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Me and the boys, going to kill Jschlatt![1]


Pogtopia was founded by Wilbur Soot, TommyInnit, and Technoblade after the POG2020 campaign lost the first election of L'Manberg. It existed during The Manberg Rebellion, acting as the base of operations for all the former citizens of L'Manberg that were either banished by or opposed to Manberg. It was located somewhere outside of the borders of the Dream SMP and Manberg, in a ravine underneath a small dirt shack embedded within a hill. It was mostly a system of caves, made of stone and wooden stairways with torches along the walls.

Several structures were built near and around Pogtopia, including a small mountainside stable and multi-purpose farm, a cow ranch, a massive cobblestone tower, and a secret bunker beneath the nearby river (which was revealed to the public during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War).

Pogtopia was annexed by L'Manberg after the war, but has since fallen into a dilapidated and abandoned state, and now merely serves as a reminder of the past.

It is currently where Tommy's vault resides.



After being exiled from Manberg's lands by the new President and self-proclaimed Emperor, Jschlatt, Wilbur and Tommy fled outside the known borders and into the wild. Together, they carved into the hillside until they hit upon the natural ravine that would eventually become their new main base of operations. They had very few materials to work with, as Wilbur had been killed shortly after fleeing the country, and Tommy had been unprepared for their exile. After being contacted by Technoblade, Wilbur reluctantly allowed him to join their ranks, and the three sheltered in the ravine, naming themselves Pogtopia and beginning plans to reclaim their lost place in Manberg.

Eret and BadBoyHalo did come across the base shortly after its construction, attempting to give gifts of resources, but Wilbur (at the start of his corruption arc) advised Tommy and Techno not to trust them, and the trio ended up turning down their offers of gifts. Fortunately, they did not leak the base's location to anybody.

Wilbur contacted Tubbo, who had been named the Secretary of State of Manburg, and after confirming his discontent among the new administration, accepted him into the ranks of Pogtopia as a spy, filtering information on Schlatt's plans to the rebels while working to sow discord between Schlatt and his Vice President, Quackity. Due to his ultimate goal of gaining Schlatt's trust, Tubbo's visits to the base remained entirely secretive to the majority of the server.


Technoblade was tasked with gaining and sorting supplies for the commune, namely food. He constructed an underground potato farm, which was later automated by Tubbo. He proceeded to meet up with Dream in secret as per his request, upon which Dream gifted the commune a considerable amount of rare resources and promised to support them from the shadows.

Wilbur slowly carved out the place to live in until it was functional, though he refused to install hand-rails for the increasingly dangerous staircase down. Upon hearing of events happening in Manberg, he and Techno traveled out in order to survey the situation and assist their revolutionary comrades. Wilbur discovered Niki was in danger due to her known hatred of Manberg, and journeyed out to secure her safety. When Tommy and Wilbur arrived, they discovered that Niki's bakery and home had already been raided and stripped of all belongings. Niki was on the run, and Wilbur ensured that she was safe before returning to Pogtopia.

Tommy journeyed back out in time to witness Fundy setting up the new altered flag design. He contacted Wilbur asking for permission to burn the flag down, which would effectively cast the first stone in official conflict. Initially, Wilbur refused to give him permission, but Tubbo showed him a document full of Schlatt's plans for Manberg, he allowed the act, and Tommy burned the flag down in the name of Pogtopia and L'Manberg. Niki, who had been standing her ground and fighting, asked to join Pogtopia due to her no longer having a safe home, but Wilbur refused the offer - saying that they were to busy to accept new members. Niki, upset by this, ran away to Tommy's holiday home, where she lived and burned down the Manberg Flag for the second time.


Some days later, Tommy decided to take it upon himself to intimidate their enemies, and constructed the Intimidation Tower right outside their base with help from Technoblade and slave labour from Tubbo and Antfrost. Wilbur did express concern about the lack of subtlety in their actions, but the tower remained, even after it was converted to a pink-and-stone Love Tower by Antfrost later on.

Tubbo constructed a secret tunnel from his bunker in Manberg to Pogtopia's base in order to make travel easier and more discreet. This significantly sped up the journey time, but also caused several close calls with Schlatt and Quackity. They were saved on one occasion, though, when Schlatt said that he simply "couldn't be bothered" and left (although it is later found out that he was well aware of the tunnel's existence for some time beforehand). Tommy later connected the tunnel's floor to the Prime Path so that he could continue to farm money during his exile. He spilled the secret to Quackity in hopes of earning his trust and destabilizing the administration, but the plan went south, so he had to resort to temporary blackmail to keep things quiet. Quackity seemed keen on helping later on, though, insisting that he wanted help build the path to Pogtopia. When asked why he wasn't reporting it to Jschlatt, he just shrugged it off, saying that it was his off-day, as he though it was the weekend when in actuality it was Tuesday. Upon finding this out, he ran off, but was shot in the head by Tommy as a non-canonical death, and it was played off as an entirely forgotten incident .

Wilbur's Corruption Arc

Caught up in the strain of losing his nation and feeling betrayed by nearly all of his allies, Wilbur descended into mental instability and was reduced to a paranoid wreck, not trusting even his fellow Pogtopians and developing a vicious desire for the destruction of L'Manberg. The first instance of this was shown after he and Tommy were returning from spying on Schlatt's announcement of the Manberg Festival, when he explained to Tommy that assassinating Schlatt wouldn't accomplish anything, as they would lose either way. He stated that their L'Manberg was irretrievable and far behind them, and that forcefully outing Schlatt, who had technically gotten into power through fair and legal means, would make them the "bad guys", as he put it. He embraced the idea rather than shying away from it, however, saying that they might as well be bad guys, and brought up the prospect of the destroying a L'Manberg that was no longer theirs. Tommy attempted to dissuade him from pursuing the path of destruction, but to no avail; Wilbur had already committed to it.

He arranged a meeting with Dream in which he was given 51 blocks of TNT. Tommy tried to get him to hand the TNT over, but Dream defended him, prompting him to shout, "yes! Daddy Dream!" ...Which isn't relevant to anything, but it's too funny not to include. In any case, Wilbur set up a control room similar to Eret's in a cave behind Manberg, consisting of signs with lyrics from the anthem and a single button that he linked all of the TNT to after rigging it beneath Manberg in an optimal pattern. He planned to detonate it after Tubbo's speech during the festival. Technoblade assisted him readily, along with Tubbo and far less willing Tommy.

Festival and Massacre aftermath

After the Manberg Massacre, there was a lot of tension in Pogtopia. Tubbo had been outed as a spy and executed by Technoblade, causing everyone to wonder whether they could trust him. Niki also joined Pogtopia after officially being exiled from Manberg and immediately made conflict with Wilbur - arguing with him over the TNT plot, which she was completely against.

Wilbur decided to hold off on his initial TNT plot, but still intended to completely demolish Manberg at a later date, and Techno fully supported this plot of anarchy. While Wilbur believed that no one on the server had morals anymore, it no longer mattered to him, and he was perfectly content with his and Techno's plan much to the others dismay.

Tommy still refused to support their wishes of destruction, reluctantly acknowledging that Wilbur had lost his mind, and already having lost all of trust in Technoblade after Tubbo's death at the Festival. Tommy, Tubbo, and Niki were all on the same moral side, holding faith that they could still restore L'Manberg, and vowed to stick together.

A new member

During the White House deconstruction, Quackity had a massive argument with Schlatt, being called a "flatty patty" and being belittled even though his votes brought Schlatt into power. In a fit of anger, Quackity shot Schlatt, taking his second canon life and resigned, joining Pogtopia in the effort against Schlatt. Tommy spoke to him afterwards, and Quackity was passionate about joining their resistance, insisting that Schlatt had not been the person Quackity had thought he was when he'd made the coalition government.

Wilbur didn't seem to care one way or another about Quackity's arrival, as he had little faith in his allies to begin with and no longer seemed bothered with loyalty. He took Tommy and Quackity to his control room with the intention of blowing up Manberg right on the spot, but he was finally dissuaded when they sealed themselves inside with him, insisting that they would die with him if he were to press the button. Wilbur reluctantly took the button down, relinquishing control of Pogtopia's rebellion to Tommy, but as soon as the two had their backs turned, he replaced it and swore that he would be back for it later.

Threat and appeasement

After Nihachu's birthday party, Wilbur grew tired of the slow pace of the planning, so he turned to the control room and threatened Quackity with the detonation of his bombs. Quackity scrambled to appease him, finally settling on a deadline for more action to be taken: Friday, November 6th. He also promised Wilbur that if Plan Ass showed any signs of failing, he would be allowed to move on to Plan Bomb and destroy everything. Wilbur was satisfied with that answer and logged off in the control room out of sheer anticipation. Later that week, Quackity warned Technoblade and Tommy of the ultimatum.

Plan Ass & aftermath

Quackity met up with Schlatt under the guise of signing the permit for the new Manberg Hotel, but in reality, he planned to trick the president into signing his power away. Wilbur and Tommy watched from a distance as backup. Schlatt saw through the lies, however, and said that he had found the button room and moved the explosives to Pogtopia. Things quickly went poorly, causing Quackity and Tommy to flee and Wilbur returning to the control room to try and set off the bombs. As feared, however, Wilbur's attempted detonation attempt failed, so all three had to retreat back to Pogtopia. Quackity and Tommy tried to confront Wilbur on the fact he pressed the button at all, but he ignored them when Fundy arrived, revealing that he had never really been on Schlatt's side, either. Fundy leaked Schlatt's weaknesses and addictions and showed Wilbur his diary, promising the Pogtopians that he had never intended to betray them.

Shortly afterwards, BadBoyHalo returned out of nowhere, and Wilbur had the realization that the power dynamics were shifting. Everyone was on Pogtopia's side only because Pogtopia looked to be coming out on top, and Schlatt was powerless since he was alone. Dream arrived before any further plans could be made, however, and informed the rebels that in spite of his previous actions to help them, he and Dream SMP would be fighting alongside Schlatt in the upcoming war and supplying Manberg with resources. Dream then warned the group ahead of time that a traitor was among the ranks and briefly spoke to Tommy about his discs before leaving the Pogtopians to their own concerns.

Manberg vs Pogtopia War

Upon the dawn of the new war, Pogtopia formally entered its preparation phase. After much grinding, the Pogtopians were still not overly confident in their abilities, but Technoblade then revealed his underwater base that was filled with rare and powerful items such as netherite armor, enchanted items, strong weapons, and many different kinds of potions. The Pogtopians stormed L'Manberg with a newfound passion, and after only a short battle, Dream and his allies surrendered, because - quote - "Schlatt's an idiot". Pogtopia and Manberg then entered the Camarvan to watch a drunk Schlatt. After Schlatt started attacking Fundy, Wilbur asked Tommy to use Dream's crossbow to kill Schlatt. However, Schlatt died of a heart attack just before Tommy could carry out the deed.

The war had officially been won and L'Manberg was restored. Dream said that he had lied about the existence of a traitor to make Pogtopia nervous. Tubbo was elected president by Wilbur due to Tommy passing up the position, but during Tubbo's speech, Wilbur excused himself and left the speech discreetly. After the speech was over, they had just begun taking down the festival decorations when Dream revealed that there was actually a traitor - Wilbur. Wilbur meanwhile went into the button room to detonate L'Manberg, but Philza joined the server and confronted Wilbur. Wilbur stood in indecision as Phil tried to talk him out of it. But Wilbur went through with the plan, anyway, pressing the button and destroying at least half of central L'Manberg. Meanwhile, Technoblade, realizing that they planned to instate a new government, took the opportunity to (non-canonically) assassinate Tubbo. He then attacked L'Manberg, joined by the Dream SMP and the Badlands, just before L'Manberg blew up. He then spawned two withers in L'Manberg, decimating it even further. Wilbur was killed for the third and final time by Philza as per his request and Technoblade abandoned his former allies and turned to a life of seclusion, leaving Tubbo and Tommy as the respective President and Vice President "of a crater", in Wilbur's own words. Dream revealed that he had made a deal with Wilbur: regardless of the outcome on November 16th, he would re-rig the control room and blow up L'Manberg. Pogtopia was dissolved on the 16th of November, 2020 shortly after the war; annexed by L'Manberg, becoming a state/district of the country.

State of neglect

After L'Manberg was retaken, Pogtopia was abandoned and has since fallen into a state of decay. The ravine, along with all of its supplies, has been left uncared for. The torches have all been removed, leaving the corridors dark, and the potato farm was also left behind, leaving its crops to be ruined by the lack of proper management. Buttons have been placed everywhere by Fundy as a means of causing psychological trauma to its former residents. Pogtopia went from being a glorious communist/anarchist utopia that consisted of members of differing ideals to an abandoned ghost ravine in a state of disrepair. There were no longer any citizens of Pogtopia, as its purpose had now been completed.

Ghostbur was seen silently visiting the ruins of Pogtopia. In his book, What I Remember, one of his notes was of a ravine implied to be Pogtopia. He visited the abandoned ravine again after being yelled at by Fundy for his neglect as a father while alive and asking Philza about his past actions. While touring, he found the sign listing Pogtopia's allies and enemies, the abandoned potato farm, and Mushroom the fox. He made the realization here that he needed to somehow make up for his actions while he was alive, and that Fundy still needed a dad.

Lying in a state of ruin, Pogtopia is now used as the resting place from Tommy's secret vault where he stores all of his valuables.


Pogtopia operates around the river that it sits upon, Technoblade's underground base, the ravine headquarters, and the tower that sits outside of it. The coordinates of Pogtopia's entrance were 852, -534.


  • Badlands Pact - The Badlands made a temporary alliance with the Commune of Pogtopia to stand against Manberg. BadBoyHalo stated that they were only allied with Pogtopia for as long as it would need them.
  • Greater Dream SMP Pact - Before Dream decided to support Schlatt, the Greater Dream SMP allied with Pogtopia due to the fact that their king, Eret, and the majority of its citizens supporting the Pogtopian movement to reclaim L'Manberg. Supporters of the movement included Eret, Punz, and Ponk.