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In a past stream, Quackity counted the death caused by Technoblade's rocket launcher and went according to Wilbur's Reddit list.[1] However, in a series of tweets clarifying canon deaths by Dream, Dream stated that only Tubbo's death counted during the festival due to it being scripted.[2][3] Quackity later also confirmed on March 19 that the Manberg Festival death was not canon and he had two canon lives.[4]

This page is about the character on the Dream SMP. For the person who plays this character, see Quackity. For the Dream alter-ego played by Quackity, see Mexican Dream.
You know, when you killed me...You think I was just gonna forget about it? You think I was just gonna walk away and just forget about it? I'll tell you something, Techno. I'll tell you something, alright? The same way you did it. I HAVE A PICKAXE. AND I'LL PUT IT THROUGH YOUR F**KING TEETH TECHNO!


Quackity is the twentieth member of the Dream SMP; joining on August 17, 2020, and was the president of El Rapids. He was also the former Secretary of State and Vice President of L'Manberg under the Tubbo Administration, a recruit of Pogtopia, the former vice president of Manberg, and a former citizen of the Dream SMP. He is currently the president and co-founder of Las Nevadas.


Quackity is a human with light skin, black eyes, and either "a beanie or a really fucking shitty [black] mullet".[8] He wears a blue shirt and black pants in his casual appearance. However, fans tend to draw him closer in appearance to his actor, with a darker skin tone and usually wearing a blue or black beanie.

Quackity has been seen in a variety of outfits outside of his classic appearance. During his days as a politician during the elections and while he was Vice President of Manberg, he usually wore a dark gray suit with a blue tie and sunglasses. In his Las Nevadas arc, he switches to a white shirt (which may have bloodstains), gray trousers held up by gray suspenders, and a red tie. In the case of the latter, Fundy has stated that there are about 17 of the same suits in his closet; while mourning Slime/Charlie, his shirt became crumpled, he lost his suspenders, his hair grew longer, his skin tone was paler (presumably from spending an extensive period of time indoors researching slimes), and he was seen crying. Despite this, he is sometimes seen naked/undressed, mainly for comedic reasons.

After the execution, Quackity is seen with a scar on his left eye from his duel with Technoblade, starting out as pinkish during its earlier appearances, then gradually fading but still visible during his Las Nevadas arc.

Despite his own insecurities, it is implied that Quackity is overall be on the good-looking side, considering he's the character who has amassed the most love interests on the entire server (numbering at three for serious relationships, four if Wilbur is counted, and at least six when brief flings are counted as well).

A common joke on the SMP is comparing Quackity's skin to that of the Minecraft meme character "Shitass", who has the exact face that he wears, despite Quackity claiming to have made it first and being "Shitass's older cousin".


Quackity fluctuates between chaotic and lawful, almost on a whim, but his greatest desire is to have a sense of belonging.[9]

During his time running for President in the election, he showed off more of a chaotic, rowdy side, which continued until the installment of the Jschlatt Administration. He also stated during this time period that he believed everyone had some good in themselves and was willing to work for a better future for everyone.[10] As time progressed, Quackity realized that Jschlatt had no intentions of giving him any respect or equal power, which was his true desire. He defected to Pogtopia, growing a bit less chaotic and more responsible for his actions. It is also implied that his experiences in Manberg caused him to start becoming disillusioned with the ideal of words over weapons, as his repeated negotiations with Schlatt didn't gain him any respect.

Before the final war in the events of the Manberg Rebellion, Quackity and Tubbo spoke candidly about their fears and future, eventually both agreeing to fight the war to the end despite their worries of being outnumbered. After the war, Quackity joined the New L'Manberg as Secretary of State, where he garnered a more important role as a leader while still displaying much of his chaotic nature. During Schlatt's funeral, he cussed out the former leader while pissing on a photo of him.

During the events of the Exile Conflict and the Dethroning Fallout, Quackity displayed a level head that hasn't often been seen on his character. While discussing Tommy's griefing of George's house with Tubbo, he wasn't as lenient as he might've been in the past, along with managing to go toe-to-toe arguing with Dream following George's dethroning.

During the Vengeance Era, Quackity showed himself to care about taking down those who hold the highest authority and amount of power. His go-to advice from at least that time period and onward was to not trust anyone (fully), which was something he suggested to Tommy, Tubbo, and eventually Slimecicle during the Las Nevadas era.

He holds a rather charismatic trait because of the calm, collected composure he holds in arguments, and is easily able to charm others because of his chaotic personality. He is also persistent and willing to work hard to achieve his goals, as shown by his determination in persuading Sam to let him visit Pandora's Vault and his willingness to return every day to gain information about the revival book.

As the President of Las Nevadas, Quackity "stopped seeing the good in people" and believes it to be a good thing (see Purpled's stream), a sharp contrast to what he believed during the L'Manberg elections. He recruited the members for the faction on the basis that he related to them - Foolish for having held optimistic and pacifistic views during at least some point in time, Purpled for wanting to leave behind a legacy, and Fundy for not wanting to be alone and left behind by others. There are some implications that most of these traits are shaped by the traumas he had previously endured, and that he was psychologically projecting on them heavily at the time. Nevertheless, despite the morally dark method of recruitment, Quackity treats the members of Las Nevadas well, and is respectful of their opinions. It's also revealed that Quackity has some form of desire to leave behind a legacy.

Main flaws

Quackity demonstrates a recurring insecurity regarding his physical appearance. During his early appearances on the server, it was mostly played jokingly over his "piss neck", asymmetrical face, and other oddities over his Minecraft-skin, which he claimed to be because of a "condition".[11][12][13] Later on, it takes on a more serious note as it relates more to his traumatic experiences, from one of the cornerstones of Schlatt's mocking (over his backside) to eventually his facial scar from his duel with Techno.

Prior to the Manberg-Pogtopia War, he was often unwilling to act when he knows there is an oppressive power structure or to call out people who hurt him. He would grit his teeth and bear abusive actions, so long as people he knew are safe. At most, he mainly engaged in acts of passive resistance, like freeing Niki from imprisonment in secret. He usually only became proactive when it reached an ultimate boiling point, most prominently seen with Schlatt and his destruction of the White House.

After the war, Quackity has become more willing to be cruel or physically violent if it aligns with his personal sense of justice, from organizing Technoblade's execution to torturing Dream in prison for knowledge of the revive-book. This is heavily entwined with a vengeful streak, as in those two instances, part of the driving force behind them were revenge for either himself or those that he cares about - the former for blowing up Manberg during the war and more personally, traumatizing him during Minecraft Mondays[14][15], and the latter for taking Tommy's third canon life. However, he appears to have started overcoming his vengefulness after taking Slime's advice in the fourth Las Nevadas stream.

Moreover, despite claiming that Las Nevadas had no room for emotions, Quackity has a very impulsive streak and acts on his emotional instincts more often than logic. He has once stated to Foolish that he goes to sleep and often doesn't have a plan on what he'll do the next day, as he thinks of overthinking as a waste of energy.[16]

In his Las Nevadas arc, Quackity shows a manipulative streak when it comes to recruiting people for his nation, going hand in hand with his charisma. He is also incredibly prone to self-projection during the same endeavors. However, it is also heavily implied that he believes no one would willingly stay by his side unless he holds something over them or tricks them into needing to stay. This indicates that this manipulative streak may be rooted in multiple other insecurities.

Quackity has also shown a desire for power and control ever since the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, causing him to be willing to sacrifice morality and justice in exchange for vengeance and control. This is most likely rooted in his experiences in the Jschlatt Administration, due to his own lack of power and control over the country to make it better during that time period.

To sum up, many of Quackity's character flaws, in some way, correlate to his traumatic experiences in one way or another. One of the known exceptions to this is his petty streak, often doing minor things to annoy or upset people he dislikes, or doing little shows of wealth and character to humiliate someone else.

Wilbur has stated that Quackity's D&D alignment is neutral good.[17]

Quackity is very easily in the Neutral Good quadrant. He only wants a kinder more peaceful world and he will follow his own path to reach it, ignoring possible dissent from biased angles dude.


Mental health

Pre-Las Nevadas

Even before the establishment of Las Nevadas, Quackity's mental health had been questionable at best. Before he joined the SMP, he allegedly had PTSD from his encounters with Technoblade during Minecraft Mondays.[18] This may have contributed to his later mental health issues.

It is also implied that he started to agree with Wilbur's worldview that one had to be willing to commit acts of violence to gain power in order to protect the interests of oneself and their loved ones after the Schlatt administration, when he was deprived of equal power due to the country being a totalitarian state with all power centralized on the president and the president alone, and to at least some extent, the relationship that he was in during that time period. This includes starting to develop a desire for power and control, and being willing to commit morally dark actions in order to try to accumulate power, most notably seen with his attempt to execute Technoblade with the Butcher Army.

While visiting Tommy during his second exile, Quackity admitted to possibly having a history with depression.[19] It is unknown whether this is connected to his other experiences as listed above or a separate, unrelated incident(s).

During Las Nevadas arc

During the development of Las Nevadas, Quackity's mental health takes a steep nosedive as he fully embraces Wilbur's corrupted mentality, being willing to torture Dream for the knowledge of the book on revival and take other morally wrong actions to achieve his goals.

It is heavily implied that Quackity eventually develops an extremely negative view of himself during this time. While recruiting Foolish to join Las Nevadas, he calls out Foolish and his desire for peace and pacifism over war a form of wasted potential, but considering that Quackity himself held these views in the past, it is possible that he was psychologically projecting onto him to at least some extent.

He also appears to have some form of abandonment issue, based on how he rationalized to himself that Karl and Sapnap would leave to form Kinoko Kingdom. There have been implications that this can be traced back to his relationship trauma. His recruitment of Purpled and Fundy based on desires to be remembered/acknowledged and not to be left behind by others, respectively, also heavily relate back to his own experiences of being pushed aside, being seen as worthless, and being 'abandoned' by his loved ones.

In the fourth Las Nevadas stream, Slime noted on Quackity's flawed, trauma-rooted beliefs around politics, revenge, and empathy/attachment and challenged them, which in turn caused Quackity to reflect on them. In the weeks after Slime's canon death, it's implied that Quackity had some further reflection and has started to recognize his own fall into paranoia and advised Tommy against going down that path after Dream escaped from prison, which implies he might be starting to recover and heal.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

As stated above, Quackity claimed he had PTSD as of Season 1. Although whether this claim is canonical is not confirmed, due to the more light-hearted/non-serious nature of the season, in later seasons, Quackity's experiences culminated in him showing signs and symptoms of the disorder or ones related to it, including abandonment issues, various insecurities, negative thoughts on the world, distancing himself from others (and encouraging others to do the same), hypervigilance, reckless and aggressive behavior, etc. He also became more prone to emotional outbursts and lashing out after the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, and appears to have multiple triggers, including:



Quackity was allegedly in juvenile prison for some years before first joining the server, although this backstory is most likely a joke, or ambiguously canon at most.[27] It is unknown what he was sent to prison for, but Tommy claimed to Dream that he was in "fun juvie" for "having too much fun".

Quackity also apparently participated in a tournament called Minecraft Monday in his past, a tournament in which Technoblade was also present. Quackity was killed by Technoblade many times during multiple weeks of the tournament.[28][29] These encounters allegedly caused Quackity to have "severe PTSD" which fueled his hatred of Technoblade in the Dream SMP.[18]

Before officially joining the server, Quackity was part of a "drug cartel" with Tommy, Tubbo and Jack Manifold, which he directed over voice call on August 5 and 6, 2020.[30][31]

L'Manberg Independence Arc

Presidential campaign

During the SWAG2020 vs POG2020 Election, Quackity formed SWAG2020 with GeorgeNotFound as his VP, to rival POG2020.

Quackity and Wilbur talk to each other, and they eventually start talking about power. Wilbur stated that everything was about power, and if Quackity wanted to change, he would need power. Wilbur also said that Quackity needed to be willing to commit terrible acts of violence such as torture for power. (Note: This event remained unknown until Las Nevadas: Episode 2 on April 12, 2021.)

However, during the final rally, George was notably absent, leading Quackity to form coalitions in order to give his party a running chance at winning. Initially, he entertained the idea of working with POG2020, but after coming to the conclusion they were just using him for power, since the potential SWOG coalition was stated to be conditional, he instead formed a coalition with the newly formed Schlatt2020, promising to merge their votes should either of them lose. Due to his plan with Schlatt, he won the election, though Schlatt demoted him from co-President to Vice President.

Manberg Rebellion Arc

Manberg Rebellion

Throughout Quackity's whole career as Vice President of Manberg, he kept hinting at his rising tensions in the cabinet, slowly growing tired of being ignored. In addition, Quackity still thought that he deserved equal power with Schlatt, suggesting that there was some internal conflict.

The first show of this was in an argument with Nihachu, who led Quackity in private to a place where they could talk. She revealed to him that she was planning on overthrowing Schlatt, but needed his help. Quackity seemed swayed by her points, as she brought up many occasions where Schlatt had seemed tyrannical and that he wasn't giving Quackity anything. However, Niki accidentally killed him, bringing their meeting to Schlatt's attention, who then had her arrested. Upon seeing Niki in her cage, Quackity realized that she didn't deserve to be in there and broke her out of prison, with Eret giving him an alibi.

The internal conflict grew after the Manberg Festival. Quackity disapproved of Schlatt's public execution of Tubbo and his other cases of bloodshed during the event, and even tried to persuade Schlatt that having Tubbo trapped and imprisoned was sufficient. However, Schlatt brushed off his suggestion, claiming that imprisonment was "not enough". By the end of the Festival, Quackity had started to become disillusioned with Schlatt's rule, but refused to leave because he felt an emotional attachment to the country. When Schlatt shared his new policy, with one of the projects including the dismantling of the White House, Quackity rallied against the destruction of it, since he felt a strong emotional connection with the building, but Schlatt stated that he would press forward with the plan later on. Quackity then stated that he wouldn't leave the country unless Schlatt destroyed the White House.

The day after the Manberg Festival, Schlatt began tearing down the White House in front of him, to Quackity's protests. This eventually dissolved into an argument where Quackity called Schlatt out on not giving him equal power and refusing to acknowledge him, while Schlatt repeatedly insulted and belittled Quackity in return. This ultimately ended with Quackity resigning from his position as Vice President and assassinating Schlatt after being taunted by him. He ran into the forest, where Tommy found him after having secretly overheard their conversation and allowed him to join the ranks of Pogtopia. Quackity went along with him and Wilbur Soot to the Button Room, where they tried to convince Wilbur not to blow Manberg up and barely managed to prevent the disaster. Together, they created a new primary plan to take the country back, revolving around Quackity going back to Schlatt and arranging a meeting with him, i.e. "Plan Ass", with Wilbur's TNT plot as a Plan B ("Plan Bomb").[32]

Quackity later attended Niki's birthday party and stayed for the aftermath with Niki, Karl, and Wilbur, where Wilbur threatened to destroy Manberg once again. The three managed to convince him to delay the plot, but Quackity was tasked to carry out Plan Ass by November 6 in an ultimatum.[33]

On November 6, 2020, Quackity met with Schlatt at the podium. Quackity pulled out his "builders contract", which would permit building of the Manberg Hotel while secretly transferring all power from Schlatt to Quackity. However, Schlatt changed the topic of the contract to the TNT he had found under Manberg and accused Quackity for the TNT, stating that Quackity hated Manberg and wanted to take Schlatt down with Manberg. Schlatt wounded him, but Wilbur obtained an arrow of invisibility from Ponk that would allow Quackity to escape undetected. Tommy and Quackity met up in the forest, but Wilbur was nowhere to be seen.

Deep in the forest, Schlatt caught up with Quackity and Tommy. Schlatt coughed and laughed as he said that the TNT was no longer under Manberg, but under Pogtopia. In horror, Quackity and Tommy fled to Pogtopia, only to find that it was covered in buttons by Fundy. Wilbur arrived minutes after, to state that he pressed the button but no TNT was ignited. Wilbur was ecstatic about the buttons in Pogtopia, pressing each one to scare Quackity and Tommy. The Pogtopians were then approached by Fundy, who arrived from the underground Prime Path. Quackity was wary of Fundy, as he thought that Fundy was an expert military strategist and much more dangerous than Schlatt. However, Fundy was also an inside spy in Manberg, just like Tubbo. Quackity listened with interest as Wilbur read Schlatt's weaknesses out loud from a spy's diary, now knowing that Schlatt was alone, powerless, and on the brink of death.

Manberg vs. Pogtopia War

Quackity was aware of the upcoming war so he made preparations. However, he constantly died and lost the netherite armor he gained. Sam attempted to help him by providing resources to mine more netherite, but Quackity also lost them. On the day of the war, Quackity discussed with Tubbo their thoughts on who the traitor could be, forming a close relationship. He also obtained a full set of diamond armor, and was later able to get a full set of enchanted netherite from Technoblade's vault. Quackity fought alongside the Pogtopians, pushing their way into the heart of Manberg. During Schlatt's final moments, Quackity yelled at Schlatt that he had pushed Manberg too far, and that Manberg could've been a great nation if Schlatt wasn't a bad leader. Schlatt's last words were "flatty patty," which triggered Quackity.

Quackity attended Tubbo's presidential speech on how L'Manberg would be reformed and put back on the map. He also saw Technoblade mortally wound Tubbo, which he disapproved of. He sided with the L'Manbergians to fight off against Dream SMP, Technoblade, and the Badlands. After the chaos, Quackity and the L'Manbergian supporters met up at the L'Mantree, where Tommy gave an emotional speech about how L'Manberg would never be defeated unless Dream somehow managed to split them apart. They then met up near the Manberg Hotel to discuss the cabinet, where Quackity was trusted with Secretary of State of L'Manberg. With the new position, Quackity dubbed himself as "Sexy-tary of State."

Retribution Arc


Quackity began to rebuild L'Manberg alongside Fundy, Tubbo, Sapnap, and Karl. Quackity finished his house on the end of Day 1 of reconstruction, building his house in the Executive Residential District alongside his fellow members.

Craving power

During Schlatt's funeral, Quackity dressed up as Schlatt, then proceeded to eat Schlatt's heart and sing an insulting song about him burning in Hell. After the funeral, he claimed to want to resurrect Schlatt and use him as a political puppet in order to gain absolute power in L'Manberg. He had Punz, BadBoyHalo, and Awesamdude pledge blind loyalty to him so that he could revive Schlatt. A new law in L'Manberg banning "Satanic rituals" was then passed in response to this. This entire episode is most likely non-canonical, as it was never brought up again.

Exile Conflict

Quackity was summoned by Tubbo for an important meeting that took place on November 30, 2020. Quackity met up with the rest of the cabinet besides Karl, and there, he learned that L'Manberg had been encased within walls once more, much to his disgust. Quackity was then given the role of Acting Vice President for two weeks until Tommy could behave. He held a strong position against the banishment of Tommy and retaliation against Dream.

Mexican L'Manberg

Quackity, George, Sapnap, and Punz built a dirt platform in the sky, and Quackity later named it a nation, Mexican L'Manberg. Quackity established the nation's government with him as president and George as Vice President. Quackity later legitimized the nation by speaking to Tubbo and convincing him to support the nation, even making Tubbo the Secretary of State.

George's dethronement

Since Quackity and George were close friends, Quackity was heavily against Dream usurping George's power as king. As a result, he, along with George and Sapnap, plotted to develop Mexican L'Manberg and attack Dream to restore George's power. Quackity was killed by Dream during the meeting as a warning shot, and Dream told him to stay out of the conflict. However, Quackity argued his position, which was that Dream instigated every conflict on the server.

Mexican L'Manberg political protest

Following the events of George's Dethronement, Quackity formed a plan to have Mexican L'Manberg officially recognized. Quackity created the political protest plot, where they would frame Eret for taking a canon life of Karl Jacobs. Throughout the conflict, Quackity remained calm, hoping to gain the upper hand and negotiate independence. Upon being called a terrorist, he countered by stating that it was a political move. In the end, Quackity managed to negotiate the recognition of Mexican L'Manberg, but in return, the nation would have to be renamed. The name "El Rapids" was adopted, as Quackity was known for sharing the expression, "I'm just chillin' in Cedar Rapids."

L'Manberg retribution

Quackity strongly supported the idea of getting revenge and killing Technoblade by forming the Butcher Army. As vice-president of L'Manberg and president of El Rapids, he played a strong role in recruiting Dream's past allies and creating anti-Technoblade propaganda.

Quackity lead the army during Technoblade's execution, first interrogating Ph1LzA then leading the army to Technoblade's Cabin. When a fight broke out between the Butcher Army and Technoblade, Quackity got Technoblade to stop by threatening the life of Carl, his prized horse. After Technoblade escaped execution, Quackity followed him. Upon encountering the escapee in the Final Control Room, he explained his determination to build something great and his determination to kill Technoblade. There, the two fought, only for Quackity to die to Technoblade, losing a canon life.

Following his respawn, Quackity expressed his frustration at Dream for aiding Technoblade in his escape. He explained Dream's involvement in the matters, convincing the Butcher Army to target Dream first. After forming the plan to kill Dream with a festival, Quackity was given the honor of being the one to execute Dream.

Leaving L'Manberg

However, since the Green Festival ended in Dream not being executed and Ranboo being outed as a traitor, Quackity told Tubbo he wanted to have Ranboo executed. Tubbo got angry at this, shouting at Quackity that it was very reminiscent of his own death at the Manberg Festival, and that he wouldn't have Ranboo executed. Following this, on the day of the Doomsday War, Quackity decided to leave L'Manberg behind, taking his skeleton horse Ossium and riding away to the exploded remains of the house Tubbo and Tommy had built long ago, later dubbed Connor's vacation home.

He discovered Ranboo's Memory Book in his inventory and read through it, and it made him decide to help fight against Dream, despite knowing they weren't going to win. He returned to L'Manberg and was attacked by Technoblade's Hound Army.

After L'Manberg was destroyed, Quackity stood on the obsidian structure built above the crater by Dream and sang the National Anthem with Ghostbur, Tommy and Tubbo one last time.

Empowerment Arc

The Egg

When BadBoyHalo showed Quackity the Egg, he seemed apprehensive towards them but interested in the promise of the Egg helping him get power. He then seemed taken in by the Egg's influence until Karl messaged in chat, telling him to come to meet up with him far away from the Egg in an attempt to pull Quackity away from the Egg. Quackity snapped out of the influence and told Bad that he wanted nothing to do with the Egg, going further to explain to him that he didn't want the Egg's help to gain power, and that Bad was being a problem by endangering the whole server. He ended their confrontation by saying that he would do his best to get in the way of Bad's plan to have everyone under the Egg's control.

Tommy's death and revival

Quackity was working on a secret build when he discovered Jack Manifold wandering nearby. Jack seemed to be sad, but Quackity ignored this and led Jack back to L'Canyon so he wouldn't find his build. Quackity started talking about how Jack could now take over the hotel because Tommy was in jail. Jack continuously tried to tell him about Tommy's death, but Quackity wouldn't listen. Eventually, Jack told him that Tommy had died a few hours earlier. Quackity was shocked, and didn't know how to react. He was horrified that Dream had killed Tommy.

Quackity met with Sam at an island, and saw him farming. He found that Sam had built a shrine for Tommy to honor him, and had turtles. Quackity assured Sam that it wasn't his fault that Tommy had died after a long argument, and that they should kill Dream. Sam then went to a room under the island, and put on his warden gear. They headed to the prison, and when reaching it Sam realized that he couldn't kill him. Quackity apologized for hyping it up so much, and left. (Note: This event remained unknown until Las Nevadas: Episode 3 on April 12, 2021.)

When Quackity was walking around the SMP, he came across Tommy. At which he started lashing out at him, saying that Tommy wasn't real and it was a sick prank. When Quackity discovered that it was the real Tommy, he was shocked. Quackity then switched his voice into a more cheerful tone, welcoming Tommy back to the SMP. He then had a small talk with him about business and if he wanted to vent. Quackity then gave a clownfish to Tommy before leaving and shouted in anger at how Dream treated Tommy in the prison.

Before the visit

(Note: This event remained unknown until Las Nevadas: Episode 3 on April 12, 2021.)

Quackity talks to an unknown entity before he descends into a red labyrinth near the Egg, and makes his way to the Egg. He puts TNT all around the Egg and the area around it, but before he could detonate it, Punz and Bad show up. Quackity tells Bad his plan, and he places more TNT in the red labyrinth from before. Bad and Punz tried to stop Quackity, but Quackity sets off the TNT. Despite Quackity's vision being extremely blurry after this explosion, it is assumed that the Egg remained intact.

Quackity meets up with George near the prison. They seem happy to see each other, and Quackity says he wants him, Karl, George and Sapnap to have their own casinos. George, confused, then asked him, "What about Kinoko Kingdom?". When Quackity is confused by this, George explains that he, Karl and Sapnap started their own country, and the two argue briefly. Quackity, feeling betrayed, most likely immediately jumping to the conclusion that he had been abandoned, and rationalizes privately that the foundation of Kinoko Kingdom "makes sense" and "explains so many things". George then left for Kinoko Kingdom. It was heavily implied that this became the straw that broke the camel's back for Quackity, who would then start to go down an increasingly dark and bloody character arc.

Visiting Dream

Quackity was first seen heading up Punz's tower, meeting BadBoyHalo at the top. BadBoyHalo questions him on the Egg, at which Quackity reminds BadBoyHalo that he will "stop the Egg." Quackity then travels with Bad, eventually reaching Las Nevadas; the country Quackity had been working on.

After a short transition, Quackity is then seen at a cow farm, breeding cows with some wheat. Quackity checked one of his chests and it had a book. Quackity read it and understood that this was from Glatt, Schlatt's ghost. Quackity follows the directions in the book and ends up underground, meeting Glatt in his gym which seems to be connected to the afterlife.

Glatt was at first surprised, jumping back when he saw Quackity and then showing him around his gym. They argue for a while, and eventually get on the topic of the Revival Book. They make a deal that would cause Quackity to have to revive Schlatt if he lost, and Quackity agrees, taking him to Las Nevadas to gamble. The bet and its results are not shown and the scene cuts to Quackity meeting Sam in front of the Big Innit Hotel.

Quackity asks Sam about the prison, hinting that he wanted to visit Dream. Sam was suspicious. Quackity mentions how Sam was a bad Warden, citing Tommy's death and saying that Sam cared more about protecting Dream than he cared about protecting visitors. Quackity stated that he wanted to visit the prison with his diamond axe and sword. He threatened Sam, stating that if he didn’t agree that it would affect their status as business associates. Sam eventually agreed to let Quackity in with the weapons.

They then went to the prison and Quackity went through the typical procedures. Sam, instead of giving him his diamond sword and axe back, gave Quackity his warden sword, his axe, and some shears. Quackity visits Dream and when Quackity pulled out the weapons, Dream was caught off guard and started to panic. He started to shout for Sam to get Quackity out of his cell. Quackity told Dream that he would torture him every day until he revealed the secrets from the Revival Book. Still in a panic, Dream shouted for Sam again, but received no response.

After his prison session, Quackity, covered in blood, tore down the landmass of El Rapids, since it was abandoned. He had flashbacks of his memories with the other former El Rapids citizens and recalled introducing El Rapids to Ghostbur. With El Rapids destroyed, Quackity walked away.

Nearly a month later, Quackity headed to Wilbur's resurrection site and writes a note saying that he was right about power, placing it in a chest.

Red Banquet

During the middle of the Red Banquet, Quackity logged on. He revealed that he had Technoblade and Purpled to help him take down the Eggpire, and they did so. Quackity helped to free the attendees of the Banquet to save their lives, and scared off the Eggpire. After, helping the attendees he and Technoblade went have a private chat which contents remain to be unknown.

Expanding Las Nevadas

Sam walks into the nearby restaurant in Las Nevadas. There sits Quackity waiting for him. Sam sits infront of him, and the 2 began to talk. After a short argument about the man working at the store, Quackity hands him a book for potential candidates for the country. Sam tries to joke about adding George, Sapnap, and Karl. Quackity is angered by this and advises Sam to just read through the book. Sam then sees Foolish's name in the book, and feels uneasy. Quackity asks what Sam knows about Foolish, and Sam replys by saying that Foolish wouldn't be a good choice for the country, saying he's "not a good guy". They both state how Foolish was a feared fighter in the past, but Sam also says that Foolish was hot headed and killed a lot of people by accident during a job. The argument continues, with Quackity saying that, with the rise of their country, they were going to make some enemies and that they needed strong allies to defend them. In Quackity's eyes, Foolish fit the bill. Leaving Sam doubtful, Quackity goes to find Foolish and recruit him to Las Nevadas. (WIP)

Hitting on 16

It is important to note that, as a result of meta issues revolving the Dream SMP writing, Hitting on 16 - a short story published by Wilbur and approved by all appearing characters - is a canon divergence of sorts. It is up to audience interpretation.

Later, after Quackity summoned Wilbur to the Needle, Quackity and Wilbur shared a meal in Las Nevadas. Though their meeting started amicably, it quickly devolved into a petty argument, snowballing rapidly. However, it changed course when Quackity offered Wilbur a position of government in Las Nevadas - as Vice President.

Having come to see the title as a pity offering, and something beneath him, Wilbur became angry, offended at the offer. He began to argue once more, criticising Quackity’s career, before being stunned into silence when Quackity told him he doesn’t think about him, and asked him to leave. Wilbur re-met with Tommy at the base of the Needle and left.

A day passed and Wilbur and Ranboo showed up at Quackity's door, promising him a surprise gift as an apology for the outburst from the previous day. The two fetched Quackity from his office together, leading him to the cave - however, instead of finding the horse in the trap, they found Tubbo on the pressure plate, having freed it himself.

Both Wilbur and Quackity began to panic while Ranboo slipped off to try and help, and when Wilbur attempted to reach Tubbo to help him, Quackity butted in multiple times, eventually resulting in a fistfight between the two even after the glass barrier in the cave was shattered. They continued to fight until Ranboo called to them, having switched places with Tubbo to save his life. After their fight they were forced to watch Ranboo jump off of the pressure plate and blow himself up.

Teaching Slimecicle

Quackity streamed on November 27th, 2021. The stream began with Quackity speaking with Charlie, discussing how he was leaving for the prison a few weeks later. He told Charlie that he could die, making him upset. Quackity compared Charlie to a younger version of himself, claiming that the only reason he could trust Charlie was because he knew very little. He promised to rear Charlie into being his apprentice, and promising that when Quackity died, he would take his place. Charlie was taught many lessons, over time learning about Quackity and his trials and tribulations in the SMP. He learned about every betrayal, with Quackity occasionally snapping and revealing how stressed he truly was. They grew close, sharing quiet moments and bonding over time until Quackity left for the prison. Quackity claimed that Charlie was his closest and longest friend, and the only person he could trust.

Two days before the prison visit, Sapnap showed up at Las Nevadas, with Quackity incredulous at him appearing. They discussed their countries and how it's been some time since they met, and Sapnap attempted to bring up Kinoko Kingdom. Quackity danced around the topic, constantly bringing up Las Nevadas and what he's been working on. The two of them move up to the Needle, speaking about their lives in a bittersweet tone. Sapnap brought up Karl and questioned if Quackity had seen him recently, to which he said no and said he'd seen George instead. He claims to have a grudge against George for sleeping through his election. Sapnap invites Quackity to Kinoko Kingdom, and after some attempts to deflect, he begrudgingly agrees and goes to Kinoko. Quackity asks why he wasn't invited, and Sapnap says he'd sent Karl. Though to Quackity, Karl had never shown up. They leave Las Nevadas for a quick visit.

Arriving at Kinoko Kingdom, Sapnap shows Quackity around and offers a tour of the place. Notable moments are when they arrived at the military base, with Quackity claiming that they'd have more enemies soon, and the mention of Tinakitten, making him jealous. They finally meet Karl, who offers Quackity some sticks and awkwardly starts conversation. Karl offers to tour Quackity, and takes them into the mushroom house. Quackity continues to reminisce on El Rapids, with Karl sounding unsure on everything. As they reach the top, Sapnap mentions moving in and El Rapids, to where Karl asks Sapnap to speak elsewhere. Quackity follows them upstairs, and Karl states that Quackity was the reason he died. Karl starts to get panicked, questioning why Quackity was in Kinoko Kingdom and calling him a murderer.

The conversation grows more heated, with Karl asking why he'd ask to lose a life and why Quackity was toying with him. Quackity starts shouting and questions why Karl forgot the years of history, to where Karl focuses directly on the fact that Quackity is a murderer. Quackity brings up Las Nevadas and yells about how they built an entire country without him. Karl says he knows nothing about Quackity aside from the fact that he took one of his lives, leading to the two being confused. Sapnap tries to break them up as they shout and argue, with Karl asking what history Quackity was yelling about. This might be because Karl forget this since every time he time-travels, he loses a bit of his memory. Quackity demands to never see or speak to Karl ever again, and leaves in a rush, arguing with Sapnap on the way out.

Two days later, Quackity enters the prison, and the events of Technoblade's Escape take place. When Quackity returned, he met up with Charlie and started into Las Nevadas in a panic, demanding to find everyone and organize Las Nevadas. They came across Purpled, and after a short shouting match claimed that someone had left a chest. Trusting Purpled, he followed him to where the chest was. Charlie checked inside the chest and found nothing, only to turn around and see Purpled with a lever. The ground fell beneath them and they fell into a cobblestone room with lava underneath. Purpled fell down and questioned what happened at the prison, with Purpled demanding for the revival book while Slime hid in a corner. They shouted at each other for a while, soon drawing weapons and entering combat. Despite Quackity telling Purpled he didn't have the book, he didn't believe him. In retaliation, Purpled pearled to Charlie and pushed him into the lava. Quackity jumped in after him as Charlie died, thanking Quackity for showing him what it was like to be human before dying. Quackity called after Purpled in tears, making Charlie lose his supposed first canon life.

The stream cuts to weeks later, with a disheveled Quackity holding a book and entering the hole he had trapped Charlie in when they first met. He falls into a small room and approaches a green, dormant Slime. He tells Slime that he's been writing everything about their friendship in books and journals and leaving them in chests in hopes that Slime would read them and remember. Quackity says that Slime needs a name, and he decides to name him as he's more than just slime. He's named Charlie, and Quackity continues to speak to Charlie. He says that he hopes that he can hear Charlie talk and joke one day, and checks inside the chest and finds a strange, new book. At first, it's seemingly full of gibberish that Charlie wrote. Quackity is ecstatic to see that Charlie is alive, and runs off to decode it.

Foolish and Quackity decipher spaced out letters in the book, spelling out "LEGACY". Quackity returns to Charlie with his findings, only to find him gone. It's unknown where Charlie went. In a dubiously canonal moment, during the merch advertisement, Quackity left behind a box with a note reading;


Wherever this box may find you, in life or in possible death, know that I will fulfill our legacy.

-Quackity from Las Nevadas


Personal items
Name Notes
ElytraNew.png Elytra An elytra Quackity used for spying. It is currently unknown how he obtained it.
Enchanted Netherite Helmet Item.gif Enchanted netherite helmet Aqua Affinity, Mending, Protection IV, Respiration III, Unbreaking III

Given to Quackity by Foolish Gamers when Foolish first joined Las Nevadas.

Enchanted Netherite Chestplate Item.gif Enchanted netherite chestplate Mending, Protection IV, Unbreaking III

Given to Quackity by Foolish Gamers when Foolish first joined Las Nevadas.

Enchanted Netherite Leggings Item.gif Enchanted netherite leggings Mending, Protection IV, Unbreaking III

Given to Quackity by Foolish Gamers when Foolish first joined Las Nevadas.

Enchanted Netherite Boots Item.gif Enchanted netherite leggings Depth Strider III, Feather Falling IV, Mending, Protection IV, Soul Speed I, Unbreaking III

Given to Quackity by Foolish Gamers when Foolish first joined Las Nevadas.

Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif SPIDER MASHER 2000 Bane of Arthropods V, Fire Aspect II, Mending, Unbreaking III

This sword used to be Foolish Gamers' spider XP farm sword. Foolish gave this sword to Quackity after the negotiations with Tubbo about Walltown so that he can protect himself in future conflicts.


Name Status Residence Notes
Skeleton Horse.png Ossium Alive No permanent location Ossium was tamed after Quackity was attacked by a skeleton trap during a rainstorm. It was named "boner" originally. George helped him over voice call and Sam provided a saddle. Quackity claims that Ossium is his most prized possession on the server and hid it away underground. Quackity revealed it to Sapnap and Karl on December 4, 2020 and called it Mexican L'Manberg's national horse. After Doomsday, Quackity rode Ossium away from where all the chaos would be. He left Ossium in an area away from L'Manberg and made a sign to let the horse go if Quackity died. Quackity has mentioned that Ossium is one of the only things he cares about.


Relationships with members
Name Notes
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Antfrost and Quackity have seldom interacted with each other. They seem to be mutual acquaintances. Ant's allegiance with the Eggpire has most likely soured their relations.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Sam often supplies him with copious amounts of diamonds and other resources. Sam and Quackity are currently doing business together, and are good friends.

Quackity comforted Sam after Tommy's death telling him that it wasn't his fault. However, he also used it to his advantage to encourage him to kill Dream in revenge. Though it took some convincing, Sam also trusted Quackity enough to let him bring weapons into the prison to interrogate Dream about the Revival Book. Sam also helped greatly with the construction of Las Nevadas and continued to be a strong ally to him as Quackity started recruiting more members, acting as a lookout when he blew up Purpled's UFO.

After Technoblade escaped prison and Dream was thought missing, Quackity and Sam argued and yelled at each other. Sam later lied to Quackity about Dream's location, which likely worsened their relationship. Still, they seem to be allies.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Quackity often enjoys messing with Bad because of his view on using vulgar language, and Bad tries to move Quackity away from using such language. At the end of the day, they are good friends.

This has somewhat shifted since Bad has been corrupted by the Egg. The two have differing views of the Egg, and had a long conversation and argument about its influence. In the end, Quackity told Bad he would be sure to get in his way of his goal of having the Egg influence everyone.[34]

Quackity says that he cares about Bad, misses being friends, and thinks that he is still in there underneath the control of the Egg which adds to his desire to destroy it. When he placed TNT all over it Bad confronted him and tried to stop him. At the Red Banquet, Quackity confronted Bad again, telling him that he had gone too far. He brought Technoblade and Purpled to fight him and they drove out Bad and the other members of the Eggpire.

Quackity recognizes Callahan as the member who doesn't speak and often humors him out of it. The two don't interact often.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Although Quackity and Puffy don't interact much, during the few times they interact, they often have fun together.
RelationshipExtremelyNegative LargePixelArt.png Very opposed Quackity was taken to the Egg, by Bad trying to corrupt him. At first, Quackity believed it was something that could give him the ultimate power he wished to achieve, but he saw far deeper into the Crimson than any other mortal has on the server. He saw the Crimson corrupting Bad's mind, clouding it. Out of fear, Quackity fled, scared of the effects and symptoms of the Crimson. He was helped in his escape by Karl.

He eventually broke into an area of tunnels that connect to the Egg and placed several stacks of TNT on top of and around the Egg and after being confronted by Bad and Punz, he detonated it, but it did not kill the Egg.

Later during the Red Banquet, he interrupted the executions and brought Technoblade, his Hound Army, and Purpled to save the attendees of the Banquet, depriving the Egg of sustenance and worsening their relationship even further.

RelationshipExtremelyNegative LargePixelArt.png Very negative
Though Quackity previously had a somewhat neutral relationship with Dream, it turned negative after the Exile Conflict, when Dream gave Tubbo's cabinet an ultimatum to either exile Tommy or face the consequences. This negative relationship was furthered after George was dethroned by Dream in favor of replacing him with Eret, and Quackity, along with Sapnap, took George's side. After the Exile Conflict, in which Quackity realized that Dream assisted Technoblade with his escape, Quackity was convinced that the Butcher Army needed to get rid of Dream since he always interfered with L'Manbergian affairs. Dream also proved to be a major obstacle in the recognition of Mexican L'Manberg, once again making him feel powerless and convincing him Dream was an extremely tyrannical character.

When Quackity visited Dream in prison, he was done with him, He told him that he was going to come to the prison every single day to torture him until he got the knowledge of what was inside the Revival Book. Dream appears to be scared of Quackity. Quackity tortured Dream for months and has openly admitted to despising him.

Following his escape from Pandoras Vault, Dream has set out to get revenge on Quackity for his torture and everything he experienced in prison, expressing extreme hatred and maliciousness towads him. However, Quackity's actions seemed to have left enough of an impact on Dream that he still has yet to make a move against Las Nevadas, likely out of fear of Quackity's unstable mentality and potential counteractions.

Brokenheart.png Negative
Eret had gained a somewhat negative relationship with Quackity after he got Schlatt into power. On Election Night, Quackity and Eret were to be married. However, this failed, as Quackity believed Eret to be a ghost and killed them, causing Eret to call him a bastard. The two occasionally talk, revealing that they still have some sort of relationship. After the conflict with El Rapids, the two seem to have an even more tense relationship despite the resolution. On Doomsday, he openly admitted to Eret's face that he didn't like them.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Quackity wanted Foolish to join Las Nevadas because he had heard of his past as a great warrior. Foolish refused, saying those days were behind him but Quackity continued to needle at him, claiming that his builds were worthless. He also told Foolish that he allowed him to die at the Red Banquet instead of stepping in because he hoped that it would make him go back to his more violent days. This greatly angered Foolish and he told Quackity to leave. However, after they met again, Foolish agreed to join Las Nevadas. Quackity implied on his Twitter that Foolish and Quackity had sex in canon, whether this is a joke or not it still happened.[35]
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Quackity and Fundy have maintained a somewhat neutral relationship. Fundy, as someone who was trying to take Schlatt down, was occasionally at odds with Quackity. Fundy also took down the original Ninja Drug Alley, which annoyed Quackity.

After the Manberg-Pogtopia war, they served in the same government under Tubbo, and their relationship healed to the point where they are no longer hostile towards each other. After sharing the same negative reception of Tommy's exile, Technoblade, and Dream, they seem to have new bonds, working together in the Butcher Army.

Although they were originally going to fight on the same side on Doomsday, Fundy turned due to the feeling that the war was pointless. He watched everything happen while Quackity tried to fight back. When the withers were killed and the TNT had stopped, Fundy told Quackity and others that he was more than happy with what happened. Quackity was disappointed and asked Fundy if his actions really mattered at the end, which left Fundy satisfied, feeling that everyone had learned their lesson. Fundy saw Quackity in his dream and that Quackity reminisced on their shared past before telling him that he's worthless unless he joins him. He then woke up to Quackity at his door. Quackity convinced him to come to visit Las Nevadas and told him that he should join after working on himself and developing more self-worth and gave him a plot of land to build anything he wants to on.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
George and Quackity ran together as SWAG2020 during the election, and as a result, they had a good relationship. However, this relationship was shattered when George failed to show up on election day, and many of the other important events on the server. Quackity blamed George for getting Jschlatt in power by not showing up on the election day, and even went as far as to make killing George one of his top priorities post-conflict.

However, recently, Quackity and George made up, and are once again on good terms, though Quackity feels somewhat abandoned by not being told about Kinoko Kingdom.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Quackity and Ghostbur had a positive relationship, as Quackity wrote the joke book Big Q's Funny Hoots for Ghostbur's library.
Brokenheart.png Negative
Due to the canonization of Minecraft Monday Week 6[36], where Schlatt was teamed with Technoblade, it is likely that Quackity at least knew Schlatt in passing before both of them joined the SMP. Nevertheless, it appears that this did not affect their relationship much, in spite of Quackity's trauma from the event.

The two's first major interactions occurred during the L'Manberg Elections. Quackity initially had a neutral-positive relationship with Schlatt after they pooled their votes together to win the election. However, Quackity stated that he had his own plans regarding the Manberg conflict and Schlatt. Quackity wanted equal power with Schlatt, but Schlatt had total power and refused to give Quackity any semblance of equal power. Internal conflict developed after Schlatt started calling him "Flatty Patty", and their relationship status started to fluctuate, occasionally getting along well, while sometimes becoming arguably abusive. At some point, Quackity tried to impress Schlatt on multiple occasions, showing that he valued Schlatt's opinion even up until his death[37], only for his attempts to go unacknowledged at best. Quackity also greatly disliked Schlatt's habit of alcoholism.[38]

By the Manberg Festival, Quackity's relationship with Schlatt had greatly deteriorated, to the point that Quackity called Schlatt a dictator[39] and Manberg a "shithole"[40] during the Festival, and Schlatt secretly commissioned Tubbo's public execution on a day that was supposedly for fun and celebration. Schlatt also rejected Quackity's suggestion of jailing Tubbo instead of executing him, stating that it was "not enough". As Schlatt drifted away from what Quackity thought was right, he promised himself that if Schlatt destroyed the White House, he would leave.

The day after the Manberg Festival, Schlatt announced the destruction of The White House, which Quackity felt was his major contribution to Manberg and was very important to him. Quackity repeatedly try to protest against Schlatt's decision, but was intimidated by Schlatt into helping destroy it. Schlatt then proceeded to heavily belittle and insult Quackity, leading Quackity to resign from his position as Vice President, eventually killing Schlatt himself after being mocked one too many times.[41] After this, Tommy recruited Quackity into joining Pogtopia because of their shared interest in overthrowing Schlatt.

Despite having turned against him, Quackity felt trapped between a rock and a hard place, at one point even claiming that Schlatt would "kill him on the spot" if he tried to call for a "divorce".[42][43] Even right after killing Schlatt, he briefly considered returning to Manberg despite acknowledging he was only a tool for Schlatt to gain power just before.[44] He even suggested that he would have stayed with Schlatt had he not taken down the White House.[45]

Following Schlatt's death and his funeral, Quackity gained the idea of reviving Schlatt for the purpose of using him as a puppet for power. Despite this, Quackity also shows signs of having relationship trauma and PTSD as a result of their relationship in Manberg. This is heavily implied to be the main reason for his spiral in the Las Nevadas series.

Months after Schlatt's death, Quackity got a letter from Schlatt on his cow farm that said he should follow train tracks and ride them down, after following what the book said with some reluctance, Quackity finds Schlatt in his new gym. Despite Schlatt showing interest in rekindling their relationship during their conversation, Quackity refuses and insists on it to be strictly professional[46], stating that he doesn't have "the best memories" the last time they were together, and that their previous relationship in Manberg was, contrary to Schlatt's belief, not a time period where they "had fun".[47]

The meeting ended with Quackity making a bet with Schlatt, if Schlatt won, Quackity would revive him using Dream's book, which led to Quackity visiting Dream in the prison, though the exact results of the bet are unknown.[48]

Brokenheart.png Very negative
Karl is one of Quackity's two romantic partners. Karl was a supporter of SWAG2020, and was able to enter and build in Manberg freely as a result of Quackity winning a position in Manberg. Quackity and Karl have worked together on many builds including Party Island.

Their relation strengthened after Karl told Quackity to meet up with him far away in an attempt to pull him away from the Egg. This made Quackity and BadBoyHalo's relation worsen.

Karl forgot to tell Quackity about Kinoko Kingdom, most likely because of his growing memory issues, leading to Quackity feeling abandoned by him and Sapnap. This relationship has been worsened by Karl calling Quackity a murderer and not remembering him. Quackity is unaware of Karl's memory problems, and seems to just think Karl hates him outright.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Quackity and Niki have been fairly friendly to each other, even during the Manberg Rebellion when they were on opposite sides of the war.

He tried to get her to help in the Doomsday War, but she refused and instead she burned down L'Mantree, which he was horrified to witness.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Quackity doesn't seem to like Philza, since Phil was put under house arrest by the Butcher Army during the events of Techno's attempted execution. However, they haven't interacted that much besides that, since they don't see each other on the server often.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Quackity seemed to dislike Punz, due to him helping Dream as a mercenary and saving Technoblade in his execution. Quackity is an enemy of the Eggpire and Punz confronts him with BadBoyHalo when he tries to blow up the Egg. Despite wanting to stop Quackity he also listens to Bad and Quackity when they tell him to back off.
RelationshipExtremelyNegative LargePixelArt.png Very negative
Quackity paid Purpled to assist him in the attack of the Eggpire. Despite having been paid to work for the Eggpire, Quackity seemingly had offered Purpled a better price, which he, as a mercenary, accepted.

When giving Purpled his payment Quackity threatened him to join Las Nevadas and blew up his UFO. Purpled did not kill Quackity like he threatened to and seems to be considering his deal, but seems to feel very negatively about him. Quackity hinted that Purpled went to Las Nevadas and tried to kill Quackity because of losing a casino game during one of Charlie's streams. Purpled then joined Las Nevadas because he wanted to make history. He stated multiple times to Quackity that he doesn't care for him and he doesn't respect him, but Las Nevadas would help him achieve his goals. Purpled then realized they had common goals, and they had a much more cordial interaction after that was realized.

Later on Purpled claimed that he had a chest to show Quackity and Slime, only to trap the both of them and demand the revival book. He later killed Slime in an act of betrayal and desperation, it's safe to assume this betrayal has left their relationship soured.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Ranboo agreed to become a citizen of Mexican L'Manberg after Quackity asked. In addition, Ranboo provided materials for building and had positive conversations with Quackity. Both Ranboo and Quackity were part of the Tubbo Administration, with Ranboo as the minutes man and Quackity as the Secretary of State. Because of this, they ended up being in the Butcher Army together and worked together with Tubbo and Fundy to execute Technoblade.

On January 5, 2021, Dream revealed at the Green Festival that Ranboo was a traitor to L'Manberg.[49] Almost immediately after everyone had started planning how they would save L'Manberg from Technoblade and Dream, Quackity suggested to Tubbo that they should execute Ranboo. However, Tubbo immediately stood up for Ranboo and compared it to his own execution at the Red Festival, stating that if Quackity tried to execute Ranboo, it would be treason.[50] Following this argument, Quackity left L'Manberg.

The next day, on January 6, 2021, Quackity read through Ranboo's memory book, which Dream had revealed at the Festival, and was moved by his words to return to fight for L'Manberg in the Doomsday War.[51] After the war, Quackity contacted Ranboo and told him about this.[52] He suggested creating a coalition against Dream together to try and fight him, agreeing with Ranboo's sentiment that it was "Dream versus us." He allowed Ranboo time to think about it. Though Ranboo seemed partial to the idea at first, once he had calmed down and been saved by Phil, Ranboo said he would turn down Quackity's offer.

When Tubbo built his cookie outpost near Las Nevadas and Ranboo joined him in working on it, Ranboo was very defensive of Tubbo and the outpost, saying there was nothing Quackity should be fearing and clearly seeing himself and Tubbo in the right and Quackity in the wrong. Later on, Wilbur hired Ranboo for his Paradise burger van to oppose Quackity's burger restaurant in Las Nevadas, additionally making them business rivals. Ranboo also seemed upset that Tubbo had agreed to annex the outpost into Las Nevadas territory, indicating that he still saw Quackity as an enemy of sorts.[53]

Relationship Romantic LargePixelArt.png Partner
Sapnap is one of Quackity's two fiancés. They are very affectionate together, bonding whenever they're near each other, and Sapnap has jokingly claimed that they love each other more than they love Karl, saying that Quackity is loved more by Sapnap than Karl.

Quackity was never told about Kinoko Kingdom until he ran into George leading to him feeling abandoned by Karl and Sapnap. However, after reuniting when Sapnap stumbled across Las Nevadas, the two started to become amicable toward each other again, though it's indicated that Quackity is still somewhat bitter over the perceived abandonment.

Relationship BestFriend LargePixelArt.png Best friend
After accidentally spying for years on the Dream SMP, Slimecicle was spotted by Quackity inside the Las Nevadas restaurant. Quackity held him hostage and interrogated him, telling him he that he had to kill him. Slimecicle revealed some of the conversations that he had accidentally heard in Las Nevadas. Quackity decided to take the opportunity to hire Slimecicle as a spy for Las Nevadas and Slimecicle agreed to help him. Slimecicle considers Quackity to be his best friend, and Quackity has since reciprocated those feelings.

Quackity later takes Slimecicle under his wing and raises him as an heir when he dies, teaching him lessons on being human. Quackity tells Slimecicle that he'd never had a positive relationship last this long, and that he was special. When Purpled throws Slimecicle into lava, Quackity jumps in an attempt to save Slimecicle from burning. Slimecicle refuses, thanking Quackity for teaching him how to be a human, and dies, reappearing in a dormant state. Weeks later, he vanishes completely.

Relationship SwornEnemy LargePixelArt.png Sworn enemy
Quackity had a long history with Techno, even before joining the SMP. Quackity was hunted down and killed by him in the tournament, allegedly causing Quackity to have PTSD.[28]

After Techno joined the SMP, Quackity was repeatedly shown to be extremely fearful of him,[18][20][54] at one point even logging out due to fear (and if the PTSD-related claims are to be believed, flashbacks). Quackity eventually attempted to confront his fear of Techno,[55] but the endeavor ended in failure. The primary reason that Techno got off of Quackity's back was because Quackity tried to ask Techno out on a date (at his stream chat's request) to make amends, which Techno turned down.[56]

Aside from his personal beef against Technoblade, Quackity remained allied with him in Pogtopia to take down Schlatt. However, Quackity's hatred for Techno grew after Techno helped destroy L'Manberg during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War.

On December 16, Quackity, Tubbo, Fundy, and Ranboo teamed up to go kill Technoblade as the Butcher Army, with the intention of seeking vengeance on Techno both for destroying L'Manberg and in two cases, more personal reasons (for Quackity, it was Minecraft Mondays). However, their plan failed and Technoblade was able to flee to the Final Control Room, where Quackity confronted him. The two had a duel, resulting in Quackity being killed by Technoblade and losing one of his lives.

Later, Quackity and Technoblade formed a temporary truce in order to end the Egg and Eggpire at the Red Banquet. They worked together to achieve this mutual goal, but still considered each other to be enemies outside of opposing the Egg, with Quackity explicitly calling Techno "[his] biggest enemy".

In one of Technoblade's streams in early June, Quackity shows up at Techno’s home, the two interacted positively towards each other, with Quackity stating multiple times throughout the conversation that they have put their differences behind them. Quackity, however, was lying and he and Sam trapped Techno in the prison with Dream.

About three months later, Quackity revisited Dream and Techno in the prison. Although the three acted fairly cordial at first over the dog in the prison cell, which Quackity named "Rat", tensions eventually escalated to the point that Quackity threatened Techno's life in exchange for Dream giving him the knowledge on revival, at one point even calling the two "the biggest headaches" to him on the server. During the visit, Quackity also showed a vengeful side towards Techno over his canon death, being ready to kill Techno the same way their last duel ended, with a pickaxe to the face, a canon life lost, and a disfiguring scar to remember. Techno's escape from the prison just before he could kill him caused Quackity's paranoia to spike, which eventually got worse when it appeared that Dream had escaped as well.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Quackity had been friends with Tommy and had a mostly good relationship with him since around the time he joined the server, and both were part of the cartel for phantom membranes.

During the first half of the Manberg Rebellion Arc, despite being on opposing sides of the rebellion, Quackity and Tommy had had a positive relationship. The two were no longer enemies since Quackity joined Pogtopia, and Quackity's feeling of internal conflict in Manberg coupled with Tommy's loss of trust in Wilbur led them to occasionally hang out. Quackity continued to hold a positive relationship with Tommy after his exile, visiting him during his exile. On January 20, when Tommy and Tubbo set off to fight Dream and get the discs back, Tommy went to talk to Quackity and thanked him for everything. When Tommy and Tubbo were in the vault, Quackity came to save him along with the others. However, even though Quackity was friends with Tommy and Tubbo, he openly stated that he didn't trust anyone in the server.

Quackity wanted Tommy's hotel to go to Jack since they were doing business together. When Jack told him about Tommy's death he was confused and tried to find every way to see every way possible that Tommy could quite possibly be alive, but failed to find a way. He was sorrowful about Tommy's death but had to push the situation away as he believed his emotions shouldn't get in the way of business.

When Quackity heard from Tommy for the first time since he was revived, Quackity was extremely happy to see him. Quackity stated that he came back at the perfect time and that he was going to be rich. Quackity implies that he is also torturing Dream for what he did to Tommy, and not just for his knowledge of necromancy.

When Quackity met Foolish, Foolish told him that Tommy took Slimecicle prisoner because he was upset that he wouldn't get Linda back. Quackity was shocked to see Tommy taking Slimecicle just for a shovel, making the relationship a bit tense, but Quackity still carries a soft spot for Tommy, encouraging the other citizens of Las Nevadas not to go too harsh on him.

This soft spot futher shows after Dream's escape from Prison, when Quackity finds Tommy distressed and scared. Quackity talks with him softly. prompting him to breathe and calm down. He provides Tommy netherite armour to finish off his set, and other things to protect himself. Quackity also gives him the idea to make a wall resembling the original ones from L'Manberg, saying it'll make him feel more safe. As Tommy leaves the conversation, Quackity tells him he'll always be safe and welcome in Las Nevadas. Tommy thanks him again and sets off to go follow through with Quackity's suggestions.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
During their time spent together working as part of the Jschlatt Administration in Manberg, Quackity and Tubbo had a positive relationship, and Quackity would stand up for Tubbo when Schlatt got angry at him. At the Manberg Festival, Quackity helped trap Tubbo in a box on the L'Manberg Podium,[57] thinking Tubbo was to be put in jail, but immediately protested when he realized Tubbo was to be executed.[58] The next day, Quackity killed Schlatt and left to join Pogtopia,[59] and later apologized to Tubbo.

On November 16, 2020, before the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, Quackity and Tubbo trusted each other, discussing together who the Pogtopia traitor could be and even considering running away together, although they both made the decision to stay and fight. They also discussed plans to rebuild the Camarvan once they had won back L'Manberg,[60] and also agreed that they blamed George for everything that had gone wrong since the election,[61] with Tubbo saying that Quackity shouldn't blame himself.[62] After the war, Tubbo made Quackity his Secretary of State as part of the Tubbo Administration.[63]

During their time working together in the Tubbo Administration, Quackity could be quite harsh on Tubbo, but wanted the best for him. He urged him to use his authority to stand up to Dream. The Butcher Army and Technoblade's execution were Quackity's idea, and though Tubbo had doubts about whether or not it was a good plan, he went along with it.

Just before the Green Festival, Quackity gave Tubbo a pep talk, since Tubbo had been decided to be the one to execute Dream.[64] Tubbo stated in return that if he were to fail, "everything would be Quackity's call" from then on,[65] effectively making him the new president. However, this never happened, since Dream was never executed and the Festival instead turned into a fight at the destroyed Community House. During this fight, it was revealed by Dream that Ranboo had been disloyal to L'Manberg,[66] which prompted Quackity to later suggest to Tubbo that they should execute Ranboo, as Quackity wanted to protect Tubbo from being betrayed and hurt. However, Tubbo reacted very negatively to this and immediately stood up for Ranboo, getting angry and shouting at Quackity, and comparing the idea to his own execution at the Red Festival. He stated that if Quackity tried to execute Ranboo, it would be treason.[67]

During the Doomsday War, despite Quackity having left L'Manberg after his disagreement with Tubbo the previous day, Quackity returned to fight for L'Manberg,[68] and sang the L'Manberg National Anthem with Tommy, Tubbo and Ghostbur while surveying the destruction that had been done.[69]

Quackity was one of the people to come to save Tommy and Tubbo during the Disc Confrontation, and he acted friendly, waving to the two of them while everyone else was confronting Dream.[70] Afterwards, he paid a visit to Snowchester, warning Tubbo not to trust anyone (including Quackity himself), showing that he still cared about Tubbo and wanted to see him safe.

Despite their disagreements, the two parted on terms of mutual respect, and Tubbo has stated that he considers them friends.[71]

However, since Tubbo started building Walltown, his outpost near Las Nevadas, the relationship between the two became somewhat strained. Quackity griefed the outpost together with Fundy and Slimecicle, and later on, asked him to take down the walls of the outpost because he felt threatened by it,[72] which Tubbo refused to do because he wanted to protect the outpost, as his builds had a history of being destroyed.[73]

Quackity said to Tubbo during their discussion that he didn't have the time or energy for a conflict with him, and instead proposed that they work together.[74] He also stated that he was only acting to protect his country.[75] However, Tubbo refused to back down and instead ended up threatening Quackity with nuclear warfare[76][77] and left, leaving their disagreement unresolved.

Tubbo also seemed to partially blame Quackity for his execution at the Manberg Festival, despite the fact that at the time, Quackity was actively trying to prevent the execution itself from happening.

Despite this, Tubbo seemed to have no qualms about being hired to work for Las Nevadas's burger place on August 4, 2021, and agreed to allow Walltown's annexation into Las Nevadas land.[78] With this, Tubbo and Quackity put the conflict behind them and agreed to start on a clean slate,[79] though they are both still aware of and have spoken about their shared history as part of the L'Manberg cabinet.[80] Additionally, in a later conversation with Ranboo, Tubbo appeared to have shifted the blame for his death at the Manberg Festival away from Quackity, or at least accepted that his death that day had been inevitable. He also seemed to admire Quackity for what he had achieved in building Las Nevadas.[81] The two are now on good terms.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Despite being competitors during the SWAG2020 vs POG2020 Election, the two developed a fairly neutral relationship. Wilbur and Quackity got to know each other when they built The White House together, and Wilbur saw that Quackity cared for Manberg, though they didn't agree on policies. Quackity thought that Wilbur and Tommy's banishment was too harsh, revealing empathy for him, but Wilbur also blamed Quackity for getting Schlatt in power. The two had a difficult relationship in Pogtopia, frequently switching between borderline romantic and incredibly tense.

Before visiting Dream, Quackity visited Wilbur's resurrection shrine, writing a letter to him and leaving it in a chest. In that letter, he wrote that Wilbur was his "dearest friend," showing that he had come to like Wilbur even more than when he died.

Wilbur found the note after his revival and immediately sought Quackity out, displaying a similar level of fondness and eagerness to join him. When rejected by Quackity, he immediately acted petty about it, arguing with him loudly - though, he also bounced back very quickly from this, and admitted that he had a very confusing relationship with him (that might, once again, be borderline romantic).


  • "Yes, sir!"
  • "He's burning so hard in hell the flames can't even go out with my piss!" - during Jschlatt's funeral
  • "Is this your opinion, or Dream's?" - to Eret during negotiations for Mexican L'Manberg.
  • "You know what? Let's fucking find out, you son of a bitch!"
  • "Tommy, I only have one thing to say to you right now. Dream has a lot of people on his side. So trust nobody." - to Tommy as he prepared for his quest to reclaim the discs
  • "Then why don't you have Skeppy?" - to BadBoyHalo after he said the Egg could give him anything he desired
  • "Of course Tommy. It will be my pleasure." - to Tommy before the Disc Confrontation, with Tommy saying that if he dies, Quackity will continue his legacy.
  • "I found Nemo! For you, Tommy." - to Tommy while giving him the clownfish he called Nemo.
  • "I'm gonna come here every single FUCKING day to make your life HELL..." - to Dream, threatening him.
  • "My dear friend Wilbur, you were right all along, and I'm not gonna make the same mistake twice."
  • BadBoyHalo: "Guess what, Quackity: If you really wanted to stop us, you should have brought more than just yourself. You should have brought an army with you!" Quackity: "Guess what, Bad? I did! I did. In fact, I brought the next best thing. I brought my biggest enemy! (Laughs) I literally brought my biggest enemy, Bad!" - during the confrontation at the Red Banquet
  • "It's just you and me here alone here, I have the axe, and I will slit your fucking throat with it." - to Dream, telling him to write a note to Technoblade.
  • Sam: "He's- he's like not- not a good guy..." Quackity: "Ha! 'He's not good' Sam oh of course- We're the good guys Sam. We are. We're the good people." - while Quackity and Sam were discussing whether or not to hire Foolish to be apart of Las Nevadas
  • "The reason I came to you Foolish is because I see myself in you. I also once believed that peace was a way to live. I used to want the betterment of people, those were my life morals Foolish. And guess where that brought me? That brought me nothing but suffering. That brought me nothing but a death. That's the reality of it Foolish. That's the reality of all of us. I was once like you and that's the reason I let you die and the reason I've come to you. It's because you have so much potential." - to Foolish telling him why he wants him to be apart of Las Nevadas and why he let him die at the Red Banquet.
  • "I take care of those who take care of me. Why do you think I have no one around? Put two and two together, Foolish."
  • "You know, when you killed me...You think I was just gonna forget about it? You think I was just gonna walk away and just forget about it? I'll tell you something Techno. I'll tell you something alright? The same way you did it. I HAVE A PICKAXE. AND I'LL PUT IT. THROUGH YOUR FUCKING TEETH, TECHNO!"
  • Slime: "Maybe one day I will teach you something." Quackity: "You have."
  • Slime: "Was it worth it?" Quackity: "What?" Slime: "I've been watching for a long time. One person lashes out and the other does until they're both gone. From what I've seen it feels like people won't stop taking that revenge. Is it ever worth it?" Quackity: "No, it's not."
  • Slime: "I think I trust you... Should I stop?" Quackity: "The people I really care about are the people I keep around me. You're the first person I've kept around me for this long."
  • "Listen, we're a country, we're together! We're supposed to be together, we're supposed to help each other, Purpled! And you know what- you know what? Even if I did have the fucking book, I wouldn't give it to you. You're the last person I would ever fucking give it to."
  • "You don't walk, you don't talk, I don't even know if you remember me."
  • "You know when I write these books, it feels like I'm writing a story, and it feels weird referring you to slime. You're more than slime, you're human. So, it's gonna sound silly, but I came up with a name for you... I came up with Charlie. I kind of like it."
  • "I hope I can hear you talk again one day, and hear you tell some of your silly jokes. I really miss that."
  • Quackity: "Legacy is all you leave behind in this world." Slime: "Let's leave behind a good one."
  • "Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie! I figured out the- book. Charlie? You wrote that and... left. ...Legacy. Left a legacy behind."
  • "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the grand opening of Las Nevadas, entertainment capital of the world! Indulge yourself in the lavish lifestyle you never knew you could have! Amidst the war and the chaos, try your luck, and experience thrills of a lifetime. You'll find yourself enjoying our hub of gambling, nightlife, shopping, fine dining and entertainment. And because we're building a legacy that is prepared to last for centuries, we're not only a hot spot for fun, but we are also a hotspot for business, trade, and power. What happens in this country stays in this country, so... are you ready to try your luck?"
  • “The thing is, running a nation is hard, you have a lot of people depending on you, they invest their lives, their time, and their future into your hands… It’s a cliché but they pay through blood, sweat, and tears. And I just don’t think I can offer my people the best life on my own. Wilbur, I want to offer you a position. You’ve proven you’re not as volatile anymore, you’re not a threat to me and I think you’re ready to reenter government.”
  • Quackity: “If you really valued my intelligence you wouldn’t need to remind me.” Wilbur: “I’ll be out of your hair, you’ll never have to think about me again, I-” Quackity: “I don’t think about you at all.”
  • “He’s my citizen! I won’t let a citizen of my government die to a terrorist!”


  • Quackity has mentioned that he is partially blind in one of his eyes. This is due to having a scar across his eye and face, which he got from Technoblade from their duel.


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