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Ponk's experiment was a small conflict involving Ponk, Awesamdude, and HBomb94, where Ponk attempted to prank Awesamdude. The prank went wrong, as it involved Awesamdude's most valued pet, Fran, and ended with the top of Ponk's lemon tree being blown up and fractured relations between HBomb and Ponk.[1]

Event details


The experiment started when Ponk wanted to prank Awesamdude, so he transported his tamed dog named b0nk from the Manberg Hotel to Awesamdude's base. He renamed b0nk and recolored his collar to yellow so that it was impossible to tell the difference between him and Fran. Ponk then hid Fran under the floor of Awesamdude's base and waited in the area for him. When Sam logged on, Ponk went to Sam's house, grabbed the fake Fran by a leash and ran into the darkness. Sam, confused as to why Ponk took Fran, chased him, pleading for Ponk to bring Fran back to safety. Ponk then ran Fran near a few creepers, which detonated, killing the fake Fran. Sam, seeing this, was upset and rightfully furious, so he killed Ponk. Ponk continued pranking Sam by telling him he shouldn't have attachments like Fran, and that Fran was old and was going to die anyways. Sam kept killing Ponk when he tried to go near him.


Sam then said that he'd kill Bebbles, Ponk's chicken. They got to Lemon City, and Ponk leashed Bebbles and tried to drag him away, but Sam killed him(Ponk). Ponk asked if Bebbles was dead and if Sam killed him, and Sam responded "naturally." Ponk continued to make fun of Fran's death, and minimalized his worth, continuously angering Sam and pushing him. As a result Sam said he'd blow up Ponk's Thiccatron that was built near Sam's base, then banned Ponk from his teamspeak, cutting off any immediate communication between them. Ponk, realizing he'd gone too far, rushed to his house, he pleaded with Sam in the game chat. However, Sam had already blown it up, not knowing that Ponk had a cat named Thicc Beach in the house, and then went on and said that he'd blow up the lemon tree. Ponk thought that he didn't have the guts to do it at first, but saw him running towards Lemon City with TNT.

Sam then placed a bunch of TNT on the floor under the roof, but didn't light it. Around this time HBomb joined, and Ponk asked HBomb to help him, but after Sam explained to him what happened, HBomb said that Ponk was on his own but that he'd come to watch him die. Sam then placed a few layers of TNT at the top of his tower, but couldn't blow it despite Ponk continuously egging him to do it saying that he didn't have the guts. HBomb, growing more angry at the whole situation, finally took the flint and steel and blew up the top part of the tree.


Shocked, Ponk finally revealed that Fran wasn't actually dead, and that HBomb had failed his experiment. HBomb, confused, said that if anything, he passed the experiment, as it was a valid reason to destroy someone's house for a pet. Ponk then went to Sam's base and revealed to Sam where the real Fran was, Sam was happy to see Fran alive and understood that that was why Ponk kept referring to Fran as a 'he' when Fran was a girl. Ponk then said that the only loser in the experiment was HBomb. HBomb then retorted that the only loser was the random dog that Ponk killed. Sam then revealed that he didn't actually kill Bebbles, and showed Ponk where he was. Ponk framed HBomb for starting conflict and destroying his base, claiming that the entire ordeal had been an elaborate revenge plot on HBomb for making the difficult Leap of Faith parkour course.

At the end of the day, Sam was happy that Fran was alive and forgave Ponk, but HBomb was still annoyed.


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