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This page is about the content creator. For their SMP character, see Technoblade/SMP.

Alexander "Alex", better known online as Technoblade and most commonly known as Techno, was a Minecraft YouTuber and friend of the Dream Team. There was a running rivalry joke between him and Dream, as they both often competed against each other in competitions. Techno logged on to the Dream SMP for the first time on September 22, 2020. On June 30, 2022, his family released a video announcing that he had passed away due to cancer.[7]



Minecraft Youtubers VS Player Controlled Ender Dragon...

Techno was one of the eight players to try to defeat the Ender dragon controlled by GeorgeNotFound. Technoblade didn't win, but was one of the three players to destroy all the end crystals.

$100,000 Dream vs Technoblade Duel!

Techno posted on his Twitter account that after his Potato War with im_a_squid_kid, he would start a “training arc” to beat Dream in their next matchup, the $100,000 Dream vs Technoblade Duel, hosted by MrBeast.[8] Techno won the match, beating Dream 6-4, although they agreed to split the money. Technoblade uploaded his perspective Dream VS Technoblade: $100,000 Duel ANALYSIS.


On August 27, 2021, Technoblade posted a video to YouTube titled "where I've been". In the video, he explained that he wasn't uploading content to his channel at much due to a struggle with cancer.[9] On December 23, 2021, Techno posted another video titled "I Almost Became An Amputee" where he gave an update on the state of his cancer.[10] After a continued uphill battle against the disease, Techno passed away from his cancer at some point in 2022. On June 30, Techno's father posted a video titled "so long nerds" on Techno's YouTube channel announcing that Techno had passed away.[7]

Dream SMP

To see their history and involvement in the SMP, visit Technoblade/SMP.


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Dream Team collaborations

Technoblade videos featuring Dream Team
Video Title Release date Dream Team members Notes
Dream_&_Technoblade_Win_the_Minecraft_Championship_w-_Burren_&_Michael Dream & Technoblade Win the Minecraft Championship w/ Burren & Michael August 19, 2020 Dream
Dream_VS_Technoblade-_$100,000_Duel_ANALYSIS Dream VS Technoblade: $100,000 Duel ANALYSIS August 29, 2020 Dream
The_Fall_of_Manburg_-Dream_SMP- The Fall of Manburg [Dream SMP] December 1, 2020 Dream, Sapnap
Dream Team videos featuring Technoblade
Video Title Release date Dream Team channel Notes
Minecraft_Youtubers_VS_Player_Controlled_Ender_Dragon... Minecraft Youtubers VS Player Controlled Ender Dragon... April 5, 2020 Dream
Dream_VS_Technoblade_(Minecraft_Championship) Dream VS Technoblade (Minecraft Championship) June 14, 2021 Dream



  • "USA! USA!"[11][12]
  • "Technoblade never dies!"
  • "We leave. WE LEAVE CHAT!"
  • "¿Ay caramba, dónde está la biblioteca?"[13][14] ("Oh dear, where is the library?" in Spanish)
  • "You see, I was using an advanced strategy called 'lying'"
  • "You wouldn't know my house it goes to another school"
  • "If you wish to defeat me, train for another hundred years."
  • "The second worst thing to ever happen to those orphans."
  • "ONE OF US"
  • "Absolute power corrupts absolutely."
  • "God, that toddler is getting destroyed."
  • "We’re leaving the past behind us."
  • "Officer, I dropped kicked that child in SELF-DEFENSE."[15]
  • "Zeus is a god of feminism."
  • "Sic semper tyrannis"
  • "When God sends me to hell, I want him to hesitate."[17]
  • "I didn't kill them, my slaves did."
  • "Did you eat that baby!?"[18]
  • "Christmas? Cancelled. Halloween? Cancelled. That one event where that guy comes and sells rare pets? Cancelled. Things were getting canceled so fast, people thought it was Twitter."[19]
  • "Get the vaccine."[20]
  • ”So long, Theseus!”[21]
  • "HEH"
  • "Listen, I'm a- I'm a Sapnap stan."[22]
  • "Knock knock, it's the United States."[23]
  • "Hippity hoppity get off my property."[24]
  • "If you ever have problems in life don't confront them. Pfft, who does that? Run away from your problems. That- that's a good lesson to impart on my audience."[25]
  • "Hello, do you think that you are safe? You are not safe. You're dead."[26]
  • "I had no expectations, and I still managed to be disappointed."[27]
  • "Don't stab people in real life you will not get coins you will get jail time."[28]
  • "My first word of advice: if you want to get a good kill-death ratio in game, you need a good kill-death ratio in real life."[29]


  • Technoblade had ADHD.[30]
  • He was an English major, but dropped out of college in order to pursue a career in YouTube.[31]
  • Before creating the Technoblade channel, Technoblade had a channel called StudioLORE.[32] An even older channel named Derp Squad has videos of him playing Minecraft with his brother.
  • Technoblade has done an unofficial face reveal and has shown his face on video multiple times, but many people think he has not ever shown his face before and still request for a face reveal.
    • Instead of a face reveal, he did a long awaited elbow reveal at one million subscribers.[32]
  • He claimed that he is 25% Greek, although he never knew his grandmother on the Greek side.[33]
  • He has three younger sisters and a younger brother named Chris.[34][35]
    • Technoblade released a video of his sister playing Survival Games in 2014.[36]
    • Technoblade once joked about his brother Chris being whitelisted on the Dream SMP and responded to his brother's messages on stream while joking a potential duel between his brother and Drista. After being asked about Chris's age, Techno joked that he didn't know Chris.[35]
  • Technoblade was one of the writers of the Dream SMP after Wilbur Soot stepped down. Techno specifically wrote the arc around his character.[37]
    • He had "leaked" a fake script on livestream as a joke directed at TommyInnit, who had done the same with an actual script.[38]
  • Technoblade is known for breaking the fourth wall to plug his channel during important events.
  • According to Technoblade himself, he was an atheist.[17]
  • Technoblade was invited to Philza's wedding but didn't attend due to participating in MCC.[39]
  • He was part of the group Sleepy Bois Inc with Phil, Wilbur, and Tommy. In the group, Technoblade was considered the "older brother" of the dynamic.
  • Technoblade was one of the players on SMPEarth and had history of fighting TommyInnit in wars on the server.
    • On SMPEarth, Technoblade founded the Antarctic Empire in Antarctica, choosing Ph1LzA as his co-leader. The faction is known for being the only faction to successfully claim the entire world, and was one of the strongest on the server. The Antarctic Empire was frequently in conflict with Business Bay, the faction owned by TommyInnit.
  • His favorite color was blue.
  • His favorite Pokémon was Beldum.[40]
  • After the Great Potato War, Technoblade was put as an NPC in Hypixel Skyblock where players could purchase special items from him.
  • Technoblade was diagnosed with cancer in his arm on August 2, 2021 and publicly revealed his diagnosis on August 27, 2021.[9] He underwent surgery that removed almost all of his cancer in December 2021.[10] On June 30, 2022, his family released a video announcing that he had passed away due to the cancer.[7]
    • As a response to the announcement, multiple content creators donated to cancer research based on their performance in MC Championship 16.
      • Dream matched his team's points in dollars. His team finished in second place, earning 21,409 points.[41]
      • F1NN5TER and TapL agreed to donate the same amount as they each earned individually in the event.[44][45]
      • Grian said on-stream that he would be donating as well.[46]
      • The Aqua Axolotls (Antfrost, Fundy, Tubbo, and 5up) donated $50 for every time they swore during the event.[47] The team raised $1,200 for charity.[48]
    • Technoblade had 205 bones because one of his clavicles was removed during the surgery to remove his tumor.[49]
  • Technoblade met Ph1LzA in person on October 19, 2021. He posted an image of Ph1LzA waving.[50]
  • Technoblade met Wilbur Soot in person on February 9, 2022. He posted a picture of Wilbur on Twitter with a description joking about Wilbur placing TNT under his house.[51]
  • When he was younger, Techno was taught basic sword and knife-fighting in a summer camp with foam weapons. He got disqualified from his summer camp’s dueling tournament because he would throw his knife high in the air at the start of his matches and stab his opponent while they were distracted watching the knife fall.[52]
  • Technoblade was the third-place winner of MrBeast's Hide And Seek Across The Earth! competition. He won a $5,000 refrigerator using a skin that camouflaged him with sand on the outer layer. He also released his own perspective of the competition in his video titled "I Must Win MrBeast's $10,000 Refrigerator."
  • Technoblade initially did not want to do the $100,000 Duel against Dream and found the idea terrible. He was pressured into doing it after Dream and MrBeast tweeted about the duel simultaneously.[53]
  • Technoblade reached ten million subscribers on YouTube on New Year's Eve 2021, completing a personal goal he had set for himself.[54]
    • To help achieve this goal, Technoblade paid for advertisement time on YouTube to call on viewers to subscribe to him.[55]


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