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This page is about the character from the Dream SMP. For the YouTuber who plays this character, see Ranboo. For his ghost counterpart, see Boo.

If the things the voice tells me are true... I deserve to be in that prison as much as Dream does.


Ranboo (full name "Ranboo_Beloved", né "Ranboo My Beloved"[11]) is the thirtieth member of the Dream SMP, joining on November 27, 2020. He previously planned on running for president of L'Manberg in the cancelled February 2021 election, and lived in the house commissioned by Ghostbur in L'Manberg.

Following the destruction of L'Manberg, Ranboo's home was destroyed, along with most of his allegiances. After hiding his pets in his panic room, he was contacted by Philza who asked if he needed a place to stay. Ranboo took him up on his offer, and lived in the arctic with Phil and Technoblade, as well as with his husband Tubbo and son MICHAEL in Snowchester.

After he was killed on November 28 2021 by Awesamdude, he became a ghost named Boo or "Ghostboo", as dubbed by fans. The loss of Ranboo's other two lives has not been explained; it is possible that Ranboo always had one life, like Philza,[12] or that he lost his first two lives prior to joining the server.[13] A tweet on his ARG account, Z, seems to suggest that he had 3 lives.[14]



Ranboo is a half-enderman with one green eye and one red eye. Half of his face is black (enderman) and half of his face is white/grey (Unknown). He is 8 feet 5 inches tall, but said to be around 6'7 most of the time.[6] He also has hair, as confirmed by Ranboo himself. He wore a dark gray suit with a red necktie, gray pants, a golden crown, and gray shoes.

He has stated that he has scars on his cheeks from crying, due to his enderman biology causing tears (water) to hurt him.[15]


Ranboo has problems with his short-term memory,[16] and is sometimes unable to recall facts that happened a short time ago. Ranboo claims that he can remember certain details about events, but the rest is a blur to him. He is best able to remember emotions, or events that had strong emotional value to him, whether good or bad.[17] An example of this happening is when he remembered when Tommy and him burned George's house which led to Tommy's exile.

These memory problems apparently cannot be fixed through methods that work on normal humans, as discovered when Tubbo made an attempt to do so in Snowchester. The amount of truth within this conclusion is unclear, though, as Tubbo's supposed proficiency in brain science is dubious at best. It is possible that his memory issues are genetic as they seem to have been passed down to his descendant Ranbob. His memory has been steadily improving since Ranboo started experimenting on his enderwalk state, and he believes that further experiments may be able to completely fix his memory.[18]

Ranboo has said that he does not sleep much.[19] This may be due to his nonhuman traits, or his enderwalk state providing him with most of the rest he needs; though, it could also be caused by stress rather than biology.

Ranboo has told Niki that he does not have eyelids,[20] meaning he cannot blink or close his eyes at all. This was played off as a joke based on Minecraft skins at the time, but was later confirmed by Ranboo to be canon.

According to the items he dropped after being killed by Clarencio, as well as his skin post-death, his blood is both lime green and red. The green blood appears to belong to his ender half while the red blood belongs to his other half. His dual-colored blood may be caused by either a chemical reaction in each half of his body, or by him having two differently-colored circulatory systems.[21]

Enderman half

Ranboo's enderman half is apparent in his dislike for water and eye contact. Water of any kind causes minor pain for him if he is exposed without armor, but it apparently "gets a little risky" if he's exposed for an extended period of time. As such, Ranboo only goes out in the rain when wearing a helmet, and only swims in rivers or oceans when wearing full armor.

He tends to avoid looking directly at anyone's eyes, and can become overwhelmed or unstable by people staring at him, even more so if he's already on edge. This was one of the reasons he lashed out after being outed as a traitor at the failed festival.[22]

Due to endermen being able to pick up blocks, Ranboo is able to collect many different blocks just by mining them with his fist - similar to a tool with a 'silk touch' enchantment, though with a few differences. He can pick up grass, sandstone, normal and infested stone, glass, packed and regular ice, ore blocks, ender chests, and even mob spawners (which turn into pig spawners, as these are considered "default" by the game's code). He is also able to pick up a full cake, even if pieces of it have been eaten, which means he can have an infinite food source as long as he doesn't eat the whole cake. Additionally, beds drop two instead of one, and banners drop nothing.

He shows more of his enderman traits when stressed, such as making enderman sounds, or picking up and moving blocks, which he finds comforting.

Ranboo is able to speak and understand the Ender language even outside of his enderwalk state. He used to have a limited understanding of Ender, only knowing simple phrases and greetings, but was able to relearn the language around April 2021 due to his experiments on the enderwalk state.[23] (His use of the word "relearn" implies he was fluent in Ender sometime in the past, but it is unknown how or when.) He has used Ender to speak to a group of endermen at the bottom of the Disruption Hole, who he refers to as "the council,"[24] as well as to speak to Edward before he died.

He is "98% sure" he cannot teleport, although Technoblade jokingly mentioned he might learn in the future.[25] Ranboo planned on using a lab he built to try and learn to teleport using a dispenser filled with arrows, but later decided that he would use the lab as a last-case scenario.

Ranboo has also compared eyes of ender to his own eyes.[26]

Over time, Ranboo has been gaining more enderman traits. The cause of this is unknown, but it is likely related to his enderwalk state, which is also occurring more often.

Unknown half

Ranboo's white half has not been confirmed. When asked if it a ghast, he dodges the question and says that the viewers will find out eventually.[27] Additionally, some of Ranboo's character quirks are traits of his white half,[28] though it's unknown which ones and to what extent.

In the past, Ranboo did not remember what his white half was. However, on June 18, Ranboo described it using just an enderman noise, suggesting that he does now remember what this half is but cannot describe it outside of Ender language.[29] He has explicitly denied a few possibilities for the white half, including white rabbit, wolf, human, and slime.

Enderwalk state

Ranboo sometimes enters what he calls his "enderwalk" state. This state is similar to sleepwalking or dissociation, where he has little awareness of his surroundings, and it may last for hours at a time.

It's unclear what exactly causes this, but the main causes are sudden and intense feeling (such as stress or fear),[30] Ranboo going to sleep, and potentially water. Certain outside factors can cause Ranboo to switch states as well. One of these may be Dream's ":)" smile (shown when Ranboo started enderwalking after Sapnap relayed Dream's message,[31] and when Ranboo woke up after re-reading Dream's "Thank you :)" note), though this is unconfirmed. Philza was also able to wake Ranboo up from enderwalking by punching him.

His enderwalk state is not a different being or different version of himself, but simply himself with all of his memories[32] and more of his enderman abilities. This state is not emotionless or completely hostile - he shows the same care for people close to him (protecting Tubbo and Tommy during the Disc Confrontation, planting flowers to mourn Tommy, etc) and even speaks politely to his friends through Ender language with discord font chat messages. However, he is more aggressive than his awake self when provoked, and often quick to attack.

After "waking up", he loses all memory of anything he did while in enderwalk, feeling as if he just passed out and woke up somewhere else. However, the Dream voice in his head claims it can remember everything from when he is in enderwalk. Ranboo also can remember brief flashes of things that have occurred while he was enderwalking, which usually happens suddenly after he finds something that would trigger these memories.

If the Dream voice is to be believed, Ranboo has worked with Dream in this state, doing things such as blowing up the Community House, hiding one of Tommy's discs, griefing Tommy's house, and more. His reasons for helping Dream are still unknown, though it is unknown whether Ranboo has even helped Dream in the first place, as there has never been any physical witness of any interaction between the pair. However, it has been revealed that he has also done other things while enderwalking, such as making a deal with Foolish over a Shulker box.

For an unknown reason, since the Disc Confrontation, his enderwalk state has been "taking over" as he enters the state more often and more of its traits/actions gradually occur in Ranboo's awake self. He sometimes finds himself wandering towards a place only his enderwalk state would know how to get to, or doing things without knowing why he is doing them, as if his enderwalk state is in control of those actions instead. Alongside this "taking over" process, Ranboo has gained more enderman abilities, such as picking up blocks with his hands.

While Ranboo rarely shows his enderwalk state on stream, others have witnessed him in it. This state is largely unaware of surrounding people unless attacked, doesn't seem to have the same aversion towards eye contact as his normal self, and can paralyze people by holding eye contact with them (as demonstrated by an encounter with CaptainPuffy).[33] He also acts somewhat mechanically, turning his head slowly and moving without jumping/sprinting.

During every on-stream appearance of Ranboo's enderwalk state, he does not speak nor write in English, instead using the Ender alphabet for written messages and avoiding verbal communication entirely. Sam described Ranboo's enderwalk as speaking normally during his prison visit to Dream, and Ranboo has written English entries in his memory book while enderwalking, suggesting that this state does have the ability to speak/write English; however, outside of these instances, Ranboo's enderwalk self has only ever communicated in Ender (if at all).

Translations of some of his Ender messages are:

  • "Don't mind me Phil! Just working on some stuff!" / "I just realized you probably couldn't understand Ender, well this is certainly awkward!" - After Phil found him mining nether quartz
  • "Very far away! I am just mining :]" - When asked by Phil where he was
  • "Imagine using a translator, couldn't be me. This was made by the enderwalk gang"
  • "Its grass block time!"
  • "Cringe" - After Antfrost spoke in the Egg's language
  • "Doomed are those who try to run, for it always catches up eventually :)" - When he went into enderwalk state after Sapnap gave him Dream's message

Ender particles

Ranboo is surrounded by floating ender particles similar to the Soot Sprites from Spirited Away that represent his chat, much like Philza's crows.[34] The particles are drawn towards him by something similar to a magnetic force,[35] and cannot go very far away from him.[36] They know what happens while Ranboo is in his enderwalk state, but can't tell him. He has also stated that the "experiments" of a currently unknown nature have helped him communicate with the particles better, and that beforehand he could only understand "random noises" rather than actually talk to them. The particles disapprove of the experiments, but Ranboo tries to reason with them that he is doing the experiments to "find out some things" and that there are also positives to them, such as the fact that the particles are now able to communicate with him better because of them, as beforehand he could only understand "random noises" from them.[37]

According to Ranboo, the particles have been present for one experiment so far, but he has "learned" from the experience and no longer keeps them around for them. He also doesn't let them see the "experiment book" for the same reason.[38]

Ranboo is also capable of sending the particles away with a clap of his hands.[39] This is a reference to his ritual of ending his streams by saying "welp" and clapping once.[40]


Ranboo is a friendly and polite member of the server. He is one of the more passive members of the SMP, showing hesitance at killing Connor when Tommy asked him to show him the door. He'd rather talk things out than use weapons. He avoids killing endermen, going the lengths to trade with piglins to obtain ender pearls, as killing endermen is essentially murder to him. Additionally, he grows attached to animals very easily, and has one of the higher total pet counts on the server. He tends to adopt new pets on a whim, such as adopting a bunny named Ranbun simply over the fact that it looked like him.

Ranboo is most loyal to his friends and people who have helped him. Rather than having allegiance to a specific country like L'Manberg, Ranboo tries to be loyal to people, thinking that taking sides is what causes all of the problems on the server. However, due to this, Ranboo may seem unloyal or appear as a traitor to other people. He is also very protective of the people he trusts, and will do anything to keep them safe.[41] This is proven when Ranboo sacrifices his life when told by Sam that Michael would be in danger if he didn't comply.

Ranboo succumbs easily to peer pressure, and is aware of it. He is often pressured into doing things he doesn't want to do or that he knows are wrong. Although Ranboo often winds up in awkward situations due to this, he also tends to be forgiving towards people, even those who pressured or wronged him. He is always willing to help people - even sometimes people who he is technically enemies with.

Due to tears being water and therefore hurting him, Ranboo tries to avoid crying. Whenever he gets close to crying, he instead represses his emotions, usually through denial or avoidance. He also talks to himself in second person to calm himself down, but can get carried away doing this.[42]


Ranboo's short-term memory and lack of ability to handle peer pressure means that he can often be manipulated to tell the truth, even in cases which would harm some of his friends. As such, it is difficult for him to keep a secret or remember one. Ranboo wishes to establish friendly relations with most people on the server, but in his quest to be on "everyone's side" he often offends or confuses those around him, attempting to be on good terms with both them and the people who have hurt or killed them. He also has something of a moral superiority complex, often seen writing off those who don't share his ideals as "ignorant" or "selfish."

Another of his flaws is his denial. He also sometimes struggles to accept things he's done (usually the ways he's helped Dream in his enderwalk state, or ways he's supposedly betrayed his friends), instead choosing to ignore them and deny they ever happened, which leads to the endangerment of those around him. His memory problems only make this worse, since he can never be completely sure what is real.

D&D alignment

According to Ranboo himself, his character's D&D alignment can be anywhere, and is entirely dependent on his mental stability.[43]



It is unclear how long Ranboo has been alive, and very little is known about his history, other than that he may have lost two canon lives at some point before joining the Dream SMP. [12][13]

Before Ranboo had even joined the server, he was planning on running for president of L'Manberg despite never having been there, and as an outsider of the server- writing down his goals, policies, new flag of L'Manberg, presidential logo, and slogan.

Retribution Arc

SMP debut

Ranboo joined the Dream SMP on November 27, 2020, halfway into his stream by accidentally "hacking" into the server.[44] Upon joining Dream SMP, Ranboo was jokingly killed by Dream. After he respawned, he was welcomed by many members and given a tour from Nihachu. It was later revealed that Ranboo had no clue he would be joining the Dream SMP; Dream had messaged him during the stream asking for his IGN so that he could whitelist him to the server and invite him.

On Ranboo's second day on the server, Tubbo gave him an official tour, during which they made a deal concerning the election - if Ranboo won, he'd make Tubbo his VP, and if Tubbo won he'd make Ranboo his Secretary of State.[45]

Exile Conflict

The same day, after Tubbo had given Ranboo a tour, Tommy called out to Ranboo using the chat in Minecraft, and they met up in the Nether.[46] Ranboo gave Tommy an allium, and he and Tommy then bonded by planting seeds near Tommy's house with them then robbing and griefing George's house. They stored the loot they got in a secret chest below Tommy's tower's meeting room. They planned to pin it on Nihachu. However, she saw the two traveling to George's house when building a flower shop with CaptainPuffy, foiling their plan to blame Niki.

As a cover, Ranboo then met with Fundy and proceeded to create an ice cream business with him. They had a spat with Nihachu and Puffy, as they wanted to establish their shop where the girls were building the flower shop. They planned to hire Punz to protect them, promising him a 90% discount on their ice cream. During the conflict, Ranboo and Niki privately messaged each other trying to find a peaceful resolution. Eventually, the conflict was resolved by a compromise where they'll leave the girls alone if the girls provide them with materials for their shop.

On his third day in the SMP, Tommy was sent to court for the griefing of George's house.[47] George also mentioned that his chat told him Ranboo was in on it too. He was briefly held in a cell but was released after Tommy took all the blame and insisted on his innocence. During the trial, Ranboo provided little detail, as he had forgotten the events due to his memory issues.

Ranboo was the minute man during the meeting with Dream. After Dream threatened to raise the walls to build height if Tommy was not exiled within three days, Tubbo and Tommy had an argument where Tubbo called Tommy selfish. Ranboo stepped in to defend Tommy by admitting that he was an accomplice of the arson and that Tommy defended him in court, something a selfish person would not have done and that Tommy could've blamed Ranboo for all the things they did. Tommy confided in Ranboo after the argument, saying that the real reason he did not want Tubbo to be president was because it would tear them apart.

During Tommy's exile, Ranboo often wrote letters to Tommy. Tommy mostly considered Ranboo a friend at first, but after Dream's manipulation and the letters being intercepted, Tommy started to wonder if Ranboo only contacted him out of pity.

Technoblade's execution

On December 16, 2020, the day of Technoblade's execution, Ranboo was added as a last-minute member of the Butcher Army, due to his involvement in the Tubbo Administration.[48]

While part of the Butcher Army, Ranboo aided the other members in capturing Technoblade and bringing him back to the execution setup. After the Butcher Army regrouped in their meeting room, he joined the other members in changing the target to Dream and was assigned the task of decorating the L'Manberg Festival. However, Ranboo remained passive throughout the entire situation. When the group arrived in front of Technoblade's cabin, he suggested the group should at least try to resolve the issue diplomatically. During the fight against Technoblade, Ranboo did not charge towards him, instead taking a defensive position.

After the Butcher Army ended their day, Ranboo joined Ghostbur in meeting with Technoblade again at his cabin. At first, Ranboo's life was threatened, but upon returning pieces of Technoblade's armor, he was spared and allowed to stay. There, he was questioned by Tommy on his motive for gifting a pickaxe during his exile. Ranboo explained that nothing was done out of pity, and that he only provided the pickaxe because he was in debt. After explaining himself, he assisted Tommy and Technoblade into settling into their homes and preparing for revenge. During this time, Technoblade explained to him how he felt used during the Manberg Rebellion, swaying Ranboo's perception of L'Manberg and the Butcher Army.

Clarencio death

On the same day that Technoblade and TommyInnit were building up their Hound Army in L'Manberg, Ranboo was walking around. While invisible, Tommy attempted to convince Ranboo that he was talking to a llama named Clarencio.

During this time, Clarencio slowly spat at Tommy, but then Tommy went behind Ranboo, causing the Llama to spit at him instead. Lowering his health and eventually managing to kill him. Techno and Tommy then joked in the Minecraft chat that it was canon. Ranboo later stated it was not a canon death, as it wasn't vital to the plot.[49] He has no issue with llamas, however, seeing as he now has a pet llama named Drip Llama and experimented with the creation of the Llarmy.

Christmas message

On Christmas Day, Ranboo traveled to Technoblade's home to deliver him, Phil, and Tommy a seemingly innocent present. However, in the middle, he wrote a book named "CHRISTMAS LMAO," in which the second page contained awkwardly written text that was choppy and improperly written. When putting the first letters of the first four lines together, it spelled "HELP." It is unknown if this was entirely intentional, but the first page having written "READ NEXT CAREFULLY" seems to suggest it was.

What's more, he at first signed the book, but later went back to replace it with an unsigned version. He was very concerned that anybody other than Techno, Phil or Tommy may read it and find the author of the book. What position Ranboo must have been in to decide to write such a message remains unknown.

Decorating the Festival

Days before December 29, when the festival was originally going to take place on the SMP, Ranboo began creating festival games for people to play. He started off with building trident games, where members would need to jump into little pods with tridents. He then started creating different versions of the game, adding rings out of netherrack. He kept up a positive attitude throughout the decoration process.

Lost Memory Book

On January 3, 2021, Ranboo continued trying to decorate the festival. During this time, he accidentally killed Betty, the ravager near Ponk's Drop-the-Man minigame, with his thorns armor while trying to box her in as part of a "petting zoo." He pretended nothing happened.

When he returned to his house, he realized his special 'Do not read' memory book was missing. He retraced his steps for the day, searching every chest he came across, including the ones by the spider spawner and the massive chunk-wide hole he had made a few days prior (titled "Beeg Hole"). When he failed to find it, he began arguing with himself, questioning why it was out of his inventory in the first place as he never took it out.

His frustration with himself increased as the search continued, and he tried to dismiss any thoughts that someone else had read the book. He cursed himself for his lack of loyalty or moral backbone, and for being a traitor despite being explicitly told to be loyal. He thought about all the secrets the book held, including the location of Technoblade's base, the fact that Ranboo gave his armor back to him, and that he knew all along that Tommy was alive and with Techno. His anxiety continued to climb as he thought about the possible consequences of someone reading the book, combined with L'Manberg's history of executing traitors.

As he walked home, he promised himself that should he ever find the book, he would never lose it again. He questioned how he could give the armor back to someone who only mildly threatened him, betraying the "one country that's given him a home." He searched his chests one last time upon reentering his house, only to find the book in a double chest. He initially relaxed, but then realized that he never put it there and there should have been no possible way it should have moved. His stream ended abruptly after that.

Wither incident

On January 4, Ranboo showed Fundy the ropes of how the Festival games were played, continuing with the progression of the preparatory work.

Later that day, Technoblade and Tommy arrived at the scene in order to force the L'Manbergians into giving his weapons back. They threatened Ranboo and Fundy with a wither - one of many in their arsenal - refusing to back down when Fundy attempted to rationalize with them. Techno spawned the wither, helping Ranboo and Fundy kill it with the promise of his items. Ranboo searched for Techno's weapons hurriedly, returning them to Tommy after the death of the boss mob.

Later, Ranboo became uneasy after recalling the compromised nature of his Do Not Read Book. He constructed a panic room of obsidian near L'Manberg, using it as a safe space to talk to himself and calm down. He placed signs around it, with varying messages, such as "You are fine," as he slowly became aware of Dream's ulterior motives of splitting the SMP members up in order to assume ultimate power. He stated that the idea of L'Manberg in its current state was flawed for this reason, as was every other faction, and that they should've worked together in order to take down Dream.

Though he began to voice doubts about the Green Festival's success, he decided to put it out of his mind, leaving without writing his thoughts down.

Green Festival

During the day for the Green Festival, Ranboo stepped away from the festivities and met up with Technoblade and Tommy in secret in Purpled's Skull Cave. He shared supposed intel with them, claiming that Dream would be at the festival, and explaining that he planned to follow the no-armor laws of L'Manberg. Shortly after his return to the L'Manbergians, Dream interrupted the festival by beginning to place large obsidian walls around L'Manberg again, before telling everyone to follow him. He led Ranboo and the others to what once was the Community House, now blown up, claiming that Tommy blew it up and blaming Tubbo for his link to Tommy through his Mellohi disc. Ranboo watched as Tommy and Techno came in, pleading for Tommy's innocence, and as Tommy and Tubbo proceeded to fight each other.

Later, Dream revealed that Ranboo was actually a traitor to L'Manberg, prompting Ranboo to open his memory book in an attempt to counter Dream's words. Instead, he only found a single line that read ":)," revealing that Dream had taken the book and replaced it without Ranboo's knowledge. Dream gave Tubbo Ranboo's real memory book, letting Tubbo look through it. Tommy promptly apologized to the L'Manbergians, prompting Dream and Techno to threaten the group with the date of the Doomsday War.

Ranboo and the others immediately started preparing, and Fundy asked Ranboo about what Dream had said about him being a traitor. Ranboo explained how he kept his memories in a book, stating that Dream stole his Memory Book somehow without his knowledge - Ranboo didn't know how, since he always kept it on him. He then went on to say that he did not forget who his friends are, and he did not care about countries. He argued with Fundy, growing emotionally frustrated over the discussion, shouting that he wanted to choose people, not sides, and making the assertion that Dream has always had control over L'Manberg, and always will.

Fundy and Eret told him that it is necessary to pick sides when friends fight, and Punz told him that he was just indecisive and selfish. Frustrated, Ranboo told everyone that if they somehow stop Dream from blowing L'Manberg up, he would just do something else. Not listening, Fundy told him that they were there to kill Dream, once and for all, so he couldn't do anything anymore. Nihachu then stepped forward, disagreeing with Ranboo as well. They both argued, leading to Niki frustratedly declaring to him that she no longer cared for L'Manberg. Calming down, Ranboo explained that he'd still help L'Manberg fight, but that he believed that Dream would always have power, and that any preservative efforts they could make on Doomsday would have a temporary effect at best.

The Dream voice

Ranboo headed off to his Panic Room to evaluate the situation alone. He talked aloud with himself, distressing over multiple issues - mostly boiling down to why the L'Manbergians would not listen to him when he said that sides were the cause of all of the server's problems. He then heard what seemed to be Dream's voice abruptly, even though Dream wasn't on the server at the time. The false Dream told him that he betrayed everyone, asking him if he helped Tommy destroy the Community House. Ranboo denied the allegations, becoming more stressed, but "Dream" continued to press Ranboo, declaring that he must have done it. It claimed that he just doesn't remember it, using him burning down George's house and betraying his friends as past examples of bad things he has done.

The Dream voice continued, claiming that he wouldn't have written it down in his memory book if he didn't do it, and that he has no way of knowing. Ranboo asked what he can rely on if not the memory book, causing "Dream" to respond that he definitely couldn't rely on himself, and that it wasn't even real, revealing that this "Dream" was just a voice in Ranboo's head. Taken aback by surprise, Ranboo began to panic, arguing with himself over the likelihood that he destroyed the Community House, questioning himself and having a breakdown. He continued to question himself, ultimately deciding that he would help L'Manberg, and telling himself that Dream is the cause of every problem.

Spiraling, Ranboo shouted that he doesn't know what to do over and over again, before blacking out and making involuntary enderman noises. His consciousness faded to the noise of "Mellohi."


Ranboo woke up again in his panic room. He knew L'Manberg couldn't be saved, so he went to get his pets out of the country before all the chaos. He managed to rescue his pets, Jjjjjjjeffrey, Enderchest, Enderpearl, and Dogboo from the future explosions. Before Technoblade, Phil, Dream, the hound army, and the withers came to L'Manberg to destroy it, he began to question himself, questioning where his allegiances lay, and if it was worth it to stay and fight. Ranboo decided to stay, hoping to fight for the majority of his friends.

Niki came to visit him, apologizing for yelling at him the previous day. However, Ranboo didn't remember her yelling at him. He asked her if she would be fighting alongside L'Manberg, to which she refused to answer. He expressed his doubts on who his friends were, but she consoled him, saying that if Ranboo wanted her to fight alongside L'Manberg, then she would. During the battle, Ranboo bore witness to the entirety of L'Manberg being destroyed by withers. He was disturbed by the image of destruction, and whilst watching on the outskirts, ran into Niki again. He watched from afar, seeing her burn down L'Mantree as well as blowing up some houses, and realized that she had failed to keep her promise to him.

Once everyone from L'Manberg had left the battlefield, Ranboo remained, wandering around the crater and writing in his memory book. He was distraught by everything that had happened, panickily writing in his memory book "I DON'T WANT TO REMEMBER" over and over, or expressing his anger towards Fundy and Niki for being "cowards."

When the explosions stopped, Fundy called him. Fundy said that they should team up to take Dream down, wanting to get a bunch of people together to kill him. Disapproving of the idea of making a new side, Ranboo said that Fundy didn't believe in the same ideals, and that he took his advice and instead made justification to make a new entire side. He called Fundy a coward and asserted that he chose the side that was destined to win, yet failed in the end. He believed that Fundy had lost his grip on reality, but decided later that he should apologize for his harshness.

A little bit after his conversation with Fundy, he got into a voice call with Quackity. Quackity told him to take the words he said to heart, explaining that he didn't fully understand why Dream needs this much power. He wanted to join forces, though they were still wary of each other. Ranboo did actually consider his offer, since they wouldn't be creating more sides, but instead using the sides they already have to take him down. He told Quackity that he would make a decision on the proposition later.

After all the chaos, he collected his thoughts over the debris of L'Manberg. He believed that all of the damage that happened to everyone and L'Manberg was his fault, because everything seemed fine before he joined. Looking over the smoking crater, he decided that he didn’t want to remember any of it. He didn’t want to remember all of the relationships that he had made (and supposedly broken), his home, or the place that had given him hope before it was all blown to bits. Fortunately, he hit upon an idea on how to forget.

Ranboo went back to the panic room, where he almost burned his memory books, an act which would have almost certainly erased most of the known events (and his friendships) over time. He then changed his mind, realizing that burning the memory books would be giving up, and giving up would make him weak. Ranboo then brought all his pets that were outside attached to a fence into his panic room.

Then, Philza joined his call and asked if Ranboo needed a place to stay. Ranboo accepted the offer, since L'Manberg was destroyed, and he no longer had a place that would accept him. Phil met up with him at L'Manberg, and took him back to Technoblade's cabin, where he told Ranboo that Technoblade said he shouldn't stay in his cabin since his enderman, Edward, lived there, and it could be awkward. Phil told Ranboo that he could make another house for him, and he accepted his offer. Though he was avidly against choosing sides, Ranboo stated that he'd finally picked a side that he believed to be the right one, and planned to properly decline Quackity's offer thanks to his new position of strength.

He explored the arctic north, looking at everything around while talking to himself. After being properly welcomed by Philza, Ranboo stated that he was relieved, and that he felt as if Philza saved him from his moral dilemma, as he was finally content. He logged out in the arctic, saying, "This will be alright, It will be OK. It will definitely be OK."

Attempt to resurrect Wilbur

Following after Phil, Ranboo stood by for the majority of the resurrection as a third party, stepping in to "act" as Tubbo (who had no lines) in the ritual proper. He helped the group as best as possible, but the attempt session ultimately failed.

Ranboo tagged along with Phil, Eret, and Tubbo on a quest to a woodland mansion, in order to secure a supply of Totems of Undying in order to use on the second resurrection attempt. He bought the map from one of their villagers, and helped lead the journey, bonding with the road trip members as they went. He returned home in a good mood, stating that he felt rather content.

Revisiting the Panic Room

Ranboo decided to revisit his panic room in order to fetch his pets and have the possibility of them returning to the Arctic with him.

However, as soon as he entered, he began to stare at the signs on the walls, and the smiley face left in his memory book. Because of this, the hallucinated voice of Dream from after the Festival returned to talk to him. He questioned why it was here again, to which it replied that it never left, as it's a part of himself - just that Ranboo is only willing to listen to it when in the panic room.

Ranboo continued to have a conversation with the voice. It accused him of blowing up the Community House, like after the Festival, but this time added that he helped Dream gather the TNT to blow up L'Manberg, and helped him in other ways he couldn't remember. He was very reluctant to believe these claims until the voice suggested that he mine one of the obsidian walls of his panic room. He did so, and found a hidden chest containing two TNT blocks. This made him begin to spiral and freak out again, saying he didn't blow up the Community House and that he would never intentionally hurt his friends.

The voice continued to blame him and assert that he betrayed everyone. It added that he even handed Dream the memory book himself. It finally left him with the words "You just have to try and remember why - you just have to think. You have to remember, just remember, remember, remember, remember..."

Ranboo stated he couldn't remember and he didn't know how to. He repeatedly told himself that the chest and the voice must not have been real, but mined the same block and saw the chest again, proving it was real. He began to spiral again, telling himself "why can't you remember" and "just think." He begged himself to remember what he did, but passed out once more, making involuntary enderman noises. The end screen of this stream was an animation of Dream's signature smiley face with Ranboo's crown drawn on top.


After a couple of days, Ranboo went back into the panic room to confront the voice again, to tell it that it wasn't real and was just lying about the supposed things he's done. When confronted, it insisted that he had indeed helped Dream, once again telling him to remember.

Ranboo continued to deny this, until the voice pointed out that he often passes out and wakes up in a different place. It revealed that these periods of time where he supposedly passed out are actually just periods of time where he entered a state similar to sleepwalking (later named enderwalk), and that he was unable to remember anything he'd done afterward - the voice, however, could remember everything. It said that since it is a part of him, and it could remember, then Ranboo himself could remember as well.

With focus and the voice's help, he was able to recall what happened last time he was in his sleepwalking state, which was after his last visit to the panic room. He had met with Dream in the Nether after leaving the room, and Dream had entrusted one of Tommy's discs to Ranboo, saying that he trusted "this state" of Ranboo to keep it safe.

Ranboo traveled back home to hunt for said disc, telling himself that it couldn't have been real, and that if he found the disc, it would prove all of the voice's past claims right. He dug out a lot of dirt in front of his shack and finally came across a chest underground. After a lot of apprehensions, opening the chest revealed a copy of what appeared to be Tommy's prized Cat disc. Ranboo passed out once more, making involuntary enderman noises.

The next day, after returning and checking the chest, Ranboo found that the disc was gone. The only thing left inside was a note named "Thank you :)."

Adjusting to the Arctic

Ranboo spent some time building a home and gathering resources near Phil and Techno, developing a wheat and cow farm as well as getting two parrots and a bunny. He also created a "comfort room" under his home made of netherrack, in contrast to his old panic room. The netherrack used for this build has been assumed to be the same netherrack used to grief Tommy's house. It was implied that Ranboo had something to do with it.

In thanks for allowing him to stay with them, Ranboo crafted an axe for Techno which could substitute for the Axe of Peace. Techno tried to act aloof and indifferent towards the gift, trying to preserve his "tough" image, but he clearly was touched by this gesture and Ranboo's consideration. They went on a journey to a woodland mansion together, where Ranboo recovered one Totem of Undying, giving him a grand total of three.

Later, Ranboo decided to admit to both Phil and Techno that he tends to do irrational things while "sleepwalking" (enderwalking) that he forgets later, that he may have blown up the Community House, and that he somehow came into the possession of a Cat disc which he believed to be the one Tommy wanted. He expected that these things would be seen as a betrayal in their eyes and that they would ask him to leave; however, neither of them minded at all and Ranboo felt relieved that they still accepted him. Later, Phil helped him recover his pets from his panic room, and Ranboo was able to retrieve them without any problems.

Disc Confrontation

Ranboo was among Tommy and Tubbo's friends who gathered to say goodbye to them before they left for the Disc Confrontation, and was a part of the group that came through the portal to defend them. When Dream confessed that he blew up the Community House, something Ranboo believed he himself had done, he expressed confusion over this in his memory book. He also noted that Dream was planning to kidnap his cat Enderchest, and wondered whether him supposedly doing the same bad things as Dream made him a villain.

On March 12, it was revealed that he was in his enderwalk state during the actual Disc Confrontation and did not remember anything besides what was written in the memory book.

Empowerment Arc

Temporary freedom

Later on the same day, Ranboo once again thought about Dream's claim of blowing up the Community House, and decided that he had to visit Dream in the prison and ask for clarity on the situation. However, a few minutes later, he started hearing the Mellohi music disc, though without any apparent source that could be playing it. He decided it must somehow be coming from the panic room, and quickly traveled there to remove it. After he arrived and stopped the music, he again thought about the things he'd supposedly done to help Dream, then realized that Dream must have covered for him by taking the blame for the Community House's destruction.

He left the panic room after more thinking and re-reading his memory books, but started hearing Mellohi again once he was back at his house, despite the fact that he'd already stopped the disc. Making his way back to the room, he decided to confront the panic room voice, or whatever was causing this. The music didn't stop once he entered, or when he destroyed the jukebox inside. He stared at his memory book and started yelling for the voice, frustratedly asking whether it had anything to say for itself, but it still wouldn't answer and the music still played. He continued calling out for it, this time begging for some kind of closure, anything that meant he wouldn't have to visit Dream in prison.

With a final shout asking for any answer at all, the music stopped playing, and Ranboo was able to edit the first page of his memory book, which he'd been unable to do before. He had regained control over himself and over the book, becoming "free." He decided that he didn't help Dream do any of the things the voice had said, and it was all just lies. He still planned to visit Dream, not for closure, but instead to stand up to him and "tell him exactly what he did, and exactly who he hurt by doing that." He stated that it was a new chapter - a new book - and turned to find a third, newly-created memory book inside the panic room's chest.

At the end of the stream, a message was shown in Morse code through Dream's smiley face flashing on and off screen, which translates to "IT ISN'T OVER."

New book

Since freeing himself from the voice, Ranboo gradually gained more enderman traits. He was able to pick up almost any block with his hands as if he had silk touch, and tended to pick up and place grass blocks, which he found relaxing. His memory started to improve as well, since he was under less stress. But along with these new developments, he started to enderwalk more. It's still unclear what exactly he has done while enderwalking, but he'd often wake up with far less pickaxe durability that he had before, and most likely was the one who moved his Haste beacon somewhere else, meaning he had been mining. He also described feeling as if he needed a lot of coal for something, and at one point Philza found him mining nether quartz.

At some point not long after Dream's imprisonment, Ranboo visited him while enderwalking. He completely forgot about the visit afterward, but evidence of it remained in Awesamdude's prison forms, which were signed by Ranboo and overwritten in Ender language during the visit.

Prison nightmare

On January 30, Ranboo went to visit Dream in Pandora's Vault like he had planned to after the Disc Confrontation. Awesamdude led him through the prison's security measures, making the exception for Ranboo to bring his memory book inside.

Upon reaching the cell, Ranboo was happily greeted by Dream, since they were, in Dream's words, "best friends." He thanked Ranboo for the visit and for his help in the past (blowing up the Community House and protecting Tommy's disc). Ranboo decided that Dream must just be trying to manipulate him, but Dream's tone shifted as he replied that Ranboo did help him. Dream also started to refer to himself in the third person - just like the panic room voice would.

While Ranboo continued denying the accusations, it gradually became more apparent that this was a hallucination, with the cell's chest being completely full of copies of Ranboo's "Do not read" book and the first page of his current book being replaced with a ":)" smile. Eventually, "Dream" stated that it was not the real Dream, fully revealing itself to be the panic room voice. Hearing this, Ranboo started to panic and insist that it had to be the real Dream, as he thought he had gotten rid of the voice, but the voice continued accusing him. It ended the conversation by repeating that it isn't real, and "Dream" disappeared from the cell, along with the voice.

Ranboo began to freak out, the screen wobbling as he tried to reassure himself over and over that he had gotten rid of the voice. The prison crumbled around him, causing him to fall to his death (though this was likely not a real death). The glitching image of Dream's smiley face appeared once again, this time without the crown - though the crown soon flashed on and off screen in Morse code that translates to "NOT FREE YET."[50]

Fourth Memory Book

After his nightmare, Ranboo decided to check the prison and make sure none of it had actually been real. He asked Sam if he could visit, not to see Dream, but just to investigate the inside of the prison. Sam allowed him in, and asked him the introductory questions, but when he got to the question of when Ranboo's last visit was, Ranboo stated that he had never visited before. Since he had actually visited while enderwalking, Sam argued with him over this, eventually concluding that if Ranboo was going to lie about not visiting, then he should leave. Ranboo kept insisting that he never visited, but Sam replied that he had signed forms from Ranboo proving otherwise, and once again told him to leave.

Sam later met up with him again after finding the signed forms he mentioned. They had been erased and rewritten in Ender language, as well as signed under his name, proving to Ranboo that he did indeed visit the prison while enderwalking. Sam tried to ask what Ranboo was doing, but Ranboo repeatedly avoided the question and stated that he couldn't tell Sam what was happening. Ranboo told Sam to never let him into the prison again, to which Sam agreed, and the two ended their conversation.

Ranboo remembered that Sam had apparently allowed him to take a memory book into the prison, and tried to check if he'd written down what he and Dream talked about, but couldn't find anything about it in his three memory books. He realized that his enderwalk state must have had a fourth memory book to write in, and that this book (depending on when it was created) could contain evidence of all of the ways Ranboo has been helping Dream in the past, like blowing up the Community House. He decided that no one else could be allowed to find this book, since if they did, he might be locked up in the prison. He still hasn't found the book, but since no one else knows where it is either, he's currently opted to just not worry about it.

Puffy's visit

On February 8, Ranboo awoke from enderwalking after re-reading the thank-you note left by Dream. Soon after, CaptainPuffy visited Techno's house, having received a note leading to its coordinates and requesting a meeting. Since Puffy is associated with Snowchester, Ranboo started to worry once seeing her that conflict was being brought to his new home, even though he'd moved there specifically to avoid conflict. He wasn't sure who sent the note, but figured that it had to have been either Phil or Techno, meaning one of them was keeping secrets from him, which made him worry even more. He felt defeated that the same things that had happened in L'Manberg were happening again, and realized that he might have to leave the arctic if things got bad enough. However, he quickly avoided this thought and decided to instead focus on building up his shack into a proper house.

Sapnap's message from Dream

When Sapnap met with Dream in prison, Dream mentioned Ranboo, stating that he "doesn't visit anymore," implying that he had visited prior and on multiple occasions during his enderwalking state, before Sam stopped allowing him inside. During Sapnap's visit, Dream asked him to deliver a message to Ranboo, being a simple ":)," which Sapnap agreed to as "it doesn't mean anything."

Sapnap later came to talk to Ranboo at the Community House in order to deliver the message. After being told this message, he immediately went into an enderwalking state, leaving Sapnap confused as to where he had gone. Ranboo later told Sapnap a message himself in Ender, translating to "Doomed are those who try to run, for it always catches up eventually :)."

Blood Vines

Since the beginning, Ranboo had always had somewhat of a dislike towards the Egg, for he didn't understand it and thought the blood vines were annoying because of them getting in the middle of paths. At one point he wanted to see the Egg, but freaked out when he had to go into the holy water, which would've hurt him. He never had much interaction between the Egg and the people controlled by it. He didn't seem affected by the Egg and couldn't hear the Egg's voice, and as such was often the one to cut down vines that grew on paths. The closest he originally got to the Egg was making a hole in the wall with Tubbo to spy on the Egg, and vandalizing it with signs.

When BadBoyHalo brought Techno to see the Egg on February 13, Ranboo knew of its dangers, so he spied on them in the background. He was spotted by a suspicious BadBoyHalo multiple times. Techno went extremely close to the Egg with Bad, and Ranboo watched them from a distance. Eventually Bad caught Ranboo. Techno tried to distract Bad so Ranboo could escape by running away, which didn't work because Ranboo didn't move. Bad made him go near the Egg and even tried to pressure him into getting on it, which he almost did, but Techno and Puffy convinced him not to. Bad eventually gave up on the idea of bringing them to the Egg and trying to instantly make them love it, so he brought them above to his meeting room. He asked what Ranboo wanted to do in regards to the Egg and Ranboo replied "To not get involved," but Bad said that this wasn't what the Egg wanted. Eventually a fight broke out, however it was a three against one, leaving Bad at a disadvantage. While fighting, Bad broke a hole that led to an obsidian trap on top of the Egg, and Ranboo stumbled into it and couldn't escape because he didn't have ender pearls or a trident. In the trap, he seemed to have been finally hearing the Egg, saying "I didn't do that, no. stop, stop. it's telling me...." Techno then threw down his trident and a few ender pearls to save him. After a few throws, Ranboo escaped. However, he was extremely shaken up, apparently so stressed to the point where he forgot everything the Egg said, but he still remembered the events that happened like falling into the hole. Puffy and Techno officially started the resistance against the Eggpire called "Pro-Omelette" which Ranboo seemingly joined.

Puffy bid them farewell and left them to go back. While he and Techno made their way back to his cabin, Ranboo told Techno about the Dream voice and asked about the voices Techno hears, but Techno seemed more focused on the journey and gave simple answers.

Ranboo decided he would confront the Egg after the events of the day. He thought that the Egg must not really be able to control people, and the voice he heard while in the hole trap was just a hallucination. After he entered the Egg room and didn't hear anything, he decided he was right. He then considered destroying the Egg, and concluded that if he did, there were two possible outcomes: it releases everyone under its influence, or it kills everyone under its influence. He knew that he couldn't risk killing anyone, and chose against destroying it. However, before he could leave, the Egg spoke to him and called him a traitor.

Realizing that the voice he heard was real after all, he spoke more to the Egg, mostly threatening it. It continued calling him a traitor, but still began showing signs of influencing him, such as making him repair it after it was blown up by a creeper. Once it told him not to trust himself, Ranboo decided he'd had enough and attempted to destroy it, but every piece he broke only damaged him - enough damage that breaking the entire thing would kill him. He left the room after this and thought more about the Egg. He seemed less worried about it, and responded "eh" when asked by Foolish if he liked it, suggesting that it was starting to control him. However, he ultimately decided he should still destroy it, and later started mining netherite for netherite hoes and pickaxes.

After this encounter, he created a list of things to do, mostly centering around how to make the server peaceful again. He decided he would have to get involved and be on everyone's side again, but this time would try to get everyone to understand each others' sides in a sort of "court" to stop the fighting.

More Enderwalk investigation

On February 15, after creating a secret vault in his basement, Ranboo re-entered his house to find that the to-do list he made earlier had been erased. All of the signs were blank except for "Stop conflict," and a new one had been added that said "Figure out what you dont know :)." This is similar to the overwriting of the first pages in his memory books and was likely done by his enderwalk self.

Seeing this new sign, Ranboo thought about the fourth memory book again, and realized that he wouldn't be able to find it on his own. He needed to find someone trustworthy he could tell about his enderwalk state and about the fourth book, preferably someone who wasn't too involved with conflicts on the server and who had kept secrets of their own. He did not decide on who to ask for help.

On February 21, 2021, TNT was detonated outside Pandora's Vault, causing Tommy to be locked inside while visiting. On February 2, 2022, Dream revealed to Sam that Ranboo was the one responsible for the detonation of the TNT. When Sam asked Dream how he knew what happened, due to him at the time being in the prison, Dream replied, "Probably better you don't know."

At one point on February 22, 2021, Ranboo started to collect seemingly random items and moved them to specific spots in his inventory. The first letter of each item spelled out a message: "HE IS IN CONTROL." After the message was complete, Ranboo was confused about what he'd just done, as if he hadn't been doing it completely consciously. It is currently unclear what this message alludes to.

Bee n' Boo

On February 23, Tubbo and Ranboo decided to get "canonically married." Once Jack Manifold took over the Big Innit Hotel, Tubbo and Ranboo were inspired to start building their own hotel together. They created the base of it near Jack's hotel, making Jack somewhat aggressive towards them for being a business competitor, and Tubbo has returned this aggression by trying to claim ownership of Jack's hotel. However, Ranboo seems mostly passive in the whole conflict, instead opting to just work on construction.

Mourning Tommy

After Tommy's final death on March 1, Ranboo and Tubbo saw the death message in chat, and headed over to the prison to make sure everything was okay. They were met by Awesamdude, who told them that Dream had killed Tommy. Ranboo and Tubbo were both shocked and simply returned to working on construction for Bee n' Boo. While Tubbo was in complete denial of the death, Ranboo did seem to accept it as real, but was having trouble processing it.

On March 2, Ranboo spent time reflecting on Tommy's life, recalling the time he and Tommy burned down George's house, and how that led to Tommy's exile and ultimately his death in Pandora's Vault. While collecting red and white flowers, Ranboo realized that a lot of people either only cared about Tommy after his death or saw it as a cause to celebrate and be relieved. He also talked about how he was one of the only self-aware people on the server, since he was more aware of pain than the others and the pain other people went through. Even if he had made some mistakes, he still blamed the adults on the server for not doing anything.

He planted the flowers in front of Tommy's base and remembered his second day on the server where he gave Tommy an allium. He threw an allium flower on the ground as a tribute to this, talking about how living life in a reactionary way wouldn't make you happy, and said goodbye to Tommy as the flower despawned, adding that he considered Tommy a friend.

He went to talk to Sam in front of the Big Innit Hotel and the Bee n' Boo, and Ranboo blamed Sam for not letting Tommy out of the prison, saying he should have changed the protocol. Sam defended himself by saying he was afraid Dream would threaten Tommy's life in exchange for freedom, and Ranboo agreed with this after some arguing. The two of them ended up deciding they would do their best to investigate the reason for the security issue that caused Tommy to be locked in the prison in the first place, and that they were going to kill the person who was responsible.

Sam then wrote a page in Ranboo's memory book that instructed him to blame Sam for Tommy's death, not himself.

Ranboo went to the prison and stated he had to protect his friends, before returning to the Bee n' Boo and meeting Sam Nook, who remained unaware of Tommy's death. Ranboo decided not to break the news to him, and went to sit on the bench outside Tommy's house before going to Tommy's base and finding the chest full of things from when he and Tommy originally robbed George's house, including the allium flower Ranboo had given Tommy when they had first met. Ranboo realized that despite Tommy having made fun of him for it at the time, he had kept the flower, and it had been important to him.

The Syndicate

On March 6, Ranboo was approached by Technoblade, Phil, and Niki after he was caught trying to listen in to their conversation. They cornered him on the side of the mountain next to his house and asked what he knew about anarchy. After some more questioning, he was given an invitation to join the Syndicate. Ranboo accepted, but then wrote in his memory book that he was only doing this to protect his husband, Tubbo, because he believed they would threaten him.[51] He also did this due to the fact that earlier that day, he had found a note in Tubbo's Snowchester mailbox that made him want to protect Tubbo and Michael even more.[52] He also joined because he generally disliked governments, and liked the idea of not being pressured to join meetings.[53]

At the first meeting, Ranboo revealed to the group that Tommy had died, with the group replying that they either didn't believe it, or didn't care. They then discussed topics like The Egg and Snowchester. After Technoblade suggested they visit Snowchester, Ranboo pulled Phil aside to express his worry about Technoblade seeing his adopted son, MICHAEL, who lives in Snowchester in Tubbo's house. Phil agreed to help keep Technoblade away from the child.

At Snowchester, Ranboo got rid of the ladders leading to MICHAEL, and whispered to Tubbo some hints on what not to say. This kept his marriage and child a secret to everyone in the group but Phil, who had been told about it the day before.

Keeping Michael Safe

On March 8, 2021, CaptainPuffy had an idea of giving MICHAEL a zombie piglin friend named MICHELLE. Sam eventually heard of this plan and had the idea of taking the real MICHAEL, hiding him and placing a 'clone' of MICHAEL in his place. Eventually killing the clone in front of Ranboo and Tubbo.

When Puffy and Sam got near Tubbo and Ranboo's home, they logged on and both told them to leave. Both Sam and Puffy left until Sam and BadBoyHalo came up with a plan to drop this MICHELLE from the roof. Puffy noticeably was feeling guilty for the trouble she was causing towards the family so she backed out and tried convincing Sam and Bad to do the same.

Sam argued with Ranboo, trying to persuade him to let MICHELLE into the house. Ranboo exclaims that "This is all I can have, I can't risk anything." He then takes jabs at the recent handling of the recent death of Tommy in the prison. Sam and Bad decide to do it anyway, as MICHELLE is on the roof, Ranboo begins firing shots at them as he sees them as a danger to MICHAEL.

Sam eventually gives up and brings MICHELLE to the house next to them. MICHELLE's origins are unknown.

Tommy's revival

When Tommy was revived and let out of the prison, Ranboo was glad to see him back, albeit confused. He tried his best to treat Tommy normally and be respectful of him, even giving him another allium, although Tommy burned it. Tommy felt betrayed that Tubbo had apparently replaced him with Ranboo as his best friend.

Later, Ranboo reflected on the situation and found himself wandering towards a portal in the Nether - specifically, the one leading to Dream's lair from the Disc Confrontation. When he entered the room, he had no memory of what it was (even less than he normally remembers); however, he soon began hearing the voices of people who had been in the confrontation, and was gradually able to recall the events. He realized that the entire Disc Confrontation had happened while he was in his enderwalk state, which was why he had more trouble remembering it. Seeing how much the state had apparently done already, Ranboo worried about what his enderwalk state might do in the future, not wanting to hurt his friends or MICHAEL.

Having regained this memory, Ranboo also now remembered what Dream had said during the confrontation about being able to revive people, and now knew that Dream must have been the one to bring Tommy back. Thinking more about the implications of death being impermanent, he decided that it wasn't worth being able to bring back the "good guys" if the "bad guys" could just come back as well. He concluded that they had to kill Dream as soon as possible or else they would never be able to get rid of the "villains in this story."

Ranboo wasn't sure how to go about defeating Dream, but spent the rest of the day gathering resources and preparations regardless. He thought about training under Technoblade and Phil, as well as getting Tommy's help, since Tommy was one of the only people who ever fought against Dream. He also said that since he still had three lives, he could "afford to be reckless."

Acquiring wealth

Within some of his non-lore streams in this time, Ranboo worked on gathering lots of resources in order to become the "wealthiest person on the server." He managed to collect a full chest of emerald block stacks, using string from the spider XP farms and sticks from trees he has chopped down to trade with fletcher villagers.

Ranboo also began traveling the server for unexplored Woodland mansions to fill up a barrel of Totems of Undying. He completed this in the early hours of April 10, 2021, and along with the totems he keeps on the wall of his vault for decoration, and the couple he keeps spare in his enderchest, Ranboo now owns over 40 totems of undying, the most on the server.

Easter wealth

While grinding for his villager trades to acquire the wealth, Ranboo and Wilbur Soot named a small white rabbit "Avondeten", meaning 'dinner' or 'evening meal' in Dutch. The rabbit stayed tied to a fencepost in Ranboo's house as he continued grinding and Wilbur left the call. Later, someone in Ranboo's chat pointed out the date, informing Ranboo that he and Wilbur had in fact named a rabbit 'evening meal' on Easter.


In addition to his quests for wealth, at some point before April 23, Ranboo started conducting "experiments" on himself to control his enderwalk state. The methods of these experiments are unknown, as well as the exact effects, but some side effects have been shown, such as him relearning the Ender language and him being able to communicate with his ender particles better. Ranboo has also stated that the experiments frighten him, but do not hurt him.[54] He keeps track of the experiments in a book of which only one page has been shown on stream.[38][55]

Ranboo has told Phil about these experiments, but not their purpose; Phil currently believes they are only intended for Ranboo to build up resistance to water.


On April 23, Ranboo awoke in MICHAEL's room and went to meet with Foolish about the progress of the mansion. During their meeting, Foolish thanked Ranboo for making a deal about a "green cardboard box" (likely referring to their agreement over the lime green Shulker box), though Ranboo did not appear to know what Foolish was talking about. Ranboo then recalled a phrase - "Lesson 14: If you have the opportunity to gain a favor, take it." He had no idea where this phrase had come from and started to panic, quickly excusing himself from the meeting with Foolish.

Ranboo tried to think over what had happened, but then remembered another lesson, "Lesson 27," and started panicking once again. Though he at first tried to calm himself by blaming these sudden memories on exhaustion or hunger, he knew that they must be side effects of his enderwalk experiments. He decided that he had to confide in someone to get help, but was soon met with yet another lesson, "Lesson 53: Never fully trust anyone" and changed his mind. He scolded himself for provoking his enderwalk state again when he had been living peacefully.

While Ranboo had only recalled the other lessons as out-of-context phrases, the next lesson "Lesson 94: DO NOT LET THEM KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE" appeared differently. Ranboo remembered it written on a page of a book. He realized after this that these lessons must be excerpts from the fourth memory book, and hurried to the prison, where he asked Sam to let him inside - not as a visitor, but as an inmate. Sam reassured Ranboo that he didn't deserve this, but Ranboo kept insisting he did; however, when he tried to tell Sam what he'd done, he was physically unable to do so because of Lesson 94. When Sam kept refusing, Ranboo begged to be locked in, even going as far as to threaten breaking in and trapping himself, but eventually he backed down and returned to his house in the arctic.

Unable to confide in anyone else, Ranboo turned to himself for answers. He left a question for himself in his memory book - "What am I?" - then created a splash-potion water bottle and splashed it on himself, triggering his enderwalk state. (He later confirmed that the state was triggered by the fear of being hurt by the water, although the water did not actually hurt him as he was wearing armor.[30])

Red Banquet

On the day of the Red Banquet, although he had not been invited, Ranboo was spotted hiding in the background wearing what seemed to be a blindfold and black cloak. He was not seen by any of the attendees. When he streamed later that day, he collected a series of items which spelled out "I WON" in his inventory (using an Eye of Ender as "I"); he also was missing his memory book and did not remember spying at the Banquet. The meaning of the inventory message is unknown, though it was most likely written by Ranboo's enderwalk self, as he did not seem consciously aware of it.


On April 28, while Ranboo was gathering potions, he accidentally created a set of splash water bottles, making him abruptly remember what had happened a few days ago. Philza (having apparently been told something about the experiments) entered Ranboo's basement and quickly got rid of the water bottles to make sure Ranboo was safe. After Phil left, Ranboo checked his memory book to see if he had gotten an answer from himself, and found the following message left by his enderwalk state:

"I am someone who stops conflict. I need to make sure that if any conflict arises to try and help in any way possible. MAKE SURE THAT EVERYONE IS SAFE. STOP CONFLICT. MAKE THE SERVER BETTER. This is what I need to do. Trust me."

Ranboo was glad to see that the state was communicating with him, although he did not understand what the message meant as he didn't think there was currently conflict on the server. Still, since it was apparently important, he decided that he would try his best to stop any conflict that did arise. He then went to collect more totems of undying for Tubbo as a way to distract himself, and gifted a totem to Phil as thanks for helping him.

Wilbur's revival

Ranboo was involved with Tubbo, Tommy and Ghostbur in an attempt to break into the prison and kill Dream. After exchanging a bunch of words about Ranboo's eyes, Tommy told everyone the plan. Ranboo gave Tommy the potions of Invisibility and Fire Resistance that he needed for sneaking past Warden Awesamdude and getting through the security system. Tommy explained his plan of using Ghostbur to sneak in as no one would expect Ghostbur to have some sort of malicious intent of breaking into the Prison. After finalizing their new plan, Ranboo and Tubbo waited for Tommy and Ghostbur to return after killing Dream.

After Tommy came out of the prison, Ranboo and Tubbo were confused because Ghostbur was not with him. Tommy said that he had died in the prison, which left them even more confused as they didn't understand how a ghost could die. Tommy then explained how Dream had used the revival book to bring Wilbur back to life. Ranboo was in disbelief that Wilbur was back and wished to know more about what happened. Tommy tried to explain how it happened, but ultimately ended up snapping at Ranboo for being "unempathetic" (probably due to Tommy's collapsing mental state). Ranboo mentioned how they were friends, which only further aggravated Tommy.

Knowing there was only one way to know for sure, Tommy brought Ranboo and Tubbo to L'Manberg where he was sure Wilbur would be now that he was resurrected. Once they arrived, they found Wilbur at his grave. Here Ranboo first got to see what Wilbur was like, how he had laughed when he saw L'Manberg's destruction and he wasn't impressed. Ranboo didn't speak much, but once Wilbur had left, Ranboo showed how angry he was when he asked Tommy what the hell he did.

Soon after Ranboo went to his enderman council, and, due to his ender powers allowing him to remember how to speak ender again, he was able to ask the council to spy on Wilbur, to see why he had come back and what he was doing at all times. He built an obsidian "mailbox" of sorts near his house for the council to leave letters in.

The lab

While out mining on May 21, Ranboo stumbled upon a stronghold inside a cave, making this the second time he'd found one by accident (the first being the Syndicate's base). He was confused as to how he kept finding strongholds, but quickly located the portal room after gathering some infested stone. Though he did not know what the end portal was, he saw it was similar to the Syndicate's table, and realized that the Eye of Ender in one of the frames looked much like his own eyes. He thought about making the room into a lab for his enderwalk experiments, as he "felt alright" there, then left for home shortly after, recording his findings in his memory book and deciding to ask Phil about it later.

His ender particles argued with him for a while afterward trying to convince him to lick the table (which Ranboo repeatedly denied). He talked with them about the experiments, stating that he believed they were helpful even if the particles did not like them. He also briefly mentioned a book where he records notes from his experiments.

On May 22, Ranboo returned to the stronghold to make the lab. He discussed his views on the enderwalk state, saying that though he wanted to get rid of it before, he now thought of it as a good thing due to its abilities. He planned to use the experiments to uncover more of these abilities, or perhaps even fix his memory. Once his new experiment was ready, though, he started having second thoughts.

He revealed that the experiments were never just for testing on the enderwalk, but to find a permanent solution, which he had found and written in his experiment book a while ago - he would use a dispenser to shoot himself with an arrow, forcing himself to teleport, which would trap him in a tank of water. However, he now had realized that the enderwalk state wasn't some other version of him, but simply what he is like with all of his memories; he wasn't sure anymore if he wanted to get rid of it. He considered the two possible outcomes of his solution: eliminating the enderwalk state and its memories completely, or becoming permanently stuck in enderwalk. Eventually, chose not to risk it, blocking off the portal room and deciding to only use it as a last resort. He dispelled his ender particles with a clap and returned home. (presumably)

Las Nevadas and the cookie outpost

On June 18, 2021, Ranboo assisted Tubbo in expanding the walls of a cookie outpost Tubbo had constructed just outside the entrance of Quackity's nation, Las Nevadas. Quackity countered this by building a wall of his own and confronting Tubbo. He was upset that Tubbo was encroaching on his land with the cookie outpost, and argued that the walls were clearly a show of hostility. While Tubbo and Quackity continued to argue over the walls, Ranboo stayed with Foolish and Purpled, and the three had a friendly interaction silently trading items and adopting two red sheep.

Tubbo and Ranboo returned to the outpost after the meeting was concluded. Overlooking Las Nevadas and listening to the disc Mall, Tubbo told Ranboo about his execution at the Manberg Festival, and also mentioned Quackity's wish to execute Ranboo himself at the Green Festival. Ranboo was upset with Quackity for wanting to execute him and for aiding in Tubbo's execution, but stated that he did not blame Quackity that much, as the L'Manberg era was stressful for everyone. Later, Ranboo also claimed that he had conflicting feelings toward Technoblade due to his role in Tubbo's execution.

He started building a farm behind the wall expansion of the outpost, but was distracted by an explosion within the walls. Upon investigating, he discovered Slimecicle spying on him from just outside the lava door. Slime claimed to have never seen Ranboo before at any past event, and mistook Ranboo's assurances that he was not human to mean that he was a slime as well, though Ranboo soon informed Slime that he was just half-enderman. Ranboo attempted to teach Slime about friendship, gifts, and free will, to mixed results. Slime left after remembering that he was meant to be Tommy's prisoner. After their interaction, Ranboo stated that he wanted to protect Slimecicle due to seeing himself in him (a new member of the server that doesn't stick up for themselves and often gets dragged into conflicts), and hoped Slime would be able to learn free will.

Shortly after, Ranboo left a gift of diamond boots and cookies for Quackity as a peace offering. Quackity confronted Ranboo about the gift and a farm he had built behind the wall that had initiated the conflict. Though Quackity wanted the cookie outpost to be completely removed, he offered a "compromise" of Ranboo and Tubbo simply taking down the wall. Ranboo and Quackity ended the discussion and went their own ways, but not long after, Quackity returned to talk with Ranboo, this time bringing Foolish along. Foolish seemed to be completely on Quackity's side, which Ranboo felt somewhat betrayed by. Ranboo was confused about their concerns, not understanding why their outpost wasn't allowed, but nonetheless agreed to discuss taking down the wall expansion with Tubbo.

Afterward, Ranboo thought more about the conflict. He felt that the outpost's walls were now proven justified, as Quackity had invaded the outpost and threatened them, though he soon began to wonder if he and Tubbo were actually in the wrong. He regretted getting involved in the dispute in the first place, not wanting any war to happen again.

End City build

On July 18, 2021, Ranboo set to work on a new building project that he would build on top of the obsidian grid above L'Manberg's ruins. His plan for the project, which he shared with his ender particles, looked remarkably similar to an End City; however, he repeatedly insisted that he did not know what an End City was. Once he had started, the structure indeed seemed to be an End City tower, though built out of cobblestone rather than End materials. He paused construction once his pickaxes were low on durability, but continued to work on the build in subsequent streams by adding more towers and bridges.

Establishing Paradise Burgers

On July 25, 2021, Wilbur came up with the idea of creating his own burger business, and sought out someone to help him with the project. After some convincing from Philza, Wilbur met with Ranboo awkwardly, raising his idea of creating a burger van together and offering a tentative friendship. Ranboo agreed and they both set off to investigate Las Nevadas. Upon their arrival, Wilbur criticized the city's lifelessness and lack of care for customers before redirecting Ranboo towards what would be their own land. The two began working on the burger van's construction together and discussing names and plans for their business, with Wilbur initially proposing the name Paradise.

During construction, Wilbur asked why Ranboo had come to help him. Ranboo responded that he didn't think Wilbur was that bad - he stated that while he believed the "older" Wilbur was a bad person, everyone could change, and he was hopeful Wilbur had improved (and could still improve). This response seemed to genuinely catch Wilbur by surprise, and he had to stop to wipe tears away before turning and being honest, describing how he thinks people are scared of him. Wilbur commented on Ranboo's perspective, drawing parallels between their anxious nature. However, he soon agreed not to psychoanalyze Ranboo further and they both continued working.

Wilbur later halted Ranboo's construction and led him back to the Las Nevadas burger shop, where he encouraged Ranboo to break some windows and light a piece of TNT in order to prove his trust. Ranboo was very concerned throughout the whole process, asking Wilbur whether he was sure that this wouldn't do permanent damage to the building, but after some hesitation he finally agreed to light the TNT. Wilbur showed pride in Ranboo for proving he could take a side, but this only seemed to make Ranboo more anxious and ashamed. Wilbur then allowed Ranboo to leave and left a sign in the wreckage stating who was responsible for the explosion, solidifying Ranboo's involvement in this new conflict.

Continuing Paradise Burgers

TBA: August 3, August 4

Hitting on 16

It is important to note that, as a result of meta issues revolving the Dream SMP writing, Hitting on 16 - a short story published by Wilbur and approved by all appearing characters - is a canon divergence of sorts. It is up to audience interpretation.

During the events of Arc 2: Horseplay, Ranboo was working at the Burger Van with Wilbur. Finding himself on the outskirts, Ranboo met up with Tubbo and spoke to him about hanging out and having dinner together. Ranboo claims he is uncertain on the prospect but will ask Wilbur, where Tubbo interjects and says they'll eat across the borders. The two of them eat together and part ways, and Ranboo finds Wilbur at the van. Wilbur asks him to partake in a heist on Las Nevadas, planning to steal the horse Boner from Quackity and kill him in front of him. The plan pans out well, though Ranboo expresses distaste to the plan throughout.

Tubbo finds Ranboo with the horse, and questions him. The two get into an argument, where Ranboo begs Tubbo to not tell Quackity about their heist. Tubbo runs off and Wilbur applauds Ranboo for standing his ground.

During Act 3: Hitting on 16, Wilbur and Ranboo begin setting up the trap for Boner, complete with TNT. Wilbur suggests for Ranboo to hide in a portion of the cave, which Ranboo declines for fear of the TNT. Wilbur requests from him a lemonade and a first edition Wilburger, and Ranboo leaves the viewing bay. Wilbur explains the plan to Ranboo as they approach the casino, where Wilbur tries to cheer him up despite his anxiety and uncertainty. The two of them meet Quackity, and take him to the trap. Ranboo is silent throughout the walk, staying to Quackity's side.

However, when the lights turn on and the trio see Tubbo on the pressure plate instead of Boner, Ranboo watches as Quackity and Wilbur begin to fight to try and save Tubbo. Ranboo takes action and leaves the viewing platform, digging through the top of the cave and moving into the room Tubbo was in. He puts his foot on the pressure plate and lets Tubbo escape, claiming he has a way to defuse the bomb. Ranboo takes his foot off the platform, and is blown up by the TNT.

Legacy Arc

Prison Break and Death

On November 27, 2021, Ranboo was imprisoned by Sam for an unknown reason. He was held in one of Pandora's Vault's lower-security cells for the next day, next to Connor's cell. As Technoblade had already been planning to break Dream out of the prison, he decided to rescue Ranboo as well.

On November 28, 2021, Techno, Philza, and Nihachu carried out their prison break plan. Techno released Dream and, despite Dream's insistence that they leave Ranboo behind, circled back to release Ranboo (and Connor). The group managed to escape the prison, but were held up when Awesamdude caught up to them outside. Sam told Ranboo that he had kidnapped MICHAEL, and he threatened to harm MICHAEL unless Ranboo complied with him. Ranboo agreed to remove his armor and was taken hostage by Sam; now defenseless, Ranboo was killed by Sam, losing his final life. Before his death, however, Ranboo gave a picture of MICHAEL to Technoblade.



Shortly after his death, Ranboo re-appeared as a ghost with a new name: "Boo." According to Boo, Ranboo's soul and mind were split upon death; his soul was sent to limbo, while his mind remained in the living world in the form of Boo. Being Ranboo's mind, Boo cannot feel emotions, and his emotions are instead felt by Ranboo's soul in the afterlife. If the soul "feels too much," it will completely fade away and Ranboo will never be able to be revived.[56][57]

In his afterlife, Ranboo has been contacting Boo by writing in a "Do not read" book that the two share.[58]

All that has been shown of Ranboo's limbo is a dark, endless pool of water with a single grass block platform, stars in the sky, and a book and quill, likely the one that he uses to contact Boo. Ranboo also described hearing words that people in the living world are saying about him.

Enderwalk ARG

On March 16, 2021, Ranboo launched the Enderwalk ARG for his community to play along and solve using clues given across any platform that Ranboo has an account on. A summary document of what's been revealed so far can be found here, compiled & written by Axwtumn (part of Ranboo's staff) and edited by Kuttanii.

Descendants of Ranboo

During Tales from the SMP: The Lost City of Mizu, it was revealed that Ranboo had created an underwater city sometime during his lifetime, where he spent the rest of the days along with many other members. Although it was eventually abandoned and lost, Ranboo had children at some point during this time in Mizu, which eventually left the only remaining inhabitant of Mizu, Ranbob.

Ranboo mentioned on January 26, 2021, that he wanted to make an underwater city at some point in the future, foreshadowing the creation of Mizu.[59]


Personal items
Name Notes
Book and Quill.png Memory Book A notebook in which he wrote about the things that are happening in the Dream SMP. It was used as a decoy with fake or half-truthful memories, while "Do not read" holds actual things Ranboo doesn't want to forget. He lost this decoy notebook after dying in lava in Church Prime after Skeppy poured lava on him. He later recreated it, but eventually stopped updating it after he left L'Manberg.
Book and Quill.png Do not read "Do not read" is the notebook in which Ranboo writes things that he actually does not want to forget, among which are his allegiances, actions, and secrets or things he knows. The book was used to out him as a "traitor" to L'Manberg when it was stolen by Dream and replaced with an identically-named one shortly before the Green Festival. He eventually recovered the book, after it was passed to Tubbo, Quackity, and then finally picked up by Technoblade, who handed it back to him later.
Book and Quill.png Do not read #2 Another one of Ranboo's memory books, this book was first used as a decoy during his time in L'Manberg to hide the existence of his actual memory book. At one point, it was burned by Skeppy's sister while she was playing on his account, but was later rewritten. Later, Ranboo switched to using this as his actual memory book, up until the Disc Confrontation.
Book and Quill.png Do not read #3 Ranboo's third and currently in-use memory book. He started writing in it after the events of the Disc Confrontation.
Book and Quill.png Fourth Memory Book Another memory book that Ranboo apparently owns. He does not know where it currently is, and it is apparently written during his Enderwalk state. He wants to find and destroy it after the events of April 23, 2021.
Book and Quill.png ⟒⌖⌿⟒⍀⟟⋔⟒⋏⏁ ⌰⍜☌ The book Ranboo uses to keep track of his "experiment log". He stated that he does not let his ender particles see the book, whose existence was revealed on May 21, 2021,[38] but despite this, page 1 was shown on May 22, 2021.[55]
Paper.png Thanks :) A note left by Dream to thank Ranboo for taking care of one of the discs. The note appeared in the chest Ranboo had found Tommy's disc Cat in one day prior, and was the only thing left in the chest. It is currently stored in Ranboo's basement.
Swiftness potion.gif The Chat Annoyer A potion that repeatedly plays the drinking sound when used. Ranboo uses it when his stream chat is misbehaving. He also has more versions of the Chat Annoyer that are different types of potions.
Cake item.png Infinity Cake Because of Ranboo's ability to pick up items other characters can't, Ranboo figures out that he can pick up a partially-eaten cake as a full cake, which essentially allows him to "create matter" and have an infinite food source. Ranboo doesn't plan on using this often, however, as he quickly realized that cake has a very low saturation value.
Enchanted Golden Apple.gif Rapple Starting on January 13, Ranboo searched for a god apple on the server, looting desert temples, mineshafts, ruined portals, and bastions thousands of blocks from spawn. He finally found one on February 12 in a ruined portal chest and named it Rapple. It was later given to Tommy on November 28 by Ranboo's ghost counterpart Boo. Not long after, on December 4, it was burned by Philza.
Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif A little off-camera grinding Sharpness V, Fire Aspect II, Sweeping Edge III, Looting III, Knockback II, Unbreaking III, Mending

The name is a play on the fact that YouTubers/streamers sometimes make absurd amounts of progress while not streaming/recording and then show these to the audience while stating they've done "a little off-camera grinding." The sword was destroyed by a creeper in the entrance to Pandora's Vault after Ranboo threw it on the ground by accident.

Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif Blockbeard's Sword Fire Aspect II, Knockback II, Looting III, Sharpness V, Mending, Sweeping Edge III, Unbreaking III

Supposedly the best possible sword on the server. Created and enchanted by BadBoyHalo, Ranboo won it after participating in The Beach Episode. This was Ranboo's primary sword after he lost A little off-camera grinding until he made Ranord.

Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif Ranord Fire Aspect II, Knockback II, Looting III, Mending, Sharpness V, Sweeping Edge III, Unbreaking III

A maxed out sword made by Ranboo off stream. It is currently his primary sword.

Enchanted Netherite Pickaxe.gif Pickboo Efficiency V, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III, Mending

The original Pickboo was in the possession of Tubbo until it is assumed to have been accidentally blown up by Tommy on May 7, 2021. Ranboo then made a second one for himself, so there are currently two separate Pickboos on the server.

Enchanted Netherite Pickaxe.gif Pickaboo Efficiency V, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III, Mending
Enchanted Netherite Pickaxe.gif I am picky Efficiency V, Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Mending
Enchanted Netherite Pickaxe.gif Pick and choose Efficiency V, Fortune III, Mending, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Netherite Axe.gif I must AXE you something Efficiency V, Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Mending
Enchanted Netherite Axe.gif Dat AXE Tho Efficiency V, Sharpness V, Unbreaking III, Mending
Enchanted Netherite Axe.gif I cant think of any more axe puns Efficiency V, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III, Mending

Named due to Ranboo's nature of naming his tools after puns.

Enchanted Netherite Axe.gif Axe of Ender Efficiency V, Fortune III, Sharpness V, Unbreaking III, Mending

Ranboo's fourth axe, mainly for combat. It seems to have special properties, as when Phil tried to wield it, he described it as taking all his energy to swing and making him feel cold.[60] Ranboo has also stated that the axe feels lighter the closer he gets to an end portal, despite it usually being rather heavy.[61] However, it does not feel this way near the Syndicate table, perhaps because this portal was built around.[62]

Enchanted Netherite Axe.gif ⏃⌖⟒ ⍜⎎ ⏁⊑⟒ ⟒⋏⎅ Sharpness V, Unbreaking III, Mending

An axe gifted to Ranboo by the Council on June 9, 2021.[63] The name translates to "Axe of The End".

Enchanted Netherite Shovel.gif Ace of Spades Efficiency V; Fortune III; Unbreaking III, Mending

Named as a pun on the playing card ace of spades.

Enchanted Netherite Shovel.gif Darth Spader Efficiency V, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III, Mending

Named as a pun on Darth Vader from the "Star Wars" franchise.

Enchanted Netherite Shovel.gif What's the scoop? Efficiency V, Fortune III, Mending, Unbreaking III

Named as a pun on the idiom "the scoop", meaning information on something currently topical.

Enchanted Trident Item.gif Tridenté Riptide III, Impaling V, Unbreaking III, Mending
Enchanted Trident Item.gif Pisseidon Channeling, Impaling V, Loyalty III, Unbreaking III, Mending
Enchanted netherite hoe.gif Ranhoe Efficiency V, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III, Mending
Enchanted netherite hoe.gif Hoeboo Efficiency V, Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Mending

Currently in Tubbo's possession. It is assumed to have been accidentally blown up by Tommy on May 7, 2021.

Enchanted netherite hoe.gif Tubhoe Efficiency V, Fortune III, Mending, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Bow.gif Healbow Mending, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Netherite Helmet Item.gif Ranmlet Aqua Affinity, Mending, Protection IV, Respiration III, Thorns III, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Netherite Chestplate Item.gif Ranchest Mending, Protection IV, Thorns III, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Netherite Leggings Item.gif RANPANTS Mending, Protection IV, Thorns III, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Netherite Boots Item.gif Ranboots Depth Strider III, Feather Falling IV, Mending, Protection IV, Soul Speed III, Thorns III, Unbreaking III
Shield.png Endershield Mending, Unbreaking III
Bedrock.png Bedrock Obtained from Drista when she logged into the server on Dream's account and went into creative mode.
Spawner.png Spawners Several spawners obtained by having silk touch hands.
Potion of Luck.png Main Character Energy A splash potion of luck given to Ranboo by Drista during her fourth visit to the SMP. Ranboo presumably received the potion when on the barrier block stairway, as Tommy was seen with the luck effect when at the top of the staircase in his video of the visit.[64]
Totem of Undying JE2 BE2.png Totems of Undying Over 40 totems of undying collected by Ranboo. Some of them have been given away, but most are still stored inside his vault.


Name Status Residence Notes
Chicken Jockey Zombie.png Jonald Deceased L'Manberg A baby zombie riding a chicken. Died by a combination of suffocation and Ranboo's thorns armor. Lived about 25 minutes, and currently has a grave. During Doomsday, he picked his remains from the grave during the TNT Shower, but later placed them back as the grave hadn't been damaged.
Siamese Cat.png Jjjjjjjjeffrey Deceased Ranboo's house Ranboo's first cat. He had a blue collar. He also survived the Doomsday War, and was previously in the Panic Room, but was moved to Ranboo's Shack. Killed By Ranboo accidentally whilst trying to kill a zombie.
Black Cat.png Enderchest Alive Ranboo's house Tamed after killing a witch on an exploration trip. Used to be stuck inside a chest. Has a red collar. Survived the Doomsday War. Was previously in the Panic Room, but was moved to Ranboo's Shack.
Black Cat.png Enderpearl Alive Ranboo's house Ranboo's cat, who is the child of Enderchest and Jjjjjjjjeffrey. Survived the Doomsday War. Was previously in the Panic Room, but was moved to Ranboo's Shack with some difficulty.
Bee.png Mr. Buzzy Deceased L'Manberg Left in Ranboo's former L'Manberg residence, was killed during the Doomsday War.
Bat.png Batthew Alive L'Manberg A shared pet bat between Ranboo, Tommy, Connor, and Sapnap. The first home was on the obsidian wall of L'Manberg, but was set free after Dream took down the walls. After being set free by Dream, Ranboo spent half an hour trying to recapture Batthew, for Bad to eventually capture it.
Skeleton Horse.png Ranbone Deceased L'Manberg Ranboo's skeleton horse. Left in Ranboo's former L'Manberg home, was killed during the Doomsday War.
Tamed Wolf Red.png Dogboo Alive Ranboo’s house Ranboo's dog. Ranboo placed the dog and his cats in the Panic Room, and later moved them to his house in the arctic north.
Black and White Rabbit.png Ranbun Alive Ranboo's house A black-and-white rabbit found by Ranboo after he moved in near Technoblade's cabin. He stated that he kept the rabbit because it looked like him.
White Rabbit.png Unnamed rabbit Deceased Ranboo's house A white bunny with red eyes. It died from fall damage by falling down a hill.
Cyan Parrot.png Ranbirb Deceased Ranboo's house Ranboo's cyan parrot. Tamed in the jungle while Ranboo was hunting for an Enchanted Golden Apple. It was later blown up by a creeper on stream.
Red Parrot.png Ranbird Alive Ranboo's house Ranboo's red parrot. Tamed in the jungle while Ranboo was hunting for an Enchanted Golden Apple.
Cow.png Ranmoo Unknown Ranboo's house Ranboo's cow. Ranboo had grown closer to his cow due to several of his pets dying, but it later went missing. Ranboo decided to name a polar bear in honor of this cow later on.
Black Sheep JE4.png Ramboo Alive Ranboo's house A black sheep gifted to Ranboo by CaptainPuffy on February 13. She tried to bring him another white sheep as well (named Lamboo), but it died on the journey to his house.
Skeleton Horse.png Skellyboo Alive Ranboo's house One of Ranboo's skeleton horses.
Tamed Wolf Red.png LeaFrostFern Alive Technoblade's cabin The only member of the Hound Army that belongs to Ranboo. Formerly named Noah.
Polar Bear.png Ranmoo Alive Ranboo's house A polar bear that Ranboo found outside his house. He named it in honor of his cow Ranmoo, as well as because of a spare Ranmoo nametag he had.
Iron Golem.png Iron Miley Cyrus (1 & 2) Unknown Unknown Two iron golems Ranboo brought to his base. They went missing the day after he found them.
Pig.png Nicholas Alive Ranboo's house A pig generated from a spawner that Ranboo uses to get Twitch primes. Nicholas is said to be dating Drip Llama. Despite the spawned pigs sometimes disappearing, Ranboo has stated that all of the pigs from the spawner are Nicholas.
Pig.png Isaac Alive Ranboo's house One of the pigs from the spawner, supposedly an instance of Nicholas, named by Tubbo.
Pig.png Percy Alive Snowchester A pig under MICHAEL's room. Ranboo found him outside in Snowchester, and he was named by Tubbo.
Purple Carpeted Llama.png Drip Llama Alive Ranboo's house A llama found by Ranboo that he decided to take to his base. Along with Nicholas, he is declared "keeper of the primes." Drip Llama was originally found wearing a green carpet, but Ranboo has since replaced it with a purple carpet to give it an enderman logo. It is said that Drip Llama is dating Nicholas the pig.

(Note: Drip Llama is white, rather than brown as depicted in the image.)

White Rabbit.png Avondeten Deceased Technoblade's cabin A white rabbit found by Ranboo after successfully filling his Emerald Chest. Avondeten translates to "evening meal" or "supper" in Dutch, and was suggested as a name by Wilbur. Ironically, Avondeten was adopted on Easter Sunday. He died later the same day to unknown circumstances, and Ranboo placed his corpse on an item frame.

On April 7, Wilbur (out of character) took the corpse of Avondeten from Ranboo's house and declared a funeral, with Fundy as the Dutch translator in commemoration of Avondeten's native language. After the ceremony, Wilbur ate the remains of Avondeten, permanently laying him to rest.

Wither.png Logan Supposedly has infinite canon lives Ranboo's mine A wither that Ranboo used for mining on April 12. After his chat wanted to keep it, Ranboo decided that every time he spawns a wither for mining, it is the same Logan, as Logan supposedly has infinite canon lives.
Enderman.png Base endermen Several casualties Ranboo's house Several unnamed endermen that live inside Ranboo's basement.
Black and White Rabbit.png Unnamed rabbit Alive Ranboo's house A black-and-white rabbit that was found inside Ranboo's basement.


Name Status Residence Notes
Alive (Chicken died but later replaced) Snowchester Ranboo and Tubbo's adopted son. They found him on December 1st, while gathering materials for the meeting room, and put him in a hole promising to come back and save him later. They eventually rescued MICHAEL as a date on Valentine's day, but during the journey, the original chicken that MICHAEL was riding on burned in lava. He currently lives in Snowchester with a new replacement chicken and his own room.

Ranboo and Tubbo declared MICHAEL as their adoptive son on February 23 after joking about being "canonically married."


Relationships with members
Name Notes
Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
After hearing of Tommy's demise in the prison, Ranboo blamed Sam for not getting Tommy out in time and confronted him on the prime path beside the Big Innit Hotel. Sam then apologized, stating that he couldn't do anything, as it was against the Prison's protocol. Ranboo defended his case and told Sam that he could've at least let Tommy out. Sam then saw the flaw and said that Dream laughed when he killed Tommy. Ranboo, disgusted by Dream's actions and Sam's actions was frustrated. Sam then asked for his Memory Book, to which Ranboo hesitated, but complied. Sam then wrote that it was not Ranboo's fault that Tommy died on the last page of the Memory Book and gave it back to Ranboo.

When Sam tried to bring Michelle into MICHAEL's room with Puffy and Eret, Ranboo refused. Telling them to stop and to leave MICHAEL alone with him. Ranboo stared through the window of MICHAEL's room, saying to never get near him as MICHAEL was all he had. Sam then threatened Ranboo which got him into a bigger panic, telling them to stop and tried to kill Michelle when the little piglin was on the roof, in which his arrows hit Sam and Puffy who were trying to protect Michelle.

Ranboo begged Sam to lock him in the prison even threatening to try and do it himself but Sam repeatedly told him that he was a good person who had done nothing wrong. Sam kept his promise to not let Ranboo in the prison, but Ranboo still believes that he should be locked up, leaving their relationship on the more negative side.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
BadBoyHalo and Ranboo have helped each other numerous times on some occasions. BadBoyHalo has expressed his joy of having another member who doesn't swear on Dream SMP.

After Doomsday, Bad became fully corrupted by the Egg. He planted vines in the middle of the hole of L'Manberg, and spread Eggpire propaganda all around the server. Ranboo didn't like this cultish idea, and put up signs on the pictures with humorous messages about the Egg being weird, or simply messing up the propaganda posters. Ranboo tries to stay away from Bad because he doesn't want to be near the Egg.

When Bad came to Techno's cabin, Ranboo hid from him, but followed the two all the way to the Egg to make sure Techno was alright. Bad suspected that Ranboo was following but Techno repeatedly denied his suspicions. Eventually Bad saw Ranboo, and brought him to see the Egg up close. He tried to convince Ranboo to touch the Egg, though Techno and Puffy were able to convince Ranboo not to. A fight later broke out and Bad opened the hole to the Egg, which Ranboo fell into. Bad was happy that Ranboo fell in, while Ranboo was extremely shaken up because of Bad's actions. He was so stressed that he seemed to forget most of the event afterward.

Ranboo, presumably in his enderwalk state, received secret maps from Bad as part of Dream's plans. It is possible this indicates they have a somewhat trusting/collaborative relationship when Ranboo is in his enderwalk state and Bad is not under the influence of the egg.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Ranboo and Fundy attempted to scam Niki and Puffy out of their shop, but ended up compromising. Ranboo also has however, been a bit mad at Puffy due to her actions. He doesn't like that Puffy came to where Techno, Phil, and he lived.

When Ranboo was being pressured by Bad about the Egg, Puffy tried to get Bad to stop pressuring him. Techno and Puffy also confronted Bad about trying to force a child into a hole with an Egg that brainwashes people. After all the chaos of the day, she brought two sheep to him as a gift. One of them died on the way, but the other survived and Ranboo was very thankful for it.

After Puffy, BadBoyHalo, and Awesamdude tried to give MICHAEL a friend, Ranboo refused and defended MICHAEL's room, with Tubbo appearing for some seconds and left. Ranboo then defends MICHAEL's room, staying in it and staring at them through the windows. After Michelle was on the roof, Ranboo got out of the house and tried to shoot Michelle, hitting Puffy and Sam instead who tried to protect Michelle. Eventually, Puffy and Sam left with Michelle, though Puffy later returned to leave an apology note.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Ranboo and Connor are both part of the Syndicate, however, they have interacted only a few times, and usually not on the most positive terms. While being held for ransom by Technoblade and TommyInnit, Ranboo stood by and watched Connor, offering no help, similar to Tubbo's actions. Later, their cells were next to each other in Pandora's Vault. Ranboo seems to have been overwhelmed by Connor talking too much to him during their imprisonment, with him saying he "will tell you everything you don't want to know".[65]
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Extremely opposed Ranboo dislikes the Egg as it causes him and others problems, and he even compares it to the Dream voice inside of his head. He disapproves of how the Egg corrupts people, and thinks it violates peace on the server. He is unable to destroy it due to it damaging anyone who breaks it, but has promised to find a way to get rid of it without killing anyone.
RelationshipExtremelyNegative LargePixelArt.png Very negative
Ranboo and Dream's relationship has been negative from the start. When Ranboo first spawned into the server, Dream immediately (non-canonically) killed him twice. As he became friends with other members of the server and learned about its history, his impression of Dream only grew worse. Ranboo is overwhelmed by Dream's power and has stated multiple times that he fears Dream the most on the server.

On January 5, 2021, Dream revealed Ranboo to be a traitor to L'Manberg by giving Ranboo's memory book to Tubbo. Ranboo stated that he did not know how Dream got the book. However, following this incident, Ranboo began hearing a voice in his panic room that insisted Ranboo had been helping Dream while enderwalking - it accused him of giving Dream the memory book, blowing up the Community House, hiding Tommy's Cat disc, and more. Ranboo even found the Cat disc under his base, possibly proving the voice's accusations correct.

After the Disc Confrontation, Ranboo began to doubt that he had actually helped Dream, but his mind was changed when he found out that he'd visited Dream in prison while enderwalking. It's unclear why Ranboo has helped Dream while enderwalking (if he has), but "awake" Ranboo clearly does not want to, and is trying to stop himself from doing so again. It is also unclear how loyal Ranboo's enderwalk state is to Dream, as Ranboo still joined the coalition against Dream during the Disc Confrontation despite being in his enderwalk state at the time.

Once he learned of Tommy's death and Dream's reaction to it, Ranboo became even more disgusted towards Dream. Ranboo has stated multiple times that Dream is a villain who deserves to be in prison, and this opinion was likely reinforced by Dream killing Tommy. Ranboo wants Dream dead, believing that the revive book is too much power for anyone to have, and that Dream's existence will only bring more harm to the server. At one point, Ranboo even plotted to kill Dream himself, though this plan never went anywhere.

When Techno busted into prison to free Dream and Ranboo, Ranboo stated he would rather stay in the prison if it meant Dream would be stuck in there as well.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Fundy welcomed Ranboo on the first day. On the second day, he and Ranboo built an ice cream shop, building a partnership. They also briefly attempted to take over Puffy's and Niki's flower shop. They seem to get along well with each other, and Ranboo even comforted Fundy when Dream mistyped Fundy's name in chat. Normally the two were seen having fun together enjoying Fundy's coding tricks or just hanging out.

Their relationship changed on January 5 when Dream revealed to everyone that Ranboo was a traitor who helped Technoblade and hid information from L'Manberg. Fundy was extremely disappointed since the two have been best friends since almost the beginning.

After L'Manberg was destroyed, Fundy talked to Ranboo. He said that the reason he decided to help Technoblade was that he realized Ranboo was right about sides in his speech, and proposed that they both work together. Ranboo denied the offer and lashed out at Fundy, saying that the plan Fundy was making was not getting rid of sides, but making even more. The two continued to argue, with Ranboo calling Fundy a coward who didn't listen to his words, even though Fundy believed he understood. Later, after meeting up with Philza and reflecting on his decisions, Ranboo decided he would apologize to Fundy the next chance he would get. He told Philza that he is worried about Fundy because he hasn't been the same since the festival. He's stated that he doesn't trust Fundy anymore and wants to stay away from him because he's not safe to be around.

When Fundy found out about his Silk Touch hands, he wanted to exploit it. He asked if he could put Ranboo in a cell and do tests on him. Ranboo dislikes being an experiment, so he was extremely displeased.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Ranboo provided George with materials for building and peacefully chatted with him and Quackity in a voice call. However, Ranboo was with Tommy when they destroyed George's house.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Ghostbur and Ranboo walked together to Techno's base. They bonded over common traits such as intolerance for rain and bad memory issues. Ranboo later attended Ghostbur's failed resurrection attempt, and often spent time with him. Ranboo stated that he liked Ghostbur and enjoyed his company. Once Wilbur was revived, Wilbur retained some of Ghostbur's memories of Ranboo, which seemed to be positive ones.

Later, Ranboo was sad to realize that Wilbur's revival meant that Ghostbur was permanently gone. He missed Ghostbur, even considering making a memorial for him, but decided it would be weird to have a memorial to a person who was already dead.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
When Ranboo arrived in the Dream SMP, Jack welcomed him and offered his protection from Dream during his first day. They haven't had notable interaction before January 5. On the day of the Green Festival when everyone found out Ranboo was a traitor, Jack was not on the same side as Ranboo, more than likely put a strain on their friendship/alliance. Ranboo admitted he was on his own at this point meaning Jack, like everyone else, was not on his side. Ranboo has not interacted much with Jack since, but seems slightly against him due to the conflict between their hotels.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Karl gave Ranboo a tour of his house, Party Island, and Party Park. He later robbed him of his things when Quackity killed him, but returned them afterward. After the festival, Karl's statue of Pokimane at Party Park was still standing. Ranboo got a donation saying that the donor would pay money to see him break Karl's statue, but Ranboo refused to do so no matter how much the donor would pay. After Ranboo's heart of the sea was taken, Karl supplied him with a new one as a gift.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Niki showed Ranboo around the SMP on his first day. She showed support for Ranboo's presidential campaign for L'Manberg, wondering if she could vote twice for Ranboo. During the spat about the ownership over the shop she and Puffy were building, she and Ranboo were sending each other whispers trying to think of a way to stop the conflict. She also showed concern for him, asking if Fundy was holding him hostage.

On January 5, Ranboo was revealed as a traitor. Niki came for Tommy saying she is not on his side because he burned George's house which caused all the drama, then said that exploding the Community House was something he would do. Ranboo jumped in and said that the burning of George's house was not just Tommy's fault. She immediately refuted Ranboo by yelling at him for betraying L'Manberg. While he believed he didn't betray anyone, Ranboo tried to explain that everyone shouldn't choose a side based on country, but on the people they care about, while Niki along with everyone else disagreed. Ranboo stated at the end of his stream that he has no friends and no one on his side.

Since then, Niki and Ranboo had a conversation and each apologized for yelling at each other. They talked things out, and Niki stated that she actually agreed with Ranboo’s ideals. She also mentioned that she "always believed in Ranboo" and would follow his lead. Instead of following his ideals, she burned down L'Mantree which he did not condone and said that she still picked a side. He was disappointed with both her and Fundy and called them both cowards. However, after the Nuclear bomb launch, Niki and Ranboo had a talk where he confirmed that he doesn't know how to feel about Niki and stated that she is neutral to him.

However, now that they are both in The Syndicate, it's safe to assume that they are or will be friends again.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Ranboo once asked Phil to rescue him from lava he accidentally fell into while he was mining. Phil rescued him without any problem. After Ranboo was saved, Phil helped him with strip mining, and the two continued to have a peaceful conversation.

Although Ranboo was one of the Butcher Army who placed Phil under house arrest, Ranboo apologized later and was forgiven. He is one of the few who knew that Phil was taking refuge with Techno, and was always loyal to Phil over L'Manberg since Phil personally helped him. He denied knowledge of Phil's location and refused to record it in his memory book. While Phil was fleeing, Ranboo gifted him two netherite ingots.

Following the destruction of L'Manberg, Phil took Ranboo in, bringing him to Technoblade's Cabin and offering him a place to stay. At one point Ranboo considered Phil one of his only friends. He is very grateful to Phil for helping pull him out of the panicked and spiraling mental state he was in after L'Manberg was destroyed.

Phil has been shown to be very protective of Ranboo (such as preventing Fundy from experimenting on him, and getting rid of the splash water bottles Ranboo found), and he is willing to sabotage others to ensure Ranboo's safety. Ranboo has also been seen to want to protect Phil.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
When Ranboo first joined the server, Ponk attempted to bribe Ranboo to punch a cat, Zuko, that he passed off as his own. Ranboo declined, and Ponk then proceeded to rob Ranboo of his Yeezys.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Ranboo and Fundy planned on hiring Punz for protection, but the conflict ended before they could do so. They gave him a sample, and Punz expressed interest in buying their ice cream later. When Ranboo was revealed as a traitor to L'Manberg, Ranboo tried to tell everyone that they shouldn't be loyal to countries but instead be loyal to the people they care about. Punz called Ranboo selfish and said that he was only saying this because he was indecisive on which side he should be on.
Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Ranboo agreed to become a citizen of Mexican L'Manberg after Quackity asked. In addition, Ranboo provided materials for building and had positive conversations with Quackity. Both Ranboo and Quackity were part of the Tubbo Administration, with Ranboo as the minutes man and Quackity as the Secretary of State. Because of this, they ended up being in the Butcher Army together and worked together with Tubbo and Fundy to execute Technoblade.

On January 5, 2021, Dream revealed at the Green Festival that Ranboo was a traitor to L'Manberg.[66] Almost immediately after everyone had started planning how they would save L'Manberg from Technoblade and Dream, Quackity suggested to Tubbo that they should execute Ranboo. However, Tubbo immediately stood up for Ranboo and compared it to his own execution at the Red Festival, stating that if Quackity tried to execute Ranboo, it would be treason.[67] Following this argument, Quackity left L'Manberg.

The next day, on January 6, 2021, Quackity read through Ranboo's memory book, which Dream had revealed at the Festival, and was moved by his words to return to fight for L'Manberg in the Doomsday War.[68] After the war, Quackity contacted Ranboo and told him about this.[69] He suggested creating a coalition against Dream together to try and fight him, agreeing with Ranboo's sentiment that it was "Dream versus us." He allowed Ranboo time to think about it. Though Ranboo seemed partial to the idea at first, once he had calmed down and been saved by Phil, Ranboo said he would turn down Quackity's offer. For a time, Ranboo did not see Quackity since, and he wasn't even sure if Quackity is still alive.[70] Ranboo and Quackity's most recent interactions were during the Walltown dispute, where Ranboo supported Tubbo, not knowing the outpost had been created to spy on Las Nevadas, the dispute soured his and Quackity's relationship. While speaking with Tubbo, Tubbo recounted how Quackity had pushed for Techno's execution and how he had wanted to execute Ranboo after the Green Festival, as well as misremembering his own execution, saying that Quackity had supported his execution. Despite this, Ranboo said he didn't think Quackity was a bad person.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Ranboo and Sapnap have had very little interaction on the server, their longest conversation being after Sapnap's visit to Pandora's Vault. Dream had told Sapnap to send a note to Ranboo, containing only a smiley face. When Sapnap relayed the message, Ranboo immediately switched into his enderwalk state and left. This left Sapnap extremely confused and slightly worried for Ranboo. Ranboo later sent him a chat message in ender, making Sapnap's confusion grow even more.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Slime went to spy on Ranboo after Tubbo and Quackity's territorial dispute regarding Tubbo's outpost, and the two ended up interacting after Ranboo heard an explosion from outside the outpost's walls and went to investigate. During their interaction, Slime became confused after Ranboo expressed that he isn't human, and assumed this meant Ranboo was also made of slime. He admitted that he too was a slime only pretending to be human, and started calling Ranboo "brother" and dubbing him "Rangoo." With this newfound bond, Ranboo attempted to teach Slime how friendship works, telling him that friends don't force each other to do things that they don't want to do, and that people can give each other gifts for nothing in return. Slime dug himself into the ground to "process" what Ranboo told him, and reemerged a couple of minutes later saying that he thinks he understands. Either way, he showed appreciation for what Ranboo taught him, and even after Ranboo told him he is, in fact, not also made of slime, he still seems to trust him.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
On December 26, while Skepina (Lya) was playing on his account, Skeppy poured lava on Ranboo while in Church Prime, killing them both. In the fire, Ranboo lost his own memory book and Antfrost's trident. Ranboo expressed dislike towards Skeppy's tendencies to burn people in the Holy Land as well as his odd keybinds. Ranboo stated that when Skeppy is back in control, he would kill him.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Ranboo kidnapped Techno with Quackity, Tubbo, and Fundy, and attempted to execute him. After Techno escaped, the two met again at Techno's cabin, where they mined for Ancient Debris in the nether together, oddly enjoying each other's time and bonding over their shared annoyance at Tommy. He also was given advice by Technoblade, as he was also in the similar position of joining during a conflict and being pressured to take a side.

Previously, Technoblade had made multiple attempts on Ranboo's life and though Ranboo was a citizen of L'Manberg, Ranboo still thought positively of Techno, saying that a friend of Phil was a friend of his, and that he was only loyal to those who helped him. Ranboo gifted Technoblade four netherite ingots after only intending to give two, and was very consistent in denying any crimes he has witnessed Technoblade do. He refused to record the location of Techno's base in his memory book, seemingly out of respect.

When Ranboo was revealed as a traitor, Techno said he didn't know him to protect him. It wasn't helpful in the end because everyone was extremely mad at Ranboo. Ranboo said he didn't know why he considered Techno a friend because he didn't even help him, he even killed him for fun a bunch of times. Their relationship was unknown at this point when Ranboo said that he has no friends anymore, putting Techno's status as neutral.

During the Doomsday War, Technoblade gave Ranboo's Do not read book back to him, and said that he should leave, because Technoblade has nothing against him.

After the Doomsday War, Philza took Ranboo in, allowing Ranboo to live with him and Technoblade in the Arctic. He then considered Techno one of his only friends.

After living in the arctic for a while, Ranboo forged a new axe and gave it to Techno as a gift for allowing him to stay with him. Techno said that the gift didn't mean that they were friends, but expressed that he was very grateful for it. Techno then joined Ranboo on his adventure to get more totems at a woodland mansion, and they spent most of the time talking while going to and from the mansion. Ranboo usually gives gifts to Techno for small acts of kindness. He gave Techno a shovel just because of his kindness and gave him some cookies after Techno gave Ranboo his eyes that he lost when he was killed by Clarencio. Furthermore, they also searched for an ocean monument together to gather sponge and prismarine bricks. When Techno learned about Ranboo's silk touch ability, they successfully tested it on a monster spawner in Pogtopia before going nether fortress hunting for more spawners.

Ranboo has been seen to want to protect Technoblade, even trying to destroy the "Note" that Puffy left so that Techno wouldn't get involved with the conflict. When BadBoyHalo brought Techno to the Egg, he followed just to make sure Techno was safe. When Bad trapped Ranboo in the Egg, Techno dropped his trident, which he considers to be very valuable to him, and gave it to Ranboo so he could escape. After this, Ranboo told Techno about the Dream voice, something he previously stated that he would only tell someone about if he truly and completely trusted them. Techno also shared some details about his own voices as the two made their way back to his house.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Tommy stated that Ranboo didn't make a good first impression on him, rage quitting after finding out Ranboo was older and taller than him. However, the two bonded by planting seeds near Tommy's base. Tommy and Ranboo proceeded to rob and grief George's house together, though Ranboo had almost no recollection of this. During Tommy's trial the next day, when asked if Ranboo had been an accomplice, Tommy covered for him and assured everyone that Ranboo had no involvement. Ranboo was confused by this move, but he was grateful for it nonetheless.

When Tubbo, Fundy, and Quackity accused Tommy of being selfish, Ranboo stepped up and confessed his involvement in the griefing of George's house, stating that Tommy is anything but selfish. Later, Ranboo whispered to Tommy saying that he would stick by his side. Tommy has shown his gratitude and even sat on the bench with Ranboo, showing how much he appreciates his gesture. When Tommy expressed his dread over the possibility of being exiled by Tubbo, Ranboo said that he would try to convince Tubbo to reject the exile.

After Tommy's exile, Ranboo was one of the only people who consistently communicated with Tommy, using a secret mailbox where they constantly exchanged letters. Tommy seemed to find some comfort in receiving the letters, but he still felt lonely and his mental state grew worse and worse. Ranboo could tell through the letters that Tommy was not doing well, deciding that he had to figure out how to "make him well again."

After Technoblade's execution, Ranboo explained to Tommy that the pickaxe he gave him wasn't out of pity, but out of debt to him. Tommy stated that he doesn't want to see Ranboo's face around Technoblade's cabin ever again, but Ranboo hoped that he could prove his friendship.

When Dream revealed Ranboo as a traitor, Tommy said nothing. He did not speak to Ranboo for a long time afterward, but Ranboo seemed to have stopped considering Tommy a friend, as he wrote Tommy out of his list of "friends" in his memory book. However, Ranboo still did feel very bad for Tommy, claiming that he felt like he could have helped Tommy more since he is one of the only people that knows what Tommy went through during his Exile period.

After Tommy's death on March 1, Ranboo felt guilty for not doing anything to help Tommy when he was in the prison with Dream. He questioned why he was even grieving, remembering that Tommy was never particularly friendly towards him at all besides covering for him during the exile trial, although he still mourned Tommy's death by planting flowers outside his old house and leaving an allium on the ground for him. However, Ranboo later found the allium he'd given Tommy during their first meeting inside a secret chest, meaning Tommy had kept the flower and did care after all.

When Tommy was revived and got out of the prison, Ranboo was shocked but didn't ask too many questions about him being alive again. Tommy was overwhelmed and considered Ranboo to be pressuring him into talking. He disapproved of Tubbo and Ranboo's marriage because he felt that Tubbo was trying to replace him, and therefore made arguments that Ranboo was manipulative towards Tubbo.

Despite Tommy's initial hatred of Ranboo, the two became closer after spending time together in the following weeks. While Tommy was preparing for breaking into Pandora's Vault, he thanked Ranboo for helping him and hugged him.[71] He then shortly after admitted to Tubbo that despite his jealousy about their marriage, he liked Ranboo a lot and appreciated the fact that he had always been there for him.[72]

Right after Wilbur's resurrection, Ranboo sounded angry at Tommy, but he later clarified that he didn't blame Tommy for the fact that Wilbur had returned. Tommy refused to let Wilbur be alone with Ranboo and acted protectively whenever Wilbur tried to antagonize him.

Relationship Romantic LargePixelArt.png Partner
Tubbo is Ranboo's husband and they have adopted a child together named MICHAEL.

When Ranboo first joined the server, Ranboo was planning on running for Tubbo's position as the president of L'Manberg, though they made a deal concerning their roles if one of them were to win the upcoming election, stating that if Ranboo were to win, Tubbo would be his VP, and if Tubbo were to win, Ranboo would be his Secretary of State.[45] Tubbo then gave Ranboo a tour of the server and was the first person he listened to Stal with. Ranboo assisted Tubbo in building the meeting room and was assigned the position of minutes man of L'Manberg. He was also part of the Butcher Army with Tubbo, Quackity and Fundy.

Before the Green Festival, Tubbo wished Ranboo luck in the upcoming election, hoping Ranboo could be a better president than him. He also confessed his fears of history repeating itself at the Festival, and that he felt Ranboo was the most loyal member of L'Manberg beside Tubbo and the other cabinet members.[73]

At the Green Festival, Tubbo was disappointed when he found out Ranboo had betrayed them, since the two were so close and Tubbo trusted him. While Ranboo was in a different voice call explaining his piece to everyone, Quackity suggested to Tubbo that they should execute Ranboo. However, Tubbo immediately stood up for Ranboo and compared it to his own execution at the Red Festival, stating that if Quackity tried to execute Ranboo, it would be treason.[74]

After the festival, Ranboo was extremely upset, as he believed that their friendship had been ruined because Tubbo would know what he had been doing, as Dream had given him Ranboo's memory book. He referred to Tubbo as "the closest person he had" and said that he would never get the way Tubbo looked at him out of his head,[75] further showing how important their relationship was to him. Ranboo even expected Tubbo to kill him. Noticeably, when Tubbo asked him where he was living a few days later, he left out the fact he was now residing with Technoblade and Philza, demonstrating the remaining lack of trust between them.

Tubbo invited Ranboo to his house in Snowchester to try some experiments that might fix his memory loss.[76] Ranboo hesitantly agreed, but after the experiments failed, he expressed multiple times that he would never do any of Tubbo's tests again as he doesn't like being experimented on. Eventually, the two made up to a point where Ranboo stated in his book that he did consider Tubbo a good person, but did not trust him enough to tell him about his hallucinations of Dream.

While constructing Snowchester in the following few months, Ranboo and Tubbo became closer friends. They decided to get "canonically married" on February 23, 2021,[77] originally for tax benefits (since Eret had instated a tax on the server), but realized they were happy together and have stayed married since. They also decided that MICHAEL, the baby zombified piglin they found during Ranboo's original tour of the server, is their adopted son, and have committed to raising him together.

They are both aware that they keep secrets from each other, such as Ranboo not telling Tubbo about his "experiments", and this does not negatively impact their relationship.[78][79] Another example of this is the fact that Ranboo is not fully aware of the events of the Manberg Festival.[80][81]

Ranboo has said that since Tubbo tends to repress or ignore his own problems, he focuses more on other people's issues, especially Ranboo's.[82] This also shows that Ranboo has a certain understanding of how Tubbo's mind works, further testifying how close they are.

They have stated to Tommy that they "fell in love" after their marriage.[83] They often joke about divorce and that Tubbo is only in the marriage for golddigging purposes, but they do have a very positive relationship. As with all people he cares about, Ranboo is very protective of Tubbo, and one of his main reasons for joining the Syndicate was to protect Tubbo and MICHAEL,[51][52] and when his goal was to prevent conflict on the server, he cited that protecting people who did not deserve conflict, like Tubbo, was one of his motivators for wanting to do so.[84] He also often gives Tubbo gifts,[85] including while in (presumed) enderwalk,[86] and on Tubbo's three-year anniversary of streaming on Twitch on May 15, 2021, the two of them then had a picnic in front of Tommy's house, prepared by Ranboo.[87]

When Tubbo began building Walltown, his outpost near Las Nevadas, Ranboo was quick to join in and help him out with building it. However, he did not seem to be aware that the outpost was originally built to spy on Las Nevadas, rather than to sell cookies; this was another secret that Tubbo has not told Ranboo about. Ranboo is generally very supportive of Tubbo, and will even stand up to others for him. An example for this is him defending Tubbo and the outpost towards Quackity on June 18, 2021.[88] He also sometimes sends him supportive chat messages before or during interactions with others.[89][90]

That same day, after the confrontation with Quackity, Tubbo and Ranboo listened to the disc Mall together,[91] and Tubbo told Ranboo about the fact that Quackity had wanted to execute Ranboo after the Green Festival, and that Tubbo had talked him down.[92] He also told Ranboo that he had been executed by Technoblade at the Manberg Festival.[93] Ranboo seemed shocked and confused by this information, and when Tubbo mentioned the scars he had gotten from the Festival, Ranboo admitted that he hadn't wanted to bring them up,[94] showing that he also takes care to consider Tubbo's feelings so as to not upset him.

After Tubbo started working for Quackity at the burger place in Las Nevadas, Tubbo and Ranboo had a conversation inside Wilbur and Ranboo's Paradise burger van. Tubbo explained that he had signed a contract to annex Walltown into Las Nevadas territory. Ranboo seemed very upset at this, accusing Tubbo of having "given away" the outpost, and quickly ran off.[95]

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Ranboo first met Wilbur after he was revived, but had heard about some of the things he'd done from others. During his first conversation with him, Wilbur reacted to Ranboo's neutral stance with anger and confusion, frustrated that he wasn't siding with anyone. Later, Ranboo wrote Wilbur a letter, stating that he was aware of their rocky start and wanted to try to have a positive relationship with him.[96]

After this, Wilbur had met up with Ranboo to establish Paradise Burgers. Ranboo and Wilbur went to work with Ranboo building the actual place. During the construction, Wilbur had asked what he had thought of him. Ranboo had said that he wasn't a bad guy but just did bad things to make him look like one. This response had made their relationship stronger, with Wilbur being honest and sharing his feelings and thoughts.


  • "I don't need to watch the streams anymore! I can just join and ruin the bits!"
  • "Tommy is anything but selfish." —defending Tommy after the meeting for the Exile Conflict.
  • "Why fight over the discs when you can open up Spotify?"
  • "Dream SMP: Where the Minecraft is normal, but the people are not."
  • "Say something like 'stop fighting' you might get into an animatic!" —to Karl
  • "A pity pickaxe? Tommy, you have to realize that nothing I ever did for you was out of pity. Nothing."
  • "They say I'm built different, and I am built different in the fact that I have no moral backbone."
  • "My allegiance isn't with L'Manberg, it's with the people that help me. Phil helped me."
  • "[The book] has what I did in it... It has the fact that I betrayed everyone immediately! They told me, they told me, 'No, you have to-' Oh, god! They told me, 'No, you have to maintain loyalty. You're not going to betray us, right?' That's what they said! That's what they said to you! But no, you did it immediately! Why?! Why did you do it immediately? Why- What- What was your thinking process when you immediately gave back your armor to the one person that is the enemy of the one country that's given you a home?!" —to himself, after misplacing the 'Do not read' book.
  • "Why does no one realize Dream is the main enemy? Dream is... the only reason this keeps happening. If they were all allied against Dream... not one man would have enough power to take us down." —in his panic room
  • "I'm sorry that whoever I am friends with doesn't correlate with whatever country you're affiliated with this week!" —while arguing with Fundy that his friendship with Technoblade doesn't make him a traitor
  • "Almost none of you visited Tommy in exile, you know why? You were scared! You were scared because he wasn't on your side."
  • "It was a drug van!" —regarding L'Manberg, during his speech to the L'Manbergians.
  • "Goodbye, L'Manberg. You were never a good idea to begin with. But at least you tried." —on the day of the Doomsday War
  • "Maybe things aren't so bad." —after the Doomsday War
  • "I... [Technoblade's house] already feels like more of a home than L'Manberg ever was. I think that's a good thing." - Ranboo after the Doomsday War.[97]
  • "The way this journey is going, I might get my first canon kill." —regarding Tubbo while searching for a totem for Wilbur's resurrection
  • "That's exactly what you weren't supposed to say. You coward." - Ranboo, after Fundy suggested that they should team up.
  • "If the things the voice tells me are true... I deserve to be in that prison as much as Dream does." —recalling the Dream voice telling him the crimes he's supposedly committed
  • "But.. but.. I got rid of the voice! I got rid of the voice.. I got rid of the voice... I got rid of the voice..."
  • "Then we could be a big happy family again!" —while considering how to solve conflict on the server
  • "Maybe the way to stop history from repeating itself is to let it happen, because history is gonna repeat itself. There's nothing we can do - but what we can do is make slight differences so that there's a better outcome this time."
  • "He needs to go, or else... death won't be permanent... and then if we get rid of someone because they've been causing problems this entire time, then we can never get rid of the villains in this story. He can bring back the villains in the story... and they were supposed to be written out." —after finding out that Dream can resurrect the dead
  • "PUT ME IN THE PRISON, SAM!" —to Sam, believing himself to be a threat
  • "She gave you a corpse." —after Drista gave Tommy a rabbit corpse
  • "Oh, there I go, down to hell."
  • "Dream has no house, but he lives in my mind rent-free!"
  • "2 times the cheese, 2 times the disease. WOOoOoOo."
  • "I don’t need to eat ever again!"


  • There are many theories surrounding his memory issues.
    • One such theory is that it is one of the traits of his white half, and one of the clues he may possibly be a Dreamon. However, when asked whether he knows what a Dreamon is, Ranboo (not in-character) said that he does not know much about them, therefore making this theory very unlikely to be true.
  • In a stream with Tubbo on the OriginsSMP, Ranboo revealed that the loss of the original memory book, building the panic room, and the Dream voice were all improvised bits created on the spot, and later expanded into his character's current lore.
    • In a previous stream on the Dream SMP, Ranboo revealed he came up with the idea for Dream voice right when it first appeared, asking Dream to play "a voice in his head" and follow his lead. After they realized how cool it was, they fleshed out the plot to what it is now. This is also why the Dream voice acted differently in its first scene.
  • Before losing his memory book, Ranboo was one of the few people who did not have negative relations with others.
    • Losing his memory book started a chain of events that made him very paranoid about his relationships. After Dream's exposure of Ranboo as a "traitor," his good relationship with the L'Manberg council (Fundy, Quackity, and Tubbo) soured. This ended his generally positive relationship with everyone on the SMP.
  • Prior to when he was invited to live with Technoblade and Philza, Ranboo was one of the few people who had seen Technoblade's cabin several times and even been inside it, even despite Techno's distrust towards Ranboo.
  • Before the Green Festival, it was implied that Quackity suspected Ranboo was a traitor, because he kept staring at Ranboo and was overly concerned when Ranboo refused to take off his helmet in rain.
  • During his stream on January 11, with Tubbo being in the call, he accidentally came across an exposed stronghold near Technoblade's nether portal. Three days later, he showed it to Technoblade and they got the advancement for going in, but did not explore it. Techno later repurposed this stronghold as a base for the Syndicate.
  • On his January 26 stream, Ranboo stated that he thinks making an underwater city would be "cool." This is a reference to creating The Lost City of Mizu.
  • Months before his character's death, Ranboo stated that if he were to canonically die and become a ghost, his ghost name would be Boo.[98] This was made canon once his character became a ghost.
  • On his February 12 stream, Ranboo earned the advancement "Adventuring Time,"[99] being the first known person to visit all 42 biomes[100] on the server.
  • The enderman half of Ranboo's skin appears to be based on the beta design of endermen which had green eyes.
  • His original name, Ranboo My Beloved, is a reference to the "my beloved" heart locket meme that became a joke among Ranboo's fans.
    • His current full name, Ranboo_Beloved, is a merged last name of his and Tubbo's (a common practice of married couples rather than choosing one last name)
  • He seems to consider the word "vwoop" a swear, calling out his ender particles for saying it.[101]
  • Contrary to popular belief, Ranboo does, in fact, know what pronouns are: he simply didn't know what they were in English, but he still knew of the concept of pronouns and referred to them as "universial nicknames." It's likely that he only knew them in Endspeak prior to having them be explained to him by Phil.[102]
End of spoiler warning.


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