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This page is about the character on the Dream SMP. For the YouTuber who plays this character, see Sapnap.

Dream if you try and break out early- you, you know that you only have one life left. Okay? And- you know, I don't think it's gonna be Tommy, it's not gonna be Techno, Dream. If you break out of this prison, it's gonna be, it's gonna be- me who takes your final life... and that's not because I have any resentment towards you or anything, it's because this is where you need to be, dude. You HAVE to stay here, okay?


Sapnap was a founding member of the Dream SMP, being the fourth member joining on April 24, 2020. He was a citizen of El Rapids and Dream SMP and is currently a member of Kinoko Kingdom. He has fought in multiple events involving the killing of pets such as The Pet War, Battle of the Lake, The Second Pet War, and The Final Pet War, and in every major war on the Dream SMP since its creation.


Sapnap is a human with white skin, black hair, and very dark blue eyes. He wears a t-shirt with a flame design on it over a long-sleeved black tee, black pants, and black checkerboard shoes. He also wears a bandanna around his head.


Sapnap is hot-headed and stubborn, and fiercely loyal. He is a bit of a class clown type, and can seem a bit stupid at times. He refuses to back down from a fight and enjoys causing chaos by playing pranks on others. However, he can also be shy and lacks social confidence around others, as pointed out by TommyInnit.

Sapnap also shows a strong protective streak, especially towards those that he cares about, like his fiancés and Kinoko Kingdom.[2][3][1][4]

Final Pet War

During the Final Pet War, Sapnap realized that words were far more powerful than weapons. Sapnap became somewhat peaceful, only using violence as a joke with his friends or as a last resort when diplomacy failed. Sapnap decided that he had to remake amends with people he had wronged, just like Wilbur Soot before his corruption.

Wilbur has said that Sapnap's D&D alignment is true neutral. [5]


Early Dream SMP Arc

Early Days

Sapnap has stated he was born in the nether and at some point was found and raised by BadBoyHalo. Not much more is known about Sapnap's early childhood.

Sapnap is one of the eight original SMP members, along with George, Dream, Callahan, Alyssa, Awesamdude, Ponk, and BadBoyHalo. In the early days of the SMP, Sapnap built his house near the Community House. Sapnap also built the Courthouse as a way to resolve conflicts peacefully and the Hall of Fame to award his Twitch donors.

During one of George's streams, Sapnap attempted to nudge him off a crafting table in the Community House, unwittingly creating the infamous crafting table meme. Sapnap also accidentally killed Dream's horse, Spirit while riding it around mobs.

The First Trial

After George stole Sapnap's horse, Joffery, Sapnap accidentally killed it while attempting to punch George. This lead to the first major event on the server and the first trial in the courthouse. In the case, Sapnap argued against George by stating that George had started the conflict by stealing Joffrey.

The Disc Saga

Sapnap helped to start the Disc Saga indirectly after he unintentionally burnt down most of Ponk's second Lemon Tree, invoking a response from Ponk and Alyssa. Sapnap and TommyInnit repeatedly killed the two while they tackled to retaliate by burning Sapnap's house. This eventually led to Dream stepping in and taking Tommy's discs.

L'Manberg Independence Arc

Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War

During the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War, Sapnap joined Dream in the battle against the secession. Early on in the war, Sapnap supported the L'Manbergian ideology and even seemed in on the idea. However, due to him being an American and not European, he was denied membership. Due to this, Sapnap stayed loyal to Dream and fought with him. Sapnap and Dream executed Tommy and Tubbo in response to the Declaration of Independence, and seconds later, Dream declared war on L'Manberg.

At the start of the war, Sapnap aided Dream and George in the griefing of L'Manberg. Sapnap also played a role in the arson of Tubbo's Old House, the bombing of the L'Manberg Embassy, and the raid of Tubbo's Jungle Base.

The Pet War

Sapnap played an active role as one of the main contenders during The Pet War. Sapnap started the war when he accidentally killed Fungi while shooting fire arrows around it as a prank. Fundy retaliated by ordering Nihachu to kill Sapnap's favorite fox, Sketchers, and in retribution, Sapnap killed Fundy's enderman. The two continued this back-and-forth, and Sapnap had to move his pets into hiding. However, Fundy had found them and took them hostage, and after some confrontation, Sapnap blew up Fungi's grave in front of Fundy to try to get his pets back, but failed.

Sapnap was then challenged by Fundy to a 1v1 duel to resolve this whole dispute, and the conditions were that if Sapnap won, he would get his pets back, and Fundy would accept defeat and move on. If Fundy won, he would keep Sapnap's pets, get his items back, and Sapnap must leave L'Manberg. Sapnap won the duel. At the end, he mirrored the events of Fundy's bee game, by taking Niki's fish and threatened to burn them and telling Fundy to pick one. Nonetheless, he revealed that it was just a trick and he gave Fundy the fish, telling him that he fought well.

Post-Pet War

After Karl's debut on Dream SMP, Sapnap and Karl became engaged, and with the help of Punz, the two built a wooden structure resembling the Eiffel Tower near Skeppy's house for their future honeymoon.

SWAG2020 vs POG2020 Election

During the election, Sapnap was an important swing vote. Tommy attempted to convince Sapnap to join his side and vote for POG2020, but Sapnap told Tommy that he must publicly denounce Fundy first for his vote.

On the day of the results, Sapnap was not present and had to be filled in on the events. Eret and Niki retold the events of the L'Manbergian Election to Sapnap, and Sapnap stated that the Pogtopians should be taken out. Sapnap then came to the conclusion that Dream needed to be spoken to and informed of what had occurred.

Manberg Rebellion Arc

War of the Burning Eiffel Tower

The War of the Burning Eiffel Tower was sparked after Sapnap accidentally killed Henry while attempting to kidnap him for torture. Tommy confronted Sapnap the next day, and Tommy's anger lead to a battle between Sapnap and Tommy. As a result of the conflict, Sapnap lost most, if not all, of his prized items to Tommy.

Dreamon Invasion

During the Dreamon Invasion, Sapnap was interrogated by the Dreamon Hunters due to his close ties with Dream. Upon testing, Sapnap was found to have had a strong resistance against Dreamons. As a result, Tubbo and Fundy allowed Sapnap to join them as the third member of the Dreamon Hunters.

Final Pet War

To try to gain Mars back, Sapnap kidnapped Tommy's horse, Juorse. This led to a confrontation between Sapnap and Tommy in which Sapnap started to attempt to resolve the conflict peacefully, marking a change in character in Sapnap. However, after Tommy refused Sapnap's offers due to distrust, Sapnap returned to violence, killing Juorse. After killing Juorse, Sapnap, with the help of Dream and George, staged a suicide to regain Tommy's attention and directed him to his secret base where Sapnap housed his pets. There, Sapnap pressured Tommy into killing his pets and gaining the characteristics of Sapnap. However, Tommy refused, instead opting for a 1v1 to settle the conflict. After winning the 1v1, Sapnap expressed respect for Tommy and listened to him. Tommy suggested that Mars be released into the ocean, and Sapnap agreed to the idea hoping to reform their relationship. After the events and the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, Sapnap promised to be an ally of Tommy.

Retribution Arc

George's Dethronement

Sapnap voiced his support for George when Dream decided to dethrone George for"safety reasons. He, along with George and Quackity, plotted to develop Mexican L'Manberg and attack Dream to restore George's power.

Mexican L'Manberg/El Rapids

Sapnap built the original dirt platform in the sky with Quackity, George, and Punz. After Quackity formed a new nation from the platform, Sapnap joined as a citizen. As a citizen, Sapnap worked to expand the platform of the nation.

Sapnap also played a key role in the recognition of El Rapids. Sapnap aided in the attempted framing of Eret during the Mexican L'Manberg political protest and argued fiercely for recognition and payment during negotiations.


After Dream's announcement that he would destroy L'Manberg alongside Technoblade, Sapnap was left in a state of indecision, explaining that he didn't know how he felt about fighting his best friend if he chose to side with L'Manberg. The day of the battle Tommy met with Sapnap at the remains of the Community House, where in order to get Sapnap on his side, Sapnap agreed to aid Tommy in an exchange for Mars, his prized fish.

Sapnap fought alongside the people of L'Manberg to fight off the Hound Army and combat the withers spawned by Philza and Technoblade. While fighting the Hound Army, Sapnap's reputation as a "pet killer" was brought up. He also ended up fighting Technoblade and nearly killing him; however, Technoblade pearled away before Sapnap could land the final blow.[3]

Disc Confrontation

The day before the final confrontation, Tommy approached Sapnap and asked for Technoblade's Axe of Peace, which came into Sapnap's possession during the Doomsday War. He was reluctant to hand the axe over, as he had wanted to use it for leverage. After talking for a bit, Sapnap ended up conceding and giving the Axe of Peace to Tubbo, telling him he could do whatever he wanted with it.

Later, Sapnap was among the people who came through the portal with Punz in order to rescue Tommy and Tubbo from Dream. Sapnap ordered Dream to step back and protected the two from him. He witnessed Tommy explaining how Dream was the one who blew up the Community House, and was shocked to find Beckerson the fish among the "attachments" Dream had collected or planned to collect from the members of SMP, along with a frame for his own fish, Mars. Sapnap was seen taking Dream to the prison, along with Awesamdude and BadBoyHalo.

Empowerment Arc

Visiting Dream

On February 10, 2021, after working on Karl's library, Sapnap headed to visit Dream in Pandora's Vault. Awesamdude warned Sapnap that Dream was not talking to anybody, which was proven to be true as Dream only talked to him through a book. Dream wrote to Sapnap that he "took so long," to visit, to which Sapnap answered that he had a hard time coming due to the fact he was hurt by Dream in the past. Dream attempted to convince Sapnap that eventually he would get out of prison, continuously writing "eventually," however, Sapnap threatened Dream that if he does escape prison, he will be the one to take Dream's last canon life. Dream also told Sapnap to deliver a message to Ranboo, saying ":)". After promising to be good and not throw away his clocks, Sapnap told Dream he would tell George to visit him. Sapnap then left and went to deliver the message to Ranboo. After reading the message, Ranboo's enderwalk state was triggered and he ran away. Sapnap, in worry and confusion, briefly looked for him before giving up.

Kinoko Kingdom

Sapnap, along with Karl and George helped Karl move his library and form Kinoko Kingdom. Sapnap would help establish it and would grow very protective. When Tommy traveled to Kinoko with Sapnap, and Tommy began claiming property as his, Sapnap drove him out, stealing his stuff and threatening him with a bow.

While searching for Quackity over the course of several months, Sapnap stumbled across Las Nevadas and reunited with Quackity there. The two then toured the nation-faction, all the while Sapnap tried to convince Quackity to visit Kinoko Kingdom and after he reluctantly agreed, to relax. The two were next seen touring Kinoko until they stumbled across Karl in his library. Karl told Sapnap that Quackity was the reason he died, which led to hostility between Karl and Quackity. Sapnap tried to keep the peace between the two (to no avail), initially thinking Karl was making an insensitive joke, but later noting that something was up with Karl - presumably referring to his memory loss. During the falling out, Karl told Sapnap as the Head of Military to make Quackity leave Kinoko. After that, Sapnap tried to reassure Quackity, but while Quackity allowed Sapnap to visit Las Nevadas, most likely removing him from the citizenship blacklist, he refused to allow Karl in, leaving Sapnap stuck in the middle in the conflict.


Personal items
Name Notes
Enchanted Bow.gif Sap Lazar Beam Sapnap's most prized weapon.
Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif Sapnap's Schlong Sharpness V, Unbreaking III, Knockback II, Fire Aspect II, Mending

Was in the possession of Tommy after Sapnap lost in the Battle of the Lake. Currently its location is unknown, though it was presumably destroyed at some point.


Name Status Residence Notes
Tropical Fish.png Mars Alive Sapnap's Ender Chest Mars was one of the first pet fishes on the server. Tommy was given Mars during the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower.

After a deal with Tommy during the Final Pet War to end all future conflicts and become allies, Sapnap released Mars into the ocean per Tommy's request.

During the Doomsday War, Tommy rescued Mars from the ocean in an attempt to gain Sapnap's trust and help during the battle, which worked.

Fox.png Sketchers Dead Community House Sketchers was Sapnap's favorite pet fox. Sketchers was killed by Fundy after Sapnap accidentally killed Niki's pet fox, Fungi.
Chestnut Horse with Black Dots.png Joffrey Dead Sapnap's house Joffrey was killed by Sapnap while George was riding him.
Tamed Wolf Red.png Chestnut Horse with Black Dots.png Secret Base animals Alive Sapnap's secret base Unnamed dogs and a horse in Sapnap's secret base.
Fox.png Max Alive Sapnap's secret base One of the many pets in Sapnap's secret base.
Tamed Wolf Red.png Kristen Alive Sapnap's secret base One of the many pets in Sapnap's secret base.
Tamed Wolf Red.png Juni Alive Sapnap's secret base One of the many pets in Sapnap's secret base.
Tamed Wolf Red.png Helaina Alive Sapnap's secret base One of the many pets in Sapnap's secret base.
Siamese Cat.png Unnamed Cat Alive Sapnap's secret base One of the many pets in Sapnap's secret base.


Alive Sapnap's inventory Beckerson is the first-named fish in the Dream SMP, named after a donator and shared by the Dream Team. During the Disc Confrontation, Beckerson was among the "attachments" that Dream had collected. Beckerson was retrieved by Sapnap and now belongs to him.
QueenAngelfish.png Lasagna Alive Kinoko Kingdom A fish shared between Sapnap and Karl.


Relationships with members
Name Status Notes
Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Bad is Sapnap's father, he apparently found him under a rock and took him in. Bad has described Sapnap as a "happy accident." Bad fought alongside Sapnap during the Battle of the Lake after he was framed by Tommy and Dream for burning down the Eiffel Tower. Sapnap is mostly unaware of Bad's relationship with the Egg. However, Sapnap stated he wanted to kill the Egg, to which Bad protested, showing that they have very differing opinions on the subject.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Sapnap and Puffy were initially at odds during the Mexican L'Manberg Political Protest. During the Disc Confrontation, Sapnap and Puffy were on the same side (against Dream), resulting in a neutral relation.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Sapnap was one of the first people to witness the Egg, and wanted to destroy the Egg using TNT. However, besides that, it's unknown whether the Egg affects him.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Sapnap, much like George, was also Dream's best friend, and he often followed along with Dream's actions.

However, Sapnap found out about Dream's monologue to Tommy about his relationship with the discs, and how they were the only thing he cared about on the server. George was then dethroned, and Sapnap took his place on George's side. The opposing sides had an argument, but it leads to both of them getting what they wanted.

Dream's relationship with Sapnap deteriorated tremendously in later months. Sapnap did not side with Dream on multiple occasions, including the Doomsday War against L'Manberg. During the Disc Confrontation, he was one of the people on Tommy's side, and personally took Dream to the Pandora's Vault himself along with other ex-Dream SMP Faction members. Sapnap has also remarked that he would take Dream's last canon life if he escaped the prison before he was let out by the other members.

Despite this, Sapnap seems to genuinely believe that Dream can be good and has encouraged him to have better behavior. He still seems to care about Dream a lot and considers him his best friend, despite stating he's been personally hurt by Dream.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
The two bonded over their work on Karl's library. They have a good bond, and have not caused any problems with each other.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Fundy and Sapnap seem to dislike each other somewhat. Despite the duel largely resolving the conflict of the Pet War, Sapnap still told Tommy that if he wanted Sapnap's vote, he would have to publicly denounce Fundy. The two seem to get along better lately with Sapnap joining the Dreamon Hunters.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
George is Sapnap's best friend. They argue and hunt each other a lot, but at the end of the day, they care about each other. Sapnap sided with George during the Dethronement Fallout.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Sapnap supported Schlatt. However, he wanted to overthrow him and exploit Manberg for oil.
Relationship Romantic LargePixelArt.png Partner
Karl is one of Sapnap's two fiancés. The two often tease each other and are very protective of each other.[6]
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Although Sapnap and Punz tend to bicker constantly while around each other, almost every time they fight in a war, they're on the same side. They fought alongside each other in both the Pet War and the Second Pet War. Their relationship has been compared to that of a younger and older brother, and though Punz has been on the receiving end of many of Sapnap's antics, they rarely hold grudges against each other, Punz forgiving Sapnap for burning down his house and accidentally killing his fox. Punz has helped Sapnap with the construction of builds such as Sapnap's secret base and the Eiffel Tower. Though they have a good relationship, their factions are currently at odds; Punz is responsible for being Dream's spy and second in command, while Sapnap became a member of El Rapids following his falling out with Dream and the Greater Dream SMP. This puts them into occasional conflict, with Punz being ready to fight Sapnap if Dream commands it. They have fought against each other during the Greater Dream SMP Civil War and during the Battle of the Lake. However, during the Doomsday War, the two fought alongside each other on L'Manberg's side (although Punz was acting as Dream's spy at the time), killing a wither together, to Sapnap's delight.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Quackity is one of Sapnap's two fiancés. They're very affectionate together, bonding all the time, Sapnap has claimed that they love each other more than they love Karl, saying that Quackity is loved more by Sapnap than Karl. Quackity was never told about Kinoko Kingdom until he ran into George leading to him feeling somewhat abandoned by Karl and Sapnap. A few days before Quackity went to check up on Dream and Technoblade in prison, Sapnap was seen checking out Las Nevadas where he and Quackity reunite and go to Kinoko kingdom.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Ranboo and Sapnap originally had a neutral relationship on the server before Sapnap visited Dream in Pandora's Vault. Sapnap was told to send a note to Ranboo, containing only a smiley face. When Sapnap told Ranboo what the note Dream said to tell him said, he ran away. This left Sapnap extremely confused and slightly worried for Ranboo. Sapnap later was sent a message by Ranboo's enderwalk state, making his confusion grow even more.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
After dueling over Juorse and Mars, Sapnap expressed his respect to Tommy. The two agreed to end future conflicts and be friends after the Final Pet War. However, this all started to go downhill after Tommy burned down George's summer house.

Later on, Tommy gave Mars, Sapnap's pet fish, back to him, apologizing for making him release it during the Final Pet War and asking for Sapnap to fight with them during the Doomsday War. Sapnap agreed and ended up being one of the most valuable members on Tommy's side during the fight.

During the Disc Confrontation, Sapnap was among the people to emerge from the portal to protect Tommy and Tubbo. He has helped Tommy multiple times, and they seem to have trust in each other.


  • Sapnap has killed the largest amount of pets on the Dream SMP so far. This includes Fungi, Juorse, Harold, Henry, Leonard, and Spirit. After the Doomsday War, he has slaughtered most of Technoblade's Hound Army.
  • Sapnap was involved in almost every pet conflict.
  • Sapnap has said to be "born in fire," but it's hard to tell if he actually meant it canonically.[7] As well Sapnap referred to the nether as the land where he was born. [8]
  • Techno, Fuck Off.


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