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The Prime Path is a wooden path on the Dream SMP.

Above ground Prime Path

The above ground Prime Path is a 3-block wide path comprised of oak planks and slabs that spans a large chunk of the populated area of the Dream Team SMP, built by Dream. The path begins at the Community House in three of the four cardinal directions. The south path goes through Eret's castle and ends just past Antfrost's zoo. The east path goes past Sapnap's house and the Courthouse, and ends at Lemon City. The North path covers the rest of the structures in the nation of the Dream SMP, diverging in front of the L'Manberg Embassy, terminating at L'Manberg and Skeppy's Mega Mansion. There is also a scenic route that splits off at Punz's house and meets back up with the main path at the L'Manberg flag, but isn't considered as part of Prime Path. This route also acts as the path to the underground Prime Path, which has differing purposes compared to the aboveground one.


The path was originally built on stream Dream as a way to connect all the builds of the SMP, and to encourage the members at the time to expand out and spread out their builds. A few months later when Tommy joined the SMP, he realized that when he walked instead of sprinting on the path, he would get more Twitch Prime subscribers, so he declared the path the "Prime Path" and extended it past his house and to L'Manberg. He often will opt to take the path when traveling places.

Tommy and others often expand the prime path to other places, as shown by Tommy connecting it to a tower.

L'Manberg cutoff

During the Doomsday War, Niki set fire and ended up destroying most of the Prime Path after betraying L'Manberg by burning down L'Mantree. Following the events of the Doomsday War, Tommy cut off the branch of the prime path that lead to L'Manberg with three oak stripped logs and placed a sign that said "old lmanberg."

Underground Prime Path

The underground Prime Path was dug by Tommy and Tubbo. It leads from Tubbo's bunker in L'Manberg directly to the double ravine of Pogtopia. It was originally one-block wide, but was later expanded by Tommy with the help of Quackity and Karl into a 3 wide path, just like the aboveground Prime Path.


Tommy made the Underground Prime Path one block wide in his stream on October 8, 2020, he then made it larger in another stream the day after.


The original purpose was based off of the above ground path, to "harvest subs," or earn money, but it's also a way to have an easy and stealthy way to get into Manberg to obtain resources from their previous homes, because Tommy wasn't allowed inside of Manberg.

Big Man Incident

On October 8, 2020, Quackity accidentally discovered Tubbo's bunker and the tunnel. When confronting Tommy, Tommy leaked the knowledge of where it leads, and by bribery with drugs, Quackity won't disclose the existence of either to Schlatt. The secret was to be kept until Quackity saw Tubbo enter his bunker. Upon some more questioning, Tubbo lied and claimed that he build the bunker with Schlatt's supervision. However, Schlatt logged on shortly after the location of the bunker and path were revealed to him. When Schlatt asked Tubbo about the purpose of the bunker and tunnel, Tubbo lied and said that the bunker was built for Manberg, and that the tunnel led to a watchtower where he farmed Totems of the Undying. Schlatt and Quackity were about to explore the tunnel when Tommy and Niki managed to gain the attention of the Manberg officials and lead them back to the flag by threatening to burn it and then running away with Techno's horse.