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All banter and fighting seen in streams/videos are purely fictional and should not be taken seriously. It is highly disrespectful to send hate towards anyone so please refrain from doing so at any point.



The Pet War is a war that spanned from August 25, 2020 to September 9, 2020, in which members of L'Manberg fought against members of the Dream Team SMP due to the fact that Sapnap killed many of L'Manberg's pets.

The Beginning

This is Fungi right before he was shot

Fungi before death

On August 25, Sapnap was toying with Niki's fox, Fungi, where he was continuously firing shots with his bow right next to the fox as a game. On the 5th shot, he accidentally shot and killed Fungi. On that same day, he also killed Harold, Tommy's cow, thinking it was a random cow.

Tommy, upon hearing about the killing, griefed Sapnap's house, breaking windows and flooding it.

Around this time, Niki came on and Tommy told her what happened to Fungi. She was angry upon hearing this and wanted revenge, intimidating Tommy as he didn't expect her to be so violent and dangerous.

Tommy then took Beckerson and Mars and put both fish in his Ender Chest thinking both were Sapnap's pets. However, Beckerson was George's pet. Tommy went on to taunt Sapnap, but the latter never did anything in retaliation.

After Dream learned about the kidnappings of the fish, he logged on and asked for them back, Niki however, didn't want to give them back until receiving an apology.

Tommy thought it was best to not make the situation worse, and asked Dream to give her the apology because "she's fucking scary - she's pissed, she's pissed." Sapnap then came on and apologized. Niki was still angry, but they decided to give both fish back to Dream, who put them in his ender chest.

The conflict seemingly ended. However, it was merely paused.

Fundy's Retaliation

Fundy logged on the server after a brief hiatus, surprised and furious when Niki told him what happened. Niki wanted to calm him down and deescalate by telling him about Sapnap's apology, but failed. Fundy also had great attachment to Fungi, causing him to want proper revenge, so he convinced Niki to help him.

Fundy looked for ways to get revenge, including an attempt to ask Dream for Sapnap's fish. After it failed, he was able to manipulate Niki into killing Sapnap's favorite fox, Sketchers.

Sapnap was furious, as Sketchers had been alive longer than Fundy had even been on the server. In his anger, Sapnap killed Leonard, Fundy's enderman, who had resided Fundy's house for a long time. He also took and burned the diamond block on Fungi's grave. Sapnap and Fundy continued to get at each other and make things worse.

Formal Declaration of War

Fundy soon took out his anger on Punz in his Bee Game that resulted in the death of Punz's bee, Beenus. During the bee game, many events happened. Tommy and Tubbo interfered, and Punz lost all his things to them after accidentally falling off his tower. Fundy then manipulated everyone there to make them believe that Punz was in the wrong, which resulted in a small portion of the latter's tower being destroyed. However, Fundy also took a loss during this situation by losing his pair of netherite leggings, 'drip but brown'.

After messing with Punz, Punz asked, "Fundy, what the hell, what've you started Fundy?" to which Fundy responded, "Oh, it has three letters and I want you to say the word." Punz responded with, "War." This was the formal declaration of the Pet War.

Confrontation and Escalation

Dream and Sapnap ran off to hide their remaining pets, and George, who was streaming at the time, was unable to go with them to protect the pets. Fundy, watching George talk to his stream on top of the Community House, pointed out the tiniest purple pixels and an orange one, indicating that it was Dream and Sapnap with a fox. Fundy and Niki ran off in the direction that Dream and Sapnap had gone, and after a short amount of time, Fundy found the bunker with all the animals. He took most of the animals hostage to an unknown location and left Kristen behind as a warning.

After hiding the Dream Team's pets, they found a bee and named it Beelloon, but Sapnap soon logged on, forcing them to hide Beelloon underground in a secret bunker.

Sapnap, seeing that his pets were missing, was furious and yelled for Fundy. He regrouped with Punz, noting that Punz was in mere diamond armor instead of his netherite. He asked him where his good armor was, and Punz responded saying that it was stolen by Tubbo and Tommy. Sapnap, even angrier at the L’manbergians, demanded Fundy again. Punz then gave Sapnap Fundy's 'drip but brown' as leverage, and Sapnap repeated his demand, now threatening to burn the drip.

When Fundy finally responded, Sapnap demanded his pets be returned in order to save 'drip but brown'. Fundy said that some of the pets may have perished in an attempt to scare him, but the statement only infuriated Sapnap more, leading him to ask how many while killing multiple of Niki's chickens. Fundy, realizing his attempt at scaring Sapnap backfired, backtracked and said none had died. Sapnap, not believing him, threatened to blow up Fungi's grave, and the two argued there.

During the argument, Fundy made fun of Beenus' death in front of Punz, who still partially believed Beenus was alive. Sapnap then called Niki and Fundy L'Manbergian scum as the two L'Manbergians took Punz's items and escalated the situation. Fundy's attitude immediately switched as he yelled that Punz wouldn't have dared say that if the other L'manburgians were there, and that Sapnap only said that because he, along with Punz and Karl, surrounded him and were ready to kill him. Sapnap then trapped Fundy in a box, leaving one block so Fundy could see Sapnap blowing up Fungi's grave.

The Duel

Sapnap, if you win, you get your pets back, I will accept my defeat and move on. But if I win, I keep your pets, get my stuff back and you get the fuck out of L'Manberg.


In this picture you can see the Arena where Sapnap and Fundy fought in.

The arena where Fundy and Sapnap battled

After Sapnap blew up Fungi's grave, Fundy challenged Sapnap for a 1v1 duel to end the war. The next day, during one of his streams, he started building the arena where they fought stating that it was built to be similar to the one from Dream and Technoblade's Duel. Tubbo was the referee of the duel.

The items used in the duel are as follows:

  • Bed (for spawn reset)
  • Full iron armor
  • Iron axe
  • Diamond sword
  • Shield
  • Crossbow (loaded with an arrow)
  • 20 arrows
  • 12 cooked mutton

Fundy told Sapnap the conditions of the duel, stating that if Sapnap won, he would get his pets and everything was stolen from Niki and Fundy. If Fundy won, he would get Niki's fish (lost during the confrontation) and his 'drip but brown'. In addition to winning the items, Sapnap would be banned from L'Manberg.

Sapnap won the duel, and while Fundy was feeling sad and angry, Sapnap held Nihachu's fish and made it look like he was going to burn it. He eventually gave back Niki's fish to Fundy as a sign of peace.


-The Pet War- Fundy VS Sapnap Duel (Dream SMP)

The Pet War duel


The war was officially over, and the server lived to see another day. Even the people who were worked through the conflicts in this war together were seen working well together once more in later events.


Both sides were arguably in the wrong throughout the course of the war. On the surface, Sapnap was the main antagonist, as he killed the most pets which sparked the war. However, Fundy was in the wrong as well, as he escalated a conflict after it had died down by having Niki kill Sketchers, declaring war on Punz after killing his bee, and lying to his own allies in the bee game. Niki and Punz were probably the most innocent of the main characters in the war, as they were both dragged into it by Fundy. In the end however, Sapnap and Fundy were able to redeem themselves and solve their problems, with Fundy changing his motive from just getting revenge, to getting justice for Niki and Fungi, and Sapnap returning the fish.

Character Development

This war had much character development for the characters involved. This conflict was Niki's first war, and the first war where Fundy took a leading role. It was also the first conflict where Sapnap took a leading role. Punz, who usually acted as a soldier for others in wars, had to face a problem alone for once during The Bee Game, and we got to see how smart and manipulative Fundy could be despite him not appearing as such.

More of this development was confirmed and displayed later in other conflicts on the server.

  • The Nihachu-Fundy dynamic was displayed once again during the L’Manberg Election, where the two formed Coconut2020.
  • During The Manberg Rebellion, Fundy was able to manipulate a majority of the server into believing that he worked for Schlatt.
  • Punz became more independent over time, leading him to claim that he did what he thought benefited him and take no official stance in the Manberg Rebellion until the Manberg vs Pogtopia War.
  • Sapnap acted as a leading role in many other conflicts such as the The War of the Burning Eiffel Tower.
  • The Nihachu-Tommy dynamic was displayed once again during The War of the Burning Eiffel Tower after Sapnap killed Henry.
  • The Sapnap-Punz dynamic was seen once again during The Second Pet War, where the two fought against The Badlands.