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The Disc Saga was a series of events that mainly involved the music discs Cat and Mellohi that originally belonged to TommyInnit. The discs were continually stolen and used as leverage against Tommy by Dream.

The saga began on July 9, 2020, and lasted over six months, ending with the Disc Confrontation on January 20, 2021, with Tommy once again in possession of both discs.

The saga has often been attributed to causing many of the internal conflicts on the server, namely being one of the catalysts for the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War, and the Exile Conflict.


The first feud


The beginning of the Disc Saga first started before Tommy had even joined the server, and found the discs in the first place. Ponk had decided to prank Sapnap and mess with his house, though it's not certain exactly what he'd done to do so. In retaliation, Sapnap burned down one of Ponk's many Lemon Trees, only for the fire to kill Sapnap in the process, and grow wildly out of control, burning almost the entire tree down. Ponk grew enraged, and gained support from Alyssa, and the two began planning their retaliation against Sapnap.

The day of reckoning came after Tommy and Tubbo joined the server, beginning when Tubbo had attempted to try to help rebuild Ponk's destroyed lemon tree, feeling bad for him. He ended up giving up after running out of resources, and was contacted by Alyssa to come to her house, as she'd found a sign saying that he'd stolen one of her diamonds. However, since Tubbo had not picked up any diamonds before, which was proved when he picked one up and received the achievement. Ponk then deduced that it was Tommy who'd taken the diamond, as framing someone sounded like a very "Tommy-like" thing to do.

Ponk and Alyssa then left to confront Sapnap, with Tubbo following after them. When they arrived, Sapnap began chasing after them, severely higher powered and more geared up than them. Ponk then noticed that Sapnap had a Netherite chestplate on, but knew that Tommy was the only one to have one at the time, and it must've been stolen from him. Sapnap asked for an apology from Ponk for griefing his house, but he refused, stating that Sapnap should be the one apologizing for destroying his lemon tree.

As their conflict continued, Sapnap's house was eventually burnt down by Ponk and Alyssa. Tubbo immediately tried fixing it, exclaiming that nothing on this server was sacred to anyone. Soon after, Punz logged on, asking what had happened. Once he was caught up to speed, Punz stated that he was on the side of justice, and would not be playing favorites. Sapnap announced in the middle of it all that no one could touch Punz or Tubbo.

A new alliance

Not long after, Tommy logged onto the server, already mad that someone had messed with his base, and knowing that Sapnap had stolen his chestplate. Shortly after joining, he joined a voice chat with Sapnap and demanded his armor be returned. Sapnap said that he was willing to return it if Tommy joined him in fighting against Ponk and Alyssa. Tommy asked for his things back again, saying that he would only negotiate once his things had been returned, to which Sapnap begrudgingly agreed. He then told Tommy that they could become the most powerful people on the server, as long as Tommy had his back.

Sapnap then explained the situation to Tommy, and said that he'd taken Tommy's things to ensure his victory, and asked him to pick a side. Tommy considered it, saying that he didn't want to team with Ponk or Alyssa at all, and wasn't warm to the idea of teaming with Tubbo after he'd accidentally caused Tommy to lose his stuff the day before. Tommy agreed to help Sapnap after he was set on fire by Alyssa.

Once Tommy accepted, Sapnap instructed him to get into position and prepare for a fight. Completely unprepared, Tommy jumped into the fray, and was immediately killed by Alyssa, and joined their voice channel to demand his things back from them. Ponk decided to give Tommy his chestplate back, while Sapnap gave Tommy the rest of his items.

Dream's arrival

During the intense battle, Dream logged onto the server in order to stop the fighting. Though they were slightly concerned by the development, it didn't stop Tommy and Sapnap from shooting and successfully killing Ponk. After gaining some newfound confidence, Sapnap and Tommy decided to kill Dream. The two then ambushed him, easily taking him out, since he was only in iron armor.

While Tommy was gloating about killing Dream to Ponk and Alyssa, Dream took the time to steal Tommy's most prized possessions, his music discs Cat and Mellohi. When Tommy discovered this, he began negotiating with Dream, who simply asked for an apology.

Sapnap then took the time to steal one of the discs back, giving Tommy the chance to hide it underground to keep it safe from Dream before engaging in another battle with Dream, ending up with both discs in his possession. He then went to hide them off-screen, keeping them in the mountain near his base, thinking them to be safe.

A cocky gamble

Still angry about being bested by Tommy, Dream carved out all of the lands underneath Tommy's home in a desperate search for the discs. Though Tommy had hidden his screen to keep Dream and others from finding his discs, he hadn't turned his sounds off, and Dream used them to locate where Tommy had hidden them. Dream then kept the discs to himself, even threatened to burn them, telling Tommy that he won't give them back unless he gave over his Netherite chestplate. After a short confrontation, Dream ended up killing both Tommy and Tubbo twice, forcing them to give up.

After some shenanigans with Wilbur and a Pizza Hut date, Dream began to play Tommy's music discs in front of him to taunt him. In a time-consuming and tense build battle on Punz's front lawn, which resulted in Tommy and Tubbo repeatedly stealing back the music discs only to lose them again when Dream hunted them down to take it back. Finally, Tommy managed to grab the disc from Dream, and drop it into the trees for Tubbo to pick up. However, Tubbo wasn't able to actually find it, only saying that he'd heard the item pickup sound before both of them had combat logged to protect themselves. When they relogged, they found that the tree had no disc and that it was still in Dream's hands.

Eventually, Dream got bored of fighting the two, and began to burn fake discs in front of Tommy to try and get a reaction out of him. It worked, and Tommy agreed to do a trade. At the moment they began trading, both of them faked one another out, with Dream dropping fake music discs with Tubbo later picking it up and Tommy grabbing the Netherite chestplate back after dropping it then logs off before Dream could kill him, leaving both parties without what they wanted. Little did they know, some things weren't right.

Search for the hidden discs

Into Dream's base

Tommy, tired of waiting for something that might help him get leverage to get his discs back, went to retrieve Tubbo from Fundy's socializing club, which ended in them teaming up to kill Fundy and Purpled. Because Tubbo had prior knowledge about different glitches, he and Tommy exploited a composter glitch that allowed them to see underground to find Dream's secret base. They spotted it near Tommy's own base, hidden in the mountainside. However, when they arrived, Tommy's discs were nowhere to be found, and instead, Tommy and Tubbo stole Dream's full stack of diamonds, which they assumed were his most prized possession.

After not being able to find the discs in Dream's base, Tommy then accused Punz of finding it before them and taking the discs for himself, as Punz had been mad at them for doing a "Fortnite Build Battle" on his front lawn, as well as stealing some of his things, most notably, three golden apples. Dream logged on quickly after, causing Tommy to forget about Punz for the moment, and instead confront Dream in hopes of getting his discs back. Tommy tried to negotiate with Dream's diamonds in exchange for his discs, but Dream gave his same demand as before, the Netherite chestplate or nothing in return. Finally, Tommy gave up trying to scam Dream because Dream promised that he could keep the diamonds and the music discs if he just gave over the chestplate, to which Tommy agreed. Everything went off without a hitch, but Tommy then realized that Dream wouldn't stop coming after them so easily, and that he'd need to make an Ender Chest in order to keep the discs safe forever.

The race for the Ender Chest

In order to make the Ender Chest, Tommy would need blaze rods, an ender pearl, and obsidian.

He attempted to get them from Fundy, but he flat out refused after how Tommy had been treating him previously, specifically at the socializing club conflict. Tommy then went to Punz in hopes of getting them, and Punz agreed, as long as Tommy brought him back an apple. Because he never specified a golden apple. Tommy then races at the tree hoping to get an apple and when he got it he immediately brought it to Punz. Punz was notably disappointed but didn't care because Tommy technically fulfilled his request and gave Tommy some blaze powder and ender pearls.

He then went to mine the obsidian with Dream hot on his tail, managing to mine 7 out of the 8 he needed as Tubbo attempted to fend Dream off. Low on hunger, Tommy told Tubbo that he only managed 7, but Tubbo exclaimed that he had extra obsidian in his chest back at his base. The two met at the last second as Tommy completed the ender chest, and managed to save all of his things inside, just before Dream killed him.

(For chronological reading of the events following, please see the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War.)

Scheming after the L'Manberg war

For a while after the first war, things were relatively uneventful, but once Skeppy joined, and got in possession of Spirit, the leather remains from Dream's first and only horse, things began to change. While Skeppy was rushing to an Ender chest to secure it, he was blown up and died, causing his things to go everywhere. In a mad dash to get it back, he was interrogated by Tommy and Tubbo, but managed to secure Spirit and put it into an Ender chest, though it was a close call.

Soon, Dream found out that Skeppy was in possession of the leather, and offered to kill Tommy and Tubbo in order to get it back, as the two had been harassing Skeppy. Though he wouldn't agree to that, Skeppy and Dream began other negotiations. Skeppy asked for both of Tommy's discs in return for the leather, but Dream stated that they were much too valuable for that.

Tommy then got into the negotiations, as he didn't want the discs to be separated, and Dream agreed to let Skeppy and Tommy come to an agreement, and left the call for a few minutes. Tommy then attempted to blackmail Skeppy over a few tweets he'd made, but it didn't do much to further his case. He then tried to bring Quackity in to intimidate Skeppy for the discs, though this ended up failing.

Finally, Dream met with Skeppy with Tommy and Tubbo watching from outside. Dream offered one of the discs for the leather, while Tommy and Tubbo were offering Netherite armor. Though he wanted both deals, eventually, Skeppy agreed to trade the leather for the disc, Cat. Dream and Skeppy successfully traded, with both of their prizes ending up in Ender chests, but not knowing this, Tommy and Tubbo attempted to kill Skeppy, only making more bad blood between them.

The Railway Skirmish

On a trip back from his 'summer home', Tommy accidentally ran over an AFK Dream with his minecart, killing him and giving Tommy the ability to steal all of his items, including a full set of enchanted Netherite armor and sword. Tommy and Tubbo believed that they might then have the ability to get the discs back as Skeppy and Dream were both on the server at the time.

Both of them weren't willing to trade discs, but Dream did offer Spirit in exchange for his things back, which Tommy considered. He and Tubbo then went on to kill both Skeppy and Dream with their higher powered gear. Dream then went on to say that he didn't actually care about his gear enough to trade the disc, as he could eventually get it all back, but that Spirit would be a fair trade. It was also around this time that Dream found out about Tommy's beloved cow, Henry, and knew that it could be used as a bargaining chip.

Wilbur then came online to try and convince Tommy to give Dream's things back on behalf of L'Manberg. Tommy and Tubbo decided not to, which resulted in Dream killing Tommy's horse, and Tommy killing Dream. Tommy then tried to negotiate with Skeppy, but Skeppy had already felt slighted by Tommy and wasn't willing to trade.

Tommy and Tubbo created a plan to get back the disc from Skeppy after agreeing with Wilbur and giving Dream's armor back in exchange for the leather. The only hitch was that Dream's Netherite sword was still missing. Tommy attempted to trade with Skeppy, but Skeppy refused, and it was at this time that Dream realized his sword was missing, and threatened Tommy's cow Henry in order to get it back. Tommy swore he didn't have it, and told Dream he'd give him his own sword, Shank, in return.

After sorting things out with Dream, Tommy tried to trade with Skeppy, but now Skeppy was demanding five sets of Netherite armor in exchange for the disc. Tommy considered trying to kill Skeppy to get Dream's sword back, as his chat was telling him that Skeppy had it, but Dream made the mistake of showing Tommy that he had a disc on him, and Tommy realized that if he could kill Dream before he banked it back into an ender chest, he could get it back.

At this time, Sapnap had agreed to act as a hired mercenary for Tommy, in exchange for payment. They agreed to jump Dream and try and take the disc, while Tommy lured Dream to his base with the promise of the leather for free. Dream tried to lie, and say he didn't have the disc on him, but Tommy didn't believe him, and Dream began booking it towards the nearest ender chest. Tubbo then began breaking as many ender chests as he could find as Sapnap and Tommy fended him off. They then holed up in Tommy's summer home while waiting for Dream, and it was then that Tommy realized Dream might try to kill Henry as leverage.

The four fought one another for the disc, but when Sapnap ended up killing Dream, he found that Dream indeed didn't have the disc on his person. Sapnap then decided not to give Dream's stuff to Tommy as his own leverage, betraying Tommy for the second time.

Dream then killed Tommy and Tubbo, taking Tubbo's Netherite armor. He then attempted to trade for the leather, offering Tubbo's Netherite armor and even a lifetime immunity pass for Henry, but Tommy refused. After this, Tommy and Dream agreed to temporary peacetime.

It was then that Tubbo revealed to Tommy that he'd had Dream's sword all along, one of the most powerful bargaining chips after the discs and Spirit, meaning Tubbo and Tommy could gain the upper hand.

New conflict

For a while, things were peaceful, until Sapnap accidentally killed Niki's fox, Fungi, killed Tommy's cow, Harold, and almost killed Tommy's favorite cow, Henry. Both Tommy and Niki found out, and were angered by it. Tommy proceeded to break all of the windows in Sapnap's basement, while Niki demanded revenge. Niki told Tommy that Sapnap's most prized possession was his fish, Beckerson and Mars, and in an act of vengeance, captured Beckerson while accidentally letting Mars go free. After regrouping with Tubbo at his base, Tommy realized that Mars was actually Sapnap's fish, while Beckerson was George's. Tommy ended up with Beckerson and Mars. Niki decided that if Sapnap gave her an honest apology, she would give him Mars back. In return for this, she agreed to help Tommy in the Disc War. While he wasn't able to get into contact with George or Sapnap. Though he technically wasn't able to get in touch with Dream at first, he nearly leaked Dream's phone number to a viewership of 40,000, which ended up getting Dream's attention.

It turned out that Mars and Beckerson actually meant a lot to Dream, and that Tommy would be able to use them as leverage to get it disc back. Not wanting to do that, but still feeling cocky, Dream blocked himself into Tommy's jukebox room and started playing Tommy's disc. Tubbo and Tommy broke through the back wall and managed to steal the disc from Dream long enough for Tommy to put it in his ender chest, only to realize that it was a fake. Tommy tried to call Dream's bluff, and told him to "burn the real disc" only for Dream to refuse.

Tommy asked Tubbo to become "Big Law", his lawyer persona in order for them to wager a court case against Dream. However, Dream never showed up, and was instead running around the server. Tommy was tipped off by his chat that he might want to go see his summer home, only for him to find that Dream had kidnapped Henry the cow, and Tommy's Llama, and was holding them hostage. He told Tommy that in exchange for all of his leverage, (the fish, along with Spirit's leather), he'd give Tommy the remaining disc back. They started conspiring with Jack Manifold to scam Dream out of his fish, but an achievement gotten by Jack tipped off Dream to the scam.

Tommy then tried again to scam Dream making a fake Spirit, by having Jack drop him it in one of the community chests. Dream accidentally ended up with the fake, but was unsure whether it was the real one or not. Tommy managed to hide the real Spirit underneath the floor of his house after muting his stream's video and audio.

Dream then gave Tommy the final deal, he could have his pets, his disc, and Tubbo's bee boxes back in exchange for Beckerson and Mars, the real Spirit, and Dream's sword. However, Dream believed that he had the real Spirit, as when he looked at Tommy's inventory in his Ender chest, Spirit wasn't there, as it was really underneath Tommy's floor. The two made the trade, but Tommy waited to celebrate until Dream had logged off, in case of Dream killed his pets. Dream saw this, however, and logged back on.

Tommy was about to go defend his pets when he realized that he'd also been scammed. The disc he'd stolen from Dream after the jukebox incident was the real thing, whereas the one he'd gotten from the most recent trade was the fake copy. Dream didn't end up killing Tommy's pets, and the two were relatively peaceful for quite a long time.

The Manberg Rebellion Era

The Election

During the election campaign period, Wilbur asked Tommy for his remaining disc Mellohi, and its fake copy, to keep until the election was over, saying Tommy could get them back when they won. At the end of the election rally, things weren't looking very good for POG2020, and Tommy was beginning to wonder if he'd get his discs back from Wilbur at all.

As Tommy was about to log off after the catastrophe that was election night, Dream sent him a message saying "I'm getting your other disc back [from Skeppy]", meaning it's only a matter of time before more chaos abounds with Tommy's discs.

While logged on with BadBoyHalo, Skeppy gave him the disc in his possession, Cat, for safe keeping.

The Manberg Festival

During the events of the Manberg Festival reveal, Tommy and Tubbo met to discuss their plans, during which both revealed a separate copy of Mellohi, given to them by Wilbur independently of one another. Tommy questioned why Wilbur would do that, and Tubbo replied that it might've been to gain leverage.

Tommy then decided to give Tubbo "Blocks", the disc that they listened to with Schlatt during his first time on the server, and Tubbo gave Tommy the fake version in return.

While trading discs, Tubbo claimed to be "90 percent sure" that he had the real Cat disc, before showing it to Tommy and securing it in his ender chest. However, it was unknown at the time whether it was the real or fake disc.

Preparing for war

After it was discovered that Dream was siding with Schlatt for unknown reasons at the time, Tommy and Dream had some time to talk, and Tommy wanted to make sure they had all of the discs in order. They agreed that Tommy had the real Mellohi and Blocks, and that Skeppy had the real Cat, until Tubbo mentioned that he'd gotten a copy from Karl that he believed to be the real deal. Dream then mentioned that Karl had a bunch of those types of discs, and that it was most likely fake.

Dream asked Bad, who was still believed to have the disc in his possession, if he still had it, to which Bad replied that he'd returned it to Skeppy for safekeeping. Tommy then got the discs back from Tubbo, and decided to burn them, so that they would be sure who had the real thing. While he was burning them, Dream snatched up the Cat disc previously in Tubbo's possession. He then stated that he would ask Skeppy if he ever traded his copy, meaning that there's a chance Dream might have the real Cat.


After Tommy was given the presidency by Wilbur following the end of the Manberg-Pogtopian War, he stated that he would have to refuse, as he still had unfinished business with Dream.

Following the chaos of the destruction of L'Manberg, Dream and Tommy had time to talk, and Dream stated that "a little birdy" told him that Skeppy and Bad planned to burn the disc on stream.

The warning

A few days after the war, while CaptainPuffy was plotting to prank Fundy, Dream called out to her to meet him at Skeppy's Mansion. Upon arrival, Dream stated that he just called her to have a witness, proceeding to blow up the lawn of the mansion and destroying the Skeppy statue with TNT. Dream then leaves a sign stating that the damage was just a warning, threatening to do something worse if the disc, Cat, is not returned. However, Dream wrote it under Tommy's name, most likely to instigate a fight between L'Manberg and The Badlands.

Plans to burn

Following Jschlatt's funeral, Bad found out about what Dream did to his mansion, and took the bait, blaming it on Tommy. He then checked the rest of the statues, finding that several of them had been destroyed or vandalized. Bad then decided that he and Skeppy would burn the disc on stream. Puffy went along with Dream's plan, meaning that there's a possibility she'd side with him, as she also helped blame Tommy, while telling Bad not to burn the disc. The two could be possibly working together for mutual gain, so that Dream would have both discs in his possession to play a game with Tommy.

First Stal disc

It was revealed while Lani (Tubbo's Sister) was visiting the server that Dream had in his possession the very first Stal disc in the server. Tommy was extremely keen on getting his hands on the first Stal disc but instead, Dream handed it to Lani who was on Tubbo's account. Shortly after Lani was in possession of the disc Tommy told her to put it in her enderchest but was yet killed by Dream who gained possession of it again. Later in the stream, Stal was once again handed back to Lani in which she put in Tubbo's enderchest. A few days later when Ranboo joined the server, Tubbo decided to give him a tour in which they had their first listen to the Stal disc. Tubbo then renamed the Stal disc to '1st Stal'

The Exile Era


After Tommy griefed George's house, and began the Exile Conflict, Dream reaffirmed his want for the discs, stating in a heated moment that Tubbo could either exile Tommy or hand over Mellohi, which was currently in his possession. Tommy had previously given Tubbo the disc in order to signify their trust in one another, as before the war, Quackity and Tubbo had both had suspicions of Tommy being the traitor. Tubbo managed to convince Dream to reconsider, and they instead had a meeting on December 2.

During the meeting, Tubbo, Tommy, and Dream came to an agreement, until Tommy pushed his luck, stating that he wasn't afraid of Dream, as Dream had nothing on him anymore. He wasn't in possession of any of the discs, and held no leverage. Tommy, on the other hand, held in his ender chest the remains of Spirit, who'd previously been important to Dream in the past. Tubbo didn't believe that what Tommy was doing was the right choice, despite it appearing to work, as they lead Dream to the obsidian walls he'd build to break them down, he eventually started building them back up.

Dream then jumped down from the wall and gave a monologue about the discs, and their importance to him, and more importantly, that Spirit no longer mattered to him in the long run. Tommy and Tubbo had a further schism between them as they began to argue about what was important. Tommy thought his discs, and believed that Tubbo, who'd been with him from the start would stick by his side forever, and Tubbo believing in the new era of L'Manberg he was building, and the shaky peace he was honor bound to uphold with Tommy's greatest rival.

In exile

BadBoyHalo gave Tommy a Chirp disc while he was in exile, however, after Dream came to meet with them, Tommy handed it off to Bad. After Dream left, Bad hid the disc under Tommy's chest where he later found it. Tommy then spent his stream making himself an ender chest to store the disc, along with his diamonds and "How to Sex 2". Tommy was gifted Pigtstep by Bad on Christmas Day. This is called Fake Pigstep as Hbomb94 gave Tommy the real one.

Lazarbeam brought Tommy a 'Far' disc, which Tommy commented, sounded nice. Despite Dream being there, he didn't intervene with Tommy having the disc, and Tommy banked it into the Ender Chest.

HBomb94 also left Tommy the disc 'Wait', which he stated, is his favorite. Tommy banked this in the Ender Chest as well. Tommy then got The Real Pigstep on Christmas by Hbomb Tommy then stated that he can copyright strike anyone thanks to Pigstep being copyrighted

The Blade

After escaping exile to hide beneath Technoblade's retirement home, Tommy was caught by the man himself, who confronted Tommy about what he'd done. Following some deliberation, Techno eventually agreed to help Tommy retrieve his discs, as long as Tommy helped with some "mild terrorism". The two then agreed to gear up heavily before engaging in any sort of battle.

Tommy reiterated that Bad and Skeppy were in possession of Cat, which they'd probably have to fight to get back, but that he wasn't worried about Tubbo having Mellohi.

On December 27, after extorting Tubbo and Ranboo for the return of two of Technoblade's items, Tommy and Techno were confronted by Dream at the community nether portal as they were attempting to leave. Dream then revealed to Tommy that he'd gotten Tommy's disc back from Skeppy. As the conversation furthered, Dream threatened to burn Tommy's disc unless he came with him, until Techno stepped in to protect Tommy.

The Community House

On January 5, the L'Manbergians held a festival in an attempt to kill Dream, however, in the middle of the festival, Dream arrived only to begin placing obsidian around the country. He then began shouting about how Tommy had fucked up, and that they needed to pay. When they questioned why he was doing so, he leads them to the Community House, which had been destroyed, as he claimed, by Tommy. He told the L'Manbergians that they needed to pay for Tommy's crimes as he was supposed to be in exile, while Tubbo argued that it had been Dream's job to take care of Tommy while he was there.

Dream then argued that as long as Tommy's disc, Mellohi, was still in Tubbo's position, they were connected to him, and demanded that he hand it over. Tubbo at first thought about it, only to be interrupted by an invisible Tommy, who revealed himself to them all and begged Tubbo not to give it over. They argued for a short while until it fully escalated into an all-out fight, where the two were splashed with potions before battling it out in what remained of the center of the Community house. The two didn't manage to do much damage to one another, shouting at one another all of their pent up aggression from the past few months of being away from one another. It wasn't until they began yelling about the discs, and Tommy shouted "The discs were worth more than you ever were" that he realized he'd taken it too far, and stopped fighting.

Tommy, suddenly ashamed of the person he'd become, told Tubbo to give the disc to Dream, and after Tommy said that he hated the person he'd become, Tubbo handed it over to Dream. Dream then laughed, saying that Tubbo was an idiot, and he now had exactly what he needed to destroy L'Manberg for good.

Ranboo holds the disc

While on the server, Ranboo headed to his panic room to confront the voice in his head that presented itself as Dream. The voice told him that he was in possession of the disc, Cat, which he'd gotten from Skeppy. Ranboo realized that if he had the disc, it meant that he'd been helping Dream all along, and the voice was right, and more importantly, he'd destroyed the Community House.

While digging under his home, Ranboo discovered a singular chest under his land, and after opening it, found the disc "Cat" inside. Bewildered by the find, Ranboo left the disc where it was, and promptly forgot about having received it in the first place. When he found the chest again, there was only a note saying "thanks :)".

A note

On January 16, 2021, Tommy was told by Dream to log onto the server, where he found that his home had been destroyed and turned into netherrack and lit on fire. In the middle stood a double chest, inside of which, was a compass labeled "Your Discs". The signs around it instructed Tommy and Tubbo to come alone, and that if anyone joined them, the discs would be burned.

Tommy and Tubbo began to gear up, gathering full netherite, weapons, golden apples, both enchanted and not, along with pearls, food, and blocks.

At this time, Tommy collected 35 diamond blocks and 35 gold blocks, along with some netherite ingots, paying Punz to hopefully get him on his side.

The Final Confrontation

Last goodbyes

On January 20, 2021, Tubbo and Tommy set out to fight Dream, following the compass. Along the way, they were greeted by different members of the SMP on their way down the prime path, all of which said their goodbyes and good luck, with Puffy and Sam giving them golden apples and Turtle Master potions respectively.

The two headed through the community house, and out into the wilderness, where they traveled by boat for several hundred blocks before arriving at a massive mountain structure inside of an acacia biome. The two climbed up the mountain, finding Dream at the top with an ender chest, Tubbo then places a bed and an ender chest beside it.

Harkening to the beginning

Dream confronted them, showing them brief glimpses of the disc, before Tommy attempted to attack him, saying he was giving him no time to think. He eventually fought them off, asking them to talk, which they obliged. Dream then began building up with obsidian, placing a jukebox and putting in Mellohi, similar to what he'd done in the very beginning of the Disc Saga itself.

The three began to fight, with Tommy and Tubbo appearing to gain the upper hand as Tommy grabbed Mellohi from the jukebox and picked it up into his inventory. He then began building up, searching for an enderchest, but saw that Dream had destroyed them. The two began to shout over what to do, with Tommy beginning to run, before Dream shouted at them to stop, saying that he wasn't even trying.

Dream then began threatening Tubbo's life, asking for Tommy to come back or else he'd kill Tubbo. The three stood at an impasse, with Tommy unable to bank the disc and Dream wanting to make a point. Tubbo then surreptitiously placed an ender chest behind Dream, and while Tommy pretended to listen to him talk, Tommy pearled behind him and banked the disc.

A difficult choice

Tommy and Tubbo celebrated, before Dream began once again threatening Tubbo's life, asking Tommy to choose over him and the disc. Tubbo told him that it would be fine if he were to die to save the disc, but Tommy couldn't bear to do that, opening the Ender chest and taking out the disc, giving it to Dream. Dream then began to laugh, saying that the discs were fakes while dropping and blowing the fake Cat and Mellohi disc with TNT. He then stated that he would never give them over and won't do the same mistake he did the last time, he just wanted to make a show of the power he had.

Dream then demands that the two of them place all of their things into a hole for him to blow up, exactly what he did during Tommy's exile. While the two placed all of their things in the hole, Dream asked Tommy for the Axe Of Peace. Tommy gives it to Dream and after dropping their stuff in a hole, they had to watch as Dream detonated their things, which they'd both grinded hard to get. With the exception of Wilbur/Ghostbur's items.

Dream told them that he wanted to show them how much more power he had over them, and why he cared so much about Tommy, that he'd created a sense of meaning on the server, which Dream could take advantage of, and control. He leads them down to hole inside the mountain, and asked them to stand on a platform, where they were brought down on an elevator into a massive underground vault, containing not just the discs, but also a hall of relics and items with significant importance to different members.

The disc vault

Dream lead them through the vault, showing them where Cat and Mellohi were kept surrounded by a gold floor, on either side of a nether portal. He also showed them places for items, pets, and even people, as it appeared he had a plan to take Skeppy away from Bad as Bad only cared about Skeppy. Dream then told Tommy that he couldn't kill him, but he had a prison he could put him in, to keep him around. He then said that Tommy saw himself as a hero, and all heroes have some tragic loss that keeps them going, referencing Uncle Ben in Spider-Man, and saying that he'd do the same to Tubbo.

Tommy wasn't willing to take this, and while Dream let them have their final goodbyes, he begged Tubbo to try and run through the portal with him to escape, while Tubbo began to accept his demise. He told Tommy that he'd had a good life, and that Tommy had to keep going, saying that they had a good run.

A swift rescue

As Tommy and Tubbo were saying their goodbyes, Punz appeared through the portal behind them, telling Dream that it was over, and that "you should've paid me more". The portal then flooded with most members of the SMP (Excluding George, Alyssa, Fundy, Purpled, Skeppy, Karl, Technoblade, Philza, Connor, Vikkstar, and Lazar) in full netherite (Expect for Quackity, who had instead, was topless and only wore shorts and a pair of diamond boots), there to help and protect them. Sapnap and Punz pushed Dream back. Sapnap then attacks Dream with his Flame sword to knock him back, while Tubbo and Tommy ran to grab the discs. Tommy then had gotten Dream to finally confess that he was the one that had blown up the Community House, not Tommy.

The SMP members pushed Dream into the hall of his stolen mementos, Tommy stood up to confront him, knowing Dream wouldn't kill him. He then asked Dream to put all of his things in a hole he dug in the ground, exactly as Dream did during his exile. Tommy then watched as he dropped his items, before snagging them for himself.

A sentence and a truth

Tommy then donned the armor, before killing Dream, taking his first canon life. Dream then came down to try and negotiate, only for Tommy to kill him a second time. The third time, Dream came in from the portal, begging Tommy not to kill him, saying that not only did he know how to bring people back from the dead, which was the contents of the book from Schlatt, but that he also was a link to everyone's lives on the server. If he died, the next death of everyone on the server would be their last.

Unsure of what to do, Tommy put Dream in an obsidian box, before Sam suggested that they put Dream in the prison, where he wouldn't be able to escape. Tommy and Tubbo were excited to hear this, and Sapnap, Sam, Punz, and Bad took Dream away to bring him to the prison.

Tommy and Tubbo returned to the heart of the SMP, sitting at their bench listening to Cat and Mellohi, and reflecting on the end of a saga.

Final Possessions

Tommy - Real Blocks, Real Chirp, Real Far, Real Wait, Real Pigstep, Fake Pigstep, Real Mellohi, Real Cat

Tubbo - First Stal (not Tommy's disc)


  • While in the Dream's vault, the photos Dream used above each of the discs were the icons from this page.
  • Tubbo gave Tommy his Stal disc after the Disc Confrontation when they were playing music on Tommy's bench.
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