Outside the prison, Phil notified Niki of the alarm and instructed her to distract other members of the server by speaking to them. Niki ran to try and join a group composed of Eryn, Sapnap, Punz, and Michaelmcchill for an alibi, but nobody else had heard the sirens. Confused, the group brought her along with them to a joke robbery of McPuffy's.[11]

Now separated from the guards, Dream and Techno progressed through the water tunnel to the next checkpoint where they were met by another blackstone barrier. Techno used TNT to destroy it, but as they entered the room, Sam blocked off the path with obsidian, instructed Bad to head to the next point, and traveled outside.[12] While Niki and the group of members huddled around McPuffy's, Sam alerted the group in panic and instructed them to wait outside the prison. Eryn began interrogating Niki, but a newly arrived Tommy took charge and interrupted them. JackManifoldTV and Callahan joined the crowd, and Niki broke off from the group to a secret location.[13]

Breaking Ranboo out

Stuck, Techno and Dream backtracked through the water to the previous checkpoint room to review the blueprints. After locating the position of Ranboo's cell, Techno used milk to mine into the cell. To everyone's surprise, ConnorEatsPants was in the cell Techno mined into; no one was aware that Connor had been stuck in jail for "stolen valor." Techno then made the decision to bring Connor with them and headed towards Ranboo's cell. After finding Ranboo, Techno widened the opening leading to the lava checkpoint room before equipping Connor and Ranboo with armor. He then splashed everyone with Fire Resistance, and the four swam out of the prison through the hole Techno mined to get in. As the four started their way through the tunnel, Sam announced his presence and chased the four out.[14]

Battle outside the prison

As Techno, Dream, Ranboo, and Connor and surfaced, the group of onlookers began firing on the escapees and initiated a battle. Everyone targeted Dream, but Sam tried a new tactic: taking Ranboo hostage as leverage. Sam showed Ranboo an image of MICHAEL and told him to unequip his armor. Ranboo complied, and Sam presented the escapees with an ultimatum to surrender or lose Ranboo. Dream focused on fleeing, and only Technoblade expressed concern for Ranboo. After Techno stated that only he cared about Ranboo, Sam killed Ranboo. Techno attempted to retaliate and kill Sam at first, but started fleeing after the mob started attacking him and after the withers summoned by Niki and Phil started flying closer to the mob.[15] As Niki tried to set off another wither, Sapnap ambushed her and forced her to flee. Niki dropped her pickaxe in the chaos, but managed to lose Sapnap.[16]

Syndicate escape

With the main mob distracted by withers, Techno, Dream, and Connor fled towards the secret cave where Phil was hiding and the horses were kept. Phil, Techno, and Dream mounted the horses and made their way through the SMP towards the community Nether portal with Eryn tailing and a wither fixated on them. After the escapees entered the Nether, Techno blocked off the portal to slow Eryn and other followers. By the time the rest of the members entered the Nether and got through the blockade, Techno, Dream, and Phil had made it back to Technoblade's cabin.[17] The members interrogated Eryn about their whereabouts since he was the closest follower, but his ignorance of Dream's actions led to him refusing to disclose the route that Dream, Techno, and Phil took to escape. While the group attempted to find the path that the escapees took, Niki entered the Nether hoping to return to Techno's cabin discreetly. She was noticed by Sapnap, who alerted the other members to follow. To Niki's luck, her only pursuer was Eryn, who secretly allowed her to escape through a portal to Logstedshire.[18][19]


Trading favors

Following Technoblade, Phil, and Dream's arrival at Technoblade's cabin, Dream asked about the next steps. However, Techno's intent was to only break Dream out as part of the favor he owed Dream. Techno promptly asked Dream to return the netherite armor, but allowed Dream to keep the sword and shield at the cost of a favor. Dream then parted ways with the Syndicate, running towards the forest. After Dream started running, Techno came up with the idea of asking Dream to revive Ranboo and attempted to catch up with Dream, but stopped after realizing that Dream had already ran far from the cabin.[20]

A Syndicate recruit

While discussing the events with Phil, Techno mentioned finding Connor inside the prison. Shortly after, Connor arrived at the cabin by foot and joined the two in promoting Techno's channel. Eventually, Niki arrived at the cabin, and the four discussed Ranboo. After Techno accidentally mentioned the Syndicate's goals in front of Connor, Techno extended an invitation to Connor. Connor started building a dirt house near Ranboo's house, and the other members offered their support.[21]

Looking for answers

Following Connor's recruitment into the Syndicate, Techno had a realization that he should investigate the image that Ranboo had given him shortly before dying. Techno, not understanding what the image meant and having no knowledge of who MICHAEL is, shared the image with Niki and Phil. Phil explained that it was of Ranboo and Tubbo's son, MICHAEL. At the same time, Niki also shared that someone had attempted to kill MICHAEL weeks before. Techno, puzzled about who MICHAEL is and MICHAEL's importance, asked Phil to explain and realized that he should talk to Tubbo for answers. The Syndicate parted ways, and Techno made his way to Snowchester in search of Tubbo.[22]

Dream's return

After Techno, Dream, Connor, Niki and Phil escaped, Sam let the rest of the SMP know that Dream was at large. Punz broke off from his allies, agreeing with Sapnap to split up and search for Dream. Punz used the opportunity to secretly meet up with Dream at a rendezvous point and restock him with supplies. Geared up again, Dream set off to collect the Axe of Peace and gave it to Techno, returning the favor he owed to Techno when Techno gave him refuge and escape from Pandora's Vault.

Tommy began to prepare by building bee-striped walls around his base (out of yellow concrete and obsidian; given to him by Quackity, meant to remind him of Manberg), blocking up all of its entrances and exits, as he knew that Dream would go after him to obtain the Discs. Tommy encountered Dream at the remains of Logstedshire when he tried to find the Axe of Peace (he'd hidden it underneath the cross next to the Tnret) before Dream, but somehow, Dream had found it first, using the axe to attempt torturing Tommy again. While being chased by Dream with that axe (believed by most to have been a hallucination as the result of Tommy's PTSD), Dream told Tommy about how he would manipulate everyone into thinking that Tommy was crazy; Tommy hid inside Phil and Techno's house. Phil admitted that he had helped Techno break Dream out of prison and also said that he would kill Dream if he tormented Tommy again.

Tommy completed the walls around his base with the help of Eryn, Phil, and Boo, ensuring full lockdown on his base.

The next week, Tommy met up with Phil on him and Techno's training area and has talked about what happened during the Disc Confrontation and after Tommy has said that he hesitated to give his discs to save Tubbo's life, Phil had burned Tommy's Rapple that Boo has given to him. He also trained Tommy and has thinked that Tommy could beat Dream. Shortly after, Tommy returned to his House and has fell down in a trap that Dream made for him and contains the 11 Disc, also known as the scratched disc. Dream had putted a message on the disc, reminding Tommy of the days he got tormented by Dream.

Dream: I will revive you and then kill you again, and I will revive you and then kill you again. Hey Tommy, wanna drop your items in a hole? Hey there, baby Tommy.
Tommy: Fuck you. Fuck you. You are not apart of this. SHOW YOURSELF!!! FIGHT ME!!!
Dream: I'm gonna make your life a LIVING HELL...


After hearing the message, Tommy had discovered Eryn's Dream shrine. Having thoughts that Dream built it (presumbly due to his PTSD), he returned to Phil's house and discovered Dream had been there too, evidenced by a sign from Dream claiming he had also gotten Phil. This was later revealed to be a ruse designed to frighten Tommy, as Phil had simply been away in the new world.

After trying to find Phil, Tommy met up with Sapnap in Tubbo's old home (which Tommy would attempt to turn into a safehouse against Dream) and the two of them made plans to hunt and kill Dream together, in light of Dream's threat to "visit" Kinoko Kingdom and torment of Tommy respectively.


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