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The Retribution Arc is the fourth major arc to take place on the Dream SMP, following the Manberg Rebellion Arc. It is often referred to as "season two" by the fandom. This arc focused primarily on L’Manberg's conflict with its enemies, particularly Technoblade, as well as L'Manberg's post-war growth, the Tubbo Administration, and the Exile Conflict, The Dethronement Fallout and the rise of Mexican L’Manberg, along with political and interpersonal decisions.

I don't buy his f**king bulls**t, I wanna-- I wanna complete that f**king hitlist, Tubbo. I'm going to complete that f**king hitlist. I'm going to complete that goddamn hitlist. I don't care if I f**king die, Tubbo, I'm going to put a mark, a checkmark next to his goddamn name.




After TommyInnit and Wilbur Soot's exile following the first executive order of Jschlatt, they gathered a modest but powerful following of people on the server who wished to help them. Over time, things began to change for the both, with Tommy believing L'Manberg could be reclaimed, and Wilbur beginning to believe that they were in the wrong. Despite being at opposition, they garnered followers until Wilbur came to the realization that they were more powerful than Manberg's remaining forces, and that they could easily take it by storm. Although Dream revealed that he'd come to change his allegiance, and would now defend Schlatt, the Pogtopian forces knew that they could still well outmatch him.

Wilbur and Tommy, along with a defected Quackity, Tubbo, Fundy, and Nihachu, a dethroned Eret, and Technoblade, stormed Manberg together on November 16th. The Pogtopian forces managed to corner Dream, who admitted that what Schlatt was doing was idiotic. He then lead them into the dirt remains of the Camarvan, where a drunk and dying Schlatt made his last remarks in his doomed position. After lashing out at those who'd formerly stood behind him, Schlatt died unceremoniously of a heart attack, despite Wilbur egging Tommy on to kill him.

All of the combatants regrouped at the L'Manberg Podium, where Wilbur announced that he wished to make Tommy the next president of L'Manberg. However, Tommy couldn't accept, as he still had unfinished business with Dream, and his discs. He returned the presidency back to Wilbur, who then bestowed it upon Tubbo. Wilbur then quietly snuck away as Tubbo began giving a speech about wanting peace on the server under his presidency.

While Tubbo and the others began cleaning up, Dream quietly began prodding Technoblade about the fact that he'd helped reinstate a government, the thing he'd wanted the opposite of, and was the whole reason he was fighting in the first place. Techno then shot Tubbo, killing him a second time.

Inside of the button room, Wilbur gave one last speech about how L'Manberg was no longer what he'd created it to represent. In the middle of his monologue, he was interrupted by the entrance of Ph1lzA. Despite Phil pleading with him not to destroy what he'd worked so hard to create, Wilbur repeated Eret's famous phrase "it was never meant to be", before pressing the button and destroying the country. Wilbur then begged Phil to kill him, which Phil reluctantly did, taking Wilbur's final life.

Outside, Techno began the process of spawning in two withers, despite Tommy shouting at him to not go through with it. Techno asked Tommy if he was the hero of the story, before proclaiming that he die like one, and spawned the withers. The two withers caused more destruction to L'Manberg than it had already faced, destroying much of Party Island and the western portion of the country.

It was later fully revealed that Wilbur had been the traitor all along, and that he'd struck a deal with Dream, that no matter what happened, he'd set off the bomb underneath L'Manberg.

As the citizens of L'Manberg gained their bearings, Tubbo named several of his allies as the members of his cabinet, and they began to plan how they would rebuild the country after its destruction, moving into the new era.

A new L'Manberg

Rebuilding a broken country

During the first few days out of the Manberg-Pogtopia War, much time was spent by Tubbo and his cabinet rebuilding and cleaning up L'Manberg. With the help of the recently appeared Ghostbur, who was a ghostly form of the formerly alive Wilbur Soot who only remained with happy memories of his past, L'Manberg was brought to a more beautiful state than it had ever been in before.

At the beginning of this, a scorned Quackity, still angry with Technoblade for his actions, proposed "the butcher army" to take him down for good. Tubbo told Quackity that when he'd become president, he'd sworn to keep L'Manberg peaceful, and that he didn't want to be starting wars so soon, especially with Technoblade, when they had barely any resources at all.

To place blame

Dream appeared on the server one evening, and was joined by Captain Puffy as he began defacing and destroying parts of the server, only to blame it on Tommy. He blew up parts of different houses, and particularly targeted Skeppy and Bad's mansion, with a note threatening them for the return of the disc, Cat.

Schlatt's funeral

On November 19, a funeral for Schlatt was held by BadBoyHalo, and attended by several different members of the server, most notably, Tommy, Tubbo, Quackity, Fundy, Awesamdude, HBomb94, Antfrost, Punz, and Puffy. During the funeral, the crowd made fun of Schlatt, and celebrated his death, while Bad was just trying to hold a nice funeral. Quackity in particular was keen to cause trouble, including "urinating" on a portrait of Schlatt, and eating his heart during his speech. The rest of the attendees also took pieces of Schlatt's body, including bones, his toupee, and other organs that had been placed in his casket. He was laid to rest inside of the side of the mountain across from L'Manberg.

After the funeral ended, everyone went their separate ways, only for Bad to discover the griefing of his and Skeppy's mansion. Enraged, Bad promised to burn Tommy's disc, despite Puffy trying to subtly tell him not to do so. When Bad discovered that many of his other statues had been griefed or destroyed, he made a promise to "roasty toasty" Tommy's disc with Skeppy, promising Puffy that he'd be just as angered by the transgression.

While the others were discovering the griefings to their base done by "Tommy", Quackity was quietly stealing Schlatt's remains from the casket, replacing them with panes of glass. He then asked Bad, Sam, Punz, and Puffy to join him at Skeppy's mansion, where he revealed that he'd decided to resurrect Schlatt in order to use him as a political puppet. Quackity gave the remains to Sam, asking him to do the task of working to resurrect Schlatt.

When working down in a mineshaft, Sam was contacted by Bad, who asked if he'd go through with the resurrection. Sam said he wasn't sure, as he was friends with Tubbo, and wouldn't want to do anything that might be bad for him. However, they agreed that if Tommy stepped out of line, then they'd go through with it.

Exile Conflict

Griefing George's house

After Ranboo joined the server, Tommy and him began to talk, and he convinced Ranboo to help him rob George's hobbit home. Together, they dressed in black, and tried their best to sneak to the home, and not be seen. They successfully managed to rob George, and Tommy lit netherrack in his home and outside, burning part of the roof. The two put out the fire, but the damage had been done.

Ranboo and Tommy ran to where Puffy and Niki were building a flower shop, using them as a supposed alibi for where they were when the griefing happened. The two hung around long enough to believe that they were safe, before Tommy left, and Ranboo began building an ice cream shop with Fundy.

A while later, Puffy and Niki noticed that an obsidian wall was being built outside L'Manberg, where they found Dream constructing it. When they asked him why he was doing it, he cited that because of the nature of how L'Manberg had been reclaimed, all treaties were null and void, and that it was retribution for George's house being burned. Niki deduced that it must've been Tommy's fault, and Tubbo commented that he was beginning to regret putting Tommy as Vice President. He then stated he want to resolve the conflict peacefully, consulting his cabinet, but that he'd mobilize their military if they needed to.


The L'Manberg Cabinet met in the Camarvan on November 29, 2020, trying to decide on a good course of action to take with Tommy. Tommy denied all accusations, but the other three, Fundy, Tubbo, and Quackity, all knew that there wasn't really anyone else it could've been. They all agreed to speak with Dream to see what he wanted, and in a private call, Dream voiced that he wished to see Tommy exiled for what he'd done. He then stated that if Tubbo didn't do anything, he'd raised the walls even higher than they already were.

The Cabinet, along with several others, then took Tommy to the Courthouse, where he'd be tried for his crime. He was found guilty, and sentenced to be on probation, stripped of his title, and forced to report his every day actions to Fundy.

The meeting

Before Tommy joined, Tubbo, Quackity, and Fundy went over his reports from the past two days, finding them odd, but satisfactory. Once meeting up with Tommy, they met with Dream in the Holy Land. The four of them, along with Ranboo taking the minutes, discussed the best course of action. Tubbo and Dream came to an agreement, that Tommy would remain on probation for three weeks, unless he messed up again, then it would be moved until he was 18. All three of them then signed the book, until Tommy began acting strangely.

Tommy then revealed that he knew Dream had no power over him he didn't have any discs or leverage, and that he was actually the one with the upper hand, showing Dream, Spirit's corpse. Tommy then ordered Dream to take down the wall, believing that he had complete power over him. Tubbo wasn't so sure, but Tommy continued to annoy Dream as he began taking down the wall.

In a sudden move, Dream then built the wall back up, before jumping down to confront Tommy. Dream stated that he didn't care about Spirit at all anymore, and that all he cared about on the server were the discs, and that they weren't Tommy's anymore, they were his, and he'd get them back eventually. Dream told Tubbo that he had three days to decide whether or not to exile Tommy, or face the consequences.

Tubbo and Tommy then began to argue, with Tubbo stating that Tommy couldn't even do one thing for him, when it was actually for his own good. Tommy then said that if the positions were reversed, he would've vouched for Tubbo, to which Tubbo replied, if Tommy were president, he would've actually listened to him, and had some respect. Ranboo vouched for Tommy, stating that he wasn't selfish, as he had defended Ranboo in the trial even when he could have pinned the blame on him.

The group split up from there, with Quackity and Tubbo heading to the Camarvan to discuss what had happened, and Ranboo and Tommy heading off together to do the same. Tubbo and Quackity agreed that exiling Tommy was worst-case scenario, and that they might want to stage it instead. At Tommy's home, he explained to Ranboo the reason he hadn't wanted Tubbo to be president, because he feared it would rip them apart.

The Dethroning Fallout

The Old King

While hanging out about to do a prank, George, Quackity, Bad, and Sapnap were interrupted by Dream who came to deliver a message. Dream told George that he was dethroning him, and returning the kingship to Eret. He had instructed George to stay neutral on several fronts, which George hadn't done. However, George wished the keep the title more than Dream had realized.

Dream invited Eret in, and returned the kingship back to him as George sulked, before leaving entirely. Quackity and Sapnap agreed that what had just happened was wrong, and that Dream had no right to strip away George's title. They regrouped with George in Mexican L'Manberg, where they discussed what they wanted to do.

An Unsure Alliance

The three were then approached by Bad, who they asked, along with the Badlands, for help. Bad then demanded all of the lands beyond Eret's Castle, and beyond Skeppy's mansion. They protested the demand, saying that it was outrageous to ask for that much land.

Quackity then told Bad that Mexican L'Manberg or the Badlands alone couldn't take down Dream on their own, but together they might stand a chance. If they successfully reinstated George as king, the Badlands could have half of the land they wanted.

Broken relationships

Dream and Punz then attacked Mexican L'Manberg, killing Quackity and running after George, trying to kill him as well. Quackity was then messaged by Dream, who told him not to start anything, to which he responded "we'll see".

Back at Mexican L'Manberg, the three argued with Dream, who began to blame everyone except himself for the conflict caused. Dream belittled George for acting like a baby, saying that he knew what was right for him and the server. Quackity accused him of inserting himself into conflicts where he wasn't needed, and only making them worse.

After Dream left, Quackity asked George how badly he wanted the throne, and George responded that they needed to get it back.

News plans and propaganda

The decision

On December 4, 2020, Tubbo met with Quackity, Tommy, and Fundy to discuss before he'd reveal his decision to Dream's demand. Tommy begged them all to listen, and wage war on Dream. He believed that it might be the entire server against Dream, and that they could easily take them down. Though Quackity and Fundy were hesitant, they eventually agreed, with Tubbo outright stating that it was a terrible idea. Tommy brought up getting Techno involved, while Quackity mentioned Sapnap and George, along with the Badlands.

The group headed to the obsidian wall to meet with Dream, where Tubbo gave his verdict. He apologized to Tommy, before stating that allying with Technoblade and waging war was a terrible idea. Tubbo reminded them that they weren't the only ones living in L'Manberg, they couldn't just bring in war and jeopardize them.

Tubbo then asked Dream to escort Tommy out of L'Manberg to his exile.

Decision aftermath

As Tommy disappeared with Dream, Fundy and Quackity begged Tubbo to do something. Tubbo then asked them what happened as soon as they got rid of Dream, and said that they'd just have another target on their back. Quackity warned Tubbo that Dream was just going to control him, and that his decision was wrong. By that action, Quackity stated, Tubbo had given up the last bit of dignity L'Manberg had.

Fundy asked why Tubbo had switched up on them at the last moment, and he replied that it was the only logical thing to do, and that on the roof with Tommy, they'd been thinking emotionally, not logically. Quackity argued that peace was no longer an option, and that when words get around to Tommy's exile, things will start going wrong.

Fundy defended Tubbo for the moment as they entered the Camarvan together, saying that Quackity had said something in the past, where a bad decision was made, but that it had happened, and they couldn't change it. He then brought forward a written list of all of the people on L'Manberg's hit list. The first two were Wilbur and Schlatt, who'd been killed several weeks previous. The last two, were very much alive. Technoblade and Dream.

The butcher army

Quackity then leads them to a secret location hidden in the cliffside under L'Manberg. Inside was a room devoted to killing Technoblade, what Quackity had wanted to do all along. He proposed actually using the butcher army he'd set up at the beginning, and Tubbo agreed, saying that because they no longer looked like a threat to Dream, then Technoblade was the best option.

Tubbo asked Quackity to contact the Badlands and get them on board, along with taking the position as Vice President. Quackity agreed to both, as long as Tubbo promised to "never pull that sh*t again". Fundy was also promoted to Secretary of State. They all agreed to plan as a team from now on, and consult one another on everything. Quackity reminded them that with Dream over their heads, things would be difficult, and because of Tubbo's decision, they'd be a laughing stock, only by taking down Technoblade would anything give them power.

Tubbo then stated he wanted propaganda printed immediately, and that he also wanted to speak with Dream. He gave a brief speech for a document to be written up about, so that they'd remember that day.

Breaking down walls

The three cabinet members then go to meet with Dream near the L'Mantree, where they ask Dream what happened to Tommy. Dream responded that he sent Tommy off with food, and that Ghostbur had gone with him. He then said that he respected Tubbo as a leader, and as a person, and that he'll take down the wall as soon as he has the chance, and in a show of good faith, will give them the obsidian. Dream also declared that he would officially recognize L'Manberg as a country, along with Tubbo as president, and that his full support would be behind L'Manberg.

Tubbo asked Dream if he understood that he would be skeptical, to which Dream responded that they could work on that relationship. Quackity questioned what involvement Dream had in government, and Dream said that he'd only wanted to get Tommy away.

Dream then left, and Quackity immediately voiced his distrust. He stated that he'd end Dream even if it killed him, and that Dream claiming to legitimize L'Manberg was misplaced. Tubbo, however, said that the move was a big deal, with Fundy replied that they'd just need to suck it up and work in the shadows.

They all promised to work on different things, with Tubbo saying that it was a one step at a time process. Quackity went to work on the butcher army, while Fundy went to start posting up propaganda.


While standing on top of Mexican L'Manberg, Tubbo and Ranboo took a moment to reflect. Tubbo told Ranboo that he'd make a good president, and that things would hopefully change for the better in February. The two then began talking about the discs as Tubbo began playing one, and Ranboo said that he'd realized what they actually meant. Dream didn't care about the discs as an object, but instead cared about them for the power they held. Tommy was the first person who said that Dream shouldn't have all to power on the server, and the discs were a way to keep Tommy under his thumb. By being in the possession of the discs, Dream could control what they really symbolized, rebellion.


Far from home

After being exiled by Tubbo, Tommy went into a somewhat state of shock. While Dream was leading him towards exile, Ghostbur appeared, and asked to come with. Together, Dream took them far away from the "touched lands" of the SMP. Ghostbur was under the impression that Tommy was simply on a vacation.

Tommy continually protested, but Dream threatened to kill him for good if he didn't comply. He then told Dream he hated him, to which Dream replied that he didn't, not really. While traveling through a field, they passed by a home Tommy and Tubbo built together, which Dream then blew up as soon as Tommy mentioned it.

Tommy asked when he could go home, and Dream told him never, if he went back, he'd die. Ghostbur asked why Tommy got into trouble, and if it was because of "How to Sex 2". Still in disbelief and shock, Tommy asked somewhat irregularly if he'd just been betrayed, and Dream replied that he just hadn't listened, and that maybe through this, he'd learn what he'd done wrong.

While landing in their new home, Ghostbur announced that Techno asked him where they were. Tommy instructed Ghostbur not to talk to Techno, which Ghostbur did anyway. Dream began building Tommy a home out of dirt, before asking them to hand their things over. Tommy was reluctant at first, but once Dream threatened his life, complied. He burned their items, before leaving them with a stack of food and obsidian.

Lads on Tour

Ghostbur and Tommy began building up their new home, with Ghostbur blissfully unaware of what had happened, and Tommy in utter shock. Tommy asked Ghostbur why he'd made Tubbo president in the first place, but Ghostbur said he couldn't remember, and more importantly, doesn't want to. They begin building a place to stay, and while Tommy only wants something temporary, Ghostbur is adamant on building something nice.

Tommy then said that the reason Tubbo became like this is because of Alivebur, and that there's a reason he put Tubbo as president. Despite him being dead, Alivebur's actions still affect them all, and though he can't forgive the Wilbur of the past, maybe he can forgive Ghostbur. Ghostbur said that he'd been reading the books of the past, before asking Tommy why he didn't want him contacting Technoblade, who'd been asking for coordinates. Tommy once again told him not to contact Technoblade.

Awesamdude then arrived, and gifted Tommy with pie and a message. He said he knew why Tommy was sent away and he was sorry. Sam also said that Tommy could always hide with him, as his base was far away, and that he was sad to see the server tearing itself apart.

Tommy then began talking about his discs, and how he couldn't believe Tubbo had just betrayed him like that. Ghostbur asked why the discs were so important, and why Tommy cared about them so much. Tommy didn't answer for a while, and Ghostbur repeated the question several times before saying that they're what he had in the beginning, and really started the server. He still couldn't rationalize why Tubbo would go back on him after everything they'd been through. Ghostbur then mentioned everything Tommy gave up for L'Manberg, one of his lives in the duel, the discs he gave up to secure independence, the presidency to Tubbo. He promised Tommy that no one would laugh at him, and that he'd done his best.

At the Clown Circus

Technoblade then joined the conversation, and called Tommy a loser, laughing at him. With some discreet descriptions from Ghostbur, Techno discovered their exile location, and found Tommy in the process of him digging a mine. While talking, Quackity messaged Tommy, apologizing, Tommy thanked him quietly. Techno asked Tommy's plans going forward, now that he'd lost everything. Tommy then revealed he was actually planning on going to Technoblade for help, which Techno laughed at, saying he was a changed man. Techno went to take off his armor to reveal his new clothing change for the north, only for Tommy to take the chance to try and kill him. Techno easily overpowered Tommy, killing him instead.

After they came to peace again, Techno stated that he'd given up his violent ways, and was actually in retirement now. He'd given up all fighting except for in self defense, like what had just happened. Techno asked Tommy what was even keeping him going, and Tommy responded that no matter what, he always got back up. Techno then said that if he really wanted his discs back, maybe he was trusting the wrong people. Tommy then remembered that Tubbo was still in possession of the disc.


After Techno left, Ghostbur and Tommy created the prime log, for their primes, along with naming their little homestead "Logstedshire", or Logsted for short. Logsted was later blown up by Dream after finding Tommy's hidden chest room. However, the prime log and the prime bell were retrieved by Tommy. Tommy abandoned the area shortly thereafter realizing Dream was using him, but seemed to have conflicting feelings about leaving the place.

The Mexican L'Manberg conflict

The plot

On December 6, 2020, Quackity concocted a plan to try to return George's kingship to him by staging what would appear to be Eret directly attacking those protesting his kingship. His plan was the place TNT beneath the path leading to Eret's castle, where Sapnap and Karl would stand on top, writing signs and protesting Eret's position as King. George then waited below for the signal from Quackity, before detonating the TNT killing Karl and giving him his first canon death.

As Sapnap then shouted that Eret had killed Karl, George then distracted them as Quackity and Sapnap began griefing Eret's castle in "retaliation", stealing his throne and taking parts of the castle walls. As the four regrouped, they discussed what they'd done, and Quackity celebrated putting Mexican L'Manberg on the map. However, while heading back, they found Dream and others in the process of destroying their country.

They managed to kill Puffy and Eret several times before running from the battle zone to somewhere safer.

Confrontation in the Holy Land

After fleeing to the Holy Land to protect themselves from harm, Dream, Puffy, Punz, and Eret met up with them at Church Prime. Quackity attempted to push for negotiations of independence but Dream refused, saying that Quackity was in no place to negotiate before threatening to take away Quackity's last canon life.

After much bickering, they eventually agreed that Mexican L'Manberg would apologize and repair damage, return Puffy's items, and rename the nation. In return, Dream SMP would recognize the nation as independent. The Mexican L'Manbergians rebranded the nation as "El Rapids" after being recognized.

In Logstedshire

Visitors and gifts

During the time Tommy lived in Logstedshire he was visited by several people who came to give him gifts including supplies from BadBoyHalo, Awesamdude, Eret, HBomb94, and LazarBeam, correspondence in the form of books, along with a netherite pickaxe from Ranboo, the mooshroom cow "Mooshroom Henry" from Antfrost, and a Christmas tree and Tubbo statue from CaptainPuffy and Bad.

Tommy was also given four discs during this time, he was given "Chirp" by Bad, "Far" and "13" from Lazar, (though he ended up burning 13 out of hatred for it), and "Wait" from HBomb.

Most frequently during his exile, Tommy was visited by Dream, who he came to see as his only friend, despite having his armor burned by him at the beginning of each day.

Failed beach party

In order to draw more people to Logstedshire, Tommy built and hosted a beach party on his land. Ph1LzA, Fundy, and Dream helped him build for the event, but after Dream promised that he'd tell Ghostbur to send out invitations, no one showed up.

Tommy was deeply saddened by this, with Dream mentioning that maybe those he invited didn't care enough to show up. When questioned by Tommy, multiple characters claimed not to have received any invitations. It was later revealed by Ghostbur that Dream told him that he'd take care of the invitations, and to take a walk out into the wilderness, where Ghostbur got lost and wandered alone for weeks, which implies that the invitations were never sent out at all.

Secret room

Still believing he had some "pep in his step" to try and defy Dream, Tommy built a secret room beneath the home Ghostbur built for them. Inside it, he hid armor he didn't want to destroy, pictures of Tubbo Dream had wanted gone, weapons, gifts from visitors, and other important items.

Fleeing Logstedshire

On Tommy's final day in Logstedshire, he was visited by Dream, and the two had a relatively normal day, until Dream ended up finding Tommy's hidden chest room while trying to dig down to make a hole to blow up Tommy's things in. Angered, Dream began blowing up more of Logstedshire, while Tommy begged him for forgiveness. Dream forced Tommy to blow up everything he had, and restricted his access to the server, no longer allowing him in the nether, or for anyone to come to see him. Tommy then asked if Dream would still visit, and if they were still friends, to which Dream replied yes, and that they were.

After Dream left, Tommy began asking himself what the point to him even being there was. He began building up a dirt tower on top of his barely constructed log tower. On the way up, Tommy began to mull over what Dream said, beginning to repeat the lines, "He was here to watch me".

Tommy then came to the realization that Dream didn't care about him. He also realized that he really was the only thing Dream was afraid of, because he couldn't control Tommy, and that doing this might have been his plan all along. Gathering the last of what was left of Logstedshire, Tommy abandoned the place, apparently for good, stating that he wanted to go somewhere where Dream couldn't find him or track him down.

Butcher Army strikes


On December 16, 2020, the Butcher Army decided to make their move and attack Technoblade. They started by recruiting Ranboo and trusted him since he was closely involved with L'Manbergian affairs being their minutes man. The Butcher Army then interrogated Philza at his L'Manberg house. Philza attempted to dissuade the Butcher Army from their goal and refused to give Techno's location. However, the Butcher Army found the compass that lead to Techno's home. They put Phil under house arrest and started their journey towards Techno's cabin.

Guided by the compass, the Butcher Army arrived at Technoblade's cabin in the Arctic, where they were greeted by Ghostbur, who said that he'd been staying with Techno, before realizing the purpose of the army's arrival. He tried to keep them from spotting Techno, but the Butcher Army had already seen him, and the two parties met in front of the cabin's front steps. Techno tried to tell the army how he'd changed, and was no longer violent. He mentioned how much he'd been trying to fight against the voices in his head begging for blood.

The butchers believed him for the moment, until Techno managed to briefly distract them with his bee farm before trying to make a break for it. The Butcher Army caught up to him, and Techno announced that, since there was no other way, he'd chosen blood.


The battle began with Techno splashing himself with several different potions before beginning to attack. Techno managed to kill Tubbo and Fundy before he began going straight for Ranboo, until Quackity grabbed Techno's prized horse, Carl. Quackity threatened Carl's life if Techno didn't surrender, taking the horse's diamond armor away. Seeing his friend in danger, Techno complied, handing over his armor, weapons, and potions as requested by Tubbo and the Butcher Army.


The group of four, along with Ghostbur and his pet sheep Friend, escorted Technoblade back to L'Manberg, where he was expected to "stand trial" for the war crimes he committed. However, it was revealed when they arrived, that the L'Manbergians had no intention to hold a trial, instead directly deciding to execute Technoblade.

Techno was forced into a cage as Tubbo began to make a speech. However, it was short lived as a trident-wielding Punz began attempting to place down TNT on the podium. In the chaos, Quackity managed to push the lever to drop the anvil. However, the second the anvil made contact with Techno, the Totem of Undying kept in his hand activated, allowing him to survive to otherwise deadly encounter.


With the L'Manbergians distracted, Dream rescued Carl from the pit and returned the horse to Techno. He showed Techno a secret tunnel that lead into the Final Control Room. Inside, Dream had prepared some supplies for Techno to use including a pickaxe and a full set of iron armor. Techno was in the middle of thanking Dream when he was abruptly interrupted by a pursuing Quackity.


Quackity followed Techno down the tunnel he'd escaped through, confronting him before he could leave. Quackity how the anvil didn't kill him, and Techno reiterated his hatred for government and that all of this trouble could've been solved without it. He also voiced that he'd tried to fight alongside the Pogtopians as brothers, but that he felt used by them, like he was nothing more than a weapon. Quackity then stated that he didn't actually care about the withers, and that he was only here to carry out the L'Manberg hitlist. He told Techno that he was trying to build a country, and that in order for its safety, no matter how long it took him, he was going to kill Techno.

Techno didn't believe that Quackity could kill him, even with Quackity in full netherite and a diamond axe and himself in iron armor, practically unarmed. Quackity doubled down, saying he could, and Techno agreed to the fight. He then bolted down the tunnel, splashing himself with potions he'd grabbed from his ender chest. Techno exclaimed, "I have a Pickaxe, and I'll put it through your teeth!!" as he swung his Netherite Pickaxe, enhanced with a strength potion. He ended up killing Quackity despite his seemed disadvantage, escaping from the control having taken one of Quackity's canon lives.

A fragile pact

Upon arriving at his cabin, Techno found Tommy lurking in the area. Tommy then confessed to digging a small home under his base and leeching off of him. After reclaiming some of his stolen items from Tommy, Techno proposed an alliance to help Tommy get his discs back and for himself to destroy the government through "minor terrorism". Tommy reluctantly agreed to the agreement after Techno was convinced that Tubbo was no longer his friend, and Techno then revealed yet another secret vault. The vault contained powerful items and was lined with wither skulls. There, the two armed themselves and started working on their plans.

After some work, Ranboo and Ghostbur arrived. Techno distrusted Ranboo after he joined the Butcher Army, but after explaining his thoughts and returning the armor set, Techno allowed Ranboo to stay and help them. Together, they went mining for netherite with beds. At the end of the day, they bonded, listening Tommy's Blocks disc while looking at the moon. After Tommy left, Techno told Ranboo that he had been used and explained his own experience of being used by Pogtopia. This line struck deep into Ranboo's heart, who realized that L'Manberg was only using him for their personal goals.


Return to L'Manberg

The day after the execution, Technoblade created a "December To-do List" of things that he wished to complete as part of his and Tommy's alliance. The list of goals read:

  1. Get Tommy some weapons
  2. "minor" terrorism
  3. Get back my weapons.
  5. Save Philza Minecraft
  6. Destroy L'Manburg

Tommy looked over the list, adding "sell foot", "build girlfriend", "build cobblestone tower of power", and "get theropy".

Then, Tommy and Technoblade decided to return to L'Manberg in an attempt to find Technoblade's stolen weapons. While they were in L'Manberg and within the Dream SMP territory, they were spotted by Captain Puffy. Fortunately, as they had drunk invisibility potions previously, Captain Puffy was unable to identify them. In the end, they were unable to find Technoblade's weapons, and Technoblade reached the conclusion that the weapons were "on the persons" themselves, and in order to retrieve the weapons, they must undergo some "minor terrorism".

The two then decided to build hideouts and bunkers around L'Manberg and Dream SMP so they could move around the server more easily and stealthily. The duo started on a bunker underneath the L'Manberg apiary and another bunker within the sewer system. However, it was made rather rushed as they were running out of invisibility potions.

Visit from Dream

The following day, Techno developed an idea to form a hound army. While they were looking for dogs, Tommy walked upon a plains biome, to which Tommy began to shake visibly. He cried to Techno for comfort, but he brushed him off and simply told him to try not to think about it. When Dream came online, Tommy begins to have forgotten what his relationship was like with Dream, first believing that he was good friends with him, until Techno asked if Tommy was running from him. Tommy stumbled upon the village near Logstedshire, breathing heavily, with his head pounding. Despite breathing heavily from the trauma, he whispered for Dream's help for looking for dogs, saying that he would know where the dogs are.

When they were about to head back, Techno said he saw Dream, which sent Tommy into a frenzy. Tommy got lost while looking for Techno's home, as Techno tried to figure out where he was to help direct him, Tommy was fairly unhelpful, being undescriptive. Tommy eventually found the house, walking past it twice before realizing. Techno himself hurried home to meet with Tommy, also realizing they only need one dog per owner to have a puppy.

Techno then received a direct message from Dream, saying that he wanted to talk to him, and he was arriving in 5 minutes. In an attempt to keep Tommy a secret, Techno splashed an invisibility potion and shoved him in the box. Dream finally enters the house, and he confesses that Tommy has gone missing. Dream mentioned he knew that Tommy wasn't dead, like he was presumed to be by L'Manberg. He asked him if he knew where Tommy would be, to which Techno showed him around the house except the underground passage. In the end, Dream left, and told Techno to let him know if he ever finds him.

Formation of Hound Army

After he left, Techno quickly brewed up invisibility potions, and followed Tommy into L'Manberg, where Tommy found a traveler and killed him and one of the llamas. Tommy dragged the surviving llama with him as he was invisible, naming it Clarencio, though it was simply a bother because it continued to spit on Tommy throughout their short lifespan. During their search for another dog, they discovered Connor with his pet, and Tommy ran towards him, yelling at him as if the llama were speaking to him. Tommy kept on running behind Connor, causing Clarencio to kill Connor with his spit. Connor cried out how weird the server was, before shortly leaving the game. There, Techno bred his dog with another dog, and he finally had 2 dogs to form a hound army. Tommy noticed Ranboo, who was conveniently around, and ran towards him, continuing to do the same procedure as he done with Connor. Ranboo dropped a bunch of his body parts which were also conveniently in his inventory. Techno and Tommy laughed, confused on why they were in his inventory in the first place. Techno then sat the dogs in their bunker underneath the Bee Dome, and called it a day. When they returned home, Tommy continued to make the cobblestone tower that Techno previously begged him not to make.

Rescuing Philza

A day after leaving a private note for Phil to receive, Technoblade snuck into L'Manberg with the purpose of infiltrating and spreading propaganda and saving Phil from house arrest. He started by taking down the remainder of the Butcher Army posters, replacing it with his own, before deciding to attempt to rescue Phil. He was initially unable to act due to Phil being escorted by the president at the time, and hid in Phil's basement, non-canonically assassinating the president before leaving to put up more propaganda posters.

After Phil was able to break the Ankle Monitor he was wearing, he escaped to the catacombs underneath his house and met with Technoblade behind the tower where Techno offered him an invisibility potion. Phil attempted to help Technoblade get weapons back during his escape using the information provided to him by Tubbo during his walk, but the bunker that the two searched was empty. After leaving more propaganda art in the bunker for Tubbo to find, Techno and Phil escaped L'Manberg using invisibility potions, and returned to Techno's base. The two cured more zombie villagers with the help of Ranboo, and the three later incited chaos in L'Manberg by convincing citizens to fight each other, namely Punz, Jack Manifold, Fundy, and Ponk, with several more onlookers and some joining the fight. After leaving L'Manberg once again, Techno showed Phil his secret base, filled with hundreds of wither skulls.

A home and a threat

While alone at the cabin with Ghostbur, Tommy decided to build a house next door to Techno's to live inside. Tommy asked for building tips from Ghostbur. While they were gathering items to build it, Ghostbur found Dream walking through the forest with Friend in tow. In excitement, Ghostbur led Dream and Friend back to Technoblade's house, unaware that Dream was the same person Tommy was hiding from.

Tommy quickly drank an invisible potion and hid in the box while Ghostbur spoke with Dream. During the conversation, Tommy kept on fidgeting and coughing, with Ghostbur scrambling to cover it up, saying that he was sick. Although Ghostbur attempted to cover Tommy's outbursts, he continued to slip up, nearly revealed to Dream fully that Tommy was being hidden in the house. While letting Dream look around the house, he accidentally revealed the to-do list on the third floor, and let Dream discover Tommy's room. By this time, Dream was aware that Tommy was in Technoblade's base. Dream said goodbye to Ghostbur, but took the prime log with him, much to Tommy's chagrin.

After the mishap, Ghostbur continued to help Tommy build his house, though Tommy had yet to finish it or make it his current residence.

Advanced interrogation techniques

On December 27, Technoblade decided that it was time to get back some of his belongings that would help for their attack against L'Manberg. He told Tommy about the said plan, and the two formulated the idea to build underground tunnels into the country, only to abandon it once Tommy brought up using the sewers.

While swimming up through the entrance to Tommy's chest room, they found Connor in Tommy's Embassy, running errands. To Tommy's dismay, he discovered that Connor had taken his home after his exile, stating that it had been foreclosed, and was viable for him to take. Techno and Tommy decided that they would take him in as hostage to help Techno get his items back. They took Connor to a spot just outside of L'Manberg, placing him in a hole and torturing him in a manner of different ways, including nearly drowning him.

Techno went to meet with Ranboo while Tommy continued to torture and humiliate Connor. He then discovered that Connor wasn't even a citizen of L'Manberg, severely diminishing the value of the hostage. However, Techno brought up how bad they would feel if they had a chance to spare an innocent life and didn't take it, and Tubbo and Ranboo agreed that he could receive a few of the items.

The two parties met just outside the Bee Dome, where Tubbo was shocked to see his best friend still alive despite thinking him to be dead, and Tommy was nervous to see him after not speaking for so long. Tommy then began shouting at Tubbo for never visiting him while he was in exile, while Tubbo tried to defend himself, saying that he had, twice, but Tommy retorted that he'd never been there when Tubbo did. He then brought up the beach party invitation, and though Tubbo said that he'd never received one, Tommy still didn't believe him saying over and over that Dream had told him that he indeed did receive one and chose to not go.

Techno brushed their personal quarrel aside, asking for his things back. He was willing to receive a few of his items for the safe release of Connor, knowing that his value of him was much lower than a typical citizen, although Techno didn't say that outright. As the conversation and deliberations continued, Tommy was still thinking over and processing what was happening, but was jarred out of it when he asked Tubbo about Techno's attempted execution, and whether or not it had actually happened. Tubbo sheepishly replied that it had, and Tommy called him "fucked up" and "a monster" and held up his trident as if to shoot Tubbo but soon put it back down. Techno then asked for the return of his trident, which Tubbo realized he'd given to Fundy, and instead handed over Techno's Rocket Launcher and pickaxe.

Tommy continued to stare at Tubbo during the trade, and as he and Techno began to leave towards the nether portal, Tommy took a moment to look back at Tubbo, who reached out for him before he fully turned away. On their way back, Techno told Tommy that Tubbo wasn't a good person anymore, and that he would only want bad things for Tommy in the future, shown by his choice to exile Tommy in the first place. He then said that maybe Tubbo didn't even think of Tommy as a friend, and a disheartened Tommy said he'd think over it. Technoblade stated that he empathized, having been betrayed by many people, even those he believed were once friends.

Dream closes in

Technoblade and Tommy reached the base of the portal entrance, only to be met by Dream. The two stood, frozen, discussing their options as Tommy frantically began splashing them both with multiple buff potions, handing over half of his stack of golden apples, preparing them both for a battle.

Dream asked Tommy what he was doing in the Dream SMP, stating that if he remembered correctly, Tommy wasn't supposed to be there in the first place. He then revealed to Tommy that he was in possession of Tommy's second disc, Cat, that had previously been in Skeppy's care. Tommy didn't believe him, but knew that Dream wouldn't bluff about something as important as the disc. He then demanded that Tommy either come with him, or he'd burn the disc in front of them.

Technoblade then stepped in front of Tommy, pointing the crossbow at Dream, stating that that would be a problem, as Tommy was with him, and to an extent, under his protection. He said that the two of them had a deal, and that Tommy was his business partner. However, he mentioned that he would only step aside if Dream called in his favor. Dream stood down, saying that he had the unknown favor in mind for something else at a later date.

Tommy and Techno were allowed to leave peacefully, and Tommy expressed joy at the thought of finally standing up to Dream, fully realizing how he'd been manipulated by him during his time in Logstedshire and after. After arriving back at Technoblade's home, Tommy asked to look at the weapons he'd been given to get a good look at them. He then realized what the Rocket Launcher had been used for, asking Techno if it had been the one to kill Tubbo, which Techno confirmed, it had. Tommy then appeared to be alarmed, immediately dropping the crossbow and asking for some space and time to think. He still was in disbelief about Tubbo not being a good guy, and clearly being reminded of the times he hadn't trusted Technoblade for hurting his friend.

Ranboo's memory book

On January 3, Ranboo realized that the book containing all of his memories, and the proof that he accidentally betrayed L'Manberg, and might not be as loyal as hoped, had gone missing. He then spent time frantically searching for it, checking the Boomerville church, the Big Hole, until he reached his home, going through his chests. During this time, he began referring to himself as switching between "I" and "you", in an anxious attempt to distance himself from the situation and try to remember where it had been.

Ranboo then began to assume that the book had been stolen, before trying to reassure himself, asking who would even think to take it, and why. He worried that the book would expose that he "had no moral backbone," and would "be seen as a traitor to the one nation that gave [him] a home". Ranboo ended up returning home, going through his chests while adamantly stating that he knew he hadn't left it in his home. He eventually found it in one of his chests, but as he pulled it out, he stated over and over again that he remembered not putting it there, and that it wasn't him who'd left it in the chest. He ended the stream with the final words, "how did it move?".

Minor terrorism in L'Manberg

Techno and Tommy returned to L'Manberg on January 4 with the intent to cause problems in the country, specifically with withers. The two gathered enough skulls for one wither from the Wither Vault, and headed out. Together they found Ranboo and Fundy hanging out around the trident parkour course, where they confronted them about Techno's weapons.

Techno told them that they had two options, either he'd spawn the wither and then kill them, or he'd spawn the wither, they'd give him back his things, and then he'd help them kill it. The two made the decision to choose the second option, and Techno immediately spawned the wither before receiving his weapons. The four then scrambled to try and do something about the wither flying through L'Manberg as Ranboo went to retrieve Techno's weapons from where they'd been hidden. Punz then logged on and helped Fundy kill the wither as Ranboo, Tommy, and Techno were occupied with retrieving his things.

With the wither killed, Ranboo and Fundy expected Techno and Tommy to leave, but Techno then asked for the nether star, which had been dropped by the wither when killed and presumably picked up by whoever killed it. Fundy admitted to picking it up, but said that he'd already placed it in his ender chest. They ended up interrogating Fundy, and Techno eventually received the nether star.

Tommy, realizing that Techno had everything he wanted, then flipped to what he wanted, remembering his discs in a moment of clarity. He then interrogated Fundy once more about the discs, which Fundy knew nothing about to the point of him breaking down crying. Tommy and Techno took turns taking hits on Fundy until he was low on hearts, before asking him when the next time everyone might be together would be on. Fundy then revealed that tomorrow was the day of the festival, and that those in possession of his discs, Dream and Tubbo, would be there.

The solemn truth

As Techno and Tommy left, heading towards the community nether portal, Tommy, hopped up on adrenaline, suggested that they blow up the Community House in order to gain power over Dream and the two considered it for a moment. Technoblade then admitted to Tommy the truth about his intentions, and said that his plan was to see the complete and utter destruction of L'Manberg. He said that he'd originally seen Tommy as useless, and more a bother than an asset, but after watching what he'd done that day, he said he might consider Tommy a friend. Tommy was hesitant at first about the plan, and Techno told him to take his time on thinking it over, but Tommy agreed shortly after, but only as long as it took to take back the discs, and possibly, to protect Tubbo.

Laws of L'Manberg

Shortly after Tommy and Techno left, Tubbo logged on the server, and found Ranboo, asking him what had happened. Ranboo revealed the events of the day, telling him about the withers, Tommy, Technoblade, and having to give over his weapons, their only remaining leverage over Techno. Tubbo wasn't happy to hear this, but said that they'd really not been given another choice.

The two changed the war crime counter board, and began writing up a list of L'Manberg's laws, which were:

  • Law 1: We never shoot first.
  • Law 2: No armour is to be worn in L'manburg.
  • Law 3: BoneZone.
  • Law 4: No explosives and withers
  • Law 5: Be Loyal
  • Law 6: No killing pets :D

L'Manberg festival

The festival commences

Before the festival began, Tubbo had a conversation with Ranboo, in which he said that Ranboo was the perfect example of Law 5: "Be Loyal". The L'Manberg Cabinet gathered together at the podium, where Tubbo asked everyone to meet in the town square, as he gave a brief speech about his want for everyone to band together as a community and have some fun.

The festival goers played several rounds of ring toss, played Ranboo's trident parkour, along with checking out the ice cream shop, before simply trying to kill time before Dream arrived. Quackity and Tubbo began to worry, but Tubbo was reassured by the fact that Dream said he'd arrive after the festival began, and said later that he'd be a little late.

The cabinet let everyone hang around the town square as they met together to discuss the final details of the plan. They agreed that Fundy, Quackity, and Ranboo would be on the podium giving a speech, while everyone else, including Dream, would be standing in the center without armor. Tubbo would then pounce on Dream, taking him by surprise, and killing him. They then discussed a signal for when Dream arrival, but were interrupted in their efforts with Dream logging on.

They began passing around the item frame page with the word "cock" on it, which had been their signal, before they noticed the obsidian walls beginning to be built around L'manberg. The cabinet began to question Dream as to what he was doing, and Dream immediately began stating that Tommy had messed up for the last time, much to their confusion.

Dream believed that they were lying, and lead them to the Community House, where they saw for the first time that it had been destroyed, and the festival abruptly ended.

Conflict at the Community House

Tubbo explained that L'Manberg didn't know that it was going to happen, and had nothing to do with it. Dream retorted that it had everything to do with Tubbo because he had one of Tommy's discs, which still connected him to Tommy, and that Tubbo needed to hand over the disc to prove that the Community House's destruction hadn't been at the fault of L'Manberg.

A previously invisible Tommy then interrupted the conversation to prevent Tubbo from handing Dream the disc. Technoblade then appeared as well to say that it wasn't Tommy's fault, which Dream rebuffed, claiming that Tommy was the biggest liar of the server, and Techno denied, saying that Tommy would never lie to him personally.

Tubbo opened his ender chest to take the disc, only for Tommy to push him away, and express that while Tubbo had been going on and on about how Tommy had been a bad friend, Tubbo has been the one in the wrong all along. He cited that Tubbo didn't know the terrible things that happened to him in exile, and still wouldn't care now. Tommy asked Tubbo to trust him, but Tubbo replied that he did once, when this had happened before, and that he wouldn't make that mistake twice.

Tubbo then took Mellohi out of his ender chest, and Tommy said that Tubbo had betrayed him.

Tommy: Tubbo you betrayed me. You know that right? You betrayed me.

Tubbo: Yeah well at least I'm not-

Tommy: Did you just get out your axe? What are you trying to...you betrayed me Tubbo.

Tubbo: I didn't betray you! You betrayed everything you had built with presidents prior.

Tommy: You betrayed me! You betrayed everything.

Tubbo: I don't think I have.

Tommy: You know what? You've got your axe up.

Tubbo: Mm? What.

Techno: Tommy...There's like 30 people here Tommy, make this decision wisely.

Tommy takes the first strike

Techno splashes potions

Techno: Oh god!

Tubbo strikes back

Tommy: You betrayed me Tubbo!

Tubbo: No, you failed the nation!

Tommy: You betray me!

Tubbo: That is just not true!

Tommy: You did! You did! You betrayed me!

Tubbo: No I didn't!


Tommy: Everything. This is what Wilbur wanted. He wanted you to betray everyone, to give up on what was right.

Tubbo: You gave up on the nation! No, no!

Tubbo: You betrayed everyone, when you went off and teamed up with the very person that blew up the nation.

Tommy: You left me to die.

Tubbo: You teamed up with Technoblade, I didn't leave you to die, I wasn't invited...Where are you?

Tommy: You betrayed me.

Tubbo: I didn't betray you, you teamed up with the very person that destroyed our nation!


Tubbo: No- wha-

long pause

Tubbo: You meant...

Tommy: Just...

Tommy: Give him the disc.

Dream's discs

Dream hopped down into the center, asking for it, as Tubbo and Tommy began to apologize to one another. Tommy realized that he wasn't the person he wanted to be and he was becoming worse than everyone he wanted to be better than. To prevent himself from becoming any worse, he told Techno that he wasn't going to help him anymore, effectively betraying him. Techno gave him one last chance to rejoin his side, but Tommy declined.

Dream then began to berate Tubbo for giving him the disc, pointing out how horrible of a president he was, and how easily he let himself be pushed around. He said that even Quackity was a better president than he was. Dream continued by saying that he wasn't friends with Tubbo, and never had been, and had just been using him to get the disc back this entire time. Then, Dream revealed that Ranboo was a traitor to L'Manberg, and proved it by handing everyone copies of Ranboo's memory book titled "do not read", confusing Ranboo as to how Dream got it in the first place.

Dream then asked Techno if he had any withers, and Techno replied by asking if Dream was calling his favor. Dream replied that he wasn't, as it would be pointless to claim it when it was something Techno already wanted. He then stated that L'Manberg would be destroyed at 3 pm on January 6, just about 21 hours away. Dream bidded them goodbye, before leaving the ruins of the Community House. Before he left, Techno asked for his axe back from Tommy saying how he hadn't been as worthy as previously thought, but Tommy refused, resulting in Technoblade escaping without it.

Call to action

Tommy stood in front of everyone and tried to band everyone together to fight against Dream. He apologized to everyone for everything he had done, and told everyone that they needed to put things aside so that they could save L'Manberg together.

Punz, declared that he was on Tommy's side and that Dream had taken things too far. Unbeknownst to everyone else in the group, Punz and Dream had already planned a fake "falling out" so people wouldn't suspect Punz of working with him, and so he could be a proper spy. Tommy thanked him, and placed chests on the path in front of them, assigning things they would need to prepare for the fight for L'Manberg.

Sapnap expressed his opinion that he couldn't go against one of his oldest friends in the SMP, Dream. Tommy told him to hold that thought and that he would talk to him before the battle tomorrow. Niki expressed her thoughts as well, saying that she wouldn't work with someone who blew up the Community House. Fundy shut her down, saying that didn't matter, what mattered was stopping Dream. Sam then asked Tommy to swear on something important that he didn't do it or he would join Dream. Tommy then swore on Church Prime that he was innocent, and the others believed him.

They then decide that Eret's Fortress will be their base of operations. He then declared it to be "Doomsday". Tubbo and Tommy attempted to get in a call with each other, but quickly agree they weren't able to go through their emotions today, and would speak to each other tomorrow instead. Tubbo then met privately with Quackity, who was livid about Ranboo's betrayal. Quackity wanted to execute Ranboo, but Tubbo was hesitant, citing his memory problems. In addition, he pointed out that he doesn't want history to repeat itself, not wanting someone to decorate their own funeral again. He then stated that Quackity were to execute or hurt Ranboo in retaliation, it would be treason. Quackity decided that the ruling was too much for him, and stated that he would leave L'Manberg, though he still considered Tubbo a friend, he couldn't let what Ranboo did slide, but won't risk treason to do it. He said that Tubbo was still a friend, but that he shouldn't trust anyone, not Tommy, not Fundy, not Ranboo, not even him.

Tubbo joined the rest of the group, who were arguing with Ranboo, who was expressing his doubts about going into the conflict. Tubbo made a speech saying that he was happy that not just people from L'Manberg were standing side by side with him. After being asked by Ponk for a name, he dubbed it "Operation Don't Let Our Home Blown Up" and declared it a go.

Second Thoughts

A few hours before the war took place, HBomb and Niki both decided that they were going to sit out of the war, as both of them didn't like either side. HBomb stated that he believed everyone was selfish, and no one had the correct viewpoint. Fundy also decided to inject his opinion, saying, "both sides should be equal", and agreeing with Ranboo on his stance of "no one here is right". As Fundy walked around L'Manberg, he blew up all of L'Manberg's supplies, stating, "If he can't make people laugh, he was going to make people cry". After he showed Niki the exploded chests, she was pleased and they were finally back on good terms. Niki also managed to get weapons and armor from Tubbo, telling everyone about how she still had nothing after Schlatt taxed her, everyone was surprised that she'd been in trouble, sparking even more arguments. Fundy, Niki, and Eret all agreed that the L'Manbergians needed to learn a lesson to prevent history from repeating itself, as they reasoned that the war had gone too far and L'Manberg had truly died with its founder, Wilbur. They began to build up a wall of signs listing people who had to learn this lesson. This joint group of people called themselves the “Side To End All Sides”. Many others were still left deciding whether or not to actually fight in the war, including Quackity, who was prepared to leave L'Manberg and the Dream SMP as a whole. In the end, Quackity decided that it was more important to take yet another stand against Dream, but expected to lose. CaptainPuffy also decided to defend the nation, as she had friends who lived there and she felt that it was important to protect her friends. Sapnap was convinced to side with Tommy after he was given his long lost fish, Mars, that Tommy had retrieved from the ocean.

Doomsday War

Main article: Doomsday War

Technoblade’s Army

See also: Hound Army

The army for L'Manberg moved to attack Techno. However, their efforts were rendered ineffective by his Hound Army, which would quickly swarm any attacker. Techno was able to stay mobile and avoid direct encounters, picking off some of the weaker members of L'Manberg. The L'Manberg army was able to kill off most of his Hound Army, and once the Hound Army was nearly defeated, Techno gave Phil the signal to start spawning withers, as the hound army had been merely a way to stall time. Fourteen withers were spawned, and the L'Manbergians were quickly overwhelmed by the combination of the withers and Technoblade. Techno had also splashed invisibility potions on everyone, leading some to attack their allies instead of the withers, out of pure confusion. The withers bought valuable time for Techno and his allies, and the chaos of shooting, fighting, and screaming continued until Dream finished the machines. Techno also took the opportunity to restock on supplies, giving back Ranboo his book: Do Not Read, and grabbing his trident from the chests in the house.

Destruction of L’Manberg

Dream had been preparing TNT to rain from droppers above L’Manberg this entire time. After Dream finished his preparations, TNT began raining down on the battle as Techno continued shooting into the fray. Multiple people fleed, fearing the TNT raining down. In the chaos, Ranboo did while attempted to save his pets. After the TNT began to die down, Techno and Tommy began to battle with both swords and words, fighting over loyalty, betrayal, and the way government had destroyed everything.

The Traitor

Unbeknownst to anyone else, Niki had been in underground tunnels below L'Manberg and had placed TNT everywhere before setting them all off. While everyone was distracted, Niki burned down the L'Mantree, silently saluting as the tree burned down to ground. She then blew up her L'Manberg house and setting fire to everything. The rest of the citizens looked on in horror, as the main part of L'Manberg continued to be blown up by the machine above them, unaware that their last symbol of hope had just been destroyed by the person who cared for it most. After doing this, she stated simply “It was never meant to be”, as the traitors of the last two wars, Eret and Wilbur, had said after betraying L’Manberg. Eventually, the others discovered the destroyed tree and she announced that it was her. She then found out that it was Phil who had killed Wilbur and didn't know how to feel.


As the chaos died down, the L'Manbergians, neutral members, and the anarchists began to talk amongst themselves. Tommy and Tubbo spoke to each other on Dream's obsidian platform above the destroyed city. They bond, agreeing that they must regain possession of the discs and fight back against Dream. While they spoke, Dream continued maintaining the TNT machine in the background. Everyone else sat in a voice-chat talking, with Techno stating he wanted to see L'Manberg turn to bedrock and be chunk-errored. Some simply stayed silent, looking upon the canyon L'Manberg had become.

Wilbur's resurrection attempt


Ghostbur arrived late to the events of the Doomsday War. After seeing the destruction of L'Manberg as well as realizing Friend was dead, asked Tommy to help resurrect him. Dream was the first choice, however, after talking with Quackity, he realized someone else would need to help. Eret was the second choice, but they couldn't help either. The third choice was Badboyhalo, who also couldn't help. Eret suggested they ask Philza for help.

Philza had been studying necromancy, and still kept the diamond sword that he used to kill Alivebur. Ghostbur suggested that since revival was like a second death for him, that Philza would need to kill him in the same way that he had died originally, with a sword through the chest in the button room. The group agreed that on January 10, that they would attempt to revive Ghostbur.

On the day of, Eret built a shrine for the resurrection attempt to happen on, as the button room was one of the many buildings destroyed in the Doomsday War. The shrine included items, like the L'Manberg flag, gold, TNT, salmon, buttons, brewing stands, and blue. When Phil came online for the resurrection, he went with Ghostbur and Ranboo to go find Friend, but they couldn't find him in time.

Main Attempt

For the first attempt to revive Ghostbur, Ghostbur and Philza had to redo the scene of his death on November 16, word for word, to start the resurrection process. Tommy appeared right before the scene-recreation, offering to play his role. It was stalled further as Ghostbur explained his fears about going through with the process, saying he didn't want to go.

Ghostbur, who was questioning his decision asked Tommy if he wanted Wilbur back. Tommy said that Alivebur "wasn't so poggers". After hearing that, Ghostbur told Phil to just go through with stabbing him. Wilbur disappeared after Phil stabbed him. Almost immediately, Tommy grew worried and concerned. The group wondered if it worked, or if they had accidentally killed Ghostbur for good. Tensions started to run high as Phil and Eret, began to question their research into necromancy.

He returned about a minute later and recounted what he went through while he was gone. Everything went dark, and it felt like he was being stabbed again, but he was still a ghost. He had reportedly met two people, in his temporary state of death. (It's not exactly said where he ended up, but it's presumed to be the afterlife.) He couldn't identify them, because he didn't get a good look at their faces. However, now the two figures were named to be Schlatt and Wilbur.

Phil, not ready to give up, proposed that they needed a totem of undying, as it did the job that they needed. Ghostbur proposed going to Technoblade, as he had one. Phil was hesitant as Techno most likely would not want to part with his only totem. Tommy decided to go find Friend, who they couldn't originally find while preparing. Ranboo was concerned about doing the ritual over and over, but Ghostbur brushed them aside. Phil was also concerned, specifically about the people that Ghostbur saw in his death state.

Fundy and Tubbo arrived on the scene and were told about the revival. Ranboo was concerned about Fundy being a part of the process, but Ghostbur was happy to see Fundy. Friend was finally found, and not worrying about name tagging Friend. They went to the shrine to redo the ritual again, speeding through the process again.

Attempt two & Aftermath

They went through the process again, and Ghostbur screamed at Phil while panicking in the final stages. Ghostbur disappeared again, and Schlatt's voice was heard by the group. He said he didn't want to come back to the server, as he was busy.

The attempt failed again, and Ghostbur remained a ghost. However, the afterlife that Ghostbur had gone to was different, only one person was there. The now-alarmed group decided they 100% needed a totem of undying for the ritual. Schlatt's ghost was unsettled and kept speaking through Ghostbur. Ghostbur appeared was also shaken and had to go and lie down, feeling unwell.

As the ghosts left, the group began to theorize about who the other person in the afterlife was. Tubbo brought up Mexican Dream, who besides Schlatt and Wilbur had lost all of their canon lives. Fundy wondered if it was Alivebur, and was nervous about screwing up the attempt again. He was concerned about their separate identities, theorizing Ghostbur's spirit was torn away. The group confirmed with each other, that they 100% needed a totem, concerned about Ghostbur's soul. Phil and Eret split off to figure out the next attempt, though Eret couldn't get into the cabin.

During the Disc Confrontation, Dream convinced Tommy to spare him as he could bring Wilbur back to life. Afterward, when Tommy and Tubbo were sitting on the bench, Alivebur came from the afterlife to congratulate Tommy. Tommy said they wanted to bring him back to life, Alivebur became angry, saying he didn't want to come back.

Disc Confrontation


About a week after the events of the Doomsday War, Dream left a note in a destroyed BSA L'Manberg Embassy telling Tubbo and Tommy to follow a compass to the location of the Discs. He told them to meet him at the location where the compass was pointing, the following Wednesday, January 20, 2021. Tubbo and Tommy began to prepare for the Wednesday, by gather supplies and armor to use. On Wednesday, while Tubbo and Tommy were walking along the prime path, they stopped and said sorry, while exchanging good-byes with a portion of the server. These included Nihachu, Captain Puffy, Awesamdude, and many others.


Tubbo and Tommy traveled far out into the SMP, passing the forest and biomes that lined the main area of the SMP, eventually reaching a tall mountain in an extreme savannah biome. Dream stood on top of the mountain, with a jukebox in hand. Deciding to play with the two, he began to play Mellohi, and this is when Tubbo and Tommy attempted to get the upper hand by attacking Dream. It took a while, as Dream repeatedly moved Mellohi, changed up his location, and nearly over-powered them in combat, but they managed to grab Mellohi. When they tried to escape, Dream laughed saying that he had barely used any potions, gapples, or pearls, while Tommy and Tubbo had nearly used up most of their supply.

Dream took Tubbo hostage, wanting to exchange Tubbo's life for the disc. Tubbo pleaded with Tommy to sacrifice him, and save the disc instead. Tommy chose to return the disc to Dream, who smiled and laughed, revealing that the disc was fake and that the other one he had on him, was also fake. Dream blew the two fake discs up.

Dream told Tubbo and Tommy to throw everything they had into two holes, similar to the tactic he used on Tommy, during his exile. He then blew up everything that they had on them. Dream escorted them down the mountain afterward, telling them that he had blown up the Community House, which had been blamed on Tommy during the Green Festival. He told them this, as they would not be able to tell the rest of the server.

The hall of attachments

Dream brought them down to the side of the mountain, breaking a few blocks and revealing a small hollowed-out room with a Blackstone and obsidian pad on the floor. He made Tubbo and Tommy step onto the pad, which slowly lowered into a giant vault, complete with Blackstone. It stretched down into the y-level 5, containing a large nether portal, two ender chests, and pictures of Mellohi and Cat, acting as backboards to golden pads that had the actual discs on the floor.

Dream gave Tommy a choice, to take the discs and Tubbo wouldn't see the light of day, which Tommy refused. Dream showed them a corridor on the side of the room, lined with item frames, fence posts, and cages to contain items as well as beings of value to certain server members.

List of Items

Rebellion & Uprising

After showing Tommy and Tubbo the hall of the attachments, Dream told Tommy to say goodbye to Tubbo, who had already accepted his death. Tommy refused this prospect and tried to threaten Dream. During this, Punz came through the nether portal and told Dream, "I'm sorry Dream, but you should've paid me more.", bringing the portion of the server from earlier into the hall.

Tommy and Tubbo took the chance, they got as the arriving group surrounded a stunned Dream, and grabbed the two discs from the pads on the ground. The discs were placed in the two ender chests temporarily. Tommy walked up to Dream and told him to kill him. Dream was tempted by the offer, but decided against it, as then he wouldn't be able to play his one-sided game with Tommy, and that the rest of the server would go against him. Sapnap handed Tommy a pickaxe, and Tommy grabbed the Axe of Peace, off of its place on the wall, and Tommy told Dream to drop his items into the hole. Dream hesitantly complied, instead of blowing them up, Tommy equipped the items instead.

Dream tried to reason with Tommy, saying that he wouldn't kill him, with the poor reasoning of "Having had fun together." Tommy responded by killing Dream with the Axe of Peace, which he had taken off the wall right before this. Dream respawned and came down the vault using the elevator, telling Tommy not to kill him again. Tommy ignored this, killing Dream again, and taking his second canon life.

Dream respawned for a second time, and Tommy told Dream to come down the vault, so he could take his final canon life, which Dream refused to compile too. Tommy retracted and said instead that he just wanted to talk, and no violence would be needed, which Dream still did not compile too. Tommy retracted more and said that he would take his own life if Dream did not come down the vault, which finally led Dream to come into the vault. Tommy proceeded to shoot him with a crossbow, and Dream begged for mercy, saying that he could revive people from the dead. This was because he had a book, given to him by Jschlatt during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. Tommy asked if he could revive Wilbur, which Dream could do.

Tommy trapped Dream in an obsidian box and demanded he tells the present portion of the server what he had done. He reluctantly revealed that he was the person who blew up the Community House, however, he would not explain what had happened during Tommy's exile. Tommy explained that Dream had been manipulating everyone on the server. He had also begun to collect their prized possessions to get control over them. The coalition noticed the collection, in which they found that everything Tommy told them was true. Sapnap retrieved Beckerson and the rest of the group was in shock about Dream's master plan.

Imprisonment & Aftermath

As previously mentioned, Dream convinced Tommy to spare him, because of a book he had that could bring the dead back to life. Not trusting Dream to go free after what he had done, he handed Dream off to Sam. Sam brought Dream to Pandora's Vault, to be locked up in its Maximum Security Cell. The group walked back up to the surface and rejoiced in the aftermath of finally getting rid of Dream. Tommy and Tubbo happily played a disc while sitting on the bench, and Wilbur came back from the dead temporarily to congratulate Tommy for winning. When Tommy brought up the detail of maybe having Dream bring him back to life, he lashed out and said that he didn't want to come back. He faded away afterward, leaving Tommy and Tubbo to ponder if sparring Dream was a good idea.

End of spoiler warning.