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The Second Pet War was a war that occurred between The Badlands and Dream SMP citizens Sapnap and Punz. It occurred two months after the first Pet War ended.


Punz's panda

While wandering around the SMP trying to find a trident, Punz came across a panda and decided that he wanted to bring it back to the Greater Dream SMP. He requested for help from Sapnap, Sam also tagged along, and after traversing thousands of blocks, they managed to bring the panda to Dream SMP. Punz decided to name the panda "Dumptruck". Sapnap was overjoyed and said that the panda was his child now, to which Punz replied that Sapnap would be its' godfather. Sapnap then stated that if anybody hurt or even touched the panda, the entire server would go down. He enlisted Sam's help to craft a 'weapon of mass destruction' to back his word, though it was never made. The three left the panda in Punz's base and decided to go retrieve Sapnap's pets that Fundy had left for him after the first pet war, Sam had trouble getting there though.

Antfrost, opened up Punz's stream for a few seconds, saw that he had a panda, and decided to steal it for his sanctuary. A couple of weeks earlier, Ant had tried to collect pandas for his animal sanctuary, but failed, they always died, usually from hostile mobs. Sensing an easy opportunity, he logged into the server and stole the panda while ignoring Sapnap's threats in the chat. BadBoyHalo witnessed Ant pass by in the boat, unaware that he had just kidnapped a panda.

After retrieving Sapnap's pets and accidentally killing one of the foxes, Punz and Sapnap headed back. Sapnap wasn't as pained for losing that fox and stated that Fundy had already taken the one he loved from him, referencing the first pet war. They chatted about putting all of their pets together for a little petopia only to find the panda gone. They then deduced that Antfrost had stolen it.

Retrieving Dumptruck

While trying to locate Dumptruck, Punz and Sapnap decided to check Ant's animal sanctuary. They came across the animals that Ant housed in the sanctuary and threatened to kill them if he didn't return the panda.

Bad, finally realizing what was happening, attempted to lead Punz and Sapnap astray by asking in chat why there was a panda by Fundy's house. However, they didn't buy the bait and hunted Bad for aiding Ant. However, Bad kept combat logging, making it difficult to kill him. Ant saw this happening and messaged Punz the coordinates of the panda. Punz then went to retrieve it.

However, after retrieving the panda, Punz accidentally hit it while breaking a boat, and the thorns enchantment on his armor killed the panda when it tried to retaliate. After hearing of the panda's death, Sapnap was enraged and sought revenge against Ant and Bad. Though Ant didn’t kill the panda, Sapnap and Punz deduced that it must’ve been on really low health when Ant returned it.

Sapnap decided to go to Bad and Skeppy’s mansion and threatened to destroy it. In response, Bad then threatened Punz and Sapnap by saying he would destroy all of their stuff, but both of them said that they could always grind back for it later. Bad stole Punz's beacon and the blocks around it while Sapnap and Punz went to Skeppy and Bad's mansion. Sapnap destroyed the statue of Skeppy, using the blocks to make a giant blue dick, with a grieving Punz watching. The blue dick seemed to cheer them both up. After reminding everyone that he had warned them about touching the panda, Sapnap and Punz went back to the animal sanctuary and found a polar bear named "Frosty" in an enclosure. Sapnap began to threaten the bear, saying "A bear for a bear".

However, Ant said that it wasn't fair, as he didn't kill the bear. Sapnap gave him one option; give him a trident, and he would leave the polar bear alone. Ant kept having to combat log as Sapnap kept trying to kill him in the polar bear exhibit. During all of this, Sam had been messaging both Ant and Bad, first to tell Ant to give back the panda, and second to remind Bad that even though they were on the same side, he and Ant were in the wrong. Bad then told Sam to stock up on potions and tools, as a they expected the conflict to escalate into a battle. While Sapnap and Punz were distracted with Ant, Sam went back to his base to stock up on potions and poison arrows before making his way back to the main lands. However, Sam's chat snitched on him to Punz, who then told Sapnap that Sam had been helping Bad and Ant. Sam tried to deny this, but they didn't buy it. Punz didn't seem to care, Sapnap seemed upset but didn't do anything about it.

After telling Sapnap that he didn't have a trident, Sapnap attacked Ant, before Ant had to combat log. Sapnap then shot Ant's polar bear, killing it with one shot.


Realizing that The Badlands were gearing up for war, Punz and Sapnap went to an unknown location where they stocked up with potions, ender pearls, and golden apples. They met back up at Punz's house, where they spotted Sam. After chasing Sam and forcing him to combat log, they attempted to spawn trap him, but not before Bad came along and started attacking them. Bad ended up also having to combat log, but it allowed Sam enough time to log back in and flee. Punz spotted him and chased him down to the river. There, the two chased each other around attempting to kill each other.

However, Sam had two tridents, and while Punz kept hitting him with his bow, he had an advantage in the water. After losing sight of Sam, Punz met back up with Sapnap at his house, where they spotted Bad. They attempted to kill him, but once again, Bad combat logged, and Punz accidentally hit Sapnap with a potion of harming.

Ant and Sam suddenly appeared and began attacking Punz and Sapnap. After causing both Ant and Bad to combat again, Punz chased after Sam. However, Sapnap, unequipped with neither ender pearls or golden apples, was killed by Bad and Ant. After realizing that it was a 1v3, Punz pearled away, as he was being chased by Sam, Ant and Bad. Sapnap threatened to kill Fran, but not before Punz was forced to combat log himself.


After everyone had logged back into the server, the two sides attempted to negotiate. Sapnap stated that as long as they gave back his stuff to Punz, he wouldn't kill Fran. However, Bad stated that he and Ant didn't know that Sapnap had placed death threats on the panda. Ant then went on to ask Sapnap why he didn't kill Punz, as Punz was the one who killed the panda. Sapnap rebutted by saying that Ant had touched the panda in the first place, which was why they started going after him and Bad.

Punz then asked why Ant stole the panda, to which Ant explained that the pandas that he had been collecting for the sanctuary had died. Bad then accused Punz of not being fit to take care of the panda, to which Punz responded that he didn't know that pandas didn't heal when given bamboo, and that the panda dying because of the thorns on his armor was dumb.

Bad went on to accuse Punz and Sapnap of escalating the situation, as instead of just asking Bad if he had any involvement, Sapnap opted to start attacking him with the help of Punz. Punz retorted by saying that what Sapnap had done was justified, as he did warn everyone about touching the panda. Bad then blamed Punz and Sapnap for escalating the situation, and attacking him despite not knowing if he helped Ant. Sapnap and Punz then stated that it was clear he was helping Ant because he was trying to lead them astray. Bad then said that Punz should've kept Sapnap under control instead of just watching him destroy the Skeppy statue to which Punz replied that he was grieving and that he was merely the cameraman, but again, that Sapnap's actions were justified.

Bad brought up many things, some that didn't make much sense and didn't add much to his argument as they ere easily countered. Punz stated that it was his fault that the panda had died, but that it shouldn't've been moved in the first place. Sapnap backed him up. But Bad always brushed it off, admitting it was wrong but still trying to pin the conflict on the opposing side. Sam stayed quiet for most of the time. After bickering around for a little bit, they came to a consensus of what everyone wanted; Punz wanted his beacon and beacon blocks back, Bad wanted his Skeppy statue rebuilt, and Sam wanted Fran to live.

They all eventually went back to Punz's base, where Bad, Sapnap, and Punz rebuilt Punz's beacon. Sapnap messaged Punz that they could just kill them in the beacon room, as they would have nowhere to run. Punz didn't comply, but Sapnap began attacking both of them anyway. Punz and Sam stood aside a little confused. In the end, they gave Sapnap back his stuff, thus bringing the war to an end, and securing the first military victory for The Badlands, although both sides claimed to have some victory as a result.


Antfrost felt bad about kidnapping the panda, so to make amends, he planned to give a new one to Punz. The conflict between Sapnap and Punz and the Badlands was resolved, and no one seems to hold anything against each other. The trust and friendship between Punz and Sapnap grew as they planned to move in together later on.

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