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This page is about the content creator. For their SMP character, see Sapnap/SMP.

Nicholas "Nick," better known online as Sapnap, is a member of the Dream Team. He is a Minecraft gaming YouTuber who makes videos about plugins he and his friends have coded. He has been uploading on YouTube as of 2019.




Sapnap's original IGN was PandasCanPvP. The name change came from Dream recommending to switch the word "pandas " to be backwards, making "Sadnap. " Since that name was taken, it was changed to Sapnap, leading to his current in-game name.[5]

Meeting Dream

Sapnap met Dream on MCPVP in 2013 after Dream shared his Skype. Sapnap joined Dream's Skype, and through this, the two became buddies.[6][7][8] They have been friends since Sapnap was twelve years old and Dream was thirteen years old.

Meeting George

According to Sapnap, he met George on MunchyMC.[7] During George's stream on June 22, 2020, when asked how George met Sapnap, George said that he may have met Sapnap through a Minecraft server. However, George walked back and said that Dream most likely introduced the two, as Dream and Sapnap had met first, but he was not entirely sure.[9]



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MC Championship

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  • Sapnap has said in multiple livestreams that he plays the violin. He has also posted on Instagram a video of himself playing the violin when he was a kid.[10]
  • Sapnap has four pets - Mogwai, Lilly, Storm (cats), and Cash (dog).[11]
  • It has been confirmed that he is in possession of the Dream Team channel's 100K play button.[12]
  • He studied computer science in a community college in Texas.[13] He revealed that he dropped out during an alt stream in early March 2021.
  • Sapnap is half Greek and can speak the language semi-fluently.[14][15]
  • He has a Filipino step-mom,[16] step-brother, and two sisters.
    • Sapnap said that he loves Filipino food.[17]
  • Sapnap was featured on Love or Host on September 24, 2020.[18]
  • Both Sapnap and Dream were so annoyed while making Minecraft, But Speed Rises Every Second and Minecraft Speed Increase Challenge #2 that they couldn't finish them. However, they did finish Minecraft, But Player Speed Is Maxed.
  • Sapnap visited Karl in North Carolina in August 2021, and the two stayed together for around a week. During Sapnap's stay, the two streamed almost every day.
  • Sapnap moved to Florida in January 2021 to live with Dream in a rented house. The two have lived together for a year as of January 3, 2022.[19]
    • In his first stream after moving in, Dream's voice and the sound of him knocking a door can be heard in the background.[20] The previous day, Sapnap posted an image of him holding Dream's cat Patches.[21] In a Q&A stream on Sapnap's Twitch, they confirmed that they would at least live together for a month.[22]
    • There have been multiple times where Dream went to Sapnap's room to sit on the floor and talk with Sapnap while he streamed.
    • While driving to Florida, Sapnap was in a call with George. Upon arriving at Dream's house, Sapnap hung up on George. George considers this memory his least favorite memory with the Dream Team.[23]
    • Dream mentioned that they tried to get George to travel to Florida at the time, but weren't able to due to travel restrictions with COVID-19.[24] Dream also explained that they rented the place to allow for future plans such as George moving in the future.[25]
    • During MC Championship 14, Dream ended his stream early before Dodgebolt to join Sapnap's room to watch.[26]
    • Sapnap has mentioned that he gets angry if he doesn't leave the house for over three days and that Dream doesn't go outside.[27][28]
    • Since moving to Florida, Sapnap has met up with many members of the SMP and other friends.
      • In September 2021, Punz moved to Florida, which allowed the two to meet up and collaborate.
      • Sapnap met up with Karl, Tubbo, Billzo, and Badlinu while they were staying in Florida in December 2021.
    • On January 25, 2022, Dream and Sapnap announced that they moved to a new house they dubbed the "Dream Team house" in preparation for George's move to America.[29] In another stream, Dream also mentioned that they will all live together for the next five years.[30]
      • On April 22, 2022, Dream revealed that the new house has several guest rooms set up so that guests can continue to make their own content if multiple people visit.[31] Dream also mentioned that he plans to have streams with Karl and Quackity where they each decorate a room.[32]
  • Prior to George's move, Sapnap traveled to the UK to meet up with George.[33] Sapnap met George in person on March 4, 2022, and George posted several pictures on Instagram.[34] During the visit, Sapnap mentioned that one of his reasons for traveling was because George was sad and alone.[35]
    • Sapnap also met up with Jack, Quackity, Tina, and Karl while in the UK.
    • At some point, Sapnap got an ear infection where both his eardrums were ruptured.[36] Sapnap was also originally going to participate in MCC 20, but had to step down.[37][38] On March 29, 2022, Sapnap mentioned that one his ears was fully healed while his other was almost healed.[39]
      • Scott Major mentioned that Sapnap told him that the infection would have caused Sapnap to go deaf if Sapnap had played in MCC 20. Sapnap also mentioned that he had no idea how his ears ruptured.[40]
  • Sapnap, along with ItsAlyssa, knows how Dream's face looks like.[41]
    • Before moving to Florida, Sapnap knew how Dream looked since they used to FaceTime a lot.[42]
  • His favorite color is blue.[43]
  • Sapnap has participated in every MC Championship since MCC 7 except MCC 20. He won MCC 11 (along with Dream, George, and Karl Jacobs), MCC 15 (with Dream, Quackity, and Michaelmcchill), MCC 18 (with Tubbo, Smajor, and Slyvee), MCC 19 (with TommyInnit, Phil, and Sneegsnag), and MCC 21 (with Seapeekay, Snifferish, and KryticZeuz). Sapnap also came first individually in MCC 15 and MCC 21.[44]
    • Sapnap, alongside HBomb94 has a total of five wins in MCC.
    • Sapnap, alongside George, Dream, and FalseSymmetry, is one of the only players to win two MCC's in a row.
      • Sapnap is the only one among the other three to make the winning shot both times in winning two MCC's in a row.
    • Sapnap is the only player to win three regular events that he participated in a row. (MCC 18, MCC 19 and MCC 21).
  • Sapnap has streamed a few times with Drista. In the streams, he taught her how to beat Minecraft and play Bedwars.[45][46][47]
  • Sapnap has the same birthday as Faster and SMP member Ph1LzA.
  • His zodiac sign is Pisces.
  • Sapnap was the winner in MrBeast's video Extreme $100,000 Game of Tag!. He also won MrBeast Gaming's video "$45,600 Squid Game Challenge!"
  • His Hogwarts house is Gryffindor.[48]
  • Sapnap's favorite superhero is Spiderman.[49]
  • In May 2021, Sapnap changed the skin tone of his Minecraft skin from tan to pale.
  • Sapnap is scared of bees.[50]
  • According to Dream, Sapnap is the best hunter in PvP.[51]
  • Sapnap mentioned that his 1.16 PvP skills improved after he PvP'ed against Dream when Dream was training for the $100,000 Dream vs Technoblade Duel![52]


  • "I have school tomorrow dude."[53]
  • "Did I stutter, stupid bitch?"[54]
  • "I know damn well you’re not talking to me."[55]
  • "I screamed so hard I farted."
  • "Call me Snapmap again, we’re gonna have some issues."[56]
  • "Come here. I just want to hang with you Dream and maybe kill you. I don't know. Come here Dream. Fight me. Dream fight me. Fight me. Dream fight me. Oh, Dream, I see you. I see you Dream. I can see you. Fight me Dream, fight me." - Sapnap while chasing Dream in the Nether and challenging him during Manhunt.[57]
  • "Stop- oh you fucking asshole dude. Why? Why? Oh my who the fuck is that? You son of a bitch. I'm fucking everyone up now. I'm fucking mad...That was fucked up...People just hit like like for no reason. Oh fuck you Ranboo. Fuck you Ranboo. Now you die Ranboo you son of a bitch. Fuck you Ranboo it has to be this way." - Sapnap after being punched off by Illumina and while punching Ranboo off the cliff.[58]
  • "You know why I did it George? It was all because all you were sad, and I want to hang out with you." - Sapnap explaining his reason for heading to the UK.[35]


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