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The following page contains spoilers for the plot of the Dream SMP.
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All banter and fighting seen in streams/videos are purely fictional and should not be taken seriously. It is highly disrespectful to send hate towards anyone so please refrain from doing so at any point.

The Quackity vs Technoblade Duel occurred after Technoblade's execution.


On December 16th, 2020, the Butcher Army captured Technoblade and his horse Carl, forcing him to stand trial in L'Manberg for the crimes he committed during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War.

While Technoblade was trapped in the cage on the stage, Tubbo announced that Technoblade wasn't going to stand trial, instead the verdict had already been decided, and this was to be an execution. He would pull a lever, which would drop an anvil onto Technoblade's head, killing him instantly. However, the group was interrupted by Punz, who began placing TNT as a distraction. The Butcher Army attempted to stop him, and in the chaos, Quackity managed to hit the lever, dropping the anvil. Despite the L'Manbergians being sure that it would kill him, Technoblade survived, as he'd been in possession of a Totem of Undying.

Technoblade fled from the execution with the help of Dream, who had been behind his escape and rescued Carl. Dream led Technoblade down a tunnel in the side of the hill, which brought them to the Final Control Room. There, he gifted Technoblade a full set of iron armor and an ender chest, which Techno used to retrieve some potions.

The Duel

While the others were processing the chaos that had happened in the country's center, Quackity followed after the general direction Technoblade had gone, spotting a place in the hill covered up by cobblestone. He broke it and entered a small tunnel leading to the Final Control Room. There, Quackity confronted Technoblade.

Quackity: How did that anvil not kill you?

Technoblade: Did you really think, Quackity, that you could kill me that easily?

Q: How did you do it? How did you even do that?

T: You think death can stop me, Quackity? You know what? I've got a lot to say. I was going to say it at the trial, but we got a little bit interrupted. Quackity, I tried convincing you guys that government was not the answer -- that the government was actually the cause of all of your problems. I tried to convince you guys by fighting alongside you as brothers -- and you just cast me aside, you used me. I tried to use force, but you still formed a government. When I went into hiding, when I retired, when I swore off violence -- you hunted me down. You hurt my friends.

Q: You don't understand, Techno. You don't understand what we're trying to build here. This is not a simple anarchy thing. This is what you don't understand, alright? Techno, you really think I give a shit about the withers? No. You are on the hit list, Techno. You are on the fucking hit list.

T: What hit list?

Q: I'm building a country. What we have out there is a country, and what we need here is organization and power. And I don't care how fucking long it takes me, or what I have to do to get you -- Techno, I'm going to fucking kill you. I'm going to kill you, Technoblade.

T: I just have one question, Quackity.

Q: What do you have?

T: Do you think you're enough to kill me? Even [while I'm] unarmed with iron armor? Do you really think you can take me?

Q: Oh, I do. You know what? Let's fucking find out, you son of a bitch.


Quackity and Techno then fought in the main tunnel leading to the control room. Before Quackity entered the room, Techno had built up stone around the entrance to give himself time to splash himself with the potions he'd gotten from his ender chest. The battle lasted less than a minute, with each party trading critical blows to one another. With a netherite pickaxe, Technoblade managed to come out on top, negating all of Quackity's hits with his Turtle Master potion and killing Quackity, taking one of his canon lives.


Following the duel, Technoblade fled from L'Manberg, traveling back to his cabin in the north. When he returned, he discovered TommyInnit in hiding. The two then became shaky allies, with Tommy agreeing to do "minor terrorism" to L'Manberg so Techno could get back at them, and Techno agreeing to help Tommy retrieve his discs.

After Quackity respawned after his first canon death, he was surrounded by the rest of the Butcher Army, who asked what had happened and if he was alright. He angrily led the group to the Butcher Army's control room, where he told them that Dream had been the one to not only help Techno escape, but also the one that gave him the ability to survive his execution. Quackity then stated that they needed to refocus their efforts onto Dream. Tubbo agreed, and reminded them of the Manberg Festival, where he'd decorated and planned his own public execution. He said that they could do something similar, as Dream now respected the rules of L'Manberg, and took his armor off while inside the country. If they could get the chance, they might be able to kill him with little effort.

End of spoiler warning.