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This page is about the content creator. For their SMP character, see Quackity/SMP.

Alexis "Alex" Malonado, better known online as Quackity (formerly QuackityHQ) is a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer known for making a large variety of content including Discord talent shows and raids on popular games such as Roblox, Habbo, and Club Penguin. He joined the Dream SMP in August 2020 after TommyInnit suggested that he should be whitelisted to the server.



To see their history and involvement in the SMP, visit Quackity/SMP.


Dream Team collaborations

Quackity videos featuring Dream Team
Video Title Release date Dream Team members Notes
MINECRAFT'S_GOT_TALENT_(ft._MrBeast_&_Dream) MINECRAFT'S GOT TALENT (ft. MrBeast & Dream) September 28, 2020 Dream
Minecraft's_Got_Talent_Deleted_Scenes_(ft._MrBeast_&_Dream) Minecraft's Got Talent Deleted Scenes (ft. MrBeast & Dream) October 5, 2020 Dream
The_Funniest_Jackbox_Stream_Ever The Funniest Jackbox Stream Ever December 7, 2020 GeorgeNotFound
Girl_Dream_Joins_the_Dream_SMP Girl Dream Joins the Dream SMP December 24, 2020 Dream, George, Sapnap
I_Became_Dream's_Therapist I Became Dream's Therapist December 25, 2020 Dream, George
Minecraft_Speedrunner_but_its_Mexican_Dream Minecraft Speedrunner but its Mexican Dream December 27, 2020 Dream, George, Sapnap
Best_of_Quackity_2020 Best of Quackity 2020 January 3, 2021 Dream, George, Sapnap
KSI_Is_The_Funniest_Minecraft_Player_Ever KSI Is The Funniest Minecraft Player Ever January 4, 2021 Dream, George
Quackity_Gets_Pranked_While_Playing_Jackbox Quackity Gets Pranked While Playing Jackbox January 12, 2021 George
Sapnap_Proposes_to_Quackity_on_Minecraft Sapnap Proposes to Quackity on Minecraft January 18, 2021 Dream, Sapnap
GeorgeNotFound_and_Quackity_Play_an_Awful_Game GeorgeNotFound and Quackity Play an Awful Game January 27, 2021 George
Quackity_Starts_a_Podcast Quackity Starts a Podcast January 31, 2021 George
James_Charles_Betrays_Quackity_in_Among_Us James Charles Betrays Quackity in Among Us February 4, 2021 Dream, George
BadBoyHalo,_George_and_Quackity_Get_Banned_On_Roblox BadBoyHalo, George and Quackity Get Banned On Roblox February 7, 2021 George
Quackity_Makes_This_Game_Hilarious Quackity Makes This Game Hilarious February 12, 2021 George, Sapnap
Quackity_Roasts_Dream Quackity Roasts Dream February 23, 2021 Dream, George
Quackity_Visits_Dream_-_DreamSMP Quackity Visits Dream - DreamSMP March 21, 2021 Dream Las Nevadas episode 1
I_Played_Minecraft_but_it’s_Real_Life I Played Minecraft but it’s Real Life March 26, 2021 Sapnap
I_Broke_Every_Love_Relationship_in_the_Dream_SMP I Broke Every Love Relationship in the Dream SMP April 7, 2021 Sapnap
Quackity_Confronts_Dream_And_Wilbur-_DreamSMP Quackity Confronts Dream And Wilbur- DreamSMP April 14, 2021 Dream, George Las Nevadas episode 2
Quackity_Destroys_Dream Quackity Destroys Dream April 22, 2021 George
Minecraft,_But_We_Are_In_A_Shopping_Cart Minecraft, But We Are In A Shopping Cart May 3, 2021 Dream, George
George_Makes_the_DreamSMP_1000%_Funnier George Makes the DreamSMP 1000% Funnier May 9, 2021 George
I_Finished_Dream I Finished Dream May 14, 2021 George
Quackity_Controls_the_DreamSMP Quackity Controls the DreamSMP May 23, 2021 Dream Las Nevadas episode 3
I_Hosted_a_Competition_on_the_DreamSMP I Hosted a Competition on the DreamSMP May 27, 2021 Dream, George, Sapnap
Minecraft_Manhunt_But_I'm_The_Hunter Minecraft Manhunt But I'm The Hunter June 2, 2021 Dream, George
I_Roasted_Skeppy I Roasted Skeppy June 6, 2021 George, Sapnap
I_Read_The_Worst_Fanfictions_With_GeorgeNotFound I Read The Worst Fanfictions With GeorgeNotFound June 9, 2021 George
Minecraft_Manhunt_But_in_GTA Minecraft Manhunt But in GTA June 14, 2021 George
Dream_Makes_Roblox_Incredibly_Funny Dream Makes Roblox Incredibly Funny June 21, 2021 Dream
Minecraft_But_If_I_Swear_The_Video_Ends Minecraft But If I Swear The Video Ends June 26, 2021 George
Mickey_Mouse_Makes_This_Game_Hilarious Mickey Mouse Makes This Game Hilarious July 1, 2021 Dream, George
I_Beat_Minecraft_But_In_a_Shopping_Cart I Beat Minecraft But In a Shopping Cart July 6, 2021 Sapnap
I_Beat_Minecraft_On_A_Treadmill I Beat Minecraft On A Treadmill July 14, 2021 George, Sapnap
I_Played_Minecraft_With_Hank_From_Breaking_Bad I Played Minecraft With Hank From Breaking Bad July 21, 2021 George
I_Roasted_Wendys I Roasted Wendys August 5, 2021 Dream, George, Sapnap
Minecraft_But_I_Spend_$3000_on_Amazon_Items Minecraft But I Spend $3000 on Amazon Items August 25, 2021 George, Sapnap
Quackity_Visits_Technoblade_&_Dream_-_DreamSMP Quackity Visits Technoblade & Dream - DreamSMP September 17, 2021 Dream
I_Was_In_The_Funniest_Minecraft_Competition_With_Dream I Was In The Funniest Minecraft Competition With Dream October 11, 2021 Dream, George
Quackity_Goes_On_A_Dinner_Date_With_Karl_And_Sapnap Quackity Goes On A Dinner Date With Karl And Sapnap October 22, 2021 George, Sapnap
I_Made_The_Funniest_Song_With_GeorgeNotFound_&_WilburSoot I Made The Funniest Song With GeorgeNotFound & WilburSoot October 25, 2021 George
I_Won_The_Biggest_Minecraft_Tournament I Won The Biggest Minecraft Tournament November 5, 2021 Dream, Sapnap
Minecraft,_But_We_Are_In_A_Car Minecraft, But We Are In A Car November 7, 2021 Dream, George, Sapnap
Dream Team videos featuring Quackity
Video Title Release date Dream Team channel Notes
Among_Us_In_Minecraft... Among Us In Minecraft... November 23, 2020 DreamXD
TommyInnit_Burned_Down_My_House... TommyInnit Burned Down My House... December 2, 2020 Not GeorgeNotFound
I_Paid_Quackity_$200_To_Meow... I Paid Quackity $200 To Meow... December 8, 2020 Not GeorgeNotFound
Dream_And_George_Share_Private_Stories... Dream And George Share Private Stories... December 31, 2020 Not GeorgeNotFound
Among_Us,_But_Dream_And_George_Are_1000_IQ_Imposters Among Us, But Dream And George Are 1000 IQ Imposters January 3, 2021 Not GeorgeNotFound
I_Scammed_His_Minecraft_Discs... I Scammed His Minecraft Discs... January 6, 2021 Not GeorgeNotFound
Quackity_And_Karl_Make_Skribbl.io_Hilarious... Quackity And Karl Make Skribbl.io Hilarious... February 6, 2021 Not GeorgeNotFound
George_Discovers_The_Truth_About_Dream_And_Quackity... George Discovers The Truth About Dream And Quackity... March 10, 2021 Not GeorgeNotFound
Cooking_With_GeorgeNotFound... Cooking With GeorgeNotFound... April 1, 2021 Not GeorgeNotFound
The_Most_Chaotic_Minecraft_Video... The Most Chaotic Minecraft Video... April 22, 2021 SapnapLIVE
George_Takes_The_Hardest_Dream_Quiz... George Takes The Hardest Dream Quiz... April 29, 2021 Not GeorgeNotFound
I_Become_A_Hot_Tub_Streamer_In_Front_Of_400,000_People... I Become A Hot Tub Streamer In Front Of 400,000 People... June 7, 2021 Not GeorgeNotFound
Surprising_Dream_With_A_Birthday_Gift... Surprising Dream With A Birthday Gift... August 18, 2021 Not GeorgeNotFound
Minecraft,_But_I_Add_A_Marshmallow_Every_Minute... Minecraft, But I Add A Marshmallow Every Minute... October 6, 2021 GeorgeNotFound



  • Quackity got the name "Quackity" from a name generator from ToonTown. He said that his brother chose the name for him.
  • He is currently studying law.[6]
  • Quackity's birthday is on Día de los Santos Inocentes, Mexico's equivalent of April Fools' Day.[7]
    • It has also become a running meme that he claims everyday is his birthday, with "Happy Birthday Quackity" trending over five times this year alone.
  • Quackity has a contestant twice on Love or Host. His first was on March 12, 2020, where Sunflower won and chose love.[8][9] His second one was on November 28, 2020, in which Minx won and also chose love.[10][11]
  • Quackity often reads the Dream Team Wiki.[12] He has also used the wiki during a stream as a reference for the amount of canon lives he and other members have left.[13]
  • He has competed in five MC Championships. He won his first MCC, MCC 15 with Dream, Sapnap and Michaelmcchill.
  • He has a cat named Tiger.[14][15][16][17]
  • He is fluent in Spanish and English.
  • Quackity holds the most amount of deaths on the Dream SMP having over 600 in total.[18][19]
    • Quackity also holds the most amount of different skins worn on the server.
  • Quackity was one of the members of SMPEarth. On the SMP, he created the faction Pen Island in Mexico.
  • Quackity often plays random games with other members of the Dream SMP. For example, he has played Roblox with BadBoyHalo, GeorgeNotFound, TommyInnit, Dream, Wilbur Soot, Ph1LzA, and Technoblade.
  • Quackity made a diss track on Dream as a joke with George and BadBoyHalo.[20][21][22]
  • Quackity's first channel was DjYeroc123 which posted Club Penguin videos.[23][24]
    • Quackity was seven years old at the time.[25]
  • Dream considers Quackity as the funniest person he knows.[26]
  • Jack Manifold considers Quackity to be the best actor on the Dream SMP.[27]
  • Skeppy and Quackity revealed at the same time that they met up after MCC 16 ended.[28][29]


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