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The Queen's Rajuls, also known as the "Queen's Jays" were the duo of TommyInnit and Tubbo, who swore to ban fireworks throughout the various locations on the Dream SMP after Tommy incorrectly deduced the meaning of Firework's Day.


Angered by the constant sound of fireworks outside, Tommy complained about the necessity of the British holiday taking place on November 5, also known as Guy Fawkes Day, or Firework's Day. He was unsure as to what it stood for, despite having Tubbo attempt to explain it to him, and reading about it on the internet. Tommy was under the impression that they were celebrating an attempted assassination of the Queen, and demanded that Tubbo join him in banning fireworks from the server. The Queen's Rajuls' base was taken down by Dream, BadBoyHalo, GeorgeNotFound, and Sapnap while they were cleaning up structures from around the server.

The mental list of rules

While speaking with Tubbo about his outrage at the holiday, Tommy made Tubbo memorize several rules in order to make him a better person.

  1. Tommy is never wrong
  2. All men are evil
  3. Tommy is never misunderstood
  4. ---
  5. ---
  6. Tubbo do I have dementia?
  7. Tommy never lies

Because of rule two, Tommy didn't want to name his new order after males. Tubbo suggested "The Queen's Fellas", but Tommy still thought it had too much to do with males. He then ran the word 'Man' through google translate, believing it to be translating to Spanish, when in reality it was Arabic. He dubbed their new group "The Queen's Jays" (pronounced 'Ra-hools'), and with Tubbo's help, built a base of operations outside the Community House out of glass, hay, netherrack, and ancient debris. However, while Tommy was mining for netherite, he discovered that the ancient debris had been stolen.

The mission

Tommy and Tubbo then began patrolling the server, stopping to create signs in the Greater Dream SMP, Manberg, Pogtopia, and Awesamdude's base about how fireworks had been banned. They ran into both Fundy and Technoblade during this, both times asking them if they liked fireworks.