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This page is about the character on the Dream SMP. For the person who plays this character, see Slimecicle.

Thank you for showing me what it was like to be human. Maybe I almost was.


Slimecicle, referred to as Slime or Charlie, is the thirty-third member of the Dream SMP, joining on January 22, 2021. His first canonical appearance occurred on May 22, 2021. He is a citizen of Las Nevadas.



Charlie appears as a human with light skin, neon green eyes, and light brown hair. He wears a white shirt with 3 red lines on it (referencing "Yeah, I'm a Gamer" merch) and light blue pants. He has slime on his head and shoulder from his iconic Slimecicle character. He also wears a pair of glasses with eyes printed on them and a sash on his waist (a reference to his D&D character, Br'aad, who can be found wearing the same sash).

In later appearances, he has a scar across his eye mimicking Quackity.


When he first joined the server, he had not fully written his character. As a result, several statements he made are no longer considered canon.

After a long hiatus, Slime returned to the server, where it was revealed that he was completely made of slime and was only pretending to be human. As a slime, he has no bones and can squeeze into small spaces. He also cannot close his eyes, and has described that "everything is a membrane". Slimes are also seemingly capable of disguising as other objects, such as fauna, flora, and blocks, and changing their appearances. He is very old, with Quackity officially confirming that Slime is over millions of years old.

It was confirmed that his clothes are made of slime when he changed them to match the Las Nevadas official outfit, saying he "goopmorphisized" and claiming his clothes could not crease because it was "all goop". In this same video, Slime says he sees in full panoramic vision.[3] It is noted that Slime reacts strangely to water, claiming that he must keep himself hydrated. Enough water could hypothetically make him expand and grow to massive sizes.

Slime is constantly coughing and expelling slime which, if consumed in small amounts, allows him to access their senses, as seen with Fundy. If someone takes a part of his slime, as Tommy did to kidnap him, he is forced to follow to retrieve his slime so he can become whole again, in a similar fashion to a magnet. His body itself is extremely malleable, allowing him to move through small spaces and go through doors.

When he died, he seemed to enter a completely dormant state, covered in slime. It is implied he cannot react to the outside world and that he doesn't remember anything in this state, though this remains unconfirmed, and seems unlikely, as during this dormant state, he wrote in a book and left, which suggests he still retained some autonomy despite being asleep.


Slime is generally unaware of human social cues, and can come across as naive as a result. It’s difficult to take what he says seriously because of his generally playful and fun nature. He believes everything anyone tells him, unless they are contradictory to each other's statements.

Slime also likes to refer to people in a specific way, saying their full name and often where they're from whenever he addresses someone (ex: Quackity from Las Nevadas, Fundy from L'Manberg). Rarely, he will divert from his usual naming, calling Foolish 'Foolish Gamers from long ago' and Tommy 'TommyInnit from nowhere in particular' / 'TommyInnit from a bunch of places'.

Slime also has a nihilistic side, wherein he may sometimes mention the death of the universe, and the inevitability of death for everyone.

When taking lessons from Quackity, he began to get quieter and more timid, showing a more introspective side and speaking calmly about the horrors he'd seen. By the end of it, his outward personality had almost changed entirely, leaving him more human-like and afraid, similar to Quackity.


Joining the server

[Note that everything in this section is not canon to the Dream SMP storyline]

When Slimecicle first joined, he was given a tour of the SMP by Tommy. After, he toured through Snowchester, causing many different bits down the line, including Ranboo punching his ankles and twisting them backward, while also adding bones to Charlie's body, despite beating him down. At Snowchester, Charlie decided to make his vacation home there.

After the initial tour, Ranboo decided to give him a proper tour, which included many more bits such as D.I.C.K (Dream Is Cooking Ketamine/Canonically Killed/Car, K), L'Manberg being destroyed by hail, and Geg (Gay egg). They expressed their dislike of Vikkstar during this tour.

Pre-Las Nevadas/Backstory

[Note that everything in and following this section is canon to the Dream SMP storyline]

Slime is a slime that has presumably spent most of his life in the ground, developing into a humanoid being over millions of years. He observed people and events on the SMP without anyone knowing he even existed, until finally being discovered by Quackity. He seems to have extensive knowledge of almost everyone on the server, and is not very secretive about this fact. When meeting Foolish for the first time, he referred to him as "Foolish Gamers from long ago," implying he has been observing things on the server for centuries.

Las Nevadas

Meeting Quackity

Slime was living in the walls of the Las Nevadas restaurant when Quackity first discovered him. Quackity was confused on why someone was hiding in the walls and quickly knocked him out.

Slime woke up in a hole and Quackity interrogated him on what he had seen while in the restaurant. Slime revealed that he had heard Quackity talk about gambling addiction and about destroying a purple guy's UFO. He also revealed that he had seen many people- Foolish, a green guy, a red-shirt guy and a dead-but-not-anymore guy. He also attempted to convince Quackity multiple times that he was definitely human. Quackity nearly decided to kill Slime for knowing too much, but realized that Slime would make a good spy and offered to be Slime's friend. Slime appeared unfazed by this incident, happily accepting Quackity's offer. Quackity gave Slime both a job and a home, and the two later became best friends.

Learning how to gamble

Quackity introduced Slime to Las Nevadas, and tried to teach him concepts like gambling and self-defense. He explained that gambling was only good for them if other people did it. He tried to teach Slime about slot machines by showing him a finished one in the casino. He gave Slime some diamonds to spend on it, but Slime wasted them all, because he got addicted to gambling, as well as spinning around and pressing the button, and the machine's lights and sounds. Quackity had dragged him away and was trying to teach him how to eat when Connor arrived. Quackity had to restrain Slime from attacking Connor in accordance with his self-defense lesson. Quackity then showed Connor the machine and gave him some money to use. Connor wasted the money and asked for more, prompting Quackity to give both Slime and Connor loans, but they wasted that money too. Connor tried to stop gambling, but Quackity told Slime to keep Connor from leaving by threatening him with a diamond sword that Quackity gave him.

After Connor left, Quackity gave Slime some diamonds he could use to "purchase" the diamond sword, and used the opportunity to teach Slime how purchases work. Quackity explained that Slime was in debt to the casino from all the loans Quackity had given him. When Slime asked how one went about paying off a loan, Quackity gave Slime a job he could do for him to erase his debt - spy on a purple guy (Purpled) who, according to Quackity, tried the machine and got angry enough to attack him, and storm out of the casino. Quackity then provided Slime with a bed in his home before leaving Slime to sleep.

Meeting Fundy

Slime was present when Fundy joined Las Nevadas, becoming acquainted with him and revealing he knew Fundy was part of L'Manberg, and that Wilbur was Fundy's father. After meeting Fundy, Slime entered a "greeting hole". Upon suggestion from Slime, Fundy dapped him up, causing slime to leave his body, which disgusted Fundy. A few minutes later, Slime asked Fundy to smell him, and describe it to him, Fundy did so, but accidentally inhaled some slime, making it possible for Slime to hear through Fundy's ears.[Citation needed]

Spying on Purpled

When Slime was spying on Purpled, Purpled spotted and then confronted him. Slime accused Purpled of spying on him, while continuously asking Purpled to dap him up. Purpled found out that Quackity had sent Slime to spy on him, and told Slime about his UFO being blown up by Quackity, and that his legacy was gone while also knowing very little about the SMP's current state.

After Purpled blew up his own home, he asked Slime how to get to Las Nevadas. The two then travelled to Las Nevadas where they later met Quackity.

Tommy's prisoner

During Slime's first encounter with Tommy, Tommy, who initially wanted to get his shovel Linda back from his failed gambling initiative, met Slime after his attempt to gain information on Las Nevadas' current situation. He then lured Slime, despite Foolish's attempts to get him to return, and held him hostage to get Linda back from Foolish. After Foolish failed to break Slime out of Tommy's prison, he gave Linda back, before returning to Las Nevadas. However, Slime was taught by Tommy to betray Foolish and Las Nevadas, going along with Tommy.

Meeting Ranboo

While Ranboo was working on the Snowchester outpost near Las Nevadas, he heard an explosion outside the walls. When he went to investigate, he found Slime, which ended up with them having a lengthy discussion, during which Slime incorrectly assumed that Ranboo was also a slime, as Ranboo had mentioned not being human. Ranboo then attempted to teach Slime how friendship worked, and the two of them showed off their hybrid abilities to each other.

Lessons from Quackity

Three months before Quackity's final prison visit, Quackity spoke with Slime, discussing how he would have to leave for the prison in the near future. He told Slime that he could die, making him upset. Quackity compared Slime to himself when he had first joined the SMP, claiming that the only reason he could trust Slime was because he had not been corrupted by the server and its people. He made Slime his apprentice, promising to teach him everything he knew, and that when Quackity died, he would take his place.

Slime was taught many lessons over time, learning about Quackity and his trials and tribulations in the SMP. He learned about every betrayal, and over time began to sound more and more human. They grew close, sharing quiet moments and bonding over time. Quackity told Slime that the people he kept around him were the people he cared the most for, and said that Slime was "the first person [he] kept around [him] for this long".

After Quackity's prison visit, he returned in a panic to inform Las Nevadas about Techno's escape. He quickly found Slime and Purpled. Purpled reported a mysterious chest near Las Nevadas, which was opened and revealed to be a trap laid by him. The group fell into a cobblestone room with lava underneath, and Purpled demanded Quackity to give him the revival book. Quackity said that he didn't have it but Purpled refused to believe him, and after a small altercation, Purpled decided to push Slime into the lava. Quackity jumped in to try and save him, and Slime thanked Quackity for "showing [him] what it was like to be human" before dying, leaving Quackity alone while Purpled escaped.

Weeks later, Quackity entered the hole he had trapped Slime in when he first introduced him to Las Nevadas. He fell into a small room to visit a green, dormant Slime. Slime seemed to not be able to move or speak and to have forgotten everything. Quackity told him that he had been searching for a way to return him back to his former self. He had also been writing about Slime in books that he hoped Slime would read one day and remember. Quackity said that he was more than just slime, so he had come up with a name for him: Charlie. He said that he hoped to hear Charlie talk and joke one day.

He put the books in a chest nearby and found an extra book in it. It contained gibberish that Charlie seemingly wrote, which Quackity was estatic about and ran out to decode it. With Foolish's help, Quackity deciphered it to get the word "LEGACY". He returned to Charlie, only to find him gone. During the final scene, near a beach, Quackity left behind a box with a note reading:


Wherever this box may find you, in life or in possible death, know that I will fulfill our legacy.

-Quackity from Las Nevadas


Personal items
Name Notes
Diamond Sword.png Diamond Sword The first "purchase" Slime ever made, given to him by Quackity on May 27, 2021.


Relationships with members
Name Status Notes
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
When Slime first met Connor in front of Las Nevadas, he greeted him by trying to attack him, thinking that was the way to make friends. After Quackity told him otherwise, Slime tried to convince Connor to start gambling as a way to test out what Quackity had taught him. It worked, and Connor ended up in debt to Quackity. Despite this, Connor didn't seem upset at Slime and continued to call him his friend during his short time in Las Nevadas.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Slime and Foolish have only met briefly, but the period of time they spent together would imply they're on decent terms.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Fundy first met Slime while becoming a citizen of Las Nevadas. He was disgusted by Slime's slime-like nature, and unsettled when Slime knew that Fundy was a part of L'Manberg. Slime tried to entice Fundy into gambling, but was stopped by Quackity. Slime was also very curious about Fundy's dreams. Despite Fundy being unnerved by Slime, Slime seemed to like Fundy, and as time went on, Fundy became attached to Slime.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative

Purpled first met Slime when he found Slime trying to spy on him. Slime tried to distract Purpled by saying Purpled was the one spying. Purpled expressed distaste for Slime, refusing to dap him up. He would ask Slime for directions to Las Nevadas, where they somewhat got along.

During an altercation between Quackity and Purpled, Purpled pushed Slime into lava, killing him.

Relationship ExtremelyPositive LargePixelArt.png Very positive

After observing the restaurant from within its walls, Slime was spotted by Quackity who held him hostage and interrogated him. Slime tried to convince Quackity that he was human and revealed that he had overheard many conversations and seen many people. Quackity, initially planning to kill him, realized that he could make a good spy and offered to be Slime's friend, later calling him his assistant to Connor.

Slime and Quackity's relationship was friendly, somewhat due to the fact that Slime has only ever spoken to a few people. Quackity referred to Slime as his best friend and the closest person to him on the server. Slime returned the sentiment, once he actually knew what a friend was.

Quackity later made Slime his apprentice, with the intention of making Slime his successor when he died. Quackity gave Slime lessons on being human and told him that he'd never had a positive relationship last this long, and that he was special.

When Purpled pushed Slime into lava, Quackity jumped in an attempt to save him from burning. Slime thanked Quackity for teaching him what it was like to be human, and died, reappearing in a dormant state. Quackity spends hours in his library researching on slimes in an attempt to awaken Slime, and writes journals to help him remember things. He also named him Charlie, showing how much he truly cared for the slime.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Slime spied on Ranboo after the Walltown conflict regarding Tubbo's outpost, and the two ended up interacting after Ranboo went to investigate an explosion from outside the outpost walls. Slime became confused after Ranboo expressed that he wasn't human, and assumed this meant Ranboo was also made of slime. He admitted that he was a slime pretending to be human, and started calling Ranboo "brother", dubbing him "Rangoo." With this newfound bond, Ranboo attempted to teach Slime how friendship works, telling him that friends don't force each other to do things that they don't want to do, and that people can give each other gifts for nothing in return. Slime dug himself into the ground to "process" what Ranboo told him, and reemerged a couple of minutes later saying that he thinks he understands. Either way, he showed appreciation for what Ranboo taught him, and even after Ranboo told him he was, in fact, not made of slime, he still seemed to trust him.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
In an attempt to get his shovel, Linda, back from Foolish, Tommy took Slime hostage, stealing 33% of his body mass (his "controlling goop" as Slime calls it) and trapping him in a pit in Fort Big. Slime himself didn't dislike Tommy for this, and seemed to enjoy his role as a prisoner, not fully understanding what it meant. Tommy learned that Slime was observing him while he was in exile, and seemed to hold contempt towards Slime for not helping him during that time. Despite this, Slime liked Tommy, and holds no ill will against him.
Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Slime, Quackity and Fundy raided and griefed Tubbo's outpost, meaning Slime may hold negative opinions towards Tubbo.


  • "Dap me up!"
    • (Alternatively, "dap" is often rewritten as "dab", which is incorrect.)[4]
  • "I've been watching!"
  • "I'm just a completely goop-less guy."
  • "I'm so many bones!"
  • "I have 300 bones!"
  • "I'm a person!"
  • "Hello, fellow meat brother!"
  • "Hello, I'm Burger."
  • Quackity: "What is that green shit on your body?" Slime: "Th-those are my regular- those are my human bits!"
  • "What’s a union?"
  • "I'm in— babababa— debt!"
  • "My consciousness never leaves me. That's my curse!"
  • "I will become gambling!"
  • Slime: "You hit a ball back and forth, and one day both of the competitors will be dust in the ground, so I watch other things." Fundy: "Wait, so what do you watch?" Slime: ...People, events, things that might matter, not like hitting a silly ball!"
  • "jajajajajajajajajajajajajaja"
  • "I'll never let you turn to dust, Quackity from Las Nevadas."
  • "Foolish, he's kidnapping me! I must follow him!"
  • (Singing) "For thousands of years I've been an observer, but now, bitch, I'm burger."
  • "Now I'm Among Us!"
  • "One day we will all be goop, so in a way, I'm not so different."
  • "I'm mostly insensitive."
  • "When you were exiled, I was basically just legs!" — to Tommy
  • "If they knew I was a slime, and not really meat full of bones, who knows what would happen."
  • Slime: "Maybe one day I will teach you something." Quackity: "You have."
  • "Let's leave behind a good one."
  • Quackity: "Because you've not been corrupted by this shitty world and its people." Slime: "Woooo! I'm empty!"
  • "I've seen a lot of people not do what they say they were going to, but Quackity from Las Nevadas, I think I trust you. Should I stop?"
  • Slime: "Quackity from Las Nevadas, I don't actually have 300 bones." Quackity: "What-?"
  • Slime: "Was it worth it?" Quackity: "What?" Slime: "I've been watching for a long time. One person lashes out and the other does until they're both gone. From what I've seen it feels like people won't stop taking that revenge. Is it ever worth it?" Quackity: "No, it's not."
  • Slime: "I think I trust you... Should I stop?" Quackity: "The people I really care about are the people I keep around me. You're the first person I've kept around me for this long."
  • "Quackity, I'm sorry, he said he was gonna help, I didn't realize-"
  • "Thank you for showing me what it was like to be human. Maybe I almost was."


  • He has panteloniphobia (the fear of pants).


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