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It's known as Project Dream Catcher because it's a deterrent for Dream. If Dream even lays a finger here, it's all gone. Everything.


Snowchester is a nation that was founded as a safe haven by Tubbo after the Doomsday War. The faction is in principle a commune which is governed by consensus decision-making, although Tubbo tends to hold power in dealing with foreign relations, being the person who declared independence. Tubbo later described it as an isolationist and militaristic colony. The faction declared its independence on January 21, 2021.[1] It is currently the largest faction with seven citizens (including two unofficial citizens) and one of the most powerful as well, due to their nuclear arsenal. On March 6, 2021, Tubbo claimed that he and Jack shared leadership of the armed forces of the faction.[Citation needed]


Former citizens


The Snowchester uniform includes a thick brown vest accompanied by a hood, boots, and pants, all lined with cream-colored fur. The vest goes over a long-sleeved, checkered, beige shirt.



Following the Doomsday War in L'Manberg, Tubbo was left with no place to live. He decided to go somewhere new with no government and wanted a place where he could hide from Technoblade and Philza. He eventually found a snowy biome near the ocean and named the territory "Snowchester." There, he started construction on his house. While building the house, Tommy met Tubbo and asked him to join in the quest to regain the discs. Tommy wanted Tubbo to move on from building villages, but Tubbo eventually returned to building the village.

Attempt to fix Ranboo's memory

On January 9, 2021, Tubbo and Ranboo attempted to fix Ranboo's long-term memory loss. Tubbo proposed the method of restoring Ranboo's memories by striking a block above his head with lightning. However, since thunderstorms don't occur in snow biomes, they resorted to using an anvil. The two then built a tower to the left of Tubbo's house, known as the Canon Castle. The experiment failed, possibly due to Ranboo's enderman half or due to him simply not being human.

Jack Manifold moves in

Tubbo invited Jack Manifold to come and live with them in Snowchester since L'Manberg had been recently destroyed. Unbeknownst to Tubbo, Jack had secretly been working with Niki to get revenge on Tommy and Dream for ruining both of their lives. Jack initially refused, wanting to stay in Manifold Land, but Tubbo argued that it was now worthless because it was located on the ruined L'Manberg. Jack considered it, but still wanted to reclaim Manifold Land before learning of Tubbo and Tommy's plan to take down Dream and get the discs back. Jack then agreed to move in, believing that doing so could help him and Niki eliminate Dream before betraying the faction and killing Tommy. He then secretly reclaimed Manifold Land.

Dream Catcher

Project Dream Catcher became the true reason for the foundation of Snowchester. While Tubbo had made it look like Snowchester was simply a new, peaceful society, it was a cover to hide his nuclear missiles project, Project Dream Catcher. The intention of Project Dream Catcher was to create powerful nuclear warheads that would be capable of destroying vast amounts of land and entities within a very short amount of time, including Dream. Tubbo insisted that the nukes would only be used as a deterrent to keep players like Dream or Technoblade away from Snowchester, and to allow Snowchester to form its independence without interference.

It's known as Project Dream Catcher because it's a deterrent for Dream. If Dream even lays a finger here, it's all gone. Everything.[2]


Tubbo also compared their plot to the real-life plot of the Manhattan Project, where the United States government worked to research and build nuclear warheads to end World War II.

The project was revealed on January 17, 2021, and the responsibility of Project Dream Catcher was given to Jack, who was afterward appropriately named as Minister of Science. The operation would have multiple structures constructed: the research lab, the control pads, and the launch pad.[3]

Declaring independence

On January 21, 2021, Tubbo, Jack, and Foolish Gamers came together to declare Snowchester as an independent nation. They first built a platform as a location for doing official things. There, Tubbo wrote their independence declaration, titled "Independents." and helped design a flag for their new nation.[1] Shortly afterward, they built their official borders out of fences. Snowchester was the first nation to declare independence after Dream's imprisonment.

Testing Project Dream Catcher

On January 26, 2021, Jack and Tubbo launched the first prototype missile that had been developed by project Dream Catcher. The server was given a ten minute warning before the missile was launched, although Jack delayed the process since he had planned to use the missile launch to murder Tommy with the help of Niki. The missile launch was successful, forming a crater that went all the way down to bedrock at the impact site. Jack and Niki's assassination attempt was unsuccessful however, with Niki and Tommy arriving at the detonation site 30 seconds late at the same time as Jack and Tubbo. After inspecting the crater with Tommy, Tubbo returned to Snowchester and met with Ranboo. He described to Ranboo the success of project Dream Catcher, then went on to explain that Snowchester would be decommissioning the two remaining nukes, as Dream was no longer a threat to the nation; also, using the missiles would bring too much undesired attention to Snowchester.[4]

Investigation from the Syndicate

On March 6, 2021, Tubbo encountered four members from a new organization: The Syndicate. The four investigators were Technoblade, Philza, Ranboo, and Niki.[5] Tubbo did not know about the Syndicate, and although he trusted Ranboo, he did not have the same feelings toward Techno, who had a large hand in destroying L'Manberg.

Current state

Currently, Snowchester is one of the weakest nations on the server due to the significant loss of citizens, the decommissioning of its Nuclear weapons, and Tubbo putting more of his efforts into his restaurant in Las Nevadas.


  • Enchanted netherite armor and weapons - Using a cured zombie villager, the nation can trade for a full set of Protection II diamond armor for four emeralds. After that, they can disenchant the armor, re-enchant it with more powerful enchantments, and then enhance the set with netherite ingots. They also have Dream's prized armor "Nightmare", which is currently being worn by Tubbo.
  • Nuclear weapons - The nation currently has a monopoly on the world's nuclear devices with Tubbo and Jack being the only two people on the server capable of producing nuclear weapons. There are two key cards used to launch the nukes, and Jack and Tubbo are in possession of them. Snowchester owns a total of three nuclear warheads since Snowchester's foundation. Currently, two nuclear warheads have been decommissioned and one (the prototype) has been used. One of the two decommissioned nuclear warheads has gone missing;[6] the perpetrator of the theft has yet to be found.


Snowchester (June 4, 2021)


Snowchester is technically an island, as a strait separates the main community from the main landmass. However, due to the fact that the strait has been iced over, it is considered a peninsula connected by ice to the main landmass. The Snowchester citizens claim the entire peninsula to themselves as well as the bridge running from the Dream SMP mainland to Snowchester.


  • Tubbo's Snowchester house - The first building of Snowchester and the residence of Tubbo and MICHAEL, Tubbo and Ranboo's adopted son.
  • Squeeks's grave - A grave for Squeeks after it died from a creeper explosion while being moved to Snowchester. It reads, "Here lies Squeeks, who died by hunting a chicken and hitting a creeper on his way from Tommy's house to this very place."
  • Canon Castle - A tower constructed by mainly Tubbo but also Ranboo in an attempt to fix Ranboo's long-term memory problems. Jack Manifold was squashed by an anvil in this tower. Tubbo also said it could be used for other magic, like resurrection.
  • Jack Manifold's house - Jack's house, which was constructed by both Tubbo and Jack after he moved into Snowchester. It was built from Jack's materials from his old home as well as Tubbo's. It is built above a shipwreck, and Jack has stated he might make the shipwreck into his basement.
  • Foolish Gamers' house - Foolish's Snowchester house was built on the hill next to Jack's house and the Nuclear Development Lab.
  • Tubbo's vault - Tubbo built a small vault that would contain supplies for defense if anyone came to attack. The vault would be completely sealed in and accessible only by breaking down the caved in section. Currently, the vault has four columns of double chests and five armor stands. One double chest is filled with around 40 mending books. After the events of the Disc Confrontation, the vault also holds Dream's armor set, Nightmare, though sometimes Tubbo wears the set. In front of the armor is a chest containing his bow, nearly two stacks of golden apples, and one enchanted golden apple.
  • Project Dream Catcher structures:
    • Nuclear development lab - The main research lab for Project Dream Catcher was built atop a small hill overlooking the main community of the faction.
    • Launch pad - Main missile launch pad. The missile should be placed upon the manmade island and prepped correctly for launch. Launch will commence as soon as the command (with authorization from control panels) is executed.
    • Control panels - Control panels are located on the two man-made islands. A keycard is required to access the control panels. Both keycards are required for launch and detonation sequences.
  • Slimecicle's Hobbit Hole - A small, likely temporary home built on the side of a hill. Slimecicle has expressed interest in moving into Ranboo's basement, so it is unknown if he will be inhabiting his home in the future. It was built entirely by Slimecicle himself, and is located near Tubbo's vault.
  • Puffy's Pastries - A small stand owned by Puffy outside the nuclear development lab. It has boxes full of cookies and other pastries to sell to people. Puffy made it in an attempt to cheer up the residents while building her Therapy Office.
  • Puffy's Snowchester house - After being officially welcomed into Snowchester by Foolish, Puffy widened the borders and terraformed the area. She then built her house, using her own materials and the same style as the other houses. Currently, Michelle lives in the house along with an unnamed enderman.
  • Tommy's memorial - Built by Tubbo for Tommy's death to remember him.
  • Tubbo and Ranboo's mansion - A large mansion built by Foolish that was commissioned by Tubbo and Ranboo.
  • Tubbo's interrogation room - A room built out of blackstone and basalt inside one of the towers of the mansion, built by Tubbo to interrogate people.
  • Stone wall - A giant stone wall Tubbo made to replace a smaller wooden wall that was built. The stone wall marks the border of Snowchester. Tubbo did not finish the wall.

Former locations

  • Walltown-A heavily fortified "cookie outpost" located near Las Nevadas. The outpost was said to be an extension of Snowchester. Tubbo agreed to annex it into Las Nevadas when he joined the country, meaning it no longer belongs to Snowchester.



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