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If I can't have Squeeks, no one can have Squeeks.


The Squeeks conflict was a minor skirmish on December 11, 2020 where Sapnap harassed Tubbo and his new pet fox, Squeeks.[1] This conflict garnered the attention of several members of the SMP namely Dream, Punz, Fundy, and Niki.


Tubbo was walking with Squeeks in L'Manberg when Niki logged in after hearing the news that her fox had died of a stroke whilst traveling with Tubbo. Tubbo mentioned to her in chat that he has a new pet fox, and she started traveling to L'Manberg to see it. Once Niki met Tubbo in L'Manberg, an ominous chat message from Sapnap was sent saying that he detected a presence of a new pet on his server. Suddenly, Sapnap jumped in and started shooting arrows around the fox asking to pet it. Tubbo and Niki fled the scene, eventually finding refuge under a section of the Prime Path. There, Sapnap met the two and Punz, and Tubbo allowed Sapnap to pet it. However, after petting Squeeks, Sapnap then brought out the bow and charged it, aiming at Squeeks and forcing Tubbo and Niki to flee again. Punz followed them trying to protect the pet.

They were then met by Dream, and he and Punz attempted to protect Squeeks. Shortly after this, Fundy logged on and joined the group as they headed to the Holy Land seeking protection. However, this was a plan nullified by the fact that the holy land does not protect pets. Niki also bowed out of the conflict after discovering that Tubbo caused her foxes death rather than a stroke like he'd claimed.

After this, they fled across the river just outside of the holy land where they discussed the matter. Sapnap, in a calm tone, demanded that Tubbo hand over Squeeks and petting him occasionally by hitting him with his fist. As a response, Punz and Dream engaged Sapnap in a trident battle in the river outside the Holy Land. Tubbo took this opportunity to hide Squeeks in a small pit underground. As Punz, Dream and Sapnap traded blows, Sapnap searched for Squeeks, and Dream fled with Squeeks. Fundy also bowed out of the conflict to talk with Niki.

Sapnap chased Dream, and the group proceeded to have a standoff in the woods near Lemon City. Tubbo took Squeeks from Dream, fleeing as Dream negotiated payment with Sapnap. Dream gave Sapnap a trident, peacefully ending the ordeal. Sapnap wanted one last goodbye to Squeeks, and they did under the Community House Christmas tree.


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