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The Team Seas event was a non-canonical charity event that was hosted on the Dream SMP where the winner could win an elytra, an item unobtainable due to the rules of the SMP. During the event, random items (trash) were coded to spawn in the ocean. The objective of the event was to collect the most trash from the ocean. Each dollar donated to Team Seas equaled one pound of trash removed.

This event is based on the Team Seas fundraiser originally created by MrBeast. It was then adapted as an event for the Dream SMP by Dream and Callahan with the help of MrBeast.

Event details

The event lasted for two hours as players would clean up trash that is spawning in the ocean. If trash doesn't continue to spawn, then the ocean has been cleaned as a result of no more trash spawning, and players would need to move to a different area of the ocean in order to collect enough trash. Players were allowed to kill other players.

During the event, Dream put a bounty on Foolish and Hannah who were in the top two of the leaderboard. If anyone killed either of them, the player would receive 1,000 points.[Citation needed]


The top five who collected the most trash won these prizes:

  • First place: Elytra
  • Second place: Shulker box
  • Third place: Shulker box
  • Fourth place: Shulker box
  • Fifth place: End portal frames (x5)


These were the final results on who collected the most trash in the event.

  1. Hannah - 4903
  2. Foolish - 4823
  3. Punz - 4200
  4. Jack - 3378
  5. Eret - 3560
  6. Boomer - 3520
  7. George - 3472
  8. Bad - 3372
  9. Tommy - 3053
  10. HBomb - 3017
  11. Purpled - 2358
  12. Michael - 2270
  13. Ponk - 1997
  14. Charlie - 1610
  15. Sapnap - 1293
  16. Niki - 714
  17. Fundy - 476
  18. Eryn - 222
  19. Callahan - 1
  20. Dream - 0

Elytra conflict

Shortly after the Team Seas event, a conflict arose over the elytra that eventually ended in Hannah keeping the elytra but losing some of her items to Sapnap.


  • Although Fundy participated in the event, Fundy did not stream his perspective for the event.
  • Ranboo announced on Twitter hours before the event started that he was unable to participate in the event but will do something later on to support the cause.[7]
  • A king-of-the-hill type competition for an elytra was originally planned in 2020, but did not happen for unknown reasons. Details of the event were leaked by members of the server, notably Fundy, Ponk, Philza, and HBomb.[Citation needed]
  • The elytra awarded to Hannah for winning the event remained in her possession as the only elytra on the server until it was blown up in an explosion set off by Boomer on January 18, 2022.[8]

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