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Please do not add Technoblade as a family member. Technoblade has decanonized his character being a part of the "family dynamic"/the son of Philza. He has stated that although he is fine with it being a headcanon, it is not a part of the story he has constructed and he will not roleplay it as such.[1]

This page is about the character from the Dream SMP. For the streamer who plays this character, see Ph1LzA.

First thing he does when he breaks out of prison is torment a child, I'm going to murder that Teletubby piece of shit the next time I see him.


Philza, also known as Phil, is the twenty fifth member of the Dream SMP, joining on November 16, 2020, counting Mexican Dream making him the twenty sixth member. He is a former L'Manberg resident and a member of the Syndicate. He is the father of Wilbur Soot and grandfather of Fundy.

While Phil helped L'Manberg on multiple occasions, he did not support the government. He first joined the server in an attempt to stop Wilbur from destroying L'Manberg during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War.[4] He failed to stop Wilbur, but helped kill the withers during the battle and accepted Tubbo's request to help rebuild and live in L'Manberg afterward.[5]

However, while living in L'Manberg, he openly disagreed with the government's actions and often visited his longtime friend Technoblade, an enemy of L'Manberg. He further opposed the government after the Butcher Army put him under house arrest and attempted to execute Techno.[6][7] As a result, after Techno broke him out of house arrest,[8] Phil moved in with him. Philza fought on Techno and Dream's side in the Doomsday War, which he hoped would "send a message" to the L'Manberg's inhabitants.[9] He directly contributed to the destruction of L'Manberg by spawning withers.

Phil is currently a member of The Syndicate, an organization formed by Techno that seeks to keep the server in an anarchist state and eliminate any threat of government.[10]



Phil is a human with light skin, blue eyes, and dirty blond hair. His default skin is a green jinbei, black haori, sandals, and green-and-white striped bucket hat. The skin is based on Kisuke Urahara from the anime/manga Bleach.

Phil's winter clothing is very similar to Techno's, consisting of a steel chest plate, maroon arm wear, white shoulder pads, black boots and navy blue pants. His trademark hat is also replaced with a blue scale replica of it.


Although not shown on his Minecraft skin, Phil is canonically depicted with wings that are typically dark gray or black in color, as a reference to his affinity for his elytra in his Hardcore world. Though it began as a fan-centric design, Phil later confirmed it to be canon. As a result of his shielding Wilbur from the first detonation of L'Manberg, they are injured beyond repair, and subsequently unusable.[11] He has also stated that if he were to canonically die, his ghost form could see a return of these wings, depicted in-game in the form of an elytra permanently bound to his back.[12]

Phil only has one life on the server despite not having any "canon" deaths. This is because of his popular reputation of streaming Minecraft in hardcore mode where you cannot respawn when you die. Phil is the only person on the server to have one life by default. Philza has also lived for centuries.


Of all the SMP members, Philza is one of the most respected and seen as relatively powerful despite not holding official titles in any nation.

Usually, he is resilient, kind, and hard-working, taking care to complete mundane tasks such as filling creeper-craters and repairing paths. He initially appeared to be peaceful, lending a hand to people in need. Despite this, Philza is far from a pacifist, not afraid to shed his peaceful nature and resume his classic chaotic attitude when pressured by the people around him.

Phil is a no-nonsense person, wise and willing to discipline people if they break rules or cause problems. He is easily exasperated at their chaos, and not hesitant to leave people to deal with their consequences if they continue to act up despite his intervention and warning.

Philza is efficient and seeks to solve problems in the most straightforward way possible - for example, when he identified that L'Manberg was the corruptive force behind Wilbur's spiral into madness, and the violence of the Butcher Army, he sought to end it as soon as possible by assisting in its destruction. Phil is not afraid of taking a stance when he needs to.

Though he works for the betterment of people as a whole, this broad perspective of the world blinds Phil to nuance, as demonstrated by his failure to show empathy to Ghostbur in the aftermath of Doomsday.


Initially, Phil's ideology was unclear as a result of his lack of knowledge about the political landscape of the Dream SMP. However, after working alongside Tubbo to repair L'Manberg, Phil realized that government might not be a great idea and started to reconsider his stance on Technoblade's brand of anarchy, especially after watching Tubbo steal from others in the name of "taxing."[13][14]

After being questioned, Phil explained that he wasn't necessarily against government, but only if it helps the people. He noted that on the server, government had consistently failed the people rather than helped them - Phil seems to desire a better world for the people as a whole.[15]

After being placed under house arrest and having his home vandalized by the Butcher Army, Phil now fully shares Technoblade's ideal of an anarchist world, having come to strongly dislike the L'Manberg government, as he has seen it turn good people into tyrants. Phil is willing to embrace his friend's chaos in the pursuit of a truly free server.[16][17] Phil understands anarchy is more than chaos and violence, and has his own reasons for pursuing anarchy beyond Techno's.[18]

Philza does not regret Doomsday, saying that while he understands L'Manberg was important to people, it needed to happen.[19] He believes people are more important than possessions, a perspective shaped by his experiences of loss after being alive for centuries.[20]

Overall, Phil's ideology is simple: if a system of law does good for the people, it can remain. If a system of law oppresses the people and does no good, that system must be abolished.

Philza's age

Phil being centuries old[21] is something that shapes both his personal ideology and social interactions. He has spoken to Sam about how the grief of watching his loved ones die weighs on him greatly, but he made those who hurt them suffer just as much.[22]

It has also shaped his moral beliefs, he greatly values people over property and items, which impacted both his decision to participate in Doomsday, and his thoughts about it afterward.[20] Phil has not confirmed if his character is immortal or not, only saying that his character only knows he hasn’t died. Philza often references the possibility he will die in the future, saying "when, not if,"[23] although his desire to originally possibly play himself in Tales from the SMP: The Pit is in tension with this.[24][25]

'I am wise beyond my years [...]"
Centuries are mere childsplay for me!"
"I’ve seen many like you fall"
You will not be last


Philza's crows

Philza stated that his Twitch chat is represented in the SMP as a flock of crows only he can understand. These crows retcon Phil having voices in his head, making his chat no longer representing disembodied voices. These crows follow him around, and he has to calm them constantly.[2]

The bits the chat donates are trinkets the crows bring him, and the channel/subscriber badges are necklaces he's given different crows.[26]


Early Life

Philza has stated he is incredibly old, being hundreds if not thousands of years old and in this time, he has met many people, such as his old friend Technoblade, and seen fantastical things, one of them possibly being a method of resurrecting people from the dead, as well as seeing the rise and fall of civilizations, and that he experienced great grief upon the death of his family and friends, though that this pain was "not as great as the pain he inflicted upon their enemies". Phil has said he does not know if he is immortal, but is yet to die.

Philza has alluded to his times in SMPEarth while on the server. He was the co-leader of the Antarctic Empire with Technoblade, and helped him take over the entire server. To what degree this is canon is questionable, as he stated that his past with the Antarctic Empire is only a headcannon[27]

Sometime in the 1970's, Philza got "down and dirty" with the Unnamed Samsung Smart Fridge, giving birth to Wilbur, his son. This however has been confirmed to not be true; the fridge is not Wilbur's mother and Philza never did got "down and dirty" with the fridge. Wilbur exchanged letters with Phil about his time on the server. These letters were the primary reason why Phil joined, as he grew concerned over his son's health. However, Phil's recount of the letters does not match up with history; according to the letters, Wilbur won the Election and Schlatt never existed.

Manberg Rebellion Arc and Joining the SMP

Shortly before Philza joined, he was on his hardcore world and in a call with Wilbur, who was about to push the button. Philza attempted to console Wilbur and prevent him from pushing it. When he failed, Phil then logged onto the SMP to physically stop Wilbur from pushing the button. However, Wilbur pushed it, and afterward told Philza to kill him, which he did reluctantly.

Shortly after the war, Philza helped Technoblade assassinate George which was jokingly called a canon death.

Retribution Arc


During the Reconstruction Era, Philza decided to help L'Manberg rebuild, also joining them to help finish The Guardian XP Farm. However, he stated that he was remaining neutral, unwilling to officially pick sides. Despite this, Tubbo granted a small plot of land near Tommy's L'Manbergian house for Philza's use.

A few days after the war, Phil went mining near Technoblade's old base to get supplies. He was interrupted by Fundy, who wanted to trade coal for Karl's pet polar bear. This led to a small auction where Fundy attempted to con him into trading an empty chest for ores and materials. After this, Phil returned to mining, but was later interrupted by Tommy, who was showing a newly logged in Connor around. After the brief interaction, Phil went back to mining. He mined for over eight hours, but didn't build a base.

Days later, Phil built his house in L'Manberg and spent time with Ghostbur, who asked him to write a book for his collection. In the book, Phil shared that he felt great remorse for killing his son.

While helping Tubbo gather obsidian, Phil discovered that the L'Mantree had been stripped of its leaves by an unknown vandal. Phil, after receiving reference images from his chat, rebuilt the L'Mantree exactly the way it was before leaving to mine netherite.[28] During netherite-mining session, Phil got a call from Fundy, who was distraught over Eret not showing up to finalize his adoption. Seeing how upset Fundy was over the whole thing, Phil traveled back to the overworld to comfort him, gave him a bed in his house, and took him fishing.[29]

Shifting loyalty

Philza resided in L'Manberg, but questioned where his loyalties lay. He enjoyed Tubbo's company and was proud of him for rebuilding L'Manberg greater than before. He started to question Tubbo's leadership, however, as Tubbo would steal from his citizens under the pretense of "taxes" for use on his personal projects, and created a "panic room" in which he would abandon his country in case of any danger. On the other hand, Techno was a much more honorable figure in Phil's eyes and had a much longer history as a friend, and Phil missed his companionship. His support for Techno became more open as he dressed in the same winter garb and painted his shield the colors of the Antarctic Empire.

Phil later helped Techno transport his pets Hubert and Fool to his new base. After arriving and moving them into the basement, Techno told Phil he considered him to be his only friend and gifted him the Friendship Emeralds and Techno's compass. The compass pointed to a Lodestone in Techno's base far away from Dream SMP and L'Manberg. Techno also told Phil that if he was ever in trouble, Techno would come to his aid. Later on, Phil helped Techno build a turtle farm and a bee farm.

House arrest

The Butcher Army's decision to execute Technoblade started in the search for him. With the knowledge that Phil was Technoblade's best friend, they sought information about his location from Philza. However, when they arrived at his house to question him, Phil refused to give any clues to Technoblade's whereabouts. As a result, they ransacked Phil's house, vandalizing it while searching for evidence. Tubbo found Techno's compass and put Phil under house arrest for refusing to cooperate. Phil was given an ankle monitor (a pair of iron boots named "Ankle Monitor") to ensure he could not leave the house. After they left, he placed the ankle monitor on an item stand and followed the Butcher Army, and witnessed their seizure of Techno. He managed to sneak back before the Butcher Army noticed. Upon the Butcher Army's return to L'Manberg with Techno, Phil stood on his balcony to watch the event. Throughout the execution and escape, Philza mocked the Butcher Army's failure, and was shot by an enraged Tubbo. Phil began to show open disgust at the new government and became convinced that power had twisted these people, and that they needed to be taught a lesson.

Three days after his house arrest began, Tubbo visited and gave him a pair of new Ankle Monitor boots that were unremovable (they were enchanted with the curse of binding). He was nearly given an unremovable helmet as well, but Ghostbur and later Tubbo accidentally put it on, leading to Phil not having to wear it.

During Phil's house arrest, he was unable to do anything outside the boundaries of his home. However, he had the idea to expand underneath his basement because according to Fundy, it is legal to expand above or below one's house as long as it is within the property. As Phil knew how to break bedrock, he planned to do so beneath his house, creating a void basement.

In the last days of house arrest, Phil managed to break his ankle monitor, using a magma block to lower their durability until they broke. He then escaped to the catacombs below the house and came out behind his base underneath the railway. Phil also attempted to return Technoblade's items, but Techno’s items were not in Tubbo’s bunker like he thought. Phil finally escaped L'Manberg with the help of Techno and his potions, fleeing to his cabin in the Arctic.

Doomsday War

After their escape, Techno showed Phil his second vault, where Phil agreed that the government did nothing good. In the days leading up to the war, Phil built a nether wart farm. Upon hearing of Tommy's betrayal at the Green Festival, he tore down Tommy's cobblestone tower.

Techno, Phil, and Dream went to destroy the nation once and for all, where Phil and Dream played ranged support while Techno fought on the ground. When Techno fired off the signal (Firework rockets the colors of the anarchist flag), Phil spawned the first wave of withers and joined in on the chaos. Both Phil and Techno told Ranboo that he could leave and be safe. After the battle, Phil realized that Friend had died, and Ghostbur yelled at him for tearing down the nation. Later, however, Ghostbur forgot this bad memory, and asked Phil to take part in his resurrection. Phil stated that he had limited knowledge of necromancy, and would need time to study. However, Ghostbur insisted that the ritual must take place on January 10, and Phil reluctantly agreed. Later, Phil remembered Ranboo, inviting him to move to the Arctic, which he accepted. Phil then started on plans to house both Ranboo and the survivors of the Hound Army.

Wilbur's first resurrection

Phil researched through ancient texts to decipher and re-learn the lost art of resurrection, and played a key role in the first resurrection attempt in recreating the time when he killed his son. When it failed, he proposed that they would need a Totem of Undying in order to complete the resurrection, as his readings described the Totem as not preventing a true death, but restoring life to the holder and nearby individuals when they die. Though Phil knew that Techno still had a totem, Techno wasn't around and he felt hesitant to take it for Wilbur's sake.

Empowerment Arc

Blood Vines

Phil expressed being content with the Blood Vines. He said he liked them because they were "warm and cozy." When Fundy was kidnapped by Antfrost for blowing up the vines and then rescued by Ranboo, Phil then went down into the Egg room. There he said that the vines spoke to him, and were saying awful things.

Wilbur's revival

On April 29, Ranboo visited Phil and told him of the events leading up to Wilbur's resurrection. At first, Phil expressed happiness that Wilbur was revived, and asked how Wilbur was feeling. Ranboo also revealed that Wilbur was happy to see Tommy and Tubbo, but believed that he created the crater at L'Manberg. Wilbur also recognized Ghostbur at the train, indicating that they were two separate entities. Ranboo explained that Wilbur is happy, but was stuck in the afterlife for what he experienced as around thirteen years. Phil then stated that Wilbur might have become a different person, as that long of a time alone can hurt. Phil said that he needed to be ready for when Wilbur would visit him. Phil told Ranboo that he might know where Wilbur could be, and then headed off to go find Wilbur, leaving Ranboo at his base.

When Phil arrived at the crater of L'Manberg, he did not find Wilbur, but did find Fundy. Though Fundy is his grandson, their relationship had become strained after Phil's house arrest, and they had not spoken in some time. Phil shared the news about Wilbur's possible resurrection, and they decided to search together. The pair explored the different parts of the server which were shaped by Wilbur, and failed to see any sign of him but reconnected over memories of their lost family. Phil mentioned how Wilbur sent him letters before his arrival on the server, and recalls the letter Wilbur wrote to him after he won the Election. Fundy, confused, told Phil the truth: Wilbur never won the election and was forcibly exiled by Jschlatt. They pondered over why Wilbur might have sent letters containing false information to Phil, and resolved to ask him if they found him. As the search turned up nothing, the grandfather and grandson returned to their separate homes, and prepared for a painful reunion with their lost family member.

The Visitor

After receiving and reading Technoblade's will, Phil waited for 3 months, under the assumption that Technoblade needed the time to extract information out of Dream during his stay in the prison, before he would attempt to break Technoblade out using his ender pearl in the stasis chamber of the Syndicate room. However, after he re-read the will, he panicked, seeing that Techno had written to activate the ender pearl after only a few days instead of 3 months, as he had originally assumed. He ran to the Syndicate and activated the ender pearl, teleporting Technoblade into the Syndicate room. After checking up on Techno and giving him a full set of netherite armor and tools, as well as a bucket of milk to get rid of the elder guardian's mining fatigue effect, he began to apologize for misreading the will and making him wait for so long. He took Techno back to the cabin, using a shortcut he had created involving an ice-path/boat transportation system, and began helping Technoblade gather up some extra materials through villager trades. When Techno explained how he had to go follow up on some information Dream gave him about a specific location, Phil offered to come with him as a back up, which Techno politely refused, explaining how Phil would "slow him down", as Techno was using Carl. Phil seemed offended at the comment, before going out of Technoblade's hearing range.


Personal items
Name Notes
Written Book.gif
Techno's Will
A book given to Phil just before visiting Dream. Revealed in "The Visitor", the will had instructions to activate the ender pearl stasis chamber in the Syndicate meeting room 3 days after Techno had departed. Phil misread the instructions and brought Techno back 3 months after he had been gone.
Emerald.png Three "Friendship Emeralds" Given to Phil as a gift from Technoblade. The first was gifted to Wilbur, but was lost when Wilbur died and his items despawned. The second was gifted to Tommy. The third is still in Phil's Ender Chest.
Lodestone Compass JE1.gif Techno's Compass Given to Phil as a gift from Technoblade. It points to a Lodestone in Techno's house. The compass was taken by the Butcher Army and used to track down Techno. Currently, Technoblade has the compass in his house after killing Quackity in the Final Control Room.
Blue Wool.png Friend's first coat A block of blue wool that Ghostbur gifted to Phil after shearing his blue-dyed sheep, "friend." The wool is still in Phil's ender chest.
Blue Dye.png Ghostbur's blue Two pieces of the "blue" handed out by Ghostbur. They're kept in Phil's ender chest, signifying their importance to him.
Wooden Pickaxe.png Wooden Pickaxe.png First wooden pickaxes These wooden pickaxes were taken from a chest in a Bastion near spawn. They were left there by Dream during his and George's very first stream on the server, making them some of the oldest items on the Dream SMP. Phil put them in his enderchest for safekeeping.
Enchanted Trident Item.gif Forkza Impaling V, Mending, Riptide III, Unbreaking III

This trident was given to Phil by Dream under the condition that Phil would give him an enchanted golden apple.

Enchanted Trident Item.gif Zapza Channeling, Impaling IV, Loyalty III, Unbreaking III, Mending
Shield.png Shieldza Mending, Unbreaking III

A shield with the design of the Antarctic Empire.

Enchanted Bow.gif Bowza Infinity, Power V, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Bow.gif Bowza 2 Infinity, Power V, Punch II, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Crossbow.gif GUNZA Mending, Piercing IV, Quick Charge III, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif Philza hiasobi benihime Fire Aspect II, Looting III, Mending, Sharpness V, Sweeping Edge III, Unbreaking III

Phil's sword. Named after the cane sword of Urahara Kisuke, the character that Phil's Minecraft skin is based off.

Enchanted Netherite Pickaxe.gif Philza silky boi Efficiency V, Mending, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Netherite Pickaxe.gif Philza Fortune Efficiency V, Fortune III, Mending, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Netherite Pickaxe.gif Philza Drilza Efficiency V, Mending, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Netherite Axe.gif Philza choppy boi Efficiency V, Mending, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Netherite Shovel.gif Philza Shovel Efficiency V, Mending, Silk touch, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Netherite Shovel.gif Philza Shovel F Efficiency IV, Fortune III, Mending, Unbreaking III
Enchanted netherite hoe.gif Hoeza Efficiency V, Mending, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Fishing Rod.gif POG ROD Luck of the Sea III, Lure III, Mending, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Netherite Helmet Item.gif Philza Minecraft Aqua Affinity, Blast Protection IV, Mending, Respiration III, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Netherite Chestplate Item.gif Philza Minecraft Mending, Protection IV, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Netherite Leggings Item.gif Philza Minecraft Mending, Protection IV, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Netherite Boots Item.gif Philza Minecraft Depth Strider III, Feather Falling IV, Mending, Protection IV, Unbreaking III


Name Status Residence Notes
Hounds.png Hound Army Alive (several casualties) Technoblade's cabin See: Hound Army
White Rabbit.pngBlack and White Rabbit.png Unnamed rabbits Alive Technoblade's cabin Rabbits that usually hang around Technoblade's cabin.
Polar Bear.png Wilbear Alive Technoblade's cabin Wilbear is a polar bear owned by Philza, stationed outside of his house. It spawned on the outskirts of the fenced-in area around Techno's cabin and was promptly adopted by Phil on March 22, 2021. He was priorly named "Alfred," however, he was renamed to his current name.
Tropical Fish.png Pond fish Several casualties Technoblade's cabin Several fish were named by Philza. They live in a pond, and are accompanied by a couple of unnamed fish.

The named fish are LittleEchoBlade, Jerry, Dragon, AJChromatic, spriggles, fucker, Void, Venus, Icarus and Phistin.

Rosie Alive The Syndicate meeting room A naturally spawned pink sheep that Philza found while searching for a swamp biome. Phil was going to put the sheep in a boat and leave it behind, but eventually gave in to his chat's demands to take it home. His chat also chose the name Rosie.


Relationships with members
Name Status Notes
Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Not much is known about Dream's relationship with Philza, but Dream had made a deal with Phil, giving him a trident (now named Forkza), and in return, Philza would provide him with an Enchanted Golden Apple.

After Tommy betrayed Technoblade and rejoined L'Manberg, Technoblade and Philza joined forces with Dream to declare war on L'Manberg. Philza saw this cooperation with Dream as a necessary evil and a means to an end. In the aftermath of L'Manberg's destruction, he had stated that he views this cooperation with Dream as 'just business.' While this would give them a more positive relationship, Phil mentioning that he doesn't fully forgive him for blocking Tommy's beach party invites makes them neutral.

Later, he helped Technoblade (under the Syndicate) break Dream out of the prison. He then described this to Tommy as "just business", saying if Dream came for Tommy Philza would oppose him. In this same conversation, Philza scoffed at Dream's first action out of prison being "tormenting a child".

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Fundy is Phil's grandson. Phil took Fundy under his wing, acting as his guardian after Wilbur's death. Phil has declared Fundy as being dead to him, due to Fundy joining the Butcher Army to execute Technoblade. He also threw away the brown dye Fundy gave him as what seemed to be a peace offering after the failed execution. They have a mutual dislike for the crimson vines and Phil protected Fundy from Antfrost but they are still on negative terms as Phil was upset by Fundy trying to experiment on Ranboo. Despite this, following the revival of Wilbur, Fundy opened up to Phil on his nightmares and Phil tried to make some amends with Fundy, Fundy also told Phil that Wilbur had lied in his letters to Phil.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Although he was initially a bit awkward talking to him, Phil seems to be on somewhat friendlier terms with his son's ghost, admitting that he's less 'chaotic' than Alivebur. Phil entertained the idea of trying to help him by bringing him back from the dead.

Phil often spends time bonding with Ghostbur and humoring his antics. When Ghostbur set up a small note block piano in front of Phil as a sort of personal concert, Phil placed a sign on the front labeling Ghostbur the "best musician in town," much to his happiness. Phil seems to like making his son happy, even if it means using small harmless lies. When Ghostbur asked Phil how many canonical lives Friend had, Phil responded "infinite," which helped offer Ghostbur some comfort after Friend's death.

When Ghostbur asks Phil questions about sad things, Phil makes efforts to reassure him, but is honest if vague about his past life. When Ghostbur wondered about Technoblade's execution, Phil told him not to worry about it. When Ghostbur asked Phil how bad he was after Fundy decided to get adopted after his death, Phil first assured him that he was a good person for the first portion of his life, but was still honest, noting that he later changed for the worse.

After Phil aided in the destruction of L'Manberg, Ghostbur was furious, calling Phil to yell at him for letting friend die and destroying everything he'd built, becoming even more upset when Phil did not appear to regret his actions. However, Ghostbur pretty much immediately forgot about this conversation and the events surrounding it entirely, so their relationship dynamic remains unchanged for now.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Phil was one of the first SMP members Michael interacted with. Phil gave him netherite armor and a sword so he could protect himself, suggesting a friendly relationship between the two.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Phil rescued Ranboo from a lava pit, which Ranboo was very grateful for. They continued to have a pleasant conversation with it, ending on good terms. Phil seems to consider Ranboo a friend.

While Phil was initially angry at Ranboo for joining the Butcher Army and contributing to him being put under house arrest, he saw that Ranboo didn't really want to be there and forgave him after Ranboo came by to apologize later. He half-heartedly attempted to prevent Techno from killing Ranboo, although gave up upon seeing how bloodthirsty Techno was.

Phil did attempt to ditch Ranboo while heading back to L'Manberg, although he didn't attack him as Techno did. He seemed appreciative of Ranboo's gift of two netherite ingots and was seemingly alright with Ranboo knowing that he was taking shelter at Techno's base. During the Doomsday war, Ranboo said that Tubbo had a totem of undying, defending Philza.

After the Doomsday War, he let Ranboo stay with him and Techno at their base. Phil has been seen to be very protective of Ranboo, Especially when others want to do things to Ranboo. He got into an argument with Fundy for trying to experiment on Ranboo due to his silk touch abilities and defended him, yelling the Ranboo was still a person even if he was part enderman. Phil is very considerate of Ranboo's safety, even making a pathway for Ranboo at the bridge so he wouldn't fall into the pond.

Relationship ExtremelyPositive LargePixelArt.png Very positive
Technoblade is Phil's best friend. Phil often helps Techno cause chaos and has shown pride in Techno for sticking to his beliefs. Phil and Techno get along, with Phil helping him move and building farms for Techno to use. According to Phil, They met when Techno was young.

Phil has proved his loyalty to Techno several times over, with him adamantly refusing to give up the location of Technoblade to the Butcher Army. He expressed visible fear when Techno's Compass was discovered and attempted to cover it with a lie, claiming that it led to a potato farm. He defended Techno's nature, saying that he had changed and that his past war crimes of deploying withers L'Manberg were "water under the bridge." He has referred to himself as "Techno's hidden sword," implying that he would come to his defense if need be.

The two are aligned in their anarchistic ideals and they both shared their dislike for L'Manberg's government, with Phil claiming he saw formerly kind people become corrupted by politics. Phil is one of the only three people to who Techno revealed his second vault, with the others being Tommy and Dream. He supported Techno's ideas of blowing up L'Manberg with multiple withers.

Techno and Phil sometimes spar and train together, with Phil having built them a joint training area.[30][31]

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Phil affectionately refers to Tommy as a gremlin, and is quick to support him in his tasks when he needs to by helping him straighten out his base and giving his supplies back after having inadvertently ended up with them. They are fond of poking fun at each other for their young and old ages.

Phil was seemingly disappointed when he didn't receive an invite to Tommy's beach party despite not knowing about it. He decided not to show up, as he thought it would be rude, and wanted to respect Tommy. Their relationship soured a bit after Phil chose to defend Techno, who Tommy despised for his role in the destruction of L'Manberg. Tommy felt betrayed by Phil's refusal to denounce Techno and expressed his frustration at Phil's insistence on staying neutral.

Phil and Tommy improved their relationship after Phil gave Tommy several gifts to help with his exile. With Tommy forming an alliance with Technoblade, Tommy and Philza's positive relationship was restored.

After Tommy betrayed Technoblade, however, Phil became displeased with Tommy once again, thinking of him as a traitor. He tore down his cobblestone tower, firmly taking Techno's side in the situation and taking part in the war against L'Manberg.

When Ranboo told him that Tommy was dead, Phil did not believe it and claimed that Tommy wasn't actually dead unless they found a body.

Despite often being on opposing factions, Phil seemed to be very friendly towards Tommy when he showed Wilbur.

Philza protected Tommy from being pursued by Dream, and the two had an emotional talk about events of the past and why Philza helped Dream. Philza made it clear that he holds no positive thoughts towards Dream, and believed every word Tommy said regarding Dream's first actions after getting out, showing that despite his involvement in L'manberg, Philza trusts Tommy greatly and desires to protect him, guarding him all the way back to his house.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Opposed Phil expressed being content with the Blood Vines at first. He said he liked them because they were "warm and cozy." When Fundy was kidnapped by Antfrost for blowing up the vines and then rescued by Ranboo, Phil then went down into the Egg room. There he said that the vines spoke to him, and was saying awful things.

During the first Syndicate meeting, he said that they may need to "make an omelette."

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
According to Wilbur, he and Phil found Tubbo on the side of the road and took him in. The two got along rather well at first, with Tubbo understanding Phil's decision to kill Wilbur and with Phil complimenting Tubbo's presidency.

While working with the Butcher Army, Tubbo broke into Phil's house and threatened him for the location of Technoblade's house. Phil, however, stood his ground and refused to divulge details. Tubbo discovered a compass leading to Techno's house in Phil's possession and stole it, placing Phil on house arrest for treason. This significantly tarnished their relationship, and it was only worsened after Philza later mocked him for allowing Techno to escape and Tubbo shot at him with his crossbow.

On the day of the Doomsday War, Philza worked with Dream and Technoblade to unleash multiple withers upon and blow up L'Manberg. This pushed their relation far into the negative, and while they still weren't getting along, they did briefly meet up to try and find a good method of resurrecting Wilbur.

When visiting Snowchester with the Syndicate, Phil told Tubbo that he was proud of him for what he had done with the nukes and Snowchester as a whole.

Out of character, Phil and Tubbo agreed that their canonical relationship was currently neutral, with Phil stating that he had "sort of forgiven" Tubbo for Technoblade's execution, and that he believed Tubbo had changed since then, referencing his opinion from the Syndicate's Snowchester visit.[32]

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Wilbur is Phil's only son. Phil frequently disapproved of Wilbur's post-corruption actions, claiming it wasn't the Wilbur he knew and condemning his decision to destroy the nation. After he failed to halt Wilbur's destruction, Phil displayed a level of frustrated affection for Wilbur, fiercely protesting at his requests to be killed, which he reluctantly did. However, following the actions of the Butcher Army, he likely feels differently.

After the Syndicate's first meeting and investigation, Phil talked about if he truly did the right thing when killing Wilbur. He also mentioned that Wilbur used to write letters to Phil about the fun times he had with his friends, though he stopped at some point, leading to Philza eventually coming to visit, only to see his son trying to destroy his country.

Phil after hearing of Wilbur’s resurrection was initially happy until he found out how long Wilbur was in limbo. He is now worried and cautious and is preparing to meet him again.

However, during a conversation with Fundy, Phil came to realize that Wilbur lied in his letters. Wilbur had told Phil that he won the election against Schlatt, gave L'Manberg to Tubbo, and began Pogtopia as its own nation. This caused Phil to doubt his relationship with Wilbur and the letters, stating that he didn't know where the lies began, and that "They may as well be garbage." As of now, it's unclear how this will affect their eventual reunion and relationship, though Phil has already expressed doubts about Wilbur's honesty but is very glad to have him back and denies Tommy doubts about Wilbur's morality and manipulation.


  • "What are you doing?" - Phil's introductory line, when confronting Wilbur in his button room.
  • "God! You couldn't just let- you couldn't just win! You couldn't- you had to just throw your toys out the pram!" - Phil to Wilbur after L'Manberg was blown up.
  • “You’re my son!” - Phil to Wilbur in protest after he said to kill him.
  • "If you call me that one more time, I swear to God..."
  • "What am I gonna do with you guys? Tommy's always scamming people, Wilbur's off blowing shit up, and now you're trying to scam ME!" - Phil to Fundy after his numerous attempts to scam him.
  • "Where do you think this loyalty I have for this country exists? I'm not loyal to this country at all. I'm pretty new here, if anything you guys need to prove to me that I should care." - Phil after refusing to give Techno's location to the Butcher Army.
  • "Man, sucks to suck, right?" - Phil to the Butcher Army after Technoblade escapes his execution.
  • "You're fucking dead to me" - Phil to Fundy as a response to Fundy saying "I still love you, grandpa" after the Butcher Army put Philza in house arrest.
  • "Things have changed, Will. Not for the better." - Phil to Ghostbur about L'Manberg, post Technoblade's escape from his execution.
  • “Karl is okay, Techno is okay, Tommy is okay. That’s all I need to know. That’s all I want. I can go back happy now.” - Phil after defying house arrest to check on Technoblade and Tommy.
  • "I've seen this 'government', on this server... Everything to do with government has just been bad so far. (...) I've watched it completely destroy and tear down people's wills, and change people... I've seen it change the nicest people into complete and utter tyrants. So I think it's about time."
  • "I'm sorry. Maybe you'll understand one day." - Phil to Wilbur in the aftermath of L'Manberg's destruction, which had resulted in Friend's death.
  • "Things, buildings, they can be replaced! People can't be replaced. I'm not losing anyone else... I'm not losing anyone else. Not to this bullshit."
  • "Cake time you little shit!" - Philza to Michael before giving him cake.
  • "The first thing he does when he gets out of prison is torment a child, I swear to god, I'm gonna fucking murder this teletubby piece of shit next time I see him" - Philza to Tommy when hiding him from Dream after his escape


  • Due to his biology, Wilbur and Fundy might also be able to live for centuries, although whether this is true is still a mystery.
  • Phil also has a creeper head, which he got during a thunderstorm while he was turtle hunting with Technoblade. It was used to help him spy on Techno's kidnapping from afar. It was also used later to make sure Technoblade and Tommy were safe after the kidnapping.
  • There is apparently a plan for Phil to lose his only canonical life at some point within the story's future, and it is simply a matter of when. His ghost name will be "Ghostza."[23]
  • Phil has confirmed multiple times that Tommy is not his son, please refrain from listing Tommy as his son.[33]
  • Phil had originally planned to appear in the Red Banquet as "Redza" without any context, but had decided against it because he didn't want to interact with people.[34]
  • In a call with Techno and Quackity, all three of them discussed the reasons behind Phil's losing track of time, coming up with the explanation that Phil's character is immortal and loses track of time easily. It should be noted that although he stated that he is immortal, he explained how he can still die to things other than natural causes, thus keeping the heart system effective for him.[Citation needed]


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