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Technoblade's Execution was an event in L'Manberg that signaled the start of The Vengeance Era.

It was secretly organized by Tubbo, Quackity, and Fundy, and involved their attempt, along with Ranboo, to punish Technoblade for the war crimes he committed during the Manberg-Pogtopia War.


Before the events of the Manberg-Pogtopian War, Technoblade was an ally of the Pogtopian rebels, giving them armor, resources, and other gear that would eventually help them win the conflict. He constantly voiced his opinion on governments, stating that he supported anarchy due to the conflicts that come with governments, but the Pogtopians ignored him.

After Jschlatt's death and the reforming of the country of L'Manberg, Techno was alarmed that they wanted to instill another government immediately after taking down the previous government. Partially egged on by Dream, who quietly reminded Techno of his anarchist ways, Technoblade spawned in two withers shortly after Wilbur Soot detonated the TNT underneath L'Manberg. After the withers were subsequently subdued by the remaining allies of L'Manberg and Pogtopia, Techno left the country with the promise that he would destroy any government that tried to establish itself.

Despite Techno's threats, Tubbo was elected President of L'Manberg with Tommy as his Vice-President, Quackity as his Secretary of State, and Fundy as his Foreman. With the help of Quackity, Fundy, and Ghostbur, Tubbo rebuilt L'Manberg to be bigger and better than ever.

However, Quackity still held grievances with Technoblade, wishing to end him once and for all. Following Tommy's exile from L'Manberg, Quackity revealed a room hidden in the crater underneath L'Manberg, where he'd built a plot to kill Technoblade. Fundy supported the idea by supplying a book that held the country's current hit-list. The three agreed that if Quackity could raise the Butcher Army, they'd go after Techno and kill him once and for all, restoring peace to the nation.

The Execution Plot

Philza's Arrest

On December 16, 2020, the Butcher Army, comprised up of Tubbo, Quackity, and Fundy, arranged to kill Technoblade for his crimes during the previous war, and his hand in destroying parts of L'Manberg. Ranboo was also recruited to join the mission due to his close ties to the cabinet. They suspected that Ph1LzA had some ties to Techno and demanded that he give them Techno's current location. Phil refused, but while searching through some of his barrels, Tubbo found the compass that pointed to Techno's cabin. As punishment for not obeying their orders, Tubbo had placed Phil under house arrest. As the Butcher Army set out, Phil criticized their behavior towards their own citizen and warned Techno that the bounty hunters were coming.

Guided by the compass, the Butcher Army arrived at Technoblade's cabin in the Arctic. They were intercepted briefly by Ghostbur, who explained that he'd been staying with Techno to make sure that the snow and rain wouldn't make him melt. Ghostbur then tried to distract them from spotting Techno, but they had already spotted him previously. After being called by Ghostbur, to the L'Manbergians dismay, Techno met with them in front of his house and told them that he'd changed. He mentioned how much he'd been trying to fight against the voices in his head begging for blood during his retirement.

A Short Skirmish

Techno managed to briefly distract them with his bee farm before trying to make a break for it. The Butcher Army caught up to him, and Techno announced that, since there was no other way, he'd chosen blood. He splashed himself with several different potions before beginning to attack. Techno managed to kill Tubbo and Fundy before he began going straight for Ranboo until Quackity grabbed Techno's prized horse, Carl. Quackity threatened Carl's life if Techno didn't surrender, taking the horse's diamond armor away. Seeing his friend in danger, Techno complied, handing over his armor, weapons, and potions as requested by Tubbo and the Butcher Army, however he secretly kept a Totem Of Undying in his inventory.

The Execution

The group of four, along with Ghostbur and Friend, escorted Technoblade back to L'Manberg, where he was expected to "stand trial" for the war crimes he committed. However, it was revealed when they arrived, that the L'Manbergians had no intention to hold a trial, instead directly deciding to execute Technoblade. Techno was forced into a cage and Quackity explained the mechanisms of the execution. An anvil would drop from above, killing him instantly.

Tubbo began to make a speech, only to be interrupted by a trident-wielding Punz. Punz attacked the L'Manbergians, attempting to place down TNT on the podium. In the chaos, Quackity managed to push the lever to drop the anvil. However, when the anvil made contact with its prey, Techno survived, reaching the goal "Postmortal" by using a Totem of Undying before making his escape.

While the L'Manbergians were distracted, Dream rescued Carl from the pit and returned the horse to Techno. He showed Techno a secret tunnel that leads into the Final Control Room. Inside, Dream had prepared some supplies for Techno to use including an enchanted golden apple, a netherite pickaxe, and a full set of iron armor. Techno was in the middle of thanking Dream when he was abruptly interrupted by a pursuing Quackity.

Battle in the Final Control Room

The following events are known as Quackity vs Technoblade Duel: Inside the final control room, when asked by Quackity how didn't the anvil kill him, Techno reiterated his hatred for government and that all of this trouble could've been solved without it. He also voiced that he'd tried to fight alongside the Pogtopians as brothers, but that he felt used by them, like he was nothing more than a weapon. Quackity then stated that he didn't actually care about the withers, and that he was only here to carry out the L'Manberg hit list. He told Techno that he was trying to build a country, and that in order for its safety, no matter how long it took him, he was going to kill Techno.

Techno didn't believe that Quackity could kill him, even with Quackity in full netherite and a diamond axe and himself in iron armor, practically unarmed. Quackity doubled down, saying he could, and Techno agreed to the fight. He then bolted down the tunnel, splashing himself with potions he'd grabbed from his ender chest. Techno exclaimed "I have a Pickaxe, and I'll put it through your teeth!" as he swung his Netherite Pickaxe, enhanced with a strength potion. After the arduous battle, and with the strength and turtle master potion, stored in his enderchest and negated all damage by 60%, Techno managed to kill Quackity using said pickaxe, stealing Quackity's armor and weapons in the process. He escaped with Carl through the The Sewer System, emerging at a sewer entrance at the Animal Sanctuary before fleeing by boat.

A New Course of Action

Quackity respawned in L'Manberg, appearing downtrodden and deeply changed. Ghostbur remarked that it had seemed like a canon death, to which the others, still in shock, slowly agreed. Tubbo, Quackity, Fundy, and Ranboo met once again in the Butcher Army control room, where they figured out their next plan. Tired of Dream pulling the strings, Quackity stated that he wanted to kill Dream for good. Quackity used Punz as evidence that Dream had once again interfered in L'Manbergian affairs, convincing Tubbo to approve of the new target.

Tubbo reminded the others of his own execution where he'd been tricked by Schlatt into planning and decorating a fake festival. He suggested that they could hold another festival, possibly one for Christmas. Tubbo also mentioned that Dream listened to and respected him citing that Dream actually took his armor off in L'Manberg. This would give them a small window of time to kill Dream by catching him off guard.

Before leaving the room, Tubbo gave Quackity the express permission to be the one who killed Dream.

Old Allies

After returning to his home, Technoblade found Tommy in his base and discovered Tommy's secret underground room. They formed an uneasy alliance - with Technoblade willing to help Tommy reclaim his discs as long as Tommy helped Technoblade do some "mild terrorism" on L'Manberg.


This event concludes the Post-Banishment Era and sparks the Vengeance Era.

It also created a shift in between different characters, with Phil no longer trusting Tubbo or any of the other L'Manbergians; Techno, Tommy, and possibly Ranboo joining forces; and Quackity reaffirming his desire to kill both Dream and Techno.


  • In a stream by Phil, he created the execution machine behind the scenes. Dream put Phil and Techno in creative to make the execution due to timing.
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