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The Red Banquet was an event by the Eggpire as a way to corrupt the entire server with Blood Vines and feed them to the Egg. It was stated to be part of the Eggpire's "final phase." Multiple "guests of honor," all of whom were part of the resistance and/or uninfectable, had been invited. The Banquet was actually a trap, and the Eggpire intended to sacrifice the attendees to help hatch the Egg. A rescue team of Quackity, Technoblade, and Purpled interrupted the Banquet, however, and managed to free most of the attendees and gain possession of the Egg.


On March 7, 2021, Antfrost began to prepare for the banquet, gathering crimson stems for long tables and cleaning out the Egg Room. Antfrost also mentioned wanting to have CaptainPuffy, Awesamdude, Eret, and Foolish Gamers as "guests of honor" at the banquet, all four of whom are "pro-omelette" and/or immune to the egg's influence.

On March 27, 2021, Eret and Foolish discussed and both considered attending the red banquet to find out more about the Egg.

On April 7, 2021, BadBoyHalo sent out official invites to the Red Banquet. Awesamdude, Foolish Gamers, and CaptainPuffy agreed to attend the event as guests of honor due to them being able to finally clear the blood vines. Two days later, Foolish told Tubbo about the Red Banquet and that he had been invited with Sam and Puffy. He also mentioned that the Eggpire might be inviting more members. Tubbo told him to collect info on the Eggpire.

On April 18, 2021, BadBoyHalo revealed a dance floor built next to the main table in the Egg Room and various posters for the Banquet. He also said that the dance floor would not be used.

On April 23, two days before the Banquet, Sam, Foolish, Puffy and Hannah, who revealed she would be attending, discussed the Banquet. Sam asked if they were invited and was confident in the Eggpire turning a new leaf. Foolish was still wary however and agreed to smuggle diamond armor and tools in the banquet table. Puffy volunteered to hide the armor and swords. They also smuggled shields in and decide on the code word "spruce boat." Sam revealed to Puffy he had a plan to TNT-trap the Egg. They spoke to Ant who said that soon "they will be one."

On April 24, BadBoyHalo invited Sapnap who was in Kinoko Kingdom. Sapnap asked if Dream was gonna be there and Bad responded with a "maybe." Sapnap agreed to go to the banquet as Bad said it would be "to die for" before he left Sapnap. Bad also met with Eret at the Community House and gave them their invite. However, Sapnap didn't seem to show up after all.


Several guests and organizers wore specialist outfits for the event, which can be seen below:

The Banquet

Badboyhalo, Antfrost, and Ponk finished the preparations and began to let the guests. Niki arrived first, followed by Foolish, Sam, Hannah, Puffy, Fundy, Hbomb, Foolish and George. As they arrived, HBomb set up equipment and acted as DJ for the banquet as some of the guests danced together and had fun. Ranboo observed the participants from a distance, but was not seen by any of the guests. After some dance and conversation, Bad called all participants to the table, where food is provided to the guests. Most didn't eat or drink the soup provided, although a few had some cocktails. A cake was placed on one of the item frames, in front of a chair with a reserved sign on it. It was revealed by AntFrost that this was a hint towards his in real life boyfriend, VelvetIsCake.

The members went around making speeches; Bad continued to affirm that the banquet was set up in hopes of "turning a new leaf." Foolish, Puffy and Eret expressed hope for a brighter future, though both remembered the damages inflicted upon their respective properties.

Bad finished the round of toasting with a second speech, promising that the banquet would be an event that no one would ever forget.

The trap

As Bad continued to speak, lava began flowing down and created barriers around the guests, trapping everyone in the room. Bad concluded his speech by saying, "Thank you for coming, everybody...Prepare to die." After this, Ranboo was not seen; it is unclear if he stayed for the remainder of the event. Puffy is disappointed, but admitted that she planned for this occurrence and hid a stash of equipment before the event. However, when she opened her stash, it is empty. Hannah stepped to the Eggpire's side, and announced that she had to serve the Egg and tipped them off beforehand. Sam activated his final backup plan, deploying TNT directly on top of the Egg; however, the explosions dealt minimal damage and the Egg rapidly regenerated. Bad explained that, after Quackity's attempt to destroy the Egg, they took "proper precautions." He revealed that the banquet was a ruse, and that the egg required energy gained from death to hatch.

Eret spoke out against them, calling them monsters because they betrayed everyone. Bad mocked Eret, calling it ironic that they said that when they betrayed before, but Eret said that they now knew it was wrong, as Hannah should. Hannah then guided Eret to a sacrificial pit, where Bad prepared to kill them. Foolish stepped forth and asked if the Egg could withstand a barrage of lightning; however, as everyone looked at the Egg, no lightning appeared. Powerless, upon Puffy's shocked gaze, Foolish took Eret's place as the first sacrifice and was slain by Antfrost whilst Puffy screamed at them to stop.

The rescue

As Bad gloated over the first death, Quackity broke through the wall of the banquet room, demanding that he stop. He demanded that Bad re-evaluate what he was doing, and believed that Bad was letting himself be manipulated. During his speech, he stealthily gave an axe to Puffy. Bad explained that the Egg would give him something that no one else could, and so he couldn't consider stopping. He pointed out that Quackity was outnumbered, and that he should've brought an army if he wanted to stop them. Quackity, undeterred, said that he didn't come alone. Technoblade and Purpled entered the room behind Quackity, accompanied by members of the Hound Army. Furious, Bad accused Purpled of being a traitor, as they had hired him to attack Puffy, but Purpled said that Quackity had the better offer. Beyond that, Bad was in shock that Techno would choose to side with Quackity, given their long history as enemies, but Techno stated that the Eggpire needed to be stopped, and that he was willing to work with Quackity to make that happen. Bad gloated that they outnumbered them 4 to 3, but Puffy exclaimed 'Not for long...Antfrost you're dead!' and murdered Ant with the axe, taking Ant's first canon life.

This caused chaos, and they all started to blindly fight each other, whilst some unarmed members left so they weren't hurt in the crossfire. In the ensuing battle, Quackity, Techno, and Purpled all overpowered the Eggpire so Bad ordered them to retreat. Hannah protested against it, but eventually all members were running for their life. Purpled chased them for a time, but wasn't able to track where they went. Quackity, Techno, and Sam stayed behind to discuss options to contain or neutralize the Egg, as Purpled led the survivors to safety.


After their retreat, Bad, Ponk, and Hannah split off and went into hiding. As he traveled, Bad became distraught over the loss of the Egg and told himself that he needed what the Egg could provide, but didn't want to hurt anyone; reflecting on the death of Foolish, he wondered if he was in the wrong.

Eret built a statue in Foolish's honor on Cloud Prime. They recalled how Foolish always seemed to know more about Eret than they did themself, and how Foolish tried to save Eret in the Banquet.

Ranboo logged on, and collected items from his base before heading out. The first letters of the items collected spelled out "E(Eye/I) won." He was also missing his "Do Not Read" books, though he didn't notice this. He met up with Sam, where he indicated that he had no memory of being at the banquet. Sam also explained that he planned to move and contain the Egg for the time being.

As Puffy emerged into freedom, she immediately separated from the others and went on a walk of her own. she slowly internalized what happened in the Banquet. She started to get overwhelmed by the situation that her son died and she killed one of her closest friends. Puffy began to search for where Foolish had respawned, hoping to make things right even if it meant she had to kill more people.

Technoblade revealed that only one of his wolves survived after successfully escaping the Red Banquet.

During Quackity's Las Nevadas Stream, he revealed to Foolish that Quackity purposefully let Foolish be sacrificed.



  • Ant revealed on Twitter that Foolish volunteered to be sacrificed during the banquet. [1]
  • Technoblade revealed on his discord that the hound army that he brought when he arrived at the banquet were unnamed dogs. A screenshot was revealed on Twitter about Technoblade revealing about the hound army on his discord. [2]
  • The seat next to Ponk had a cake on the table with reserved on it, referencing VelvetIsCake. Antfrost revealed out of character that he added this as a hint towards Velvet being a part of his motivations for following the Egg
  • If Eret had been allowed to stream the banquet they would have worn their strawberry dress in real life during it.
  • Philza originally planned to enter the Red Banquet as a persona created by his fans named "Redza," he would have been at the Banquet but he would not speak, but then changed his mind due to the fact that he would have needed to interact with others at the Banquet.
  • The name Red Banquet could be a reference to the Red Wedding in A Song of Ice and Fire books/Game of Thrones TV series. Here the Starks and their bannermen gather at The Twins for a feast to celebrate the wedding of Edmure Tully to Roslin Frey. However, the houses Frey and Bolton betray the Starks and kill all present members of the house as well as their loyalists. This appeared to be what was going to happen at the Red Banquet until Quackity, Techno, and Purpled stepped in.


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