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Fiction notice:
All banter and fighting seen in streams/videos are purely fictional and should not be taken seriously. It is highly disrespectful to send hate towards anyone so please refrain from doing so at any point.

The Socializing Club (The Socializing Club) was established by Fundy as a place in the Dream SMP to peacefully talk and, as the name suggests, socialize. Originally, it was created to resolve rising tensions between Fundy, Tubbo, and Purpled after an incident where Fundy attempted to kill them both.


The Socializing Club Conflict

The trouble began when Fundy logged on the server and had plans to kill Dream on sight. Unfortunately, Dream was not online, so Fundy had to make some adjustments and prioritize his secondary plan, which was to kill Tubbo. Fundy quickly decided that it would be humorous of him to kill Tubbo with his shovel, recently named "His long schlong." After properly outlining his schemes, Fundy headed over to Tubbo's house, where he found that Tubbo was standing still. It turned out that Tubbo was AFK, as he was eating a pizza in real life.

Fundy's first instinct was to drown Tubbo by surrounding him in a small box and flooding it with water. Observing the area, Fundy noticed Purpled crouching in a corner. Realizing that he had been spotted, Purpled quickly opened one of Tubbo's chests and left. Fundy was unsure of why he was there, but nevertheless, he continued waiting for Tubbo's eventual demise. However, Tubbo noticed that he was surrounded by water, and broke out of the trap. Fundy then joined Tubbo's VC and immediately tried to pin the blame on Purpled, to which Tubbo laughed, unconvinced.

After some small talk between the two, Fundy told Tubbo to look at a "cool item" he had. Tubbo acquired the item, named "property of Fundy." Defensive, Fundy began questioning why Tubbo had his property. Tubbo worryingly proclaimed that he was way under-geared, and that Fundy gave him the item. Ignoring this, Fundy proceeded to splash Tubbo with a weakness potion and killed him. It turned out that this was Fundy's plan all along, unbeknownst to Tubbo. After picking up Tubbo's diamond pickaxe, Fundy left the house and said goodbye to Tubbo, to which Tubbo responded by confusingly thanking him. Fundy then hid the pickaxe under a tree behind Punz's house, in case anything were to go wrong. A donation soon alerted Fundy that he had failed to kill Tubbo with his shovel, which was the whole reason why he wanted to kill Tubbo in the first place.

Dissatisfied with the outcome, Fundy wanted to properly kill someone with his shovel. He decided to kill Tubbo's neighbor, Purpled, who he had encountered earlier. Fundy then headed back to his own base to get some gear. Meanwhile, Purpled was finishing up building his new base, when his stream chat quickly alerted him that Fundy was coming. Concerned, Purpled filled his inventory with glass panes and blocked the top of his UFO water elevator as instructed by the chat.

Not long after, Purpled saw Fundy below his base, slowly going up the water elevator. Since the top was blocked, Purpled was able to trap Fundy and briskly kill him. Purpled was then asked to join his VC, where Fundy was upset about being killed for no apparent reason. Purpled claimed that he had a perfectly valid reason, as his chat alerted him of Fundy's murderous schemes. Fundy responded by saying that he should know not to trust chat's judgment as a streamer. Purpled argued that right as the chat began alerting him, Fundy was near his base.

After some more conversing between the two, Fundy asked Purpled to take off his armor and pleasantly greet him, to which he refused. Being previously killed by a magma block, Fundy was outside of Tubbo's house, where he was suddenly killed by him on sight. While Fundy went back to get his stuff, Purpled asked what his true intentions were. Fundy replied by saying that the real reason he came to his base was to say hi, which Purpled didn't believe whatsoever.

Tubbo subsequently joined the call, scolding Fundy for what had happened beforehand. Purpled and Tubbo mutually agreed that Fundy was not to be trusted. Fundy then asked Tubbo to look at a cool item he had, and Tubbo yet again fell for his trick. Fundy proceeded to drink an invisibility potion and began stabbing Tubbo. Since Tubbo struggled to fight Fundy, Purpled quickly jumped in and hit Fundy. The two began tracking Fundy's footsteps and briefly chased him. Purpled yet again asked what Fundy's true intentions were, to which Fundy reaffirmed that he simply liked to socialize. Not pleased with the response, Purpled called Fundy a furry, to which Fundy responded by telling him to "keep the racial stuff out of this."

Tubbo accidentally blowing up a redstone machine.

Right as the three settled down, Tubbo accidentally blew up a part of Purpled's redstone machine with a creeper. Tubbo immediately combat logged and apologized. Purpled calmly stated that he was not mad at Tubbo, while Fundy on the other hand, had hostile intent with his actions. Fundy yet again stated that he had no hostile intent, and tried proving this by giving Purpled an item. Purpled gave another item in return, and they started going back and forth. However, Purpled decided to kill Fundy comically.

Coming back to retrieve his stuff yet again, Fundy told the two that he wanted to make a room where they could discuss and ultimately solve their developing issues. Purpled and Tubbo both agreed to go as long as they could wear armor, which Fundy was fine with, so he went on his way to make the room. Immediately after Fundy left the call, Purpled and Tubbo agreed that there was a high chance of it being a trap. The two began brainstorming different strategies to avoid any traps that might be placed. After they conversed, the two parted ways in order to go work on their own projects before it was time for the meeting.

Meanwhile, Fundy began planning out the room. Fundy decided to VC Punz, explaining the situation and telling him about the room he would be constructing. Fundy continued by saying that hypothetically, he wanted the room to be a trap for "special emergencies." He asked Punz to supply him with materials, and Punz responded by saying that he may have some. Looking in his chests, Punz found some gunpowder, and generously gifted it to Fundy. Fundy thanked Punz and asked if he would like to help him make the room. Punz declined, due to the fact that he didn't want to be involved with the creation of a room that could potentially cause harm. Fundy moved on with the failed request, and decided to ask for some cobblestone. Punz gave him a considerable amount of cobblestone and kindly gave him some armor as well.

After they talked about the movie, "The Room" for a while, Fundy said goodbye and left. Once he returned to his base, people in chat alerted him that Punz apparently snitched about the plan. Annoyed, Fundy begrudgingly made a new plan, in which he wasn't going to trap the room at all. Due to the fact that Tubbo and Purpled were suspicious of him, Fundy believed that they were going to kill him. Fundy decided that after being murdered, he would ask them why they would kill him for no reason, and since there would be no trap in the room, Tubbo and Purpled would have to apologize to him. From then on, they would be forced to "trust him forever." After coming up with this new plan, Fundy finally constructed the meeting room. Fundy decided to dub this room as "The Socializing Club," and he headed off to find Tubbo and Purpled so that they could meet up.

Fundy joined Tubbo's VC while he was busy chopping down trees. They both patiently waited for Purpled to join the VC before they could officially start anything. Once Purpled joined, Fundy said that they could meet whenever they were ready, but he immediately contradicted himself by saying that they didn't have time and needed to hurry up. Purpled muted his mic and asked his chat what supplies he needed to bring. He rushed to get prepared, and told Fundy that he was just getting some food. Fundy replied by saying that he would provide food, so he could come down from the UFO. Following Purpled's arrival to the group, the three headed over to the meeting room.

Once they arrived, Tubbo read out the signs and made an observation about how the rule "always talk about socializing club" was like the opposite of "don't talk about fight club," which Fundy scolded him for mentioning. Regardless, the group entered the room and each took a seat, besides Purpled, who initially asked to stand in the corner. Fundy asked him to properly take a seat, while Tubbo told him to loosen up a bit and be more friendly. Ultimately, everyone sat down, and Fundy told the group that one by one, they would go through and talk about any tension they had with each other. Purpled started by expressing how Fundy came to his house unprovoked, so he killed him in self-defense. Tubbo backed him up by telling him to stand his ground laws. Purpled continued discussing the problems he had with Fundy, while Fundy tried to defend himself.

Tommy barging into the Socializing Club.

Suddenly, TommyInnit walked into the room and interrupted the meeting by stating that he needed Tubbo's assistance. The members of the club told him off by saying that they were in the middle of something. Tubbo and Fundy then asked Tommy to take a seat, progressively getting louder to the point of yelling. Once Tommy sat down, Fundy questioned him about what was really going on.

It turned out that Tommy had logged onto the so he could retrieve his infamous music discs with Tubbo. Tommy had noticed that there were people in a strange new room, but he decided not to enter until he knew Tubbo was in there for sure. Purpled then proceeded to interrupt Tommy by saying something very important was going on. He explained how they were "literally socializing in the Socializing Club, like the signs said." Tubbo elaborated by saying that Fundy stole his things and he needed to get them back.

Tommy then asked to talk in a separate VC with Tubbo, which they did. Purpled told Fundy how he didn't know what was happening, while Fundy felt that Tommy had deep-rooted emotions that need to come out. Meanwhile, Tommy was complaining to Tubbo about how this "club" was taking him away from the main issue. Tommy then stood up and prepared to leave with him. However, Tubbo stopped him and said that he would be done in 5 minutes. Tommy decided to leave, and on the way out, he set the club on fire. Luckily, Fundy noticed and was able to put it out before the fire caused any damage.

The group continued discussing their issues and terms of neutrality. Tubbo explained how he was upset at Fundy for stealing his pickaxe, though Fundy believed that it wasn't relevant to the conversation, which upset Tubbo even more. However, Fundy and Purpled were able to agree on becoming neutrals, though it is noted that Fundy wanted to become his friend. Tubbo then told Fundy that he would be neutral with him as long as he received his pickaxe back. Fundy finally agreed to lead Tubbo to where he hid his pickaxe. Fundy also asked Purpled to come along, to which Purpled agreed. Furthermore, the group exited the club and began following Fundy to the location of the pickaxe. Along the way, Purpled warned Tubbo to keep a couple of paces back from Fundy, as Fundy had acted quite suspicious when talking to him earlier. Anyways, Fundy continued leading the group to the pickaxe. Though, he inconveniently had trouble remembering what tree he hid it at. Tubbo and Purpled began getting more and more impatient, as they were annoyed at Fundy for wasting their time.

Feeling pressured, Fundy placed a lever on a random tree and told Tubbo that he just had to flick the lever in order to get the pickaxe. Tubbo cautiously flicked the lever and quickly pearled away. Unfortunately, it turned out that it was a trick, as nothing happened and he just ended up wasting a pearl. Fundy added that the pickaxe wasn't even under that tree in the first place. Tubbo and Purpled got even more annoyed, and Purpled began chasing after Fundy, remarking that he was done with him. (It is important to note that after searching for Tubbo in the club and not finding him, Tommy briefly joined the call in an attempt to get a hold of him. He immediately left due to the very loud nature of the call.)

Purpled and Tubbo chasing after Fundy.

Nevertheless, Fundy broke his own bluff and told Tubbo where the pickaxe was actually hidden. At that moment, Tubbo retrieved his pickaxe and decided to chase after Fundy in order to kill him one last time. While Tubbo and Purpled chased after Fundy, Tommy joined the call and asked who he was meant to kill. Tubbo did not reply to his question, as he was successful in killing Fundy. It appeared that Tubbo's work was done.

However, Tommy was confused as to why everyone was swearing and yelling at each other, so he continued running until he found Tubbo. Unsure of what to do, Tommy killed Purpled right as Tubbo proclaimed him as an ally. Irrigated, Tubbo asked Tommy why he couldn't have just made friends for once. Tommy argued that he was not told who to kill, so he killed the first person he saw. Purpled proceeded to proclaim that Tommy made a big mistake, and would regret the day he killed him. Tommy worryingly ignored his taunts, as he already had plenty of problems on his plate. Fundy returned to the battleground and picked up Purpled's stuff, to which Tommy and Tubbo left the call shortly after.

Since Fundy had all of his stuff, Purpled asked if he could get it back. Fundy instead decided to call it a day and head off on his own way. Purpled clearly wanted his possessions, so he tried hitting Fundy with his fist. Purpled began to run from Fundy once he realized that he would be no match, since he had virtually nothing on him. Purpled started insisting that they were friends and that they were cool with each other. Fundy replied by stating that they were big neutrals, killing him at that exact moment as well. After some kind of banter that was lightly layered with passive aggressiveness, they both stated that they were the "best of friends." Fundy then left the call, still having Purpled's items. Immediately, Purpled proclaimed that he was going to murder Fundy on sight. As he began getting geared, he stated how the server would miss the days when he was indifferent about the chaos and war that went on. Purpled searched for a considerable amount of time, but this searching was proven to be fruitless, as he was unable to find Fundy. Purpled decided to fight this battle another day.

Purpled's Pit Fall Trap

Purpled streamed himself making a trap under the socializing club using a 2x2 piston trapdoor activated by tripwires. The trap itself was a large pit fall underneath the club, including backwards oak stairs on the walls and floor to prevent victims from pulling off an MLG water trick, and buttons on the walls to prevent a block clutch. The only way to escape was using an ender pearl (which would require very quick reflexes) or Feather Falling boots with a high level enchant, which none of the victims possessed. Purpled died twice setting up the trap itself. Tommy fell into the trap shortly after starting his stream, and after an angry reaction, tried to retrieve his stuff, which led to him falling in again. Later, Purpled asked if anyone on the server had a spare blaze powder, which Fundy had. TommyInnit realized that this would be a perfect opportunity for revenge, and since he disabled the trap, he thought it would be okay for Fundy to meet with Purpled at the socializing club. Fundy ended up being tricked into falling in the trap, not realizing Purpled re-enabled it. After some bickering, Dream came to see what was going on, and pushed Purpled into the trap. Shortly after, Dream ended up falling into the trap as well. This led to everyone's stuff being mixed up, and it caused TommyInnit to steal Purpled's pickaxe and Dream's netherite sword. Eventually, all parties agreed to return all of the items to their rightful owners, ending the conflict.

New management

Ponk is currently the owner of the Socializing Club. He changed the building into a pharmaceutical building with a service desk and a pit covered with glass.


Original design

The Socializing Club was a small building made out of mainly oak wooden planks and cobblestone. It has an entrance made of blackstone and two doors made of birch wood. The roof of the building is made out of birch wood and blackstone slabs, supposedly stolen from Tubbo. The oak wood signs in the front of the building say "socialising club. rule #1: ALWAYS talk about socialising club." The building also had oak wood corners lining it. Inside of the club, there was a desk in the middle of the room with three chairs. One chair was meant for the "counselor" of the group, and the others were meant for the guests. The desk had a lantern on top of it, and a sign on the front of it, saying, "The official issue-resolvement desk :)" In the back of the room, there was a single torch for lighting. In the left side of the room, there was a window. However, it was remolded during the meeting so that it could open and close. The floor of the room is made of cobblestone, with a carpet-like center made of dark oak wood.


Despite the room serving as a safe place on the server, it has had a history of causing chaos. The original intention of the room was to be a trap, a TNT trap in specific. However, Fundy ultimately decided against this, as it would be too predictable and chat apparently snitched already. However, there was an actual trap made in the club at one point. A pitfall trap triggered by tripwires was constructed right at the front entrance of the room. The trap itself went down to about y11, and had hoppers at the very bottom in order to collect items. The trap was lined with oak stairs to prevent anyone from MLG water clutching, and buttons on every block to prevent anyone from block clutching. Next to the trap, there was a ladder that is directly under the boardwalk. While the trap has been disabled since then, it is still under the club to this day. It is unclear whether anyone plans to revive the trap, however the room appears to be safe for now.


There have been a few things that have been changed about the club since it was first established. For example, Tommy has since then built one of his infamous "poo machines" that leads down to the sewers that run throughout the whole server. He also attempted to build a small shop integrated into the side of the club. However, it was rendered unsuccessful and has been abandoned.