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Rutabagville was a district of L'Manberg ruled by Karl Jacobs that formerly claimed to be an independent country. It was founded by Karl on November 7, 2020 and annexed into Manberg the following day. It was named after Karl's cat, Rutabaga, and is located at the site of the Christmas town he had been working on with Nihachu who, due to her allegiances with Pogtopia, was likely to leave before the events of the Manberg vs Pogtopia War.


Involvement with the Badlands

Rutabagville had an early run in with another faction, the Badlands (comprised of Antfrost, BadBoyHalo, and Awesamdude), when Karl asked them to join his nation instead of developing their own. He grew angered at the three of them after they refused. Karl attempted to get Sam to swear allegiance to his country, but Sam declined as he was already part of the Badlands. In an attempt to compromise, he asked to be awarded dual citizenship, though Karl did not grant it.

Early development

The only citizen was Sapnap, who was predicted to be given the political position of First Lady/Gentleman alongside Karl as president, but Awesamdude, Eret, Nihachu, and Quackity were all being considered as potential citizens.

Rutabagville's topography was comprised of a snowy mountain landscape, surrounded by a tall wooden fence. Karl had plans to build a "castle in the sky," possibly assisted by Awesamdude and Eret since they both possess skills in building.

Incorporation into Manberg

When Schlatt and Dream convinced Karl and Sapnap to join Manberg and fight on behalf of them in the upcoming war against Pogtopia,[4] Karl offered to make Rutabagville a state/district of Manberg that he controlled.[5] Schlatt agreed to that, and Dream placed one of his new Manberg banners in Rutabagville, signifying the fact that it was now part of Manberg. All present members of Rutabagville were informed of this except for Niki, as every Manbergian/Manberg ally agreed to not tell her because she strongly opposed Manberg. Niki eventually found out after Karl told her on the day of the war and was saddened by the fact that Karl had given up the nation to Schlatt.[6]


After the war, Manberg was dissolved and L'Manberg took its place with Rutabagville being abandoned and forgotten in the process. Rutabagville stood as a province of L'Manberg until the Doomsday War when L'Manberg was taken over by the Greater Dream SMP.



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