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The Railway Skirmish, also known as the Railway War, is an event on August 22, 2020[Video 1][VOD 1] in which a small war broke out between TommyInnit and Dream after Tommy accidentally hit Dream with a minecart and stole his stuff.



The skirmish initiated when TommyInnit, returning by minecart from his beachside holiday home, accidentally ran over Dream with his minecart. In a panic, Tommy and Tubbo, upon instruction by Dream, collected all of his belongings. The initial intention was to return them to Dream, but the pair realized this was an opportunity to gain leverage over him and quickly ran off with his items.


Tommy wanted to trade Dream his items for his valuable discs that he lost, but Dream refused the offer, stating that he had no emotional attachment to his items and could easily grind them out again stronger than ever. Dream offered to trade Tommy his dead horse Spirit's leather for his items, but Tommy refused. Because of this, Dream killed Tommy's horse while he was tabbed out.

Eventually, Dream and Tommy traded, with Tommy now having Spirit's leather and Dream having all of his items except for his maxed Netherite Sword. After this, Tommy tried to convince Skeppy to give him one of the discs for Spirit's leather, but Skeppy didn't accept the trade.

War breaks out

Tommy also gave Dream his own netherite sword "Shank" because of him "losing" the Dream's main sword. Still thinking he could get his discs back, Tommy teamed up with Sapnap to try and kill Dream after chasing him around thinking he had the disc on him. Tubbo was later killed and lost all of his items. Sapnap then killed Dream and took most of his stuff with the disc not being there. Tommy picked up Dream's pickaxe, and Sapnap quickly betrayed Tommy under the stress of threats from Dream by killing him. This betrayal was yet another sign of just how easily he can be swayed by promises of wealth or threats of demise, unlike the fierce loyalty of L'Manbergians and the great pride of Dream.

The one lost thread that was left in the wake of the skirmish is the location of Dream's maxed out enchanted netherite sword that he was quite eager to have returned to him. Sapnap and Skeppy both swore up and down that they didn't have it, and it was clear to those watching Tommy's stream that he didn't have it either. Dream, Sapnap, and Skeppy decided to log off the server.


Even though it seemed most likely that the sword had despawned and was gone for good, Tubbo, in a great twist, told Tommy to stop sharing his game screen to the stream turn off all of his game sounds, as Dream had used the game sounds to determine the location the last time they hid something from him.

Tubbo led Tommy to an undisclosed location and told him to open the chest there. Tommy did so, and low and behold, there was Dream's sword, tucked away in L'Manberg's possession. They now possessed two pieces of leverage over Dream; his sword, and Spirit's leather.

In his stream the following day, Tommy referred to the event as a "skirmish" rather than an actual battle or war, and alluded to the fact that whilst the final war is certainly coming, there will be many more skirmishes to come before then.


  • It was mentioned by Dream during one of his streams that he used the /kill command as a joke but didn't think that Tommy would steal his stuff. This is supported by two factors:
    • You cannot kill an entity with a minecart, regardless of it's speed.
    • Dream's death message said that he fell out of the world, something only achievable in survival by falling into the void in the End or using the /kill command.
  • Although previously considered a canon death by many, Dream has confirmed on his twitter that his death on the railway is not a canon one, but in fact, just a joke.[1]


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