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Technoblade's cabin was established by Technoblade on November 18, 2020. After the events of the Manberg vs Pogtopia War and Techno's change in allegiances, his old base near the former country became a target of being looted and griefed by players on the server. For this reason, Techno created a new base further away so as to prevent any sort of looting and obfuscate its location.

Although its location is now more public, prior to the Butcher Army raid, Technoblade only showed its location to a few trusted individuals. The house currently serves as Techno's base of operations.



Technoblade's new base was established due to multiple figures coming to his old underground base and robbing it of all its resources. Technoblade, angered at the griefing and robbing of his base, decided to self-exile and move to a remote location far from the rest of the server. He transferred all valuable and useful resources to a tundra village in a barren and cold wasteland.

Among the valuables transported were blocks of emeralds, stacks of diamonds, and some other essentials. His initial place to store the items was inside a naturally generated librarian villager's house. He later added a lodestone, connecting it to a compass to allow him to find the village at any time.

Later, he built a wooden cabin off-stream, which houses his chests of items and serves as his permanent home. Techno enlisted Philza's help to move Bob (the last surviving cow), Hubert, and Fool to the basement of his new home. After seeing that Boomerville was on the same page as him regarding governments, Technoblade also invited them over to check out his base.

On December 9, Technoblade built two farms near his cabin with the help of Phil: A turtle farm in a close lake and a bee farm next to the main building. The turtle one was made using the design of the one he built himself in SMP Earth and contains his turtle pet Toby, the first turtle to hatch. On the other hand, the bee farm was completely made by Phil using the design of his hardcore world.

Tommy's discovery

Logstedshire is a fair amount of blocks away from the cabin, only around two biomes away. Tommy launched an expedition to try and find the cabin and was successful early on in his exile. However, before he could steal or grief anything, Dream logged on, forcing Tommy to retreat back to Logstedshire.

On December 15, following the detonation of the Logstedshire camp, Tommy traveled away from his exile to focus on getting his discs back. He decided to ransack Techno's house, stealing some of its valuable resources, as well as destroying a channel member sign on the second floor. Tommy then decided to secretly move in underneath the cabin to steal from Techno and gain strength. Tommy dug into Techno's basement and hid all of his stolen belongings there, alongside the Prime Log and the images of his memories of Tubbo. He called his new temporary home Dnret, the spiritual successor and a room of homage to the now exploded Tnret.

This plot had failed, as Techno had conveniently arrived just as Tommy was heading back into Techno's base. Techno, enraged that Tommy had made a little hole underneath his house, told Tommy to leave. With Tommy refusing to leave, Techno gave him a choice; leave his house, or join Techno and destroy government and retrieve Tommy's discs. Tommy reluctantly agreed with the latter option. Techno told Tommy not to steal from his base, as it would just drain them of resources completely.

Ponk's griefing

Ponk decided to prank Techno by placing multiple fully white maps outside his windows and door to make Techno believe everything around his house was removed. While pranking, he uncovered Techno's hidden barrel of resources, but decided not to take anything. The prank worked and Techno believed that he was in single-player, but eventually figured out what happened and destroyed the item frames holding the maps and keeping the sea lanterns used to prop them up.

Doomsday War

Before going off to fight in the Doomsday War, Techno and Phil destroyed all builds by Tommy as retribution for his betrayal and to remove all indication he ever lived there. Phil first started by destroying Tommy's intimidation tower outside the cabin and fixing the landscape around it the day before the war was to begin. The destruction of this tower had been a goal of Techno and Phil for a while as they both viewed it as an eyesore. Before heading off to fight in the war, Techno decided to use some of the TNT given to him by Dream to destroy Dnret, Tommy's hidden base under the cabin, as a way to truly rid his base of any remnants of Tommy's presence there. The subsequent explosion breached slightly into his third basement, however the explosion did not cause significant damage there or kill any of the villagers. Dream advised Techno to blow up Tommy and Ghostbur's exile home, which was directly adjacent to his cabin, but Techno decided against this. He said that because of the proximity to his cabin, any TNT would inevitably damage his own house. He furthermore stated that he did not want to destroy the house because Ghostbur lived there and he did not want to blow up his home (a slightly ironic statement given the fact he was about to set off to destroy Ghostbur's other home: L'Manberg) Techno's decision to not destroy Tommy and Ghostbur's exile home came in handy after the war, as he used it to store his Hound Army while Phil was building a kennel to store them.

After the war, Ranboo, who no longer had a home and lost all his connection with the L'Manbergians, decided to move to his home and live with Techno. Techno at first wasn't very pleased with this decision of Ranboo and Phil, however, he let Ranboo live on a mountain side right next to his cabin. This new pseudo-exile for Ranboo would lead to both of them developing a strong bond together, especially as Ranboo gifted Techno a new axe, as his old one, the Axe of Peace, was taken by Sapnap during the war.

Puffy's visit

CaptainPuffy had been intending on meeting up with Technoblade to discuss teaming up to destroy the Egg. She turned up to the cabin confused, because she had been left the coordinates in a chest in her basement and didn't know why they were from. Not knowing it was Technoblade's she began to explore the house. She assumed it was Technoblade's due to the posters everywhere. Ranboo arrived and saw her there, he didn't know what to do and got scared, she asked him if he knew about the book she'd been given. It told her to come to these coordinates and leave a note, Ranboo told her he knew nothing about it. Puffy went inside the house and left a sign saying 'a note' as a message for Technoblade. Whilst leaving, she noticed a small tower and realized she had visited there before. She destroyed the tower, saying it was only a reminder for when she supported government before exiting through the Nether Portal.

Technoblade visits Dream

On June 6th, 2021, Technoblade went to Pandora's Vault to visit Dream. Before his visit, he gave Phil his will in case he didn't come back, telling him that he needed to visit the prison. Technoblade would then go to the prison, reaching the main cell. Dream tried to warn Technoblade that there was a trap by Sam and Quackity. When Technoblade reached the main cell, Sam revealed that he was going to trap Technoblade along with Dream in the prison, seeing him as the only true threat that would break Dream out.


Inside the cabin

Ground floor

The ground floor houses most of Techno's necessities, including his anvil, brewing stands, ender chest, a few chests, his lodestone, and a cubby hole that Tommy hid in when Dream came to visit Techno. The ground floor is the most used room of Techno's cabin, and where Techno spends most of his time either brewing potions, reading donations, or talking to visitors. Tied to a fence post in the corner is Techno's pet polar bear Steve.


The porch is used to get around the cabin, as well as other structures easily. It is built out of the same materials most of Techno's cabin is built with, staying true to the aesthetic of the place. It was built by Philza, and is used by everyone nearby. It has a pond under it, which contains several fish.


The attic is can be accessed via a ladder from the ground floor. It contains Techno's enchanting table, a hidden barrel which holds potions and other valuable items, and the Channel Member Shrine. The Channel Member Shrine is Techno's counterpart to Tommy's now-defunct Prime Log, consisting of an emerald block with a bell on top, where Techno plugs his channel every 30 minutes when his sellout timer rings. While plugging his channel, he yells out "Subscribe to Technoblade," "can I get any channel members" (YouTube's version of Twitch subscribers) and "one of us" while ringing the bell.


Techno and Phil’s cabins with the dog house on the left

The stable is used to house horses and other entities that would not be fit to be brought into the cabin. It used to house Carl, but after Quackity threatened the life of Carl, Techno hid him away and instead uses the stable for zombie villagers. Recently, Techno has also used the stable to house arctic foxes.

Dog house

The dog house is used to store the Hound Army, and was built by Philza.

Basements in the Cabin

First basement

This basement can be accessed from the outside through some doors as well as a ladder from the ground floor. It formerly housed cured and uncured zombie villagers and contains several chests where Techno stores most of his items. The walls are covered with fan art and propaganda posters.

Second basement

Located beneath the first basement, this basement contains Bob the Cow, Hubert the Zombified Piglin, Moon the Skeleton, and the companion cow to Bob. The basement serves as a locale for Techno to store any mobs he wants to preserve, and as an entrance to the third basement where all of Techno's villagers are stored. Phil dug out a side room which he uses to grow nether trees. Tommy used one of the walls to house his to-do list, but it was torn down after his departure.

Third basement

Located directly below the second basement and above Dnret, the third basement houses all of Techno's cured villagers which he uses to trade for cheap books and items. A notable member in the basement is Orphan, a baby zombie villager that Techno cured alongside Ranboo and Ph1lza, which was then converted into a cleric after it became an adult. It sells him ender pearls and bottles o' enchanting for 1 emerald. The third basement also holds all of the cured zombie villagers that Techno kept in his first basement, as they kept on glitching through the floor.


Dnret was the spiritual successor to Tnret and Tommy's formerly secret bunker located underneath the cabin's second basement. He occupied it after he escaped Dream following the destruction of Logstedshire. The base was formerly accessed via a ladder covered up with stone, however the entrance was kept open after Techno found Tommy. Dnret included a bed, some chests, an escape tunnel, and the Prime Log.

On January 6, before going to fight in the Doomsday War, Techno used some of the TNT given to him by Dream gave him to blow up L'Manberg to blow up Dnret as a way to rid his base of any mention of Tommy after his betrayal the day prior. The crater formed by the blast almost broke through to the third basement, poking a 1x1 hole next to one of the villagers, yet did not harm any of Techno's villagers. Upon returning from the fighting, Techno blocked up the 1x1 hole caused by the blast and the entrance to Dnret, opting to hide any last remnant of Tommy's presence at his base.

Nearby structures


The fence was built by Philza off-stream, and goes around the whole area near the cabin.

Bee farm

Built by Philza on December 9, 2020[1], the farm produces honey for Technoblade to make into honey blocks. Technoblade used the honey blocks to build a flying machine door for his second secret vault. The bee farm also proved a good countermeasure during his kidnapping by distracting the Butcher Army. It is attached as an annex to the main cabin.

Turtle farm

The turtle farm is a medium-sized turtle farm located west of the cabin in a river. It produces the scutes Techno that uses to make Turtle Master Potions, a pivotal item in his PvP layout. The farm also housed Toby the Turtle, the first turtle hatched by the farm, though he has recently disappeared.

Technoblade's second vault

On the reverse side of the mountain to the back of the cabin, Techno has a secret flying machine door entrance to his second vault, where he stored the necessary materials to spawn 54 withers. He first showed the vault to Tommy on December 16 and to Phil on December 22. He later showed Dream the vault on January 6, 2021. They remain the only three people who know of the vault's existence, bar Techno himself. The vault is currently unused, and the remaining wither skulls are stored within Techno's ender chest.

Tommy/Phil's house

Hound Army's House, or Tommy's House, was a house directly next to the cabin. Tommy and Ghostbur built Tommy's House as a place for Tommy to live. It also served as a place to store Friend until he moved in with Phil in L'Manberg. It contained a 2x2 painting of Tommy and Wilbur, which would become more important later on.

After the Doomsday War, Techno decided to move the remaining members of the Hound Army to his base. Using an ender pearl stasis chamber, Techno was able to transport all his remaining hounds without any casualties, and stored them inside of the house.

Philza later rebuilt the house connecting it to Techno's cabin, and declared it as "Phil's house." He kept the Hound Army inside of it still, but later moved them into the dog house. He also kept some of the original blocks Tommy and Ghostbur placed, and placed the 2x2 photo made for the original house inside once again, only containing Wilbur's face. Phil decided to build a dojo around where his basement is, and made its entrance inside of the pond.

Tommy's lavacast tower

Not far from Technoblade's Cabin was another Intimidation Tower (not to be confused with the one near Pogtopia) built by Tommy. Unlike his previous intimidation towers, this one was built using the lava cast method, using water on lava to build the tower in a matter of minutes. Both Techno and Phil considered the tower to be an eyesore and needed to be removed; however, Tommy insisted that it remained standing. Upon Tommy's betrayal of Techno during the Green Festival, Phil decided to dismantle the tower, removing the eyesore. Techno and Phil dubbed the tower "The Traitor Tower".

Phil's nether wart farm

On January 5, while Techno and Tommy infiltrated the Green Festival, Phil decided to build a nether wart farm for a steady supply of nether wart for Techno's potion brewing. The farm itself is a water-based collection system, similar to the potato farm in Pogtopia. When nether warts fully grow, a lever can be pulled to wash away the fully grown crops and allow for them to be replaced with fresh nether warts. When Techno returned from the Festival, albeit without Tommy, he talked about how the farm was much bigger than he anticipated and was unnecessarily large. Phil agreed with him on this point, however, they did not change the size of the farm, and kept it at its comically large scale.

Upon returning from the Doomsday War, Phil and Techno discovered that the nether wart farm was covered in snow. They joked that it had become a rather efficient snow farm instead. As of January 6, no nether warts have been planted, as Techno stated he was surviving on his remaining stash of nether wart he collected for the Manberg vs Pogtopia War.

The farm was torn down on January 18 when Phil realized it was practically useless.

Ranboo's house

Once Phil invited Ranboo to stay near Techno's house, Ranboo decided to establish a temporary camp/shack on the nearby mountain face, and eventually a more permanent home. The shack was at first a simple structure composed only of spruce slabs and fences, but he later renovated it and turned it into a proper house made of stone bricks, quartz, dark oak, and coal blocks. He picked the coal and quartz to match his skin's color scheme, as well as red and green carpet inside the house to match his eyes. The house is two stories tall with a bedroom and main room. There is also a small wheat farm outside to the left of the shack.

On the second floor of his house, he has a wall of signs which he uses to plan and remember his goals; however, they seem to have changed between streams thanks to his enderwalking state.

Ranboo’s house

Underneath his house, Ranboo built a "comfort room" basement with netherrack floors and walls, in which he stored his pets and some of his valuables. However, he soon changed the netherrack into stone bricks, and expanded the room to include a sugar cane farm, several chests, his own villager trading hall, and an Enderman in a boat. He created a secret vault hidden behind a piston door. It contains a spare set of Netherite armor, four totems of undying, several music discs, one of his eyes, and other valuable items. In addition to the hidden door, it also has traps for extra security - a pearl stasis chamber that summons Ranboo if anyone is inside, and a decoy lever outside that kills whoever pulls it. Across from his house, Ranboo dug out a tiny hidden room to advertise Twitch Prime in. The only thing inside was a bell on top of a netherite block that was later moved to his vault. He added a spawner and several diamond, gold, and emerald blocks around the bell, and there is also a pig that is near the bell, named Nicholas.

Ranboo's cow farm

The cow farm is a small area of fenced-in cows built by Ranboo. He made it off-stream before January 10 as a replacement for Techno's cow farm at his original base, which was destroyed in retribution to Techno betraying Pogtopia during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War.


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