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This page is about the character on the Dream SMP. For the streamer who plays this character, see Ponk.

Sam... after everything I've done for you?


Ponk is one of the eight original members of the Dream SMP, of which he is seventh to join, and joined on May 8, 2020. He is the mayor of Lemon City and serves as the doctor of Dream SMP. Previously, he served the role of Manberg's doctor and architect and was once a member of the Eggpire. He was also Schlatt's ally via the Lemon City Trade Deal.


Ponk is a human with dark skin, black eyes, and blonde hair. He wears a red, yellow and black mask covering his whole face with the exception of his eyes. He also wears a black hoodie, white pants and black shoes. He sometimes wears a lab coat over his clothes, to match his doctor persona. After being trapped in an obsidian box over the crimson, Ponk briefly wore red contacts as a way to make the Eggpire think he had been corrupted. However after having his heart broken by Sam, he fully gave in to the Egg, and his natural eyes turned red. They have since returned to normal after the Eggpire disbanded. His left arm is missing, having been cut off by Sam.[5] He also has bionic legs after Technoblade's massacre at the Manberg Festival.[6]


Ponk is generally a friendly and kind individual, though he is also known for his occasional trickery. He is usually a neutral party in conflict, typically keeping to himself. However, after Schlatt became president, Ponk's city prospered, causing him to support Schlatt. He switched to Pogtopia’s side afterward, however, and aided Tommy. Many members of the SMP consider Ponk as an odd character, as he performs many questionable sacrifices and experiments within his city.


Early Dream SMP Arc

Pre-Disc Saga

Ponk was one of the eight original SMP members, along with Dream, George, Sapnap, Callahan, Alyssa, Awesamdude, and BadBoyHalo.

During this period of time, Ponk built his first Lemon Tree as his base of operations. After that tree was burned down by George, he constructed a second one. After Tommy built a base near the second tree, they had a dispute over land, leading them to build a fence separating them and Ponk, and trapping Tommy's house.

The Disc Saga

After Sapnap burned down the second tree, Ponk and Alyssa retaliated by burning down Sapnap's house, leading to them getting killed by Sapnap and Tommy. This conflict would eventually cause The Disc Saga.

Post-Disc Saga

After the Disc Saga, Ponk left a small monument for the second lemon tree and decided to relocate underground by building a secret base below the remains of the tree. However, he ultimately decided to abandon the base and move out of the area.

During this time, Purpled rescued Ponk from the Nether, forming a positive relationship and alliance between them.

Ponk and Punz both built tall towers that reach the build limit of the server. Ponk's tower resembles the fictional Barad-dûr (Sauron's tower from Lord of the Rings).

L'Manberg Independence Arc


After the war, Ponk decided to become a doctor. He took The Socializing Club and turned it into a weapons shop and used The Therapy Office as his office for a while. Later, he established Lemon City, a nether-themed base that cannot be burned down after his third tree was burned by Big Crime. Ponk also griefed Tubbo's jungle base in retaliation. Ponk began to tame and sacrifice cats within the walls of the city.

Manberg Rebellion Arc

Manberg partnership

After the election, Lemon City prospered due to a new trade deal made with Manberg. As a result, he became a strong supporter of Schlatt, and eventually the only loyal supporter. Ponk helped with building attractions for the Manberg Festival. During the festival, Ponk killed Nihachu on Schlatt's orders. After the festival, Ponk became Schlatt's doctor and ended up being the only builder for Manberg, building the Manberg Hotel. Some time later, tension grew between Ponk and Schlatt, due to Schlatt refusing to get treatment for his ever increasing decline in health. This leads to Ponk leaving Schlatt and joining Pogtopia as their doctor. When Quackity tried to get Schlatt to sign his presidency away, Ponk gifted Wilbur an invisibility arrow and bow, Wilbur later used this to save Quackity. After that Ponk guarded Tommy during his time in the SMP area, he was ready to fight to protect him, even hitting Dream a few times when he came. During the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, Ponk remained neutral, not fighting in battle.

Ponk also built a laboratory in Eret's stone pyramid to experiment on cats during this time. He also went to Niki's birthday party.

Ponk's possession

While Eret was building his Catfe, Ponk harassed Eret. After killing Ponk multiple times, Ponk respawned, floating meters off the ground in front of Eret. Ponk then stated that he sold his soul for science. This event may not have occurred in canon, since it has been several months since it was last mentioned.

Ponk’s experiment

In Ponk’s experiment, Ponk changed his dog to be identical to Sam’s Fran. He then hid Fran and had a creeper kill the fake one, leading Sam to kill him a few times, blow up Thiccatron (killed Ponk’s cat that was inside) "kill" Bebbles, and threaten his lemon tree. HBomb came along to watch, but Ponk Egging Sam to blow up the lemon tree led HBomb to do so himself. Ponk then revealed that the real Fran was alive, Sam revealed Bebbles was alive, and Ponk blamed HBomb for the entire ordeal, causing the two to have a negative relationship.

Retribution Arc

Estate Conflict

In the Estate Conflict, Purpled made a real estate business on the prime path after realizing nobody had paid for property on the server. His first customer was Antfrost, who seemed a bit confused. While trying to evict Ant’s house, Ponk came. The two charged him 48 iron blocks for his gingerbread house. Jack Manifold then joined, and he and Ant challenged the ruling. Ant and Jack then hinted at claiming Thiccatron, leading everyone to rush towards the community portal. With the disadvantage of the faulty breakout room exit and being unknowledgeable of the server's geography, Jack was able to get to the portal first with Antfrost breaking it behind him. Purpled then tricked Jack to come back with a business proposition. When he returned, Purpled and Ponk rushed to Thiccatron. Purpled and Antfrost ended up getting to Thiccatron first, Purpled and Ant then argued over who claimed Thiccatron. Jack then came later, being outnumbered Purpled was then killed by the two, and his items were taken.

When Ponk came back, Purpled felt more confident and challenged Ant to a 1 v 1 duel. Jack however, convinced Ponk and Purpled to fight a 2 v 2 instead. Purpled agreed. Everyone had an iron chestplate and a wooden sword. Purpled and Ponk won the first round, Antfrost used a potion, allowing him to win the second round. And the third one ended in a draw, as Ponk cheated. Later, parts of the thiccatron were set on fire by Purpled. Ant and Jack went to stop the fire. Seeing his tree on fire, Ponk yelled that it was his tree. Purpled, realizing so, began stopping the fire. He likely didn't know that Thiccatron was Ponk's but never admitted to it. He claimed that he set the tree on fire to show his power.

Empowerment Arc

Ponk's dark backstory - Tales from the SMP

For more info, visit this page

On 12th January, 2021, Ponk revealed that he was a descendant of Jack (although he varied on the exact relation). He had also found out about Helga from Jack, saying that she was very respected, rich and had many connections (although he again varied on how he found this information). He then built a grave for Helga.

According to Ponk, Jack and 'Shrimpdick' were the only survivors of the village, implying that Bob's real name/nickname was Shrimpdick. Ponk also said that Helga had a very strong relationship with Shrimpdick, but didn't clarify further. Sam remarked that the picture of Helga looked like Quackity and Ponk said that Quackity could have been related to her. Ponk also said that he read about a man named Cornelius in the diary, who was apparently very green.

On February 1st, the viewers are shown what seemed to be snippets of different conversations between Jimmy the mayor and Jack the farmer with a background of Jimmy and Jack staring at each other. In these snippets, Jimmy said the following things:

  • Jimmy told Jack that he was a potato farmer and shouldn't be growing lemon trees.
  • Jimmy said that Cornelius was a strange person and that the crops had been doing well since they "burned that witch"- killed him.
  • He warned Jack to stay away from his wife Helga.
  • Staring at Cornelius wouldn't put hair on Jack's chest.
  • Ever since they burned Miles Memington for being a witch, that orphan boy (Robin) had never been the same.
  • The town needed potatoes, so Jack should stop wasting his time and tend to the fields. He should also stop stealing *inaudible* from people. Jimmy said that he was sure Jack's father would disapprove of what Jack was doing.

After the last line, the Jimmy in the background turned to face the camera, before the background faded away.

The lines including the death of Cornelius and Miles may indicate that unlike what the viewers saw in the episode, the death of the villagers was not just the work of the killers, but the entire village coming together to kill who they thought were 'witches'.

A few minutes after the scene, Ponk said that he just had the weirdest dream. He said that he might be related to Jack the potato farmer, seemingly having forgotten that he called Jack his ancestor multiple times. He also said that he learnt about the village from Helga's diary, contradicting his initial story that he read about it from Jack's diary. Ponk then spotted a house on the horizon and felt a connection to it, feeling that it was Jack's house. The house was in horrible condition, with many parts of the walls missing and the entire thing being covered in cobwebs. Ponk saw a sign next to the front door, which read, "JACK'S YE OLD FARM HOUSE". There was also a lemon tree with a sign reading "JACK'S LEMON TREE INSURED BY BANK OF COR*" and a grave with a sign reading "RIP JACK THE POTATO FARMER".

He entered the house and explored it. He managed to find a bookshelf that turned to be a fake painting. He went behind a painting and climbed down a secret set of ladders until he reached an underground room with many villagers kept in boats in order. There were also one skeleton and two cave spider farms, each with a spawner. He also heard cats inside the walls for some reason. Ponk said that he would be rich but didn't touch the chests, fearing that there may have been someone else there recently. He also said something about a person called Karl, saying that he didn't think that that person was involved in this. He said that Shrimpy/Bob had survived as well and he may have been involved in the house. This may mean that Karl was mentioned in the diary as well, meaning that the diary would contain an actual first-hand experience of one of Karl's time-travel adventures.

The next day, he checked out the chests in the basement and found an assortment of items, including a Cat music disc and ender pearls. He also found a book and quill in the chest from Jack, which he started reading. Jack wrote of a strange man made of straw with eyes made of emerald (a description which matches Foolish Gamers' appearance and color scheme). The book also included something about a new land that used sand as stone and had gold everywhere (a description matching Foolish's summer house perfectly). It said that the strange man was fascinated by lemons and brought him a caravan of good and 21 'statues' in boats which were possibly the villagers. Two weeks after this encounter, Jack's writings seemed to become more and more incoherent. He wrote about cats in the walls and said that the cats murdered people. He also disliked Shrimpy's interest in his 'statues'. Then, one day, he wrote that he had a sudden urge to murder. He said that Helga was tempting but her husband needed to die, highlighting the tense relationship between Jack, Helga and Jimmy. Jack stopped writing in the journal for the next 135 days, during which most of 'The Village That Went Mad' likely took place. His last journal entry was after 'The Village That Went Mad', babbling about how only him, Shrimpy and the statues were left and that life was good.

Ponk frequently came back in the coming days to trade with the villagers.

Stealing Fran

Awesamdude ordered Tommy, Jack and Tubbo to destroy his Lemon Tree. Ponk was horrified but Sam stopped him from hurting Tommy. Angry that this happened, Ponk kidnapped the only thing Sam cared about - his pet dog Fran. [TO BE EXPANDED]

Woo Station

For Valentine's Day, Ponk planned to ask Awesamdude to be his valentine. To do this, Ponk spent several days building the "Woo Station", a minecart ride underground for Sam that was designed to be pleasant if he said "yes" and frightening if he said "no". To gather information on what Sam likes, Ponk hung out with him regularly. During one of these visits, Ponk requested a tour of Pandora's Vault. Sam reluctantly agreed, but would not take him to the main cell. Ponk tried to gather information on how the prison works during this time, and Sam informed Ponk that he would kill him if Ponk ever took his prison access card. Once the Woo Station was complete, Sam rode it and agreed to be Ponk's valentine. The two then had a picnic date, with Ponk building the venue and Sam providing the food.

The Egg

Ponk was trapped above the Egg by the Eggpire in order to get him corrupted. He was almost saved by Foolish, but Antfrost interrupted so all he got was some bread. Eventually, he was let go from the Egg, and had red eyes as well as different clothing. They thought it was because he had been corrupted by the Egg, however in reality he had just pretending by wearing colored contacts.

When Tommy tried to visit the Egg one more time and grab a little piece of the Egg, a sound of a trident was then heard in the Egg room. Ponk suddenly showed up, throwing a trident at Tommy to try and protect the Egg. Ponk was seen with actual red eyes meaning he had been possibly corrupted, chasing Tommy until he exited the room.

Later, when Ponk was told that Sam had been flirting with Andrea, he allowed himself to get fully corrupted. He may have been corrupted earlier, as he had done other actions for the Egg, but this was when he broke all ties, believing that Sam had broken his heart.

Ponk, appearing corrupted, placed TNT in Foolish's summer house. He said the Egg was the reason he did this, and that Foolish needed to surrender. He blew up the Statue of Ra with the Eggpire and killed Foolish's cat, Nefferkitty.

Keycard incident

Ponk discovered twelve key cards in a chest near the prison, but stole only one. He met with Niki, HBomb, and Foolish where he attempted to convince them to break into the prison with them. The three seemed to joke around with him, not taking it seriously until they saw the key card. Niki seemed interested, but the other two disagreed and soon all three wanted nothing to do with it. As Ponk tried to convince them, Sam logged on and chased him down for the key card, which he got. Ponk convinced HBomb and Foolish to distract Sam whilst he stole the remaining eleven keycards, and he succeeded in doing so until Sam tracked and chased him down - taking a canon life in the process.

The next day, Ponk woke up in a small room and was told by Sam to give him back the access books, utilizing torture to try and convince him. Ponk only gave him back ten of the eleven known cards, telling Sam that he was being corrupted by running the prison. He told Sam that he would prefer losing all of his canon lives rather than see Sam acting how he did. Sam simply told him that he could take something worse than his canon lives before cutting off Ponk's left arm, making him drop the last access key before leaving.

Ponk then rented out a room in Niki's underground city where she looked after him and healed his arm. The two became quite close over this time, with Niki baking for him and the two providing each other with company.

Red Banquet

Ponk was one of the organizers of the Banquet, being in charge of the food. Ponk said he didn't know about the sacrifice plot, and thought the event would be peaceful, however, this did not seem to stop Ponk from helping the Eggpire during the Banquet, and if it was due to Peer Pressure, the Egg's influence, or if he lied altogether, remains unknown. Ponk would flee to Foolish's summer home after the event, saying he was no longer under the Egg's influence and sought forgiveness. Foolish still held distrust towards Ponk, saying he would only be able to fully trust him once the Egg and Eggpire was gone.

Desert days and Supreme Fridge

Ponk moved out of Niki's underground city after the events of the Red Banquet, and made a temporary shack near Foolish's summer home. Then, in an effort to win back Foolish's friendship and as a show of good-faith, Ponk built Foolish a giant "Supreme Fridge" out of red concrete to be an addition to his summer home. Foolish was pleased with the gift, and the two grew close again.

During this time, Ponk showed his appreciation for Foolish in unconventional ways that typically involved explosions. First, he repurposed a grass mound trap he had originally made for Sam into a TNT trap for Foolish. Then, he built Foolish a "training course" that included mazes, parkour over lava, and a TNT trap.

When L'Sandberg encroached on Foolish's summer home, Foolish asked Ponk to join L'Sandberg as a spy, to which Ponk agreed. Ponk also kidnapped BadBoyHalo's turtle Shelly to an island off-shore and made an elaborate machine to kill/torture the turtle, in an effort to punish his chat for leaking his actions to other streamers.

After Captain Puffy built L'llamaburg too close to Ponk's Supreme Fridge, Ponk destroyed a portion of the castle to make the Fridge more visible. Puffy responded by taking down the Supreme Fridge with Bad's reluctant help. When Ponk found out his gift to Foolish was destroyed, he proclaimed that he would sue Bad and Puffy. Shortly after, he wrote a book called 'LORE SUIT 07.06' that challenged them to a legal battle of wits. He received a response a day later with the book 'U IS SERVED!', accepting the challenge.

A new home

Ponk decided to move out of Foolish's summer home and create a place of his own in a flower forest near Niki's secret city. Ponk then approached Awesamdude for advice on how to build a good-looking bridge, as well as legal advice for his upcoming law suit. Sam recommended that Drista be the judge and Tubbo (Big Law) be Ponk's lawyer, though it is currently unknown whether the law suit will be followed up on. During this time, Ponk confronted Sam about taking his life and cutting off his arm during the Keycard Incident. Sam revealed that he holds no regrets for it, and feels that Ponk brought it on himself by refusing to give Sam the keycards. Ponk responded by stating that karma would catch up to Sam eventually, and that Ponk would offer his support to Sam after it does.

Some time later, Ponk and Foolish messed with Sam by dressing up as Robin and Batman respectively and accusing him of committing an unknown crime. The two were eventually chased off the premises by Sam Nook.

Stealing the Warden's Will

A few days later, Ponk found Sam standing AFK by his Bank. Ponk then pushed Sam down to the server's spider spawner and released the spiders to kill him (non-canonically) for both revenge and future leverage. Once the spiders killed Sam, Ponk sorted through his dropped items. He kept Sam's sword named "Warden's Will", as well as Sam's armor and trident.

On the one-year anniversary of Ponk's lemon tree being burnt down, Ponk brought Foolish to the original site of the lemon tree and told him the story. Then, he confided in Foolish a plan to use Sam's stolen gear as well as their newfound hobby of dressing up as alter-egos to become Sherlock and Watson to "take back" Ponk's missing arm from Sam using "social engineering". Ponk requested Foolish's help to break Sam's will. Foolish agreed to help once it was confirmed that the plan did not involve killing Sam.

Ending his friendship with Foolish

On Sam's insistence, Foolish and Sam went on a secret date, unknown to Ponk. Ponk heard about this down the 'great vine' (his chat) and confronted him about it. Foolish tried to act as if this wasn't true, before saying that it wasn't a big deal. Ponk was furious at Foolish and blew up a bridge between them to symbolize the death of their friendship. They then parted ways, with Ponk hoping that he would never have to cross paths with Foolish again. This incident would lead to Ponk cutting off all ties to the world and retreating to a cave to live as a hermit.

Rebuilding his friendship with Foolish

While living in a cave as a hermit, Ponk began to miss Foolish and decided to rebuild their friendship together. In doing so they had to redestroy the bridge they had previously destroyed because Foolish rebuilt and then rebuild it symbolling their friendship being back together. After rebuilding their friendship the 2 of them would continue to walk through the SMP talking to each other.


Personal items
Name Notes
Enchanted netherite hoe.gif CHAT (two of them) Efficiency V, Mending, Silk Touch & Unbreaking III

Ponk's main weapons.

Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe.gif george pick v2 Ponk's pickaxe.


Name Status Residence Notes
Chicken.png Kanye Dead, Replaced Lemon City Kanye was accidentally killed by Tommy after he punched him "out of habit." Since then, Ponk has gotten a few other chickens and named them after Kanye.
Chicken.png Bebbles Dead, Replaced Lemon City Original Bebbles was killed by Tubbo. Since then, Ponk has adopted another chicken and also named it Bebbles.
Tamed Wolf Red.png Frank Ocean Dead Zombie XP farm Killed by Ponk when HBomb refused to give him mending books.
Wash your rice Alive Ponk's Hobbit Hole A parrot Ponk once kept. It was moved from its former location to Ponk's Hobbit Hole.
Tamed Wolf Red.png Fat B1tch Dead Ponk's Cave of Sadness Tamed on April 5th, 2021. It was killed by Eryn on December 21st 2021, when a user from their stream chat subscribed with Twitch Prime and had asked Eryn to kill the dog.
White Cat.png Catye Alive Ponk's Cave of Sadness


Relationships with members
Name Notes
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Ponk and Alyssa are very close friends. They fought alongside each other in The Disc Saga, and are always seen interacting whenever Alyssa is online.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Ponk and Antfrost didn't have much history at all up until when Antfrost tried interacting with Ponk. Ponk responded with disgust, saying that he despises cats due to him being allergic to them, leading Antfrost to repeatedly attack him.

After their initial interaction, Ponk and Antfrost encountered a fenced-in panda and blue sheep, and Ponk threatened to kill it if Antfrost didn't answer correctly between yes or no. Ponk didn't kill either animal despite Antfrost saying "no" which was wrong, pleasing Antfrost. However, they were on opposite sides of the Estate Conflict souring their relationship a bit further.

Ponk was trapped in the Egg and slowly succumbed to the corruption, Ant was very pleased about the result and allowed Ponk to joined the Eggpire, in return Ponk agreed to help the Eggpire by introducing Purpled as a mercenary to capture Puffy and Foolish. Ponk also took part in the Eggpire by spreading the vines to Foolish's Summer house.

The two have not interacted since the events of the Red Banquet when the Eggpire disbanded, leaving the status of their relationship uncertain.

Brokenheart.png Neutral/negative
Sam considered Ponk his friend, and Ponk thought the same. Despite Ponk trying to fake Fran's death as a prank, their relationship remained positive.

Sam had later found out that Ponk had stolen 2 of his tridents, more specifically the tridents made for Sam Nook. After Sam confronted Ponk, he had found out that Ponk had removed the enchantments of the trident, which led to Sam becoming very displeased with Ponk. Later on, Ponk built a "Woo Station" to ask Sam to be his valentine. Sam accepted Ponk's request, making Sam and Ponk valentines at the time.

Foolish had explained to Ponk that Sam was trying to get Andrea's heart, ultimately breaking Ponk's heart. Their relation took a downturn when Ponk fully became corrupt by the Egg and blamed Sam for breaking his heart.

Sam took one of Ponk's canon lives after Ponk was caught stealing an access card to the prison before torturing him to get the other eleven cards that he stole back, ultimately ending up cutting off Ponk's left arm.

At the Red Banquet, Sam and Ponk remained civil with each other, though Ponk expressed his distain for Sam several times. Ponk seems to be conflicted between seeking revenge on Sam, letting karma run its course, and hoping that Sam still loves him. He is also shown to be afraid of Sam.

While mining in the nether one day Ponk got tipped off that Sam had cheated on him with Foolish this broke Ponk's heart causing him to break off his and Foolish's friendship. We do not know what is current going on with their relationship being that Ponk has not confronted Sam however he seemed to just as angry with him as he was with Ponk.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Ponk, as a questionable doctor, sacrificed many cats on the server for no reason. BadBoyHalo was angered by this, so he developed a negative relationship with Ponk.

Ponk was trapped in the Egg and slowly succumbed to the corruption. Their relation significantly improved when Bad was very pleased about the result and allowed Ponk to join the Eggpire. In return, Ponk agreed to help the Eggpire by introducing Purpled as a mercenary to capture Puffy and Foolish. Ponk also took part in the Eggpire by spreading the vines to Foolish's summer house.

After the Eggpire disbanded, Bad and Ponk's relationship soured again when Bad reluctantly helped Puffy tear down the Supreme Fridge Ponk built for Foolish, and Ponk kidnapped and killed Bad's turtle Shelly.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Dream was one of Ponk's close friends, and they fought on the same side in The Disc Saga. However, Ponk betrayed Dream by helping Punz, Tommy and Tubbo take Dream down and imprison him. Ponk has stated that he doesn't have many strong feelings about Dream either way. He said he hates Dream for the harm he's caused, but not to the extent that someone like Tommy would, because Ponk has not been directly negatively affected by Dream himself.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Ponk and Eret were on opposite sides of the Manberg Rebellion. However, it is noted that Ponk likes Eret and was glad to have met them through the SMP. This relationship has since soured in the Red Banquet, where Eret called Ponk and the other Eggpire members monsters, and Ponk telling Eret he had nothing to say about trust, referencing Eret's betrayal in the Final Control Room.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Ponk led the Eggpire attack on Foolish's summer home and threatened him. He and the Eggpire destroyed the Ra statue, drawing Foolish's ire and leading to him summoning lightning to scare Ponk and the others off.

Ponk claims that he's sorry for what he did to Foolish and wants to make it up to him by building him a supreme fridge but Foolish is hesitant to believe it, stating that he will only believe Ponk after the Egg and Eggpire are gone.

During the L'Sandberg Conflict, taking place after the end of the Egg, Ponk and Foolish had a very positive relationship, with Ponk agreeing to help Foolish as a spy in L'Sandberg as well as helping him take Shelly hostage. Foolish also seemed to flirt a bit with Ponk, showing he may have romantic intrest. After finding out about Foolish and Sam's date their relationship has become very negative as after they destroyed a bridge they broke off their friendship. After living in a cave for a while Ponk would miss Foolish and in doing so decided to rebuild their friendship by re-blowing up the bridge that they blew up when they destroyed their friendship to rebuild it to rebuild their friendship.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Hannah and Ponk were always respectful to each other when interacting, leading to Ponk offering her a deal to never be mugged by him. However, she was unable to complete the deal in time causing them to have a prank war with each other where they would constantly prank each other until Ponk blew up her only way back from the Nether, causing Hannah to die.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Ponk and HBomb formed a negative relationship after Ponk's Experiment.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Ponk and Jack haven’t really interacted much, but developed a negative relationship due to the Estate Conflict.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Initially, Ponk supported Schlatt because Lemon City prospered under a trade deal with Manberg. However, due to the dynamic of the Manberg vs Pogtopia War and Schlatt declining Ponk's medical treatment, Ponk decided that the best thing to do would be to abandon Schlatt and join Pogtopia.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Ponk and Lazar developed a negative relationship after an encounter in which LazarBeam stole some wheat from a farm. Ponk tried to get gold from him as repayment and acted powerful by using a glitch to make him appear as if he was flying, but Lazar killed him saying "I believe in no god." After being killed, Ponk left, vowing that he would get his revenge.[7]
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Ponk and Niki were always kind whenever they met with each other. Overtime, they slowly fell out of contact especially when she abandoned L'Manberg and put herself out of contact with everyone. Ponk met up with her after a long time and had a tour around her underground city. After his hand was cut off by Sam, Ponk rented out a room there and Niki gave him food and company as well as tending to his arm. This relationship may have soured after the Red Banquet, where the Eggpire intended to sacrifice Niki to the Egg.
Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Ponk has had an alliance with Purpled ever since he was saved by him in the nether. The two of them used to share a beacon together and often help each other out. Ponk considers Purpled to be one of his closest friends on the SMP.

Purpled's arrival at the Red Banquet led to the Eggpire having to retreat in the Red Banquet, meaning their relationship is most likely negative.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Ponk and Sapnap have had a rocky relationship since the very beginning of the server. Sapnap burned down Ponk's Second Lemon Tree, leading them to fight, leading to The Disc Saga.
Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Ponk was first fond of "Lil' Red," a spore of the Crimson Egg that had appeared in his base, he then wore red eye contacts. After BadBoyHalo discovered Ponk was still not on their side and was wearing eye contacts, he trapped Ponk in a box in the Egg room. After this, Ponk was not heard of until Tommy tried stealing a piece of the Egg. Ponk was seen throwing his trident at Tommy and trying to get Tommy away from the Egg. During this appearance, his eyes were actually red.

However, in a stream with Foolish, Ponk announced his full intent on spreading the vines to Foolish, and declaring war on him due to his apathy against the Egg, and confirming his corruption to the Egg itself.

The true extent of his corruption could be called into question when Ponk seemed aware of the Egg's influence while captured by Sam.

At the Red Banquet, Ponk was not aware of the rest of the Eggpire's plan to sacrifice people to the Egg. Afterwards, Ponk told Foolish he was no longer under the influence of the Egg, and his eyes returned to normal. He admitted to Foolish that the reason he fully gave in to the Eggpire was because he needed a sense of stability after Sam, and he thought the Eggpire could offer that.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Ponk and Tommy became rivals when Tommy first joined. They were on opposite sides in The Disc Saga and were seemingly friendly on and off with each other after. Tommy agreed to let Ponk sign a contract that allowed him to sell his "essential oils" in Pogtopia, motivating him to abandon Schlatt. During Tommy's exile, Ponk spoke with Tommy during a secret trip to L'Manberg, vowing to keep his visit a secret. Their relationship seemed to have fully healed due to Ponk suddenly defecting from Dream's side to Tommy's during the Disc Confrontation, but Ponk became corrupted by the Egg, making their relations seemingly unknown.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Ponk and Tubbo seem to be at ease with each other due to Ponk supporting them during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War and during the Disc Confrontation.


  • "despicable..."
  • "What is this, huh? Cat got your tongue?" [8]
  • "You think you can fool me? You think you can fool my brothers? No. Foolish, The Egg wants blood. The Egg will get blood, okay?-"
  • "Sam... after everything I've done for you? After everything... Sam, please..."
  • "Can I have some food?" before the explosion of L’Manberg during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War
  • "GET OUT"- Ponk to Tommy after Tommy entered the Egg's room
  • "A year ago today... L'manburg... did not know it's fate. Did not know... What side of history it'd be on. But now, as we sit and reminisce, We realize, It wasn't meant to be. It never was. From the day Eret uttered those words, L'Manburg was doomed to fall. Burnt down to ashes, Nothing more but rubble, Cobblestone and dirt. This one place, This one place... Used to be great. But now, as faded into time, Faded away... Into extinction." - Ponk while touring the ruins of L'Manburg on the one year anniversary of it's destruction [9]


  • Ponk has the most abandoned/griefed bases on the server by far.
  • Despite the irony of killing a multitude of animals, Ponk has stated his character is allergic to cats.
  • Ponk's chat are canonically little lemons with arms and legs.[1]


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