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This page is about the character on the Dream SMP. For the YouTuber who plays this character, see Purpled.

Bad, to be frank with you, Quackity just had the better price.


Purpled is the thirteenth member of the Dream SMP, joining on July 7, 2020, and is a former citizen of both L'Manberg and Dream SMP. During most conflicts, Purpled has remained fairly neutral, not taking a stance unless it would benefit him. During the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, Purpled was initially on Manberg's side, but defected to Pogtopia after realizing that his ideals did not align with Manberg. Purpled played an important role in the Crimson arc, being hired by the Eggpire to kill Puffy but betraying them as Quackity had the better price during the Red Banquet. After the banquet, Quackity later blows up his UFO, and after a few days later, he joins Las Nevadas for his own benefit but later betrays Quackity and kills Slimecicle as revenge for blowing up his UFO and his crime against his legacy.


Purpled is a human with tannish skin, purple eyes, and dark blonde hair. He wears a purple hoodie, black jeans, and purple shoes.

During the Red Banquet and after Joining Las Nevadas, he wears a purple suit, pants and black shoes.


Despite being arguably one of the strongest people on the server, Purpled is a relatively passive person. He never goes out of his way to fight others on the server. However, Purpled has a sense of justice, only getting involved if he is attacked first or feels as if someone needs to be put in their place. Strangely enough, whenever Purpled intentionally tries to get involved, he tends to just barely miss the action and stay neutral in the end.

Purpled has very few true alliances on the server, Ponk being one of the few he trusted. He also used to trust Jack Manifold, however his relationship with Jack has severely fractured. To everyone else, he's seen as an ambiguous person, since he rarely talks to others. In the midst of a well-established conflict or battle, Purpled tends to take an offensive position, opting to kill someone immediately rather than talking things out. Purpled also has very little interest in the politics going on in server, and is more involved with building and gaining wealth.

Later, he felt forgotten, alone on the server and lost his interest of making wealth for his estate business, realizing he hasn't done much in the past, and he still doesn't trust many people unless they have positive relations or alliance with him.


Early Dream SMP Arc


Purpled logged on the server in July 9th 2020, he was collecting,mining and borrowing stuff to get items and before the war, Purpled built his UFO base and an Area 51 themed underground base. During this era, Purpled got involved in a few conflicts.

Socializing Club Conflict

Purpled played a key role in the Socializing Club Conflict. While Fundy attempted to kill Tubbo, Purpled witnessed the events and ran. Fundy attempted to frame him, but failed, and eventually, Fundy decided to target Purpled after failing to kill Tubbo with his shovel, his long schlong. Purpled was alerted, causing Fundy to eventually target Tubbo again after he joined their banter. When Fundy started attacking Tubbo, Purpled defended Tubbo. After some banter, the three decided to construct The Socializing Club to resolve issues peacefully.

The next day, Purpled and Tubbo joined Fundy in a meeting in the Socializing Club. Purpled and Tubbo distrusted Fundy, as they were tipped off about the chance of him trapping the room. During the meeting, the tensions escalated, leading to Purpled and Tubbo chasing after Fundy outside. Tommy, a bystander unaware of the politics, killed Purpled, allowing Fundy to take his items. Eventually, Fundy logged off with Purpled's items, leading to Purpled planning to trap the building.

The next day, Purpled built a hard-to-escape pitfall trap at the entrance of the Socializing Club to try to gain his items back from Fundy. However, many other members fell into the trap, escalating the issue beyond the three. Purpled angered Tommy after he fell for the trap twice. Fundy also fell into the trap, leading to Purpled getting his items back, but Dream had intervened in the conflict. Dream pushed Purpled into the trap before falling for the trap himself, leading to an item mix-up. At the end of the day, they all agreed to return the items to their owners, ending the conflict.

Diamond armor scam

Another conflict of note was the Diamond Armor Scam. Purpled was given a donation of 1000 bits with a request to kill Tommy, and things went south for Purpled, leading to his death and the loss of all of his stuff to Tommy. Tommy demanded that Purpled paid diamonds as compensation in order to get his items back. Tubbo and Fundy got involved, suggesting that they take it to the courthouse. There, they argued the case, with Tommy being the plaintiff and Purpled defending. In the end, Purpled managed to escape from the cell unnoticed, leading the case to be dropped.


While Tommy made an alliance with Purpled in an attempt to make Tubbo jealous, Ponk called for help while trapped in the nether. Purpled agreed to save him, and the two formed a strong alliance.

L'Manberg Independence Arc

Camarvan conflict

Prior to the Dream Team SMP vs L'Manberg War, Purpled and Sapnap tried to stop Wilbur and Tommy from dealing drugs. This leads to a small conflict in which almost everyone present (Fundy, Tubbo, Eret and Ponk) ended up helping Tommy and Wilbur. Purpled decided to murder everyone on the server after they betrayed him and Sapnap.


After the War, Purpled attended the $5000 Deal or No Deal event, that Dream hosted on the server. He also built a Walmart store and car park next to the Socializing Club. The construction of Walmart inspired Jack decided to build a Tesco store in the sky right above the Walmart to overshadow it, but Jack never completed the build.

Manberg Rebellion Arc

Manberg Festival

Purpled was mostly an outsider during the election and the early days of the Manberg Rebellion. Purpled attended the Manberg Festival. After Tubbo was executed, Purpled was up at the back of the podium. He didn't attack at first, but fought back when Tommy threw the first stab. He then killed Tommy and blocked Wilbur and Techno under Schlatt and Quackity's orders. However, at the docks, he stared Technoblade down, making the decision to retreat and let him go free. It is noted that Purpled spotted Tommy and Wilbur hiding during the boxing matches at the Manberg Festival, but decided to stay quiet.

A Fresh Start

After a long two months of not streaming on the SMP, Purpled returned and moved out of his UFO base for good. He burned most of his belongings and filled his water elevator with glass, closing off access to the UFO. Once he took all of his belongings and pets, Purpled decided to settle in a land near Manberg and built a two story cabin comprised of spruce and dark oak wood. However, this was only a decoy. Similar to Awesamdude's base, Purpled planned to create a decoy utility house above and a secret base in the mountain. Shortly after claiming the land, Quackity and Karl started building The Slums on top of the mountain, creating a small land dispute. He eventually gained the land back from the two.

Manberg vs Pogtopia War

Immediately after logging into the server, Karl had essentially commanded Purpled to join Manberg's side in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. Confused, Purpled decided to go along with the plan. After Karl gave Purpled a shield displaying the Manberg flag, Purpled couldn't help but feel unsure about the whole thing. Fierce turmoil about who he should side with swirled through his mind, but nevertheless, Purpled decided to stick with Manberg for the time being as he said that he would. Before the battle, he crafted an extra shield without the Manberg flag in case he wanted to swap sides.

As he ran around the area, Purpled stumbled upon Jack Manifold and decided to speak with him privately. Purpled began by asking what side Jack was on, to which Jack responded that he simply wanted to protect his beloved home, as it was in the middle of the battleground. Finding a sense of trust within the fellow independent, Purpled confided that despite his supposed allegiance with Manberg, it was difficult for him to decide who was right, as he had stayed neutral for the entirety of the server. Purpled continued by saying that he wanted to gain Manberg's trust for now, but if anything were to happen, Jack would be the person he would fall back on. Jack agreed to stick by Purpled's side, as he respected his dignity.

Parting ways with Jack, Purpled fumbled around the land, unsure what to do at any given moment. When he joined a VC, he had unintentionally joined Pogtopia's. The Pogtopians were yelling about storming the tower. Purpled decided to jump in and assist his fellow "teammates" in fighting against Pogtopia, drinking a speed potion in the process. Dream vaguely instructed Purpled to follow his lead, leaving him even more puzzled. Purpled stealthily traversed the area, careful to avoid being in the middle of the action. At first, just stood there in the heart of the battle, watching. It wasn't until he was shot by Wilbur once that he actually began to fight.

Purpled then joined the Manberg VC to Dream speaking about "Plan B." Though very potentially important information to mention, that knowledge was useless to Purpled, as he was clueless about their plans. After fighting alongside Manberg for quite a while, Purpled retreated to the L'Mantree to collect his thoughts. He then came to the realization that he never really aligned with Manberg's ideals. Purpled burned his Manberg shield and joined Pogtopia in their efforts to defeat Manberg. Purpled swiftly joined the Pogtopian's call, though he didn't say anything at first. He then affirmed that he was on their side after Technoblade began to shoot him. Techno briefly expressed skepticism, but stopped attacking him. Tommy didn't seem to trust him and mocked him saying "I'm on your side!"

After Dream and Wilbur called out to the people to put their weapons down, Purpled watched in the audience as Schlatt succumbed to his death. Subsequently, Purpled witnessed Tubbo's presidential speech, expressing approval of the new leadership. He witnessed Tubbo appointing Tommy vice president and helped the others take down the festival decorations. Tubbo was then assassinated by Technoblade, and Purpled being an old friend of Tubbo, allied against Technoblade. Purpled found himself in the middle of the horrible catastrophe that followed, and Purpled fought valiantly, arguably contributing the most in terms of damage towards the withers. It should be noted that he killed one of the withers and obtained the nether star. He saved it, planning to use it for a second beacon.

Retribution Arc

New L'Manberg

After the war ended, Purpled was at a crossroads yet again. He had the choice to join the Dream SMP and remain neutral once more or join New L'Manberg. Purpled took the latter, in which he decided to stay as a citizen among Fundy, Tubbo, Karl, Eret, TommyInnit, and Philza. he lived outside of New L'Manberg. However, it was clear that Purpled planned to make more alliances in the future, as he interacted with Jack again, asking to stay in touch. Due to land disputes, he was also unhappy with Mexican L'Manberg.

Estate Conflict

Purpled realized that he hadn't done much of importance on the SMP, and decided to change that by starting a real estate business. He started the business by building a building along the Prime Path near the BSA L'Manberg Embassy His first customer was Antfrost, who seemed a bit confused. While trying to evict Ant’s house, Ponk got involved and partnered with Purpled. The two charged him 48 iron blocks for his Gingerbread House. Jack Manifold then joined, and he and Ant challenged the ruling. Ant and Jack then hinted at claiming Thiccatron, leading everyone to rush towards the community portal. With the disadvantage of the faulty breakout room exit and being unknowledgeable of the server's geography, Jack was able to get to the portal first with Antfrost breaking it behind him. Purpled eventually caught up, then tricking Jack to come back with a business proposition. When he returned, Purpled and Ponk rushed to Thiccatron. Purpled and Antfrost ended up getting to Thiccatron first, Purpled and Ant then argued over who claimed Thiccatron. Jack then came later, and being outnumbered, Purpled was killed by the two.

When Ponk returned, Purpled felt more confident and challenged Ant to a 1v1 duel. Jack, however, convinced Ponk and Purpled to fight a 2v2 instead. After the duel, Purpled set fire to the Thiccatron not knowing that Ponk was the builder. Ant and Jack went to stop the fire. Seeing his tree on fire, Ponk yelled that it was his tree, and Purpled began stopping the fire. Purpled then claimed that he set the tree on fire to show his power.

Empowerment Arc

The Eggpire's mercenary

Ponk brought Antfrost, Punz, and BadBoyHalo to Purpled in an attempt to make a deal with him. The three wanted Purpled to lead CaptainPuffy to a specific coordinate to get her infected by the Egg. An alternative they gave him was to kill her if she was not cooperating. Purpled didn't trust them originally, but when Bad gave him a down payment of 1 netherite ingot, he agreed. The three infected by the Egg said that after he completed this task, they would eventually bring Purpled to a "friend," highly implied to be the Egg. They also stated that if Purpled was successful in taking care of Puffy, they would rehire him to take care of Sam Nook.

The Red Banquet and Las Nevadas

Sometime before the Banquet, Quackity snuck into Purpled's UFO and began placing down TNT to get Purpled's attention, since Purpled was rarely seen on the server. Purpled logged on and caught Quackity, nearly killing him, but Quackity made him back up by threatening to blow up the UFO. He then explained that he just wanted to get Purpled's attention and then hired Purpled to attack the Egg at the Red Banquet.

During the Red Banquet, Purpled betrayed the Eggpire, giving up his role in their group. He helped Quackity and Technoblade rescue the guests of the Red Banquet. He was ordered by Quackity to go through the tunnels that the Eggpire had used to escape, although he later told Quackity he wasn't able to find the rest of the Eggpire. Disappointed but glad that the chaos was over, Purpled and his group led the way to freedom outside the main area where the banquet took place.

Following the Banquet, Purpled received his payment from Quackity. But before leaving, Quackity detonated Purpled's UFO. Purpled cornered him and nearly killed him, but Quackity managed to make him stop and said he had done it to show how little of a legacy Purpled had left on the server. He then gave Purpled an offer to join Las Nevadas to make a better legacy. Purpled, still extremely angry, considered this offer. He walked away to the UFO without giving an answer. Quackity, frustrated that Purpled wasn't listening, said that the offer would still be on the table before leaving. Purpled would tell all server members to leave him alone, going to farm and fish with his dog at his house.

Later on June 10, Purpled would encounter Slimecicle, who had been told to spy on Purpled by Quackity. Slimecicle tried to accuse Purpled of spying on him, and he continuously asked Purpled to dap him up. Purpled quickly found out that it had been Quackity. Purpled then said that after Quackity blew up his UFO, his legacy was gone, and he knew little of the SMP's current state. Purpled then tried to convince himself that his house would be remembered, before blowing up his home. Purpled said that people respected and feared him, and he thought that Las Nevadas could be his key. He then asked Slimecicle if he knew how to get there. Purpled spoke to Quackity, stating that he did not like him at all, and Quackity said it was understandable, but Purpled had a set of skills Quackity didn't have. Purpled reiterated that he did not respect Quackity, but that it was in both of their mutual interests for him to join Las Nevadas.

Checkmate Against Quackity

One week before Quackity visited the prison for the last time, he was giving Slimecicle one last lesson about legacy. Purpled eavesdropped this conversation from the roof of a nearby building. He claimed that he has not forgotten Quackity's crime against his heritage, that the UFO explosion was not something that could be forgiven. He says he'd been trying to get friendlier with the people in Las Nevadas, and that Slime was Quackity's new puppet. He says there's a weekly pattern that puts a dent in his plan to sieze power, and that he's changing his strategy. He'd try and use Slime to get any valuable information, and when the time was right he'd do what he had to do.

Purpled later came across Quackity and Slime after Techno's escape when Quackity ordered Slime to gather all of Las Nevadas. The three of them anxiously shout about something bad that was going to happen to Las Nevadas, and Purpled says that he had something for Las Nevadas too. Someone had left a chest for Quackity and Purpled leads them to it. Slime says he will take care of it and that he can handle himself, opening up the chest and demanding Quackity to step inside. He closes the chest, and finds nothing in there. Turning around, Purpled has placed down a lever, which when flicked drops them into a massive cobblestone room on a hanging platform. Below and around them is lava, and Purpled drops in asking for them to have a talk.

He asks for Quackity to tell him about the visit to the prison, Slime fitting himself into a corner to hide. Quackity tries to reason with Purpled, claiming there are bigger problems above them, but Purpled says that he knows Quackity has the resurrection book. Quackity truthfully tells him that he does not, and Purpled doesn't believe him. Continuing to try and reason with him, to no avail, Quackity arms himself as Purpled says he'll kill Quackity for it. Slime begs Quackity to be careful as Purpled opens fire. Quackity repeatedly tells him he doesn't have the book, but the battle ensues, the two of them fighting on the platform. Quackity says that even if he had the book, he wouldn't give it to Purpled, and in retaliation Purpled pearls to Slime and pushes him into the lava. Quackity leaps after him, shouting after him and trying to get him out of the lava. Slime speaks in a calm tone, refusing to leave the lava and thanking Quackity for showing him what it was like to be human. He screams over the death as Purpled escapes back into the wall.


Name Status Residence Notes
Tamed Wolf Purple.png DogChamp Alive Las Nevadas Purpled occasionally likes to bring DogChamp on walks, but hasn't done this recently due to the possibility of DogChamp getting injured. In Dream's vault, he had made a space for DogChamp,[2] as Purpled has shown to care greatly about the dog.[3]
Tamed Wolf Red.png Unnamed Dogs Alive Purpled's cabin


Relationships with members
Name Status Notes
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Purpled and Antfrost were on opposite sides of the Estate Conflict. Purpled also tried to charge him an absurd price for building on Ponk's land.

Ant, along with BadBoyHalo and Punz, were led to a cave by Ponk that led to Purpled. The three who were infected by the Egg made a deal with Purpled that they would pay him for leading Puffy to a specific coordinate or kill her if she did not cooperate. Originally he was skeptical but gave in eventually. He trusts that the three will pay him back, but he doesn't trust them as he trusts Ponk.

At the Red Banquet, Purpled betrayed the Eggpire due to being paid by Quackity and attacked the other members which lead to Puffy taking Antfrost's first life.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Purpled trusts BadBoyHalo that he will pay him back in return for the deal they made (Purpled working for the Eggpire), but that's as far as it goes. Previous to this, they had fought on opposite sides of the Manberg vs Pogtopia war, and most likely never interacted with each other.

Purpled betrayed the Eggpire at the Red Banquet because Quackity paid him more leading to a very negative relationship between the two.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Purpled is not influenced or corrupted by the Egg, but he did fight on behalf of it due to a payment he was promised by BadBoyHalo. It seems that the Egg does not have very much effect on him as he has no problem siding with Quackity when offered greater pay. Though he is fighting against the Egg, Purpled seems to have no strong feelings towards it.
Thunderskin.png Jack Manifold
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Purpled and Jack met each other during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War due to Purpled's desire to talk to someone who was independent and was in a similar situation as himself. Purpled confided to Jack about his insecurities regarding his "allegiance" with Manberg during the war. Purpled also asked Jack to stick by his side no matter what, as he had no idea what could happen to either of them. Jack agreed to be his ally, and the two later made plans to continue working with each other in the future.

However, Purpled attempted to scam Jack in The Estate Conflict. This may have nullified the alliance they formed and they still haven't talked to each other for a long time.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Purpled logged on to defend Karl when George and Quackity tried killing him. Purpled was also recruited by Karl to join Manberg in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, though Purpled's loyalty didn't last very long.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Purpled and Niki spoke a few times on the SMP and are on good terms. However, they haven't interacted much as of late due to Purpled's inactivity on the server. During the Red Banquet, Purpled rescued Niki along with all the guests in the chamber and help them escape through the tunnel he dug.
Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Purpled greatly trusts Ponk, as Ponk is one of the only allies that Purpled has on the server. The first time the two interacted was when Ponk asked for help, as he was stuck in the Nether. Purpled agreed to come to rescue him, and the two formed an alliance ever since. There was a brief period where Ponk betrayed Purpled during Tommy and Wilbur's attempted drug empire, though the two eventually made up and regained their trust for each other. Recently Ponk got Purpled a hit on Captain Puffy. In the stream, it is shown that Purpled trusts Ponk a lot. As of him saying that Ponk is the only one invited to his base.

Purpled's betrayal at the Red Banquet has most likely soured their relationship.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Quackity tried to rig Purpled's UFO with TNT, enraging Purpled, Quackity said that he wouldn't light the TNT. Quackity paid Purpled to side with him against the Eggpire and work to attack them at the Red Banquet with Technoblade. When giving Purpled his payment Quackity threatened him to join Las Nevadas and blew up his UFO. Purpled did not kill Quackity like he threatened to and seems to be considering his deal, but seems to feel very negatively about him. Quackity hinted that Purpled went to Las Nevadas and tried to kill Quackity because of losing a casino game during one of Charlie's streams, likely deteriorating their relationship.

Later on, Purpled, while farming and fishing at his cabin, would encounter Slimecicle, who had been sent by Quackity to spy on Purpled, this inadvertently caused Purpled to rethink his stance on Las Nevadas, he then blew up his cabin and went to Las Nevadas, saying that although he didn't like Quackity, it would be in their mutual interests for him to join Las Nevadas.

When Purpled trapped Quackity and Slimecicle, he was angry and wanted the Book of Necromancy, and that he doesn't care about Quackity.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Tubbo and Purpled were both friendly in the earlier days of the SMP since Purpled assisted Tubbo in The Socializing Club Conflict and helped him many times after that. However, the two do not interact often nowadays. After Purpled's long break, he had joined Pogtopia. Purpled expressed approval for President Tubbo, leading him to become a citizen of the rebuilt L'Manberg.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Purpled and Tommy never particularly got along, especially after The Socializing Club Conflict. In the earlier days of the SMP, Tommy considered Purpled as one of his enemies, as the two had a tendency to bicker and kill each other for no reason. Nowadays, they do not speak often, though Purpled still doesn't particularly like Tommy. Tommy mocked Purpled for switching sides in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War as well, expressing his distaste for Purpled.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Purpled first met Slimecicle when he had been sent by Quackity to spy on him. Purpled was angry about this, asking why he was spying on Purpled, but Slime tried to distract Purpled by saying Purpled was the one spying. Purpled expressed distaste for Slimecicle, refusing to dap him up. He would ask Slime for directions to Las Nevadas, where they somewhat got along.

This changed in Quackity's stream on November 27, when Purpled pushed Slimecicle into lava in an act of betrayal and desperation.


  • "They have the audacity to build twenty thousand fucking houses but not a single furnace."
  • "He just died of natural causes!"
  • "Do not move a single inch."
  • "This better be good."
  • "Bad, to be frank with you, Quackity just had the better price."
  • "I try my best."
  • "Give me one reason why I shouldn't just kill you right now."
  • "Everyone knows about the- the Purpled house! I mean..every... y'know... you look around.. and like "Oh yeah! The Purpled's house, couldn't imagine the server without Purpled's house!" Everyone remembers it! No one would notice if it was blown to smithereens... Hm... blown to smithereens."
  • "I really wouldn't thought I would have said this, but maybe you are right, maybe we are on the same page. Because sure as much as wealth, money, diamonds, that's great! But I do agree... that I think it would better for both of us if we went down in history."
  • "I will admit, there are still a lot of things I don't like about you, but the promise the brings for me, as an individual, my legacy? I mean... the future is looking bright!"
  • "I've not yet forgotten Quackity's heinous crimes against my heritage. The UFO explosion is a crime which I will not, and cannot forgive. I've been trying to get closer to everyone in order to appear friendly. However, Slime appears to be Quackity's new puppet. Disappointing. I notice the weekly pattern. This puts a dent in my plan to seize power through friendly diplomacy. I have to change my strategy. I'll have to strategize through Slime and try to squeeze him out of any valuable information. And when the time seems right, I'll do whatever I have to do."


  • Purpled is a mercenary like Punz, giving into payment very easily.
    • Unlike Punz, Purpled will not accept a job from a contractor due to him wanting to keep his allegiances more closed. Instead, he will only accept jobs from close allies such as Tubbo or Ponk.
  • Despite being paid to hunt down Puffy at one point, he was still rarely seen on the SMP during that time.
  • Purpled's most valuable possession is his dog, DogChamp. He holds sentiment to DogChamp due to the fact that he has been with him since he first logged onto the server.
    • This was shown with Dream having a spot for DogChamp in his vault during the Disc Confrontation.
End of spoiler warning.
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