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Technoblade has actively de-canonized his character being a part of the "family dynamic"/the canonical son of Philza. He has stated that although he is fine with it being a head canon, it is not a part of the story he has constructed and will not roleplay it as such.[1]

This page is about the character from the Dream SMP. For the YouTuber who plays this character, see Technoblade.

Dude, Dream doesn't care! He does not care! You have the wrong hostage! I CARE!


Technoblade, also known as Techno, is the twenty-third member of the Dream SMP, joining on September 22, 2020. He is an anarchist opposed to government (as he considers them tyrannical and oppressive) and a co-founder of the Syndicate, a federation dedicated to upholding anarchist ideology. He is known for his dueling skills and prowess in battle.

Techno allied with those who promised to help him achieve his goals of anarchy and the eradication of government. He first joined the server at the beginning of the Manberg Rebellion when Wilbur Soot and TommyInnit were exiled from Manberg and began planning to revolt against Jschlatt's rule along with the two by forming the faction Pogtopia. Techno spent weeks gathering resources to aid Pogtopia in removing Jschlatt’s administration. Techno and Pogtopia had a rift after he caused a mass murder during the Manberg Festival, during which he was forced to execute Tubbo. Some members of Pogtopia distrusted Techno, but he continued to aid their cause and encouraged Wilbur to pursue his TNT plot. At the end of the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, when Tubbo was declared the new president of L'Manberg, Techno felt betrayed that Pogtopia had instituted another government in L'Manberg. He spawned two withers and fought against the new administration. The withers, alongside Wilbur's TNT, blew a large crater in L'Manberg. However, the Tubbo Administration quickly began to rebuild L'Manberg.

After the war, Technoblade retired, hurt by Pogtopia's betrayal and the institution of yet another government. He built a cabin in a distant tundra and swore off violence. However, after the Butcher Army attempted to execute him, Techno longed for revenge. He teamed up with Tommy after Tommy escaped from his exile. Together, they planned to regain the discs and get revenge. Techno then freed Philza, his longtime friend, from house arrest in L'Manberg. Techno admitted his plans to destroy L'Manberg to Tommy, and Tommy agreed to help him; however, Tommy soon rejoined L'Manberg instead. Techno along with Dream and Phil attacked L'Manberg by bombarding it with TNT and withers during the Doomsday War, permanently ending the nation.

Following the Doomsday War, Ranboo joined Techno and Phil, building his own home nearby. Techno and Phil also founded Syndicate to promote anarchy and diminish tyranny.

He was imprisoned with Dream in Pandora's Vault, falling victim to a plan constructed by Quackity & Awesamdude, until being broken out by Phil using the Ender Pearl Stasis Chamber. Following Ranboo’s incarceration, Techno staged a prison break to empty Pandora’s Vault, freeing Dream, ConnorEatsPants, and Ranboo. After Sam killed Ranboo, Techno teamed up with Tubbo, rescuing MICHAEL and imprisoning Sam in Pandora.

Techno has been primarily portrayed as an anti-hero and briefly an antagonist during Doomsday. He is one of the two main protagonists of the Empowerment Arc alongside Quackity, his arch-nemesis, and the main protagonist of the Legacy Arc.


Technoblade is an anthropomorphic pig. He wears a crown, a white dress shirt, a red royal gown, grey pants, and black boots. He is generally drawn by fans and animatics as either a human wearing a pig mask/hoglin skull, a human with pink hair and a red royal gown, or a pig wearing royal attire that closely resembles his Minecraft skin. Notably, Technoblade has expressed his preference towards the more pig-like of these depictions, implying that this is what he considers to be canonical.

Technoblade's winter clothing consists of a navy blue chest plate with cream-colored shoulder pads, black/gray boots, and a maroon undershirt.


Main personality

Technoblade is an anarchist who seeks the end of government and oppression. He fights for whichever side promises to fight against tyranny and allows him to use his weapons of mass destruction to achieve his goals. He does not care much for the interweaving loyalties of the other SMP members. Techno has stated that "the only universal language is violence," but will occasionally make grandiose speeches to other people to try and resolve things peacefully. However, when this does not work, Technoblade is quick to resort to violence.

Technoblade is also a proud man and shows off his skills and equipment whenever. He claims to have mapped out the entire SMP in his head and calls himself the "Human GPS." Technoblade also has a lot of material possessions and is always on the search for the most powerful items on the server.

Despite his violent and seemingly uncaring façade, he will do everything in his power to protect those he cares most about, most notably Philza. He also seems to hold remorse regarding his involvement with Pogtopia, wishing that Pogtopia and himself worked together to fight against tyranny rather than trying to establish another government. As an additive of this, Technoblade has an unwavering sense of loyalty towards his personal beliefs on anarchy. It is implied by his codename of "Protesilaus" in the Syndicate that Technoblade is more than willing to fight and die on the frontlines just so he can end what he perceives as tyrannical leadership.

Temporary retirement

After the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, Technoblade stated that he had given up his violent ways and retired far away in an arctic so that no one could find him, except for Phil, to whom he had given a compass that led to his base. He still showed no hesitation in defending himself, but was willing to leave L'Manberg alone after the war, and was trying to change from his violent ways. He started a bee farm and a turtle farm and seemed quite happy with his newfound pacifism. During this retirement, however, he had secretly grinded for more than a hundred wither skulls, which he kept in a secret vault. After being hunted by the Butcher Army, having his weapons stolen and sentenced to execution, Techno was forced out of retirement and returned to his violent ways to get revenge and destroy the L'Manberg government once and for all, becoming an "aspect of justice/balance." He stated that if people pay him with service and friendship, he will return that service and friendship tenfold. If they serve him injustice, he will repay the injustice with a thousand times the amount they served him with.


Technoblade’s main flaws are his loyalty, wrath, and pride. Technoblade is unwaveringly loyal to those he considers his friends and allies, and is willing to go to nearly any length to keep them safe. Earning Technoblade’s loyalty is difficult, however, and if Techno ever feels as though someone he trusted has wronged him, he holds an intense grudge. This leads to his wrath, as he often quickly and decisively strikes out to utterly destroy whoever he feels has wronged him and his friends. One of the most notable examples of this combination of loyalty and wrath is when, after feeling betrayed by TommyInnit, being almost executed by the Butcher Army, and having seen how L'Manberg had put Phil in a house arrest, he and Phil, along with Dream, completely destroyed L'Manberg.

Another major flaw of Technoblade is that he is quick to resort to violence. Rather than trying his best to pursue a peaceful resolution through negotiations or bartering, he will hastily turn to extreme amounts of violence. These violent tendencies are often prompted by either his incapability of handling peer pressure or the voices in his head encouraging him to do as such. However, Technoblade frequently tries to disregard these voices and will almost always try to find a peaceful solution first, even if he quickly gives up on peace in favor of violence.

Techno stands strongly to his beliefs. He truly believes that people are better off without the existence of governments. However, this can be seen as cruel, as his methods can cause immense pain for many as seen from past L'Manberg citizens such as Tubbo and Tommy. Adding onto this, Techno has an issue conveying his true feelings towards things that can make many people see him as overly prideful and selfish. An instance of him conveying his true feelings would be in his will, where he states that he hopes Tommy can find what he is looking for. This is a contrast from Techno saying that he despises Tommy for betraying him.

An enduring flaw of Technoblade is his tendency to fall into pressure when situations are focused solely on him. When Jschlatt told Techno to execute Tubbo, he ended up bending to it and killing Tubbo despite trying to say he should not. In the Prison Break, Techno is pressured by Sam when he takes Ranboo hostage, which eventually leads to Ranboo's death.

D&D alignment

Wilbur has said that Techno's D&D alignment is Lawful Neutral. [5]

Technoblade is VERY lawful neutral. Whilst technoblade may seem chaotic due to his disregard for human life he has still upkept one intrinsic value his entire character arc: FUCK THE GOVERNMENT. Techno has never strayed from this ideal and never will. He will make/lose friends around this idea and won't care.



Early life

Technoblade was a great fighter, and he and Philza were and still are very close, being old friends. Phil mentioned Techno had suffered from voices in his head (his chat) ever since he was very young and that over time he grew better at ignoring them. In addition, Phil has alluded to his times in SMPEarth while on the server. He was the leader of the Antarctic Empire with Phil as his co-leader, and took over the entire server. To what degree this is canon is questionable, as Phil stated that his past with the Antarctic Empire is only a headcanon.

Minecraft Monday

Long before Dream SMP, Technoblade participated in Minecraft Monday, a weekly Minecraft competition featuring many games such as Hunger Games. In the first challenge, Techno attacked and defeated Quackity and his teammate. This led to Quackity developing a fear of Techno.

Hypixel Skyblock

The Butcher Army has various propaganda posters of Squidkid winning the Great Potato War, a friendly competition between Techno and Squid on who could farm the most potatoes in all of Skyblock, which saw Techno's victory. This implies that Hypixel Skyblock is cannon, and that prior to joining the SMP, Technoblade lived and worked in Skyblock. Technoblade may have returned to Skyblock to usurp Dante, but the canonicity of this is unclear.

Manberg Rebellion Arc


After TommyInnit and Wilbur Soot were exiled from Manberg, Technoblade tweeted at the two asking if they needed assistance.[6] This led to Technoblade joining the Dream SMP to aid in the founding of Pogtopia, aiming to destroy Manberg and abolish government. A misinformation campaign created by Jschlatt, implying Techno was a spy, sowed doubt and mistrust in Pogtopia's members. Technoblade denied these accusations, stating that if he'd truly been paid to kill Wilbur and Tommy, he would have done so already. The following day, Dream contacted Technoblade to show support and gave Technoblade supplies, including netherite ingots and an enchanted golden apple. Technoblade spent the next few weeks building a fearsome arsenal, which included new technologies such as a firework rocket launcher, a Riptide trident, and six wither skulls.

As he collected an arsenal, he also collected pets and animals whom he cared for dearly, including Carl and two mobs wearing jack-o-lantern, Hubert and Fool (now Moon).

Manberg Festival

Technoblade was formally invited to the festival by Schlatt. Techno intended to gain intelligence through his investigation, but after Tubbo's speech, Techno was called up to execute him. Technoblade initially stalled for time, but after getting no further instructions from Tommy or Wilbur, he gave in to the peer pressure and fired his rocket launcher, killing Schlatt, Tubbo, and Quackity. In the chaos, he turned and fired upon the audience in order to give Wilbur time to try and find the button, instigating the Manberg Massacre. He stated afterward that he had killed Tubbo out of tactics, because if he hadn't, then all of Manberg would have killed him and taken his god-level items.

At Pogtopia, Tommy confronted him for killing Tubbo, believing him to have betrayed their cause. Wilbur, siding with Techno, dug a pit for the two to brawl their emotions out in. Techno didn't hold any ill will towards Tubbo or Tommy, but agreed to the fight. When Techno won, Tommy continued to voice his anger at Techno, failing to recognize the reason behind using the pit for conflict. Finally taking things completely seriously, Techno told Tommy that the time for talking was over, reminding him that the only universal language is violence and that they already spoke that language in the pit.

Manberg vs Pogtopia War

After Dream's warning of a traitor within Pogtopia, many members returned to suspecting Technoblade, though he continued to actively deny it. On the day of the war, Technoblade led the others to his underwater base, revealing a hidden vault constructed of blackstone under the original base, fully stocked with gear for the whole army. With their new gear, the rebels confronted Manberg. They were able to force a surrender from the nation and looked on as Schlatt died of a stroke.

After the death of Schlatt, Tubbo was chosen to be president and immediately set about reinstating the government. However, during Tubbo's speech, Dream reminded Techno of his anarchist goals, promising that he would support him if he rebelled. Shortly after, Technoblade assassinated Tubbo. He told everyone that he didn't spend weeks gearing up for the revolution just to replace one tyrant with another. As Techno, Dream, and Dream's allies turned on the new government with their weapons, Wilbur, the true traitor, ignited a cavern of TNT, blowing up L'Manberg and causing Ph1LzA to join the server. With the support of Dream SMP and the Badlands, Techno then gave a second speech declaring that power corrupts, and by abolishing the government, he was preventing another tyrant from rising. He compared Tommy to Theseus, a Greek hero who was exiled by the country he saved and died in disgrace. Techno then spawned two withers, further increasing the destruction.

After the withers were destroyed and the survivors had met up, Technoblade threatened everyone who made any sort of reference to a new government. He explained that while Schlatt was a villain, he was still democratically elected; the new government performed a hostile coup and instilled themselves into power illegitimately. Despite this, they created the nation of New L'Manberg after Techno left, and marked Techno as a threat to their power.

Later, Techno heard from Eret that GeorgeNotFound was the new King of the Dream SMP. During his coronation, Techno assassinated him as a warning not to get too comfortable with his rule.

Retribution Arc

Retirement Arc

After the Manberg vs Pogtopia war, Technoblade found that his base and cow farm was robbed and vandalized by L'Manberg and their allies, making it unsafe to live near the country. Technoblade cut off contact from his closest ally, Phil, to protect him, and started to search for land for a new home. He stumbled upon a snow village in a barren snow wasteland and built a cabin to store his valuables and regain what was stolen.

He eventually called on Phil a week later for help transporting his rare Halloween mobs and the sole remaining cow to his retirement home. After being helped, Techno then gave Phil a compass that would be able to lead to his base as well as a few emeralds as a token of friendship and appreciation, demonstrating a close relationship between the two. The two searched for turtles and bees and worked on farms together. In the passing days, Techno reflected on his violent past, realizing that much of his rage stemmed from voices in his head and that his violence harmed those around him. Because of this, he took on an oath of pacifism, aiming to be a good person.

The closest he came to breaking his oath was when George mentioned Techno's cow farm to him. He interpreted this as George mocking him, as his cows were recently slaughtered, Techno hunted him down and came close to killing him (half a heart) before pulling back. This event was a major contributing factor to the Dethronement Fallout.

Saving Carl

One day, Awesamdude took Techno's prized horse, Carl, in an attempt to get some leverage on Technoblade. Carl was taken into an elaborate maze designed to trap and kill Techno so Awesamdude could have footage. Techno loved his horse (mainly due to many of his donators giving money every time Carl was shown onscreen), and was determined to retrieve him, but found a way around getting killed himself. He tricked Skeppy, a longtime friend, by saying that he had built the maze as a puzzle for Skeppy and had the latter enter the maze in his place, allowing Carl to be rescued without a single death. After Carl was saved, Techno and Skeppy came up with a scheme to troll BadBoyHalo by using the same method, with Skeppy announcing that he made the puzzle for Bad. This ended up with Bad solving the riddle but losing many stacks of bone blocks, which he had been saving up.

Dream's warning

During his isolation, Technoblade was contacted by Dream to meet him at the spot where they first spoke, on top of a large mountain. When Techno arrived, Dream had warned him of a certain few bounty hunters who were looking to kill him to cross him off the hit list. Dream then gave him a map that led him to a woodland mansion, where Techno retrieved several mystical totems of undying.


On December 16, 2020, the Butcher Army, a secret police force from L'Manberg aiming to execute Technoblade, made their move. They took the compass that led to Technoblade's cabin from Phil's home and placed him under house arrest. Phil secretly messaged Techno, warning him that the bounty hunters were on their way, which gave him just enough time to prepare. When the Butcher Army arrived, they stated that Techno was to come to L'Manberg to face trial. Techno pleaded for them not to do this, saying that he had changed his ways to be peaceful, but that he would not go back without a fight. When they failed to listen to these warnings, he caved into his voices, and killed Tubbo and Fundy, which was half of the army. However, Quackity stopped the fight by taking Carl, Techno's prized horse, hostage and threatening to kill him. To save Carl, Techno surrendered to their demands, dropping his armor, potions, and weapons, and coming with them. However, he secretly kept a totem of undying and was escorted back to L'Manberg, where it was revealed that it was not a trial at all, but an execution.

In L'Manberg, Techno saw Phil under house arrest, and was filled with new grief and rage against the L'Manberg government. Techno was trapped in a guillotine while Tubbo gave a short speech. However, the execution was interrupted by Punz, who attacked the L'Manbergians and placed TNT on the podium. In the chaos, Quackity activated the guillotine, dropping an anvil on Techno. Techno equipped his totem of undying, allowing him to escape death and flee. Dream (who had sent Punz and been spying on the events) rescued Carl, met up with Techno, and pointed at a tunnel leading to the Final Control Room, which had basic gear for making an escape. Quackity managed to follow and confront Techno, where he expressed his hatred for Techno, his desire to accumulate power in L'Manberg, his plan to kill him right there. However, Techno managed to kill Quackity with a pickaxe and steal the majority of his items, escaping through the sewer system to his base. On his voyage back, he reflected upon events and realized that his pacifist vows could not be upheld. Techno permanently broke his vow of peace and turned back to his violent ways.

Fragile pact

Upon arriving at his cabin, Techno found Tommy lurking in the area. Tommy then confessed to digging a small home under his base and leeching off of him after Dream destroyed his home in Logstedshire. After reclaiming some of his stolen items from Tommy, Techno proposed an alliance to help Tommy get his discs back and for himself to destroy the government through "minor terrorism." Tommy reluctantly agreed, and Techno revealed yet another secret vault, containing enough wither skulls to form 55 withers.

After some work, Ranboo arrived. Techno distrusted Ranboo since he was part of the Butcher Army, but after Ranboo explained his thoughts and returned Techno's armor set, Techno allowed Ranboo to stay and help them. Together, they went mining for netherite with beds. At the end of the day, Tommy, Techno, and Ranboo bonded, listening to Tommy's Blocks disc while looking at the moon. After Tommy left, Techno told Ranboo that he had been used and explained his own experience of being used by Pogtopia. This line struck deep into Ranboo's heart, who realized that L'Manberg was only using him for their personal goals.


The day after the execution, Technoblade created a "December To-do List" of things that he wished to complete as part of his and Tommy's alliance. The list of goals read:

  1. Get Tommy some weapons
  2. "minor" terrorism
  3. Get back my weapons.
  5. Save Philza Minecraft

Tommy and Techno performed a series of raids and covert missions in L'Manberg using invisibility potions, establishing a Hound Army in the sewers and determining where the Butcher Army kept Techno's gear, planning to take it back using aforementioned minor terrorism.

One day, Techno received a direct message from Dream, stating that he wanted to talk to him in person. Tommy, who was still on the run from Dream, hid in a small box with an invisibility potion. After Dream arrived at his cabin, he told Techno that Tommy has gone missing. He searched around Techno's cabin, but did not find him. They also discussed the events of Technoblade's execution, and Techno agreed that he owed Dream a favor due to his assistance.

Two days later, Dream returned and spoke to Techno while Tommy was gone. After much stalling from Technoblade's voices, Dream revealed that he had known that Tommy was being sheltered by him, pointing to several very annoying and obvious things Tommy had done around the cabin. However, Dream chose not to take further action, as Tommy was still technically under exile, and warned Techno that one day his alliance with Tommy may break.

After the conversation, Technoblade shifted the topic by making fun of Dream for not having a house on his own server. Dream denied the accusations and started building his own house nearby. Techno spied on him, watching afar and leading creepers to troll him. After much frustration, Dream destroyed the house and messaged Techno about the destruction, hinting at building a much larger one and revealing it later.

Techno went on several solo missions into L'Manberg, where he rescued Phil from house arrest and made propaganda posters supporting anarchy. Phil moved to live with Techno and Tommy, convinced from his unjust house arrest that L'Manberg was corrupt, and Techno continued breeding his Hound Army. Ranboo, who felt guilty for his service in the Butcher Army, helped the anarchists cure zombie villagers as well.

Techno and Tommy made several more missions into L'Manberg, retrieving Techno's weapons. They took Connor hostage, forcing the L'Manberg government to give back Techno's rocket launcher and his pickaxe, Technodrill. On their way back to their winter cabin, they were intercepted by Dream. Dream attempted to manipulate Tommy with his words, saying that Tommy had betrayed Dream by escaping his exile and hiding from him. Technoblade stopped Dream, stating that "he is with me." He explained that they were business partners and Tommy was under his protection, unless Dream wanted to call in his favor. Dream stated that he had something else planned for the favor, allowing them to leave. On their last mission together, Techno and Tommy withdrew three wither skulls and some soul sand to be used for leverage for Technoblade's sword, Orphan Obliterator, and possibly his trident or axe. The duo descended to meet Ranboo and Fundy and gave them an ultimatum: Techno summons the wither and attacks them, or he summons the wither, they return his gear, and Techno helps them kill the wither. Before they had a chance to decide, Techno summoned the wither. Ranboo rushed off to get the Axe of Peace and the Orphan Obliterator. After killing the wither, Fundy claimed the nether star, but Tommy and Techno quickly teamed up to terrorize him. In their interrogation, they discovered that a festival was happening tomorrow, and Tommy would have a chance to get his discs there.


Techno and Tommy began to head back when Techno, looking at his companion, realized that he truly considered Tommy to be a friend and not just a partner. Techno then told the truth to Tommy, revealing his true intentions to destroy L'Manberg, leaving a smoking crater that could never be rebuilt. Techno gave Tommy a choice: Tommy could either follow in Techno's footsteps, help destroy L'Manberg, and get Techno's help in retrieving the discs; or he could leave Techno's care and get the discs himself. Tommy chose to follow Techno, but was very uncertain about his choice.

Green Festival

During the Green Festival, Tommy and Techno went to L'Manberg to crash the festival. When they arrived in L'Manberg, Dream and the Butcher Army were found to be accusing Tommy of destroying the Community House. There was a confrontation between Tubbo and Tommy at the ruins of the Community House, which led to Tubbo giving Dream Mellohi. Techno came to protect Tommy, promising that they could escape and recoup their losses, and that he was willing to cover Tommy's escape. However, Tommy decided to go back to the government of L'Manberg and Tubbo, betraying Techno. Dream revealed his true motives to Tubbo, and invited Techno to work together to destroy L'Manberg. Techno questioned if this constituted the use of the Favor, but Dream denied this, insisting that Techno would destroy L'Manberg whether or not the favor was used. Techno agreed and Dream then escaped from the many people surrounding them, with the latter soon following. The two discussed how to destroy L'Manberg, with Technoblade showing Dream his Second Vault - although, he only showed Dream 18 wither skulls instead of the real amount, since he didn't fully trust Dream yet. The rest of the skulls were stored in his ender chest.

Doomsday War

A few hours before the battle, Technoblade, Philza, and Dream were preparing, gathering resources to craft fireworks, potions, and other supplies for the fight. They later traveled to un-sit Techno's dogs. As they went back up to the surface, the L'Manbergian Defense Force soon found the three and alerted the rest of the force. Tubbo shot Techno, and the first blood spilt would commence the battle. Techno acted as a diversion while Dream set up the TNT that would rain down upon L'Manberg. As the battle progressed, Techno gave a signal to Phil - a firework shot into the sky - and Phil spawned the first wither. Another soon followed as the citizens and warriors fell into panic. Using this to his advantage, Techno dealt heavy damage to everyone. While the withers descended, Techno realized that he had Ranboo's memory book. He, Phil, and Ranboo met in Phil's old property, where the anarchists gave Ranboo the book, and allowed him to run away and be safe from the destruction, since they had no grudge against him.

As the bombs began to fall, Techno and Tommy came to a short cease-fire. They screamed across the battlefield, each feeling as though the other betrayed them. Techno expressed how he felt as though Tommy only used him as a weapon, and never saw him as a friend. Tommy was still wearing the turtle helmet Techno gave for Christmas, and was holding the Axe of Peace Techno gave out of trust. Calling back to the Manberg Festival, Techno spoke of how Tommy and Wilbur never lifted a finger to protect either Techno or Tubbo and just watched, but at the Green Festival, Techno saw Tommy surrounded by everyone and was willing to fight the world to keep Tommy safe. As the nation crumbled, Niki burned L'Mantree, and Techno congratulated her on forging her own path. The war came to an end, and Jack Manifold attempted to duel him, but ended up at his demise.


After the nation fell and Techno's revenge was exacted, Techno and Phil returned home with the remainder of the dogs, talking about different farms and the life of anarchy. Dream chose not to speak with the anarchists afterward; their loose alliance ended with the desolation of L'Manberg and they went their separate ways. Remembering Ranboo, Techno and Phil agreed that they could give him shelter, but Techno wanted to keep his emotional distance after the last person he took in, Tommy, betrayed him.

Ranboo was given amnesty and a permit to build a small house near a mountain where Phil would build a kennel for the dogs, as they eventually needed to move out of Tommy and Ghostbur's unfinished house. As thanks to Techno for letting him stay, Ranboo remade the Axe of Peace, which Tommy had lost in the fighting. Techno tried to act aloof and indifferent towards the gift, trying to preserve his "tough" image, but he clearly was touched by this gesture and Ranboo's consideration.

Ranboo and Techno went on a journey to a woodland mansion. Techno brought along an elite task force from the Hound Army, dubbed the "Millionaire Dogs" as his donators had paid sums of money to give them specific names. Techno recovered two totems of undying from the journey.

Founding the Syndicate

After Ranboo revealed the location of a stronghold near Techno's base, Techno and Phil went on a small mission to explore it. The two wound up lost in the halls of the catacomb, but they eventually found each other and discovered a large room with 12 indestructible blocks forming a square (the portal room). The two did not know what to do with the portal blocks, so they decided to make a table out of it. They began building chairs and flattening out the room so that no one would fall into the pit of lava and die. They placed a sign behind the founder's chair that said: "Sic semper tyrannis." This would be the motto of the Syndicate, and it translates from Latin to English; "Thus always to tyrants." The two began to plan out other things for the room: pearl stasis chambers to teleport members into the room, water elevators for a quick exit, and converting the upstairs igloo basement into a secret entrance for the members of the Syndicate.

The day after founding the Syndicate, Techno began his quest to recruit specific candidates. He decided that Niki would be a good candidate, but before he could send her a message, she sent him one saying she knew he was looking for her and asking where he wanted to meet. She sent a message of coordinates that led to her work-in-progress underground library and storage. Techno said he was impressed with Niki's boldness and resilience toward government on Doomsday and questioned her on anarchy. She replied by saying that all she knew about anarchy was causing destruction, terrorism, and chaos. Techno told her that there was much more to anarchy than just those 3 words, though they were a large part of the anarchist ideology. He told her that the real core of anarchism is freedom of choice, to be free of leaders and do what you want. Techno then asked if she wanted to be an anarchist, to which Niki replied by saying that she needed time to figure out what she was going to do, as she wanted to focus on her personal goals first of killing Tommy and Dream for lying and destroying her life. Techno asked her how, but she refused to tell him and Techno left, wishing her luck.

Empowerment Arc

Meeting the Eggpire

CaptainPuffy, who was fighting against the Eggpire, began to consider speaking with Technoblade, as she had seen the trouble governments made between Eret's ineffectual kingship and the Eggpire's thirst for power. She received a secret message with the word "anarchy" and the coordinates to Techno's cabin, where she left "a note" (a literal note block) to indicate that she wanted to meet with him.

BadBoyHalo, leader of the Eggpire, also wanted to speak to Techno. Bad went to Techno's cabin and brought him to see the Egg. Techno brought Steve, his emotional support bear, and Ranboo secretly followed them. When they arrived, Techno could hear the Egg speak to him, but it was drowned out by his other voices. Bad tried to entice Techno with promises that the Egg could give him the power to topple any government, but Techno pointed out that he already had that power, and the "Eggpire" seemed like a government.

As they spoke, Puffy rushed to the Egg, where she was able to speak against the Eggpire. Bad discovered that Ranboo was spying on their conversation, and managed to trap Ranboo next to the Egg with the intent of brainwashing him; Techno quickly gave Ranboo his trident and an ender pearl, letting him escape. Now angered that Bad had threatened Techno's "associate," Techno and Puffy attacked Bad and suggested that he would blow up the Egg. Puffy and Techno officially named the group of people that Puffy has been leading against the Eggpire - "pro-omelette," before taking Ranboo and Steve back home to recover.

Expanding the Syndicate's influence

Niki arrived at Technoblade's cabin to talk to Techno and Phil about the Syndicate. Techno agreed to let her in, and tells her about the goals, motto, and only rule of the Syndicate. Ranboo also watches from outside, but Techno catches him. Techno, Phil and Niki ask Ranboo if he is interested in anarchy and joining the Syndicate. He also agrees, and the four companions go to the upgraded Syndicate headquarters in order to have their first meeting. In this meeting, they talk about the Eggpire, Tommy's death, and also the existence of another nation. They end the meeting, and head out to find out more about this country. The Syndicate arrives at Snowchester, and asks Tubbo about Snowchester, who stated that it was simply a colony. Tubbo then showed Techno, Phil, and Ranboo the crater from the nukes. They then visit the prison before finally returning home. Whilst returning home, Technoblade expressed that he believed Tubbo was acting suspicious, but elected to ignore it since Snowchester did not seem tyrannical, unlike the Eggpire or L'Manberg prior to its destruction.

Confronting the Egg

Some time after the first Syndicate meeting, Techno was approached by Quackity, who wished to form a temporary alliance against the Egg. As it was a threat to both of their worldviews, they were able to temporarily put aside their history of conflict and work together. The two of them, along with Purpled, broke into the Red Banquet, where Techno deployed the Hound Army. They were able to drive the members of the Eggpire out and rescue the attendees, gaining control of the Egg; afterward, Quackity privately spoke to Techno and Awesamdude to discuss future plans.

Birthday party

On June 1, Techno exited his cabin to find Philza, Niki, and Ranboo waiting outside to greet him. They set off a few fireworks, joked around and ate some cake. Philza decides to tell the members about Wilbur's revival which Technoblade took calmly. The four of them spoke about how Schlatt's return would be even worse and they brought up Ghostbur which caused Niki to freak out, but the others managed to calm her down. They then started to talk about the new risks of governments popping up.

Midway through the conversation, Techno spotted Quackity in the distance, and excused himself from the table to talk to him. Quackity encouraged Techno to visit Dream in prison, mentioning the favor. Techno agrees to visit in the future, and then asks Quackity if he is lying, stating that he would hate to be lied to on his birthday. Quackity promises that he is telling the truth, and the two part ways.

Techno goes back to the table to continue the celebration. Niki bakes him a pumpkin pie and together they throw shade at Wilbur. The rest then join them and they all have a fun time despite the tension in the air.

Trapped in Prison

On June 6, Techno planned to visit Dream, telling Philza before leaving. Phil was not in support of the idea, saying that 50% of the people who visit the prison die. Before the departure, Technoblade handed Phil his will, which further increased Phil's doubt. But once he knew he couldn't change Technoblade's mind, he relented. Technoblade arrived at the prison and followed the usual entrance procedures. As he was on the platform towards Dream's cell, Dream panicked and told Techno that Quackity and Sam were working together in order to trap Techno in the prison with Dream. However, it was already too late. Sam told Technoblade that he could do with a "nice, long stay" for being the most likely person to rescue Dream and let down the lava flow, trapping Techno inside. Dream was extremely frustrated because the only person who could help him get out of the prison was now trapped in with him. However, Techno stayed calm and said he believed his friends would be willing to help him escape. He also tasked Dream with getting a book and quill and writing everything he knew about the prison. Dream was confused about Technoblade's upbeat attitude but did as he was told.

The Visitor

On September 14, Techno and Dream were visited in the prison by Quackity. Quackity told Dream that he needed the Revival Book and began to threaten him. He said that if Dream did not give him the book, he would kill Techno. However, Techno pointed out that Dream could just bring him back to life if he did so. He also indirectly voiced opposition towards Las Nevadas by claiming to oppose "whatever empire" Quackity had established. Quackity then threatened to kill the both of them, and told Techno to tell Dream to give up the book or else he would die. Techno did tell Dream to do so, but while shaking his head no. Quackity then gave up and decided to kill Techno, using a diamond pickaxe to remind Techno of how he had killed him before. However, while trying to do this, Techno was teleported to The Syndicate's meeting room by Philza. Techno was glad to have escaped, but annoyed because he had told Phil to teleport him after three days, not three months. Techno promised that he would break Dream out of prison and destroy it block by block. He then recovered his items and went to coordinates given to him by Dream, which led to the mountain where they had first met. He dug into the ground and discovered a chest full of blueprints.

Legacy Arc


See also: Dream's Escape Battle

The day before Techno planned to break Dream out of Pandora's Vault, Techno witnessed Ranboo's arrest and subsequent imprisonment by Sam, and so on November 28, 2021, Technoblade called a Syndicate meeting to break both Dream and Ranboo out of Pandora's Vault. After assigning each Syndicate member a role in the operation, Techno, Phil, and Niki reviewed blueprints of Pandora's Vault that Techno had obtained, before making their final preparations and leaving for Pandora's Vault.

He made his way to the south side of the prison. A quick strip mine led him to the only exposed part of the prison, which was so deep underground it didn't need to be protected any more than its hundreds of gallons of lava. Navigating under, and through, Techno and Apollo (his new dog), swam with fire resistance through the prison's lava lakes until he found Dream's cell. Dream, in a moment or utter shock, had the brilliant idea to ask how Techno got in. Their chat was short-lived - Techno quickly came upon the conclusion that TNTing his way through was their only option and promptly blasted a hole in the wall, setting off the prison alarms in the process. The said alarms alerted the guards, and the duo made a run for it- and inevitably, unluckily ran into Sam and BadBoyHalo, who didn't really run into them - they were just hot on Dream's and Techno's heels and gaining. The four of them then more or less consecutively ender pearled through a lava tunnel; an epically short high school fight occurred in another room in which Bad got murdered brutally several times over and Apollo got demolished, thereby unfortunately not making it out for Techno to announce casually that he strolled in, took his dog for a walk, dragged Dream on the way out (probably, somewhere in there), and went back to sleep.

Sam made it back to the Guard's prison room for whatever reason, and Techno used milk and TNT to announce his way through the prison. To everyone's surprise, ConnorEatsPants was in one of the cells on the way to Ranboo's; no one was even aware that Connor had been missing. Apparently Connor was brought into jail because of "stolen valor", which apparently is presenting a fake military id at Chick-Fil-A. Techno made the brilliant executive decision to bring Connor with them and stole Ranboo out as well. The four of them swam back through the lava and left through the hole Techno used to get in. Sam chased the four of them all the way out of Pandora's Vault.

The second battle began when Techno, Dream, Connor and Ranboo left the prison and were ambushed by Eryn, Sapnap, Tommy, Punz, Michael and Jack. Everyone targeted Dream, but Sam tried a new tactic: taking Ranboo hostage. He was hoping to use Ranboo as leverage against Technoblade to get Dream to come back, but only the former cared what happened to him.

Sam ended up taking Ranboo's last canon life as a result.

Out of hatred, anger, and grief, Techno attacked Sam and Bad, screaming at them in disbelief. Niki summoned a couple of withers from far behind, confusing and distracting the others. As Niki tried to set off another Wither, she was ambushed by Sapnap, who managed to get her pickaxe, and she was forced to flee the battlefield. Phil joined up with the others and helped them to escape. Eryn pursued the escapees closely but eventually allowed Niki to escape in the Nether despite having an opportunity to stop her. He also later refused to disclose to his allies which route Dream, Techno and Phil took to escape, allowing the escapees to return to their base unmolested. Techno left not long after with a taste for revenge.

Searching for Sam

On January 29, 2022, Techno, Tubbo, and Eret headed to Sam's home to try and find the location of MICHAEL. Techno goes to meet Tubbo, finding the latter has lost most of his items. They then go to visit Eret, believing they had MICHAEL's whereabouts. While Eret didn't know where MICHAEL was, they knew Sam had his hand in MICHAEL's current location. The three of them then set off to find Sam. Techno and Tubbo make up, due to a stray remark that Tubbo had been killed by Techno. He has since apologized and Tubbo forgiven him.

They manage to find the MICHAEL and Sam. After realizing everything that Sam has done, they decide to put him in his own creation. After doing so, Eret volunteered to stay behind to switch the portals so Tubbo and Techno could go, since they had a stasis pearl. Techno joked that they'd leave Eret in the prison, but the two of them activated Eret's pearl after they left.

The trio set out to retrieve MICHAEL from Sam's house. They retrieve MICHAEL, dubbing themselves the Revengers, and head to Ranboo's house since Tubbo's had been ransacked. They then discover Boo waiting for them. Techno was confused by Boo's vague comments about being dead, but did not pry. After helping put MICHAEL away in Boo's home, Techno declared the three of them best friends. Eret and Tubbo agreed, the former calling their group "Based." The three head their separate ways, agreeing to remain friends.

Sellout timer

Technoblade ringing the Channel Member Bell with Dream.

Technoblade sets a timer to periodically remind himself to promote his channel. He uses his iPhone to set an alarm for thirty minutes and he uses the radar sound effect from the clock app. After this timer goes off, he alerts the stream and finds the nearest bell to ring, dubbing it the "Channel Member Bell", and urges people to subscribe and become a channel member. This finding of a bell sometimes results in theft, uncanonical murder, or the desecration of Church Prime. His cabin in the tundra has a standard bell in the attic that he uses when he is at home, and a bell was placed in his prison cell by Dream XD.


Personal items
Name Notes
Enchanted Netherite Axe.gif Axe of Peace Sharpness V, Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Mending

Causes memory loss. Was seized by Tubbo during Techno's execution. Ranboo returned it to Techno, who then allowed Tommy to use it because he was worthy. Tommy kept it during the second Festival after betraying Techno. During the chaos of the Doomsday War, Sapnap picked up the Axe of Peace from one of Tommy's deaths, and intended to use it as leverage or bargaining on a later date, and didn't care if he dangled it above Tommy's or Techno's heads. Ranboo has recently made Technoblade a new axe as a replacement for the Axe of Peace as gratitude to Techno for letting him stay. The original axe was in Sapnap's possession at the time. The axe was temporarily placed in Dream's collection, but was quickly retrieved after a large force of Tommy's allies arrived to save him. Tommy possessed the Axe of Peace, but due to his imprisonment and death in the prison, it was in the prison visitor locker room until Tommy's resurrection and release.

Tommy stored the axe in a buried chest in the area where he was exiled, until Dream escaped prison, then Tommy travelled to the area to get it, only to be confronted by Dream who had already taken the axe. Later in Snowchester Dream returned the axe to Technoblade.

Enchanted Netherite Axe.gif Ranboo’s Axe Sharpness V, Fortune III, Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Mending

Gifted to Technoblade by Ranboo as a gift for letting him move into the Arctic, it was made as a replacement for the Axe of Peace, and was made to be a replica, aside from the addition of fortune III, which Ranboo assumed was destroyed during the destruction of L’Manburg. After Ranboo's death, Techno states this axe is more important to him than the Axe of Peace.

While trying to find Michael, Tubbo was temporarily given the axe, before returning it to Technoblade after they found Michael and imprisoned Sam.

Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif Orphan Obliterator Sharpness V, Sweeping Edge III, Fire Aspect II, Looting III, Unbreaking III, Mending

Named by a Twitter poll,[7] it is used to obliterate orphans. It is his main weapon, as he realized that the extra 1 point of damage from the axe is negligible against the 60% faster attack speed. It was seized by Tubbo during Techno's execution. Ranboo later returned it to Technoblade alongside the Axe of Peace. Techno retrieved it after escaping from pandora's vault

Enchanted Crossbow.gif Rocket Launcher (formerly named Subscribe to Technoblade) Quick Charge III, Unbreaking III, Multishot, Mending

Used in the Manberg Massacre, Manberg vs Pogtopia War, and Doomsday War. As the name suggests, it is usually loaded with rockets instead of traditional arrows.

It was seized by Tubbo during Techno's execution, but later returned during a hostage exchange.

Enchanted Trident Item.gif Trident Mending, Riptide III, Unbreaking III

As the first trident on the server, it was used primarily for travel.

It was also seized by Tubbo during Techno's execution. Tubbo kept the trident for movement quality of life, but used it very poorly. During the Hostage Exchange, Tubbo lied to Techno that he gave the trident to Fundy and actually kept the trident in his ender chest, unwilling to give it up. Although, he later picked up an identical trident during the destruction of L’Manburg, this trident was actually Ponk’s, as Tubbo had stored Technoblade’s trident in his ender chest before the battle. Tubbo used this trident throughout the creation of Snowchester until he lost it to Ghostbur. It is unknown what happened to the trident after Ghostbur picked it up.

Enchanted Netherite Pickaxe.gif Technodrill Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Mending, Silk Touch

Named by chat in his preparing for war stream.

It was seized by Tubbo during Techno's execution, but later returned during a hostage exchange.

Enchanted Netherite Helmet Item.gif Technoblade's Helmet Aqua Affinity, Protection IV, Respiration III, Unbreaking III, Thorns III, Mending

During Technoblade's execution, Tubbo had seized the armor and gave it to Ranboo. After the event, Ranboo visited Techno and Tommy and returned the set to Techno.

Enchanted Netherite Chestplate Item.gif Technoblade's Chestplate Protection IV, Thorns III, Unbreaking III, Mending

During Technoblade's execution, Tubbo had seized the armor and gave it to Ranboo. After the event, Ranboo visited Techno and Tommy and returned the set to Techno.

Enchanted Netherite Leggings Item.gif Technoblade's Pants Protection IV, Unbreaking III, Thorns III, Mending

During Technoblade's execution, Tubbo had seized the armor and gave it to Ranboo. After the event, Ranboo visited Techno and Tommy and returned the set to Techno.

Enchanted Netherite Boots Item.gif Technoblade's Boots Depth Strider III, Feather Falling IV, Protection IV, Unbreaking III, Mending, Soul Speed III

Too expensive to enchant with thorns despite Techno having 106 levels.

During Technoblade's execution, Tubbo had seized the armor and gave it to Ranboo. After the event, Ranboo visited Techno and Tommy and returned the set to Techno.

Bedrock.png Only Peace Of Bedrock! Obtained from Drista on December 14, 2020, after she dropped two pieces of bedrock in creative mode. The other block of bedrock is currently held by Tommy. The name of this item was presumably supposed to be "Only Piece Of Bedrock!"; however, in a panic, Tubbo spelled it "peace." It is currently stored in Techno's ender chest.
End Rod.png End Rod Given by Drista on December 14, 2020, using creative mode. It is currently stored in Techno's ender chest.
Book and Quill.png Techno's Notebook Technoblade's notebook (formerly Eret's journal) where he plans with a list of items that he wishes to complete for the day. It currently has 100 pages, but only the first three pages have been revealed. The notebook remains outdated, as Techno has not used it since Doomsday.
Enchanted Netherite Pickaxe.gif Toothpick Efficiency IV, Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Mending

Obtained from a chest in the Final Control Room after Technoblade's execution.

Named as such in reference to the Technoblade vs Quackity duel, where Techno said he would put it through Quackity's teeth.

Shield.png Technoshield This shield was originally crafted by Philza with the purpose of giving it to Technoblade. The shield flies the banner of the Antarctic Empire, a nation that existed in SMP Earth.[8] Tommy renamed the shield to "Big Man Shield" after disliking the name "Technoshield."

Its current location is unknown, as Tommy died somewhere with the shield.

Pigstep.png Pigstep Given to Technoblade by Tommy as a Christmas gift. Tommy considers this the most dangerous weapon on the server since it can cause streamers and YouTubers to gain copyright strikes. However, Techno has pointed out that it is ineffective against Dream because he doesn't stream.
Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe.gif Diamantspitzhacke Efficiency V, Fortune III, Mending, Unbreaking III

Originally belonging to Tubbo, this pickaxe currently resides in a hidden barrel in Techno's house. The name is the German word for "diamond pickaxe."


Name Status Residence Notes
Spots Alive Unknown One of Tubbo and Techno's horses. Tubbo primarily rides Spots.
Percy Alive Unknown The second of Tubbo and Techno's horses.
Grey horse.png Andrew Alive Techno's old stable Formerly Technoblade's fastest horse. Andrew was his main horse because of his speed, but after Carl was tamed, he became Technoblade's main horse for use. Andrew wears golden horse armor.
Brown Horse Diamond Armor.png Carl Alive Technoblade's cabin Techno's prized horse. It is implied that he only cares about Carl for the money since several of his frequent donators (Fossilnet being the most significant, and also the reason for Carl's name in the first place) have said that they will stop donating if Carl dies.

Following a series of attempts on Carl's life, Techno hid him away for protection. After a period of relative stability, however, he has moved Carl back to the stables in front of his cabin.

Skeleton with Jack o% 27Lantern.png Moon Alive Technoblade's cabin A skeleton wearing a Jack 'o' Lantern that Techno captured during his "spooky stream." It was moved by Techno and Philza to his cabin on December 3. Techno doesn't seem to care much about Moon since it's "annoying," and even originally named it "Fool" in a pure moment of impulse after it walked into the corner it was originally trapped in. It was later renamed on December 9 due to a donation from a user by the name of "DJ Moon."
Zombified Piglin with Jack o'Lantern.png Hubert Alive Technoblade's cabin A Zombie Piglin wearing a Jack 'o' Lantern that Techno captured during his "spooky stream," intended to be used as a butler. He was moved by Techno and Philza to the cabin on December 3. Techno is very attached to Hubert.
Wither.png Subscribe to Technoblade Deceased Unknown Subscribe to Technoblade was one of two Withers spawned to destroy Manberg and kill its residences during the Manberg vs Pogtopia war by Technoblade. This Wither was name tagged "Subscribe to Technoblade" for the purpose of being propaganda for Technoblade's YouTube channel, as the name is visible in all points of view. Subscribe to Technoblade went off with a bang due to a firework fired from Rocket Launcher by Technoblade on November 16, 2020.
Cow.png Bob Alive Technoblade's cabin Techno's only surviving cow after Fundy killed all his cows in the cow farm. It was moved by Techno and Philza to the cabin on December 3.
Enderman with Block.png Edward Alive (Reincarnated) Technoblade's cabin An Enderman holding a grass block that teleported to his base, named by Techno after chat told him to. Philza came up with the name "Edward." Ghostbur introduced Edward to Dream with the line "This is Edward, he vibrates." On January 14, 2021, he was mauled and killed by the Millionaire Hounds after Techno got too close to Edward while he was aggravated.

Upon breaking out of prison on September 14, 2021, An Enderman was stood in Technoblade's cabin, Who upon Technoblade's request walked into a boat to confirm it was Edward, Revived. The name tag used was named by Philza as Techno has no levels.

BetterTurtle.png Toby Unknown Technoblade's turtle farm The first turtle to hatch in Technoblade's turtle farm. On January 19, Technoblade checked on the Turtle Farm. He hovered over a turtle that he thought was Toby, but the turtle did not have a name. It is currently unknown whether Toby is missing or deceased.
Hounds.png Hound Army Alive (several casualties) Technoblade's cabin See Hound Army
Polar Bear.png Steve, Baba, and Ed Alive Technoblade's cabin Several polar bears that usually are around Technoblade's cabin. Steve is the most important one, as Technoblade calls him his emotional support bear. Technoblade says that Steve is the only one of the bears he cares about. Steve is actually a murderer, as he killed an unnamed baby fox.
Snow fox.png Blitz, Ryan, and Aura Alive Technoblade's cabin White foxes that were gifted by CaptainPuffy. Blitz is the only fox that trusts Techno. Blitz currently wields a diamond sword in its mouth.
Apollo Deceased Pandora's Vault A tamed wolf that appeared in the maximum security cell of Pandora's Vault. The owner is unknown.

Prior to Quackity entering the vault, Sam asked for Quackity to kill the dog, and Techno asked Dream to name the dog. However, Quackity refused to kill the dog, and Dream didn't provide a name for the dog. Upon arriving in the cell, Quackity was asked to name the dog, and Quackity named it Rat.[9][10]

After Techno escaped Pandora's Vault and Quackity left, Awesamdude searched for Dream in the prison and killed Rat shortly after entering the maximum security cell.[11]


Name Status Notes
Orphan Alive Orphan is a Cleric villager as their job.
Star Alive
Jonathan Swift Alive Was formerly named "Child Eater" because they ate a baby villager when they were a zombie. Is an armorsmith.
Connor Alive


Relationships with members
Name Notes
RelationshipExtremelyNegative LargePixelArt.png Very negative
As an authority figure and warden of the prison, Techno already disliked Sam, but after Sam trapped him in the prison his dislike grew much further though he remained calm about it. He currently seems to be planning to take him down and get out. When Techno broke Dream, Ranboo, and Connor out of the prison, Sam killed Ranboo after showing him a picture of Michael. Techno attempted to kill Sam but was unsuccessful as many people were attacking him, forcing him to retreat with Dream and Phillza. Techno avenged Ranboo's death by placing Sam in his own creation, Pandora's Vault.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Puffy used to recognize him as a chaotic member. One a knight should stand against at all costs. However, after the events of the blood vines and the formation of the Eggpire, she began to see Techno's point of view and saw that power corrupted. She wrote in her captain's log that it was time for anarchy and that she planned to ally with Technoblade. She also defended Techno and Ranboo against Bad when he tried to lure them to the Egg, and took Techno's advice on marketing the anti-Egg side as "pro-omelette." Both Puffy and Techno are in the same stance against the Eggpire.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
During their first interaction, Connor explained his distaste of government to Techno. The two negotiated a deal where Technoblade was to sponsor the creation of Little Penis Land in return for the freedom to do whatever he wants within the territory. At the time, they had a working business relationship and could be considered allies.

After Technoblade and Tommy took Connor hostage and tortured him to force L'Manberg to give Techno his items back, their relationship is no longer on positive terms. Connor was distressed throughout the entire hostage situation, calling his captors "pieces of shit" and insulting them.

During the prison break, Techno unexpectedly found Connor, and decided to help him break out. Following this, Connor grieved for Ranboo with the Syndicate, and showed a willingness to join the group. Techno had no problems with Connor building a house around his cabin, and the two seem to be on good terms.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Technoblade and Dream have a friendly rivalry. Technoblade fought alongside Dream in the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower while they assisted Pogtopia's efforts. During the final battle, Technoblade did not agree with reinstating the government, so they both created a mini group called "Team Chaos" and spawned Withers that destroyed L'Manberg.

Later, Technoblade and Dream met up on top of a mountain for Dream to give the former a woodland mansion map to get Totems of Undying.

Additionally, Dream assisted Technoblade via Punz's distraction in his escape after the execution. Dream personally rescued Techno's horse, Carl, removing the Butcher Army's leverage over him.

However, Dream figured out that Technoblade was working with Tommy and was lying to him about not knowing where Tommy was. Dream has reminded that Technoblade owes him after saving him at his public execution, implying that Dream has a mutual understanding with him.

Techno once again teamed with Dream for the Doomsday War, working together with Philza to destroy L'Manberg again. After becoming trapped in prison with Dream, he and Techno bonded, and Techno considers them close friends, and worked together to try and break out of prison. Over the three months they spent together in prison they became friends. After Techno escaped via stasis pearl he left Dream behind but followed the coordinates Dream gave him to the place they first met and found the chest he had hidden there.

On November 28. 2021, Techno repaid the favour and broke Dream out of prison. However, the two continuously disagreed on what actions to take during the breakout, with Dream prioritizing his own safety over recuing Ranboo, greatly frustrating Techno.

Despite the two parting ways on even terms, there was some uneasiness between them after the breakout. Techno refused to let Dream keep the armor he gave him during the breakout, demanding he return it while he and Phil surrounded Dream and only let him keep the sword and shield. While Dream stated he owed Techno for helping him when he left the cabin, during the confrontation under Snowchester he said the opposite, that he didn't owe Techno anything and returned the Axe of Peace to demonstrate that. There was noticeable tension between the two, likely due to Dream abandoning Ranboo after escaping the prison.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Opposed Technoblade is against the Egg due to him considering it a government and a threat. He also clears blood vines with a hoe. He plans on destroying the Eggpire and the Egg. The voices in his head seem to provide some amount of immunity by drowning out the Egg. He helps Puffy start 'Pro-Omelette' and is working with her or is at least allied. He dislikes the Egg and the Eggpire enough that he is willing to side with Quackity to attack them at the Red Banquet.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
After helping save MICHAEL and putting Sam in prison, the two are on good terms with one another.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Ghostbur and Technoblade hold a friendly relationship with each other. Since Ghostbur only remembers the good memories of Technoblade, he thinks of him fondly. Technoblade also reciprocates the feelings, accepting Ghostbur's blue, and being polite towards him.

While the Butcher Army was en route to attack Technoblade, he still took Ghostbur into his home to shelter him from the rain despite being busy trying to prepare himself. Ghostbur helped Techno by stalling the army, giving him more time to prepare.

Techno also refused to throw out the Blue that was offered to him by Ghostbur when he had a full inventory.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
After meeting for the first time, the two players got along very well and developed a friendship. Lazar and Vikkstar explained that they were anti-government due to their age, putting them on the same side. Technoblade trusted LazarBeam, giving him and Vikk a house tour. Techno also gifted Lazar two blocks of TNT, one of which Lazar used to prank Tommy.[12]
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Techno and Niki were on the same side during the revolution against Manberg, and they fought together during the Battle of the Lake.

Niki had a great attachment to L'Manberg, and Techno's hatred of government was believed to be straining towards their relationship.

During the Doomsday War, Dream asked Techno to burn down the L'Mantree, but Techno didn't know what the L'Mantree was. Niki had already burned town the L'Mantree, believing that L'Manberg no longer followed the ideals and values it was built upon, and that there was nothing left to fight for. Techno, after being told that L'Mantree was L'Manberg's symbol of hope, was impressed by her actions and even congratulated her on her task.

Techno tried to invite Niki to the Syndicate, however Niki was unsure if she could become a full-fledged anarchist as she has yet to assassinate Tommy and Dream. She did seem tempted by the offer, which would likely mean that she would join the Syndicate once she completed her assassinations.

This was proved to be true after she approached him, wanting to join the Syndicate which he allows her to. The two of them are now both members and have gained each other's trust.

Despite Niki's personal hatred of Dream, she was willing t help Techno and Philza break him out of jail to help Techno cash in his favor.

Relationship BestFriend LargePixelArt.png Best friend
Techno and Phil get along very well due to their long history and friendship. Techno views Phil as his best friend and trusts him with the location of his cabin. He is very caring and protective towards Phil, panicking whenever a baby zombie appears despite Phil's ability to handle mobs himself. To appease Phil, Techno admitted that he was "going into retirement," and "giving up on [his] violent ways." Techno initially did not want to reveal his second vault to Phil, believing that he would not be happy with "that side of [him]."

Due to the events of Technoblade's execution, Phil joined Techno in fighting for anarchy. When Phil was put under house arrest, Techno was visibly angered and launched a successful rescue operation. Following the rescue and the reveal of his return to violent ways, Techno revealed his second vault to Phil. To date, Phil is one of the only three people that Techno has revealed the second vault too.

Techno has been shown to care greatly for Phil's safety. Before the Doomsday War, Techno asked Phil to remain at their cabin, fearing that he may die permanently in the battle. When Phil insisted on coming along, Techno supplied him with his only remaining totem of undying, ensuring Phil's safety and improving their relationship even further.

The two formed the Syndicate together to stand against tyranny, and have only strengthened their bond following Doomsday.

Relationship SwornEnemy LargePixelArt.png Sworn enemy
On December 16, Quackity, Tubbo, Fundy, and Ranboo teamed up to go kill Technoblade as the Butcher Army. However, their plan failed and Technoblade was able to flee to the Final Control Room, where Quackity confronted him. The two had a duel, resulting in Quackity being killed by Technoblade and losing one of his lives.

Recently, Quackity and Technoblade formed a temporary truce in order to end the Egg and Eggpire at the Red Banquet. They currently are working together to achieve this mutual goal, but still consider each other to be enemies outside of opposing the Egg.

On June 1, Techno's birthday, Quackity showed up at Techno’s home, the two interacted positively towards each other, with Quackity stating multiple times throughout the conversation that they have put their differences behind them. Quackity, however, was lying as Techno suspected and he and Sam trapped Techno in the prison, putting them back on negative terms.

Technoblade seems to be more wary, perhaps even somewhat fearful of Quackity after his experience in the prison. He was somewhat nervous about hiding the bell and toilet tunnel from Quackity and Sam, thinking up ideas to keep them from noticing. During Quackity's visit, Techno continuously attempted to dissuade and negotiate with him to keep both himself and Dream from being killed, and was noticably off-put by Quackity's viscious demeanor and forcefulness. He appeared to be genuinely afraid when Quackity showed his pickaxe and shouted the same words he himself spoke during their duel, and expressed to Philza both his relief at getting out, and his concerns that Quackity was about to kill him.

Following the jailbreak, Techno's view of Quackity's new intensity has likely escelated further due to his partnership with Sam.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Ranboo was part of the Butcher Army during Technoblade's execution. However, after the event, he claimed that he did not intend for such a violent encounter and condemned the actions of the Butcher Army. He returned Techno's armor and helped Techno mine for netherite. While mining, the two bonding over a shared annoyance with Tommy and an inability to handle peer pressure. They also bonded over their shared experience of being pressured to take a side in a conflict. After the conversation, Techno had managed to sway Ranboo's perception of L'Manberg.

However, Technoblade verbally expressed he had no reluctance in robbing Ranboo's house during a heist in L'Manberg and attempted to murder Ranboo multiple times, implying he might have still held some hostility towards Ranboo. It was clear Techno did not trust Ranboo despite his friendly relationship with Techno and Phil. Despite this, Ranboo was still allowed to be around his cabin.

During the Doomsday War, Techno returned Ranboo's memory book and allowed Ranboo to go, stating that he did not have anything against him. When Phil remembered that Ranboo was without a home, he asked Techno if Ranboo could move in. Techno said that he could live with the dogs, and that he wanted to keep his distance since he didn't want Ranboo to betray him as Tommy did.

Ranboo found out that Techno lost his axe and decided to remake it as a thank-you gift for letting him stay. Techno claimed that him accepting the gift didn't mean they were friends, but it's implied that he was incredibly grateful, and the gift was heartwarming to him. He then joined Ranboo on his adventure to a woodland mansion. They got along very well and spent most of the time together talking as they went to and from the mansion.

While discussing the Syndicate, Techno has mentioned multiple times that he still does not completely trust Ranboo and is very suspicious of him. Still, Techno invited Ranboo to explore an ocean monument with him, which he accepted. Techno's opinions of Ranboo changed when Ranboo revealed that his enderman half allows him to pick up blocks with his hands, almost as if his hands have silk touch. Techno said that Ranboo was the main character and that he was his sensei. He was even more impressed when Ranboo broke a spawner without destroying it. This made Techno very excited, as no one else can pick up spawners, even with silk touch tools. At the moment, he even said that Ranboo was his best friend. The two went to another mansion and once again had a fun trip full of banter together. Techno and Ranboo also bonded over hating the Egg. They talked to BadBoyHalo together, and Techno wanted Ranboo safe, even making sure it was the most important thing to him.

After Ranboo was trapped in the prison, Techno was adamant about breaking him out. When Sam threatened to kill Ranboo, Techno was audibly distressed, desperately trying to talk Sam out of it, shouting that he cared about Ranboo. After Ranboo's death, Techno did what he could to carry out Ranboo's last wishes and planned to kill Sam in revenge.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
While Techno did trick Skeppy into saving Carl for him, the two laughed it off and went on to troll BadBoyHalo. After being corrupted by the Egg, Skeppy stated that Techno was his best friend, although Technoblade was unaware of the statement.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Tommy convinced Wilbur to allow Techno to join the revolution and initially trusted him, having a very high opinion of his talent on the battlefield and his apt for preparations. Despite Techno's deadpan nature, he supported a surprising amount of Tommy's stupid stunts, even helping him set up the Intimidation Tower while dissing.

When Techno aligned himself with Wilbur's goals for destruction, Tommy was forced to reconsider his idolization of him, and after he killed Tubbo in the festival, Tommy started holding a firmly negative opinion of Techno. The two had a fist fight to settle the conflict, but Tommy still held a grudge over the events. Despite this, the two continued to work alongside one another, having been allies in both the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower and the Final Pet War.

However, on the day of the Manberg vs Pogtopia war, Techno revealed his true stance by killing the new president, Tubbo, and destroying the remains of L'Manberg with withers. Tommy was infuriated, calling Techno a traitor. However, Technoblade denied the accusations, stating that he had exhibited his anarchist ways long before the war. After the events of the war, partial amends were made with Technoblade, but these did not diffuse the tension between the two. Tommy blamed Techno more for the destruction of L'Manberg than Wilbur. Post-exile, Technoblade visited Tommy, mocking him and drawing parallels between Tommy and Theseus.

After Tommy's escape from Logstedshire, he secretly moved in under Techno's cabin. Techno quickly found out, and he decided that he was willing to form an alliance with Tommy so they could achieve their goals. Upon forming their alliance, Techno revealed his second bunker to Tommy and provided him resources. While the two still had tension, they worked together to gain strength. When Dream confronted Tommy and planned to take him, Techno stopped him, stating that Tommy was his mutual partner and forcing Dream to let him go.

During "The Decision," Technoblade expressed that Tommy could be useful, and perhaps even a friend. However, he also made it clear that such friendship was conditional on Tommy staying allied with Technoblade and his ideals. Unfortunately, Tommy was unable to believe in Techno's ideals, leading to his betrayal during the confrontation at the Community House by siding with L'Manberg. Techno asked Tommy to return the Axe of Peace, stating that he was not worthy, but Tommy refused.

Their relationship is still incredibly complicated, with both of them feeling betrayed by one another. This was demonstrated during a heated exchange on Doomsday in which both of them vented out their anger, spurred on by betrayal. It seems evident that both Tommy and Techno saw each other as friends rather than purely business partners towards the end, thus making Tommy's betrayal all the more bitter.

After finding out that Tommy had died Techno does not fully believe and claims that he's glad he's dead due to his betrayal.

When writing his will Technoblade wrote for Phil to tell Tommy he hopes he finds what he’s looking for, this hints that Technoblade’s look on Tommy has changed and is more neutral than anything. This was further implied by his conversations with Tubbo during the revenge quest to save Michael, where Techno acknowledged that he was somewhat of a menace during the wars. He also gave Ranboo's gift axe to Tubbo to use during the fight, symbolizing that he was over Tommy keeping the Axe of Peace.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Tubbo and Techno were both formerly Pogtopian, but Technoblade and Tubbo seldom interacted. During the festival, Techno killed Tubbo on orders of Schlatt despite Tubbo's belief that Techno was on their side; however, Tubbo quickly forgave him for this, as he understood Techno's motives.

Techno considers those who wish to establish a government as enemies. When Tubbo declared himself the president of L'Manberg, this negatively affected their relationship. Techno's relation with Tubbo was further strained after Tubbo and the Butcher Army hunted him, and after Techno destroyed L'Manberg.

After the war, Tubbo founded the community of Snowchester, an isolationist militaristic colony with no centralized government. Though Techno approved of this change in lifestyle, their long history and Tubbo's possession of nuclear weapons continue to strain their relationship.

After the events of the prison break-in to rescue Ranboo, Techno went to seek out Tubbo after being given a picture of him, Ranboo, and Michael. The two agreed to team up to rescue Michael, who had, from their perspectives, gone missing, and appear to be putting their differences aside as such. They agreed that L'manburg was in the past and only seem to be slightly cautious around eachother.

After saving Michael, the two reconciled with each other after Techno apologized for killing him at the Festival. Techno pledged to Tubbo that he had both his and Phil's support should anything happen.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Techno spoke with Vikk and Lazar during a stream, and Vikk agreed with most of the things Technoblade said. Techno also trusted them and showed Vikk and Lazar his base.[12]
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Techno aligned himself with Wilbur's goals to destroy Manberg from the start. As Wilbur's mental state deteriorated, Techno's willingness to help Wilbur grew. In the end, it was discovered that both Wilbur and Techno had plans to destroy L'Manberg. They both accomplished their goals, and Techno helped deepen the crater created by Wilbur. Technoblade called the two of them "anarchy bros."

Despite them getting along well due to shared goals, Techno did state after Phil told him about Wilbur's resurrection attempts that Wilbur is "kind of evil" and very unstable. Wilbur realized this and apologized to Techno for using him as a weapon.

Relations with factions
Name Status Notes
Dreamskin.png Dream SMP
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Because of Techno's relationship with Dream, it can be said that relations between him and the Dream SMP are positive. Dream SMP citizens have assisted Techno multiple times. However, this positive relationship is somewhat canceled out by his heavy dislike for governments, which the Dream SMP happens to have.
L'Manberg.png L'Manberg (past)
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
While Technoblade was an ally of the Pogtopian effort, Techno remained an anarchist, eventually breaking away from the country at the end of the Manberg vs Pogtopia War to destroy L'Manberg. After destroying the country, the Tubbo Administration formed the Butcher Army to hunt Technoblade. In revenge, Techno attacked the rebuilt country with Dream during the Doomsday War, utterly destroying it and creating a massive crater where it once stood. Given that L'Manberg's destruction dissolved the faction, their relationship ended very negatively.
Badlands flag 2.png Badlands
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
The Badlands' goal is to induce and maintain chaos, matching Technoblade's goals. At the end of the Manberg vs Pogtopia war, they formed an alliance with Technoblade and the Dream SMP dubbed Team Chaos. However, the Badlands has a totalitarian ideal, with them only wanting to spark the flames of war to assert total dominion over the entire Dream SMP. Techno does not stand for this, as his ideals are to maintain peace without any governing class. He also does not approve of the Badlands' plan to gain power by creating the Eggpire, as it "sounds like a government" to him.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
While Boomerville is a neutral retirement home, Vikkstar and LazarBeam get along with Technoblade quite well due to them being YouTube streamers. Boomerville has also assured that they are anti-government, allowing Techno to trust them with the location of his cabin.
Eggpire.v2.png Eggpire
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Techno calls the vines that spread around the server "weeds," and has no problem destroying them to clear his path. When BadBoyHalo brought him to see the Egg, Techno heard it in his head, but could not hear anything distinct due to the other voices in his head drowning it out. He was unimpressed by the promises that the Egg could help him achieve his goals, as he's been fine achieving them by himself already. When Bad switched tactics and trapped Ranboo with the Egg, Techno became actively hostile, attacking Bad and making threats to blow up the Egg.

The Egg's first whispers to Techno, when reversed, were "You're familiar, do I know you?" This implies that Sir Billiam III shares some canonical ties to Techno, possibly by lineage.

Techno views the Egg as against anarchy and is willing to team up with Quackity to attack it and the Eggpire at the Red Banquet.


  • "Technoblade never dies!" | "Blood for the Blood God!" | "bruuuuhhhhhhh" - Some of Technoblade's well-known catchphrases
  • "Tommy, the thing is, you're using words... but the thing about this world, Tommy, is that the only universal language is violence, and we've had that conversation. We've spoken that language in the pit. It's over, Tommy. Onto a new day, a new plot... to destroy Manberg." - Technoblade as he leaves Pogtopia[13]
  • "I just want to abolish the government. I want to leave a smoking crater from which not only [L'Manberg] will never recover, but from which no new country can rise in its place. History will forget that a country ever existed in this area." - Technoblade explaining himself to BadBoyHalo
  • "Do you think that you can win without my help Tommy? I AM THE ONLY ONE WITH ITEMS HERE. You cannot possibly be able take back Manberg without my help. You think you can just walk in there and take it back? No. No. You are going to get obliterated once you enter that country." - Technoblade explaining to Tommy that he was the only powerful member in Pogtopia
  • "I am the most consistent character on this entire server." - Technoblade while being questioned if he was the traitor by Pogtopians
  • "Alright, you know what? You know what? Give me back my stuff, you don't deserve it." - Technoblade after the Pogtopians all start saying "Humina Humina Humina"
  • "Yeah! Wooh! We killed an old man with heart problems POG! Wooh it only took 20 of us! Yeah we did it! The future is now old man!" - Technoblade after Jschlatt's death during The Revolution[14]
  • "All right, listen here! You guys, listen to me! I did not, spend weeks! Planning this revolution, giving you guys gear, for you guys to go in and replace one tyrant with another. Don't you see what's happening here? Don't you see history repeating itself? You think Schlatt was the cause of your problems? No! It was government! Gov- Power corrupts!” - Technoblade after Tubbo reinstated L'Manberg
  • "Manberg is gone, POG!" - Technoblade after the TNT denoted by Wilbur blew up
  • "Let me tell you a story, Tommy. A story of a man called Theseus. His country, well, his city state, technically, was in danger, and he sent himself forward into enemy lines; he slayed the Minotaur and saved his city. You know what they did to him, Tommy? They exiled him. He died in disgrace, despised by his people. That's what happens to heroes, Tommy. The Greeks knew the score." - Technoblade telling Tommy the tale of Theseus
  • Techno: "But if you want to be a hero, Tommy that's fine... that's fine." | Tommy: "Technoblade, don't do this. We're so close, I'm not the hero, no one's the hero, we've got L'Manberg for each other-" | Techno: "You want to be a hero, Tommy? You want to be a hero, Tommy? THEN DIE LIKE ONE!" - Techno as he summons his withers
  • "I'm gonna need that armor back, Fundy! I didn't put depth strider on those boots, Fundy!" - Techno as he chases Fundy to kill him
  • "You're president of nothing! Your country is gone!" - Techno to Tubbo after the aftermath of The Revolution
  • "Listen, I'm gonna kill everyone here, until there's no government. Am I understood? Am I understood?" - Techno after the aftermath of The Revolution
  • Tubbo: "Technoblade- doesn't- I just to think of this. Technoblade doesn't this kinda make you a tyrant? A form of government?" | Techno: "The ends justify the means, Tubbo. This may seem cruel in the short term, but in the long term, by preventing a system of government, preventing a fascist takeover. I wanna point out something, JSchlatt was lawfully elected. For all the stuff we say about him, at least he was elected, alright. He might have been a war criminal, but at least people voted for him! You guys just did a hostile takeover, and then you were like, you just seized power for yourselves!" - Techno answering Tubbo's question
  • "Here's the- Here's the Pogtopia poster. 'Fight tyranny...' I wish... I wish that's what we did." - Techno while showcasing his fanart posters to Phil
  • Techno: "Phil, I have to tell you something." | Philza: "Yeah? What's up?" | Techno: "You're the only friend I have left in this world Phil. The only friend I have left- which is why.. I want you to have this compass. If you ever need me Phil, I'm going into retirement right now. I'm giving up on my violent ways, but if you ever need me Phil, I will fight for you. I will do whatever it takes... to help you" - Techno confiding in Phil at his new base
  • "I think that- this is- this is the start of a new era, okay? You know, I tried- I tried the whole violence route... Ah, looks the sun's rising, it's symbolism. It's symbolism, it heralds the start of a new era. I'm just repeating my speech from the video, it's fine. You know. I tried violence, I tried- I tried to reason with them, I tried to stop government at all costs but it didn't work, I could not change the hearts of men- the greed- it was too hard to drive out. So you know what? I'm just going into retirement Phil, I'm just going to chill. I'm gonna stop- I'm gonna stop using violence to convince people, I'm just going to chill... In the Arctic North... Maybe- Maybe I'll- Maybe I'll start a farm or something, y'know? I'll stop- I'll stop being a terrorist, cause that just- it just- it just ain't convincing nobody Phil. It just- did- They just keep making new governments, Phil. I- I still believe... that governments are no good- it's just- they're just ruining everything- but you know... people are- people are free to make their mistakes at this point. I don't know." - Techno while talking to Phil
  • "You know what, Phil? For you- For you the world, Phil. All right? It's fine. It's fine." - Techno while with Phil
  • Techno: "I haven't- I haven't told this to anyone, Phil... but I think, the reason it's so hard for me to be non-violent... It's because I hear voices, Phil. I hear countless voices in my head. All the time." | Philza: "Voices?" | Techno: "Yeah. And the voices are crazy, Phil. Uh- Sometimes, they're angry, sometimes they're sad. Uh, sometimes they mock me. But the thing about the voices, Phil, the one thing they- the one- the one thing I hear from them the most... The voices demand blood, Phil. They demand blood." - Discussing his violent ways and making his chat canon
  • "Listen. Listen, you guys. I have gone... to so much effort over the past month to change my violent ways. I have reformed, alright? The voices, they demand blood, and I- I have been denying them. I have been fighting back. Please, please don't make me kill all of you. Please just leave." - Techno's plea with the Butcher Army.[15]
  • "If there's no other way, if there's no other way... I choose BLOOD!" - Techno before fighting the Butcher Army
  • "I have a pickaxe, and I'll put it through your teeth! I'll put it through your teeth, Quackity!" - Technoblade to Quackity shortly before their duel
  • "I can't throw away the blue." - Technoblade while organizing his inventory, keeping the blue that Ghostbur had given him
  • "Those that have treated me with kindness, I will repay that kindness tenfold- And those, that treat me with injustice! That used me. That hunt me down. That hurt my FRIENDS... I shall repay that injustice a thousand times over." - Techno on a boat after escaping his execution
  • "Welcome home, Theseus!" - Techno revealing his secret Wither vault to Tommy
  • "Dream! Dream! Come back! Come back, Dream! I- He's here! He's here, please! Please take him! Take him I'm sick of him, Dream! Dream, come back!" - After getting tired of Tommy eating his golden apples[16]
  • "See chat, complaining works." - While mining for netherite[17]
  • "Eh... it just seems so rude. Do I barge into your house Dream? And just start looking through your stuff and commented on. On your suspicious to do list on your wall? Actually do you even have a house? I've never seen you in a house. Dou you like... Are you homeless? Is this like you just don't want to admit that you don't have a house? Do you sleep outside Dream? Prove prove you have a house. Bring me to it. Dude this guy doesn't have a house. He owns the Minecraft. He owns the Minecraft Server and he never built a house. Cause all he does is show up ominously on people's streams. Oh yeah you wouldn't know my house. It goes to another school. It goes to another school. I'm going to follow you to your house then. I'm following you to your house Dream. That's beacause you don't have a house Dream. You're Homeless You're Homeless Dream." - Technoblade roast Dream for being homeless[18]
  • "Oh that's gonna be a bit of a problem, Dream, because this guy is with me." - Technoblade and Tommy confronting Dream[19]
  • "You know Tommy, I think it's time I came clean with you, Tommy. You know when I first found you in my house, you were uh... you were just like living under the floorboards like a raccoon. And I'm gonna be honest Tommy, I didn't- I didn't really respect you back then, you were kinda useless, loud, annoying, British, you know, it's like the worst combination *laughs* I just- I just thought of that, I was like 'Oh that's gonna be funny.' haha- uh- just- just- kidding UK, you're actually one of my top 5 viewerships countries I love you guys" - While talking with Tommy at the Community House[20]
  • "Anyways, so I'm- I'm gonna be really- uh- you know, I'm thinking, at first I thought you were kinda useless, Tommy. I was just kinda- just kinda bringing you along to achieve my own ends, but uh... Now that we've committed all these terrorism together, I'm starting to think, you might not be completely useless. I mean, not- maybe not like above average but at least average, you know, on the usefulness scale, what I'm saying is, Tommy. I think it's about time I told you, that my real plan Tommy, I am going to destroy L'Manberg, all right? I am going to leave it a chunk error, that country is gone. I am not going to rest, until that entire country, has been completely obliterated for what it did to me and Phil, Tommy, all right? And I think you should join me Tommy." - Telling his true plans to Tommy[21]
  • Tommy: "Why have you only just gained respect for me now?" | Techno: "All because, you know, you've actually stood up to Dream, you've actually like done some terrorism, I'm gonna be honest Tommy, you were kinda useless and annoying when I first met you, but now, you've actually been doing things. The violence, the terrorism, you- you might go a little- a little bit too far sometimes, Tommy, but you could actually be useful." | Tommy: "Techno-" | Techno: "You could actually be... dare I say it, a friend." - After Techno told his plans to Tommy[22]
  • "All right, 2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate? Not the government! GO!" - Techno as he was about to get his Hound Army with Dream and Philza[23]
  • "You used me as a weapon! You've onl- You've never thought of me as a friend, Tommy! You've th- You've just used me from the start, you saw me just as The Blade. That's all I was to you, The Blade, a weapon, well guess what?! I'm choosing what I fight for now!" - Technoblade to Tommy during the Doomsday War[24]
  • Techno: "I listened to you for weeks! What did you do? You went back to Tubbo, the guy that exiled you, that chose his country over you-" | Tommy: "Technoblade! People are above the government, we- it doesn't matter if we want a government, if we don't-" | Techno: "I'M A PERSON!" - During the Doomsday War[25]
  • "Hey remem- remember when I was sitting there alone, against the whole government, and you and Wilbur just sat there on the sidelines and watched? Did you step in? Did you step in?! Were you guys... were you guys the ones that stepped in and said, 'Don't worry, Technoblade, we know you're in a high-pressure situation, but we'll fight the world for you, Technoblade'? No! You guys watched. You know what I did? Yesterday? When you were surrounded by like 30 people, the whole world was against you? I walked in. I was willing to fight all of them for you, Tommy. I would have been there. That is the difference between us." - During the Doomsday War[26]
  • "Welcome, to the youngest anarchy server on Minecraft!" - After the Doomsday War[27]
  • Tommy: "We spent hours together man--" | Techno: "Don't speak to me of loyalty!" - During the Doomsday War[28]
  • "So long, Theseus!" - after Tommy got struck by lightning and died[29]
  • "Sic semper tyrannis... Thus always to tyrants." - written on a sign for his secret organization[30]
  • Techno: "Phil..." | Philza: "Yeah?" | Techno: "Are we side characters, Phil?" - after Ranboo showcases his silk touch abilities
  • "Listen Bad, I didn't want to work with this guy either but this Egg, this Egg, it's going too far. It's warping people's minds and it's controlling them. It has no plans on stopping until it controls the entire world.....it has no plans on stopping and this Egg stands for EVERYTHING.. It's the EPITOME of everything I stand against as a anarchist and if I don't stop it now, it'll be the end of the world. So YEAH I'm working with Quackity!" - Technoblade's speech at the Red Banquet
  • "We've got Niki, she's got stuff now - she's spawning withers, she's an incredible warrior. That's what we're going to do to you Connor, you can be a great warrior, feared across the lands!" - Technoblade to Connor after he agrees to join the Syndicate
  • "This is not doing much, TO CHANGE MY POLITICAL OPINIONS!" - Technoblade to Sam after getting trapped in prison
  • "Yo, are these netherite blocks?" - Technoblade as Dream screams in the background
  • "NO!" - Technoblade after witnessing Ranboo's death
  • "HEH!?" - commonly said by Technoblade when he is confused
  • "The government ends here, I'll kill it myself"
  • ”I’m the 2nd worst thing to happen to orphans.
  • Techno: Yeah, I- I was- I was meanin' to tell you a second ago, Tubbo... The festival? You know, I've been thinkin' about it- that- that was- that was my fault, man. Okay? I know, I shouldn't have... I- At the time I thought I was forced to kill you because Schlatt would have killed me otherwise, and while that's true, I still- I still could've chosen—I should've chosen to fight, okay? It was... it was pathetic of me to give into the government like that. I- I could've... even though none of my al- NONE OF MY ALLIES were helpin', I still, I still could've chosen to fight. I don't know if it would've worked out, but... I lacked the courage to die for my ideals back then. | Tubbo: Okay. I forgive you. I forgive you. | Techno: And it's not a mistake I'll make again. - Techno's apology to Tubbo before going to save Michael
  • "Where I come from, people don't have multiple lives"


  • In one stream, he started "memorizing" the layout of the entire server (mostly the areas/terrain that has buildings and landmarks near them) and is called "The Human GPS of the server." This title used to be not fully correct, as he would often "spill his water" and use a transition screen to look at the coordinates of his intended location, but he has since stopped doing this and seems to actually have a good mental map of the layout of the server.
  • Technoblade is the only known person to possess Jack 'o' Lantern wearing mobs on the server. He collected them during Halloween and seems to be proud of them.
  • He canonized his chat, calling them the "voices in his head."
  • It was previously thought to be canon that his father was Philza. However, when asked on stream he clarified that he does not recognize the family canon, as it's "weird" and makes his backstabbing awkward. He has stated that he is fine with head-canons, but will not be acting out the family dynamics in the story, and it will not be a part of the plot.
    • Phil has also agreed to this, and decanonized the family dynamic, saying that the "longtime friends" plot makes more sense storywise.
  • During the battle against L'Manberg that occurred on November 16, he used one of the withers to self-promote by naming it "Subscribe to Technoblade" with a name tag. He stated that this was the most important part.
  • He has, at one point, stated that his hatred of orphans began when his parents were brutally murdered by a group of orphans. This seems to be the most likely backstory for Technoblade.
  • According to Ghostbur's book, Wilbur and Techno used to spar when they were kids.
  • According to Technoblade, his second vault contained enough wither heads to create 55 withers.[31]
  • The Butcher Army has put up many posters as propaganda against Technoblade around the SMP, one of which depicts im_a_squid_kid winning the potato war. This seems to imply that the potato war, Hypixel Skyblock, and Squid Kid are all canon to the Dream SMP.
  • Technoblade is presumably in his late 20's, as stated by Wilbur, however at his birthday party he keep his age ambiguous.
  • Although he and Technoblade are still "old friends," Philza has confirmed that the Antarctic Empire lore is NOT linked to the Dream SMP, and is only a headcanon.
  • It was said by Philza that he knew Techno since he was a kid, it might be implied that Philza might have been Techno's mentor.
  • Techno in character can perfectly keep track of time, and so can keep track of when to ring his sellout timer.
  • Along with training in his spare time, Techno has stated he enjoys playing golf.


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