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The Crimson, also known as The Egg, is a strange large red oval-shaped object that was discovered by BadBoyHalo while mining out his statue room before December 6, 2020. Since then, it has grown much larger and exhibits a strange phenomenon of weeping vines and tendrils that have been found across different locations of the SMP. The Egg appears to be sentient, talking to the infected in a strange language and also conversing with Foolish in English. Bad revealed during the Red Banquet that the Egg can indeed hatch, but it is unknown what it would hatch into.

The vines, also called Blood Vines, consist of nether wart blocks, crimson nylium, red wool, redstone, shroomlights, and more recently, red nether bricks, netherrack, and magma blocks. They reek of iron, and taste like metal. They appear to be slowly growing across the SMP, although recently with help from the infected, the vines are gradually being destroyed across the entire server except for the statue room. Notably, no vines have been seen in the outer parts of the server such as Technoblade's cabin, with the exceptions being Sam's base and Snowchester (where they were planted).

There are two factions which have been formed because of the Egg: the Eggpire made of members who have been controlled by the Egg to worship the Egg and use forceful ways to recruit other people, and the Pro-Omelette started by CaptainPuffy, which is made of people trying to stop the Egg growing and reverse its effects on the Eggpire's members.

Fundy has theorized that the Egg is somehow related to Dreamons, as the trophy room was originally dug by BadBoyHalo to assist the Dreamon Hunters.


Influence and corruption

The Egg has the ability to communicate with people in strange whispers from an unknown language. Some of those affected by it have the ability to articulate, hear and understand the Egg's whispers, eventually being entranced by the Egg and obeying it. Others, however, may develop an instinctive dislike for the Egg while yet others are completely unaffected by it. The Egg manipulates people by promising to grant their deepest desires.

The members of the Eggpire have been promised things in return for serving the Egg. Ant was promised power, Punz was promised chaos, Bad was promised Skeppy, and Ponk was promised comfort. Hannah is the only member who was never offered something by the Egg.

This may be the reason why Tommy does not seem as affected as others have been, since he already had everything he ever wanted, such as the discs in his ender chest.

People corrupted by the Egg will start showing more affection to the egg. Gradually, they will become more and more subservient to the Egg, until they have no personal identity, doing anything and everything for the Egg. They are prompted to spread the corruption through placing crimson nylium and crimson roots, the main source for the blood vines outside the statue room. However, it is also possible that the vines travel through spores collected on those who have recently visited the Egg, as mentioned by Sam, who was quick to wash himself and others who interacted with it off with holy water from Church Prime.

The corrupted seem to only be affected when the Egg is uncovered, as encasing the Egg with obsidian released the members from the trance. This is, so far, the only known method to stop the Egg's influence, but was abandoned after the Egg grew larger after absorbing the obsidian. Members freed from corruption can fall back under it again.

This ability usually affects the target when they are near the Egg, but in rare cases, the Egg has shown the capability to talk to a target from a long distance, sometimes, even thousands of blocks.

Physical effects

After performing experiments using wool with the vines, it was observed that the vines had the ability to turn blue objects red and red objects white, while the color white was unaffected by the vines. This was notably observed when Skeppy turned red after being trapped with the egg for a certain amount of time. Following Bad, Antfrost and Punz's possession, the red on Bad's clothes turned white, and Ant's blue eyes slowly shifted into purple, before turning into red. Punz and Ponk's eyes both turned from blue and brown respectively to red, while the black stripes on Punz's jacket and his medallion turned red as well. When Hannah was possessed, the red on her clothing turned into shades of black, grey, and white, and her house ended up also becoming monotoned and drained. The vines also appear to turn regular water into lava.

The Egg has the ability to corrode any barricade that encloses it. This can be observed when the Egg was surrounded with obsidian which corroded into crying obsidian over time until it was absorbed by the Egg, making it larger. It is unknown if this only applies to obsidian, as other blocks do not seem to affect the Egg's influence.

Defense mechanisms

After being dealt great damage (e.g. explosions from TNT), the Egg will slowly repair itself with magma blocks, hurting anyone who steps on it. The Egg has also learned to defend itself by attacking anyone who tries to chip off a part of the main source. It first did this to Puffy, but not Tommy who had broken a piece off the previous day. It deals with 4 hearts of damage to the attacker. Tubbo and Ranboo later also tried to chip off of the main source of the Egg. In full netherite, Tubbo was dealt 2.5 hearts of damage for each block he tried to remove from the source. This defense mechanism also extends to any victim who is trapped in the cage on top of it.

However, after Puffy accidentally set off a creeper explosion in the Egg room resulting in partial damage to some of the vines, the vines encased themselves in crying obsidian to act as a shield, returning to their natural state a few seconds later. The Eggpire revealed during the Red Banquet that they had managed to give the Egg this ability after Quackity's attempt to blow up the Egg.


Even though most people either dislike the Egg or become corrupted, certain members of the SMP seem to be immune or able to resist the Egg's influence. It is unknown exactly how or why certain members are immune to the Egg.

For a time the Egg seemed to have no effect on Skeppy, as he was only opposed to it due to the affects it had on his friends and felt nothing near the Egg. However when Skeppy got trapped in the Egg he became heavily brainwashed by it, negating this immunity.

When Tommy was shown the Egg by Bad and Antfrost, despite not wearing a Hazmat suit, he appeared to be immune to the Egg's influence. One possible reason for this was his wish at the time to stay indifferent to conflict - when told by Sam Nook to be the 'hero', destroy the Egg and save everyone, he came to the realization that breaking the Egg 'would cause the biggest war on the server' as from his perspective that the Egg hadn't hurt anyone yet, and people seemed to like it. Instead, he took a piece of the Egg to try and draw attention to his hotel, much to Sam Nook's disapproval, which remains in his ender chest.

Once Ponk was no longer influenced by the Crimson, he appeared immune to the effects. When Bad tried to drop him into the obsidian box near the Egg, he was unaffected and started fooling around and asking for pastries. When Ponk was released, he started speaking fluent French. However, after coming to believe Sam had cheated on him, he became vulnerable to its influence once again. He is currently likely under the Egg's control.

Ranboo initially believed himself to be immune to the Egg's influence, never hearing it speak, but after temporarily being stuck in the cage above it, confronted the Egg, hearing and understanding what it said. The Egg seemed to know about his internal conflict, calling him a traitor and mentioning Dream. However it is unclear if this was actually the Egg, as Ranboo has experienced auditory hallucinations before. Ranboo considered destroying the Egg, but didn't due to worries it would harm those under its control.

Eret and Foolish also seemed to be immune to the Egg, although in Eret's case this is yet to be confirmed, after Foolish's death at the Red Banquet he lost his immunity.


  • Obsidian - Known to slow the growth of the egg/vines. If the egg is encased in obsidian, its powers are stopped. No vines grow, and no members are influenced. However, it is not a permanent solution. Over time, the obsidian cracks, turning into crying obsidian and eventually being absorbed into the egg. Obsidian was used in the containing of the egg and in the creation of the airlock to the cavern. However, the containment also concentrated the egg's power, making it stronger once removed.
  • Soul Fire - Soul fire, a type of fire that burns only on soul sand or soul soil blocks, appears to kill the blood vines, turning them to stone. This was seen near Schlatt's grave and the vines that were in the construction site for the Big Innit Hotel.
  • Holy water from Church Prime - Used to protect from the influence of the egg. After washing off in the holy water, those who have come into contact with the egg/vines are rid of its influence. However, the effect seems to be less effective over time with more visits to the chamber. The inability of the creation of an infinite source of holy water outside the church leads to the theory that it could become diluted. Holy water may not always remove the corruption. This is shown when Hannah drank a lot of holy water after her long exposure, yet still succumbed to the corruption and betrayed the pro-omelette.
  • Twitch Prime hazmat suits - Used to protect the wearer from the influence of the egg. However, this does not fully protect the wearer, as extended or repeated visits still cause harmful effects. The suits are often washed in the holy water source at the church after each use.
  • The color green - Characters strongly associated with the color green such as Dream, Sam, and Foolish, seem to have a heightened resistance to the egg's influence. This may be connected to Ponk's Lil’ Red turning green after being exposed to holy water.
  • Voices- Due to the egg functioning as a voice within your head, Techno who already has voices is not as affected by the egg despite being in close proximity to it.


The Masquerade Party

Many years before the events of the SMP, a masquerade was held by an odd rich character known as Sir Billiam III. Karl landed in his mansion during one of his time-traveling episodes and managed to convince him that he was rich enough to attend the masquerade. Many guests arrived for the party, some of whom Sir Billiam already knew. During the party, however, strange power outages started happening during which people were murdered. The guests tried to find the murderer, but failed and the only people left at the end were Sir Billiam, his butler and Karl. Sir Billiam then led Karl to a strange and eerie room behind a painting. He was revealed to have protected a mysterious and familiar egg behind the painting and revealed he fed poor people to it to satisfy its hunger. He had actually held the party to gather people whom the Egg would consume. He went on to reveal that the Egg has some sort of power to control and manipulate others. The Egg “persuaded” the party attendants to slaughter each other. Sir Billiam recognized himself as the guardian of the Egg, as he found it inside an abandoned and run-down mansion and had renovated and built around it. He then told Karl that the Egg was hungry and needed another sacrifice. Despite Karl protesting that he was a rich person, he was chased down and murdered by Sir Billiam's butler.

Discovery by BadBoyHalo

In the Dream SMP. the Egg was first found inside BadBoyHalo's statue room by BadBoyHalo at an unknown time when he was expanding his statue room. On December 6, 2020, he revealed it to Dream and Sam, who each claimed to have never seen it before. [VOD 1] Bad slowly grew an attachment to it despite Sam and Dream stating that the Egg looked mysterious and was potentially a threat.

Shortly after, a clump of vines was seen forming outside Hutt's Pizza. While Dream attempted to destroy the clump, Bad stepped in and stopped Dream due to him believing that the vines looked pretty. Following the second occurrence, a third clump was then found forming outside of BadBoyHalo and Skeppy's mansion, and Bad was seen throwing iron ingots at it. Sam and Skeppy later removed the vines.

As the group returned to the mansion after working on the base for the prison, they discovered that the strange corruption was rapidly growing and spreading, and new clumps were soon discovered in the Power Tower and around Jschlatt's grave.


In every encounter, Bad was seen protecting the Egg. He also complimented it, using words such as "pretty" and "majestic" to describe it. He even nicknamed it his baby. All other members who saw the vines took an immediate dislike towards it, with the exceptions of Captain Puffy, Ponk, and Antfrost, who seemed to understand why Bad was protecting it. Bad and Antfrost were the only members able to listen to the Egg, and they stated that the Egg expressed that it would kill the two if someone were to try to destroy the vines. Following their hypnosis, Bad and Antfrost planted vines at Punz's tower and Sam's base in both George and Sapnap's rooms. Punz later destroyed the segments of the vines planted within his territory. Over time, Captain Puffy also began to get corrupted by the Egg. She appeared to be mesmerized by the Egg and nicknamed it "Eggy."

Bad and Ant attempted to convince others to listen to their instructions and stare at the Egg. Sam, concerned for his friends, tried to convince them to remove the Egg but failed to do so. He attempted to remove the Egg himself but was intercepted by Bad and Ant. Punz witnessed their fight and stopped to converse with them, ending the fight. Bad and Ant led Punz to the Egg with Sam accompanying them, and Punz found the egg strange but figured it was harmless and left the area with Sam to continue decorating for Christmas.

While decorating, Punz explained that he also viewed the Egg as a potential threat and that he was pretending to be passive in order to not cause conflict. Sam believed that the two of them could take Bad and Ant in a fight and destroy the Egg before anything happened, but Punz disagreed and believed they should wait and observe first. The two agreed to not do anything about the egg and vines until they obtained more allies.

Ponk and Lil’ Red

It appeared that Ponk had also taken an affinity towards the Egg and had been partially corrupted by it. In his casino, he found a crimson nylium sheltered in a glass box called "Lil’ Red." and described it as cute. After finding more vines at Thiccatron, he started finding it weird but didn't bother to take them down. Upon finding the Egg in the statue room, Ponk touched it. However, unlike Punz, he said he heard the Egg make a growling sound and found it creepy. In another stream with Sam, he agreed with Sam's idea that the egg and vines were "bad juju." In addition, Ponk was also creeped out by the ones who became mesmerized by the Egg. Nonetheless, Ponk didn't remove the vines after it grew and still worked directly next to it. Even with his care for the vines, he later warned Jack Manifold to be careful around them and to bathe in the water at Church Prime should he ever touch the vines.

As time passed, Ponk became more and more influenced by the Crimson. He called the Egg "beautiful" and "a work of art," even urging Sam to touch the vine while claiming it would make Sam feel better. He insisted that the vine in the casino would harm no one, and often said the other vines weren't necessarily bad. On Sam's stream, Ponk admitted he had spoken to Lil Red.

Ancient dialect

Since the discovery of the Egg, Antfrost and BadBoyHalo had been adamant that the Egg was speaking to them, expressing surprise when many others claimed to hear nothing. After whispering (sending a private message in-game) to both Sam and Punz several times, Antfrost claimed, "This is what the Egg says to us." Said message contained a smattering of letters in what appeared to be Standard Galactic Language. The text translates to "Sam, join the Crimson."[translation 1]

Jack and the Egg

Jack Manifold himself was unnerved when he initially discovered the Egg, on December 8, 2020. After learning that the egg had grown bigger from his chat, he quickly left the room not wanting anything to do with it. As he left he stated that, "he wanted to keep an eye on it." After Ponk informed Jack of Church Prime's cleansing effects, Jack returned to the Egg with the intention of farming primes. The captivating effects of the Egg nearly corrupted Jack, but he was able to resist long enough to escape the room and cleanse himself at Church Prime.

Jack was vocally afraid of the Egg, especially after a red vine suddenly showed up in the hotbar of his inventory. Jack returned to the Egg for a third time with the vengeful goal of collecting vines to plant in Connor's home and spread the "bad juju." He was successful in his goal and still managed to resist the Egg's call.

After Jack's newborn chicken, Timothy, spontaneously died on the stairs of the Holy Land after a cleansing in Church Prime, Jack blamed the Egg for the death. [VOD 2]

The Egg cracks

While working on the prison, Sam went with Bad to inspect the Egg, and much to his surprise, it had grown massively, crawling up the walls and onto the ceiling. Sam threatened to destroy parts of it, claiming that it was going to continue to infect things and that they had to deal with it before it got out of hand. While down in the statue room, Sapnap joined Sam, agreeing that they needed to get rid of it. He suggested using TNT, and together, he and Sam blew up a small portion of the Egg. Bad was horrified, checking on the Egg and seeing if he could rebuild it. He then relayed to Sam that it had made the Egg angry, pointing at the cracked sections comprised of magma blocks. Sapnap then stood on one saying that the Egg was hurting him. Bad suggested that Sam or Sapnap sacrifice themselves to the Egg because it needed flesh. However, Sam and Sapnap retreated to Church Prime to cleanse themselves in the water. Bad and Puffy later wrapped the Egg with obsidian as a precaution. On his return to the prison, Sam encountered Skeppy, who asked for his help clearing out the vines. Skeppy revealed that his and Bad's mansion had been taken over by them. The two easily destroyed the vines with Sam frantically working to burn them. However, he later realized that he used regular fire instead of blue fire, commenting that the vines may end up growing back.

The tables have turned

After the Egg was encased, Bad realized that he didn't feel as attached to the Egg as before. This was shown with his surprisingly calm response to Skeppy telling him that he had broken the vines in their house. After mining some vines and not feeling the uncomfortable effect of doing so, Bad and Puffy realized that the Egg's influence had ceased. Ant was alarmed when he saw them removing the vines and reluctantly joined them before agreeing that the vine attachment was weaker. The group, along with Skeppy, traveled to the Egg to remove more of its vines. However, in the process, Skeppy grew curious as to what the Egg looked like and broke a piece of the obsidian. Immediately, Bad, Puffy, and Ant went back to being protective of the Egg. Skeppy realized what he had done and asked for them to have some alone time to conform with the Egg. The others complied and exited the room. Shortly after returning, the three felt something was different. It was then discovered that Skeppy had covered the Egg in obsidian again, trapping himself inside in the process. The group thought of ideas to free Skeppy without destroying the obsidian while mining every vine on the server, but failed to develop a plan.

Skeppy and the Egg

The next day, Bad attempted to free Skeppy on his own. Bad mined two blocks of obsidian, opening up a tunnel connected to the wall behind him. After successfully breaking the two pieces, Bad instructed Skeppy to run out before quickly covering the hole again. He managed to free Skeppy, but due to prolonged contact with the Egg, Skeppy's color changed to red. In addition, Skeppy spoke in a monotone voice having no emotions or desires other than returning to the Egg. Bad then called Puffy for help. The two tried to stop Skeppy from going back in the Egg by making Skeppy remember when he used to be blue. As the first attempt, Bad gave fourteen (an ongoing meme on Skeppy's channel) diamond blocks. However, the red Skeppy burned all the diamonds in fire. In the next attempt, Bad gave Skeppy sand (a block Skeppy loved). Nonetheless, Skeppy destroyed the sand. Unhappy with Bad, Skeppy then destroyed the statue of him built by Bad. As a last attempt, Bad tried to make him jealous by making "Discount Skeppy" (Puffy with Skeppy's skin) stand on a crafting table. The plan still failed, and red Skeppy remained unaffected.

Skeppy then ordered Bad and Puffy to put all of their stuff in a chest and then attempted to kill them both. He successfully killed Bad, but Puffy managed to kill Skeppy with a sword she secretly kept. In killing red Skeppy, Puffy gained possession of Tommy's disc, "Cat" and gave the disc to Bad. After Skeppy respawned, Bad returned the disc to Skeppy. After regaining items, Skeppy fled to the forest. There, he declared that he had moved out of the mansion and built his own house, inviting Bad and Puffy to move in with him. The two, losing hope, accepted the offer, and Bad became emotional because he lost the Skeppy he knew. [VOD 3]


On December 21, Bad and Ant began experimenting on the Egg. They placed red, white, and blue wool near the Egg. After some time, they returned and observed that the red wool had been sapped of its color, the white wool remained unchanged, and the blue had been turned red.

Cracking the Egg

With the help of Punz, Bad went to uncover the Egg. In order to protect Bad from being put under the Egg's influence again, Punz suggested that they wear the uniforms from Church Prime, as water from the church often had positive effects in curbing the effects of the blood vines. After they uncovered it, they discovered that it had apparently "eaten" the second layer of obsidian placed over it, growing substantially since it was covered in the first place. Bad deduced that it had grown at least four blocks bigger since they'd covered it. It was also covered in darker patches of red resembling nether wart bricks, and the water they'd placed inside along with the red and white wool had been turned to lava, and Bad collected the lava for later sampling. The two began to wonder if it was even an Egg, or maybe in reality, some sort of seed.

After returning to Church Prime to wash off under the water, they contacted Ant, relaying what they'd discovered. Donning their uniforms once again, Ant joined Punz and Bad to take a look at the Egg. They ultimately decided to keep it uncovered, instead sealing it inside the statue room itself, with obsidian being placed over all of the entrances, along with creating an area to decontaminate with Church Prime water.

While inside the statue room, Bad found that the blue wool that had been turned red by the power of the Egg, and then had been placed under church prime water had turned back to blue. This left him optimistic that he might still be able to turn Skeppy back to his normal self.

Disturbing discovery

On December 30, 2020, Bad and Eret decided to venture into the statue room with the Egg to collect gunpowder from the chests for Eret's firework project. Bad asked Eret about his knowledge of the Egg and its vines, and Eret mentioned that he was disturbed by their presence. Bad and Eret went to Church Prime to put on the church uniforms/hazmat suits as a precaution. Bad told Eret that they couldn't spend too long in the statue room, or else the uniforms would begin to lose their effectiveness. Bad also commented that he hadn’t been down in the room since the last time he and Punz had uncovered and isolated the Egg. As they entered the room, they went through the decontamination chamber first, rinsing themselves in holy water.

When they entered the statue room, they discovered that the Egg had grown even larger and that the vines from the Egg had reappeared and grown rapidly, spreading further than ever before and covering a large portion of the room. Magma blocks had begun to reappear around the base of the Egg and rows upon rows of long red vines extended from the ceiling. Bad and Eret were shocked at the sudden growth of the Egg and quickly collected the gunpowder they needed, before leaving the room immediately and rinsing themselves off with holy water. As they walked back to Church Prime to return the uniforms, Bad showed Eret the vines that he had left on top of Punz’s tower, telling him that if those vines started growing, there had been a containment breach in the statue room. Eret decided to rinse the gunpowder that they had collected in the holy water in Church Prime, just in case there were still spores or remnants of the Egg on the items.

Continued growth and expansion

A few days later, Bad checked on the Egg again, this time with Quackity. Bad noticed that the blood vines had spread even further across the ceiling and towards the other corner of the statue room, and had also started to cover the statues of Bad and Skeppy. Bad was concerned that there could be a containment breach in the future as the vines were creeping closer towards the entrance of the decontamination chamber that he had set up.

When Puffy went to check on the Egg alone on January 3, 2021, it had nearly reached the obsidian airlock. Even though she wore the Church Prime "hazmat suit," she did not seem completely immune to the Egg's effects as she still talked about it in a positive way, calling it "Eggy." After washing off in holy water (both the ones in the airlock and the source water at the church) she came upon HBomb's netherite social experiment, and she seemed particularly inclined to take more than one block of ancient debris despite what the sign said. This lead to the theory that the Crimson's effects may be amplifying or mutating in a manner to have residual effects on the host. This was not seen when Bad and Quackity checked on it a few days prior, possibly due to Puffy entering alone.

On January 9, 2021, Bad went by himself to check on the Egg and discovered that the blood vines were now covering the entire room, although the Egg itself didn't appear to have changed size. As he walked closer to the Egg, he found out that the Skeppy statue had been corrupted and was now completely red, and his own statue was being drained of its red colour, turning white. He became enticed by the red Skeppy statue and approached it slowly, before realizing that he was falling under the Egg's spell again. He hurried out of the room and towards Church Prime, while desperately resisting the urge to go back and look at the red Skeppy statue. As he cleansed himself from the effects of the Egg in the holy water at the church, he speculated that the potency of the Egg’s effects within the statue room had become even stronger ever since he isolated it. He decided to organize a meeting with members who had come into contact with the Egg, such as Ant, Sam, Puffy, and Eret, to discuss their next plan of action.

After showing Ant the damage done to the server while he was gone, Bad took Ant to see the Egg. What was once a containable spread had turned into a massive infection, with the Egg now having grown to consume all of statue room. Ant was shocked at the growth, questioning why Bad couldn't have contained it any better, and Bad protesting that he had done as much as he could. They tried to evaluate what they could do next when Skeppy suddenly logged on, catching them both off guard.

The Eggpire

On January 14, 2021, Bad, Punz, Ant, and Puffy met up to discuss what they would do with the Egg. Bad proposed that the group release the Egg and its vines, saying that the Egg would only get more potent and would breach containment anyway, as well as arguing that it would be beneficial to the Badlands due to the chaos it would cause around the server. Ant was in full agreement with Bad, and while hesitant at first, Punz also agreed. It took much longer to convince Puffy, but she eventually complied.

While the group was destroying the Egg's containment, Punz lost all previous hesitation toward the plan and said that he loved the chaos it would cause, and even encouraged the planting of the vine's seeds in the L'Canyon. This led to Puffy voicing her concerns about it, saying she didn't know how chaos would lead to peace. However, Bad shut her down, claiming that the chaos caused would only be temporary and that the Badlands would unite the server as well as kill the vines later on. He showed her the Egg, and told her to let it show her the power. While he was staring at the Egg, Puffy wrote in her book not to trust the Egg, no matter what anyone said.

After the deconfinement of the Egg and the planting of vine seeds in L'Canyon, the group split up for the day. Bad then showed his true colors, taking off the disguise used throughout the stream and revealing his actual plans with the Egg, stating that "the Eggpire will prevail.

Puffy later wrote in her diary about how the Egg would not bring anything good, and how it would leave the server even more divided and broken. She also wrote about how Bad was acting weird throughout the event, revealing her newfound distrust towards Bad. She decided to play along with the Eggpire, so that she could learn about their plans and try to stop them.

BadBoyHalo began spreading propaganda around the server to try and get people to learn about the Egg. He also tried to recruit Foolish, but he wasn't affected, only believing that Bad was crazy.

Antfrost's skin changed like BadBoyHalo's, showing that he too has been corrupted by the Egg. Bad and Ant attempted to forcefully make Sam love the Egg, but he resisted and with the secret help of Puffy, managed to escape.

Tommy and Tubbo

Tommy came looking for the Egg after being sent on a quest by Sam Nook. BadBoyHalo and Antfrost led him to the Egg without any protection and convinced him to jump onto it. He obliged, but felt nothing, and was deemed immune to it. Believing the Bad and Ant were crazy, he left quickly.

Later, Tommy returned and brought Tubbo with him. Tubbo decided to take off his hazmat suit to see what he felt towards the Egg. Once he did, he began to cry as the Egg apparently said awful things towards him. Tommy tried to lead Tubbo away, but he was in a state of complete distress. Ant and Bad appeared and tried to trap Tommy and Tubbo with the Egg, which almost worked because Tommy complied and told Tubbo to run away until Sam Nook intervened and got them away, going to Church Prime. They then went back to the build site of the Big Innit Hotel. [VOD 4]

Trapping Sam

On January 25, 2021, BadBoyHalo held a meeting about the Eggpire's future plans. Bad and Ant told Sam and Puffy that they needed to get rid of Tommy, as his neutrality meant that he was a danger to the spread of the Eggpire. Puffy and Sam strongly objected to this, turning Bad and Ant against them. Sam was dropped down the floor of the meeting room and trapped in an obsidian box above the Egg, while Puffy escaped to Church Prime, being hunted by Bad and Ant.

The next day, Puffy was in a state of distress hoping Sam was okay and Tommy found her and they agreed to break him out. She and Tommy went down to the Egg and destroyed the cage, letting Sam free. However, Sam’s usual red gem on his crown seemed to be beating or pulsing in a way, as described by Puffy. In addition, Sam started speaking and acting strangely, and it was almost as if his motivation and dedication was sapped or drained. He told them that the Egg took all of his stuff and he told her he wanted it to stay. Apparently when he ran out of food, he was forced to eat his own flesh. Horrified, Puffy and Tommy quickly left with him. When they reached Sam's house, they found a small vine growing inside. Before Puffy could destroy it, Sam told her he wanted it to stay. [VOD 5]

Sam, after recovering from the Egg's possession, destroyed the blood vines that grew in his base. The Egg continuously whispered to him during this, telling him that the Egg could protect Fran. Sam then got rid of the Blood Vines with TNT and his tools, burning the remains of the Egg with Soul Fire and goes to Fran, protecting/encasing her in the wall. He then visits the Egg room, implying that it has grown a lot and tried to get close to the Egg when Antfrost showed up. Sam acted like he had been corrupted and asked Antfrost what the Egg had told him when BadBoyHalo came as well. Sam tried to get the two to tell him what the Egg had said to them but didn't manage to get them to speak. Sam then told them that the Egg had wanted Sam to go somewhere and was given a spore from Antfrost, telling Sam to spread it. Sam then left awkwardly and tossed the spore away while running out of the Egg room.


Puffy went down to see the Egg, and realized that if BadBoyHalo was going to try and get Technoblade to join the Egg, it would be now. She hid in a hole nearby and waited for them to arrive. Meanwhile, Bad and Techno were touring all of the vines and Techno seemed to be okay with them. Ranboo followed them, but made sure to keep himself out of view. Techno went down to the Egg with Bad and the two talked. Techno heard the Egg speaking but the voices in his head drowned it out. Puffy interrupted after listening nearby and helped to convince Techno to go against the Egg. Bad spotted Ranboo and almost got him to join the Egg, but Techno and Puffy talked him out of it.

Bad brought the other three to the Eggpire HQ and attempted to convince Techno to join the Eggpire again. Puffy covered up the hole so he couldn't drop anyone down like Sam. Whilst Ranboo and Techno were distracted, Bad attacked Puffy but she overpowered him and the three easily beat him. During the confusion, Bad broke the defense over the hole and Ranboo fell down it. Bad pearled away and Techno dropped down his trident for Ranboo. Although it took some convincing, Ranboo escaped from the Egg. Puffy and Techno also named her loose resistance against the Egg, calling it the 'Pro-Omelette' in reference to Techno joking about eating the Egg. Puffy then destroyed all propaganda supporting the Egg and replaced it with pictures of Pro-Omelette that her viewers made. [VOD 6]

The celebration

Antfrost lead BadBoyHalo to the gates of Church Prime to tell him some “good news.” Ant told Bad that Tommy had been beaten to death by Dream in the prison. They were very excited about this, since his immunity to the Egg made him a big obstacle to the Eggpire and their plans, in their eyes. Ant decided they should have a celebration because they could finally move into the final phase of the Eggpire’s plan. They were originally going to have their party at Church Prime (possibly to corrupt the hazmat suits and holy water), but decided to directly insult Tommy's legacy by having it at his Hill House instead.

On the way to Tommy’s house, Bad and Ant decided to stop by the Prison to visit Sam. Sam seemed to be very affected by Tommy’s death, but Bad brushed it off and said it was probably because Tommy was Sam’s responsibility. Sam then told them to never speak about Tommy’s death with Sam Nook, who was waiting for Tommy at the Big Innit Hotel. Bad and Ant then visited Sam Nook, who greeted them and was waiting for Tommy to approve of the next upgrade to the hotel. Bad and Ant didn’t speak of Tommy’s death and left. Sam told them good bye and that they should stay at the hotel some time.

When they arrived at Tommy’s House, Bad and Ant covered the grass floor with white and yellow concrete, planted some Nether Wart, and put a log where they placed the cake along with a sign that said “TOMMY’S GONE.” Punz later joined the party. They all had cake and danced to the melody of Crab Rave. Puffy later joined and wondered why they were all partying at Tommy’s house. After hearing the reason, Puffy got angry at Bad, Ant and Punz. She said how disrespectful it was for celebrating a death and to have the party at the dead person’s house. Puffy then destroyed the cake and kicked them all out of the house.

Bad then decided to have the party at the Big Innit Hotel, another of Tommy's properties. After talking with Sam Nook, Sam Nook gave them a room at the top floor to party. Foolish later came into the room and asked why they were in his room. Sam Nook came in and said Foolish only rented the room for a night and the room was technically Bad, Ant and Punz’s room. Foolish then left. Puffy came in and was angrier than before and asked why they were having the party at Tommy’s hotel, which was as disrespectful as having it in his house. Puffy left and Foolish returned to ask them if they heard the bad news of Tommy’s death. Foolish then left giving everyone pumpkin pie and a diamond block. Then the members all continued to party.

The next day, they all went to pay a visit to the Egg to tell it the good news. On the way, they discovered their meeting room was griefed and the nether bricks was used to spell out “FUCK THE EGG," which was done by Puffy in anger at the events of the previous day. They went downstairs to tell the Egg the good news. They all met up, agreed it was time for the final phase and split up.

Hannah and the Egg

Hannah was out picking roses when she felt a strange attraction to go back to her house. She discovered blood vines covering it, which pulled her closer to them. However, when she came in their proximity, she immediately felt ill. She tried to leave, but kept coming back to the vines. Later, Sam told her about the Egg and they cleared out the vines covering her house after which she felt better.

Bad and Ant arrived and asked Hannah why she was destroying the vines. Sam told them that Hannah was having an allergic reaction to the Egg and they had to destroy it for her own safety. Bad and Ant decided to bring Hannah to the Egg. The closer the three got to the Egg, the weirder Hannah started acting. When they got to the Egg, Hannah was extremely sick and wanted to leave. The Egg told Bad and Ant that it liked Hannah and didn't want them to kill her. Instead they trapped her in the obsidian cage above the Egg and stated that she would be there for a while. Hannah looked at the roses in her inventory and says she thought she'd brought enough, but now she didn't know if the roses would keep her health up. She then complained about feeling faint before passing out in the box.

Sam discovered that Hannah's house was leeched of color and was grey and white, like Hannah's skin. Then, Sam rescued Hannah from the box. She said that she still felt very ill, but that the Egg was speaking to her and she wanted to listen. Sam tried to convince her not to return. When they reached her house, Hannah tried to convince Sam not to destroy the vines, despite the fact that they'd almost destroyed all of her roses. Hannah said the Egg was making her punch Sam, be rather angry and more, and Sam tried to convince Hannah about how harmful the Egg could be to her. Hannah then took down the blood vines hesitantly with Sam, but the Egg continued speaking to her. Once the vines were removed, she started replanting her roses, still unsure whether she believed Sam or not.

The Eggpire turned up to find Hannah missing, so they went to her house where they discovered Sam burning the vines. He told them that he was just cleaning them off so Hannah would feel better when she returned and that he hadn't seen her since then. However, the Eggpire consistently asked him questions that he tried to dodge. Hannah heard the Egg telling her to come out of her basement, where she had been hiding. She did, but had enough willpower to stay out of sight. The Eggpire walked away and Sam got angry at Hannah for listening to the Egg and leaving her basement. She apologized and promised to try and ignore it. The two then parted ways for the day.

A few weeks later, Hannah lost her memory, and believed that she has just joined the server, her skin has also got its color back for the first time since she was trapped by the Egg. She decided to go on her 'first' ever tour of the server to see what it's like. After exploring everywhere, she discovers her own house and comments on the beauty of it - saying it looks like something she would do. Hannah says she needs to build a house out of pink wood before it is too late. She harvested crimson wood at the community tree farm, and started building a house near Fundy's gameshow set. Realizing that she didn't have enough wood, Hannah went in search for more and said she felt a pull to a certain area, meaning the wood must be there. It turns out to be the Egg and it started speaking to her - telling her to come and join it. Hannah didn't want to join, but still thought that the materials for her house were in there so she entered. Before she went, Sam arrived and slowly led her away.

Hannah told Sam that the last time he met him, she was about to go to sleep. Sam remembers, and Hannah tells him that she was searching for wood for her house. Sam, confused tells her that she had already had a house, and Hannah starts thinking that she had been dreaming, and that she woke up in the server. Sam tells her that she had joined a few months ago, while Hannah repeats that she had just joined. Sam shows Hannah's first house, and states that she had built it. He also tells her that she had made the path to the house, along with the cakes along it. Sam also tells her that she was the manager of the bank, and Hannah seems to remember. Hannah tells him that she was building her house, while Sam tells her that she had already had a house. Hannah seems to remember her old house, and Sam reminds her of her animals, and the two go to Hannah's graveyard. They found all Hannah's animals gone, and the sheep pen broken. Hannah remembers her animals, and repeats that she had fallen asleep, and had woke up in the server. Sam states that she had been on the server for a while, and Hannah tells Sam that she was searching for wood in the Egg room for her house. Hannah accuses Sam of stealing her animals, but they find the rest of her animals are safe. Hannah then takes Sam to her new house, and Sam destroys it with TNT. Sam tells Hannah that she already had a house, and Hannah argues that her dream told her to build the house, and had instructed her to get crimson wood from the Egg room. Hannah hits Sam with a sword, and the two clear the remains of the house. She starts thinking that she had been sleepwalking a few times, and Sam tells her to get rest, and that she needed to get her things. Hannah asks Sam if he had removed part of the crewmate statue at the bank, and Sam replies that he didn't. Sam states that he would be working on the bank soon, and asks Hannah if she could still work as the bank manager. Hannah states that she could still be the manager of the bank, and promises to get some rest. She gave Sam some obsidian to keep her inside her house, which he reluctantly does. After this, Sam no longer hasd his trust in Hannah - knowing how hard the Egg has tried to get her corrupted.

Preparation for the Red Banquet

On April 7, 2021, BadBoyHalo began to remove some of the vines due to the negative image of the Eggpire. On the same day BadBoyHalo and Antfrost revealed that they were planning a Red Banquet in the statue room and claimed it was an attempt at peace. They sent out the invites the same day, starting with Sam who agreed to go. They then asked Foolish, who was extremely wary of them but eventually also agreed to go. Finally they asked Puffy, who eagerly agreed to join them as she believed that her friends were finally back to normal. Once it was over, Bad told Ant that everyone who came to the Red Banquet would have a new perspective on everything.

Over the span of about a week leading up to the Banquet, The Eggpire invited other members of the server to come. Eret was invited by Bad as an honorary guest and they promised to dress up for the occasion. Sapnap was invited by Bad as well, who agreed to come as Bad is his adoptive father. Hannah was fixing up her house to hide weapons in the walls for Pro-Omelette when Ant showed up and invited her to the Banquet - she at first denied due to being scared of the Egg room, but eventually accepted because Pro-Omelette wanted her there.

Quackity's plan

Quackity entered a series of underground tunnels near the Egg made of nether brick using information from a secret source. He took several stacks of TNT from his enderchest. Quackity mined through the hallway, and arrived in the statue room. He then layered the Egg, the surrounding area, and the entrance to the Egg room with TNT.

Quackity went to light the TNT, but was spotted by Bad and Punz. Quackity returned to the hallway, and threatened to light the TNT. He continued placing TNT as he backtracked, but Bad and Punz followed him into the hallway. Bad told Quackity that he couldn't get in the way of the Egg, as it would get in the way of his mission; without the Egg, he has nothing. Bad commanded Punz to go after Quackity, and the two cornered him in the hallway. Quackity still threatened to light the TNT, and ordered Punz to leave him and Bad alone. Quackity told Bad they had to get rid of the Egg, but Bad said that Quackity didn't know what would be brought down on him. Quackity thought for a second, but lit the TNT, destroying the area.

After the TNT explodes, lava is seen all around the hallway, and a figure is traversing the caves to get out with just a redstone torch. The Egg's voices can be heard.

Bad and Skeppy's Confrontation

BadBoyHalo arguing with skeppy

On April 18, 2021, BadBoyHalo went into the Egg Room that had been decorated with a table and a dance floor in preparation for the Red Banquet. He noticed Skeppy on top of the Egg and tried to coax him down, to which Skeppy refused, telling Bad to leave him alone. When trying to convince Skeppy to go on a walk with him, Bad said that if Skeppy hadn't been there when Quackity tried to blow up the Egg, it would have been destroyed. Bad pleaded with Skeppy, telling him to stay away from the Egg. Skeppy yelled back, calling him selfish for not wanting him to spend time with the Egg. Bad retaliated in disbelief and shock, demanding Skeppy to apologize for calling him selfish after all the sacrifices he's made for their friendship. Skeppy refused and Bad punched him a couple of times before finally punching him into a small pool of lava while yelling, “ It’s just a stupid egg Skeppy,” killing him and taking his first canon life. Bad stood in horror and shock for a few seconds before blacking out.

The Red Banquet

The Red Banquet took place on April 25, 2021. BadBoyHalo, Antfrost, and Ponk welcomed all the guests and gave them appetizers and drinks. After partying for a bit, they all went to the long table to have the main course presented by Ponk. Some of the guests made speeches. As Bad was presenting his speech, lava was pouring down, trapping everyone in a small part of the Egg Room. Bad ended his toast with “Prepare to die.” All the guests were in shock and panicking as Bad led them to the Egg to tell them the real plan behind the Banquet. Puffy was the angriest as she thought she could trust her friends once more. The Egg needed to hatch, and to do so, it needed energy from deaths that were caused near it.

CaptainPuffy had enough and went to the secret chest she planted under the table that had weapons and armor, but found out they were gone. Hannah revealed that she was on the Eggpire’s side and gave the armor to the Eggpire. Sam had another trick up his sleeve and set up a TNT trap above the Egg, but it failed. After the events of Quackity’s explosion, the Egg had explosion-proof, turning to crying obsidian and back to normal if exploded. Bad was going to sacrifice Eret first, but chose Foolish after he said he was going to destroy the Egg with lightning, but nothing happened. Antfrost killed Foolish while Puffy was screaming at him to stop. Bad and Ant blamed his death on Puffy because none of this would’ve happened if she didn’t leave the Eggpire.

Later, Quackity joined and tried to convince Bad to stop and let everyone go, but he wouldn’t budge. Quackity secretly gave an axe to Puffy and killed Antfrost with it. Technoblade followed by his Hound Army and Purpled joined and a fight broke loose, causing the Eggpire to retreat. The Eggpire fled through a nearby tunnel and split up, in case Purpled was hunting them down. Bad got on a boat and started to regret what he had done at the Banquet. Purpled, Technoblade, and Quackity lead the guests to safety and plan to lock the Egg away and experiment on it to see if it can be neutralized or destroyed in another way.

Attempts at confinement

For the next four months, the Egg remained contained without causing any problems. Sam wanted to move the Egg into the bank that he was building to secure it better. He requested Tommy's help with finding a vulnerable spot near the Egg to uproot it. During their experiments, Tommy discovered the Egg's protective capabilities and found out that he could no longer break the Egg without taking damage, like before. It was revealed that all of the vines in the statue room had gained the protective capabilities. He freaked out and they left the room.



Name Status Notes
Antfrostegghead.png Antfrost RelationshipExtremelyPositiveMajorInfluence LargePixelArt.png Corrupted Ant is currently under the Egg's influence and seen as the right-hand man of the Eggpire. He and BadBoyHalo lead the charge of the Eggpire. Unlike his fellow Eggpire members, it was unclear what the Egg promised him in exchange for his loyalty to it. Following the containment of the Egg, sometime in the near future he regretted what he did in the Red Banquet, possibly showing his detachment from the egg.

Antfrost has revealed out-of-universe that he was offered Red in exchange for loyalty to the Egg.

BBHegghead.pngBadBoyHalo Relationship NeutralMajorInfluence.png Unknown BadBoyHalo leads the Eggpire and is heavily corrupted from the Egg's influence. He is the main way that the Egg communicates its intentions with the rest of the SMP. He does the Egg's bidding and is able to understand the Egg's speech. He is currently unable to enter the vicinity of Church Prime for unknown reasons. When Bad tried to corrupt Quackity, Quackity told him to learn to control the Egg so he can control the people. Bad mentioned that the Egg wouldn't like it but he would do it if it benefited him. He has been extremely loyal to the Egg by attempting to execute every single order given to him by the Egg.

Despite his loyalty to the Egg, he has demonstrated some form of underlying resentment and bitterness towards it, snapping at it when it tried to talk to him during his conversation with Skeppy and called it stupid when Skeppy told Bad he wanted to spend more time with it, showing that Bad still cares about Skeppy more than he cares about the Egg. After being driven away from the egg by Technoblade and Purpled, Bad once again doubted his relationship with the egg, claiming that he wants to hurt anyone and questioning if he was in the wrong for his actions at the Red Banquet. Following the near future, Bad says that he was in the wrong for his actions, possibly showing his detachment from the Egg.

Hannahskin.png Hannah RelationshipExtremelyPositiveMajorInfluence LargePixelArt.png Corrupted Hannah was at first not happy about the blood vines, as it was covering her house. It also made her feel faint, sick and unwell. Hannah decided to take this problem with her own hands and visited the Egg, but Antfrost and BadBoyHalo trapped her in a box near the Egg. Sam rescued Hannah from the Egg, at which Hannah felt sort of attached to the Egg, saying it was speaking to her constantly. Sam burnt the remains of the blood vines in Hannah's house, and Hannah stated that it 'hurt' her when he did so. However, Hannah ultimately agreed with Sam that the Egg was a bad thing, but as he left she wondered if what she had said was true.

When Hannah woke up with no memory of the server, she felt a pull to the Egg Room. However, she didn't like the sound of the Egg but still was going to enter, before anything happened Sam led her away. When her memory returned, Hannah wasn't sure why she wanted to go there but she knows that the Egg wants her to return.

Hannah later met up with members of Pro-Omelette with her skin back to normal and feeling better. She agreed to help them fight the Eggpire by hiding weapons in holes and the basement. Despite being oddly quiet during meetings, Hannah seemed to no longer like the Egg especially when she at first declined the Banquet's invite due to fear of the Egg room. However, it later appeared as if Hannah was faking even being against the egg, as she helped at the Banquet.

Ponkegghead.png Ponk RelationshipExtremelyPositiveMajorInfluence LargePixelArt.png Corrupted Ponk was fond of "Lil' Red," a spore of the Egg that had appeared in his base. He then wore red eye contacts to fool the Eggpire. After BadBoyHalo discovered Ponk was still not on their side and was wearing eye contacts, he trapped Ponk in a box in the Egg room. After this, Ponk was not heard of until Tommy tried stealing a piece of the Egg. Ponk was seen throwing his trident at Tommy and trying to get Tommy away from the Egg. During this appearance, his eyes were red.

However, in a stream with Foolish, Ponk announced his full intent on spreading the vines to Foolish, and declaring war on him due to his apathy against the Egg, and confirming his corruption to the Egg itself, with his red eyes seemingly being permanent.

Punzegghead.png Punz RelationshipExtremelyPositiveMajorInfluence LargePixelArt.png Corrupted Originally, Punz was against the Egg, as the Egg grew on his property. He was one of the first to see the Egg, and was concerned about his friends, who were corrupted by the Egg. During a meeting with Puffy, Ant, and Bad, he was corrupted by the Egg, and encouraged the spread of the Egg. His eyes turned red afterwards, along with details on his hoodie and pendant. Notably, Punz was the only Eggpire member to be canonically absent from the Red Banquet, as he was busy at the time.
Skeppyegghead.png Skeppy RelationshipExtremelyPositiveMajorInfluence LargePixelArt.png Corrupted Skeppy was previously against the Egg, but was corrupted after being trapped inside for an extended period. Unlike the others who were corrupted by it, he didn't try to get anyone else infected, but instead just wanted to go back inside the obsidian where the Egg was. It seemed that there was still a little bit of Skeppy left in him though, due to Puffy shooting him off a tower with an arrow and him doing an MLG water, something he is known for being good at.

It is theorized that instead of the Egg acting as voices inside the corrupted's heads, it is directly controlling Skeppy, having taken over his body and turned it red. He was cured later on, however it is unknown whether or not that stream was canon or not. Skeppy is still currently corrupted by the Egg, spending most of his time near it. Bad also mentions that Skeppy is the one who repaired the Egg after Quackity's explosion. After being killed by Bad and losing his first life, Skeppy seemed to respawn in Big Daddy Island uninfected, although Skeppy being uninfected and respawning in Big Daddy Island is not officially canon yet.


Name Status Notes
Awesamdudeskin.png Sam Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Extremely opposed Sam was one of the first to raise concerns about the Egg and he believes that it should be destroyed as soon as possible, comparing it to something out of a horror movie. Due to recent events, however, Sam was trapped in an obsidian cage in the Statue Room. He has strong mental fortitude but the Statue Room is the place where the Egg's influence is most concentrated. After being rescued from his cage by Puffy and Tommy, Sam was and still is extremely tired and weary. This is likely due to the intense exertion required to keep himself free from the mental effects. It is unknown if he managed to keep up his defenses until he was saved.

He headed into his base after changing from Sam Nook and cleared his base from the Blood Vines with TNT and tools. The Egg told Sam that the Egg will hurt Fran, his most beloved pet if Sam didn't comply and join the Eggpire. Sam then cleared the blood vines and threw the remains into Soul Fire. He then went to the Egg room, pretending to be corrupted and trying to get information of what the Egg had said to Antfrost and BadBoyHalo. When he didn't get the information that he wanted, he lied to the two and told them that the Egg had told him to go somewhere far away. Antfrost then gave him a spore of the Egg, telling Sam to spread it and awkwardly left the Egg room, leaving the two. Burning the spore in the nether.

After Sam went to save Hannah, he discovered that Hannah's house was leeched out of the redness and now was grey and white. Sam wanted to save Hannah from the Egg but was scared of the Egg room in the EXP farm. Sam then went in there, meeting Foolish AFK in the farm and goes in the Egg room, afraid of the Egg and shaking a little bit. Sam frees Hannah from the Egg, after that Sam rescues Hannah and walks her down the Egg, making Hannah follow him to her house in which Hannah hides from the Eggpire members. Sam protects Hannah and questions her why she was running away, she told him that the Egg was calling out to her. Sam assures Hannah that the Egg was bad and Hannah trusts him.

After the close encounter of the Egg with Hannah, Sam goes and finds Ranboo getting chased by the Eggpire members, not wanting more victims, Sam stops by the Holy Land, going in front of Ranboo and punching the members out of reach of Ranboo. Sam then protects Ranboo and tries to get the members away from him, punching the others away and targets BadBoyHalo, trying to kill him in the process.

Callahanskin.png Callahan Relationship SlightlyNegative.png Slightly opposed Callahan observed the Egg inside the chamber and seemed to dislike it. He chose to step on a magma block until he died so he can leave the area, indicating that he is against it.
Captainpuffyskin.png Puffy Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Extremely opposed Puffy used to be corrupted and a strong ally of the Egg, always trying to defend it and nicknaming it 'Eggy' and starting her own version of pogchamp - Eggchamp. Puffy was always complimenting the Egg and filled her house with blood vines so she could be closer to it. When the obsidian was put on the Egg, she awoke from the mind-control and never wanted it to happen again.

Puffy is extremely concerned about the Egg/Eggpire and how it will impact the server, going so far as to be undercover in the Eggpire to try and stop them. She had seen her friends be corrupted before her very eyes and just wants some peace. After she was outed as a spy, Puffy officially broke all ties with the Egg, however she still has influence over the corrupted's actions, with them allowing her to escape and trying to corrupt her instead of killing her, although this.

Later on, she officially founded 'Pro-Omelette' to fight against the people who were corrupted and recruits Technoblade and Ranboo. She is seen as the 'leader' of the loose resistance and is currently trying to restore the corrupted to how they used to be. She has also worked alongside Sam and Tommy, and shown Eret the Pro-Omelette base who agrees to supply her to lead it. She has destroyed all posters for the Eggpire and replaced them with ones for Pro-Omelette. She was also the one who made the Eggpire HQ to "FUCK THE EGG" because she was frustrated about how they were celebrating the death of a child, with her later booting the entire Eggpire out of Tommy's House and the hotel.

At the Red Banquet, she believed that they could finally find peace but kept a precaution of weapons hidden in the banquet table. She was always ready to destroy the Egg and never dropped her guard despite everything. Most of the Red Banquet was understandably to set her up, with them all targeting her loved ones. She was forced to watch her son, Foolish, be murdered brutally in front of her whilst she was helpless and unable to do anything. Puffy then killed Ant with an Axe Quackity slipped her without remorse. She was traumatised over her sons death, but made a deal with herself to never be fooled by the Egg ever again.

Dreamskin.png Dream Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Opposed Bad had first shown the Egg to Dream and Sam, who both said that Bad should destroy the Egg. He was seen destroying some part of the Blood Vines, though, but is still not clear if he's still opposed or not. It is unknown what Dream's current feelings about the Egg and Dream's opinion as well, as he is still stuck in the prison and hasn't seen the Greater Dream SMP for a while.
Eretkingskin.png Eret Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Opposed Eret was disturbed by the presence of the ever-growing vines on the SMP, and had helped Bad, Skeppy, and Puffy when they were attempting to bring Skeppy back. Other than that, not much is known about how the Egg would affect them. Puffy also showed them her secret pro-omelette base, and they decided to join her resistance. Later, Eret and Foolish made a secret base of operations inside Fundy's old base, and cleaned up vines around Eret's Fortress, Punz's house, and other areas around the server.

Eret was almost sacrificed to the egg to give it power only avoiding that fate because Foolish took their place.

Foolishskin.jpeg Foolish Gamers Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Extremely opposed Foolish is against the Egg, saying that only the green vines in Ponk's Casino were okay with him. Foolish was chased down by Antfrost and questioned about giving Ponk food while he was trapped above the Egg. He panicked and said he wasn't the one who did it, and that it was Philza. Foolish was scared of the Egg and didn't dare to destroy the blood vines in his house because he was scared of Antfrost. After Fundy blew them up, he wasn't scared anymore and said that the vines "come and go."

Being in the egg's "domain" blocked Foolish's powers, preventing him from protecting the other guests at the Red Banquet. Foolish was then executed as a sacrifice to the egg by the Eggpire members.

The egg was shown to be in his head after he died and was only able to get rid of it after going in Prime Water - but Foolish said it was still there, although it could not be heard. This may suggest he could be infected.

Fundyskin.png Fundy Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Extremely opposed Fundy is against the Egg due to the blood vines making the server "ugly." He also calls these vines "red cum." He is also concerned on if it will spread to his ice cream shop. Currently, he is performing hit and run tactics with his vast supply of explosives. He plans to use the TNT from his gunpowder farm to blow up the "red cum."

Alternatively, he is also planning to regroup the Dreamon Hunters to study and hopefully find a cause and solution to the Egg problem.

After returning back to the SMP, Fundy has a more opposed feeling to the Egg. Blowing up the vines he sees, helping Foolish get rid of the vines from his house. Antfrost tried and successfully trapped him on top of the Egg but with the help of Philza and Ranboo, Fundy escaped out of the Egg and safely came back to the surface.

Thunderskin.png Jack Manifold Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Opposed Jack has hated the Egg since he discovered it, wanting nothing to do with it. After he was informed of Church Prime's cleansing effect, he returned to the Egg, nearly getting corrupted. However, he was able to resist long enough to escape the room and cleanse himself at Church Prime.

He's vocally afraid of the Egg, especially after a red vine suddenly showed up in the hotbar of his inventory. Jack returned to the Egg for a third time with the vengeful goal of collecting vines to plant in Connor's home and spread the "bad juju." He was successful in his goal and still managed to resist the Egg's call. He also blamed the Egg for his new chicken, Timothy's death.

Karlskin.png Karl Jacobs Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Opposed Karl also hates the Egg as when Bad tried to lure Quackity to be corrupted, he was chatting to Quackity to get out of there and has also hit Bad with a stick for trying to lure Quackity. This was also most likely increased in the Masquerade episode as he and the other guests have been killed by Sir Billiam and the Butler as "sacrifice" and to "feed" the Egg.
Philzaskin.png Philza Relationship VeryNegative.png Opposed Phil expressed being content with the Blood Vines at first. He said he liked them because they were "warm and cozy." When Fundy was kidnapped by Antfrost for blowing up the vines and then rescued by Ranboo, Phil then went down into the Egg room. There he said that the vines spoke to him, and was saying awful things.

During the first Syndicate meeting, he said that they may need to "make an omelette."

Purpledskin.png Purpled Relationship Neutral HD.pngNeutral Purpled is not influenced or corrupted by the Egg, but he was fighting on behalf of it due to a payment he was promised by BadBoyHalo- an down payment of an singular netherite ingot at the time. It's not clear whether or not the Egg affects him, as on-screen he hasn't had an interaction with the egg other then the events of the Red Banquet.

Purpled betrayed the Eggpire during the Red Banquet, for an greater payment from Quackity to oppose the Eggpire.

Quackityskin.png Quackity Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Extremely opposed Quackity was taken to the Egg, by Bad trying to corrupt him. At first, Quackity believed it was something that could give him the ultimate power he wished to achieve, but he saw far deeper into the Crimson than any other mortal has on the server. He saw the Crimson corrupting Bad's mind, clouding it. Out of fear, Quackity fled, scared of the effects and symptoms of the Crimson. He was helped in his escape by Karl. He later discussed the Egg with Bad, saying he would definitely get in its way. Later, on April 14, he broke into an area of nether brick tunnels connecting to the Egg and placed several stacks of TNT on top of and around the Egg and after being confronted by Bad and Punz, detonated it, confirming his allegiance once and for all.

Later during the Red Banquet, he interrupted the executions and brought Technoblade, his hound army, and Purpled to save the attendees of the Banquet, claiming he had finally had enough.

Ranbooskin.png Ranboo Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Extremely opposed Ranboo cleared blood vines with a hoe, along with Technoblade, brushing off the egg at the moment. However, besides that he has little to no knowledge of how the Egg works. Ranboo dislikes the Egg as it causes him and others problems, and he even compares it to the Dream voice inside of his head. He disapproves about how the Egg corrupts people, and thinks it violates peace on the server.
Sapnapskin.png Sapnap Relationship VeryNegative.png Opposed Sapnap was one of the first people to see the Egg, and wanted to destroy the Egg using TNT. However besides that, it is unknown whether the Egg affects him, as he hasn't had much interaction with it yet.
Technobladeskin.png Technoblade Relationship VeryNegative.png Opposed Technoblade is against the Egg due to him considering it a government and a threat. He also cleaned blood vines with a hoe, however, besides that, he has little to no knowledge of how the Egg works. The voices in his head seem to provide some amount of immunity by drowning out the Egg. He plans on destroying the Eggpire and the Egg. He helped Puffy start 'Pro-Omelette'. He allied with Quackity against the Eggpire, stating that it opposed everything anarchy was about, and foiled the Egg's plans to sacrifice people to it.
Tommyskin.png Tommy Relationship SlightlyNegative.png Slightly opposed Although he is immune to the Egg's effects and control, he openly stated his disgust of it. He has not stated that he is willing to destroy the Egg of fear that it will cause another war involving him again. He stole a piece of the Egg, trying to make his hotel popular with this piece of the Egg he stole. He doesn't care about the Egg at all and tries to benefit from the Egg, saying that this Egg piece will gain the Big Innit Hotel more attraction although Sam Nook was against it.

Since being released from prison, it is unknown what he thinks of the Egg, but he is still probably overall opposed to it.

Tubboskin.png Tubbo Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Extremely opposed Tubbo starkly hates the Egg, as it made him sad and told him terrible things, insulting Tubbo and even making him cry.


As the Egg grew and gained more power, it started to speak to several people it drew close to, predominantly in reversed English.

January 26, 2021

  • The first time the Egg spoke was January 26, 2021 on Bad's stream,[VOD 7] saying:
    • "This world is mine. It belongs to me."
    • "Kill the boy. Tommy must die."
    • "I will give you what your hearts desire. I will give you what you want."[translation 2]
    • "I know all. I see all. I am all."
    • "Feed me. I require nourishment."

February 2, 2021

  • The Egg also spoke to Ponk in reversed English, saying:
    • "Sacrifice."
  • The Egg also talked to Tommy and Sam in different streams:
    • "Do you think you're more powerful than I am?"
  • Solely on Sam’s stream, the Egg spoke to Sam as he cleared the blood vines from his base:
    • “Sam”
    • “I can save Fran. Just give yourself to me”
    • “Do you think you’re more powerful than I am?”
    • “How? How do you escape my grasp?”
    • "Give yourself to me"

February 13, 2021

  • Bad had taken Techno to see the Egg, in which the Egg spoke to Techno:
    • “You look familiar. Do I know you?”
    • “Tell me what you want, Technoblade. I will give it to you”
    • "Technoblade"
    • "I can kill that which cannot die"
    • "Silence"
  • On the same day when Ranboo visited the Egg room, and the Egg started to speak:[translation 3]
    • "Traitor"
    • "You will betray"
    • "Don't trust anyone"
    • "Don't trust yourself"

March 1, 2021

  • When Bad, Ant, and Punz visited the Egg, it spoke lines that it already said in the past:
    • "This world is mine. It belongs to me.”
    • ”I know all. I see all. I am all.”
    • ”Feed me. I require nourishment.”

March 4, 2021

  • During Foolish's visit to the Egg, it spoke to him as well. This time, however, it spoke in perfect, unreversed English.
    • "Time will tell."
    • "Bye, bye."
    • And even some (quite menacing) laughter.

March 5, 2021

  • Ponk lets the Egg talk to Foolish through VC on his stream:
    • "Hello Foolish"
    • "Time is ticking before the explosions will happen"
    • "You're gonna die Foolish, if you don't join me"
    • "Death"
    • "Your summerhome will be no more"
    • "Tick tock goes the clock"

March 10, 2021

  • The Egg started speaking to Foolish when he and Sam confronted Bad, Ant, and Ponk at his summerhome:
    • "This is sacrifice"
    • "We'll see"
    • Breathing and some laughing.
    • "Goodbye"

March 11, 2021

  • The Egg spoke to Sam when he tried to save Hannah[translation 4]:
    • "So you've come to see me again"
    • "You can stay if you want"
    • "You cannot escape me again"
    • "You can bring him back now"
    • "You'll be happy here"
    • "How dare you try and take this one from me"
    • "You won't believe in the powers of death, all will be mine soon"
  • The Egg also spoke to Hannah whilst she was at her house and whilst she was being saved by Sam[translation 5]:
    • "Come back and stay down here"
    • "Come back down I'm not finished with you yet, come back down below"
    • "Do not leave"
    • "Come back down below"
    • "All will accept me soon"
    • "If you leave you will die"
    • "You who believes in the powers of plants will be mine soon"
    • "I am not finished with you"

April 12, 2021

  • During Quackity's lore stream, the Egg can be heard as something escapes from the room following a detonation[translation 6]:
    • "How dare you try and take this one from me" (x2)
    • "You will suffer for this"

April 17, 2021

  • During one of Hannah's lore streams, the Egg could be heard talking unusually:
    • "Come back down, I'm not finished with you yet"
    • "Come back down below"
    • "All will accept me soon"

April 18, 2021

  • During one of Bad's lore streams, the Egg could be heard talking to him and Skeppy:
    • "I will give you your hearts desire; I will give you what you want" (x2)
    • "Nourishment"

April 27, 2021

  • Before Foolish respawned, the Egg said to him:
    • "You will not escape me again"
  • After respawning, the egg was speaking to Foolish in his mind, having a full conversation.




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